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Lease a 2014 BMW 320i for $259/month at Chapman BMW. Plus, browse our huge selection of certified pre-owned BMWs with rates as low as 0.9%.

Chapman is your Phoenix BMW Dealer serving Chandler, Arizona. We offer great low prices and incentives for new BMW, used BMW & Certified Pre-Owned BMW cars, trucks and SUVs.


Established in 1966.

Our state-of-the-art facility in Chandler, AZ features a top-of-the-line BMW service center, a full BMW accessories and BMW parts boutique and a full inventory of used BMW cars, new BMW cars and Certified Pre-Owned BMWs for sale in Phoenix, AZ.

Chapman BMW

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(800) 721-1932
Address:7455 W Orchid Ln, Phoenix, AZ, 85226
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Chapman BMW

Jameel M. | 2015-03-28

There are sales people and then there is J.J.  Do yourself a favor and make sure to always ask for J.J.  When you have sales people who know what they are talking about, whether it is about the car, the financing, or any other processes related to "looking" or purchasing a car, it (he) makes the experience much more palatable.

Thanks, J.J. For not being pushy, but attentive and a good listener to what was desired.

WE BOUGHT from J.J., who happens to work at Chapman BWM.

Ash P. | 2015-02-27

I wanted to recognize and thank my new service adviser Jeremy.  I have been visiting Chapman BMW for now almost 15 years.  My service adviser left on maternity leave and Jeremy has helped me with my needs for several times now and he has given me professional and courteous service that has been consistent and and what I have come to expect from the dealership.

Thank you Jeremy and thank you Chapman BMW.  See you soon for my next scheduled BMW service.

Ashton K. | 2015-01-09

Amazing experience! My husband & I worked with Jeff in sales who was able to find the best fit for what I wanted/needed in a new car. He was honest & helpful, both of which I highly value. Jeff spent a good chunk of the day with us answering questions, test driving & making sure we were comfortable during the whole process. I LOVE my 2015 328i!!! My husband ended up getting a BMW motorcycle they had in the showroom & he is just as pleased.

Went in for my armor to be installed & have them fix a little tint issue on my driver window about a week later & Matt in service was just as awesome. Easy drop off & pick up the next day. Would recommend Chapman BMW to everyone!

Titus H. | 2015-01-07

Worst customer service experience,
Fraud, liars, that don't take accountability for their actions,
I bought a brand new Bmw 328i 2013 from kenny and Bryan the manager at the time. who sold me a car with open recalls on it brand new not used, I got in a car accident which bmw trys to cover up the fact that they have recalls for the hydraulic vacuum pump which will not allow you to brake, the accident lucky was at a slow speed, which gave me whip lash, then to find out the airbags are also malfunctioned, all because they sold me a car with recalls for the electronic component system without taking care of it before Selling the car. They try to say its a small recall but yet the car couldnt even pass inspections.  Bmw chapman laughed and said I need to prove the recalls are on the car, which they gave me documentation that shows their recalls on my car. Also the national highway traffic administration's says  Bmw is responsible for my car and the car accident.  

Don't buy a  car from this dealership!!! they don't care about you nor your family, or anyone else who has a kid that may run or be crossing the street, if we can't brake we can't stop.

Andrew C. | 2015-01-06

I cant not explain to you how incredible this Dealership is. From my sales man, Bruce Kotlicky, to the incredible service department all the way to the huge selection of new and pre owned cars! I went there with the intentions of just looking, Bruce introduced him self to me and found out exactly what i was looking for. I was not to familiar with BMW and he broke it down in the simplest way for some one who does not sell the cars to under stand. After 5 minutes of talking about what I wanted in a new car he brought me over to exactly what i was looking for! I fell in love with it right away! Bruce was the most friendly honest and knowledgeable guys out there. He played no games and was up front and honest with everything he told and promised me. I got a great deal up front with no games! Thank you Bruce and for the rest of the staff at BMW Chapman! You all rock!

Luisa A. | 2014-12-31

Excellent service, excellent people, very cordial and professional. Vince Adams is my service advisor, he is the best! Also Andy was very helpful one time when Vince wasn't there.

Pedram M. | 2014-12-28

I had a great experience with the service department. Andy was my service advisor and i highly recommend him.

Everyone says dealership charges too much for repairs. That is not always true. They charged me $200 less than any other independent BMW shop which also included  2 weeks of free BMW loaner car while they had my car in their shop and 2 years (unlimited miles) warranty.... can't beat that.

Thank you !

Pamela H. | 2014-12-18

In for service, I was very happy to get the reminder call.  Work was done efficiently and very quickly.  My experiences have always been good!

Tricia K. | 2014-12-16

John Stanley has made my auto purchase so easy!
And a shout out to Tony for being an amazing service advisor!

Cindy T. | 2014-12-09

I have bought 3 BMW's from Chapman BMW and have been very pleased each time.  I have never had a problem with anyone there, in fact, everyone is very friendly and treat me well as they know I am a loyal customer.  Sales, service and finance are all very professional and friendly.  I have referred a lot of people to Chapman and they have all been happy as well.  Of course cars can have problems but Chapman has always treated me well.  I think I am a lifer at Chapman BMW; I just don't think it gets much better.

Carlos O. | 2014-11-16

Extremely smooth transaction. Very cordial and professional. My sales advisor, Deven Price was extremely knowledgeable. I was impressed how well she knew to navigate and show how all the features work. This was the fastest and smoothed transaction I've ever had. Thanks all of you and Rich Yang for making it happen.

The Ortiz's

Chase W. | 2014-11-06

Jeremy is the best service advisor I have had in my 10 years owning BMW vehicles. Will go back to this service before ever going back to the North Scottsdale location. Jeremy has restored my faith in BMW!!

James M. | 2014-10-14

Only had sales side experience here ...and do they have sales experience! This is my 7th BMW purchase and the first and last from this dealership - total up-sell - finance department from Hell .... only upside is a nice car that I will be taking for service at Penske - not going to chance a another roll of the dice.

Denise H. | 2014-09-27

Horrible customer service!!!! I was told by my service rep that, "if I would have bought a more expensive model (BMW)- my breaks wouldn't make a noise"....What a joke- right???? Apparently ALL BMW brakes sound like a diesel truck coming to a stop....

