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The best customer service in both sales and service. We are the Valley's "ONLY" 9 time Presidents award winner.
Come check out the "Camelback Toyota" difference!


Established in 1988.

Camelback Toyota is celebrating our 22nd year, servicing the Phoenix Area. We are here to meet and exceed all of our guests expectations regarding their vehicles. Whether it be new or pre-owned sales, service or parts we welcome the opportunity to earn your business.
Our sales, service and parts departments are proud to have won the prestigious Presidents Award,consecutively for the last nine years. This award is very difficult to achieve, it is based on our Customer Service Experience, it is an honor to achieve this award from Toyota Motor Sales.
We also have a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
We appreciate you taking the time to learn about Camelback Toyota. Come visit our brand new state of the art facility at 1550 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix AZ 85014 or phone 602-264-2841

Camelback Toyota

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(602) 464-7261
Address:1550 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ, 85014
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Camelback Toyota

Ali W. | 2015-04-24

The last time I wrote a review for Camelback was when I bought my car from Jake Mooberry.  I left a 5 star review then, and am back to do it again.

I've been bring my Corolla for its routine service since I bought it, and always had good care but his last visit was EXCEPTIONAL.  I had the pleasure of working with West Ballard.  My care was due for a 30,000 mile inspection, and West told me about extending my previous Toyota Care package to 45K, and saved me some serious cash.  But that's not the good part.  I drove the car away and stopped for dinner, and when I came out the car was dead cause lights were on and then there was issue with my roadside assistance...I'll save you all the details, but in short---- West helped me get my car taken back to the dealership, got it fixed, and even got my Zaktec updated since it was in anyway.  All at no cost or hassle to me.  He gave me frequent updates throughout and was totally in my corner.  I really felt like he was treating me like a family member.  He even said, and I believe, he went home that night and thought about what else he could do to make the best of a bad situation.  And it was perfect.  West is the best!!!!!

Katherine W. | 2015-04-13

I purchased a brand new car about 3 months ago and noticed the vehicle makes metal clanking noises while coasting.  I took it into the service department to have them investigate and repair the noise.  I waited in the lobby for over 2 hours without any feedback.  I inquired on the status of my car and they stated the couldn't figure out why it was making the noise.  I asked to drive with the mechanic so he can get a better idea of the location.  As we were driving he definitely heard the metal clanking noise, he stated that it could be rubbing from breaks and he looked under car and said everything seemed fine. They returned my car to me and basically said there was nothing they could do.  He said they would drive one of their new cars to see if they hear any similar noises and I asked them to let me know but I have had no contact by them.  My issue was not addressed.  The noise is still occurring every time I drive my car.  I feel frustrated they didn't help me and the noise is very concerning.  It's a brand new car and I shouldn't hear these type of noises.  The only reason I put two stars instead of one was because the older gentleman who works in the lobby's food court was one of nicest people I have ever met and made my time waiting a pleasant one.

Sandy A. | 2015-04-08

I love my Scion, it's a wonderful, dependable car.  

TIP: when your offered buying incentives you may have a difficult time getting them.  I've been pursuing one for over 15 months.

When we purchased the car I was supposed to fill out an online survey and receive $150 visa--I'm still trying to get the visa.  I took two surveys when I purchased the car and I get all my emails from Toyota because they are survey happy--you'll get a survey after every service visit.  

In early March, Kim McKay, Customer Relations Manager, after a phone call discovered the survey was being sent to the wrong email address.  She said the dealer would go ahead and issue the rebate, I believed the problem was solved.

Well it's now 4/8/2015.  No Visa.
When I called yesterday Kim McKay had no recollection of any prior conversations or a face-to-face visit we had.  She was going to make some calls and get back to me....I'm waiting on that call.

Lindsay A. | 2015-04-06

A little while back I made the mistake of stopping in to a different Toyota Dealer in Scottsdale.  Horrible experience that made me consider leaving the brand all together (I have owned three Toyotas consecutively).  I saw that Toyota was running a special and reached out to Camelback via email.  I expected to receive a vague reply trying to coax me to come in to the store ASAP! But Ty Boettcher was awesome.  We actually had an email exchange go back and forth for a few days regarding what I was looking for, a rough estimate on my trade (based on miles and model - not overall condition of car which he needs to see in person), an idea on numbers, and getting all of my questions answered BEFORE I even set foot in the dealership.  Made the whole process so much easier.  

The car I was looking for was limited, so Ty emailed me as soon as he had what I wanted available.  I stopped in that afternoon, got an appraisal on my trade (which WAS in the range he gave me a ballpark on), test drove the new car, finalized some numbers, signed papers, and was OUT.  Ty was super patient with me seeing that I had two small kids in tow (and that meant taking car seats on the test drive which is a pain).  He was just fantastic to work with.  

Ryan in finance was also wonderful.  I told him upfront that I didn't want any of the add ons or extras regarding packages and such.  He respected that and only threw out one option that he highly suggested for a lease vehicle.  Which I did take, because small kids + cars = mess and marks. And it was an extra $3 a month.  

Buying a car is expensive no matter how you approach it.  While these guys can't just give them away, they will do their best to work with you and make a deal happen.  I recommend reaching out to Ty if you have questions! tboettcherATcbacktoyota.…

Matthew V. | 2015-03-30

Kim McKay the Customer Relations manager was defensive and rude when she was asked questions about the issues at hand.. John O'malley was very unhelpful and very unfriendly and Ross Ehler had not interest in helping with the issue at hand with the contract. July 9, 2014 at 5:00pm my meeting with John O'malley and his attorney. The one thing I will always remember about this dealership is when John O'malley said to me I never wanted you to come back as my customer.  John O'malley  asked me what I wanted. I told him that I wanted out of the deal because of the issues with the contract not being done correctly, the email sent to my personal email by Chris Mill thanking me for the awesome survey. even though I had never surveyed the dealership. My original copy of the Mechanical Protection Plan had my signature and date but after meeting with Ross Ehler, he gave me copies of the MPP documents and other documents that I had signed that they had on file. Their copy of the MPP had boxes checked that were not on my original. John O'malley and his attorney Davis Bauman present, asked again what I wanted I told them I never want to come back to this dealership. John O'malley said I don't want you to come as my customer and his attorney Davis Bauman agreed, his attorney said there is other dealerships out there. And all the above occurred on July 9, 2014 and lasted less that 25 minutes My recommendation to any consumer is to steer far away from this dealership. About two days ago I was at the mall and a female driving a black Jeep Cherokee asked me, Did you write that on your windows. I said yes. She voluntarily told me that this dealership had done her wrong 20 years ago. She said she would never go back to Camelback Toyota or buy a toyota product ever again. This weekend I went to my home town and I met my sisters friend. She asked me who owns that red Scion with the writing on the windows. I said me, why? She says I love it. She continues to explain that her dad bought a 4Runner from them. She said I not sure what happened but he took the 4Runner back to the dealership and gave them back the keys and title to the 4Runner. She explained that it was not a good experience and that she and her family would not recommend this dealership to other people in town. On 103014 we were at the theater on central and McDowell we got there at 7pm and after the show was over we went to our car seen that someone had put what we thought was an advertisement on the windshield. The following day I just happened to look at it and the note read as follows: Toyota ***** come to Midway Chevrolet on 23rd add Bell we will get you hooked up. Toss the piece of **** and on front of this paper is Midway Chevy contact information and phone numbers. I take it he seen what I had posted on my back window of my scion about my experience with camelback toyota.

Matthew S. | 2015-03-26

5 months later and I'm still discovering these people are crooks. From the salesman, manager to finance guy. Bought my car with 9k mikes. I was told ToyotaCare transfers to new owner buying the certified preowned car if under 24k and under 24 months. BIG FAT LIE! Took it to Avondale Toyota for the oil change and was charged and told that camelback Toyota lied, theres no such thing as transferring ToyotaCare to a car. Only nee car owners or when you buy the package separately will you get it. Proves just scums in this place.

