Chapman BMW on Camelback in Phoenix, AZ

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Chapman BMW on Camelback is home to "The Ultimate Ownership Experience" and is located in the heart of downtown Phoenix, Arizona. We proudly serve the entire Valley with our convenient location off Camelback Road in Phoenix. We offer quality new and pre-owned BMWs along with a state-of-the-art service and parts center.


Established in 1966.

Chapman BMW on Camelback was awarded the prestigious "Center of Excellence" award by BMW USA. This honor is awarded to only 32 BMW dealers nationally and focuses on customer satisfaction, outstanding brand representation and operational excellence. Our success in winning this award starts with one thing: taking care of our customers.

Chapman BMW on Camelback

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(602) 308-4269
Address:830 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ, 85014
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Chapman BMW on Camelback

Marty S. | 2015-04-23

This was a customer service oportunity missed. We brought the vehicle in for a water pump replacement. Chapman BMW on Camelback replaced the water pump. We picked up the car (2008 BMW 535I) and drove home. That evening we noticed engine coolant on the ground under the car. We scheduled to bring the car back in. The car also had a leaky upper coolant hose. This would have been detected if the vehicle was ran after the install until at operating temp/preasure.  The quality of the mechanical service work being conducted at this store is not consistent with the high customer service ethic displayed by the service writer. The dealership is tailored around excellent customer experience and the mechanical work is not consistent. If I was in charge of customer service at this dealer, people would not want to ever go elsewhere. As it stands, I will be going to a different service center.

Victor M. | 2015-04-17

This review has taken time to complete because good relationships takes time to cultivate and grow. Over the past few months I've worked with Craig Miller in Sales, Bob Molanick in Service and Doug Strobot the Service Manager. I have purchased 3 cars with Chapman BMW over the last 15 months and they have conducted themselves with the upmost professionalism and true dedication to servicing their clients, even when at times it can be difficult, the Chapman team follows threw with tact and respect. Nothing is guaranteed and words are worthless if not tested and Chapman in my book is tested, passed and has shown me that they value my business and have well earned my respect.

I appreciate all your efforts and dedication for working with me. Thank you Craig. Thank you Bob... thank you Doug. Happy Birthday David.

Real Reviews, Really.

Rachel H. | 2015-04-16

Chapman is the most honest dealer I've dealt with. Ever. They always offer impeccable service and I would recommend them to anyone with a BMW. My service Advisor Bobby Stewart is the best. They always give me realistic expectations on how long the car will take and offer me a loaner if I have to be somewhere else. Bobby always responds quickly to my emails/calls and everyone at the dealership is polite. I've owned Mercedes and Infiniti before and nothing compares to Chapman. Other reviews rating this dealer are not correct. Honestly if you are worried about price maybe you shouldn't drive a BMW. We are all price conscious but you get what you pay for. Drive a Kia and the repairs will be cheaper.
I'm hooked on BMW now and am telling everyone if you want to buy a BMW and/or get great service- ask for Bobby Stewart Chapman's the place!

Drew d. | 2015-04-15

I'm on my third BMW serviced by Chapman on Camelback and I can only rave about the BMW brand and the Chapman service. My service writer, Patrick Burchel, is always attentive and accommodating when I call him last minute with the message that my service light just popped on and I need to leave town for the next week so I have less than 24 hours to get my car in. Keep up the awesome work!

Muerto C. | 2015-04-13

Once again highly impressed with the level and quality service at Chapman BMW. My service advisor Joe Helms was top notch, kept me informed and even took me on a shop tour. If you go to any other dealer you are doing yourself a disservice, the guys are the best.

Rose A. | 2015-04-11

Not a good experience at this dealership the first time around. Craig the salesperson did help us as much as possible. Then after speaking with DOUG the sales manager, we were very happy. He helped us get the car we wanted 328i. Thanks for everything!

Wendy S. | 2015-04-11

Terrible service department. I would give negative stars, if possible.

First of all, let me say, I never write reviews--positive or negative. This experience so impacted me that I feel it my duty to inform others to avoid this dealership's service department. They failed in several core values in customer service, as follows:

(1) They do not treat customers with courtesy or respect.
I was outright embarrassed by the Manager, Doug, and asked to empty out my purse to show that I did not have a part of the key in there, as he swore he handed it to me....if he'd just checked with the mechanic first, he would have solved the issue. I have never been degraded in such a way in my life. I am a physician, and I carry myself with dignity. Furthermore, I do not appreciate Doug's indifference to my position. After the incident, Doug did not even apologize once the mystery was solved about the missing part of the key.

(2) They do not know their products.
If Doug had understood the products he sells, he would have been able to answer my questions. Instead, I was met with an extremely bewildered look, and then a blaming game that resulted in insulting me.

(3) They lack of integrity and professionalism.
I had a terrible service experience in February 2015, so Doug, the Manager, said he would take care of me during my most recent experience last week (April 2015). When he introduced me to a new service advisor, he showed a lack of integrity by criticizing the prior service advisor to this new service advisor. Very boorish.
I called national customer service because I was so upset about this terrible service experience. I was told that the dealerships are independently owned and operated; therefore, they could do nothing. They would not allow me to speak to a regional representative, as the regional representative does not do customer service. In the end, this miserable experience cannot be remedied. The only way to send a message to this dealership is to avoid them. In the off chance that the owner of the dealership becomes aware of this complaint, I would have happy to speak to him/her. My R/O # is 6283272, which should enable my identification.

Bobby J. | 2015-04-10

I wanted to give a review on a incredible experience I had at Chapman BMW and the professional sales associate that assisted me in my consideration between the BMW and a Mercedes!  Everybody at the dealership was extremely knowledgeable and very friendly and I was very pleased about my experience.  And then I meant Robert Mills probably the most experienced most knowledgeable sales person I have ever encountered. His warm friendly and approachable nature was quite refreshing given the other dealerships in the area that I have visited. His knowledge of his craft was quite impressive and when I make the decision to buy my BMW it's going to be from Robert Mills! I personally have been a sales professional for 36 years and I have never encountered somebody with such vast knowledge of their product and its competitors!  Take it from me if you're going to buy a BMW buy it from Robert Mills at Chapman BMW!

Nikki P. | 2015-04-09

Robert Mills sold me a certified 2012 X5. I specifically asked about the car fax, which was clean. However I also inquired about whether any bodywork had been done. I was told that they would not certify a car if there was any evidence of extensive bodywork. I purchased a black car at night, upon taking it to be waxed I was shown that the entire back half had bad runs in the paint, illustrating that it had gone through major bodywork. I never once received any follow up from the dealership on how I was liking the car, which I believe is standard customer service protocol. Then when I emailed asking if they might be able to look at the vehicle to check into the paint, and if there may have been evidence of body damage that they missed, Robert Mills called me and told me that he had in fact made me aware of "inconsistencies in the paint." Which the only thing we discussed was a scratch on the hood, not the entire back half being repainted. He yelled at me, refused to listen when I tried to speak, and handled a simple question and request with pure anger, defensiveness, and angst. I asked if he thought a better way to handle it would be to ask me to bring it in so he could have someone take another look (which would have appeased me just fine) and he said a manager would call me and hung up on me. This is the worst customer service I have ever received. I would never recommend this dealership, and if they are a last resort to get the car you are looking for I WOULD CERTAINLY ADVISE AGAINST SPEAKING WITH ROBERT MILLS.

Timothy D. | 2015-03-31

this dealership completely changed my outlook on BMW. My previous experience from a different dealership out of state resulted in frustration and what I felt were bold faced lies about warranty and info disclosed.

Bob is the GM for chapman on camelback and he specifically approached me and asked me to give not only BMW another chance but specifically Chapman BMW on Camelback the opportunity to rectify my sour taste about BMW as a whole.

in september 2010 I gave in and bought a CPO 2009 BMW M3. The process was not only amazing about the sale but they offered me a higher trade-in value than any other dealership I had considered a car from. It was at this point that I began referring friends and coworkers to Chapman on Camelback and to this point over a dozen of my friends are now loyal BMW owners and have all bought theirs through Chapman on Camelback.

In september 2014 I was needing to upgrade from my 2009 m3 and without hesitation I went to Chapman BMW on Camelback and spoke with Bob once again. Within 24 hours I was driving off the lot with my 2015 m4 and couldnt be happier!

the experience doesnt just end at the sales level, though. Each time i have needed service completed I am welcomed with open arms, a loaner car, and given honest (and quick) feedback about anything I am in for no matter how large or small.

Honest opinion is that if you are in the market for a BMW, used or new, you need to be looking at Chapman on Camelback over any other location in the valley - they are honest, hard working, and will do everything in their power to ensure you have not only the best price out the door but the highest trade value you can expect.

6 out of 5 stars from this repeat client.

Edward C. | 2015-03-31

Suspicious is all I can fairly say. $400 for a new battery (installed)? On an 11-year old car? "Notes" for another almost $2000 of repairs on a car that had just been examined by another BMW dealer and found sound? Couple that with a customer waiting room that would do justice to Architectural Digest and I became suspicious.
Unfair, perhaps. But I am used to paying top dollar in another city.

Alyssa K. | 2015-03-28

We had a wonderful service experience at Chapman BMW this morning. They were very fast and really went the extra mile to help us out. Kyle was particularly helpful and such a pleasure to work with. We will definitely be using the service at Chapman BMW in the future.