Dd W. | 2014-09-12

Occasionally, it takes a couple of trips to get the repairs perfect. But, the serve there has always been excellent. They make efforts to deliver costumer satisfactory, which is what keeps me going back for reliable service at Chapman BMW.

Marty C. | 2014-09-11

I must say...we moved here from Oregon on July 4th 2014. We purchased a 325i in Oregon, had trouble with air conditioning when we arrived to Arizona. Loooong story, short. When we purchased the car the A/C should have been fixed by Oregon dealer. It was not fixed correctly. Chapman BMW offered to take care of the problem, put us in a loaner car, was very respectful, patient and kind about the whole situation. I say it this way because Chapman had to wait for payment from the other dealer in Oregon who almost wasn't willing to pay for something they had already agreed on paying for, if that makes sense? Anyways if it wasn't for the great service we received from Chapman BMW and the great team they have, my car and I would not be together anymore. .lol! They really are the best car dealer I have ever dealt with. Thanks Stacey Moore for all your help, and understanding..whoop, whoop!

Jonathan R. | 2014-08-28

I purchased a 2013 BMW 328i M sport, Estoril Blue, from Chapman.  It was a demo model that only had 4900 miles.  The buying experience was very easy from beginning to end.  I received higher than market value for my trade and a great price on the BMW.  Gary Simpson was an excellent salesman, going the extra mile.  Ryan in Finance was awesome as well.  Overall, the best car buying experience I have ever had.  The vehicle looked like new and my family was treated very kindly!

Rick W. | 2014-08-22

I just purchased a CPO BMW here and can not be more displeased.  I am looking at all available ways to protect future buyers from the same dishonesty.  BEWARE:  Their Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are priced erroneously higher than the original MSRP and the MSRP of the new model year.  There  is nothing to substantiate the inflated price increase for their CPOs that is well above market value, retail value and MSRP; except to make you overpay for the vehicle you are looking to purchase and to make it seem like your "negotiations" are leading to deliver a good purchase price...when reality, it is not.  Additionally, their discussions, when questioned, feel dishonest when questioning trim levels of BMWs.  Please make sure YOU are looking at the correct make and model of your their attempt at deception and engine sizes and models need to be researched by you.  Even the contract is deceiving as it can note your vehicle is a 2.8L, when in reality, it's a 2.0L.  Please save yourself money and shop for your vehicle at another location....or just take a couple of moments, look at their CPO prices, and see the inappropriate business practices for yourself.

Melanie W. | 2014-08-08

Drove into town from San Diego. Ended up with some car trouble.  Kris and his team were great.  Took a couple of hours fix,  they dropped us off at the movie theater.  Called them for a ride back. The car was ready to go.

Kelvin O. | 2014-07-23

I have a 2001 740il. I went to BMW to replace my tranny fill plug. It was stripped. I figured I went to the best/high quality because I didn't want any mistakes. Everything went smoothly until a week later when I had my mechanic lift the car to do a tranny job.
Apparently, BMW forgot to secure the bracket holding my exhaust pipes. There were only 1 loose bolt left hanging. I took a couple of pics.
That very day (Saturday), I went to BMW to complain that I paid for an incomplete job. A manager replied the next day and I showed him the pictures. He apologizes but didn't provide a resolution.
If the exhaust pipe dropped, it would have caused massive damage to my car and they realize the gravity of their errors.
They do not take care of customers who has older BMWs. I bet if I had a new BMW, I would be taken care of....

Tracy B. | 2014-07-07

So thank you for your generic response but I do not see the customer service in me making yet another call to Chapman BMW. As my review states I have made a couple attempts to call but no call back and now you want me to call you. The proper customer service is for you to call me. I am not the one losing business. I have a colleague that bought a new BMW this weekend and before his purchase he asked about my experience with Chapman so with my feedback he went to BMW of North Scottsdale.

Allison V. | 2014-07-07

Service with a smile!  Which I imagine is surprising even if you buy a non high end BMW used car.  It is surprising to see nice election of pre owed cars there . Was pleased with the sales staff and the car matching the description that was online, which is not often the case when you buy a car at a dealer  that you first  see on the internet.

Melch F. | 2014-07-06

Just like what Tracy B has mentioned in her review, once they have sold you the car, don't expect your "previously awesome" sales person(s) (Ryan and Kenneth) to answer any of your questions.  Was just asking 2: first, were is my warranty card for the 2013 bmw 328i CPO purchase? Its been almost 2 months already, and second, i just need to confirm my warranty dates.  I have been getting a silent treatment since.  What more if I go in for my first service?  Should I come here, I think not.

Rodd R. | 2014-07-03

Service department is good.  I've spoken to them three times about possibly buying a car and they don't deal at all.  The first two times I bought from their competitors and the most recent event, I didn't even get a call back from the salesperson.  I prefer to buy local (Chandler) but will go to Phoenix and Scottsdale as they will deal to get your business.

Hugh C. | 2014-06-14

Crazy new I8 on the showroom floor. Awesome car. May have to break the piggy bank for this one.

Lisa S. | 2014-06-10

To date I've owned 3 BMWs with 2 being purchased at this location. While my buying experience has always been pretty good, the recent service situation is quite frustrating and I've decided that BMW is just not my car brand of choice any longer.

For a customer to have their sunroof suddenly explode while driving in the late evening with no real traffic around be told that it must have been an outside force that would have caused the glass to shatter, and no real concern over how I'm doing after this happening, is disappointing to say the least. I own a brand new 328i GT that's only 6 months old. I love the vehicle, but now feel completely unsafe driving it. I have a young toddler on top of it and can't even imagine what would have happened had she been in the car with me - and can't even begin to comprehend how to feel safe with her in the car in the future.

I've received no response from BMW that makes me feel comfortable or safe about the car moving forward. No proof that an outside force would have caused the sunroof to shatter. Just being told that all that they've experienced to date is outside forces that cause this to happen. Yet, there are numerous forums and stories on how others have faced this same situation with BMW particularly and are always told the same story. As a long time customer, this answer is not acceptable. I've invested quite a bit of hard earned money over time to enjoy luxury vehicles from BMW, but will not continue to do so purely due to safety.

