Camelback Volkswagen Dealership in Phoenix, AZ

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The professional sales and service staff treat the needs of each individual customer with the utmost concern. We know that you have high expectations, and as a car dealer we enjoy the challenge of meeting and exceeding those standards each and every time. Allow us to demonstrate our commitment to excellence!

Our experienced staff is eager to share its knowledge and enthusiasm with you. We encourage you to browse our online inventory, schedule a test drive and investigate financing options. You can also request more information about a vehicle using our online form on our website or by calling .

Camelback Volkswagen Dealership

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(855) 219-8660
Address:1499 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ, 85014
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Camelback Volkswagen Dealership

Franco M. | 2015-04-06

One of the worst vehicle purchase experiences ever. Had to come back repeatedly for paperwork because of errors on their end and even after we had shook hands the price of the car changed! Terrible. Im at 2k miles and already having to pay for things that should be covered by the warranty. Ill take my car for service elsewhere and tell all my friends/family to stay far away. Thanks for nothing

Annet R. | 2015-03-24

Service division does a great job but the sales division is horrendous. They keep calling my cell phone to try to sell me another vehicle in spite of numerous attempts to stop the harassment and promises that my number is no longer in their database. They take my number from their service database, how unethical. I can't tell you how often I have called and asked them to stop.

Joseph S. | 2015-03-14

I was visiting from out of state and realized we were coming up on the service interval on our Passat TDI; knowing we still had 500 miles of driving yet to go but wanting to wait for the full service when we got back home, I opted to get just a liter of the Adblue to get us home and got to Camelback just before the Service department opened for the day.

I explained to Mark, the service advisor on duty, what I needed when I pulled up and said I'd wait for the Parts department to open, buy what I need, fill the urea tank and go. When I was ready to leave after buying the Adblue he offered one of the techs to fill  tank for me. The tech took the the car and came back with the tank filled and they had also run it through the car wash, no charge.

I don't get that that kind of courtesy at my local dealer and of course there was zero chance I'd ever be back for any future needs so there was no reason to go that extra step except to assume this is their daily way of business. Thanks Mark and Camelback VW Service!

Tracy O. | 2015-02-27

Worst ever.  If I could give a negative star I would.  I will never have anything done, buy a car, or do anything with this dealer again.  We bought a car back in Feb. There was a deal that we signed, a very good one, but additional things were to be added to the car after the fact.  We had a "we owe" stipulation.  Funny enough, this was left out of the paper work packet. Being that I signed off on it, it is interesting that they conveniently left it out.  We paid for it, but magically it no longer exists.  If you want to be taken for a ride, please see this dealer, but have a lawyer on retainer, because that's the only way you will receive what they promised you.

Christian H. | 2015-02-07

I called here once, asking what time they closed bc they had a vehicle I was mildly interested in maybe checking out. They told me and asked my name and number- worst mistake ever. For weeks now, every other day I'll have a voicemail from Steve when I get off work asking to call back. Apparently general inquiries are interpreted as licenses to stalk you. I hate dealerships like that.

Russell B. | 2015-01-09

Think twice before servicing your car at Camelback VW!!!!

We took my girlfriend's VW to be repaired, and were treated in a timely manner. The follow-up call was made promptly the next morning as we dropped it off after hours. (End of good experience) The service rep was quite rude/short on the phone with my GF and called her "sweetie" multiple times (she is a grown ass woman in a professional field). Then he rattled off the repairs to fast to understand, and was vague on explaining the repair detail. The grand total was $3400!!!! To which my GF replied that she would need to asses her finances and check with me about the necessity of what she was told needed to be done. To this he explained that she should call the insurance company and say "I ran over something and now it's making noises". Pretty sure that is insurance fraud. Needless to say we got our car out of there and went to a trusted shop- Kelly Clark (should've started there). Total repair is less than $900. Yup. Almost 1/4 the cost. Ohhhh. They did give me a football at the VW service that's nice.

Kameron R. | 2014-11-11

Me and my girlfriend bought cars from this dealership in July at the used car dealership. The staff at Camelback Volkswagen are extremely rude, especially in their Service Center. They always seem like they don't want to help you. Once you buy a car from them, they have gotten what they need from you and then could care less. The dealership is greedy and they will do whatever they can to get a quick buck out of you. Do not buy from this dealership. I know me and my girlfriend won't make this mistake again.

Jimmy H. | 2014-10-22

George made the car buying experience quick and with no BS. I own a small business in Surprise so I don't have time to go spend hours at a car dealership, George was very helpful and did everything he could to make the buying experience convenient for me. I won't buy a car from anyone else going forward.

April G. | 2014-10-15

On 10/11/14 I walked into Camelback Mazda and to my amazement there was only one guy in the side building on the phone and NO one in sight. I thought maybe I walked into the wrong buisness. So i'm standing around for a few minutes and in walks George Henderson from outside. He introduced himeself and informed me that he mainly worked over by the volkswagon building that is part of the whole mazda/suburu/volkswagon block of dealers. I told him what I wanted, a Mazda CX-5 Sport. He goes to find one for me to test drive. It took him awhile to come back, which honestly i was no too happy about. He told me that everytime he found the make/model/color/ i wanted they were all stick shifts. I understood and off we went. George was able to answer all my questions. He was a layed back kinda guy. I didn't feel pressured as i was talking to him about the vehicle. So we proceed to enter the shark tank. Anyone knows that dealing with the shark tank can be down right exhuasting. And it was! George was great to be honest, he made me feel comfortable even when i was starting to lose my patience with what i wanted. No one likes having to go back and forth to reach a deal. In the end I got the deal i wanted thanks to George and Rich. Frankie the GM was courteous but a little pushie and i could tell he had been doing this for a long time. I get that they have to make money but at the end of the day i'm the one signing the papers and giving my buisness. Frankie gave me his bottom number and i thanked him for his and George's time but was going to stand firm on what I wanted. I was sitting there thanking George for his time when Rich comes up from behind and has a figure circled and asked me if that will seal the deal, which it did. For all i know this could of been some kind of ploy of lets bombard the female until she caves or give her what she wants before she walks. Beats me, i just knew what i wanted and was not going to settle for less. And a huge SHOUT OUT to George Henderson who followed me in my rental car to drop it off and drive me back to the dealership so I didn't have to figure out how i was going to do that and get home at 8pm. George called me on 10/14 to see how i was doing. I told him the car was great but that i was having problems getting the NAV to work. He told me to come back to the store which i will be doing in a few days and he will correct the problem. No hassel. I will update this post if anything wonky occurs but I don't forsee that happening. Thank you again George, you are awesome and I would recommend dealing with you any day of the week to others looking for a new car. Oh and it would have been a 4star review if it weren't for me having to be there for over 5hours.

Mike B. | 2014-10-14

Called their Internet sales and got Gregg Adams. He was knowledgeable and although I dread going to dealers, I told them exactly what I wanted and he listened.....

Chester, one of the sales managers looked at my potential trade in car and made a reasonable offer (I am a 'car' guy and my cars are pretty immaculate, so the offer was good, but they have to make money too!). They also gave me a firm price whether I traded the car or not as they did not have the Exact car I wanted.
And to their credit after making a low pressure offer to deal on a color I did not want, went to work to find me what I wanted. They had one coming in 10 days later and committed it to me.

I put my old car on Craig's list knowing I had a reasonable trade in offer, but could still get the new car without the trade. Got MORE than the dealer trade (even when you consider the tax savings) and they did still honor the price on the new one.

All in all a great experience. Ask for Gregg and Chester!!!!!

Nathan L. | 2014-10-05

Camelback Volkswagen Subaru Mazda was an overall great experience. George H. helped me find what I was looking for instead of pushing what was out of my price range.

I began to look for my first car and found a 2012 VW Passat SEL and a 2013 VW CC Sport at their dealership. The cars both suited the size, packages, and prove range I was looking for in a vehicle. I looked at 8 other dealerships in the Phoenix Metro area and could not find any cars that were as nice in quality at or below the same price.

After 1 week, I came back to Camelback and ended up purchasing the 2013 CC from George H and his managers Doug and Jeff. George made the experience very casual as if buying a car from a friend rather than a salesman. He was able to talk about the main selling points, his favorite features, and what I could upgrade on the vehicle without voiding the warranty.

If you are looking for a new or used vehicle, contact George H or his team at Camelback VW Subaru Mazda for an enjoyable car buying experience.

Dean W. | 2014-09-10

Not sure where to begin but I'll give my experiences. I took my car in and I was given quotes that were flat out lies. The first quote I asked for, after my car was checked, the person at the service desk flat out refused to give me a print out, like reputable dealers do. He wrote it out on a blank piece of paper and refused to be specific on exactly they found as possible issues and what they feel I needed. Never in my life have I experienced a dealership being evasive on what they looked at, what they found and what they feel you need.

Since it was a dealership I gave them the benefit of the doubt (big mistake). After my car was fixed the quote that was written on the paper was nowhere near what I was being charged. When I said "I asked for the exact quote including tax and you said this was it, what happened?" all I got was "I made a mistake".

The second time I brought my car in the same quote thing happened but this time, I did receive an actual print out with a quote. When I asked "will this be the exact price?" I was told "I think so". The same thing happened as before in terms of the quote but this time my radio was not working after the work was done on my car.

When I get home to tell them my radio was not working I was told to bring it back and they will look at it. When I arrived I was told "how do we know the radio wasn't working when you brought it in?". I told the service advisor "well your guy turned the radio down when he got in my car because we BOTH heard it on when he turned on the car so obviously it was working".

I was then told "well maybe you have a short or something but we don't know if it was working when you brought it in". After us going back and forth on whether my radio wasn't working or not when I brought it in, the advisor then said they would check it and see if I had a shortness the radio.

They took me to the back and as they were testing my radio they commented "umm you don't have a short, but maybe it's a bad radio". When I told the tech "no, my radio is fine" I could see the anger in his eyes because I was holding them accountable for not doing proper work on my vehicle. Right then I knew they were liars and flat out dishonest. It's my fault for assuming the dealerships would be on the "up and up".

After going back and forth with management on this, I was done trying to work with them. I hits decided to never go to them again.

Go here if you want but understand they are liars and if anything goes wrong they are going to put the responsibility on the customer. If your radio, windshield wipers or anything else is not working properly after they repair your car and you can't prove that it was working properly before you brought it in, be prepared to spend money to get their mistakes fixed.....because you can't prove that it wasn't working when you brought it in.

Nicole O. | 2014-09-02

I just bought a 2014 VW Jetta back in February at Volkswagen Camelback and loved the experience. Unfortunately,  I totalled it a few days ago. I went back today and met Rene, the best car saleswoman ever. She made me feel so comfortable with my new purchase. I bought a 2012 VW Jetta TDI and felt absolutely no pressure. Joe Espisito, the manager, was amazing. He made sure that my numbers were what I asked for. If you you want no hassle or no BS, go see Rene and Joe. Michael, the other manager, is pretty awesome too. I actually feel like I'm part of the VW family. I have to shout out to Ricky in service too. He has always been great to me. Thanks Camelback Volkswagen! I will never go anywhere else.


ray o. | 2014-08-23

This dealership is so shady, they have literally stolen money from me.
When I first started looking for a car, I put $1000 down on a credit card. Then they tried to attach all these extra charges, then there was another delay. So I told them I no longer want to do business with them and to refund the $1000. After a couple of days of sales managers and finance people still trying to sell the car to me, I disputed the payment. Chase took it off and then a week later the sales guy said they will refund my $1000 .
Well, Im about to leave for vacation in Vegas, and I noticed on a Saturday at 5pm, they recharged my card $1000. So these people have managed to waste my time, steal my money and destroy a vacation for me. They are an absolute nightmare.
If you are foolish enough to buy from these people, please don't continue to look at valid dealers, because then you will see just how much they have ripped you off.
I now have to fight with Chase tomorrow morning and hopefully get my $1000 back from these thieves called Camelback VW Subaru.
If I knew how to upload a photo I would upload it so you can all see the charges.