Amy Q. | 2015-03-25

I had to drop our Toyota Tacoma off one morning to have it re-aligned (ok I hit a curb) and since they open at 7am and I work a few blocks away at 7:15 this worked out perfectly. I was told they had a shuttle to take you within a 5 mile radius. Score! So, I dropped the truck off and I hadn't made an appointment but they got me on the schedule anyways. I confirmed they had a shuttle but he told me they don't start the shuttle until 7:30! I wish they would have told us when we called the previous day....ugh...I told the guy that's not good since I start work at 7:15, he asked where I worked and I said right down the street...he said not to worry we will get you there! He had a tech drive me in my truck to my office! PERFECT! They called mid-morning that the truck was done so at lunch I picked it up. The service was fantastic! The staff has made owning the truck the past year very easy to take it in for anything we needed and make it where I don't dread bringing it in.

Andrew G. | 2015-03-20

Quick update {please do read my prior review as well}
  These guys just did an amazing job helping with a troubling issue with my Highlander that Toyota did NOT want to address.  While I would have loved it to have been resolved sooner, these guys went above and beyond to make sure the problem gets resolved.  In all my years of auto repair, it really does not get much better than this.  Far better than the other dealerships.
Lastly,  I have never been approached by any sales person while in the service waiting area.  I have been coming to this dealership for various service items over the last 5 years, M-F, and usually in the  7am-3pm range, and not once -- been approached by sales folks.  
  If I did go to the sales area, I was approached, but I expected that...

D T. | 2015-03-16

Dealerships seem to be polarizing; they're either in your good graces and impress you with decent customer service, or they're so blatantly bad, they make you shake your head in disbelief that a business could operate in such an illogical manner.

Ordered tons of parts through their website over the years, easily in the thousands. My last order was indeed my very last with Camelback Toyota. After placing the order, they emailed me the next day to inform that I had the wrong part number, and that the correct parts were ~$7 more, and I would have to call them to pay the difference before they could order the parts.

Being at work at the time, I emailed them back, telling them just to order those parts and I would pay the difference at will call when I picked up.

They emailed back and said they were unable to do that; it's their "policy" to have orders paid for in advance.

I had them cancel the order, then as soon as I got off work, I immediately went to the Toyota dealership that is much, much, much closer to my house. They ordered the parts (~$4 more than Camelback) without being prepaid, I picked them up the next day, and ultimately saved a decently long drive to Camelback Toyota (and sadly, lunch at Pizza Bianco).

Congratulations Camelback Toyota, you successfully lost a loyal customer that was willing to go out of their way and pass other Toyota dealerships just to do business with you over $7.

I'll be certain to post this on various Toyota forums I frequent as well.

Eric D. | 2015-03-07

Most incompetent service manager and advisors I've ever dealt with. A 20 minute phone call to answer a 10 second question.

Mike K. | 2015-02-25

Camelback Toyota Service on 16th Street and Camelback Road has renewed my faith in customer service again! I recently ordered a set of four belt moldings for my '07 FJ Cruiser (online) at a great discount. Then I made a bunch of calls around town to body shops -- even made one to Larry H. Miller Toyota to see what they'd charge me to remove the old worn ones and snap these new little buggers into place. I couldn't believe it when they all quoted me over 200 bucks for the job because I'd read a bunch of FJ Cruiser threads on the subject, and learned that these were fairly simple to replace.    

So I ended up calling Camelback Toyota and they told me they'd be happy to install all four for only 50 bucks labor. The service gal told me that if I could get over to the shop in 30 minutes she'd get me all fixed up -- so I drove right over. They installed two of the rear moldings right there in the service drive, and the front two in the service bay in under twenty minutes. I had an excellent customer service experience from an excellent service team!

*It rained recently and the moldings they installed held firm... and my FJ stayed nice and dry!

Gene B. | 2015-02-24

Specifically to their online parts store at , there is no communication whatsoever. Inquired on a few car parts and heard nothing back. A few members of the Tacoma World community have also shared their own complaints as well. Complaints include incomplete to unfulfilled orders.

Anthony C. | 2015-02-21

Updating later

Hadar B. | 2015-02-12

Went to this dealership while car shopping last weekend. I met with a salesman that supposedly was the "top salesman" in 2014. Why he told me that, I'm not sure. He's 26 and very shady. You can tell he's inexperienced with handling the public. He gave me a great deal and when I returned the next morning to sign paperwork, he texted me saying he couldn't be there and that his sales manager would help me out. After speaking to the sales manager about what the previous gentleman offered me, the original salesman texted me things like "please don't get me fired and tell him what I offered you. :)) the deal I gave you wasn't a guaranteed price. It could be really bad for me if you say I offered that." I still have the texts to prove it. Suuuuuuper shady business. If it wasn't guaranteed, why did you offer it to me in the first place?!
Don't deal with these guys.

David H. | 2015-01-18

No thank you.

That means enough for Yelpers to get the hint, but not the fine people at Camelback Toyota. I was here with Jenny while we were waiting to pick up her car from the [most recent round of] recall repairs it needed. Of course we had to wait in the customer lounge where the salesmen lurk.

As much as I despise salesmen, I get it. You have to reach out to anyone in the showroom. But not each and everyone of you need to do it. And you don't need to continue to try to force a sales-focused conversation with me when I've clearly stated that I am not interested. It's a waste of your time and it's frustrating as all hell to me. I know you're there if I need anything. I understand if I have questions all I have to do is all. I'm sure this vehicle there is a much better option than my reliable paid off Jeep that I love. But I can decide when I'm ready to contact you.

"Methinks not" may be subtle of a narrative for the one star rating.

Shannel M. | 2015-01-15

Amazing customer service!!! Trihn Ton helped me and was very pleasant. I had a great experience. He wasn't pushy at all. He was genuinely helpful and respectful of my time. I didn't know shopping for car could this pleasant. Before going to Camelback Toyota, I had a horrible experience at another dealership. I definitely recommend seeing Trinh. My family and I felt that he cared about us finding the right car and getting us a good deal. When we got the car, he really took the time to explain all the features. We missed our normal dinner time while we were there and he was nice enough to buy my daughter snacks from the vending machine out of his own pocket. We're definitely only seeing Trihn when it comes to car shopping.

If you're looking to get a new car and want a car salesperson who cares and will actually "help" you, visit Trinh at Camelback Toyota. :)

Phyllis L. | 2014-12-30

I was very pleased when I first bought my new Corolla in 2011, until I found out that my salesman blatantly lied to me when I purchased my car.  He told me at least a dozen times that I would have to pay for NOTHING except tires, battery and brakes for five years.  The payments were going to be higher than I could afford, but after conferring with my son and my financial adviser, they agreed that since I would be out-of-pocket no money in repairs (except the above mentioned three things), it would be a wise decision to purchase the new car.  It wasn't too long until I was told by my service manager that was not the case.  By this time, my salesman had left the country, and he could not be held accountable for the lies he told to me to get me to purchase the new car.  Just recently, my driver's window started malfunctioning and dragging the rubber insulation down on that window, and they wanted $98 just to determine whether or not it was a mechanical or cosmetic problem.  Of course, it's a mechanical problem....anybody can tell that by just hearing what the window is doing.  I am very disheartened that such a supposed upstanding car dealership would treat a customer this way, especially when they were told that I was totally misled by their salesman.  I am a widow, and this is the first car I have ever purchased on my own, and I feel that I was totally taken advantage of and am continuing to be taken advantage of when they won't even fix a mechanical problem with my driver's window.  I would recommend this dealership to nobody!

Janice O. | 2014-12-29

Love Camelback Toyota for its sales. If you are interested in a Toyota, see Mark "Moose" Hess. He is cool, not pushy, knowledgeable and really gets it. I priced around across the valley, and Moose came through better than anyone. He is more interested in making it a great experience than in getting every dollar out of you.

As to service, I offer a not-so-good review. The service department could not resolve two issues that I asked them about. Costco figured these both out in minutes, and fixed each for under $25! The service department also has never vacuumed or washed my car except when my husband brought in the car (as they say they do).

My battery went dead one day after my list visit. Interesting?

Bill E. | 2014-12-27

beware of this dealership and avoid them at any cost. I was ready to buy a new Camry and had a quote from another dealership and they told me they'll match the price if i go there. After driving long distance, we went there and told them at the beginning the quote i had for LE model and they said they'll match. fast forward 2-3 hours later after showing us several cars and many "manager"s came and talk to us. a very rude, unprofessional and aggressive person came introduced himself as Tim. The written quote I had was $1k below their price on KBB and we were fine for paying whatever they advertised on KBB since they had the exact color we wanted. but **TIM** was so rude and aggressive that we decided to leave. Other staffs were good specially the boy who showed us the cars, but one terrible person is enough to make the whole experience disaster. They wasted our afternoon, save yours!