Rita C. | 2015-03-15

I placed an online reservation for service(with a detailed message of what needed to be done) a few days before bringing in my 2003 5 series for service on Friday, March 13th, at 7am. I received confirmation of the time via email from Veronica Cruz(service coordinator) and it clearly stated that reservation time unless I received a call from them. Imagine my surprise when I pulled up-my reservation was not there! No record of my name(did I have a  confirmation number? No. None was given when I received my email response confirming my 7am reservation). Now keep in mind, I am a new customer, and expected to be processed quickly so they could take my car and I would make it to work later that morning. I had to wait more than twenty minutes for them to send out a service advisor to hand write a service order and detail what I needed done(while everyone else around me got their vehicles processed). How frustrating and embarrassing. When I was waiting for my quote from Steve C(my service advisor), he nonchalantly mentioned that online reservations are hit and miss and had been that way for about a year(when I asked him why my reservation wasn't there). NICE.
Why offer online reservations if that can happen? Perhaps that can only be answered by Doug Strobot(Service Director) or Bob Colabianchi.
I did receive an email reply from Veronica Cruz apologizing for my inconvenience. And also a phone call from the Service Director, after sending all names listed above an email.

Next time I need the ballast checked on my headlight, resetting codes(airbag light and oil change light on), and adjusting the prongs on the fuse of center brake light, I should perhaps, go elsewhere...

Time: 2 1/2 hours
Cost:  $ 173.21

Rita C.

Tomas A. | 2015-03-14

I actually cannot believe the shenanigans that salesman JOE LENA and his manager ALAN JONES tried to pull on me yesterday evening - this story should be read by anyone thinking of ever entering this sleazy dealership. I will begin by saying that I have leased 2 other BMW's from this same dealership so you have to imagine that they have the gull to do the following to a repeat customer: For the past month I have been in the market for a new 535i since my current 528i's lease is coming to an end in the next couple of months. I have been shopping different dealers online and around the Valley. I got an excellent offer from an out of state BMW dealer and I decided to see if JOE LENA could match it so I can get it from him - figured it would be easier than getting one from out of state. After lengthy texting back and fourth to iron out all the detail of the contract, 36 months, 12K a year, $3,500 down, etc, appears we have a deal! I arrive with my father, who was recently ill but insisted he come with me as "these things don't happen everyday" and wanted to be apart of an exciting moment with his son to get a new car! Allow me to set the nightmare for you: We go in, handshakes, smiles, excitement, we go over all the contract again - looks perfect! Paperwork is being worked on by finance and everything looks great! The BMW genius comes over and started going over everything about the car - take the keys and have a seat inside she says! So as I get in and start the car my eyes instantly caught the odometer which reads: 3,072 miles! What?!?!?!? Is this the right car? There must be some mistake right? Where is JOE LENA??? Where is anyone with authority to fix this wrong! Then while still in a state of shock I start looking around the car and notice small imperfections in the car, as in it's obviously USED. Finally JOE LENA's excuse for all this is that the car was driven by a BMW executive for "testing". To me that sounds like a straight up lie, why not just say this is a demo car that has been driven around by everyone and their mother thinking of getting a 5 series in the Valley and more importantly why did JOE LENA not feel the needs to inform me of this BEFORE I come in? Enter ALAN JONES, this person has got be the poster-child for every slimy, self-satsifiying, arrogant car Sales Manager on earth, scratch that - for every USED car Sales Manager on earth. He simple says there is nothing he could do about it. When I mentioned I would complain on every outlet available to me including complaining to BMW Headquarters he shrugged his shoulders and said: "Go Ahead". Never in my life have I been treated with such utter dis-respect for my time, intelligence and most incredibly my loyalty after trying to close a transaction for the THIRD time with this dealership throughout the years. Did they really think I wouldn't notice 3,072 miles on what supposedly was a new car? Really?

R G. | 2015-03-07

Pat Burchell is the main reason for going to this dealership.  Very thorough and calling you for updates immediately.  Very flexible with my work schedule as well.  Hopefully never leaves.

Don I. | 2015-03-05

Bobby is the best service advisor that I have ever worked with.  He has meticulously evaluated our automotive needs for nearly five years. None are better!

Susan B. | 2015-02-28

We always get great service at Chapman BMW and we love our 2008 X3. We have an expert service advisor, Patrick Burchell, who insures we get the best service. That said, since the car turned 75,000 miles, our car has had $4600 in repairs. I assumed this car would have a better repair record.

Amanda R. | 2015-02-27

This little review is specifically for the service center, not sales.  I'm a long-time & loyal BMW owner due to their high-quality and longevity.  However, on the infrequent occasion they do need work, it's pretty pricey.  In my younger years I avoided the dealership for service & maintenance due to the higher price. But now that I'm cruising in my thirties with a child and demanding career, the lure of the ease & simplicity that Chapman offers is frankly just too enticing to pass up.  Bring the car in, get a loaner, know the service is guaranteed= piece of cake.  I've always worked with the same service tech, Patrick Burchell, to whom I attribute much of my satisfaction with Chapman.  His customer service is exceptional-- always responds right away, gets me in immediately, goes above and beyond-- and all in a friendly, relaxed manner.

Nathan R. | 2015-02-23

Bobby Stewart, my service advisor at Chapman, has been with me through 3 of my 4 BMW's. His excellent service and attention to detail makes my life easier and service a breeze. He understands what it means to give great customer service! Thanks!

Jeremy D. | 2015-02-14

This is by far the best BMW dealership in town.  The Sales Manager, Doug Martin, is the only person I will ever purchase a car from.  Him and his sales staff makes the process of buying a car enjoyable.  

Dan Lidington in service is also the best service advisor.  He is always fair and honest.  I never feel like I'm being sold a bill of goods when working with him.

Joni S. | 2015-02-14

This for Bobby at Chapman BMW Service
Bobby is Amazing, he has made our journey at Chapman BMW fantastic!! He has been honest, trustworthy and we honor his expertise. Thank you Bobby we love you
Joni and John Sucato

Dan A. | 2015-02-14

Regarding Dan Lidington in the service department. I have been working with Dan for nearly 5 years over the course of two cars, and he is nothing but the best. An extremely considerate professional that I am lucky to have begun working with from those years ago. From the moment I drop the car off, to when I pick it up, Dan is perfectly on the ball and will provide updates as needed in between. Chapman has a great reputation thanks in part to their wonderful staff members such as Dan Lidington in the service department.

John M. | 2015-02-14

Taking your car in for service is a bit like going to the dentist, no one wants to do it. Fortunately, Bobby makes it a quick and painless experience. Always prompt and attentive. Would recommend him to anyone having to take their BMW in for service!

Dana L. | 2015-02-13

I love Chapman BMW they provide excellent service. I work with Patrick Burchel and he is very informative and helpful with letting me know what's going on with my vehicle. I love lots of details so I appreciate this. Always make me feel special bringing my 328i convertible there. While I was traveling in Palm Springs a light came on and I took my car to the Palm Springs BMW and they were awful. They said I had a loose wire and that the secured it and two days after leaving the light came back on. I wasn't going to take it back there so I waited till my return trip home and Patrick take care of it for me and replace the part that needed replacing. I highly recommend Chapman BMW

Jefferson R. | 2015-02-13

Patrick Burchell always goes above and beyond. I was in the area without an appointment and my top had a popping noise that occurred every once in a while. I brought it in and Patrick fit me in.  Not only did he set up he shop foreman to do a test drive to replicate the noise but they fixed it within a couple hours. Awesome service.

Jae And Nui K. | 2015-01-31

This review is for the service dept.  Had to visit for a service engine light, turned out it was for a 2 year service on the brakes.  Showed up at about 9:40am without an appointment and they got me in and out in an hour and a half.  Great service.  

All the service people were busy running around but they always answered questions and took the time to explain before they were off again.  

They also wash the cars before giving them back which is nice.  Recommend going here for service.  Our service adviser was Bobby Stewart.

Burt B. | 2015-01-25

Joe Lena was my salesperson.  Extremely knowledgable and courteous.  I appreciate his responsiveness to my questions even after the transaction.  Extremely trustworthy and I highly recommend him!

Fahira C. | 2015-01-21

Aside from me paying $400 to replace a battery on my car, everything else was nice. Hahah

Michael is my service guy and he is always helpful and friendly. He gets me in to the shop when I need repair on my car it and gets the job done.

He offered me  coffee/tea and escorted me to a waiting area. Real nice!

Francisco G. | 2015-01-09

Great Service!!! Quick and friendly! Best service I have ever gotten at a BMW service center. Came in at 6 pm Friday night, they got me in a loaner, and back into my car at 10 am Saturday morning.

Mark M. | 2015-01-06

I went into Chapman BMW on camelback three days ago and drove out with a new 2015 320i. I love it! My dealer Joe Lena was extremely helpful. We stuck it out the whole day and got a good deal done couldn't be happier with my purchase. If you want a BMW this is the place to go.

Daniel F. | 2015-01-05

I went to Chapman BMW on camelback a week ago to buy a brand new x5 because I saw their add on auto trader! Upon arrival to the sales department I got approached by an overweight older sales guy with glasses I forget his name! We picked the car what I saw online and test drove it! I like it and the price was right I thought online their add was saying 54.990$! We negotiated for like 45 minutes and agreed on a price but when I was about to pay he said to have to go to the sales manager. I said ok. After he returned and said sorry I can't sell this car for you for that price it has to be 5000$ dollars more :))) I was shocked and asked him them why are you guys miss represent the price online and that's kind of unprofessional and shady! His answer was yes we kind of like that :))))))
So I just left and will never go back to that place again it was a waist of my time with dealing with them. Luckily I decided not to give any business to Chapman ever again and went to Bmw North Scottsdale the service was professional and very helpful I find a car in 30 minutes and I love it also got a much better deal then in Chapman!
Do yourself a favor and don't buy from chapman at least until you go to see the difference in Scottsdale!