Andrea M. | 2014-08-15

We purchased a preowned Beetle for our daughter here in October of 2013.  We started having problems with it within a month.  The salesman continued to tell us that the car was in great shape and had been thoroughly checked out top to bottom.  He would let his 20 year old college student drive it and wouldn't have ANY concern for her safety.  The car died while she drove it less than a month later.... after work at 1am!

The service department is terrible... the issue is electrical yet they can't seem to figure out the problem.  We left the car with them for over a week so that they could experience the issue first hand.  After driving the car for over 100 miles, they recreated the issue.  The only way we knew that they recreated the problem is because WE followed up with the service department.  We received NO COMMUNICATION from the service advisor at all.  
We left the car for another 4 days after they recreated the problem and NEVER HEARD anything.  I called again to get an update and found that THEY NEVER TOUCHED THE CAR AGAIN!  I drove to pickup the car (since it had been in the shop for over 1.5 weeks) and received no update on the car.  But was politely told that there was NO CHARGE!  Duh... they should have paid us for using her car for 1.5 weeks!

I tried to talk to the advisor (on an extended break) and the service manager (also unavailable).  Once I finally talked to the manager, I was told in no uncertain terms that the car was sold as-is and they were unable to help... but he would be happy to transfer me to a salesman for a new car!  REALLY?  How exactly do you tell a 20 year old girl that the car they sold is unreliable and worth nothing?  This is unacceptable.  
I will never purchase a car from Camelback VW and will NEVER service the car there again.  Word of mouth is dangerous... STAY AWAY FROM SALES AND SERVICE!

Ariel W. | 2014-08-04

A car trade-in took 8 hours and in the process I was sexually harassed by a sales employee. Customer relations and the manager are in the process of dealing with it, but the fact is that I will never feel comfortable going back there and don't recommend it for anyone else.

Ashley M. | 2014-07-31

My experience is far too long to write on here. I would never recommend anyone give their time, money or service to this place. I have been lied to and taken advantage of on more than one occasion. Of I could return my truck and cut all ties, I would.
My finance advisor had me come back and sign my contract four times! He said he found me a better interest rate through a different financial institution etc. What he really did was take certain things out of my contract and I don't even know what happened with that money!

Mario C. | 2014-07-30

Service Department;
The Camelback VW service dept. has really made a raving fan of me.

I attribute most of this to my advisor Ricky. His customer relations is very professional and he was very obliging to answer all my questions no matter how frequent.

This is the first time I've ever experienced such white glove service from a dealership before. I won't name names but Ricky has taken my business from another VW dealership.

The work is done right the first time and done usually before the estimated time frame. The courtesy service guys are fast and helpful.

Top notch all around!

Dean S. | 2014-07-25

A job I was told would take 1:45 , ended up taking over 4 hours WITHOUT any communication of why.  When ask how much longer I received no response.  

I was  very upset and they didn't seem to care.  Horrible service department
in a nice new building and NO COMMUNICATION with the service advisor as he sat only 20 feet from me and would not communicate the delays..

Please don't go here to have your auto serviced!! Not sure what its like to purchase here to be fair.

Scott R. | 2014-07-22

The buying experience with any dealership, I found it to be as expected. The reason I gave them a one star was their after care in the VW department. I complained in a letter form of my various complaints, with a cc to Volkswagen headquarters. The local dealership never responded to my complaint. However, the corporate office did call but can't help because the dealership is locally owned. I would avoid this dealership due to their rating coaching and lack of care after the sale.

Adan S. | 2014-07-21

Had my care in for service and Joe was amazing,  thank for the great service

Chet P. | 2014-07-15

Overall I would say I was happy with my experience.

I walked up to the dealership ready to test drive a new Passat. Cory came out and greeted me, asked me what I was looking for, features, etc. I told him my list of needs and he asked me if I had considered a Jetta. I told him no that they were too small. I wouldn't say he was pushy, but the next thing you know I'm sitting in the backseat of a Jetta impressed with how much room there is.

Of course I had to take it for a drive and that's where I decided that Cory knew what I wanted even though I thought I wanted something else!

I wasn't really ready to buy a car that day so I figured I would tell them I only wanted a certain color with specific options that I didn't see on the lot. To my surprise, Cory made a call and found THE EXACT VEHICLE I was asking for at their overflow lot.

Again, I wasn't really ready to buy that day so I made sure I picked one of the most expensive Jettas they had and demanded a very unrealistic payment.

This is where they lost 1 star. The first offer they came back with was $11k higher than what I asked for. I told them we were WAY too far off and I wasn't going to budge on my price. They held me keys captive and begged me to let them work the numbers a bit.  This process tool about an hour and a half. Way longer than I wanted to wait. Somehow though in that timeframe, they met my demands!!! Somehow they figured out a way to close that gap and get me into the car for the price I wanted!!! I'm still not really sure how I got that deal, even Cory seemed impressed.

After that things went quickly. Finance was a breeze and didn't try pushing products I had no interest in.

Overall, I'll buy my next VW from Cory at Camelback VW!!

Tom D. | 2014-07-14

Had a great experience buying a certified used Volkswagen from Jesse and Doug. They got me the price and terms I wanted. Making the deal didn't take too long and never felt too pressured. Always made me feel appreciated and that they really wanted my business. Also had the car detailed and a full tank of gas included which not all dealers do.

James F. | 2014-06-26

We were very excited to get our first VW because of the Quality German craftsmanship. However I sit at VW repairs for the third time in 5 months to get our brand new car fixed. So much for quality...
Cheap plastic parts just can't hang with the Az sun.
While that's pretty frustrating of itself, even more so is that they have never offered a temp car so I can move on with my day...
Being trapped at a vw dealership  for 4 to 8 hrs
Three different times...
Not only will they sell you a cheaply made overpriced car...
But they'll incarcerate you for it too...

Rachael F. | 2014-06-14

This was my first time buying a car (that I would have to make monthly payments on) and I was searching the valley for the perfect one. Going to Honda, Toyota, Jeep and many more locations and dealerships I also went to this location to check out a very specific model of Volkswagen. I was greeted warmly in the parking lot and immediately told the sales associate what I was looking for (pre-owned and a few years old). After showing me one car on the lot that was a brand spanking new 2014 beauty I informed the associate that although the car is wonderful and I am not buying a new car. I asked him if he could check out the inventory for me and he happily walked me inside and sat me down at his desk. After a very long process of giving him my information (he typed with two fingers and seemed as though he had never used a computer before) we got NOWHERE in even looking at inventory. I was handed off to 3 other sales associates up to the floor manager all trying to sell me a 2014 brand new car. I felt like I was speaking a different language and they were so incredibly pushy and disrespectful. I will never recommend this place to anyone. Horrible sales attitudes and after traveling to numerous lots all over the valley this place really upset me. I was called a few weeks after to "have me come down and check out their new inventory" and after telling Tommy I already purchased a vehicle, he literally repeated what he had just told me "come down and check out our inventory" I was so infuriated they were STILL pushing me.

Oh yeah and I ended up buying a pre-owned Volkswagen Tiguan that I absolutely love from Lunde Peoria Volkswagen who has the most lovely staff and treated me with respect and helped me find my perfect car.

Amy S. | 2014-04-24

I want to start by saying that I have never in my life had a car payment or bought a car through a dealer - I have always gone through private parties and my cars have all lasted years and through a LOT of miles.  Recently, my family size grew, so my Honda Civic and my fiance's Honda Accord weren't big enough, but they were paid off!  We decided on a Honda CR-V after reading reviews on all compact SUVs and test-driving the CR-V and Toyota Rav4.  We hunted online for CR-Vs for a good month or so and decided on the absolute highest amount we would pay for the car.  We wasted an entire day at Pinnacle Nissan in Scottsdale haggling with their sales folks and walked out with no deal.  Unwilling to waste our own precious time and subject to our 18 month old to another day of "stop, behave, no, we're almost done, here - have a snack", we began emailing dealers and asking if they would take our offer.  If they called back and wanted to haggle (which happened almost every single time with over 15 dealers), we thanked them for their time and ended the call.  We received a call from Jeff and Dan at Camelback World Auto saying they had had the CR-V we wanted for 45 days and it was going to auction the next day if they didn't hear from us.  Not knowing if they were serious or not, we called back and they quoted us a price that was right around what we had decided was our max budget.  We asked them if they were going to try to tack on additional fees and costs to the price when we got there in person and stated that we were not going to be happy if we arrived and the price was different from what we had agreed upon on the phone.  Jeff assured us that it would not change, so we piled into the car and went to test drive the CR-V.  We got there and were told that someone else had taken the car for a test drive.  We were irritated, thinking this was a sales tactic, but waited while they ran our credit and got the papers ready.  The car came back and we test drove it.  It felt like a fantastic car and looked like it was in fantastic condition.  We went through all of the paperwork, asked about a return policy in case our mechanic found anything wrong (one bad thing - they ONLY offer a three-day exchange policy!), etc. and took the car home for $20 over the cost quoted to us on the phone.  I'm not going to complain about $20.  I took the car to Honda two days later for a full inspection and they found that there was an issue with the door locks (a $250 fix) and the power steering rack was leaking.  I paid the $250 for the door locks, but Honda quoted me $1500 for repairs for a non-Honda part or $2200 for a Honda part.  I was heartbroken!  We called Camelback World Auto and told them of the situaiton.  Unfortunately, after many phone calls, we were unable to get a hold of Jeff or Dan, and received no calls back.  We finally called and asked for any sales manager and got Doug.  Doug immediately acted like Honda was full of crap and that the steering rack was not broken, but said we could bring the CR-V in and have their service department evaluate it.  I was not very pleased with Doug, but whatever.  Their sales rep (I think his name was James, but I really can't remember - too bad, we really liked him!) evaluated the car and came back saying the power steering rack WAS leaking and it DID need to be repaired.  They offered to replace the power steering rack and cover half the labor and part cost.  I thought this was a fair offer since we had taken the car without having it evaluated, but we were still within the three day exchange policy.  Their service people had missed it, so half the blame was on them.  We had a funeral to go to the next day in Yuma, so we asked them if they could have it ready by the time we had to leave the next morning (10a.m.) and they said they would do their best.  They finished it well in advance of the funeral departure time and so far, it seems to be working very well.  I am VERY pleased with the car, VERY pleased with the service staff, and VERY pleased with the price we paid for the CR-V.  Dan was good to work with and Jeff was great to work with.  The finance guy (I can't remember his name, but he had to stay late to work with us) was nice, but failed to tell us the real meaning of arbitration (I work in a legal department, so I caught it and voided that statement on the contracts).  He offered us some deals on the warranty for being Costco members, but we declined all of the extras.  I would stay away from Doug - he was just unpleasant and had a "sorry for ya" attitude.  But overall, I'm pleased with this dealership and if I ever decide to go through a dealer again instead of private parties, I'll probably check their inventory first.