Anthony J. | 2014-12-10

Horrible service department! I'm new to the Toyota brand, all my past experience has been with German companies, so I'm not sure if this is normal with Toyota, but I feel the diagnosis they provided was not correct as many of they things they advised were just done.  This alone still would not have given me reason enough to write a bad review, however on top of that the service is just poor.  Fortunately its an extra vehicle so I could just leave it there.  I really don't even want to deal with these people. One of these days I'll get the energy to go back and deal with the wait times and poor service, but for now my 4runner can sit there.

Michelle S. | 2014-12-05

Buying a car is never a pleasant experience however I have purchased 3 Toyotas from this dealership over the last few years.  In every case when I left the dealership I was asked by the sales team to give a 5 star rating.  The experience was always good so I was ok with doing that.

My experience today left me feeling completely different.  I did not buy a car and based on my experience I won't be buying my next car from them.  After taking time to research a car and working with the fleet team over email and phone I was shocked when I received a one sentence email saying that the retail team sold the car that I was looking at.  No apology, not suggestions of another car, not even a phone call to see if they could still work with me.  

Being a President of a company that prides themselves on exceeding our customers expectations I guess I am just sad that my years of business, over $100,000 in cars, means nothing to them.  They need to work with their sales team and not make us feel like just a number but a valued part of their Toyota family.

Cindy F. | 2014-11-28

My Prius has been regularly serviced by Camelback Toyota for 2 1/2 years.  I usually try to make my appointment first thing in the morning on a Saturday.  Being the day after Thanksgiving I wanted to sleep in on one of my only days off.  Wrong choice.

I waited for TWO HOURS and 20 MINUTES for an $80 oil change and tire rotation!

The place is nice with TVs, free beverages, and morning treats, but COME ON!  It shouldn't be packed like the DMV.  

I asked to speak to the service manager and told him my disappointment in the service time.  He said unapologetically, "Well, that sounds about right for what you had done."  Huh?  The attendant told me 90 minutes!

I really don't know if I will be back.  The experience was that horrific and there are a lot of good mechanics out there who respect a person's time. (I am up for suggestions.)

Roy S. | 2014-11-28

Its ALL GOOD... The day before thanksgiving, I had a blow out in my Toyota. I took it to Camelback and Robert G. He did not have the tire in stock. But he sourced it, had it delivered to the dealership, and it was installed by 4:35PM, so I could be happily on my way to Flagstaff for Turkey Day. Also, I had no appointment. I was a walk-in. The price, $18 dollars LESS than what was quoted. This was a truly EXCEPIONAL SERVICE EXPERIENCE, and I heartily recommend the service department of Camelback Toyota. Robert G. went out of his way to get me on the road for the Holiday, and exceeded my expectations!!

N D. | 2014-11-26

Camelback Toyota is the exception to the typical car dealership. The service and parts department folks were easy to work with, didn't push any additional services, and followed up after the work was completed to make sure everything was alright. One of the parts was incorrect due to my error, and they took care of it before I even got there. My service guy even took me back in the shop because they were working on a few old Toyotas like mine, and he thought I might like to see them. It seemed to be a dealership full of car-people rather than sales-people, and that was refreshing.

Randy W. | 2014-11-19

Went in there for service on my 4-runner. Saw a rav-4 that was really cool and asked for the price. They really upgraded the size last few years. To make a long story short, I bought it . Traded in my Chrysler 300 and got a reasonable price. Didn't need it but I like it. Salesman was cool and didn't fall for the extra add on warranties. They make good cars. Buying from a dealership is always a chore. Just leave a little money on the table and it is amazing how much better they treat you. Don't try to squeeze every cent out of them. It works. Only reason for 3 stars and not 4 is because they didn't tell me  it didn't have cruise control.  I thought all new vehicles these days had it!

Lynn S. | 2014-11-17

AJ Lydon is the best !! He finds EXACTLY what your looking for no matter how long it takes and keeps in contact with you during to search process.  A great ASSET to that dealership !!!

Reese C. | 2014-11-14

Never in a million years would I ever think I'd give a car dealership a good review. Never.  So this is major.

I just got done with the car shopping process.  I had an irrational attachment to my almost 18 year old Corolla, Latonya. She was the BEST. It was with a heavy heart that I had to get rid of her due to old age and some illnesses.  

The past two weeks have been hellacious.  Absolutely godforsaken.  Going into car dealerships as a female is just sickening.   Between the condescending tone of the guys selling to me, the bait and switch bullshit that goes on while the sales guy goes to 'talk to my manager and see if I can help you out', the lies, the RIDICULOUS fees that they try to pack on once you get them down to a realistic price.. I could go on and on about the absolutely disgusting things that I experienced.  On a few occasions I got in my car after leaving and cried out of sheer rage.  

I walked in here with a piss poor attitude, defenisiveness , and I was ready to do battle.  

I didn't need to.  My salesman, Tom C (I won't put his last name-- but ask for him!) was respectful, he LISTENED to what I was looking for, and not once did he try to scam me. Not once.  I found a car I really liked, but there were a few minor scratches on the door handle.  They fixed it , free. And when I say free I mean free.   After I bought the car Tom also took the time to show me how to work all of the fancy pants gadgets in my new car (my ol' girl had a tape deck... it's quite the transition). he hooked up my phone to the car, taught me how to maneuver though all my buttons, you name it.  

The price of the vehicle was actual blue book/NADA value.  There wasn't one fee (other than taxes, license, registration) that was added on. Not. one.cent.  

I seriously thought he was up to something.  I felt shady even saying ON THE FIRST OFFER: I'll take it.  There was no negotiation. There was no need for it.  I got the actual value of the car. Period.  

I was preapproved for a car loan and they beat my already good percentage rate.  The finance guy: I was ready for the slimy sales pitch because THAT is where they make their money with all the extra stuff. While he did try to sell it, it wasn't pushy. He didn't push hard or try and scare me.  I  said no thanks, he moved along.

I'm still in shock at how easy  my experience was. It's how car buying should be: price the car for what it's actually worth, sign, drive. Boom done..

As a female shopping alone, I cannot say enough about this place.  I'm still in awe.

Allyson Z. | 2014-11-03

Worst dealership I have ever dealt with! Salesman that I test drove with was nice, but his boss was the biggest douchebag I've encountered in a long time! I wanted a third row 4Runner and the salesman went to check with his boss on inventory. I could hear every word the douchebag said and I hear him say, in a condescending tone, "It doesn't exist. Tell her it doesn't exist. Get her to go for the Highlander." So I tell him that it isn't a unicorn, it does exist, they just don't have it. What do you know, 3 minutes later he magically finds more than one at another dealer.

When we start talking numbers, he has the nerve to cut the value of my trade-in to half of what Kelly Blue Book says it's worth. Even worse, he claims it's because of the Carfax report. He says there has been 3 accidents, which is BS because it had a clean Carfax when I bought it and I have been in no accidents. Don't give them your business! Liars with attitude!

Nick W. | 2014-10-26

Pushy salespeople.  Not only will I not revisit this establishment, I will avoid the whole camelback corridor in the future.  Pure scum.

Tigra C. | 2014-10-11

When I moved here last year, I left my old car in St.Louis, so I had the envious pleasure of car shopping.  Next to playing the NIN-in-my-eyelids game with Trent Reznor, this has to be the most exciting task ever.  Yay.  

When I came here, I already been to countless other dealerships, so my very last nerve was teetering on the brink of psychosis, so my attitude mirrored my mental state. I knew exactly what I was looking for & I had no time for the b.s. The first salesman who came running out was typically annoying to the Nth degree; I had to shake him off.  Then came my guy, Brian. He was still a salesman, but charming and nice (and obviously new) so I stuck with him.  He even rode out to N Scottsdale with me to pick-up DD from school, in what was the ultimate test drive. (And what was surely a ploy to make sure I came back to them.)

The process is painfully long. I hate that. Hours upon hours. Why?!  What on earth takes them so long? I could've flown to Japan and back in that timeframe.

Then out comes the pushy boss. She was Nigerian and she loved to hear herself talk.  I had to shoot her chair out from under her a few times (this is an expression; no firearms were involved) as she tried to lie about this and that.  She spoke Spanish though, so that is helpful for those who need it. I'm assuming that she was trying to "identify" with me when she started speaking Spanish to me after hearing me speak with mis hijos, but I obviously speak English so, girl, have a seat. (I'm nitpicking.)