No one has offered to look into this matter further. I just get pointed directly to my insurance. And no one has checked damage beyond just the sunroof, which is surprising considering glass would be flying around when driving and most likely scratching paint on the car. How would I know that little glass particles didn't get in the car or in my childs car seat? How do I know that living in over 100 degree heat might not be a factor here with the type of sunroof glass used? So many unknowns and no proof of anything . . . yet I'm the one who experienced everything and am being disregarded. I am not one to complain, but I am one to warn others, and young mothers in general, who put safety as their number one priority.

ran k. | 2014-05-19

Very disappointed from the service I got. I had an accident and there was a repair that needs to be done. First they do not provide a substitute car. The repair took three weeks in total even though they said it will take two. I think that to build a car it takes a shorter time. Throw that time I was trying to contact them several time and I always had to call back because they didn't return my calls. Alignment took them four days as they said. When I got the car back they didn't buffed it good so the car looked like it was 3D. When I told them about it they told me I can take a towel and get it off myself. Also there was a new scratch on the car so I had to return it again. From A to Z I can say that everything was bad with there service.
Will never return to that place

Mike R. | 2014-04-28

Recently purchased a vehicle from Chapman BMW.  I bought a car from them several years ago and I'm glad to say the service has not changed -- still excellent!  I inquired about the car through the internet.  Ryan Dorfman responded to my inquiry within minutes.  We discussed the vehicle and even talked about "real" prices within minutes.  I never like trading in a car because you know what you are going to get, but since you know it makes it a little more palatable.  That said, I do think the offer was fair.  I also think the sale price of the car was fair.  Ryan was a terrific salesperson.  Easy to deal with and quick responses to all of my questions -- and we negotiated over a week before I actually went to look at the car.   Giuseppe in finance was great as well.  He was very helpful and did all the paperwork very quickly...a real pro.  My wife was with me when we did the final paperwork and she said everyone really treated us like family.  I know it sounds cliche, but it is the truth.  Needless to say, we were quite impressed all around!

Ryan K. | 2014-04-16

I am always very happy with the high level of customer service and quality I receive at Chapman BMW.  Matt is always very helpful and fast which makes servicing my car much more convenient...Thanks!

Lori L. | 2014-04-15

So disappointed with Chandler BMW service dept.  This started almost four weeks ago when our 1998 z-3 mid life crisis Beemer would not turn off.  Seems the ignition switch was bad.  Had the car towed over from the Costco parking lot just down the street.  The service dept called the following Monday morning and started the process of fixing it.  It seemed that ten days would be enough time to completely fix while going car-less but once picked up, my husband drove to work and it seemed like he was getting tail gated more than usual, almost rear-ended three times, finally another driver informed him that his brake lights were not working, ugh!  Does Chandler BMW not check out its work and make sure anything tied to steering column is again in working order? Came in with ignition problem, left with no brake lights, terribly unsafe!  Husband called service dept and asked why ignition problem would be tied to brake lights and the technician was happy to look at it for another couple hundred bucks!  Excuse me?  Charge us for almost getting my husband rear ended in a small vehicle for BMW's mistake?  I think not!  Called our trusted mechanic who doesn't deal with BMW's security/key ignition issues and told him what service dept said.  He then researched and found out that "There is a switch that does attach at the base of the steering column that controls the brake lights.  If they didn't leave it unplugged, it can go bad" hmmm, no response from service dept manager after my husband did the right thing and gave him time to respond yesterday.  So, the Z-3 is in garage and we are using our daughter's van another week while waiting to hear back from service dept manager, hmmm update to come later!  So far, a minus star for the communication.  Lori Lane, Ahwatukee AZ
Update:  Chapman BMW has communicated, update soon.

Michael B. | 2014-04-03

Purchased a used car there. The whole experience was easy & enjoyable.
Call and ask for Crandall in Sales... set an appointment.

He is a very nice guy. He made the whole car buying experience a positive one for
me and my wife. We got a great deal, and he's the guy who made it all happen.

I rarely write reviews. But we are really happy with Chapman BMW
Give them a try.

Linda M. | 2014-03-23

I just took my 2010 3 series in for air conditioner service  last week. My service rep, Kris Mason, was the best! He took care of my car, gave me a loaner, because the repairs took all day, and helped me by going above and beyond anyone else I've ever dealt with. I purchased this car in Hawaii and have had warranty work performed here in the past year and each time, the service personnel have been great. I highly recommend them and will be back whenever I need service .

Nadir S. | 2014-03-19

I have had a great first time experience with this dealership. This is also my first BMW after trading in a very tired, but mostly reliable Ford Explorer '06 for a brand new 328i. I would have considered a new Explorer, but both Ford of North Scottsdale and Camelback Ford's service departments were far from stellar and outright unprofessional on several occasions over the seven years I drove the car.  Bottom line, I have been impressed and satisfied with the service and professionalism of both Chapman BMW locations and I am loving every minute in my BMW. Thanks to John Stanley for your prompt return to my inquiry about a trade in and for your time. The Chicago connection was a plus.

Robert B. | 2014-03-18

For 3 weeks I tried to buy a BMW from this dealership and all they want to do was play games. The game's they wanted to play were trying to buy your car for under kelley blue book and their CPO cars for more than Kelley blue book.  Also I got the feeling that they didn't care if I bought a car from them or not, that I would be lucky if they sold me a car.  Also, they were horrible about getting back to me.  The problem is that Scottsdale BMW didn't have as good of inventory or I wouldn't have tried to for 3 weeks.  Scottsdale BMW was great.  I found a car I wanted, they initially priced it 1k under kelley blue book and gave me a fair price for my car. Very little negation was needed.  They also treated me better during the process. My sells man never left me for more than 1-2 minute during the whole process.  At chapman I told the guy we were in a hurry during our initial visit (had another appointment) and he promised me he would be gone for only 10 minutes, he was gone for 25 minutes. I found him talking to the sales managers.  Another problem was our salesman would never give us an exact price on anything.  It was always a 2-3 thousand dollar range.