Rick P. | 2014-12-27

Let me start out by saying that the assistance I received from my new service manager, Ernie Escobar,  and from the service tech were both 5 star. So why the one star rating? When I called to make my appt on Dec 24th I learned that the service manager I had worked with for over ten years, Andy Sivec,  was no longer with the company.  When I went for my service on Dec 26th I sadly found out that Andy's office had been cleaned out and he was no longer with the company. I spoke with an employee that I know (he will go nameless for fear of retribution) and found out Andy had been fired at lunchtime on Dec 23rd. Andy had been with Chapman BMW since the companies inception and yet they didn't hesitate to fire the man just two days before Christmas.  Was taking such an extreme action with a long time employee during the Holidays the right way to handle the situation? Doesn't sound like something I would do so I have to wonder about the Chapman Management team,
Seems a little heartless to me.

marvin s. | 2014-12-10

my wife brought in her 2010 128i convertible to chapman on camelback last week..mike ludtke handled the problem with his usual courtesy and professionalism.  

we have three beemers in our family and are always treated very well at chapman and by mike.

Phil M. | 2014-11-24

I was eyeing a 2015 BMW X1 for quite a while in Seattle, Washington. Even though the Seattle area dealers had X1s available and the sales advisors were nice for the most part; none matched the customer experience and simplicity that Craig Miller and Chapman BMW in Phoenix has provided my family over the past 19 years.  Naturally I reached out to Craig Miller to order an X1 for Euro Delivery as none of the dealers in Seattle seemed properly versed on ED.

Then I realized Chapman had my dream Alpine White, Sport Package,  X1 3.5 in inventory... One thing led to another and now it's mine! Yes, I have to drive it up to Seattle (stopping in Oregon for a case or two of wine)--but it was well worth it to buy it from Craig.  I'll always recommend Craig to anyone looking to get a BMW.  He's someone that is honest, transparent, hassle free, and always treats you with respect!  

Thanks Craig Miller & Chapman BMW!

Nancy G. | 2014-11-19

I've had my car serviced at Chapman now for well over a year and have excellent service on each visit.

sara f. | 2014-10-24

I typically go to my favorite neighborhood mechanic, and did several times with electrical issues on my 2008 328i. Unfortunately my mechanic couldn't identify the problem (and they didn't charge me either of the two times I took my car there, so I still love them). I called Chapman and talked to Patrick, who quickly identified it as a recall issue. My appointment was quick, painless and I opted to have them replace the battery, since I didn't think I'd get it for much less anywhere else. Picked up my car washed and vacuumed. They recommended a couple of other things - new tires (which I'll get at Costco) and another part that I think I can get within another 5k miles. Overall a great experience - very convenient - and I'll be back.

Anthony G. | 2014-10-18

Came in and drove out in a BMW all thanks to Savas Makridis, he made it a great expierence. If you are wanting a good honest salesman come in and see him he got me a good deal and even in my situation made it possible to get the car I wanted. I couldn't be happier thanks again!!!

V A. | 2014-10-09

I am a 3 (refer to the Chapman adverts)..If you are looking to buy or wanting to take your vehicle in for service please go to Chapman on Camelback. I cannot stress enough all the headaches you'll save here. Do yourself and just trust me on this one! The staff are friendly and treat customers well and loaners are are always available when needed. (See my review on NS BMW)

Bernardo P. | 2014-09-30

I recently had the pleasure of working with Artin Majidi and Johnny Bost of BMW on Camelback, I'm pleased to say I had a wonderful experience working with these gentlemen and i would recommend them to anyone. These two went above and beyond to make sure that all my needs were met. I've worked with Artin before but I truly had a pleasurable experience with these guys. I was in and out of the dealer, spent less than an hour there, they got me approved at the rate i needed, got me what i needed for my trade in and even delivered the vehicle to my office so i wouldn't have to miss any of my appointments. I spent more time with the "genius" who was showing me all the features on my new 3 series than I did with paperwork and the "hassle" of normal car dealers. These guys really went above and beyond and I'm confident I can depend on them in case I need anything with my vehicle. Johnny was able to track down the blacked out BMW emblems for me as well which was really nice of him; it makes a huge difference and ties in the whole "blacked out" look. They can expect me to come in again within the next 6 months to trade in my other BMW. Great Job guys and thank you again.

Brian C. | 2014-09-17

The good thing about this dealership is transparency and honesty, two hard things to find in a dealer.

I bought my BMW from Chapman on a Sunday. The sales rep was attentive, but not pushy as I walked on the lot. I had said that I had a model that I wanted to see, and he quickly got the keys. For the test drive, Just a copy of my license was made, and we were handed the keys. I've had the salesman try and sell me the car during a ride along before. This wasn't like that.

After coming back, I mentioned some of the issues the car had - a TPS monitor was off, and the AC didn't seem to cool. Bob mentioned that it may have been sitting for a while and needed a recharge. The negotiation process was painless. They were completely upfront and transparent with all of the service records, owner history, invoice paperwork, and other cars in the area.

Since this is a BMW shop, the car was serviced by them for the last 3 years. The car is end of free maintainence, but it was very well taken care of. Although the warranty was now expired, they agreed to fix the cupholders and the AC at no charge.  I was given a loaner car (128i) while the repairs were made.

I had financing through Capital One, and had used them before. I expected the finance person to do the "oh your financing didn't go through" game and try to jack up the interest rate, but nope..they did exactly like they promised. They were able to accept the check, and handle all the paperwork.

It was reassuring to have all the information upfront and available so you don't have to play any guessing games or buy a car with a questionable history. Very smooth transaction, I will go back the next time I buy a car.

Nathan L. | 2014-08-13

Every time I receive great service with a lot of communication from my advisor - Michael Ludtke.  I really couldn't be more pleased with the care I receive each time I visit.  Fortunately, those visits are mostly for routine service but when necessary, they're the best!  Thanks Michael.

Geoffrey C. | 2014-08-04

Had much higher hopes for the experience from this dealership, same typical auto dealer run around, it's a shame, could have been been so easy!

Abdul-Rahman M. | 2014-07-24

This dealership never disappoints me. They have great customer service and thats after dealing with almost 10 other dealerships in the phoenix tempe mesa chandler area. The service advisors are very friendly and they never let you leave unsatisfied and they also know almost everything about your car so you can address your issue and they will explain it from a-z. When BMW tells you the car is under warranty, they will really fix your issues under warranty with no excuses unlike other dealerships that try and find excuses to make you pay extra. If you want to buy a BMW, buy it from here.

Jennifer C. | 2014-07-23

Ernie is my new service advisor. He was so helpful and he listened to me. he made sure everything I needed was done. The whole team, including the guys who greet you are pleasant and friendly. It was a great experience. Very happy!

Denise R. | 2014-07-22

Light on my dash came on so just stopped in to see what it meant. Was just a minor problem but they did need to keep it for a few hours. I was given a loaner to continue my day. Back at 2:30 and good as new. Never had an appointment but was treated well. My service advisor, Steve, is the best and I can't thank him and Chapman enough.

Gabi A. | 2014-07-12

The sales people don't seem to give a shit about you if you are buying used and its not a BMW. Was led on for 2 days by William thinking that they were going to help me get into a car I wanted then told the offer I had from Capitol One was not going to work anywhere and gave me some BS about how they required 10% down no matter what. Funny. The offer worked just fine at Earnhardt Ford and I even got free unlimited car washes for a year. Thanks for making me so mad I went to Ford and got the car I really wanted.

Steve L. | 2014-06-25

So... I have had the service done on my 328i here since I have owned it, and have always been more than impressed with them, Dan Liddington in particular.
I recently decided it was time to look for another car, and my stepson had just purchased a new 5 Series from them. He had nothing but glowing things to say about the salesperson, Kim Reid.
I contacted Kim and told her what I was looking for. She kept in contact with me for a couple of weeks and told me she had the perfect car for me. Sure enough, it was perfect, and I traded in my 328i for my 335is and could not be happier. Kim was amazing from the start. She is the master of the no pressure, take your time, sales approach and it was such a breath of fresh air.
If you are looking for a new of pre-owned BMW, please give Kim a call. You will not be disappointed.

Justin P. | 2014-06-15

Purchased a certified pre-owned BMW today at Chapman BMW with Savas. Great overall experience, fast professional service in a low pressure environment. I would strongly recommended your next vehicle purchase here. Make sure you ask for Savas Makridis!

Richard C. | 2014-06-03

First time in for service with my 750Li. The team was efficient, professional and attentive. Service and tinting was done in less than a day. Nice job!

Bethany C. | 2014-05-30

My husband and I just went to Chapman BMW and bought a preowned car from Nick. He was great! He was super helpful, honest, and very informative. He gave us a great deal. I would definitely recommend Nick and Chapman BMW.  I was very impressed with the way they treated us and their honesty in the car business!