Johnny H. | 2014-04-20

George , Doug and everyone was great!!! No bait and switch , no pressure , almost no haggling , priced right vehicles, purchase was fast, took longer waiting for finance to be ready for us than anything else. Great trade in value! We definitely got the G35 and deal we wanted.

Ryan L. | 2014-03-29

I purchased a brand new car from these guys in 2012. I made the mistake of purchasing an extended warranty as well. I say that this is a mistake because these people are so extremely difficult to deal with! Does everybody at this place have a poor attitude? Todd (the manager) is no different! He is freaking rude and in my face when I question him. I'm not a fan of this guy either.

If any of you want to purchase a car, please stay away from this place. You are making a huge mistake! I know that the dealership people will find my review and try to discredit me so I warn you all to be prepared with these JERKS!

Go purchase your car somewhere else...just stay away from these people. I really can't stop shaking my head when I think of this dealership. Worst humans ever! They will do NOTHING to help you out! NOTHING.

Ursula M. | 2014-03-27

I had purchased 2006 AcuraTSX almost two years ago. This is the worse car I have ever owned! I had taken this car to a shop and was told that during an inspection it should have been discovered that someone had damaged it by going through a curb or big rock.  At first,  I was told that that oil level was too high and 60k maintanance was never done as promised. I was told I have new tires but later discovered that only two were new. I paid 900 for gimmick that was false. Why didn't I check it out at first? I was in crutches and couldn't get around and I was taken advantage of. All my repairs were not covered by the basic 6 months warranty. My repairs were over 4k! These guys will rip you off! Don't go there!

Kitship L. | 2014-03-25

Bought my 2011 Toyota Scion here last year. Typical care salesmen tactics: going back and forth between myself and the "manager", bribing tactics, etc. I ended up getting a pretty good deal and even got a 5 year power train warranty on the car. They were pretty nice overall and fairly easy to work with. I even got a call a few weeks later from the dealership checking in on me.

Levi W. | 2014-03-13

AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COST! I went into purchase a car and they took me out in a vehicle that was marked as not safe by the service department. After that tried to get me into a car hat was $5,000 over the price I told them I wanted to stay in. After spending 16 hrs at the dealership to purchase a car they finally got it done. 2 months later the finance department still had not gotten their act together to get it financed. I have been screamed at by many of the people there including the General Manager Dany that got in my face screaming and yelling and cursing right and left at me. I finally told them since they did not hold up their end of the deal getting the financing done, they can have the car back. They then made me walk to some where to have my wife pic me up! Take it from me avoid this place!

Chris R. | 2014-03-10

Avoid the service department here at all costs, unless you like to be spoken to in a condescending manner and overcharged.  Long story short, I bought my JSW TDI new here.  Shortly thereafter, I ran out of gas and had to have the car towed to the dealership.  They basically made fun of me and charged me a couple hundred dollars to get on the road again.  I ran out of gas almost immediately after the fuel light turned on.  After the generally demeaning tone from the service department during this experience, I began taking my VW to VW North Scottsdale.  

Some time later, I ran out of gas again, had it towed to VW North Scottsdale where they got me on the road again at no charge.  I continued to have issues with fueling, mainly that I could never get the tank completely full and when the reserve fuel light came on I had to beat a path to the gas station.  It turns out that the fuel tank on my car was defective and as the gas was used, the plastic tank was collapsing in on itself.  VW North Scottsdale, who always listened to my concerns and never talked to me like I was a retarded moron, warrantied the tank (even though I was past 36,000 miles because I had been complaining about this problem since the car was almost new) and put in a new fuel tank at no charge.  I contacted Camelback VW and Volkswagen North America about the exceptionally poor service at Camelback VW, and was basically told to go fly a kite.  Unbelievable.  I guess Camelback VW figured they had already lost my business so why do the right thing.  What a bunch of, well, use your favorite word.  

If you need your VW serviced, and you live in Maricopa County, and you prefer exceptionally GOOD service, head to VW North Scottsdale.  I still drive down their from Prescott.  AVOID Camelback VW entirely, unless you like dealing with nasty people and spending money when you don't have to.

Chris R. | 2014-01-16

I just bought my second and last used car from these guys. Adam my salesman is nice and that's about where it ends with these people. They quote the internet price and add these BS dealer added accessories to the price. After that negotiation was over everything went well until I hit the finance department.

I immediately told him I was satisfied with the warranty provided and would not purchase another one. He "has to go over it anyway" and I said no again. He asked if I would be willing to do it for $2.00 more a month. I of course said yes, because the original quote was an extra $134 more a month. He took off 3 of the 4 offerings, which I didn't care about anyway as I'm really only concerned about power train 6yr/100,000k. He BS's with me for a few minutes and prints off the contract.

He slid in an extra 3 more payments to my contract and lowered my finance percentage to 4.99%. He never mentioned he was doing this until he had it all printed out. I simply thought same term and $2.00 more a month. I knew he had done something with the numbers and I was right of course. Needless to say, I let him have a verbal lashing. First, why didn't I get 4.99% in the first place? Second, why did you add 3 months on and not tell me? That's another $900. We rip up the contract and go back to no warranty and the term provided. I sign the papers, get my car and go home.

The minute I pull into my driveway he calls and apologizes. He new I was irate when I left. He told me he talked to his manager and they were going to give me the warranty at $2.00 more a month and the same terms. I went back in this morning to see his most recent manipulation and sign the papers. Of course, the first thing I look at is 4.05% interest rate he got through VW, which paid for a warranty so he could make some extra money on MY deal.

Moral of the story, this place does what's best for each persons bottom line and not the customer. If they did the right thing here, they would of given me the 4.05% interest rate, no warranty and a lower payment that was my ultimate goal all along as the CUSTOMER. This place is the quintessential car dealership full of blood sucking weasels out to put a buck in their pocket. I understand profit, but I don't have any regard for unethical practices. This place was completely unethical all at the expense of selling a warranty to likely make a goal or quota.  

This was my second and last car. I highly recommend obtaining financing outside of a dealership. Have the check printed for the amount of car you want and if they can do it great, if not there are many other options. Stay away from this place. Joe is the weasel in finance.

Last, I bought this car late in the evening and found a chip in the window and door ding. I didn't even bother bringing it up. Not worth any more headaches from this awful experience.

Update: I am giving them a 3 star from the one star I originally gave them. I will not give them anything better because the most important part of buying a car is the finance and price. However, they took care of all the other issues not relating to finance at no charge and went out of there way to help make me happy.

James H. | 2014-01-11

No comments at this time

Laura H. | 2014-01-03

The place is under construction so parking is a bit of a mess. The salesman, Jesse, was fantastic. That was easily one of the most fun test drives I've done in a long time. If I could just buy a car from him, I would. His boss (can't remember his name) was nice, but unfortunately we couldn't agree on a price.

Scott M. | 2013-12-24

Nothing more annoying than a salesman interrupting you (twice) while reading a paper drinking coffee. Waiting for an oil change. They should move the waiting room away from the sales floor area. If I didn't have lifetime oil changes I probably wouldn't come back.
Go pound the car lot !

Carri H. | 2013-12-03

randy in service got us in the same morning on a short notice, he also got us a loaner car while our car's water pump was replaced on our 2013 gti.  we live at least 20 miles away from the nearest vw dealer and really were stranded.

thank you for taking care of my husband and i.

mark & carri huerta

Allen C. | 2013-11-22

This place is a joke. Scheduled service to see what was going on with the catalytic converter on my 03 passat. The sales team then called me a day later and said they knew someone who wanted my car and had been looking for one if I was interested in trading it. Dummy me, I took the bait. (Formerly working at Saab, I should have known).

After them buttering me up and putting a hard hit on my credit, they can't do it because of MY car. Seriously?! I thought someone 'wanted' it.

They for sure will not be getting ANY of my business nor any of my friends. They might have even tarnished Volkswagen all together for me.

If anyone knows of a good honest vw mechanic, by all means let me know. I've done most of the work on the car myself, but the catalytic converter is just a bit too much for me to get into right now.

Amy C. | 2013-11-11

Mike Miller is the best service rep ever! He keeps you in the loop and is always there to help and give advice. Frank is the service manager and he is equally as friendly. I trust them with my car and know that they will provide quality service. Ask for Mike Miller if you need VW service!!

Rachel B. | 2013-10-21

Not much to say about the customer service in the service department at this dealership, besides that it is below par. I was never offered water while I waited or even notified of a timeframe of my wait. While checking in all of the guys continued to have side conversations with one another, making me feel as though I, as a customer was not a top priority. Needless to say I was not impressed, and plan to avoid a future return due to this unimpressive experience.

Carol B. | 2013-09-30

Mike Miller always exceeds my expectations! I could not be more delighted
to have him back in service. I was depressed when I learned that he was not there a month ago, an delayed my service because of it. BUT, soooooooooooo glad he's back
I will bring all of our family cars to Camelback Volkswagen because of Michael.

Carol Beamer

Ed L. | 2013-09-22

Avoid. They quoted me one price online, then seemed to forget that price altogether once I got there in person with cash, ready to pay. They told me they couldn't go down to the price they quoted, even though I had cash in hand, and was ready to buy the exact car that they gave the quote for online. So, either one of 2 things happened: (1) They lied to me online, or (2) They lied to my face. I don't know about you, but I distrust car dealers as it is, and I have absolutely zero tolerance for dishonesty. If you can't meet a price, don't quote it, and sure as hell don't waste my time. Also, when you pull a bait & switch, you are supposed to tell me that the car you quoted me on is no longer available, then try to sell me a more expensive one, not renege on the same exact car that you gave me the quote for. F-ing amateurs.  

Also, with that in mind, as someone else pointed out, they tried pulling just about every cliche sales tactic in the book. I found this to be extremely insulting to my intelligence, since I did my research online, communicated extensively with them through email, and I knew what I was coming in for. I thought we could at least have a more professional dealer-customer relationship, so the chiche sales bull***t showed me that they have no respect for their customers. Especially when they came out with the MSRP price as the first offer, despite having previously negotiated online. Then, try to throw in over $1000 worth of dealer add-ons, despite the fact that I made it extremely clear that I wanted a base model car, with no add-ons.

There are other dealers in the area. Buy from one who respects their customers, and appreciates your business. You don't have to put of with sleazy, underhanded sales tactics, and inflated prices.

ralph i. | 2013-09-13

Top long as you have a warranty

Sebastian J. | 2013-09-09

I've always received great service here on our 3 VW's. I purchased a 2013 GLI here last year, as well and was very satisfied with the process. I continue to use Camelback, despite it being a bit out of my way. Well worth it for the great, honest service and free loaner cars.