Keith D. | 2014-03-14

This was the single worst car purchase experience of my life.  Some time ago I purchased a new 3 series from Chapman BMW.  When I received the warranty wallet card in the mail I noticed the "in service" date was wrong, and was dated 6 months prior to my purchase.  I called BMW to correct what I thought was a simple clerical problem, and was informed that my dealer had "punched" the car as in-service 6 months before I purchased it and that the warranty period would run from that date.  As a result of that action I didn't receive the well advertised full duration warranty and included maintenance...I received 6 months less.  Every page of the purchase documents were marked as a new car purchase, not a "Demo" and not a "Used" car.  The salesman even went to great lengths to tout the warranty and maintenance during the test drive.

After endless letters to the dealer and escalating this to BMW of America there was no satisfactory resolution.  BMW North America refused to stand up for the full warranty period and simply shoved me back to the dealer.  After much back and forth, Chapman sent me a letter promising they would honor the remaining 6 months warranty and maintenance.  When I asked what would happen if I moved out of state, they simply repeated that they would cover the warranty for 6 months, but could not extend that to other dealers.

After some research on the internet I learned that some less ethical dealers (like Chapman) "punch" cars to record them as in service (even though they have never been sold) so that they can collect dealer rebates from BMW.

Altogether a horrific buying experience.  I have since bought 2 additional BMW vehicles (an X5 and Z4), but from BMW North Scottsdale, where the sales process is honest and straightforward.

Justin P. | 2014-02-24

I could not be more dissatisfied with this dealership. Back in November I had my first run in with the worst BMW rep I've ever met. Matthew Konecek is the absolute worst. WORST. Aside from being argumentative and defensive once called out on mistakes, he isn't attentive or helpful in the least bit. My car notified me regarding my coolant levels, so I take the car in expecting a quick turnaround time, and I was mistaken. I had to call and email multiple times to request an ETA for completion. I received an apology because if I wanted my car to be washed I wouldn't be able to pick it up until the next day. Needless to say, I declined. Next morning comes, and much to my surprise ... Coolant light has the same message displaying on the screen. I pop the hood myself to see that not only was no coolant ever put in my car, but that the cap to the reservoir was never put back on! I call and ask what the issue is and received the "come back in and we will check it out." I've learned this is code for we don't know what's wrong. Between the time I looked under the hood and returning the car I received a coolant, brake, AND battery notification. I only used the location because of location and certainly do not recommend it. Avoid using this location if at all possible. Matthew is horrible. Garrett is helpful but seeing that I now have a second experience seeming much like the first, helpfulness and niceties can only get a business so far. At some point quality of work needs to play a role. According to Matt, and I quote "I can assure you that if we made this mistake often, we would certainly go out of business shortly." One could only HOPE!!

Today's experience was due to a recall part that affected the lighting on my car. Every time I brake or turn on my right signal, I receive a lighting malfunction warning. I call early Saturday morning hoping to get in quickly and back out to avoid any traffic tickets and was told the earlier would be Monday at 7am. To avoid rushing, I oblige. Losing an hour of sleep versus paying a tickets seems to be a no brainer. I drop my car off for service at 7am. I arrive, and who runs out the door? Matt, who insisted on helping since the woman who set the appointment didn't provide me with a service reps name. Yay. I tell him the issue, get a loaner and head to work. Around 12:30 I email him to see if he has any idea when I can pick up my vehicle and if there were any other service items that could be handled based on information from the key. He responds with about 30 min, because the the car is being washed. No reference to my other question. Great. Expected. I show up 40 min later, get my vehicle and drive to the exit. As I turn on my right blinker, all of the same notifications come on again. :-| I turn around, park outside the office, turn on the blinker to see that nothing had been fixed. Wonderful. Matt asks what the problem is, then takes the car back. Apparently the recall piece was put in backwards. Those are his words. Not mine. He assures me that everything has been taken care of. I leave again to head all the way back to work. As I'm leaving work, notification regarding brake light appears. Wonderful. Long story short, I go back to the dealership, no managers are available, and I'll be reaching out tomorrow to see what happens. As of right now, I don't think I need to say much more. If I could give no stars, I would.

David L. | 2014-02-09

Stay away from client advisor Alexander Smith (especially when you come ONLY to test drive).  He would pressure you to buy the car.  Very non-BMW dealer characteristic.

Cameron B. | 2014-01-07

This place thinks they are funny, it took them 15 minutes to tell me what was wrong with my car and recomended things that were so small that they didnt even want to do the service I initially went in for. It took them longer to wash it . then procceded to tell me not to drive my car at all....But I looked good in the Newer model of my car.....are you kidding me

Bill J. | 2013-12-27

Mike R in the service department is an all star, he has taken great care of me and my 535i.  My suggestion to management would be give Mike a raise, he is the reason I will buy my next bimmer from Chandler BMW

Gordon E. | 2013-12-24

I took my 2000 540i in for service as it wouldn't start after the battery died.   I was treated very well by Andy and not charged for unnecessary items.

Service:  Andy was professional and effective.  They found the issue was related to the alarm system and a faulty transponder key.   Andy did a great job updating me about their findings and suggesting how to proceed with repairs.   In the end, it turned out no additional repairs were necessary.   I was charged for the diagnostic only and got my car back quickly (washed too).  

Overall, the service and repair effectiveness was on the spot.   Great job!

Robert V. | 2013-12-06

I've only used their service and parts departments.  David Pence is a fantastic service advisor and has always been prompt and helpful.  Despite not purchasing the vehicle from Chapman, the dealership has stood behind any issues I've experienced with my vehicle (warranty).  I've never felt I was treated differently due to being a service only customer.

I would absolutely shop a new BMW at Chapman.

S D. | 2013-11-12

So I go into the dealership on 12/30 couple of years ago, I had just been to Audi where the salespeople were way too high and mighty about the brand and were useless.  Test drove a CPO 328i, it was great, I really liked the car, our salesperson was very good and no pressure at all, I told them I was very interested but needed to sleep on it, they did not give me any flack or try to keep me there, I am not exactly the kind of person who will let that happen anyway.  So the next day I call them up and say I wanted to buy the car, they were so shocked and happy, I told them i bought from them because they were the only dealership in town that wasn't begging me to buy there over priced product....As part of the sale I told them I wanted floor mats and the terrible window tint job removed or I wouldn't buy the car...they did this and at 5pm on 12/31 the deal was done...

