Centennial Leasing & Sales in Phoenix, AZ

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We help our clients get the vehicle they want at our best possible price the first time. All makes, all models. The price advertised on our website is the price you pay, plus tax, license and a $200 documentation fee. No additional dealer adds when you arrive. No games, no sales process, no outdated price negotiating, just the car you want - new or pre-owned, purchase or lease.  Discover what everyone is talking about ... "Your Best automotive buying experience"


Established in 1989.

Centennial Leasing & Sales first opened the doors in 1984, in Denver, Co. In 1989, Centennial expanded, opening its Arizona operations. From the beginning, the local ownership knew they could provide individuals' & businesses with a better way to buy or lease a vehicle.

Centennial Leasing & Sales

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(602) 726-3663
Address:48 N 56th St, Phoenix, AZ, 85034
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Centennial Leasing & Sales

Nancy B. | 2015-04-11

So great was my dread of shopping for a new car, II put it off for three years. Then a friend suggested that I contact Jack Stoner at Centennial Leasing and Sales. It  was great advice and I'm so glad I took it.

I was immediately impressed by Centennial's layout. There are a variety of new and used cars on site, all on display in a clean, covered structure, which is great especially in the summer.  No trudging around a hot lot trying to find what you're looking for. If you  don't find what you want on the lot, your Centennial agent will do the shopping for you, looking for the best deal, price and financing.

That's exactly what Jack did. Honestly, I never felt pressured and I appreciated his low key, calm manner. He did all the leg work for me and found the car of my dreams at a great price. He also found the best financing option. He found two cars that I was interested in and brought them to Centennial. I drove both, made my choice and had a gorgeous new Honda Civic within a week and a half! (It just doesn't get any easier). He also took time to take me through all the car's features and set my phone up with blue tooth.

For exceptional customer service, I highly recommend going to Jack Stoner at  Centennial Leasing and Sales if you're procrastinating getting a new or used car. Jack is a true professional and terrific to work with. I had a great experience working with him at Centennial and you will too.  You can't go wrong!

Nancy B

Lisa N. | 2015-03-30

Never ever going to another dealership again!  Why would I, when Centennial Sales and Leasing has Cameron Walter.   Cameron was recommended to me by my Arizona Federal Credit union rep.   Cameron is very personable, organized and easy to talk to.   I didn't feel like I was being taken advantage of because I was female, nor did I ever feel pressured.   Cameron is like Santa, you send him your wish list and he gets busy finding your new set of wheels.  One thing that I was very impressed with, when I went to pick up the F150 XLT 4x4, he reassured me that if I wasn't completely satisfied, to let him know and he would continue to look.  I feel he obtain the exact vehicle for my needs and price range.  Cameron really made this a less stressful process.

Kelsey E. | 2015-02-16

I just bought the car of my dreams, and it was all made possible by the wonderful Cameron over here at Centennial. I went through Centennial because I am a member at Arizona Federal and they recommended Cameron to me personally.

I had my heart set on a Dodge Challenger, and I was looking around online for one that fit my criteria for price and miles, and came across a car that fit the bill perfectly...I fell in love immediately and had to have it. It was at a dealership that Centennial doesn't actually have a relationship with, but that didn't stop Cameron from getting on the phone and working things out to where I was sitting in that car that SAME DAY. It was amazing!

Cameron never gave me the typical car salesman vibe, I was clear with what I wanted and he dedicated himself to helping me find what I was looking for. He didn't try to sell me on something else, or on something I couldn't afford, and he even helped steer me away from what wouldn't have been as good of a deal as what I ended up buying. Since I was at work the whole day, he did as much paperwork with Arizona Federal and I as he could throughout the day so that by the time I showed up, it was just a matter of test driving and signing the paperwork we couldn't do over email and I was set. I was in and out in about an hour, so he couldn't have made it more convenient.

I would highly recommend this company and Cameron in particular if you want to buy a new car but don't want to deal with dealerships and pushy salesmen. It's going to be a long time before I buy a car again, but when I do I know where I'm going.