Ken G. | 2014-05-27

A slight improvement customer service wise over last visit. But, despite a 3 hr wait and confirming the "Your oil level is low!" warning light did come on via computer diagnosis....nothing done to correct the problem other than removing the extra quart of oil I added when the warning light appeared. They "updated" the navigation software and now I get an error message every time I start the vehicle. damn

Laura J. | 2014-05-23

I brought in my husband's BMW to Chapman and Ernie was fantastic! He took care of the odd noise we had and even took care of a tear on our door ASAP. He remembered my husband and treated us with care and concern. We didn't buy our BMW @ Chapman, but you bet when it's time to trade my husband will stay loyal.

Thank you so much for all the extra effort in getting our repairs fixed quickly and the excellent customer service. You made a loyal customer for sure.

Thank you Ernie! You're awesome.

Kathy T. | 2014-05-09

I don't know anything about BMWs, and thanks to Chapman BMW on Camelback, I may never need to.

Took a BMW for a tune-up (it's not my car, but the owner was out of town), and there was apparently some issue with the brakes. I asked a lot of (dumb) questions, while my service rep patiently explained in detail. Bottom line: Because the BMW was under warranty, they would take care of everything, no charge.

Normally, they would lend me a loaner BMW while the car was getting serviced, but I wasn't listed as the owner, so instead, they had an employee drive me over to Enterprise to pick out a rental car from there (gratis).

Great service - They even gave me bottled water before I left.

David O. | 2014-05-02

Joe Lena at Chapman BMW on Camelback, all I can say is 5 star service. The process purchasing my 2013 BMW was a breeze and coordinated the time for what I wanted was a totally stress free experience. Also after the purchase he always followed up with all my questions. The service was great providing a loaner car. Will buy from again!

Paul W. | 2014-04-30

I've purchased three vehicles from Chapman BMW on Camelback, all from JC Chokrach. I can't imagine making any premium auto purchase through anyone else. JC's been consistently outstanding through every aspect of each purchase; a 128i convertible and two Z4 roasters; one soft top & one hardtop convertible. He's honest, responsive, genuine, and proactive- without being pushy. I value our continued relationship.

Dan W. | 2014-04-26

I went to chapman looking for a car to replace my Range Rover.  Prior to going to chapman, I visited a few other dealerships and had intentions of going to a few others after Chapman as well. When I walked in I was greeted by JC Chokrach. I told JC what I was looking for and  we walked through the showroom. In the showroom was a brand new M5 that I fell in love with. The sticker price was more than I wanted spend, but I also loved the car. JC helped with setting up a test drive right away and he helped educate me about all of the new features in the M5. I felt extremely comfortable while with JC and never felt as if I was being sold on the car, Chapman was very different than the other dealerships I had been to. I decided not to buy the car at that time as I was short on time and I wanted to make sure I wasn't impulse buying.

It just so happened that I left for vacation in two days and wouldn't be back in town for a few days. While I was on vacation I decided that the car was what I wanted. JC's approach to helping me find the car I wanted allowed me to decide whether or not I wanted the car and I didn't feel like I was being sold on it like a typical high pressure dealership. I contacted JC and together while Tom Iles, they put together the necessary paperwork to complete the purchase.

The overall process at Chapman was by far my best experience I've ever had. JC and Tom helped make my car buying experience a pleasant one to say the least. The great service did not stop there, I had a few mechanical issues with the car and JC and Tom both got involved to make sure I was well taken care of while visiting the  service department.

Long story short, I don't think that I will ever buy a car from anyone else after my great experience with JC, Tom and Chapman BMW on Camelback.

Sam B. | 2014-04-10

I had my 325i in for a few repairs. My service rep Ernie was polite and friendly. I was given a courtesy vehicle and even coffee & doughnuts.

Very happy with my experience.

Daniel L. | 2014-03-26

After getting worked over at the North Scottsdale BMW 2 times too many I decided to give camelback a try.  My first visit was great and unfortunately for me I can't remember my service advisors name.  My second visit was a complete disaster.  I should have known when Bobby made me wait 15 mins for my 7 a.m. appointment then showed up reeking of cigarettes that I should have asked for someone else.  I made an appointment to get the bulb replaced in my headlight. When I called to make the appointment the lady said it would be 100.00 for the bulb.  That was the reason I was there.  He then came back and said it was about time for an oil change and brake flush.  So I said OK.  He wrote everything on the estimate and quoted me 310.00.  No individual prices just a sub-total.  He then calls me and said there is some other work needed but it's covered by my warranty which has a 100.00 deductible so I agreed bringing my total to 410.00.  I pick up my car and have a bill of 503.00.  I ask him to explain it and he says he "told" me he didn't know the price of the bulb so he didn't include it in my estimate, even though he wrote it on the paper right above the sub-total.  He said the oil change was around 130 and the brake flush was 170 but he wrote all three things on the estimate.  He saw no problem with the fact that he didn't even quote me for what the appointment was for.  Even though he wrote it down.  Granted it was only 90 bucks but during the whole ordeal he was very confrontational and kept repeating that he "told" me. Even though he wrote something different.  There are some good people that work there but that guy Bobby is a total waste of a paycheck.  If somebody is willing to provide horrible customer service and a go screw yourself attitude just to make an extra 90 bucks in services and not worried about retaining customers and building relationships then obviously he needs to be doing something else like working at one of those used car lots not representing BMW.  The cars aren't cheap and they aren't cheap to fix, they really shouldn't allow someone like that to be on the front lines interacting with actual customers that come there to spend their money.

Theresa H. | 2014-02-03

I know what you're thinking- really, five stars? I bought a 2011 coupe a few weeks  ago (actually spied it in the back of the lot, waiting to for intake). It was the exact car I wanted, and Larry Wise was great about getting me a fair price (actually a really good deal...) as well as having it prepped to look like new when I picked it up later.  I've bought many a car in my day, and must say, none has gone as well as this one.

Lizzie B. | 2014-01-31

I had a great experience this week at Camelback BMW. Part of what makes my experience so great is that North Scottsdale BMW is so horrendous, but that is beside the point.

I took my still-under-warranty 328i in to be serviced this week. Note that dealerships make a lot of money of their service business, so the experience should be excellent. I was allowed to drop off my car and pick up a loaner the night before the service would take place, which was especially helpful for me since my work schedule would have required me to get up super early for same-day drop off. The person I originally scheduled with left for the night, but I was able to work with  the last service adviser working that evening, Ernie. Ernie was pleasant, efficient, and even joked around with me a bit. I appreciate little things like that.

When I was called to be told that my car was finished, Ernie did not attempt to sell me any absurdly priced, superfluous services (ahem, North Scottsdale BMW), and told me that I could come get the car any time up until 6:30. Although Ernie had left for the night, I was assisted by another gentleman who, though not benefiting from the service, was equally friendly and prompt.

Tyler Z. | 2014-01-22

Quality cars, and quality staff. Nobody really loves to buy a car these days, but they did a great job taking away some of the smoke & mirrors. In terms of dealerships, this one's a gem.

Riquo K. | 2014-01-14

I had a servicing here, and it was okay - The cost was about 25% more than average for the inspection I I had done, and it was done relatively quickly - recommended replacing parts that were replaced in the last year based solely on the age of the vehicle. Also made other recommendations on parts that were not worn out.

For people that don't have much of a technical background / car background who want a vehicle checked out, it might be worth the gamble but we have a lot better places to go to in the city. I won't take any of my other BMWs back, and I have decided not to give them the business on my TDI at their VW location due to this past experience. Gave them a try, but I ended up paying quite a bit for very little.

Brittony J. | 2014-01-06

In the past I had leased a BMW 328i and this past year leased another 328i (2013)from this dealership. From the get go they were incredibly helpful and accommodating. Jason was who I dealt with both times and I highly suggest working with him if you can.

Christina N. | 2013-12-27

It really says something about an establishment when even after almost an entire year, a customer still feels compelled to write a negative review.

The initial interaction with Savas was a positive one. However, upon needing to return for a simple upholstery repair (as per our contract), Savas canceled multiple times and didn't offer, nor fill the request for, a loaner vehicle. Furthermore, he didn't extend the common courtesy of reimbursing me for my 40 mile drive multiple days in a row until I suggested that it would probably be an appropriate business decision.

Clearly, Savas had no regard for customer satisfaction having earned his commission once I signed on the dotted line.

Rich F. | 2013-12-02

Again, you are incorrect.

When the initial warranty expired, we bought another warranty program from your dealeership. Service work was done on the car and the warranty covered the repairs with a $ 50 deductible. We never heard from Chapman nor BMW that the 2nd warranty had or was expiring. Our reality hit was when we needed the car to be repaired.

In a business in keeping clients as repeat customers, Chapman rates a Grade level as " F ". You surely email us every month on purchasing a new car from Chapman. Maybe, you should email your customjers when their car warranties are expiring.

Aaron S. | 2013-11-21

Taras is the best! I would never take my 328 to anyone else. If you want the best service go to Chapman BMW and work with Taras.