THEN you deal with the final loan processor, or whatever his title was. DOES THE PUSHERY EVER END?! I'm sure I signed off on some extras that I may never use, but I am glad that I agreed to that MPP. It's a protection plan and it covers oil changes & tire rotations up to 72 months or 75K miles, which is nice to have once the Toyota Boost service runs out at 25K.

The service team tinted my windows as part of the deal, but they did a crappy job on my driver's side window. There is a long bubble running the length of the window. They blamed it on the cold weather. *major side-eye*  They told me to bring it back during warmer weather and they'd fix it. I have yet to allot the 4+ hours to do that.

Also, there is an Enterprise @ 1/2 mile or less up the road, so I was able to turn in the corporate rental and get into my new car.

End of the day? I got what I wanted and I got a good interest rate. I like how they put your name on the TV after your purchase. Makes you feel all super-starish.
And Brian called me like 6 months to a year later to see how everything was going.

However, the REAL MVP at Toyota Camelback is their waiting lounge. Large, bright and open.  Clean restrooms. They have a small cafe serving up food, snacks, and drinks. There's a second waiting area upstairs called the "Quiet Lounge." There you'll find 2 small one-person rooms with one top of the line massage chair and a TV in each room. And you may close the curtains for privacy.  Those massage chairs are absolutely AMAZING.  I awoke feeling great and had a message that my car was ready. Best 2 hour oil changes ever! They got an extra star just for these massage chairs.

Jennifer C. | 2014-10-06

I'm actually down the street right now dealing with a different dealership missing the amazing customer service we receive at camelback Toyota. We have bought many cars from them as well as used their service department regularly and they always treat us like kings. Every experience I've had has left me feeling appreciated and well taken care of. I'm only at another dealership because of a gmc recall. If you're looking to buy a car, this is a great place to go!!!

Luay A. | 2014-09-20

Was amazing they did help me big time
And they gave me warranty for 125000 miles they are very cool

Amy C. | 2014-08-26

Robert G. Was awesome! He checked my tire and fixed it for free! I've been a Toyota customer for years and this is why!!

Kristen E. | 2014-08-07

Bought my very first new car here!!! Courtney Roy was amazing!!! So helpful, friendly, and energetic! I came in right before closing but he was gracious and more than happy to help. I would recommend Courtney and Camelback Toyota to my family and friends.

David C. | 2014-08-06

I went in to take a look at an 04 Nissan Xterra that Camelback had listed for sale. It was late on a Friday night, and even though they were close to closing, they were very nice and personable.

We were shown the car by Marcus, who even though had only been there for a short while, was incredibly nice and accommodating, repeatedly offering us water and being an all-around good host. Anything he didn't know about the car, he was very up front and said "I don't know, but I'll find out for you", and proceeded to get the answers rather than just tell us a lie.

The car itself was exactly as advertised. Whoever details their vehicles did an amazing job, as it was almost looking brand new.

The financing department were kind and didn't push us too hard. We told them how much we were looking to spend on a monthly payment and they found a couple different options of getting it close to that mark. They offered warranty packages and when we declined them, they didn't get indignant or upset.

The only reason I didn't give them 5 stars, was that they were supposed to call me Monday after the sale to let me know exactly which bank had financed my loan. By Wednesday, they hadn't called me, and I had made a few calls to the financing department to find out what was going on without any replies.

Fortunately, Marcus called Wednesday afternoon to see how the car was doing and after telling him about the financing situation, he was able to find out the answer and call me back within 10 minutes. Marcus definitely deserves credit for his customer service both on the sale, and the followup.

Alex C. | 2014-08-04

Came in for oil change early Saturday morning.
The skinny I usually get most of my appointments early in the morning so I can enjoy my day and it helps to get you in and out. I has my appointment at 715 am and noticed that it was already real busy no prob I have an appointment. I pull up to service area and I am met with a not so friendly lady asking how she can help I let her know that I have appointment for oil change. She then asks who the appointment was with as I was not told a name from lady I set appointment with I told her I didn't know, she gave me a little look and asked if I knew the last name on account (nice little jab) I said I do and gave her my info and I apologized for not having info as it was not given to me she turned around said that's fine and walked away without telling me where she was going or what I should do. After about a minute and several nice people asking if I have been helped passed by me, a nice gentleman came by introduced himself, shook my hand and let me know my eta, and where I can wait and other things he could offer he was very nice and well spoken. I waited in tree beautiful waiting area where they had magazines and the news playing along. The free wifi made time fly and I was out in about an hour and a half not bad.
Overall this place deserves 3 1/2 stars not 3 but they don't deserve 4 stars in my opinion the first person I speak with should be as nice as the last person I speak with. I would go back to this place oil change was quick and no heavy pressure for an up sell.

Bree B. | 2014-07-20

Do you ever feel like you don't see enough Pez dispensers these days?  I feel a little conflicted when it come to these old school candy gems - on one hand, I love the candy.  It is the sweetness of a smartie with the crunch of a sweet tart and the rainbow coloring skittles.  On the other hand, it is a HEAD ON A STICK and the candy comes out of the NECK.  It is a scene straight out of a horror movie.  

And who can eat from a Pez dispenser and not think of Lord of the Flies at least once?  Well, there is one demographic - young kids.  This is the same group of people that you probably don't want to take with you when you a buy a car, since it is a long and tedious process.  I cannot think of many things less entertaining than buying a car. Maybe watching someone clean grout?

For those who bring their kids with them anyway (like me!!) Camelback Toyota has you covered.  There is a whole area designated for kids. There is a video game console, a television, a cave, books, and little toys.  I really appreciate Camelback Toyota making a point to be family friendly. Prior to our visit there, we quickly visited a shop directly across the street and they did not even have a token candy bowl filled with dum dums.  

Having the kids mildly entertained and drowning in Pez, allowed my husband and I to not only test drive two cars, but complete an actual purchase.  And, to make it even sweeter, the deal we got was great and the customer service was also fantastic. We never felt pressured or taken advantage of.   We walked out with a beautiful used Prius and I could not be happier.

Also, they did not require us to even bring our trade in, we were able to trade it in sight unseen.  That level of convenience is just as helpful as the Pez dispensers.

Our sales person was Amir, and was nothing short of pleasant and helpful.  I know it sounds crazy, but I actually think he was also sincere. I would buy a car from him again.

The air conditioner was on full blast so my last piece of advice is to bring a sweater.

Jennifer M. | 2014-07-11

My car buying experience was pleasant and easy. The entire sales staff was friendly and patient with me. I was dreading going to a dealership due to all the horror stories I've heard, but I was in desperate need of a new vehicle. The staff wasn't pushy at all and helped me find a great car that I could afford. I am very pleased with my experience and my purchase. Thanks Camelback Toyota!

Amy S. | 2014-07-11

The customer service is SERIOUSLY lacking in the parts dept at CB Toyota!  Every time I call, I'm immediately put on hold, and usually left there for a REALLY LONG time!!  Then, this last time, they messed up my will call pick up, and when I had a friend pick up my order for me since I live far away, they left out a part, and now I have to go all the way back!  One hand couldn't figure out the other when I called to see what was going on.  I was put on hold and transferred 3 different times, only to get someone's voicemail, from whom I never received a call back from!  I had to call and go through the whole process again calling back to get an answer!  How frustrating!

andrea v. | 2014-07-08

The service center was exceptionally accommodating. They promised me specific times and came through right on time. The wait lounge is comfy with lots of amenities to bide your time but of course there's always the courtesy van to take you home or shopping

Andi T. | 2014-06-23

My experience with this dealership was exactly why most people hate dealing with car salesmen!!  My husband and I had been searching for a used MINI Convertible to buy for our Daughter.  I found one online which directed me to Camelback Toyota.  I filled out the online info and was called shortly thereafter by Joseph.  I explained what we were looking for and he assured me this car was in great condition and to come on down.  I said we would be in that afternoon.  Not even 20 minutes later, I received a call from his manager asking if we were coming in or not.  I said I had just gotten off the phone with him a short time ago and that we were going to see several cars that day, but would be in that afternoon.  