Dave H. | 2013-08-31

What a waste of my time. I knew I was in trouble when the sales people were outside waiting to pounce on us. The salesman was obviously a rookie. He brought us inside for what I thought was to see various models in the a/c. Noooooo he sat us down to fill out contact paperwork. Then he had to take it to his manager. We only wanted to see the different models. He finally took us out to look at the manager specials even though they didn't meet the criteria we provided.
After proding, he finally went for some keys to open a car on the lot.  We spent 10 minutes looking around the lot and got in our car to leave. One of the sales people got in my path to try to stop us. I signaled that he should move or get run over. Minutes later the salesman calls me to reclaim the sale. I told him he was wasting my time and don't use my phone number again. We went across the street and bought a Toyota.

Christina M. | 2013-08-22

Everything was wonderful as always! Thank you for the attention to my schedule and car service needs.

This is my fifth vehicle from your location and I am a HUGE fan!  I will be back!

Mike H. | 2013-08-16

After an extensive new car buying search throughout the Phoenix area, my pain in car buying dealing with unethical car or exhausting multi salesperson, ended upon arriving at Camelback VW.

These guys are great. Salesman Greg Adams is fantastic and General Sales Manager Paul Schuermann was extremely professional.  

As I travel a lot and don't have a lot of time to spend hours in a dealership doing the traditional car buying dance, I communicated via email to many dealerships looking to get a deal done in detail and in concrete.   So many dealers are unethical and will "bait n switch" you when you get in their showroom. Camelback VW honored the deal we made viai email and sold me a GREAT car. This was my first VW and we love it. Jetta Sportwagon TDI.

Honesty, integrity, kindness and price competitive. What a refreshing change.

Straight up. This dealership, especially Greg and Paul have my business forever.

Lindsay W. | 2013-08-12

My husband and I came here to test drive two cars that we have had our eyes on - the VW Tiguan and the Subaru Outback. We were immediately greeted by a friendly salesman named Carlos. He let us take 3 different cars out for a drive, and printed out some pricing information for us. He was accommodating and not very pushy, which I liked. We are not ready to spend out hard-earned dollars just yet, but when we are I think we will definitely take this dealership into consideration.

D C. | 2013-08-12

Oh my gosh what a horrible nightmare this has been. I took my car here to be traded. We got there at about 7pm with no intention of trading that night since obviously paperwork takes a while. Well we saw a car we actually liked but as a family of 5 (plus a dog) the space was questionable. But we decided on it and shook on it at a certain price..only $10 over our ceiling (yep they'll try to talk to you past your ceiling). When we went back to financing and after signing and signing they hit us with "here's a warranty you pretty much have to buy....oh and it's going to cost you $50 extra a month" this time it was 11pm. We were just ready to get OUT of there and when we got peeved that the price went up that much, the financial woman looked at us like we were being unreasonable. Seriously??

Well after a week or so we decided the car just wouldn't fit our family needs. It was a nice car but just not big enough so we went back to find out that they not only didnt pay off the trade in, but they sold it....we are 3 weeks later, the car I traded in still isn't paid off but they already sold it so we can't get it back. In 3 days i may have to make a car payment on a car I don't even have anymore.

When you're having an issue they don't call you back, you get bounced around from person to person having to explain the situation a dozen times, get "disconnected" A LOT, calls are avoided..finally we had enough and traded the car we got there, for another one at another dealership. So good riddance.

However as previously mention, the car I traded in STILL has not been paid off. It's been "it will be paid Monday"..."later this week"..."it's in the mail" for about 3 weeks now. I'm pretty sure they use tactics that are either fully, or borderline illegal.

Austin C. | 2013-08-09

Pulled every cliche car sales maneuver while purchasing my vw. All things that make a great "rocket credit" client I have, but we had to go round and round for 3 hours with insulting offers and comments. It wasn't until I got seriously irritated and headed to the door that they agreed to everything I asked for. Really?! You couldn't have saved yourself 3 hrs and been on the floor selling more cars if you had just given me the deal I deserved in the first place.
Then I go to sign contract and car is $2500 more than the posted price! "Remember, we talked about vw cash. It's for the tint (already on the car) , nitrogen in tires (that's air), and zertec on paint (basically wax)" Um no, I'd remember you raising the price and that shit should be free. "I don't think my manager will ever approve this price." Dude, that's the price posted on the car?!
Then, "be sure and give us the best review possible when they call or I won't get my bonus". Well, I'm not going to screw someone out of a bonus no matter how cheesy and dishonest they are.
Despite getting an awesome car that I love, I left pissed and stayed that way for a week. My anger was only heightened by the reminder phone call about the great review I was going to give.
On the upside I now truly understand all those used car dealer jokes.

Alex B. | 2013-08-07

I took my car in to get an oil change today and recieved great service. The wait time was longer than quoted so I ended up getting my services comped. Not only do they do an oil change, they check your tires, and do a mini car inspection. They found some things wrong with my car which I will not get fixed. I would not suggest going here if you are on a budget for it is a bit pricey as is any dealer.

Andrea N. | 2013-08-02

Normally don't like the car buying experience.  This team was great!  Bill G. was a real pro.  Billy offered a fair deal (after the first low ball offer :( but came around!) and Michael in the finance department was personable and efficient.  No hard sell here!  The transaction went into the evening but they were professional, courteous and friendly to the end.  Great team-oriented environment.  I was treated with respect and care.  Really appreciate the experience.

Lindy J. | 2013-07-23

Was having a fine experience until we got to bargaining. I understand a salesman needs to make a good deal for the company, but I felt like he took a really socially inappropriate stab (not to mention tried to tell me everything I knew was wrong which I doubt would not have happened if I was not a girl there by myself trying to haggle).

But the unforgivable socially inappropriate stab was that he made sarcastic remarks about my idea of a fair deal in the frame of my occupation working with Native Health. Ie. Maybe you can get the deal at "" auto or wherever the Indians would go. have no idea of how to form a politically correct statement under pressure. He made some other reference I can't remember now because I am a professional who know when to emotionally/mentally exit a conversation with an emotionally charged idiot.
That salesman was Michael Henson. Destroying business card now. I won't be returning to this dealership if that is the culture there and will be sure to tell everyone I work with in Native Health.

Heather J. | 2013-04-23

I did not purchase my Jetta at Camelback but I have had almost all of my service done there.

Last year my car battery died which triggered my stereo to go into anti theft mode. I called the dealership and I was quoted $69.99 to take stereo out and get code.

I was not pleased at all with that quote as it is not a very labor intensive issue at all.  I waited a few days and called back. This time I was quoted $135.00!!

I am and was not expecting to get anything for free, but I htought those quotes were a bit excessive.

I have now found a dealership in North Scottsdale that is going to do the job for free.  I now have to drive 50 miles round trip rather than 2 to get this done.

I am just very disappointed in this dealership especially since I had always had great experiences before.

Tim P. | 2013-04-15

I purchased a certified previously owned 2010 Jetta sel.  I have to say at each step of the process, Mike Hansen in sales, Joe H in Finance and Mark in Service all did a wonderful job in giving me a positive first impression.

It will be my first stop the next time we are looking for a car.


Danielle S. | 2013-04-15

I brought my 2010 VW Jetta in for its 36,000 mile service and Zaktek application. My rep Michael Miller always does a great job and treats me well. He had a nice Passat loaner vehicle ready for me upon arrival, which is similar to my Jetta so I was comfortable driving it. When I came back the next morning, Michael reported that my Jetta is in excellent shape with no repairs needed. It was returned to me freshly washed and detailed, which I greatly appreciate because my car is the dog mobile and usually covered inside with hair, nose prints and drool. It makes me feel proud to drive it when it's all prettied up. It's also nice assurance to know my car is mechanically sound and up to date on all maintenance. What more can I ask for?! Thank you, Michael & Camelback VW!

Mynga T. | 2013-04-09

The problem was solved. I was very satisfied with the result. However, one thing I was not happy about was the technician/or someone left a big mess on my back door handle. I would not believe what they have left behind to the door handle; oil grease was all over. I am a very reasonable customer, I treat people very fairly, I believe. I would not exaggerate if it wasn't true. If need be, I can send a picture of my door handle to prove it. However, the overall experience was definitely great, friendly and courteous staff. I would have given a 10 if the oil grease wasn't left I need to figure out how to get rid of it :(

John V. | 2013-03-25

I drove by and saw the car I wanted for a steal of a deal. Low miles, great price, and in amazing shape. The needed new tires, but that seemed to be the only issue.

I go in, buy the car, am told a specific price for my payment including warranty and GAP insurance. I sign the contracts, everything is gravy.

I call back a few days later in regards to the tires, as I see that they are ready for immediate replacement. This was a make or break deal, as SUV tires are $150-$200 each. The sales manager agrees to replace two of them, which wasn't ideal, but it was a start. I am asked by the finance person working with me that I need to come sign my contracts again, as my interest raised slightly. I get there, and see that my payment skyrocketed, and I didn't have GAP insurance, only the warranty (which I didn't want). I ask for the warranty to be removed, only to be told no. It's not that I couldn't afford the payment, I just didn't want it....reluctantly signing my life away. I leave again.

Over the next week I hear a squeaking noise as I back up, and am immediately concerned by this. I am then told that this is a normal noise for a Toyota, and that everything checked out on my vehicle. I get my tires replaced, only to hear a new noise yesterday. It sounds like a whistling noise when I brake. I couldn't be more annoyed with this, as they said everything looked good on my car. I just feel like I am going to keep shelling out money for this car, and that's why the price was so cheap. Subtract $800 for the tires and $200 for the brakes and I probably am right where I should have paid for the friggin thing.

Now let me say this, Scott and Gia over on the Subaru side are amazzzzzzing! Caleb in finance was also a decent person to work with.

I just don't approve of the whole your car is fine conversation when I am clearly experiencing issues. I don't appreciate any sort of deception. Which is all I seemed to have dealt with.

Jenn R. | 2013-03-11

Camelback Volkswagen came to my rescue last Friday and I couldn't be more grateful.

On Friday, March 8th 2013, I went to leave for work in the morning and unfortunately came out to a flat tire. Seeing as it was raining and I just don't trust myself changing my own tire, (let's be honest), I called AAA to come take care of it for me. The man who arrived began to take off the tire but found out that my car needed a particular piece to remove this one special lug nus that was on it. And sadly, he didn't have this piece, so we set off to the closest VW dealership which was Camelback.

We get there to purchase this piece but they apparently make all different types and a master set would cost at least $70. I hated that I now needed to dish out all this money for one tiny little piece to change a flat tire for a service my insurance covers. Well,  Don was standing at the counter and said that he had a master set we could borrow if we promised to return it. Mind you, Don had no idea who we were and still lent a helping hand to a girl in need. I traded my license as collateral and we were off to fix my flat!

When all was said and done, I promptly returned to Camelback VW to return Don's tools (and retrieve my license). Don wasn't there but George was at the counter and remembered us. He asked me how everything went and I explained to him that we were never going to use those special lug nuts again and simply switch to the standard ones. Well, he goes to the back and gives me the one I was missing, completely free. I know it's maybe a $5-6 dollar piece, but it was still a huge gesture. This kind of business will absolutely make me return.

Don and George's hospitality deserve this review and I couldn't be more appreciative of their help. Thanks to you both and to Camelback VW! Absolutely recommend!