As for the car, i was a little dissapointed in the CPO "certification" at first, within 3 months the car was back in for rear brake pads (worn out), replaced driveshaft (common issue on these cars), front control arms  (worn down) , and power window motor, however I made sure all these issues were handled by the CPO and each time I got a nice loaner car. It would just be nice not to be a dick all the time to get what ya pay for, in each case i had to be rude with them to get what the coverage they claim is so great with the CPO, just seems like they didn't really check the car out well enough, these issues could have been fixed already...

So 3 stars,  slightly above average experience, the car is great, salesperson was great, service is OK, quality of the product is above average however pricey...

Ryan K. | 2013-11-12

We just purchased our 2nd BMW from our awesome sales agent JJ Garcia @ Chapman BMW and couldn't be happier. JJ has always been responsive and courteous, even when harassing him by email for the umpteenth status update on our custom order. We will definitely be back for our next vehicle! Even though this is a bit of a drive from Tucson, their service is so far above and beyond the Tucson BMW dealer's, I will probably even start coming up to Chapman BMW for any service needs as well. I don't know that anyone generally looks forward to buying a new car anymore than they look forward to a dentist appointment, but their fair and honest dealings have made both our purchases enjoyable experiences.

Thomas M. | 2013-10-28

My car was serviced last week at Chapman BMW, with Tony DiSalvo as service advisor.  Tony fit my work in on very short notice, got it done in record time, and even took care of some other issues for no charge under the warrantee. The work was completed ahead of schedule and the car was returned to me washed and cleaned.  Great work, Tony!  Thanks to Chapman for a great service visit.

Mike P. | 2013-10-14

First off, my over-all review is only 3-star, but there's one person there that is definitely 4-star and it's the service advisor Mark O.

Unfortunately, I was well versed in this department as my 3-series was in for something every 2 or 3 months. But Mark O. always called me back when I left messages, made sure I got an appointment that worked for me, and a loaner with flexible return times (around my work schedule), and remembered to not wash my car (at my request, I only do that by hand).

Aside from Mark, the work was *usually* done correctly the first time, but not every time. They would always get it right in the end, since BMW was footing the bill. But  once outside warranty, their prices were too high for me to go back (this is not unique to Chapman). I remember calling and asking for them to match a competitor's $99 alignment (not one of those discount shop $39 specials), and being told that it's "Below our cost" and was quoted $299. Ridiculous.

I never dealt with the sales department except some friendly banter while waiting for my car at the Keurig machine, but Don & Marvin were always nice and if I was looking for a new BMW I'd start with one of them.

I didn't like their collision center though; despite being USAA-approved they tried to get me to pay extra to repair some rock chips in the hood which I knew had to be resprayed as part of the repair being done - it was just an attempt to pad their bill for work they had to do anyway.  Upon pickup, when the paint was not polished correctly and I pointed it out, they were very terse and unpleasant. I got the distinct feeling that if I had any other insurance they would have blown me off. Also, the windshield they put in had a weird fisheye that distorted my vision, and they made me to back to Chapman BMW and have it filed under 'warranty' instead of fixing their mistake themselves.

So, despite Mark O always trying his hardest to take care of me, Chapman is only a 3-star operation.

Xuan L. | 2013-10-08

I don't know too much about car but need get a new car. I got my BMW purchase at Chapman. The dealer representative Ryan is really down to earth .He professionally& patiently  helped me to choose the right car based on my need. The whole process made me feel  very relaxing , no buying pressure at all and they gave all the information I need upfront. Great deal. I am  enjoying my New Bimmer and the BMW chapman service is really seven stars.

Patrick S. | 2013-09-27

Have owned 3 Lexus cars and always been extremely satisfied. Always wanted a 3 Series and with J.J. Garcia's professional sales effort I had the best buying experience yet. I expect nothing less from their service department. Thanks JJ and Chapman BMW for a great experience.

Adam B. | 2013-09-23

in regards to the service department, Mark Ostaszewski is polite, friendly and prompt.  I'm always personally greeted when I pull into the service bay.  Mark listens to my concerns and then provides a loaner car.  He contacts me by telephone with updates and to let me know when the car is ready.  He has been my service adviser for a Z4 and X6M..

Erik G. | 2013-09-17

I bought a used BMW this year and began taking it in for some service and accessories. My service writer is Jennifer Mahoney. I highly recommend her for your BMW service. She is good at her job and rolls out the red carpet for her customers.

Lenene W. | 2013-08-24

I did not purchase my vehicle here but have received great service twice already! Complete opposite of perillo BMW in Chicago. The service guys have been great, polite, and honest. No hidden surprises when it's time to pay or anything else. I totally recommend this location.

Rick F. | 2013-08-08

I bought a used BMW, 2010 and I tried to add Sirius Radio to car, which was not installed as a standard option.  It takes a module to upgrade NAV/radio, which is quite pricey.  Chapman BMW service first quoted me $1400 for module plus $350 to install. Fine, I'll make appointment. Then service dept called back and told me they did not have module and would have to get from another BMW dealer, but couldn't do that because liability of installing a BMW part from another Dealer?  I called BMW North America, and got clearance for the module to be installed on my car, and the price that BMW NA quoted me was $1178 + $417 labor. And that was from Service manager at Chapman BMW, while I was on hold w/ BMW NA.  Got off the phone and within 20 minutes, service dept from Chapman called me. Price for Sirius module install was $2100. WTF.  I left a message for service manager, and did not receive a call back.  Got what I needed at BMW Scottsdale, installed for a lot less than what Chapman wanted. I cant imagine letting Chapman touch one bolt or filter on my car.

Jeff P. | 2013-07-20

  With all due respect, it is out of the ordinary to push for a sale when the client explicitly states they are there to test drive a vehicle and will be test driving other vehicles prior to making any decision. After test driving the car, I told the sales person that I would need to test other cars before I know what I want. That is pretty self explanatory. What else do you need to know?  Asking the same question in 10 different ways for the purpose of trying to close a deal is pathetic.  I test drove cars at Audi and Mercedes. None of their sales people used these tactics. They respected the fact that I wanted to test drive other vehicles before making a decision. None of them tried to detain me or resort to these tactics.. None of them kept badgering me with the same question asked in multiple ways: "So what is the next step"  How likely are you to buy a car today? Tell me what you want to do next? What can we do to get you to buy today? If we offer you a great deal, would you buy this car now? What is your plan after you leave the dealership?  Are you trading in or paying cash? What is it that you don't like about this car?"  If you think that is just someone trying to "sell cars" then you clearly don't understand the concept of professionalism. Obviously, we share philosophical differences. A professional does not badger a client. They provide information and then respect the client's autonomy and decision making ability. Since you seem to espouse your salesman's tactics, I will be thoroughly avoiding your dealership and will choose to go elsewhere to purchase my next BMW.