Jennifer K. | 2015-01-28

not happy at all with this company, mainly the sales department & managers. very dissatisfying experience overall with both Jack Stoner & Eric Wilson. On first glimpse, seems very competitive & earned my business but after doing everything on my part, arranging FULL cash payment, completing their loan application & arranging for delivery after numerous texts & emails... uhh, lets just say vehicle never arrived, disrupting my schedule & not appeasing the customer which in a retail service/sales industry is still the basics folks. They need to get a clue & add some foremost respect for the customers who keep the doors open. I do not recommend & will definitely tell others! thanks for nothing Centennial!

Eric H. | 2014-11-06

Purchased a car from Cameron and honestly the easiest process I have ever gone through! Great service and selection!

Brad L. | 2014-09-18

Solid place to do business.

Ashley C. | 2014-08-02

I purchased a car from Cameron a few weeks ago and I was very impressed by the level of service given by him! When I showed up to look at the car he had the key ready when I walked in and they were no hassles when I had to leave. Other dealerships I have visited have tried to keep me captive after test driving a car so I really appreciated his respect for my time. When it came down to working out the details of the deal I was able to do it through text which was super convenient for me. I was then able to simply sign and drive away with my new car! Very good experience, I highly recommend seeing Cameron!

Craig T. | 2014-05-30

I have purchased three cars through Jack Stoner at Centennial and will never buy from anyone else.  Jack makes the process so easy and comfortable.  And having a professional represent you helps you know that you are getting a good deal and that you understand everything about your deal and the car.

Danielle G. | 2013-12-10

Recently bought a car from Centennial and it was a great experience. Received a great loan offer from AZ Federal and  reached out to Centennial on the car I wanted. Within the hour Jack Stoner followed up with me and the following Saturday I went home with a amazing new car. He was informative, professional and easy to work with. The history and information of the car was provided and Jack  was transparent about the process throughout the entire time. This experience was absolutely positive and I'll be sure to purchase my next carfrom them .

John P. | 2013-07-29

My wife and I just bought a new car from Brian Newman who works out of our branch of the AZ Federal Credit Union on Bell. He was amazing!

I was dreading the new car buying process so much but Brian made it easy and enjoyable. We had a trade in, wanted a really specific car, and he took care of everything. Brian was professional, honest, and extremely nice. He explained to us everything we needed to know, helped us through each step of the process and even shopped around to get us the best deal on our trade in and financing.

I truly appreciate everything Brian did for us and would recommend him and Centennial to anyone looking to get a new or used car in the most efficient, easy manner possible.

From  the moment I walked in and started this process, I knew this experience was going to be different. Brian sealed the deal when we received a hand written letter in the mail thanking us and letting us know he is just a phone call away if we ever need anything!

Kathleen L. | 2013-07-24

What a wonderful experience to buy a car from Centennial Leasing and Sales!  Buying cars is usually torture with frustrating negotiations and wasted hours. When I want to test drive different brands, it means having to go from one dealer to the other and the salespeople do everything they can to keep you from leaving. I always feel like I'm being held prisoner until I buy something. I know that in the past, I have given in from pure exhaustion.

Our experience at Centennial was the complete opposite. It was actually fun. We picked Centennial after reading the positive reviews on Yelp and thank goodness we did.  We walked into the office, which didn't look like a showroom and were directed into a covered area in the back where all models and brands were sitting. We walked around for a few minutes and then were greeted by Jack Stoner. He had a list of all of the cars in his hand which listed the cars, their mileage and prices. He said he was there to help and to just browse. When we found a car to test drive he would pull it out and send us on our way. We actually held him back to ask advice on which cars would fit our needs. He was knowledgeable and friendly with NO sales pitch. We finally picked out some cars to test drive. He pulled the cars one at a time out of the lot. He spent a few minutes explaining any driving quirks, and then let us drive away. When we got back, he had a printout of the Car Fax for that car, and he had the next car ready to go. Lots of fun.

Once we decided, it only took a few minutes to buy - no endless talks with the manager or hard sell for insurance, undercarriage rust proofing, etc.