Phx Z. | 2013-02-13

Dropped by here one day and started talking with Alex Davis.  We did a test drive and left.  We got one call three days after we stopped by.

I also sent a request via Edmunds for more information.  I started working with John Barfield via e-mails to get an OTD price on what we wanted.  When I got an OTD price from another dealer that beat theirs, I asked him if they could beat it.  He said that they could.

We stopped by with other dealer's offers and told them what John had said.  That began the process with Alex and John.

It definitely took them longer to do all the paperwork and "putting together" their offer than it should have.  Unfortunately, this seems to be standard practice at car lots.  Fortunately, they were able to beat the other dealer's "best offers" by a few hundred.

The final sales push in the finance office (extended warranty, etc) was annoying, but again, this is norm for the industry.  I told their finance guy that everything he was trying to add on was of no value to us so he gave us a number less than half of what the initial was.  We again declined and he stopped trying to sell the add-ons to us.

The most bothersome part of the process was that it took 5 hours to test drive, pick a car, and do the paperwork.  Well worth it though, considering how much we got off of the vehicle.

Since the purchase of our vehicle, they have called several times to check on us.  This seems to be mainly motivated by the customer satisfaction survey but the concern does seem genuine.

I would recommend the few guys we worked with to others.  I wouldn't highly recommend them though.

Happy D. | 2012-11-23

I've leased two VWs Eos and a Tiguan. Camelback VW takes excellent care of me and my VW. Ricky goes out of his way to help me every time. Excellent customer service. I recommend it highly.

Jacqueline K. | 2012-10-24

I brought in my 2011 Jetta SEL for an oil change, detail and warranty work. Michael was extremely helpful, courteous and worked quickly to make sure I had my car back the same day. I love the fact that you can text us to give updates on how the service is going--it doesn't interfere with what I have going on in my day and it is quicker and easier for me to respond. Also, whoever you had do the detailing on my car did an amazing job. I swear it looks better than when I bought it brand new a year ago! It makes me feel like my car is a high end luxury vehicle! Thank you so much for always treating your customers so well. I will definitely be calling Michael to schedule my future service needs. Lastly, I purchased an extended warranty through you and with service like this, I definitely feel like I am getting my my money's worth.

Nicole R. | 2012-09-11

This is the 2nd car that we've bought from Camelback SMV.  We live an hour away, but always make the drive because the service and no-haggle approach is worth it. My husband bought his Jetta there years ago, and I felt confident in his experience enough to go it alone and not drag him along.  As a woman, to have 100% confidence in the fact that you are being treated with respect, is a huge thing.  Thanks for everything.

Wowezow E. | 2012-09-06

This is for for the VOLKSWAGEN side only.  I was told by the MANAGER and he salesman that they had the car that I saw online in stock and to come out the next day to look at it.   I drive over 30 miles to see this car.  As soon as I get there, they said Oh, the car sold today, the people are in financing right now.   Now one was there, they tried the old bait and switch on me!  I got out of there as fast as I could.  Why would I want to work with ANYONE who flat out lied to me?  Stay far away from this place....

Jess C. | 2012-09-05

I REALLY wish I had checked out Yelp reviews before I set foot on this lot. I purchased a car from this dealership in May 2012 and I definitely wish I had gone somewhere else. Due to their complete lack of customer service, I wouldn't recommend anyone buy a car or do business of any kind with Camelback VW.

Here is a bit about our experience...

I hadn't purchased a car from a dealer in 11 years, so the process was a bit scary to me. The reason I decided to start my search at Camelback VW was because the listed price for the vehicle I was looking for was about $2000 less than the other dealers had listed. I tried to negotiate the price down further but since their price was $2000 less than other dealers already, they would not negotiate the price any lower than what they had listed. In the end, I should have just left and gone to another dealer and tried to negotiate with them, I'm sure I probably could have gotten the same or a better deal elsewhere with a lot less hassle and irritation.

First, our salesman Mario seemed irritated to have to be working at all. He seemed less than happy to have a customer to deal with, seemed irritated at my questions and made it seem as though I was doing him a disservice by purchasing a car from him. The vehicle I purchased was certified used, 1 year old, and it was not detailed when I test drove it. I really thought it was strange that a dealer would have a used car that was so obviously not clean sitting on the lot. The car appeared to have dried milkshake left in the front and back cup holders, the inside windows had not been cleaned and there was dirt on the back seats like a child had spilled food. When I asked if they had just gotten the car in, I was told it had been there about 3 weeks. 3 weeks sitting on the lot in less than clean condition? No wonder it had been priced so low.. I also asked Mario about the front tires because they looked like they weren't in good condition. Mario assured me that there was plenty of life left in the tires and they would never sell a vehicle with bad tires. I should have left then.

But ultimately I decided to buy, and get financing through VW Credit. At the time I figured I was already there and I wasn't sure I would find a better deal elsewhere at that point and I didn't want to pass it up and the car to be gone. Now, I'm sure I could have found a better deal and based on my research, I'm certain I was overcharged on my APR. Antoine in their financing department had a very similar attitude to the sales guy. He was a little happier to have a purchase but irritated when I didn't buy the upgrades and when I asked questions. I asked him about the tires as well and asked what would happen if the tires needed to be replaced within a month or two of buying the car. His reply was "we don't do business like that" implying that they would not sell a car with bad tires.

While I was doing the paperwork, I was told the car being detailed. It was dark when we left the lot with the car and the next morning I discovered that they didn't detail the car at all. It appeared that they they just gave it a quick wipe down and vacuum. The back seat cup holder still had dried milkshake in it and the seat had some sort of mess.

I brought the car back the next day and the customer service was horrible. When I walked in, an attendant in the lot took my keys and I ended up sitting in the waiting area for an hour and a half with no information or indication of what was going on with the car. I approached employees (including the sales guy, financing guy and receptionists) three times for information and got nothing. I had to specifically ask for my car back so i could leave after waiting for almost 2 hours. When I got the car back, they hadn't done anything to it. Nothing. I waited 2 hours for nothing. I threatened to talk to a manager and Mario finally set it up for me to bring the car back for a detail the next day and had someone drop me off and pick me up from work. Finally the car was clean.

If only that were the end...
About 2 weeks after I got the car back they started calling me because they messed up and were missing some of the needed paperwork for my trade-in. I spoke to a client relations manager and thought that we had it resolved and paperwork was being mailed. They forgot to mail the paperwork and I ended up getting 3 calls from 3 different people between 9 am and noon about a week later demanding the paperwork they had never even sent. Finally the paperwork arrived and all was resolved.

Then, about 3 months after I purchased the car I brought it back in for a complementary 30,000 mile service that comes with the warranty and was told that I needed 2 new front tires because they were no longer good. WTF. I really considered calling and complaining but ultimately decided it would have been a giant waste of time..

Moral of the story: Don't waste your time with Camelback VW. Save yourself the stress and irritation and buy elsewhere.

Charity S. | 2012-08-06

We brought our 2006 Jetta TDI in for a routine oil change & were told that we needed to get our timing belt changed as soon as possible. We had to discuss the cost of the repair, so we took the car home. After deciding that it had to be done to avoid the cost of a new engine should the belt break, we got the car back in that same afternoon. Our service manager was able to work with us on payment so that we paid half then & the other half 2 weeks later. He also pointed us to some coupons online for $100 off any service. And of course, provided a loaner car for the night. On top of completing the work overnight, they also replaced the water pump & anything else that would have needed replacement within the next 10,000 miles. Being a dealership, I was surprised at their competitive pricing, especially on a service that requires so much work to complete. We are happy, happy customers.

Lynne P. | 2012-07-09

I hate car trouble; but at least Camelback VW makes it easy to arrange appointments and also provides transportation--which I VERY MUCH appreciate.  Also want to commend Michael Miller on the A++++ customer service, it's a pleasure to have him as my service advisor--he rocks!

Pity D. | 2012-06-12

About as sleazy and unscrupulous as they come.

Went through all the standard BS that buying a new car comes with. Even a "trust me, we're friends, right?" And then some . . .

We negotiated a great deal with the sales manager.  We put everything he agreed to give us in writing and had him initial the agreement. Everything went downhill from there.

Sales associate and his manager took literally 3-4 hours to "put together" our paperwork (that they claimed would only take about 30-40 minutes).  They used this as a cheap tactic to try to get us to cave and settle for less than what we agreed to when it came time to sign the final contract.

When we got to the finance manager next door at the VW office to sign the final contract, he told us that he would not honor the the terms that the sales manager agreed to in writing.  We walked out and our sales person, desperate to save his deal chased us down and took us to see the Subaru/VW GM.  The GM fed us some more BS, told us he could not honor the agreement that the sales manager signed and offered us some oil changes, tire rotations and car washes to compensate.

We eventually caved and bought the car, but never received the deal that the sales manager agreed and committed to in writing.

We faxed the agreement (that the SM signed) to Subaru of America, who apologized and they cut us a check for nearly $500.00.

For months after we bought a new car from these guys, we received repeated phone calls at least once a week from different salesmen, asking us if we wanted to come in and buy a car.

Have been through the process of buying and/or leasing a new car at least 7 or 8 times and never have we experienced the level dishonesty, shadiness and overt sleaze that we did at this dealer.  

Can't recommend highly enough that you avoid these guys at all costs.

P.S. The comment below from the manager is beyond moronic. There was no "miscommunication". We had an signed agreement. That's why Subaru corporate cut us a check for almost $500! These guys are not even scum, they are the waste product that scum excretes.

Jay P. | 2012-06-11

Michael Miller always makes sure I'm taken care of.  He always seems to go out of his way to ensure my experience there is a good one....Thanks Mike!

Ted S. | 2012-05-26

My wife visited this dealer several times before finally deciding to buy a new passat.  We went down with a blank check and was ready to buy when the new car general manager informed us that the price that he gave us on the phone of the msrp was his final offer.  He said he had 100 customers a month for the 5 vehicles like the one we wanted he gets per month.  DO NOT COME HERE!  They don't need your business - they have enough apparently.  We ended up buying a Kia optima in peoriaand are so much happier than we could have ever imagined.  We could have bought VWs for years and years but instead this dealership turned us off forever.

Thomas I. | 2012-04-20

Wow, everyone here is so nice, i mean so so nice. Like almost as if they are so so fake. I mean i can't walk a foot here without someone telling me to have a good day or asking If i need help with a glued on fake smile. Anyways, they get my car fixed in a timely fashion so I'm a fan

Thomas H. | 2012-03-14

The service department is awesome! We take our VW to Michael Miller for all of our warranty work, he has always gone above and beyond for us. I particularly love the fact we get loaner cars if my car needs to be in the shop for an extended period...Thank Camelback VW!

Billie J. | 2012-03-12

I was working with a salesperson, Larry, to view and eventually purchase a 2003 Honda Element. He first showed us this car in awful condition. It looked like someone had just totally trashed it before sending it in for a trade or before it was repo'd. I have no idea why he felt it was ok to show this car in this condition, but he did. He told us "everything will be fixed" and said for us to come back in two days. The repairs were (in his opinion) done, so we went for a test drive. After returning we noticed that there was a small panel that was unpainted, the wheel well trim was loose, the tint was coming off on one window, there were scratches and dings that hadn't been fixed and the seats were in really bad shape. We asked for these items to be fixed and if not for the price to be lowered. He called a manager to assist us during the negotiation process (why we let it go this far is beyond me). The manager flat out told us to buy the car or to leave.