Carlos T. | 2013-07-13

This is just for the service department!!!
I purchased a 2011 528i and the car is great but every time I bring it in for some service, I end up getting the worst service. They don't have loaner cars and when they do they say "we can't loan you a car for just a oil change service". Due to the quality of the service department I am going to get rid of my car once I can break even on the sale of the car. I had a lexus gs450H before my BMW and I will have to say the service between the two are night and day. Yes, I can go to another BMW dealer for service but why should I when I live half a mile from this dealer.

Very disappointed in the quality of service from a high end car dealer. This will be my last BMW I purchase.

Aashish P. | 2013-03-24

Be very careful.  The invoice price is wrong or a lie.  They are so good at making something look good.  Even without my current lease equity it's not a good deal.  
Here is the copy of the email Ryan sent me:

335is Convertible- LeMans Blue with Oyster interior (must be transported)

$69,495 - MSRP

$66,623.12 - Your VIP Selling price - $400 over

-$2,250 - Rebates - Loyalty [$750] BMW - [$1,500]


{$64,373.12 - Net Selling price after rebates} -

+ $4,250 - Remaining payments - check back to you to fullfill current lease

+$2,721.88 - remaining upfront fees (less $1,000 down payment) = $3,721.88 total amount of upfront fees


$73,595 - adjusted price

36 month lease

Money Factor- .00160

Residual value- 64%

$2,250 - Rebaates - reduced off the price of the vehicle

$1,000 Cash out of your pocket towards a down payment -

12,000 miles per year

payment is $958.82 + tax [ 84.37] = $1,043.19 including tax payment

Upfront fees breakdown:

$1,050.00- Security Deposit

$389.00 - Document Fee (lowest in the state)

$1,041.69 - Plates

$958.82 - First months payment

$84.37 - Tax on first payment

$20.25 - AZ MVD title/ reg. fee

$198.00 - Tax on cap reduction- rebates-2250 x 8.8%


$3,742.13 - Total upfront fees

*I know that you are trying to stay under the 1k payment thresold... I went ahead a ran the numbers, With $2,500 Total cash down // $999 including tax

Please let me know how you want to proceed?

Best Regards,

Ryan- 480.344.4241

Joe C. | 2013-03-18

If you would like to buy a car from Chapman BMW, Ciaran, a sales associate specializing in internet sales is your guy!

This was my first time buying from a BMW dealership, and Ciaran went out of his way to make the sales experience a positive experience. I was interested in a very specific vehicle, and he put together a good deal and even offered to go above and beyond--even to deliver the car to my home. He and the finance officer even found a pretty bow to put on top to take home and surprise my wife with a new car.

Overall, kudos to Ciaran and Chapman BMW for the nice sales experience.

Shay R. | 2013-03-07

Bruce is the best! We bought a used Lexus GX here today and the experience was superb. My husbands family has owned car dealerships for over 70 years and no one is as picky as he is. He loved working with Bruce and knew how hard he worked to make the process smooth and even got us out of our current lease that had 16 months left. We will forever recommend Bruce to anyone looking for a new or used car!

Michael S. | 2013-02-13


The story begins about 6 weeks ago when I purchased a 1998 BMW 740I from a private party.  Knowing it was a used car that was 14 years old, I knew there would be issues . . . however . . . most appeared to be cosmetic / routine maintenance in nature, so I decided to use a mechanical friend I know, hoping to keep the cost down.  With that said here is the laundry list of items repaired and or replaced.

Passenger Side Mirror Cover
Drivers Side Fog Light
3 Pieces of Miscellaneous Trim
Passenger Side Front Grille
Passenger Side Hood Stop with Actuator
Emergency Brake Release Lever
Rear Brake Pads with Computer Sensor
Oil Filter Reseviour Mounts
All Power Steering Hoses

Sounds like a large laundry list, but the Parts Department had most in stock and those that weren't they had in a couple of days.  They were very helpful, by showing me and giving me diagrams of the areas that needed attention, and my personal mechanic / friend, was able to let me know what exactly I needed.

Everything has been installed, and the 1998 BMW 740I is ready for it first road trip - Las Vegas for March Madness.

Ashley D. | 2013-02-13

With limited time available to break away from work and get down to the dealership to see the preowned vehicle I was interested in, this group of folks made it virtually effortless for me!  My jeep hit it's end of life a few days before I contacted the dealership and got in touch with my salesman, Ciaran.  He went above and beyond to get me the info I needed for my purchase, all the while working with me via email and cell to minimize my time required on the lot.  He was able to negotiate a trade in value for my jeep double the other offers I had seen, making the decision to purchase even more simple for me.  After a test drive and the required paperwork, he and his team arranged to clean my new car and deliver it to me that night, just shy of 9pm to avoid making me come back for it at a later date.  He followed up the next day on my satisfaction, and even delivered items left in my trade in to me over 40 miles away to my office.  I would use these guys again in a heartbeat and am so pleased with the experience. Simple, convenient and painless. 5 stars!

Tom S. | 2013-02-02

I didn't have one problem with the service or selling process at BMW.  It was quicker than any other car purchase/lease than I have ever had before, and the sales people weren't pushy.  People need to realize that buying a car is not like buying groceries.  When you pick up something that is $40K-$125K, you need to budget more time for paperwork, insurance, credit checks, etc.  If you can do it in under 2 hours, then you are getting amazing service, which is what I got at Chapman BMW.

Aimee K. | 2013-01-25

I'm going to give their service center 5 stars to try and balance out the terrible reviews I've read here.  I have never gone shopping for a car here (I feel as if car dealerships need to be broken into two parts on Yelp - I've have completely disparate experiences within a single dealership).  