Aldo G. | 2013-10-23

Met with the service manager today over a unique issue with my BMW. I was very impressed on the handling of the situation and customer focus. #UltimateServiceExperience

Christina J. | 2013-10-18

I am annoyed right now. Normally I wait a day after to write a bad review just so I can really re-think the experience. I am pissed and want Yelpers to know now. Right NOW! So this is what happened.... I downloaded AutoTrader to my phone last weekend because I am in the market for a new vehicle. I have been looking religiously for a car that I could fall in love with. Well it happened, I found the perfect car within my price range and she was beautiful. I went to the dealers website to start the credit process and was immediately called by a salesman by the name of Dewayne. He was anxious to get me I there and I was anxious to see my future car. I went in there and let him know I was limited on time because I work two jobs and had to get to work. I was ready to test drive my vehicle. We walked across the street where it was being detailed and a fuel line is being changed out. Was told it wasn't ready and I couldn't test drive it. I got to "look" at it. Ok ok. I'm still in love. I want this car. Really. Really want this car. So we go Back into the sales area and he asks me if I want to start the paperwork on it. (Strike 1). No. Who the heck does that? Signs for a vehicle without even seeing if it turns on??? I tell him we can see what I get approved for ill do that. But not signing till I test drive it. So I gather everything that they ask from me and fax it over the next day. I call to see if my car is done and if I can come give it a spin, STILL not ready. It'll be done Friday. Ok so that's today. Today while I'm at my 1st job I text this man and ask if it's ready. This is the response I got.... "Can u come now?" "Look there are two looking to buy this car today with then a hour, if u want to buy this car please come." I talk to my boss and agree to working Sunday since I'm leaving early today. Wootwooooo! I'm getting my baby! I call a cab. Go to the bank, pull out my down payment. Go to the dealership. I am ecstatic!!!! He says he didn't get the paperwork that I faxed over twice. Ok no prob. Here's the originals! I wait for him to go hand in the papers. He comes back and says let's go. As we are walking out he tells me that the car has some major engine probs and isn't being offered for sale. Really??? Then why is it on auto trader, your website AND you are showing this to someone else?!????! Strike 2 and foul) so he has me look at other vehicles. All above what I'm willing to pay. I tell him. I do not want any American cars, and of the foreign cars the only thing I do not want is a KIA. So I take a seat and he says that he's gonna look around and see what there is. So I take a seat and wait. He comes up and says I think I found something you'll like. Takes me outside. I look at it and I'm like "whats this?!?" I look at it and it's a KIA. (Strike 3- you're out!!! ) bye. I go inside grab my stuff. I am thoroughly mad. I can feel my pulse in my ears! I do not recommend anyone going here.

Honest R. | 2013-10-15

Seems like each time I take my BMW there it always has to return for something else.  I had to send a letter to complain about it spent over 13K on warranty and over 2K out of pocket.  Just didn't feel right so I stopped taking it there.  Loaner is a nice touch but I think their mechanics are shady and will never return.

Majera M. | 2013-10-11

I have had 4 vehicles serviced here in the last 10 years and it has always been a great experience. They always have a great new loaner 3 series or x series for me. They are always on time with their estimated repairs. I have a 3rd party warranty company that they always work with and have no problems. The service advisor is always in constant communication with me letting me know what is going on with my car. I will always have my bimmers serviced at this location. I'm a camelback bmw lifer.

Lauren W. | 2013-08-30

Fabulous service. Timely service. Easy rental car.  Joe is GREAT!

Jeff Y. | 2013-08-25

Wow! Five stars for the sales department? Can this really be true?

Well, not quite, but it certainly is five stars and then some for our sales consultant Craig Rusin. My wife wanted to lease a mid sized vehicle, somewhere between the MINI and the dually truck we currently have. She had her eyes set on an Audi Q5, but after a few not so good experiences at a local dealership I was able to convince her to check out the X1 or X3, neither of which she was particularly fond of due to the "crease" in the middle of the rear hatch. We had an E39 540i M Sport that sacrificed itself to protect us in a t-bone accident, so we were familiar with the marque. We arrived at Chapman BMW on Camelback this past Wednesday morning with the intent of just getting a feel for the vehicles, and seeing if my wife can overlook the crease that made it not as "cute" as the Q5. We started out in the front lot, and eventually made our way into the showroom. While we were looking at a gorgeous Deep Sea Blue Metallic X335i M Sport we were approached by Craig Rusin, who introduced himself and asked if we had any questions. Having spent some time in the luxury car business, I don't have much tolerance for incompetent or sleazy/pushy salespeople. My wife can't stand the sleazy pushy ones either, but that didn't seem to be a problem once we had met and chatted with Craig. From there on we test drove a X128i M Sport, then a X328i, attempted a X328i M Sport custom build, and eventually ended up with a bare bones X128i M Sport that was perfect, besides for the lack of xenon headlights. Craig was extremely helpful/knowledgeable with a great sense of humor and is a true car guy who loves what he's doing. What's even better was that while describing certain functions and sounds he didn't use the technical terms, which helped my wife enjoy the process even more as he was "speaking her language".

We got a few rebates and a bit more off MSRP for the car, and while I knew there was more wiggle room, we enjoyed the six (!) hour long process with Craig so much that it was well worth it...the guy has to make some money too! We had so much fun we didn't even realize we were there so long until our stomachs were growling and we checked the clock. While my wife still doesn't care for the rear of the car, she said as long as Craig is still at BMW, the next vehicle will be a BMW just so that she could work with him again. The sales experience wasn't completely perfect however, since we cannot say the same about the finance guy Michael Keys who was kinda rude/pushy/sleazy, but if that's who we have to work with just so that we could work with Craig again, it would be worth it.

Jill K. | 2013-08-25

I will start off by saying I was very nervous to purchase my first car on my own.. However, when I walked in to the dealership I sat down with Savas. Not only was he super attentive to my needs, but he also made me feel very comfortable by weighing out all of my options. Within two hours, he helped me pick out the perfect car for me! Wonderful pricing, payment options, warranty, etc.
On top of driving off the same day in my lovely new car, Savas also helped me out by towing my old automobile to the dealership and giving me a great trade in price!
I recommend anyone looking for a new car to go down to Chapman BMW on Camelback and go see Savas! You will be sooo happy that you did!!!

Very Satisfied customer-
Amanda K.

Sa D. | 2013-08-01

This is in reference to the lease return process at BMW Camelback which has been very aggravating.  I leased the vehicle through our Fleet account company has with BMW Chapman.

I have held the car for 3 years.  I did a pre-lease inspection 1 week before car was turned in.  During inspection, I was told 2 front tires and 1 rim with curb rash would need to be replaced.  Total cost would be $1000 for which I had no problems paying.

However, when I went to turn in vehicle, I was told all 4 tires were below wear and tear limits and 3 of the rims had curb rash and needed replacing. Total cost $2400.  I agreed to turn the car into service and get the rims repaired.  I got call from service 1 day before lease maturity date to inform me battery was low and needed replacement.  Cost $547.  After angry conversation with service agent and service manager, it was agreed that this will be covered under warranty.

I feel there was a lack of honesty regarding repairs on the vehicle during pre-lease inspection.  I trusted BMW to provide an experience to not only match but exceed the lease return process of it's competitors.  Instead, it's alienated me to the point at which I would not even consider leasing another BMW.

Dave T. | 2013-07-16

$161 to check and see what maybe wrong w/ my check engine light? Seriously! Ridiculous!!

That being said, the staff and management staff is incredibly, they are always incredibly friendly, understanding, accommodating and helpful. Giving me a free loaner while they work on my car is a huge help and definitely something I can't complain about. (However, its basically covered in the price of whatever they have to do.)

I'm giving them a 3 for overall however, it could be a 5 had they not just constantly rip you off if you do actually get something fixed here. However, that is more BMW's fault and not necessarily Chapman. But still $360 for a tail light wire? Not even the bulb, a wire. Seriously?

S P. | 2013-06-29

DO I HAVE TO GIVE EVEN ONE STAR??  Note:  THIS IS FOR THE PRE-OWNED Chapman BMW on Camelback dealership.  I entered the dealership with the purpose of purchasing a 2009 X6.  I had my loan approval, and documentation from the Veterans Administration (my wife and I are both disabled vets) for another portion of the vehicle cost, along with my 03' 7 series BMW (76000 miles) for trade.  Tom, the sales manager was there, he was the guy I spoke to about what I wanted to do.  Tom never greeted me with a "hello", no hand shake, no offer to sit, no offer for water (Az in June is HOT).  As I began to explain to Tom what I wanted to do, and the documents I had, he stated, and I quote "you don't have checks, I can't help you".  So I explained to him the instructions for processing the loan, and what the VA wants, both requirements are simple, GRADE SCHOOL SIMPLE!  I went as far as telling him I was willing to wait until the dealership was paid before taking possession of the X6.  Still "no checks, I can't help you".  NOTE:  Chapman BMW advertises on their website "Veteran Friendly"....  THEY ARE NOT VETERAN FRIENDLY!

I grabbed my paperwork, drove over to Jaguar North Scottsdale, found a better deal, they completed the purchase without a single issue!  NONE!


Ángel P. | 2013-06-27

I had a very nice dealer experience thanks to Craig Rusin, my consultant. I walked in and told him exactly what I wanted and how much I wanted to pay. The negotiating took little time. Craig is a really nice guy. Unlike many other salespeople who often try to pull a fast one on customers, Craig is a no-pressure salesman who really cares about cultivating long-term customers.  He was a pleasure to work with.

Meghan C. | 2013-06-22

Overall, my service experience has been pretty good.

My first encounter with the service departments was bringing in my car after I had discovered it had been vandalized. I looked at the time, and realized it was noon on a Sat- which is when most service departments close. I asked if I could bring it in, and they waited for me.

I've been a customer now for almost a year, and have been very happy with the customer service and treatment. Its what I would expect from BMW.

Doug B. | 2013-05-26

The only place in Metro Phoenix to buy a BMW. Three tries, three times we've always purchased from Chapman BMW on Camelback - always the lowest price and always easiest to deal with. They also have the best service department. We drive past BMW North Scottsdale all the way in to Phoenix to get our car services - for years. We tried BMW N Scottsdale last year and they've improved, but not enough yet.