I will never return to this dealership and recommend that you do the same. I've never been treated this poorly at a dealership in my life. I had cash to buy a car and opted to go elsewhere.

Christine J. | 2012-03-11

I have consistently great service experiences here and haven't chosen to go to an auto service chain for my VW as a result. I'm deducting a star for the shrinking hours (anyone remember when this place was open until 9pm-ish on weekdays?), but the people are always friendly and helpful and treat me (with my GTI under warranty) no differently than when I paid out of pocked for my previous VW (Rabbit). They've even thrown in a complimentary car wash a few times. 4 stars!

Michael M. | 2012-02-01

Of the over twenty cars I have bought in my lifetime, this has been the absolute worst purchase experience. Barry, my salesperson, was wonderful. But Dustin, the sales manager, and the whole finance team are liars and cheats. I agreed to a deal, in writing. Then when I went to sign the official contract, they tried to sneak changes in that benefitted them to my detriment. I called them on it, and got the contract revised. Then they called me two days later, after taking delivery of the car, saying I was approved with the bank but they just needed one more signature. When I went in, they told me I was approved, but at an interest rate 2 points higher than we agreed to on the contract. I told them that I don't do business with whores and they can have the car back. I'll buy it from a dealer that stands by their word. Check the other yelp reviews on here. It seems to be standard operating procedure for these jackasses.

Karen S. | 2012-01-30

Should have come here first - Went there about a year ago did not like the feel - so walked away and decided to keep the current car. I really wasn't in the market - but got a call from Barry - with the hours I work I don't return calls during the week so called back - he had no clue who I was and I should have ended it there. He claimed he could make it work blah blah blah - what was I looking for blah blah blah - did not listen to a thing I said except Sunroof - that was all the car had. He called me back needed me to do a credit app - they need to see the current car - blah blah blah - I was at Sprouts down the road so I went in. Huge mistake monster.....he took a credit app the assessed my trade in and he pointed to a car he had selected for me - I have not driven didn't even know if I liked it. He starts doing the salesman dance and 1/2 of the way in it I start asking to drive the car - now remember I was in there in March of 2011 so I have NOT driven the 2012 - and I was looking at a Beetle. They dig it out and I am allowed to take it up the 51 on sunday with no traffic and back....nothing remarkable - but I asked him questions about the car - did it have cruise control - no he said but it did - I finally got a brochure so I could see what I was getting into on paper and then waited and waited and waited and waited - the first game of the play offs was over....and I wated somemore.  At that point I see my license plate in Barry's hands so I became a little nervous finally I am taken into Antoinne's office - they are giving me this for free that for free - the conversation is tapped....the whole time I am saying that I know no bank is open today but he tells me they are a VW dealership and write their own deals....yea his mouth was moving so we all know he was lying....he would not put me in a 20k vehichle if he did not KNOW that this deal was done....more horse manure.....then the fun really begins. I leave the lot get into traffic and this car will not move. I took it over by my office to a vacant street and I can not get it up over 45 mph - it is a dog! Monday morning I call them and tell them this car isn't going to work....they tell me no worries we will get you approved and then swapp the car. Monday afternoon I get a call from Barry he wants to make an appointment - I can not commit to a time due to my job so tell him sometime between 630p - 800p - Tuesday I go in and guess what - no the deal is not done - but hey I can test drive the other cars - hey isn't that what you are supposed to do before you try financing - don't you test drive first?? So I leave again wasted my time...but here is where it gets really funny - I get a voicemaill from their ' Customer Service Manager' calling to congratulate me for my new cark - so the next day  I call her back they have had this deal since Sunday   but she says after laughing at all of this because apparently poor customer service is funny to the Customer Service manager - that they have only had the deal for 2 days - umm no you have had it for 4 days. I agree to give them 2 more letting her know that either I have an answer on Thursday  because I am going out of town. In the mean time I sit down with a friend in on the lending side and he begins to tell me the reason it is taking so long is no bank will pick it up because  they are over charging me on the car -  extended warranty -  gap insurance - Zak treatments - everything  and that my current car is retailing for 19k - they offered me 13k we  construct an email restructuring the deal and letting them know I will not come in until they have a letter of credit from the bank. 2 more days no calls so I call no word so- 2 hours later after waiting to find out it is ready I showed up. After telling them I was NOT going out of town with a car I don't own I get the Jeep - but they have lost my License plate - in fact if I had not walked the vehicle I would have left with out any plate,  lost my spare key and to top it off there is 300 miles added to the car but hey they did a crappy cleaning job... I get in the car and bam smack in the front window  - a chip good thing I have insurance let Farmers deal with them! The email is sent Thursday night  and I wait for the call from the tool Barry nothing all weekendMonday I call and he lies and says he called me hmm funny notthing on my cell from him....He calls back magically my key has appeared so I let them know I will be in up and the receptionist greedily takes my plate but pretends she does not know where mine is - funny she finds it in the drawer and tells me I have to sign for it. Excuse me - it is my license plate and my key - I am not signing for anything She then abruptly told me she was not releasing my plate to me - I reached over grabbed the dealer plate back  and stepped  out to call the police as I was not going to deal with their garbage.  The police showed up and handled it and I left - NEVER TO RETURN

Amy D. | 2012-01-28

*IF* a car-buying experience could go smoothly, then this was it!
I wasn't even wanting or needing a new car. I had a 2008 Rabbit & absolutely loved it. I went in for an oil change. Got a text from a sales person about my car. Kind of freaked me out, but ok. I told him I was quite happy with my car, but if I could get EXACTLY what I wanted, for nothing more than I was already paying, then he'd have a sale.
The deal was done in two days. Got my windows tinted, too.
The service department is REALLY good, too. Giuseppe is attentive and precise. I've already gotten my service scheduled for 90 days out.
They provide a shuttle service, too.
Antoine got my deal done quickly and with zero hassle.
It's my third car from this dealership. The service department has always been the reason I go back there. Now, the entire staff is responsible.

Donna B. | 2012-01-09

I had a good experience at Camelback VW for having an oil change service completed on my 2007 VW.  I am (happily!) stunned that you can make an online appointment for such a quick turnaround.  My VW dealerships back East always needed at least a week's notice, which was incredibly annoying and inconvenient (and in metro areas not nearly as huge as Phoenix). I decided to give this dealership a fair shot at winning my business.

The customer waiting area is comfy, with magazines, newspapers, a flat screen TV, and free WiFi.

They didn't completely fix my roof (it still didn't work after I left), but the car is back there now and I have a loaner vehicle (nice!). I'm hopeful that my baby will be completely fixed when I get her back in a couple days.

Parking is extremely tight -- they could stand to have a few more customer parking spaces.

Adrian F. | 2011-11-03

I went to Camelback VW a month ago because I was looking to trade in a slightly older Audi for something a bit newer and more practical. I picked out a 2012 Jetta SE, took it for a test drive and fell in love with it! My salesman was Marty, who was very helpful. Unfortunately he (along with everyone else that worked with us) was entirely dishonest. They finally came up with a plan for me that would roll my negative equity over into the new Jetta. Even though the payment was higher than I wanted to pay, I was happy just to get out of the Audi! We did the paperwork and I drove away in my new car...

3 weeks later, the financing manager called me and said that he needed me to come in and sign MORE paperwork. I called back and spoke with MARTY, who informed me that the bank had appproved my financing and they needed me to sign off on it. Immediately I was suspiscious, since I HAD SIGNED FOR THE CAR ALREADY... 3 weeks prior. I called the finance manager back and he finally admitted that the financing HAD NOT been approved and that I would need to find a cosigner or put down a bigger down payment or I'd have to give the car back. Long story short I took it back and got my Audi back. Car dealers everywhere are letting people drive away in cars they know they won't be approved for in hopes that you'll fall in love with the car and do ANYTHING to try to keep it when they call you a few weeks later asking for it back! DO NOT FALL VICTIM!

Eilonwy S. | 2011-10-25

Old School, Unpleasant, High-pressure Sales.  From the moment a salesperson spotted me, it was all about insisting I make a decision right then and there. Upon seeing a specific car amongst my pile of print-outs, the salesperson actually forced a family-- who was in the process of buying that car-- out of it so that I could test drive it, seemingly more interested in needling her coworker than in what I (or this other family) was actually interested in purchasing. (When I said I didn't want the car, she proceeded to tell the other salesperson I did, just to annoy him for a time.)

Two of the three *certified* pre-owned cars I looked at had problems. The first had a door ajar light and warning bells come on as I was driving it, when no doors were open. The second had a very large tear in the upholstery. The third car didn't have trouble as far as I could tell-- except that it was out of gas. We had to wait 30+ minutes for the salesperson to find a lot attendant to find a gas can and fill it-- and then find the equipment to jump the car's battery as well. Once I decide to pursue a car at this dealership, the high pressure turned higher. Despite originally telling me she could get the price down to my limit, the salesperson then proceeded to ridicule me as if I were an idiot intent on stealing from her when I couldn't go above my set price. I finally had enough and left. When the salesperson called the next day, she acted as if I had done her wrong when I decided that indeed, I would not purchase the car.

We were at this dealer for many hours, but only got to test drive three cars because no one seemed to have a clue where anything was-- from keys, to gas cans, to managers who could actually authorize decisions, to one of the *cars*. The salesperson made unpleasant comments about my companion's father, who knows cars and was giving me advice by phone. She gave me incorrect information about one of the cars I was test driving (which I looked up later online.) She also made borderline inappropriate and definitely intolerant comments about immigrants and religion.

I stayed at first because Camelback has a big selection of pre-owned certified cars, because of their 5 day no hassle return policy, and because I didn't know that high pressure wasn't the only way car dealers sell. The next day I went elsewhere, where I was treated as a human, given time to think about my decisions, given a *real* test drive on a highway (not just around the block), and ultimately ended up buying a car. Their prices seem good (not on the sticker, but once you talk to a dealer it magically drops $5k and I think some prices may be too good to be true??) but I would NOT recommend Camelback.

A. M. | 2011-09-26

Bought from them several years ago - still bitter. Sales guy completed several "We Owe You" slips, detailing services that I needed to come back to have done. He conveniently forgot to give me copies so when I came back they had no idea what I was talking about. After some arguing, they agreed to make good on one service but not the others.

Then, a few days after I bought the car, the battery died and an alarm started going off (an alarm which I was not aware it had, and had no way of turning off). Got it jumped so I could go straight to the dealer. They completely denied any responsibility for selling me a car with near-dead battery and charged me to deactivate the alarm. I dreaded going back for oil changes and having to see the jerk manager.

Britannia R. | 2011-09-10

Purchased a Tiguan from this dealership. Our sales guy was E. B., who really went above and beyond the norm in order to help us work through the purchase -- we live in Tucson so things had to be done mostly by phone, but he bent backwards to make things easy on us. It was really an ideal transaction and the perks that come with buying from a dealership are unmatched anywhere else.

The good experience went beyond the initial purchase, as well. When we went back to have SkyLink installed, they continued to give us impeccable service and did a great job on our car (since it was a used vehicle, some paint needed to be taken care of). Also, we mentioned to them that the car's grill was slightly messed up, and they replaced it for us that day! It was actually surprising, just how accommodating everyone was. I am so, so glad that I decided to buy from a dealership instead of doing a private sale.