Thanks to Jack Stoner. I completely recommend Centennial and will go there for any future car purchases. It's the way car shopping should be!

Regi B. | 2013-07-17

I recently visited Centennial Leasing & Sales after researching them here on Yelp. I was happy to discover that the reviews here were true: they're courteous, helpful, with a great selection of used & new cars. They have an indoor showroom that features many used cars most under 80k miles. Their vehicles are in very good shape and their warranty work is serviced by CNA. Jack Stoner  provided knowledge and assistance in a painless, no nonsense, upfront manner that I appreciated. Compared to other auto dealers that are either apathetic or downright shifty, Jack's no nonsense evaluation of my needs and options. Since I have less than stellar credit, he helped me find a lender and a payment I could live with.

Sarah B. | 2013-05-23

I have purchased 4 cars through Centennial over the past 10 years.  Every deal has been fair, honest, and includes great pricing for new cars and trade ins. The shop around for competitive financing. They work very fast so strap on your seat belt the minute you call!

CJ M. | 2013-01-28

Centennial Leasing & Sales was the best buying experience that I could have asked for.  Gary McLaughlin ((480) 369-6839) was an incredible help with my purchase, and I would NEVER buy a car anywhere else after this.

Here is why I felt that this was the best car buying experience possible, and why I would never buy a car from anyone besides Gary:

1: Sales Technique: Never once did I feel haggled, harassed, hard sold, or ripped off.  I went to Carmax, Private Party (Craigslist), and a local dealership.  At every other location you are hit up from the moment you walk onto the lot.  When I walked onto centennial Gary handed me a paper with info on all of the cars and said to "Walk around, see what you like, if you have questions or when you want to test drive a car I'm in that office over there."  And left me alone.  It was great to really be able to explore the cars, check Blue Book values & Online Reviews, and see what I really felt about the car, without someone breathing down my neck.  Then when I test drove the cars I was able to take the car by myself, for as long as I needed.

On the other hand, I never felt as though I was abandoned.  When I had questions Gary was available to answer them, and when I deliberated between several cars he gave me very good reasons why he recommended one over another.

2: Quality of Vehicles & Transparency: Every vehicle on this lot gets thoroughly checked and repaired from top to bottom.  Brakes on my car were all above 85%, tires near new, and every piece of preventative maintenance that should have been done on a car with 80,000 miles had been completed.  On top of this, they give you the Car Fax (without you even asking) and a full invoice of every repair that they did, and how much it cost.  Again, all of this without being asked for, he just gave them to me when he knew I was interested in a vehicle.

Comparing this to the other lots I visited, they looked at me like I was a crazy person when I asked for a repair report.  Then hesitantly went to check to see if it was even available.  When I FINALLY got a similar report from other dealers it would be vague "X Job took 3 hours, so they probably fixed it, maybe."  This is one area where Centennial really outshines everyone else.

Additionally my car is in perfect shape, and runs exactly as promised.

3: As a first time car buyer I had endless annoying questions, all of which Gary was very much willing to answer, including checking every car I looked at for my approval/monthly payment at every possible loan length.

4: What about Haggling & Price?  This is the one area where you have to know what you're getting yourself into with a lot like this.  Similar to Carmax, there is no haggling.  You look at a car and if the price isn't right for you, you move on to a different car.  Personally, I LOVED this about Centennial.

There are NO games.  None of the standard car lot being unwilling to give you a price, and making you fight for hours.  No "Let me talk to my manager," none of that.  It's a great car buying experience, not an adversarial battle.

But it does mean that you're not going to talk them down an extra $1,000.  However, comparing Blue Book Values & Car Fax reports, the sticker prices were VERY fair and reasonable, and I didn't feel the need or desire get a lower price anyway.

5: Vehicle Selection: It is a smaller lot, probably under 100 vehicles when I was there.  However, I understand that they can go through 100's of vehicles in a month, so just because they don't have exactly what you're looking for today, they probably will tomorrow.