Troy H. | 2013-05-01

DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THIS DEALER.  My wife purchasd a 2009 BMW Certified Pre Owned BMW X5 from these jerks in May of last year.  Within 30 days the breaks failed and the AC unit failed so we were forced to leave the Certified Car with them for two weeks.  We finally decided that we had purchased a lemon and asked them to give us a great deal on another car.  That day we purchased two additional X5's from them.  A new 2012 at the time and a 2009 that we were told was certified.  Six months later and 3 additional trips to the dealership for repairs to the 2009 and I decided we had agian been sold a Pre Owned Lemon.  When I decided to trade this car in on a new Range Rover they pulled my vehicle information and found that the car Chapman sold me at top price had been in an accident and was now worth 5K less on the trade in.  What worse is that I wanted to sell it to a private buyer at a fair price to recover some of the fees we incurred buying multiple vehicles at Chapman but now I cant.  When I called them the General Manager said he would give me a great deal on another car- #4 no fricken thanks.  I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS DEALERSHIP TO ANYONE BECAUSE ONCE YOUR DEAL IS DONE YOU ARE NOTHING MORE THAN A NUMBER OR INCONVENIENCE TO THEM.

Nehal M. | 2013-03-22

What a horrible experience!!
I'd highly recommend checking out BMW Northscottsdale before buying your car from this dealership. To sum it up: Poor followup, poor listenning and too much preaching & B.S on buying experience VS. getting down to a closure.
If you want to save Money, Time & frustration stay away from this dealership.

Kurt S. | 2013-03-07

Let me first say, my wife is high maintenance.

First the sales experience:
She knew exactly what options, colors, etc. that she wanted, and would not settle for anything less. She wasn't asking for anything she didn't already have on her trade-in, so we didn't think it would be so difficult to replace her "baby" (2006 330xi) with a newer version. Boy, were we wrong. Her list of requirements on the exact car she wanted was a little extensive, so it took working with Mike Ross at least 6 weeks before he finally had something we could come down to look at.

Well, he definitely hit a home run and we signed off on the sweetest 2010 335i I've ever seen. It came with so many upgrades, our heads were spinning. We even got the stock tires and rims from the previous owner. Who does that? The sales experience was "no pressure" even though Mike was persistent in finding us the right vehicle. Thanks Mike!

Now on to the finance experience:
This person (another Mike) was just like all the others we've ever dealt with. If you don't get suckered into buying GAP insurance from them, then they cop an attitude. This guy was no exception. Too bad! Obviously, they get some kind of kick back for selling that crap and the extended warranties. Well this guy was so "off putting" that I purposely said "no thanks" and then inquired about the extended warranty after the deal was done, just so he wouldn't get the "Spiff" (commission).

And after the first week, the first service experience:
The car went into "limp home" mode on the way to work so my wife dropped it off on a Monday night. She was extremely impressed how the screen showed who she was, etc. and thought that was a nice touch. After having it a week to thoroughly diagnose the issue, we were reunited and I couldn't believe that this car was even FASTER now. We were told the upgrades had this thing running close to 400hp but before the service and injector replacements, I was skeptical of that number. Well, no more. It definitely feels closer to 400 now instead of the stock 300. Yippee! The 2013 we test drove was nowhere near this fast.

All in all: While we didn't get any type of discount or price reduction (beyond the dealers asking price, which was still lower than KBB), lets face it, these are BMW's folks, not Hyundai's, Honda's or Kia's. If you want deep discounts, buy a Ford or Mazda. We still left here satisfied in our purchase and will go back again for our 3rd purchase from them when the time is right.

Kimberly M. | 2013-02-25

Quite possibly this is my worst review given for my sweet Beemer EVER. I own a 328i and I bought it as I have my other german loves, outright and knowing that a luxury german car comes with it's perks. When my warranty ran out last year at the 4 year mark, I knew I would now pay for simple maintenance, such as oil changes, air filter changes, etc. With BMW those things are part of the package deal when buying a Beemer. UP to 50000miles or 4 years. I took the recommendation of a good friend, a 5 series owner to go here. I live in the neighborhood and generally drive to Chandler to go to my very favorite BMW advisor there. Well, I don't like that drive from Biltmore/Arcadia. I took his recommendation and went to this location on Camelback for this years maintenance. His advisor was getting ready to leave and passed me to another. I went in for the yearly $100+ oil change. I figured I would be leaving paying for other BMW maintenance and had a budget. Maybe that is weird.. a budget when you own a Beemer? Well I do OWN my Beemer and I DO have a budget as a single career girl who wants the best and pays for the best! In my loaner I went with in 15 min of arriving. SO, now I am gonna sound even more spoiled.. but NO bottles waters offered and unlike Chandlers dealer, there is no Keurig on site to my knowledge! haha.. NOT a big deal.. it's a spoiling perk tho..I'll admit! The advisor, Dan, told me I was due for this filter, that flush.. listened to me with no attention when I stated, that I only drove the car about 5k or less per year due to my career. He shrugged me off and said I was looking at about $450 in maintenance. Out comes budget girl with her Chapman coupons. $89 oil change.. 'spend this much save this much ', BUT I did not print them out. He half heartedly looked on his web and did not find them. I come to grips with the high maint cost. Away I drive in the loaner BMW. By Friday evening , more than  24 hours later after dropping my Beemer, I still had not heard from this advisor. The thing is, I knew I would be flying out on Saturday and was adamant about having my own car back. Where I park, I don't trust to a loaner. I called 3x leaving a message each time. This is maintenance not a new engine replacement! NO call? All my other BMW advisors call to tell you if anything was found, how the maint. was going.. This was a little weird to me. Finally Saturday right before the dealer is to close, Dan calls. He advises me that I need my struts changed and my gasket is leaking. I have an extended warranty and he advised me that the inspector for BMW would be out early Monday. I then gave him some grief about not calling me sooner. AS I had been adamant about having my car for my trip coming up. He blew me off again during the convo and said that "BMW won't like inspecting and not completing the work at the same time". Ummmm... last I checked, I am the owner and the consumer paying for this. I want my car back. Had I said that enough?? Well, it was now impossible to get to the dealer and return the loaner for my BMW. Thanks. Finally on Tuesday after again, many irritated voice mails to this advisor, I finally get a call from Dan.  I finally got my BMW back ONE week to the day of dropping it for simple maintenance. I will say I could have had it a day earlier but was suffering from a nasty flu bug...Still for the little amount of work being done, there was no excuse to get my car back so far beyond the drop off date.  Epic Fail on this dealers service department and this BMW advisor needs a big, fat 'F' on the grade mark. To add insult to the already injured mood I am in and the pocket book. I had taken my new registration and tags with me in the loaner. Generally, when you drop your loaner and pay for your damages with BMW. They DON'T just drive off the loaner without advising you of doing so. WELL, they did! The 'valet' guy brought me my cords.. but failed to give me a bag from Nordstroms I had in the loaner.. AND now the tags are missing. Awesome. I had them look and they said they would call me the next day. TWO days later I get a call from Dan, (go figure), telling me 'they' probably tossed the tags thinking the envelope was trash. I guess it comes down to me and my fault for taking the silly things and NOT taking them in with me to pay my advisor. In fact, it's my fault for entrusting this place with my BMW, at all. Despite it all. I would never, ever go back to Chapman. Not to buy a Beemer, not to maintain a Beemer. I'll drive further for good service and advisement. I would rate it a 0 star if yelp would allow. To note, Dan did honor a screen shot on the coupons I had found on the dealers service link prior to my leaving. He became more friendly when I picked the car up. I did  receive a 'discount' mail flyer via post mail for a 'declined' service about a week after my 3series debacle. The discount was for declining an alignment. I have NO idea what that is about. I was NEVER asked about alignment!

Aimee K. | 2013-02-10

I guess the best way to sum up this location is:  unmemorable.  There was an equal blend of good and bad.  This review is based on experiences in 2008-9 before the Orchid Ln location opened up down the street from work so things may have improved since then.  

The good is that I did get a pretty nice service adviser named Mike S who actually ended up buying the 2000 323i sedan I traded in for the CPO 2006 330i sedan I bought from this location later.  It helps to know the correct location you need to get before you head down Camelback since the CPO is on the south side of the street and the service / new sales is on the north side (gotta love the neatly ruled streets of Phoenix, right?  even the navigationally troubled like me don't get lost).  The service adviser I got at a later date was okay, but he was kind of impersonal and I left feeling like I was just another face in the crowd to him.  I still wonder what happened to Mike.  

The sales experience was a mixed bag.  Although I got a very sweet test drive in a spicy candy apple red 1994 but oh so overpriced M3 convertible to whet my appetite, I felt pressured and hustled in the sale of the sedan I did end up buying.  I was unconvinced from the get-go because I was never a big fan of the E90 chassis.  It's like a reverse mullet.  Party in the front, all business in the back.  The sales guy did a big show of acting like he was bargaining with his boss in the back but for all the time he spent gesturing and talking behind that plate glass window, I never did get a better price than what he initially offered and his big sales pitch was "just take the car!"  Lame.

Joan B. | 2013-01-12

I purchased my 135i convertible here and I absolutely love it! I had the pleasure of working with JC. At first I had my mind set on a 335i, JC asked me what I thought about the 1 series, at first I was like eh and was thinking if I get the 1 series im definitely with  the convertible! After testing driving it I fell in love with it! JC insisted that the car totally fit me and he is right cause everyone that has seen it has complimented the car and tells me how its so me! JC made it an easy and smooth transaction for me. I've had the car for almost a year now and still love it.