E H. | 2011-07-08

I pretty much never review anything, so just the fact that I was moved to do so says a lot about the service I have received at Camelback VW.  I didn't buy my car there, but have visited them for all of my oil changes and scheduled maintenance for the past year and a half or so.  Every time I'm there, the service department is really nice and gets you in and out very quickly.  The pricing is always fair, and I have received a discount for some reason or another each time I have been there.  I was there a couple days ago for an oil and filter change, and I had a coupon for 10% off but they went ahead and did the whole thing for free.  Really wasn't expecting that, but it prompted me to let other people know that they have some great people working there.

Scout S. | 2011-06-21

The sales people were great when I was laying the cash down to buy...but forget it on the service end...they get one more chance and I will go else's disappointing because anywhere can be nice when you are ready to spend money and I really expected more from the service than rude service agents...and also the work was not even completed...they let the car sit there half the day and I picked it up and nothing was done to it...they were rude about it...I don't know if I am used to BMW service quality or what...but I am disappointed with this low level of service and customer service standards.

Nick S. | 2011-05-26

Most car dealers will get a low number of stars from me in general (truly helpful salespeople are rare). I was in the market for a new VW, and I shopped at Camelback VW. After looking at their selection, I noticed something concerning: all of their cars had a dealer "add-on" package that added between $1000-2500 (depending on the model) to the MSRP of the cars. I quickly walked off from the salesperson and left the dealership to look up the actual "value" of this package. Unfortunately, as you might imagine, it is a true waste of money. The package is supposed to protect your new car from the elements, but as most folks have found, regular waxing does the same thing for thousands less. Even without wax, if your car will spend a lot of its time in a carport or garage, there's no reason to worry about the paint for many years, even in Phoenix. Plus, this "package" adds exactly $0 to the resale value of the car, meaning that your money vanishes the second you drive it off the lot.

And here's where they get you: Since this "package" is nearly 100% profit for the dealer, they are willing to negotiate way down on the price. Say a car MSRP is $25K, and they add a $2K package to it to make the total sticker price $27K. If you talk them back down to $25K, they'll act as if they're doing you a huge favor. IGNORE THE PACKAGE PRICE and negotiate down from the factory MSRP sticker.

As for me, I'm avoiding any dealer that would try to fleece its customers like this.

C W. | 2011-03-04

1. If you are looking to buy a car don't go here.
2. If you are looking to buy a used car definitely don't go here

I bought a used VW Jetta GLI from Camelback VW and had some issues less than 2 months later. I took the car back and they told me there was a part on backwards and their were aftermarket parts on the car. Obviously they didn't do the "certified pre-owned" check they touted when I bought the car.

The only reason I continued to go back is because the car was under warranty. It amazed me how many times they would overlook things during maintenance. They are horrible at recreating issues or checking noises. One time they actually returned my car to me and I immediately knew something was wrong. A service manager came out and they had to do some more work that took another day.

My car was hit on two separate occasions while being serviced.

The loaner vehicles are nice but it doesn't make up for their crappy service.

Septimus Warren S. | 2011-01-16

We were on a cross-country road trip when our VW GTI started sputtering above 75mph. We brought it into Camelback at 7:30am hoping to get it looked at that day. Despite there being tons of people waiting for service, they were able to diagnose and fix the problem (MAF sensor and fuel filter) by 11am. Well done to the guys and many thanks.

I can't  give them 5 stars because there was another problem (thumping noise) that they were not able to replicate. It was clear they didn't try too hard to replicate it either. Later that day, still bothered by the noise, we took it to Independent Automotive Services who diagnosed this minor problem and sent us confidently on our way. They were stellar.

Gina M. | 2010-12-29

Once you buy a car there, the customer service is over.

I have made MULTIPLE calls to their parts manager and the salesman who sold us our car, trying to get a straight answer on some additional parts we ordered for our VW, and I cannot get anyone to call me back. It's ridiculous. I'm paying for parts (plus interest) that I don't have and can't seem to get anyone to care about this enough to call me!!

I guess since they already got the money for the car, they figure they're done.

I will NEVER make the mistake of buying from them again, even if they're the only dealership in the country that can make the promises they made before I bought.

Mel G. | 2010-12-18

Horrible experience. Look elsewhere for a vehicle.  The GM is shady, the sales "manager" is shady, and so is the finance department.  Worse experience I've ever had with a dealership, and I'm glad I walked away from purchasing the vehicle I was interested in.  Going back and forth with a sales person on price and finance terms for almost a week is unacceptable, and when I emailed the GM after I received a survey on my experience with them, he wrote me and said he would contact me in the morning; that was a couple of days ago.  Most of what I I read review -wise about this dealership was negative, and I tried to be open minded when I went there.  The people who have dealt with them and wrote reviews are correct-STAY AWAY.

Seth L. | 2010-11-08

I went in to buy a car. The salesman was friendly and helpful (maybe not too knowledgeable about the cars though). After testing a golf and mentioning that I was also interested in a GTI, he told me "we can get you a GTI for the same price as a Golf" this sounded great and kept me at the dealer for a while. After several rounds of negotiating, the price they wanted was still several thousand over the price of a golf and I had to walk out. I don't mind that they were not able to get me a car, but why lie about a price to keep me in the store. I find it unacceptable and will not do business with them again, I will buy a VW elsewhere.

Dan L. | 2010-10-23

I have always dreaded the idea of resorting to a dealership for repairs. I have a friend who used to work there and he highly recommend them to me. He called ahead and told them I was coming. They we're really great and it seems they would be to no-connected customers as well. They offer a shuttle service when you drop your car off. I was walking around looking at some other cars after I put mine in and I met a salesmen named John. He was a really cool guy. Very honest about car sales and other things we talked about. I'm proud to be an owner of a VW and to have a dealership close that won't screw you.

K W. | 2010-09-09

The sales department at Camelback STINKS (I have had good experience with service, though)!  I leased two cars back-to-back through Camelback.  THEY called me to ask if I was interested in getting out of my 2nd lease early into a new car with the same payments. MMM HMMM.  I spent two hours at the dealership and they couldn't get anywhere near the price they told me they could on the phone.  The sales guy said he'd "run more numbers" and get back to me.  Did he?  No.  I dinged them on the VW customer survey and THEN they got right back to me but the same thing happened again - this time with a sales manager.  I told them what I was interested in, they promised to get back to me, and never returned my phone call.  Two months later, I gave them another chance and contacted them over the Internet re: a possible purchase and it took them two days to get back to me, knowing I was talking to other dealers.  They must not need my $$ and they won't get it - after 7 years of paying for my cars and scheduled maintenance, I got my car through Chapman VW (BTW, when Camelback finally got back to me, they couldn't touch the deal I got at Chapman).  I highly recommend you look somewhere other than Camelback if you're in the market for a car.

Halley S. | 2010-08-30

I am basing my review on the service department at Camelback VW.  I actually did lease my 2008 Volkswagen Jetta from this dealership in 2008 and have taken my car here for all of its service appointments.  I did purchase a service contract which was great to have for the first 3+ years but now that it has run out I was worried about how much I would have to pay for service visits.  Thus far I am very pleased with Camelback VW... just recently I had to have my car towed there because it started overheating all the sudden.  When I called to make a appointment I was planning on using AAA to tow it but my service adviser said that I still qualify for VW roadside assistance and had someone out to my work within the hour to pick up my car.  The next morning I called to check on my car and it was already fixed under warranty.  It was a worry free experience for me and I greatly appreciate it.  Since my service contract ran out I have taken it there previous to this visit for a 45,000 mile service and they fixed my daytime running lamp, oil change + tire rotation for free because they wanted to be as close to the estimate that they stated on the phone.  I really appreciate that also.  It seems over the last couple years they have really focused on customer satisfaction... every time I go there they ask me to fill out the survey that is emailed to me because they are looking for a perfect score and they want to ensure they get that from you.  Another plus is this service department is open extremely late!

Susie K. | 2010-08-20

The service department at Camelback VW is truly outstanding! Michael Miller has been our service advisor for quite some time.  He is knowledgable, professional AND hardworking!  No matter how busy the service dept is, he always makes me feel like my car is the most important car in the world!!  I've had 5 VW's and all five have been serviced here so I've seen them grow & go through lots of changes... mostly good.  all of the advisors are good, but if you can ask for Mike, you won't be disappointed!!

Steve D. | 2010-06-07

It's a great dealership for car repairs. I can't vouch for the sales people or anything else but the service techs. I recommend talking to Michael and Alex and call their cell numbers to get a hold of them. They'll service you as best as they can.

Heather L. | 2010-05-12

I am usually anti-dealership because I have always perceived taking my car to a dealership to be much more expensive than taking it to a random shop to be fixed.  I have a 2001 New Beetle, and my first experience with Camelback VW was a couple years ago, when I went in to get the car's window fixed.  All went well.  Looking to save cash though, I went to a different local shop when it was time to get my car repaired so it could pass emissions.  That place got me to pass emissions for around $350 by replacing the O2 censor on my thingy-ma-bob.  (Hey, I'm a girl, sorry).  It was certainly better than replacing the entire catalytic converter for around $900.  

This year, I've been investing in getting some work done on the car.  I went in for a wheel balance and oil change a couple weeks ago.  The service guy, Frank, found a bunch of stuff wrong with the car's suspension.  The dreaded catalytic converter replacement still needs to happen, too.  I decided to start fixing the suspension one bit at a time since a lot needs to be done.  Frank quoted me for around $550 for that day's work and sent me home with a nice, clean Subaru loaner car for the night.  

I came back the next day to a car that had new arm bushings (hope that's what those thingies are called) in addition to my originally-planned oil change and wheel balance.  They took a bit too long to get the car finished and returned to me.  Frank felt bad for making me wait and knocked some extra cash off the bill and didn't charge me for some of the work that was done.  So I saved around $200 on the overall bill.  

I plan to go back to have more work done on the car soon.  I prefer Camelback VW for oil changes because the quickie-lube places just don't have a knack for doing things right...but that's another review for another time!

scarlett s. | 2010-04-08

I purchased a 2009  VW Jetts TDI June of 09.  I totally GET all the bad reviews from these guys.  My purchase experience was just O.K. because we paid cash for the car and did not have to put up with too much of their B.S.  Plus it was a bad time for car sales and we knew they would be hurting.  But I had to PAINFULLY HAGGLE with these "tool box sales reps" for about a week.  I was dealing with 2 other dealerships who were lying to me much worse than Camelback was.  

Why do we as consumers have to put up with this as "par for the course"?

I have had no problems with service YET...I am at 10,000 miles and the car has been great.  I recommend the diesel HIGHLY BTW!  

But, I did feel worn out and slimy after haggling with them.  The sales manager got involved when I tried to further push down the price and  he said that he was loosing interest in selling the car to me....I promptly responded "Well, I don't have a quota to meet this month like you do".  He finally caved but gave me a cold shoulder and cool gazes when I came in to collect the car.

I think the less you have to ask from them...financing,trade ins and so forth...the less they can screw with you.

Tread carefully out there and just wear them down with questions and annoying behaviors!