We decided to go to this dealership first and the second I opened my car door, I saw them coming at my like vultures!  I told them I was looking for Joseph.  They led me to another man (I can't remember his name) because they said Joseph was busy.  So I had to explain all over again what we were looking for.  They led us to the MINI and told my daughter to get in and start it up... it did not turn over.  The battery was dead.  We spent the next 20 minutes watching several of the men try to figure out how pop the hood open and then how to actually open it.  It was comical and aggravating to say the least.  Meanwhile, we noticed how badly scuffed up the rims were and how faded the side panel was.  All while they are telling us that only about 1% of what actually gets traded in makes it to the showroom floor because they have such high standards.

Once they finally jump-started the car we went for a test drive.  Now, no offense to the salesman, but he was a "BIG" guy.  He barely fit into the seat of this car and made the (already tight) ride very uncomfortable.  He spent the entire test-drive (sitting half sideways and crammed) talking and fiddling with all the knobs trying to figure out what everything does.  The car was driving with a lot of vibration and seemed very shaky. My husband was driving and trying to hear the engine etc. (doing his due diligence) and the salesman was cranking up the radio, showing off the "awesome" sound-system.  He was so obnoxious.  My daughter and I were sitting in the back noticing the fine details, like the broken drink holders and missing parts.
FINALLY, the test drive ended.

They immediately whisked us into the showroom and asked us what they could do to help us get into the car today?  We explained that we had several other cars to look at and that this was the first one we test drove, and weren't overly thrilled with it, and that we were patient buyers.  The next thing we know, there were 2 men at our table trying to persuade us... and then 3!!  It was ridiculous.  We asked to see the CarFax and saw that it already had 3 owners and was originally from the northwest, insuring that it had seen some years of snow.  That immediately ruled it out for us.  We explained we were not interested and the second we did, the Salesman got an attitude and left the table without saying a word.  We couldn't wait to get out of there!!  

My husband and I have bought many cars through the years.  We have dealt with both "Good and Bad" dealers.  This is one I would say stay far, far away from.  I will follow-up to say that the next dealership we went to (BMW North Scottsdale) was a night-and-day comparison... as was the MINI that they had.  It was beautiful and well-kept and drove nicely... and started on the first try.  More importantly, they were low-pressure.  They listened to our questions and answered them too.  And I might add, we got an amazing deal on this (superior) car for THOUSANDS less than what Camelback Toyota was asking.

Amanda O. | 2014-06-16

Never again will I go to camelback toyota  horrible customer service beyond rude and I felt belittled  when expressing my frustration  never again I don't recommend any one especially if female

Jessica G. | 2014-05-05

I came here for an oil change for their yellow service. Customer service was great here! They answered my questions about my auto light, key sensor, and trimming around car. Plus, they gave me a booklet with recommended changes which was changing out brake fluid. Furthermore, they weren't pushy when it came to the recommended services. Might I note that I went to another Toyota place for service a while back and   didn't get a booklet or complete satisfied customer service. I am sticking with Camelback Toyota. I didn't mind the wait, a couple hours was ok with me. While I waited, I used their wifi with my computer and drank some water. Mind you, they do have coffee, ipads, and other assortment of finger foods. I hear upstairs has massage chairs too, but I was ok down stairs :) This place is so roomy too for the service dept! Idk I just can't say enough good things about this place. I went to another place and was disappointed with them, but this place met all my expectations when it came to the service department. PS. Robert Gonzalez helped me and I'm planning on going back for my car's next service. Thank you! Like I said, I appreciated everything you and Camelback Toyota helped me with :)

Carrie S. | 2014-04-27

I am so happy we bought our car from Camelback Toyota! We got the car we wanted for less than we expected to pay and that was with an 84 month warrenty! Everyone was very helpful and we  had such a good experience! No games, just great service! Wahoo! Thanks camelback toyota!

Sandy L. | 2014-04-12

Sergio Vera assisted me with getting an oil change. He was very polite and efficient. I did not have an appointment and when asked how long the oil change would take, he told me it would be about an hour and  twenty minutes (twenty minutes for the car wash), but it actually only ended up being 45 minutes, (probably because the car wash was not very thorough, as there were still bugs on my grill.)

I really appreciated the booklet I received after, notifying me of the services that my car is due for. I didn't feel pressured or harassed to get those services done, which was a welcome relief. I'm new to Arizona and this was my first time to Camelback Toyota and I was pleasantly surprised by the service and the lounge area. The chairs are comfortable and I like that the space is open and allows a lot of light in. And the cafe is a nice touch.

Corinne C. | 2014-03-31

Both the dealership AND the salesperson were commendable !

Kent Trapp's years of experience doing one thing: matching customers to the car fitting their needs, is priceless.

I came in thinking I wanted a cute orange munchkin (Prius C) only to come to grips with the reality, my orange crush was a serious mismatch for the car's usefulness with respect to my work.

The dealership supported Trapp's desire to help me acquire a more appropriate choice by allocating a generous trade-in value for my car and by disclosing Toyota's mandate to offer a rebate for my paying for the car versus financing it.

I was thoroughly irked when I realized that a different Toyota dealership felt justified in ignoring the Toyota's rebate mandate.  We are talking about $1,000!

Kent Trapp taught me to pair my dumb phone with the car's Blue Tooth and introduced some additional "fun" features of my vehicle AFTER the sale had been completed.

Trapp is intelligent and sensitive to specific car issues. He did not hesitate to have a beeping feature modified by their service department.  I honestly had a positive car buying experience, thanks to this gentleman.

Nadia B. | 2014-03-19

Just purchased my hybrid Prius from this dealer and the service was amazing! I highly recommend working with Casey! He was funny, not pushy, and very well informed. He helped us get in and out in no time and gave us a fair deal. We loved this experience and are very excited about going green and living Eco Friendly!

Tom Q. | 2014-03-09

Went in for "scheduled warrantee service 6 months ago.  They told me to bring it back just before the warrantee expires and they will do the "oil change service" not the "oil service" regardless of the miles.
I scheduled an appointment last week and the appointment girl confirmed "oil change" will happen.  I dropped off early bird paperwork and the paperwork said "oil change" as per appointment..  I then talked to a service person who confirmed "oil change" not "oil service" will happen.    I get my car later in the day.  -no oil change.

T C. | 2014-03-05

I've owned Toyotas for 30+ years and have always had work done at Toyota dealerships.......until I moved to Phoenix and went to Camelback.  No matter what you bring your vehicle in for, they will find a hundred other pricey repairs that have to be done.  I've never seen so much needless up-selling in my life.    They smile and have a beautiful facility, but their tactics are beneath a Toyota dealership.

Paul S. | 2014-03-01

Skip all the craziness and just go to Miles Zeisberg to purchase your vehicle. Of course, do your homework first, but that said, he is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. We went to other dealerships and salespeople were just making things up about vehicle features, pricing, etc. What was most impressive about Miles is that even though we purchased the vehicle and probably would not be back any time soon to buy another, he still followed-up with us. Then, a month later, we urgently needed a copy of some paperwork while we were out of town. Even though the finance department was closed on a Saturday morning, he personally got the paperwork scanned and faxed to us immediately. That is amazing service. (Plus he has a great name for a car salesperson.) Thank you Miles!

Marci L. | 2014-02-21

DO NOT PATRONIZE THIS DEALERSHP!!! They will rip you off!

3 days ago I purchased a new RAV 4 from this dealership. They are NOT customer focused and NOT willing to bring any level of Customer service after the sale.
In my case, the trade value that they gave to me was extremely low and when I questioned it, they told me "Don't worry, we will pay it off".  What they actually did was add the dfference to my loan and never shared that information with me. They told me they ASSUMED that I would know that they were doing that.  I had not purchased a vehicle with a trade in many years so their assumption that I would just know was unfounded.

When I called the dealership to try to resolve the issues, no one returned my call, I had to send a FAX to John McNally  to get someone to  call me back.

During the sales process everyone was nice and friendly but when I needed assistance days after the sale, they did nothing but offer me $250.

The General Manager's assistant Kim McCabe and the Assistant Sales Manager Ross (don't know  his last name) finally called me 3 days later and were not able to resolve the issue.

Poor choice of dealerships for me..I should have paid more attention the reviews.