The Orchid Lane Chapman opened up while I was working at our new office in Ahwatukee, so this place was literally down the street from me!  Imagine suddenly not having to drive all the way to central Phoenix to service my car... Bonus points right off the bat!  

I had the same service adviser Matt Konecek from the get go.  He always remembered me and we got on just great right up to the point where I moved back to Seattle.  I'm a little sad as I don't see him on their web site any more.  

They almost always had a loaner available, which was cool (test drive!) and I never had a repair bill that was unreasonable.   I never once received pressure from the service department either.  He told me what was wrong with the car and let me know if it was a cost I could defer until later or not.  

I've done business with six different dealerships over the years and I can say with confidence that this location was the best.  I miss it every time I drive my car over to Bellevue.

Angela Y. | 2013-01-08

This is my first purchase from Chapman BMW so I don't have much to write about the experience other than this was my first experience with them.  It was a great experience so far.

Kimberly S. | 2012-11-05

Service person called me on the phone as he couldn't walk around corner to find me in lobby when my car was done. I was sitting in waiting area. Thought it was pretty lazy of him. Tried to buy key change and no one was in the store or asked if I could If i needed help. Also they didn't go over any of the issues they put in know about your car report. Said I declined but didn't even ask me. I had to read about them when I got home

JOHN M. | 2012-10-31

Bought a 5 series 7 months ago from Chapman BMW... it was my first BMW, and third car Ive ever purchased. I can honestly say this was the best experience I had ever had when buying a car. My salesman, Ryan Dorfman, was as professional as they come. Answered all my questions and concerns, and never pressured or pushed me to do anything. I really enjoyed his commitment to making me feel at ease during the buying process. He is top notch!
Took my car in yesterday for service... WOW, they sure do go above and beyond at this dealership!!! Talk about rolling out the red carpet! My service rep was Kris Mason and he was fantastic to work with... picked my car up last night and everything was great (no major issues at all). Kris followed up with a full diagnostic summary early this morning!
I want to thank the whole team at Chapman BMW for being the extremely professional and friendly... Ryan even came over last night when I picked up my car to say hello and see how everything was going... once again, TOP NOTCH. Thanks guys!!

John S. | 2012-08-20

I really wish I could give negative stars.....Chapman really works hard to get the worst of reviews.
If you want to get treated like crap and screwed on price this is your dealership.  I can't say enough BAD things.
Vote with your some place else.

Ashant'e C. | 2012-08-14

This place would of gotten a good review from me if it wasn't for me sitting at the dealership for hours at a time for 3 days in a row. The 3rd day we came to pick up the car after completing the paperwork the night before and we sat in the dealership with the car sitting out front for 3 hours and  counting..........terrible!!!!

Michael Z. | 2012-05-14

WOW! This place is just horrible. This isn't the first time I've had issue with their services either. They sent me an unsolicited e-mail asking to describe the experience, so I felt it necessary to fill it out as the experience really left a bad taste in my mouth. The survey link doesn't work so I e-mailed saying so and this clown  Garrett O'Dell Service Manager, e-mails me back asking about what happened so I sent this:

Was totally not happy with the entire experience and I won't be back because of it. I let the service man know exactly what the issue was and led me believe it was a warranty issue when I knew the warranty issue was the PASSENGER not DRIVER seat. More importantly, they said it would take less than an hour and we were there going on three and then to be told it was exactly what I said it was to begin with, given an estimate for thousands for other things and charged $135.00 for something I already knew. Just shady practicing in my opinion, and I'll go elsewhere next time.  

So the "Service" manager clown goes on and basically attacks me in his response:

I take our reputation and business practices very seriously and would vigorously investigate anything that would lead our customers to believe we were being anything other than forthright and fair. I took the opportunity to look over the initial write-up, and repair diagnosis. From the information here, as well as your email below,  it appears we were asked to inspect the car for the complaint of; SRS light lit on dash and specifically asked to determine if the repair was a parts warranty from a prior repair to the passenger seat mat as someone else had made that diagnosis and connection.  Our findings were that the vehicle did not need a passenger side seat mat as you were advised, rather a driver's side seat mat, counter to the information you had been given elsewhere, this was a repair that was not covered under an applicable parts warranty. It appears we charged you only for the technicians time to make that determination, as agreed upon , we completed an accurate estimate of that repair as well as other needed services noted during our inspection as a courtesy, you declined those repairs as well as the repair to the SRS system. I am sorry to hear you feel this was "shady". I realize that giving customers information about the condition of their vehicle, especially when it differs from their expectations or promises that other repair shops have made, can be difficult. I am sure you have found in your business model that when reality is different than expectations, the most common response is to attack the credibility of the messenger. If you are interested in making any of the repairs to your vehicle we would certainly still be willing to help.

Garrett O'Dell - Service Manager

What a clown. Nice customer service dummy. You can't tell in this Yelp posting but his verbiage was filled with CAPS and BOLD lettering to show his emphasis in yelling at me. Here's my response:

We already had the correct diagnosis.  I already knew it was the driver's seat mat and should have been told it was not a warranty item in the first place. Further, I was quoted less than an hour, it approached 3 - my business time is billed at $225.00 an hour.

I don't care for your customer service tone either, further exemplifying my feeling of this establishment. I'm not attacking anyone. I'm a BMW customer, and as a lay customer, this is how I felt about my experience at Chapman BMW. Moreover, your customer service approach feels more like an attack to me. So I hope you feel better about yourself, now that you've tried to "prove" me wrong. Enjoy your $135.00 and I'll go somewhere else here on out.

You win Garrett! I'm going to bring my BMW 750Li to North Scottsdale for ALL my needs from here on out.

Bob D. | 2012-03-18

Great staff, both sales and service. See Ryan if you're in the market for.a BMW and Matt for service. Both are excellent.

Lance S. | 2012-02-11

The sales experience was great.  Friendly, nice and willing to help.  HOWEVER, stay away from the repair service.   The complete opposite of the sales experience.   They are NOT friendly.  Horrible service.  They should be ashamed.   I am confident they don't care.  I emailed the General Manager and no response back.  Amazing!

mira z. | 2011-11-26

My husband and I were looking at BMW's and Audi's.  He was leaning towards the Audi, and I wanted to look at the BMW.  We got to the dealership and asked the salesman to test drive a M3.  The salesman told us that there were none in stock, and tried for 20 minutes to talk us out of buying one (by making fun of anyone who wanted a M3).  