Chad B. | 2010-03-18

I'm shocked to be giving a good review but here goes.   Took my car in without an appointment to get the headlight repaired.  They ended up saying the car had all sorts of problems and need to keep it for the weekend.   They gave me a loaner (all thought it was a Beetle - yuck) and sent me on my way.   I was very worried that i was looking at $1500+.   They called me on Monday and said it was done.  I was worried since htye had not called me to give a quote, but guess what.  9 things repaired including a nail in my tire.....for FREE!!!!!!

Darlene H. | 2009-10-20

I have an mk4 gtik 1.8t. I took my car there to have a rattle in the suspension fixed. They found a bunch of other stuff wrong with my car which sucked... But they where all legitimate problems. The funniest part is the repairs that where being done where cause by a poor mechanic at one the of the east valley's VW "tuning shops". The high prices suck, but I got a loaner car and I only had to take it there once and it was fixed. I've become so used to running back and forth everytime I have something done to my car I thought it was normal. They did good work, they offer loaner cars, and they fixed it the first time. I've also had good experiences with the parts department.

Dennis E. | 2009-10-19

After going through VW of America's Customer Care, Camelback VW Subaru is only willing to offer a $300+ discount on an alternator repair which will cost considerably more AND should have been completely covered while it was under extended warranty.

Although the alternator sounds like the likely culprit to my electrical system short circuits, it may not be the cause and I can't trust Camelback VW Subaru to repair the issue after the last 6 attempts.

I've lost faith in VW's quality because of Camelback VW Subaru and I highly don't recommend buying from them or getting service from them.  I'm not having to take my issue to the Better Business Bureau.  They're just not worth this much hassle.

Scott L. | 2009-07-14


Just leased a car for my wife at vw camelback. The all time worst experience I ever had with an auto dealer.  They lied and said they could get the car I wanted, and then lied when they said it would be available. I went to get it, and they told me the tags were not in yet.  I called back the next day, and they then told me they didn't have the car.  I could of purchased the car I wanted at the avondale location, but I told them I would wait and get it from them. When I did finally get the vehicle, they told me it would take 4 days to get my check for the vehicle I traded in for the VW. It is now going on 13 days, and I can not get anyone to respond to this problem. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND GO ANYWHERE ELSE.  I purchased a vw in Nor CAL in 2001 and it was a good experience. You would think that this dealership is moving cars like crazy.  Spread the word about this horrible excuse for a business. No customer service at all.

Kacee T. | 2009-06-24

Wow, Do NOT ever take your car to this dealership for Repairs.  When you go in it seems very professional, but BEWARE!!  My car completely died while driving down a major freeway and I had it towed to the repair shop where I had an extended warranty.  The service tech calls me to tell me I need a new battery and a new battery cable, with a total price of $800!!  Are you Kidding??  $800 for a battery and cable?  The tech stated that the cable was really difficult to reach so the labor costs were high.  I said NO THANKS and arranged to have the car towed to a FANTASTIC shop that I use for non-warranty issues "Lesuers" on Curry.

Lesuers called me and said, battery was OK but the cable had actually been CUT!!  So Camelback VW CUT the end off my battery cable!!  Lesuers put a new end on the cable for less than $100.00!!

The TOPPER was a Salesman from VW called me and said he was aware that I had significant repairs that I needed to have done to my car and asked if I was interested in trading it in for a new VW.

Do NOT take your car here, go to Lesuers or the VW dealership on McDowell has always been honest.

John P. | 2009-01-24

EXEC Summary:

+Wasted our time with childish obfuscation of the sales price
+Disregarded our ceiling for buying a vehicle
+Changed terms of finance and what it would take to qualify

Yeah I know sounds like most any used car sales operation in Phoenix. :)

This is a review of the used car sales process and while the staff insist that we must have somehow misunderstood them I don't think that. We went to look at a car, tested it,and left. We liked it enough to discuss terms  the day after and  that's where the fun started. We had simple needs. Tell us the car price + tax, fees and registration.  That's it we didn't want a warranty or many of the other add ons that they try to foist on you.  They made an offer, we declined  as it was above our stated max of 10k  out the door max.

Forward a day and a call from  James called wanted us to consider it again at what they called the auction price. (Claimed car was a week away from being auctioned)   This sounded better so we found sitter for the kid,  drive down and ask for the new price. It was $200 less than previously but still above $10k, and that was that. They had taken up yet another night and this offer just plain sucked. They could have told us on the phone but no they think it's clever to waste people's money acting like a paranoid secret squirrel on a meth bender.  

The usual what could we do to guarantee you'd buy it discussion occurred?  Easy  8k out the door, that's a pretty low offer,insulting? Maybe but hey once you take the piss with an offer that failed to meet our limit  and lose us a few hours of spare time then I get pissy.  They didn't even counter, just said no way, can't even get close and the poor dealer's story of how much they were in for that car etc came out.  I really thought they would break out some violins.

Next day  call about how the night guy mustn't have been informed of the "auction price" offer and really they would let us get it for  9200 out the door Yay:)  Erin went down on her own to fill out the paperwork.

( Sidebar) I have really good credit ( there's a reason Scrooge McDuck is Scottish after all) my partner less so, ok it's poor. That's ok we expected to pay dearly for this , her first car, but 20% is just plain awful. Hell when I was new to this country I got a lower rate on a new VW bug.)

They came back over 20% and I suggested she not do this without talking first or seeing if my bank would be a better bet. After she spent  more hours at VW Camelback they wanted to run the numbers with me and her ( they still sucked being a  full 12% over the number my bank qualified me for today) but in the meantime they told her she no longer qualified at 20% , that it would have to be co signed BUT if we added an extended warranty onto it, they could call in a special favor and they could see about it. That's when we walked for the last time. I could have bought the car, cash but that defeats the  rebuilding credit goal.  Simply didn't trust them. I think the withholding of credit unless you get to the figure by adding warranties  is problematic and  coercive in a manner that I'd consider unethical given a prior indication, the reason we were even back in the dealers , that she'd been approved.   We received a call saying  "they are sorry we misunderstood"  some apology, we understand that you get so used to BS that you can't stop doing it even if you want to.

Ended the day at Superstition Honda and bought a used Civic so HA  we were serious you jack offs!

The good stuff.The sales guy, (Chigago) Joe was great, personable and  the process of showing us suitable cars, getting a decent test drive rather than the 3 rights and your back at the dealers was all pretty happy.  I don't know if you can split out the role of the sales people from the finance office but I'd hate to think they are innocent and losing sales because of the F ing I people:)

Chris Y. | 2008-12-05

Wow, I don't know what to say about the problems other people have had here.  I bought my MkV GTI here in June 2006.  Deborah (who was in fleet sales, heh, heh), took care of me and got me the car I wanted.  There was no pressure or annoyance or haggling.  This might be precisely because she was a fleet sales person, dunno, but it was a good experience.  

I haven't had any annoying issues with their service department.  They are all very eager to please.  This is probably because their pay (and ability to stay employed there) is directly tied to the surveys that VW does after you utilize their service.  

The only minor issue I have had here is with the satellite radio module in my GTI.  They replaced it and the issue I was having came back, but it's not really their fault.  A quick look online shows that lots of GTI owners have this issue and it's just one of those things that takes a couple of tries to fix.

I was actually there for service today for about 5 hours.  I had them fixing up all kinds of things for me, including a weird electrical draw on my battery while the car was off.  After a couple of hours of some really intense digging with a voltmeter, etc, the tech called me over to show me that the imitation lojack I had installed had a fused circuit and it was drawing power non stop.  Ha!    He went to a lot of trouble to find it for me -- it involved ripping open the dash and digging around, etc.

I like them.

Dave B. | 2008-08-27

I almost bought a new VW Rabbit (2009) from these guys.  We lucked out and got a 100% NON sleazy sales person but sadly she wasn't around (and didn't return my emails) at the time I was willing to "pull the trigger" and I went else where.

Jenn H. | 2008-08-26

Heidi, the service advisor is pretty much all they have going for them. She is on the ball!

Other than that, Camelback VW is as sleazy as they come.

The finance department LIED and LIED to me and my family about the terms of our contract and what we were signing. Packy (that's his name) mislead me about the terms of my contract, then OUTRIGHT LIED about whose name was on the note. Packy then coerced us into signing a contract that was NOT at all what he said was. He lied time and time again, used intimidation and insults and basically screwed me over in a way that I can hardly believe.

I need to contact the Better Business Bureau, but this has been going on for 3 years now. I wonder if it is past the statute of limitations?


Lorelei H. | 2008-08-26 are right about the BAD communication!  And John V.....Everything you say is correct!

Where do I even begin? I traded my Jetta here about a year ago.  I used to take my Jetta there for service because they were the only ones that provided loan vehicles.  I had the best service adviser (Heidi). And their service dept. is open till midnight, and Heidi worked the night shift, and I could only go there during the evenings. One time taking my car in for service I decided to take a look at some used cars while waiting and ended up trading in my car for a 2003 New Beetle Conv. Then Heidi switched to day shift and since then I've gone through several service advisers! Alex and Steven were the best! (After Heidi) Steven went to Mazda that Camelback VW took over. This was just about a couple months ago.

OK, so, I drive almost an hour ea. way just to go to this dealership because they used to have great customer service.  I know....crazy! But I'm all about giving my business to places that know how to take care of their customers.  

Well, ever since the day I drove my new beetle home, It's been a living nightmare!  My service file has got to be a foot thick!  Ready for this??

The last loaner car I had was rear ended on the 10 fwy, car was towed, I called Camelback VW right away to let them know and that I'd be getting a ride to come pick up my car shortly after the same night. When I got there, I gave them the loaner car registration and they took a copy of the police report.  Not a WORD was mentioned about it from them, not a question!  Luckily the guy responsible had insurance!  Well, I just found out that the loaner vehicle was never picked up from the tow yard and the tow yard called them two days later when I had to go get my belongings out of the car!!  Now Camelback VW is saying....all of a sudden...that I'M RESPONSIBLE for the tow yard storage fees!!!  OMG! They are so ignorant!  I can go on and on...but it's in the hands of my sons attorney Shane Harward now.  Thank you Skylar and Shane!!!

Fred M. | 2008-06-03

This used to be THE place to go for great service while buying a car. I've purchased a few vehicles here and it was always a pleasure. Mark Exposito and Cory Epperson always went out of their way to make sure problems were solved in a timely manner. Well, I understand the Eppersons parted ways and Mark Exposito can only do so much on his own. Most of the sales people are young kids, and I routinely have talked circles around them about the cars they are trying to sell. My last two purchases I really honestly wanted them to be here, honestly, but the lack of knowledge, follow up, or expertise have me vowing to never return. They blew up what was one of the most honest friendly and helpful car dealers I'd ever been to.

t k. | 2008-01-13

Service was OK, I guess, but bad communication.

Brake indicator went on, and had it serviced almost right away, but away from home.  They said they had to replace the rotors too, and I was skeptical, so I said, go ahead but I want the parts.

They gave me no explanation on the mechanics notes, nor later, why the rotors and pads had worn so oddly that the rotors had to be replace so soon after the brake pad indicator hit.

Bottom line- I don't know if I was a sucker or if they just didn't explain it well.