I've also taken my car there for service and they take care of me every time. Dan in service is great and is always a pleasure to work with. Everyone there is nice and is on top of their customers. It's quick and easy to drop your car off and if your car needs to stay there longer there is always a loaner car that they offer. They also wash and clean your car every time regardless of what service, one time I brought it in just to have them full up my tires with nitrogen and check the tire pressure and they even washed it and cleaned it up for me. The customer service here is amazing and I highly recommend.

Go see JC in sales on the certified Pre-owned side and Dan in service. Both great to work with!

Courtney C. | 2012-11-14

Just to clarify, this is about Chapman BMW on Camelback, not their other locations.

AWFUL! I have gone here to have both my previous and current BMWs serviced and have always thought they were decent... until today. The service center is an absolute nightmare. I was returning to have a problem fixed that they supposedly took care of last time (at least that's what they charged me for) yet malfunctioned again within a year. So I took it to another BMW shop and they seemed to disagree that I had received all the new parts that I was previously charged for.

Though Chapman offered to replace the parts that I had purchased a year ago at no cost (gee, thanks), they still didn't address why it malfunctioned within a year.

Beyond the situation just being annoying in itself, I had to deal with the most disrespectful, arrogant, jerk of a "service specialist." He even allowed me to address the situation with his manager who did nothing except back his jerk of an employee.

The experience was so bad I gladly took my car and left before they could "repair" what they had supposedly "repaired" a year prior. Unbelievable. Terrible customer service.

Brenda L. | 2012-06-27

the service itself was done in the amount of time estamated, so id say expect that. inside waitin was okay at first only because i loaded up on coffee an donuts, but that mission came to an end by a caffein overdose, then i plateud in bordem, but in no way was it a result of chapmens services inside or out, it was because i had no phone(my life line). but tv's, magazines, gift shops and the beautiful selection of cars all brought me back to sanity, quickly followed by my service rep finding me to tell me im ready to hit the road again.

Arlene A. | 2012-06-14

When they say, "you get what you pay for" in life...BMW means it! Talk about Premier Service...You pull up and before talking to anyone the screen has a welcome sign for you.  Our Service Tech is great and is always ready to help us right away.  They are always good about getting me in and out...and if for some reason they expect to take longer, they have a loaner car ready for me...and to top it off my car is always clean upon pick up!

Oh how I love my BMW

Michael G. | 2012-01-22

Just purchased a used car (Toyota Prius) from them and the experience couldn't have been better.  They were upfront in the pricing and very quick.  No haggling, just an honest price, a good value on the trade and quick processing.

Ask for Nick as he is great!

Amiee V. | 2012-01-18

Review on Service!

I've taken my vehicle here twice so far and each time good experiences.
They take the time to schedule us last minute.
Explain whats going to be done and my concerns.
They call before hands to approve any service repair.
Loaner vehicle is a plus!
Steve and Patrick were very helpful on explaining everything.
Service boys greet and ask if I knew who was seeing and opened the door and directed me, just didn't assume I been there before like other locations.
Overall the twice Services I've had have been great.

Cindy C. | 2012-01-11

We purchased our 2011 X5 from Arteen Majidi at Chapman BMW and were thrilled with doing business with him. He always conducted himself in an extremely professional manner and provided my husband and I with excellent customer service and attention to detail.  The lease is up on my husband's car in August and we will definitely go back to him for that vehicle.

Elizabeth B. | 2012-01-10

I didn't call that's true, but I emailed Chapman on August 25 & 26th about this issue.  The drained battery was not the only problem with this repair. It was just the straw that broke - and stranded - me.

I was fine the repair was going to take longer than expected. The part had to come from Germany because the Tennessee part got snatched up. Ok, not a problem... these things happen and parts for my car get backlogged.

I was even fine when the service guy called me to say the price was going to be higher than quoted because he forgot to add something in. Well, ok people are human and mistakes happen.

However, if a customer is spending four figures on a repair bill and has part delay on top of it, wouldn't you go the extra mile and check that everything under the hood is as it should be?

I came to this shop for 10 years. I do appreciate the manager trying to fix the situation even at this late date. I do have to say I'm impressed you took a stand to what I said. You made some very valid true points. If your technicians and customer service were only as good as your attempts to mend fences, you'd still have a 10+ year client! :)

This review IS 6 months late, primarily because I recently had service (10 days ago) at Bavarian Motors that brought the last time I went to Chapman in mind. Hence the review.

Steven M. | 2011-12-12

Best Car buying experience I've EVER had. Worked with Mike Anderson via the internet initially, then by email - then phone. No issues or attitudes. Not only did he answer every email (about 15 or more) he also offered up options, picked me up at Sky Harbor personally and was an all around pleasant individual. We will definitely be back and deal with Mike again. Thanks Mike, I love the car!


Alice H. | 2011-11-08

I actually saw Fred M's letter on the sales person's desk and thought I was in good hands.  Unfortunately I did NOT have the same excellent experience like Fred M did.  Getting a new BMW from them reminded me why I left them as a customer 3 years ago.    Those damn driving machines just keep getting me to come back.  Well next time a BMW temps me again I will try North Scottsdale.

Also, Fred M's review was in 2010, why did the sales person keep the letter on his desk after more than a year?  hopefully the intention is not to trick the customer by leaving it there for customers to read... and if the sales person is so great, wouldn't he have more recent thank you letters?

One thing i forgot to add is that if you are leasing a bmw, then it is cheaper to go thru NORTH SCOTTSDALE.  between the lease acquisition fee and doc fee, North Scottsdale BMW comes out around 150 cheaper is I recall correctly.

Mike T. | 2011-09-20

I didn't buy my BMW here, but I do use it for service.  They do an excellent job on the service side - quick, reliable.

Scout S. | 2011-06-21

Kudos to Steve in service!!! If you have a BMW and want excellent service give Steve a call.  He has excellent follow up is is highly knowledgable!  It's great to have good sales people at a dealership...but I can say from experience...service is the area that really matters and this dealership really has it down!

Gdawg W. | 2011-04-29

I realized that they lied to me.  They said that I needed to replace a control arm that was just replaced, I am glad I didn't listen to their advice.  These people are there to steal your money.  please avoid at all costs.

Mai S. | 2011-03-26

I've been shopping for a car for over a month. Couldn't really decide what to get. Would it be another luxury car, BMW 750li, or the conservative Volkswagen CC with it's cool two tone leather seats, or something sporty like the Dodge Challenger? New into AZ with none of my connections in the auto business anymore, I picked Chapman because they had all the options of vehicles I was considering.
When we first went to their Dodge and Chrysler location in Scottsdale, our sales person and finance guy seemed okay. No high pressure sales. However, when it time to discuss trade ins (ours were completely paid for and clear title), that's where their shark fins come out.  Telling us that they can only give us blue book for our car. So, when I pulled out our ipad to look up what that blue book was ($9500 and $5000 for each car), they then said well it's more like what someone is willing to pay for our cars. Which they have determined to be ($4000 and $3000). Funny, I thought that blue book was for.
So, few weeks later, we tried their BMW location since their website had an option for us to book our trade ins online with them.  Then I kept getting calls from their salesperson to come in so they can work something out. Keep in mind that I specifically filled out their contact request to ONLY email me and do not call.  I just despise talking to salesperson and have always felt that in an email you can cut to the chase much better than listening to sales pitch on the phone.  After about 16 messages from the salesperson, he finally gave up and gave it to his manager which then left me a message to call him so he can discuss the deal with me. Fed up, I called. The guy is never available to take the call and I was told to just come down to see him. Yeah, right.  Finally, I get the proposal of our deal emailed to me. Looks good. Made an appointment to come down to get things done, show up and no one was available to finish the deal. So, I could be help by someone else and we would have to just start all over again because our deal cannot be found anywhere. Get real.
I could go on to tell you what happened at their Volkswagen dealership, but let's say it is the same kind of wining and dining experience that you get when you were back in high school.  I will never use them for car buying or to service any vehicles.
I'm out and about one day and decided to just swing by the BMW in North Scottsdale.  Very nice and professional.  And the snob factor to go with it in your true Scottsdale experience.  However, their pre-owned had a lot more miles and show of wear and tear for about $7000-$10,000 more than their competitors.  So, now I'm really frustrated.  I was only looking for a slightly used so that I could take advantage of the huge depreciation savings from a new one that could easily run us over $100,000.
When my mind is set to buy, I am going to do it. So, I go on auto trader to now look for a car I have finally decided on, the 750li.  And there I found my car.  Low miles like you would get from a dealer demo car, condition like you would expect from a slightly used luxury car, and price for my trade ins and for the car was exactly what you would get at blue book. Actually, the car I was buying was about $7000-$9000 below depending if it was retail or private party sale. And best of all, the whole deal was done within an hour to include financing by two down to earth guys who owned a small place called World Motors. Here's to small business!!!!

Alex M. | 2011-02-09

I would give this place negative reviews if I could. We purchased a pre owned BMW from a different dealer. The car was still under factory warranty so we took it to Chapman since it was the closest place. While we were under warranty everything was great. We looked at extending the warranty and thats when everything started to change.

Once we decided we were going to risk it without an exteded warranty we noticed they didnt really ever do much to the care. The first time we take the car in after the warranty they listed 3 things that totalled several thousand dollars. We thought this was strange since they never noticed any of these urgent repairs the month before. We decided to take it somewhere else after paying 130 for inspection.