We told him we wanted to test drive a 3 series.  He disappeared for 15 minutes, and then came back with a M3 (even though he said there were none in stock).

Then, he mysteriously came back with the M3, and sped right past us!  Then, he told us we could not test drive it because, "it would ruin it for the rest of the drivers."  WTF?????

So basically he didn't try to sell us anything, and instead talked us out of wanting to buy a car, then came with the car, and wouldn't let us test drive it!  

My husband and I bought an Audi S4.

jay w. | 2011-11-26

I went into to this dealership to learn a bit more about BMWs.  I'd just come from across the street at Audi and had test driven the S5 there.  My wife wanted me to test drive the M3 as a comparable car that her colleague had.  The sales person came up and asked us to what we wanted and we explained quickly.  He then went on some long tirade about how the M3 was only for "car enthusiasts" and wasn't for us.  So then we asked to test drive a 3-series.   After disappearing for 20 minutes he says excitedly that he has an M3 on the lot. Wonderful.  He then goes and pulls up the M3 and proceeds to tell me that we can't test drive it because it would "ruin it for other people."   At this point, my wife and I walk away.

Cole D. | 2011-11-17

Terrible lying cheating sales department. Was buying a car from out of state and going to fly in and pick the car up and drive home. Deal had been agreed upon, purchase agreements and wiring instructions were being faxed back and forth between the dealership and my bank and paper work was being signed over the coarse of the day. The salesman told me the car was being put under cover until i picked the car up and would not be showed. I was online about to purchase airline tickets and I get an email saying sorry to let you know that the car has been sold...... 5 minutes later and I would of been out airline tickets. I might expect that from some shady used car lot but not from a BMW dealership.

Jessica R. | 2011-11-10

We worked with Alexander previously and when our lease was up on our car it was an easy decision to work with him again. Alexander made the process of picking out, purchasing & picking up our new car a great experience. Chandler Chapman BMW provides excellent customer care and we would recommend both the dealership and Mr. Alexander to anyone in the market for a new or used car.

Andi T. | 2011-10-22

Nothing has improved. Every time I have brought my car in for service, I bring it home with the problem not fixed or another problem created. I purchased a new navigation DVD for $200', only to get home and see it wasn't working. They never checked it and it was a defective DVD. That is just one example of many things they have not completed properly. Looks like I am going to take the long route and start bringing my car
to BMW North Scottsdale. Hopefully, I will have better luck.

Bob O. | 2011-08-27

Whenever we have to take our cars in Jennifer always attends to us. She is always very helpful and accommodating. The service is usually very prompt and we are able to get our cars back usually by the next day or day after. They also are easy to work with when they set us up with rentals.

Raquel Q. | 2011-07-12

This is the worst dealer that I have ever worked with!  I thought I was moving up when I sold my Honda and bought the BMW.  Not the case!  Once you own the car, the service department could care less about your needs.  It feels that you are bothering them when you bring your vehicle in.  I would steer clear from this dealer.  I had issues with my vehicle prior to warranty expiration.  When the item broke, 3 day after warranty expired, they would not fix and wanted nothing to do with me.  I will never give my business to Chapman again!

Jennifer W. | 2011-05-13

The first time I was there (a few months ago), I received very good service (4 stars). They gladly took care of a whole bunch of stuff (some identified by me, some by them and some by the computer) covered under warranty and provided a complimentary loaner vehicle.

However, I have to deduct 2 stars because I was misinformed this past weekend and it cost me $500 that I should not have had to spend!!!

I called them about my serpentine drive belt that started to unravel while I was on the road in the East Valley. They said the belt falls under the maintenance category which is warrantied up to 50k miles. I have 53k; therefore, I'm not covered. To have them repair it, it would cost $500. In a bind, I quickly called my trusted local shop and they said it'd be $200 so I figured the choice was easy and drove down to them. On my way over, the belt had unraveled so much that it wrapped around the power steering pulley so I lost power steering (which cost me an additional $300 to fix).

Fast forward to today, I'm at Chapman on Camelback for an unrelated issue. I mention to my SA what happened over the weekend and he said it would have been covered under my manufacturer warranty of 55k miles which I still qualify for and the belt normally lasts til at least 100k miles. WTF!

I am now waiting to hear back from Chapman on Camelback as to whether or not they are going to reimburse me for the $500 that I spent all because I was misinformed by Chandler. I gave my SA a copy of the invoice and I just found a BMW bulletin online regarding this issue so I'm really hoping they do the right thing.

Roy S. | 2010-12-14

I recently purchased a new BMW from BMW Chandler and I highly recommend them. I worked with Chad Salerno, who worked hard to get me the best deal and make the transaction as effortless as possible. After the sale, Chad went out of his way to make sure I was satisfied and happy with my purchase. This is a very professional dealership, which is exactly what you would expect with this type of car, but my experience at other area high-end dealerships was not nearly as positive as it was here. I really can't think of a negative thing to say about this dealership.

Tina M. | 2010-08-16

I admit I'm usually the 1st to try to go cheap on repairs...NO MORE!
Vince treated me like a Queen, the waiting room and bathrooms are photo worthy and it didn't cost much more than the non-dealer shops all the way in Central Phoenix that couldn't get to my car for 4-5 days. Did I mention my air conditioner stopped working and it's 111 degrees outside?

Thanks Chapman!!! Give Vince a raise.

Kimberly M. | 2010-05-12

Love BMW Chandler!! I drive a bit further from my home to get my Bimmah her needs... My personal service guy is Todd Knapp... The day before a big trip, my back window decided to get loopy & not go back up.. I freaked !! I called Todd ..& he & his service crew had me in a loaner.. A nice 5series, while my warranty work was complete... He even told me not to panic.. Bmw's may be pricey, but I'll never drive anything else... Maybe once you go Bmmah u never go back:-)
So, I drive the extra miles, because the sister of this dealer in Scottsdale, just down from my home.. Isn't as nice ... Oh yeah.. Love the valet service & coffee bar.. ;-)


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