Bonus: If you're a credit union or AAA member they qualify for your Members Auto Center, and can process the Credit Union Loan there at Centennial, no need to go multiple places, while still getting the low interest benefits of going through a credit union.

I would strongly recommend, and already have done so to many of my friends and family, that you buy your next car from Gary at Centennial.  There is no reason to waste your time fighting anywhere else.

Disclaimer: I wasn't paid for this review, nor did I receive any benefit.  I just had an incredible experience, and I knew that this would help him out, so I happily reviewed the Lot & Gary.

Chukki S. | 2013-01-28

my girlfriend bought a car here.  She was treated fairly, low pressure sales.  Honest salemen. Very rare.

Skip O. | 2012-05-10

Bob Bloom hooked me up with my new car, and he worked really fast.  It took him a day to search all the dealerships to find the car that was looking for, and then we drove down to Centennial to purchase it.  The purchase itself took 15 minutes, and then we were done.

Bob was real friendly and real honest, and the whole transaction went smoothly and efficiently.  Really impressed with these guys, and you should do yourself a favor next time you're looking for a car and visit them.

Alex R. | 2012-02-20

After making the rookie mistake of going to traditional dealerships, we were recommended to come here by my fiance's father. Boy, do I wish we had known of this place before starting the arduous journey of car shopping.

Todd is super friendly, accommodating, no haggle, polite, tells personal stories, etc. Big fan! We bought a car the same day and are picking it up tomorrow morning!

I am so pleased with shopping here and will purchase my next car here too. YAY Centennial!

Bianca B. | 2011-08-14

I have purchased by last 2 cars with Centennial and they are wonderful to work with. None of the car dealer BS, you tell them what you are looking for and what you want to spend and they find it and deliver - no problem! I will never step a foot in a conventional car dealer ever again!!!!

Jeremy M. | 2011-05-25

Centennial is the way used car buying should be. Centennial has a no hassle business model - offers fair pricing, amazing customer service and a true no pressure experience. My girlfriend purchased a truck from them last year and it was an infinitely better experience than the other dealerships we'd dealt with previous. When I recently needed a car I went back to Eric Wilson at Centennial - while they didn't have what I wanted on the lot, they spent a couple weeks searching for me.

Unfortunately they weren't able to find what I wanted in the timeframe I needed (ended up having to go out of state to find it) - but they didn't try to pressure me into taking a different car or exceed my budget. Truly excellent people to deal with and the next time I need a car it'll be my first stop.

Jill B. | 2010-12-27

I have been buying cars from Bill Levitt for about 10 years.   It doesn't matter where he goes, I'll buy the vehicle from him.   He always has my best interests at heart and doesn't pressure me into a decision I'll regret.   I always know that I'll get the best price from Bill.  

The great thing about Centennial is that you can have ANY car you want!  If you're looking for a used Honda Pilot, he'll get it for you.  If you want a new Toyota 4Runner, he can get that for you!   If it's Ford, Chevy or whatever, he'll get it for you at the best possible price - and he can get you any make or model!

I emailed Bill, told him what I was looking for and the car was at Centennial within 24 hours.   Buying the car was a breeze.  He found the best possible interest rate for me and the paperwork took 10 minutes tops.   No sitting in a finance office being high pressured into a bunch of add ons.  

This will change the way that you purchase cars ... for the better!  No trapsing around car lots with the vultures descending down on you trying to high pressure you into a purchase.   All the vehicles are parked in a spotless indoor climate controlled warehouse - this is a great car buying concept.  

I highly recommend Bill Levitt and Centennial for all your vehicle needs.

Pat M. | 2010-10-20

I almost bought a used car at a traditional dealership. They told me how they have the mechanic look over the car and they only sell cars in perfect condition. I had my mechanic look it over and he found over $1200 in repairs needed. The next day I went to see Bob Bloom at Centennial. He showed me the carfax and the off site inspection and repair bill. Centennial isn't a traditional dealership. All the cars are inside and they set a fair price. No need to negotiate. We bought my son's first car from Bob and it was a great experience. I recommend you call Centennial and ask for Bob, you won't regret it. Tell them, Pat sent you :)