Lisa P. | 2014-02-19

I had the best used car buying experience here ever.  They were all so nice to work with from everyone starting with Rachel in sales and ending with Emad in the finance office.  The deal was relaxed, painless, and fast. Even the sales manager was very friendly and easy to talk to.   Each person listened very carefully to me.  And when I needed help with a bit of a sticky situation they found a way to get the deal done.  Nothing but praise for all of the staff over there.  The best.

Sondra H. | 2014-02-08

Not a fan. They emailed me after receiving 650 worth of work to say I still needed 900 more. News to me. When I emailed them back I heard nothing. Hasn't fallen apart in the several months since so I guess it was a mistake.

Heidi V. | 2014-01-15

I've been coming here for two years for service and I'm officially done.  I prefer to take my car to a dealership for service, which is why I've given them second, third, fourth chances, but this is it. Two hours and still waiting for oil change and tire rotation. I continue to try to find a non busy time for a quicker turnaround with no luck.  The service tech is patronizing and has no respect for a customer's time.  Even though it's farther for me, I will be going someplace else in the future.

Dilli B. | 2013-12-25

Im a new refugee in united state; after one year I just plan to buy toyata camry from camelback toyota.salesman was david.he treated me good at first.I bought 2009 camry  camry for almost. 20.000, including everything.I was happy but after 4 months I got bad accident from other guys .again I went back to toyota dealer and bought 2012 corolla almost 22.000.but my choise was camry.I hoped that salesman david gonna help me but he forced me to buy 2012 corolla -for 75 months -every month at first he told me to pay 405 at first but I dinied to pay.I told him that I want to pay only 360 a month.again he told me to make 1000 down and told me to pay 400. 75 last he told meto pay 395 and 1000 down for 75 months-at the same time other salesman came to me and said I will make a deal with him. Salesman david went off.he told me to pay 1500 down and pay 365 for 75 months.I was amazed how these guys treat other.I said 0 down and 365 for 75 months.-just be careful with those salesman.but david was my salesman before and I said I wanna biy from david, at last I bought toyota corolla 2012 from david for 0 down 365 for 75 months-after one week I dont lije this corolla I went back again I told david I want 2012 camry with same price. But he said I have to pay more-again we have discuss. He told me to pay more bit I refused and said I dont want this car I will buy from other dealer .the salesman david threatened if you do t tske police will catch you-you must take it-he threathens me a lot-at last another salesman came to me -we talk for half an hour.he decide to give me 2012 camry for same price0 down 365 for 75 months-he told me everything about what to do and what not driving 2012 camry for almost 9 months and I love it so much -im dilli bhandari. And lots of thanks to my salesman fromcamelback toyota.but I forget my salesman name.guy be careful while buyig as you can saves thousands of dollar

Ryan G. | 2013-12-09

Sergio greeted me at the service reception area. Did not have a appointment set and they accommodated me for my Yellow service. A lot of the service advisors are approachable. Nice facility and dealership. Lounge can be quiet with complimentary fruits, small muffins, coffee.

Bryan B. | 2013-11-30

Yesterday I brought my Toyota Camry to Camelback Toyota for a warranty repair of the driver and passenger sun visors and after their "thorough 27 point inspection and alignment test," Ed Hammer in the service department came back to me with a laundry list of maintenance and repair work to be done on the car.  I was informed that my oil was really dark, that my oil filter was clogged, my breaks were shot and my rotors needed replacing, among other issues.  

Interestingly enough, I had the car serviced the previous week, addressing all of these "issues" by my regular, reliable, well reviewed and trusted mechanic 180 Automotive.  When I told Camelback Toyota that they immediately started backpedalling on their analysis of the car.  Suddenly they said that they didn't see an oil sticker and came up with a myriad of excused for their ineptitude.  I thought this was a thorough 27 point inspection?  I did fail to bring up the point that Toyota claimed to have worked on the rotors the last time I brought the car into be serviced, after which my many suspicious led me to seek a reliable mechanic closer to where I live.  

My eyes are wide open and this experience has led me to be completely unable to trust Camelback Toyota.  It appears the games that they play when selling the car clearly carry over into their servicing and I am no longer convinced that I can trust them for warranty work and will take the car to another dealership for warranty required service bulletins.  

Camelback Toyota cannot be trusted to replace sun visors without an issue, I would not trust them for any sales or service related issue.  Consumer beware!

Carolyn L. | 2013-11-22

Needed a new 12v battery for my Prius. Camelback Toyota wanted to sell me a lame Interstate battery that wasn't the right size (important), and for lots of money and that didn't even include installation.

Asked my mechanic for a quote and it was $70 less. Got the battery, it's a premium genuine Toyota battery the correct size - from Camelback Toyota (indirectly).


Rhombus A. | 2013-10-15

I've had my new  2013 Rav4 for about 6 weeks now. So it's time to write my review of the Camelback Toyota experience. In one word?  Calm, or mellow, maybe relaxed?
Mike Miller had the perfect attitude.  Since I told him that I actually wanted another car, but was coming to Toyota only to rule out the Rav4, he decided that the best way to sell me the Rav4 was to let me drive the Rav4 to the other dealerships to drive the other cars I was actually interested in for a second time. We went to two dealerships and drove the two other makes and models.  Every time I got back in the Rav4, I liked it better.  Was that genius on his part?  I think so. He was professional and calm throughout.

Did I get a smokin' deal?  Not particularly.  But I didn't get ripped off, and the price I paid was right around the low average.for my model.  Not only that, but since I didn't squeeze every penny out of them, I left with some energy remaining, and no bad feelings.

Could I have gotten a better finance rate?  Yes, probably.  MY BAD.  I told them a number and they gave it to me.  I should have asked them to check how low they could go first.  In the meantime, I only lost about 5 dollars a month by my mistake.

But that's the finance department.

That and one other very bizarre incident shows me that the finance guys can be as shady as the salesmen.  How did I find this out?  One if the finance guys came out to the showroom floor to talk to me about extended warranties.  I told him that I was interested, but that a friend had recently paid X for Y warranty.  He told me he couldn't do it and left.

Later, the finance guy that ended up doing my paperwork gave me exactly what I had wanted--Y warranty for X bucks.  Go figure.

Yes, I know that new Toyotas come with a warranty, yes, I know that they pay all maintenance for two years, but I've had experience in the past where that extended warranty saved my financial bacon-- so don't hate on me.  :)

If you need a Toyota, go see Mike Miller, and make sure that the Finance Guy is Ilias Kassimatis. But do your homework on current interest rates and rebates before you go.

Claire S. | 2013-09-11

I have had awful experiences with both the sales department AND the service department. I got my 'certified pre-owned' 2009 Toyota Corolla two years ago and I still remember the ordeal vividly. I know that being young and female must make me seem like an easy target, but when the sales guy told me that "legally" he could not give me lower than a 19% interest rate I couldn't believe it. To blatantly lie like that should be illegal. I only had a 5% interest rate on my previous car, also a Toyota, and I have always had very good credit. I even told him what my previous interest rate was, and he made up excuses and waved it off.

After hours of back and forth, him "working some magic" whittling the interest rate down to what he said was the lowest he could go - a measly 11% (strange lower than 19%? I guess he must have broken the law!) - I left. It wasn't until 20 minutes later and I was almost home that I got a phone call from his manager saying that they looked up my account and saw I had only a 5% interest rate on my previous Toyota and boy it was my lucky day, cause they were willing to match it. Funny, it didn't seem to matter when I was in there telling them that exact same thing, only when they were saw I was serious about leaving.

Now the service department. I had a problem with the stock stereo system where I'd go over a bump and it would cut out, occasionally coming back in after another bump in the road. I figured there was a melted or loose wire, either way it was definitely the wiring. It finally cut out completely so I brought my car in. After telling them the issue and saying I believed it was a loose wire, they told me it was a faulty head unit and they had to order another. A week later when the new unit arrives I brought my car in and waited several hours for the repair. Finally they brought my car around and said everything was working and I was good to go.

I walked out to my car and hit the power button for my radio... and nothing. They didn't take the one second to reach over and slap the button to see if their fix actually worked. I walked back in and told the service guy, John, that my radio STILL wasn't working, and said again that I thought it was a wire. He said it was probably the amplifier, and they'd have to keep my car overnight for the repair. They started to set me up with a rental, and right before the girl walked me out to the rental car John came running up and said that the problem was only a pinched wire, they fixed it and I was good to take my car home.