We took it to Bavarian Motors on 16th St who charged us $80 for the inspection which would be applied to any service done. Only 1 of the three items were deemed needed. The other two were not needed at all. The total cost for the repair $280. Do not take your BMW here for service!!!

John P. | 2010-08-04


Called into their main office  after a few people I've relayed the story below to were incredulous that I hadn't  done it on the spot ( Easy I was in a hurry to buy a car and that wasn't going to help me) Left a voice mail with their head sales manager  who called me back.  Very cordial  and while I appreciate the "he said, they said" nature of these  it was helpful for them to at least care enough.

All I wanted was  Sorry  we can't  meet your price expectations  well call ahead to our sister dealer to let you know your coming ( again I was in a  hurry to buy a car)   Not spending 3k  extra  out of  guilt that we took  90 mins of your time to reach this point.

Fred M. | 2010-07-20

A copy of the letter I wrote to their GM:

Recently I purchased a car from your used store on 10th street and Camelback from Grady Mosby. Grady and I have a history of trying to make a deal happen, and I believed when I went into your store, this would be the 6th failed attempt in as many years. The blame for all the missed deals was always due to my irresponsible mind changing about which car I wanted to own next. I buy a new car about as often as most purchase new shoes. Finally, we made it happen on a 2001 325Cic.

The buying experience was typical of Grady, which I shan't explain, as you've undoubtedly heard it a few times prior. I will say this though; it was truly effortless and I never felt pressured. There was an obvious "if you want the car, buy it. If you don't want the car, we'll find another one for you" attitude that I couldn't appreciate more.

Unfortunately for me, I did not go for the usual pre purchase inspection from an independent dealer that I usually have done. The result was finding out that the suspension was out of alignment after Chapman BMW Service did some repairs. Apparently they took the suspension apart, put it back together, and returned it to Rusty and Grady's team without aligning it. *doh*

Recognizing that the dealer was not solely responsible for this mishap (I did not do that pre purchase inspection, remember) I asked my advisor, Jon Lewis, to split the cost of the 4-wheel alignment with me as a goodwill gesture. Under most circumstances I would attempt to have the entire price comped, but I felt as though since I was in a loaner car for three days, and part of the problem was my oversight, I'd search for some "cool customer points" and ask to split. To my delight, this was agreeable to your service department.

Most car salesmen would have ran from me after so many failed attempts to sell me a car, and most service advisors would have told me to cough up full price after all my "issues." Because of the willingness to please even the most high maintenance of customers, Grady and Jon have absolutely earned you a customer for life, and they should be commended for their hard work and caring attitude.


Shane O. | 2009-09-15

I thought a BMW dealership would be above the high pressure BS sales tactics that lower-end dealerships employ.  Chapman proved me wrong.  

I first went to BMW of North Scottsdale and had an absolutely great experience.  The sales guy was up front, pleasant and professional.  Unfortunately, they didn't have the specific car I was looking for, so I decided to stop by Chapman and check out its inventory.  What a mistake.  

It started with him asking me to initial a piece of paper.  When I asked why, he said "It's just to display your commitment to negotiating a deal today...  If I can get you a number you like, that you'll take the car."  What the HELL is that about?  Then, when it became clear that they didn't have the car I wanted, the sales agent turned on the pressure.    "What's the problem?"  "What's wrong with the car?"  "Have you considered this other [more expensive] model?"  "Why not?"  "What can we do to put you in a car TODAY?"  "What's the issue?"  "If I can match BMW of North Scottsdale, will we have a deal?"  (to which I answered "maybe," and he replied "Is that a DEFINITE maybe?").  It was an uncomfortable nightmare.  Then, because he had my keys (I was discussing a trade in), we couldn't leave.  We were effectively hostages to his high pressure BS.  When I finally made it clear that I wasn't going to purchase a car from him that day, he made us wait while we went and got the sales Manager, who then came out to put pressure on us.  More of the same crap.

Unfortunately it didn't end there.  I have since received regular follow up calls on my cell phone from the original sales rep AND the sales manager (it has been over a week).  They have even called at 8:30 at night when I'm out at dinner, apparently thinking that calls outside of business hours would trick me into answering.  The message is always the same:  "Just want to see what we can do to put you in a car this week."  

If you're reading this Chapman BMW, I will NEVER buy a car from you.  EVER.  You can take your high pressure BS and sell it to someone else.  

North Scottsdale here I come.



So I got my car from another dealer, but decided to take it here for the first oil change (because it was convenient  -- on my way to work, and they assured me I could get a rental car for the day while they did the service).

I showed up for my appointment at 8am, and had to wait about 5 minutes for my adviser.  He then proceeded to inform me that they were "all out" of rental cars.  But he assured me they would "put a rush on it."  

An HOUR AND A HALF LATER I finally got my car back.  And then only after going back to the service adviser and complaining.  

The crappy experiences continue.  Apparently this location isn't good for service OR sales.

Gearred D. | 2008-01-01

Honestly, I like to give places the benefit of the doubt for various reasons, so my "real" score would fall around 2.5, but I rounded up because I'm a giver.  

I've been to this dealer shopping for a CPO 325i twice (once for me, once with a friend while he was looking), and I also had my first service performed here on my car not that long ago.

First off, the used car sales experiences...

This place mystifies me with their "asking" prices more often than not -- why are they so high?!  When I was looking, they had a 3-series with more miles, less options and more wear and tear than others I'd found at competing dealers for $3,000 more.  Also, their used sales department (as I experienced it) was not as professional as the other pair of alternatives in the valley.  I knew more about the car than the sales associate; the second time I went (with my friend, after I'd bought *my* car from another dealer), the sales associate told my friend the car we were test driving had a package (which I knew it did not, based on my own knowledge of these cars).  When I questioned him on it, he refuted me, saying that it does have the package, and that I just didn't know what the right "signs" were to tell without looking at the spec sheet.  I know I was right, and that it did not have this package, but he proceeded to tell my friend that it did, in fact, have it as I stood there.  Also during this second visit, I inquired as to why their prices seemed inflated compared to those of the other Chapman facility and (especially) BMW NS.  The response was, "We tend to give more for trade-ins than other dealers; for instance, where NS might give you a low-ball only $10,000, we would probably do $12,000 or $13,000, so the differences are more than made up."  Immediately I'm thinking, so what if I don't have a trade-in(?), which is exactly what I did when I purchased my own.  The point is, if they could give you that amount for the trade-in, you can take that info and use it to negotiate at *other* dealers that have lower pre-negotiation prices to get your trade-in taken at that amount anyway.  At the end of the day, the fact is, its easier to negotiate down to $25K from $28K than it is from $32K.

Now, on to the service experience...

I took my car in for an oil service and a few small warranty items for my first visit experience.  Normally I deal with other dealers for these items because they're closer and more convenient, but I was going to be in Central Phoenix all day and I dropped it off early, so I pretty much knew I'd get it back by the day's end whilst on my way home.  Drop-off was easy and relatively quick, got the loaner within 20 min (a base 328i -- can't complain).  I get a call to pick it up about 3:30pm, and I pick up and drive home.  That night I was at my boyfriend's parent's house for a dinner that had been planned for a little while.  Afterward, I came home, parked in my driveway, and slept the night away.  I awoke in the morning, coffee in hand, to find a large collections of spots had formed under my car in the form of oil -- the largest of which was the size of my brake discs.  The drips were from all over the bottom of the engine compartment; open the hood, and I find oil looks like it was literally sprayed all over the engine, strut towers, radiator surround and cover and the grill.  It had gotten on the radiator fan, and also sprayed out the front of the car on to the bumper and paint finish.  I was extremely lucky I parked on the street at my significant other's parents house instead of their driveway.  I went back a few weeks later and the spot was HUGE on the asphalt -- definitely could've been an embarrassment.  At any rate, being a Saturday, I called at 11am (service closes at noon), and had to leave a message for a call-back.  I get a call at 12:30pm from an associate in the 'sales' department to tells me that service has closed and to make an appointment on Monday to get the issue resolved.  I asked to speak to any manager on duty who told me to bring the car in and I'd get a loaner for the remainder of the weekend until this could be solved.  I finally got there... and waited over an hour to turn the car in and get a simple loaner.  No apology or sentiment (really not important, but you know).  I heard back on late Monday to pick up the car -- apparently the tech didn't clean up after the service, and it wasn't checked before being approved for pickup.

In either case, this was an inconvenience being that I had to make an extra trip (40 mi round-trip), spend extra time, clean up their mess (quite literally -- and the spots will be there in some form forever now).  

I'm sure its a competent dealer, but I definitely don't like their used car sales department, especially compared to Chapman in Scottsdale and BMW NS.  I also would be reluctant to use them for service on my car going forward, though I would still do it in a pinch.

Larry C. | 2007-06-13

I used to go here.  Typical everytime the light comes on you owe them a grand type of shop.  They are stereotypically OK.

But I realized SOMETHING NEW when I was driving home buzzed and looking at my odometer... it read 204,200:  ** I want Buster to get younger just like me **…

Its sooo Peter Pan syndrome and I have it bad.  I think its cuz the DREADED 30 is near... I turn 30 next next August.

I look at 204,200 and I think, "maybe I can drive this until 400k"

Maybe my body can get to 400k miles even if my radiator leaks a little coolant, my exhaust stinks a little and I gargle premium and spit out blue smoke