Now the other day, I took my car in because I was having a problem with my driver's side window making an awful screeching noise when I rolled it up. I had looked my window over to see if anything was wrong with the rubber seal or something jammed, but it was all fine. I knew there was a problem with Corollas a couple years back where some window component wasn't properly lubricated, and I thought that might be the case now.

I had an appointment with John at 3:30, got there at about 3:20. Someone else took my car in, luckily, because John was nowhere to be found. After 40 minutes of not knowing if my car was even being looked at I found the kid and he said they weren't sure what was wrong, but they were looking at it, and he was trying to find John. I didn't even spot John until about 4:20. He informed me that due to the heat, some of the rubber components were drying out. They were lubricating the parts and that would fix the problem for now but it might come back later.  On my way home I gave the window a quick test and just like the radio, the problem wasn't solved. Still a terrible screeching noise. I called John and he informed me that even with the extended MPP warranty, "trimming" wasn't covered, so I'd have to pay out of pocket to replace the parts. I was quoted $187 for the labor alone.

I took my boyfriend over to my car to show him the noise (he was going to look up the dried out rubber components to see if we could find them at an Autozone and fix it ourselves), and he pointed out that the outer bottom seal on my window now has a good three inch tear at the base. I had looked everything over before I took my car in, and the seals were all good. Now I have to take my car back in so they can look it over, waste another two hours of my life, and have his managers determine whether they should replace the part they tore or not. I'm not trying to get them to replace the dried out rubber bits - I'll order those myself - I just want them to fix what they messed up.

It is a tragedy that my extended warranty is apparently only good at this Toyota dealership. I wish I could take it to some other Toyota service department.

Patricia C. | 2013-08-31

Outstanding service and extremely helpful staff!  Mike Miller went above and beyond. to make sure I had great service and when I had a problem with my Navigation system everyone was more than ready to assist me.  I recommend them highly.

Tim G. | 2013-08-23

I took my 2001 Echo here to have it serviced. I needed new rear struts. Their price came in less than Meinke quoted by 80 dollars and they used top of the line KYB aftermarket struts. Everybody I dealt with was very, very pleasant. The new struts are awesome and smooth. The facility is unbelievably luxurious with tons of comfortable seating, a cafe, internet, and a place for kids to play. I don't have kids but I am very immature so I played the xBox for a while myself. Upstairs are two private massage rooms. I don't think you could possibly ask for more than that.

Ruthie C. | 2013-08-18

I had my car serviced here recently. I was pleased I could have the appointment time I wanted with only a few days' notice. My attendant was courteous, professional, and respected my decisions regarding my car maintenance. I had two quibbles regarding my recent visit:

#1 - When they called with the inspection results and suggested additional maintenance, they gave me an expected time of completion. When there was a delay, they didn't call me so I showed up at the expected completion time and my car wasn't ready for about another 90 minutes.

#2 - They washed my car but there were still spots on the hood from a recent bird bombing. They did an excellent job wiping down and vacuuming the interior.

April P. | 2013-08-06

Jack was a great help and a really sweet guy. Had a great experience at this Toyota solely because of him. Definitely went the extra mile for me! I HIGHLY recommend d you request to see Jack when you visit this toyota. He truly cares for his customers!

S S. | 2013-07-12

This is a good place to buy a car if you deal with the fleet or Internet people. We have bought several Toyotas in recent years  and three of four have been from here, as they beat significantly the best price we could get elsewhere.

But they are absolutely thieves when it comes to service. Be very careful.  First of all, you must understand that all Toyota service managers are paid on a commission basis. The more services they sell you, the more money they make.   They are not service managers; they are service salesman.  My two-year-old Avalon was due  a free detail from Camelback. So I took it in. While sitting in the waiting room I was amazed at the steady stream of service managers who would come in and tell their waiting pigeons  the long list of additional services they really needed in addition to whatever it was they had come in for.   Totally unnecessary things like power steering flushes, EFI services, transmission fluid plushes, etc. These are all things for which they charge $100 to $300. Then it was my turn.  My guy came in and told me I really needed new tires. He was pretty embarrassed when I pointed out that the tires I had on the car had only 2000 miles on them.

Mark S. | 2013-07-09

We've bought two vehicles from Camelback and are quite satisfied with their sales, parts, and service departments. They have a strong veteran staff who are well-trained and seem to really love what they do. They have such a high volume of clientele, they can keep their prices low. But they do not lack in customer service.

We live in Goodyear, but we happily make the trip out to Camelback Toyota for their exquisite service. Not to mention the facility is state-of-the-art. I highly recommend this location if you are in the market for a Toyota.

Chris M. | 2013-07-08

My girlfriend and I leased her last 2 Corollas from Feisel at Camelback Toyota, and they were both great experiences! I recently bought my new Tundra from Feisel, and it was also a great car buying experience.  Feisel  actually knows how to treat his customers with respect, and he makes the car buying process very transparent and low pressure. Also, the service department here is top notch; both the advisers and the facility itself (except for the arrogant service greeter named Thom, but one bad apple can't speak for the entire dealership).  I hate the Van Tuyl group, so I am very surprised how one of their dealerships can actually leave a good taste in my mouth, but I would recommend them to anyone.

Steve G. | 2013-06-29

I have not purchased from Camelback Toyota (though after looking at some there, they're at the top of the list). My experience has been with their service department, and I go there even though I'm considerably closer to at least one other Toyota dealership. They've been very responsive, they get service done quickly, and their prices for both service and parts are fair, despite being dealership prices. I will be back, each service person has been professional and courteous.

Stephanie S. | 2013-05-29

I went to Camelback Toyota yesterday and purchased a new Corolla.  Ian Grundstrom was my salesman and he was amazing.  He took his time with me, explained everything, went over all my options and listened to what I wanted.  When it was time to meet with Finance I met with Rich Davidson and he was very professional and went over all my options.  I would highly recommend this dealership to all.  I even had the General Manager of the store come out and introduce himself to me right before I was handed the keys.  It was a great car buying experience!

D K. | 2013-04-22

Had part replaced due to recall, now making odd noises from that part. They want me to pay $100 to get it checked out. How does that make sense? Might be service tech's bad decision, but this does not make me want to continue to give them my money.

Dave G. | 2013-04-16

Called in the service department to request a price quote for lowering springs installation on my prius.  The person I talked to in the service department quoted me $750 just labor cost.  Their own website lists the price for the part and installation at $432.  Either the service staff has no clue what they're doing or it's just a robbery.

Steven N. | 2013-04-04

This place stinks.  My elderly mother leased a car from Power Toyota in Tempe and tried to return it to Camelback Toyota since she lived closer to this location.  The Sales Team/Service Manager told her she would have to pay $50 for an inspection fee just to return the vehicle.  She correctly called them out as a scam and we drove out to Power Toyota where they allowed us to return the vehicle with no hassle.  Power Toyota is a top dealership in the Valley, this place is filled with Scum.

Carrie O. | 2013-03-09

Put new tires on my Prius in California right before my annual drive to Arizona for spring training.  Unfortunately got a screw in one tire while I was in Phoenix which required a replacement. Fortunately,  I had a two year road hazard warranty on the tires and was instructed to have the work done at a local Toyota dealership.  The Yelp reviews for Camelback Toyota were good so I called the next morning for an appointment and talked to Cole Bauer, who confirmed that the required tire was in stock and that I could have the tire replaced at 4:30 that day and that I should ask for him when I arrived. Sounds great, right?!?  But - when I arrived at 4:30, I was completely ignored by everyone there in the service bay. I stayed by my car for 15 minutes, then found Cole at his desk.  He not only had no recollection of our conversation that morning and no record of my appointment but also stated that the tire I needed was not in stock. He called another dealer to see if they had it in stock and informed me that they did.   I thought that he was going to have it transferred somehow, but then realized that he wanted me to leave and go to the other dealer, 25 miles away, at 5 PM on a weekday with a spare doughnut tire on my car.  I was speechless and made sure to take his business card on the way out so I'd remember who was responsible for this fiasco..  On the way, I called the other dealership to confirm that they really did have the tire (Cole had NOT asked them to hold it for me)  and that someone could do the switch only to learn that their mechanics are usually gone by 5 pm.  See my review of the stellar service at Avondale Toyota if you want to know what happened next!

Chris P. | 2013-02-19

Craig Rusin is the guy you want to work with here. Very personable, and makes sure you get the vehicle you are looking for. Once you find the right car, he'll go over the features in great detail and make sure you know all about the options your car has. I had an awesome experience with Craig at Camelback Toyota. Their service department rocks also. Camelback Toyota brings their 'A' team!

K H. | 2013-02-05

I've never purchased a vehicle from Camelback but I love their service department. They are really great! I've been taking my 4Runner here since I got it, 2 years ago. They have never pressured me in to unnecessary work and I've never felt like I was being taken advantage of. I also really like their waiting area, it's clean and comfy and they have great coffee. I will continue using Camelback for my service even though I have to drive pretty far and there's another dealership 5min. from my house.

Kim P. | 2012-12-26

After walking away from two other not so great experiences at other dealerships, our car buying experience with Craig Rusin and Tim Schaeffer was exponentially better. They were straight forward, informative, and helpful without the typical salesy push. An added bonus once we decided to buy was the family friendly areas. Buying a car with two buy toddlers was a surprisingly pleasant experience. Would definitely go back again!

Sarah G. | 2012-11-24

Pretty sad that I had the "stereotypical" car dealership experience here.  The one that everyone warns you about.  Went in on a Monday and test drove a car-was really into it-the salesman, Lon-was very nice, friendly, and helpful-the manager, I'm not sure what his name was, was pushy.  We really were just looking at this point and he  actually said "what can we do to get you in this car today?"  Right...what he told me he was willing to do at that point was give it to me for less than sticker price and 1.9% financing.  I wanted to do a little more research before committing, so I left.  Went and checked out some cars at different places and ended up coming back to look at the same car the following Wednesday.  Same salesman, same manager, only this time the manager tells me $5k more than he quoted before and 4.9% financing-when I seemed astonished by the finance rate he acted like I was crazy.  Told me he could go to 3.9 but no lower----which was total BS.  At this point I realized he had flat out lied to me-I wanted nothing to do with his business especially since I found the same car, same year, less bells and whistles, less mileage-less money at another dealership.  It took FOREVER for him to accept my "No" but I finally got out of there and never looked back.  He actually told me I "had to work with" him on the price...though I'm the one who has to be able to afford it.  I went directly to the other dealership and bought my car and it was a fairly painless experience.  On top of all this-for the following week, I had numerous other managers from Camelback calling me day and night, people I never even spoke to.  I guess this way of doing business works for them, since they have people buying cars from them-but I just felt like the whole experience was sleazy.

Tom G. | 2012-10-29

Craig Rusin and everyone else at Camelback Toyota were great!!  Specifically, Craig helped me out over the phone for a few days and had everything ready when I arrived at dealership. Craig, along with the business mgr, made my actual trip to pick up car enjoyable, and quick.  Customer Service is second to none!

Francine G. | 2012-10-28

Hello...Craig Rusin was recommended to my by my boss. She had such a great experience and refered Craig to me. I couldnt have asked for a better sales guy! Craig was very patient with me..I think I test drove 5 different cars that day. He never made me feel rushed or impatient with me. He was very knowledgeable about the cars I was test driving. I finally picked the car I thought was the car for me. Well at the delivery of the car I realized didnt have keyless entry (which I guess I was so happy didnt realize it). I was vey bummed I know it's a little perk but ment alot to me to have it. I drove the car home kinda bummed out. I slept on it prayed about it! Called Craig the following morning told him my concern. I asked could I bring the car back and get one with keyless entry. He worked his magic called me back a hour later and told me come get your NEW car. I was so happy that Craig went through all the hoops he had make sure I was happy with my car. Craig went ABOVE and BEYOND for me and I really appreciate it! I dont know If I would had went to a different dealership that this would have happen. Thank you Craig!  I make sure I refer all my family and friend to CB toyota and to see Craig Rusin he's the guy that's going to make it happen for you. I get all my maintance done at CB toyota. After the experience I had with Craig Rusin..I hold the dealership close to my heart :) Thank you again Craig Rusin and CB toyota for making me a proud camry owner!!!

Danica T. | 2012-10-11

Salesman was nice.  The manager was sleazy, not friendly and really into pressuring me.  I left with that icky feeling that you only get when you've stuck your hand into something that you can't get rid of even after washing several times.

Erika N. | 2012-08-30

As far as car salesman, this place was awesome.  John dearmond was my salesman and he knew his stuff.
 What I am complaining about is the service.  I went in trusting that Toyota since they have a "Toyota care" package...that they would care about giving me the best prices... being a girl I don't know anything about cars.. just like at danny's car wash they charged me up the wazoo.  I went in for an oil change and clips because the bottom of my car got screwed from my apartment complex.  Don't go anywhere unless you know people and are friendly with them that treat you right and will tell you exactly what you need.  $200 later for $20 clips for my car.. and I hate Camelback Toyota now, and will never take my car back to get serviced by them, no matter what it is.

Andra G. | 2012-08-16

Great service when I bought my new Toyota.

Kristen R. | 2012-05-05

This review is for the service center:

I really actually miss going here for my regular oil changes, moved and the dealership out here. The guys were great, I'd make an appointment and they'd take care of my car. I didn't get up sold by a service manager on stuff that doesn't need to be done. They completed the work on time. My car was clean when I left and they'd scan whatever coupon special they had.  It was easy and they had friendly service. Oh I also miss having Total Wine nextdoor to go to while getting oil changes :)

Dave W. | 2012-05-03

In the fall of last year my wife, visiting from Flagstaff, took her 05 prius in for a regular maintenence checkup.  She was told that there was something drastic that needed repair to her car and it was expensive and it needed doing soon.  She wisely declined the job.  She returned to Flagstaff and took it immediately to the Toyota dealership in Flag and was told that there wasn't anything wrong with the car.
Then last month, I took my 07 prius in for a tune up and was told that there was some 600.00 dollars worth of repair that needed doing.  Mainly with oil systems.
Having learned from my wife, I delcined the work and took it to Flagstaff and found that one of the jobs was not necessary and the other job should have been included with the tuneup that Camelback T was supposed to do.  They charged over $200. for the simple tuneup and then didn't do all the work.
When you look at the facility, you'll see it's modern and expensive looking.  Perhaps from bilking unsuspecting customers with sleasy practices.
Toyota on Camelback won't see me again.  Won't see you again unless you can't learn from other peoples experiences.
I don't know which dealership does fair and honest work but I intend to find out;
Selling cars might be ok but repair is a gyp.

Brad H. | 2012-04-06

This makes the second new Tacoma I have bought from Camelback. Excellent experience this it e around.  Sealed with Moose. We came up from Tucson and upon arrival Moose already had the truck parked in back ready for us to test drive. Finance manager wasn't pushy at all and didn't even try selling us many of e warranties and up sells most dealers do.

Matthew S. | 2012-03-23

Purchased a $20k Certified Pre Owned car from them, with a headlight that would flicker and then go out after being on for 15 minutes and wiper fluid sprayers that didn't work.

Would not do business again under any circumstances, won't take my car in there for service either because I don't trust them. There are better Toyota dealers in town.

Crystal V. | 2012-02-26

Camelback is great!! Kevin helped me get into the new Camry and I love it!!! The apps on the car are so fun!!!!! Thanks camelback!!

William M. | 2012-02-21

Today my wife called to aak about a particular vehicle we were looking at online. The salesman stated that he would need to check and that he would call back if it was available, he called back and stated that it was not available,  He said there was another vehicle that matched our specifications. What followed was a bait and switch and some hard sales tactics to get us into a 2012 much more expensive vehicle. We ended up buying the vehicle we wanted at a very good price at Tempe Power Toyota. They had a great soft sales approach that we appreciated!

Matthew F. | 2012-02-15

Run away.

Every sleazy stereotype of a car sales can be found at this location. Lies, manipulation, deception, and fast talking b.s. are all on the menu and served fresh daily.

Walked away, nay ... ran, and never looked back.

Shairy K. | 2012-02-15

Camelback Toyota doesn't have this big, beautiful, new facility on 16th Street, for nothing.  I know I put more than my share of my hard earned money into that building. The last time I left tracks in this garage was after I was up-sold a ton of work that my SUV did not need at the time, to the tune of some nearly $2,000 - when I had gone in for a regular oil change.  The car repair sales associate, Damion, seemed surprised when I requested the replaced parts after they finished all the work he "recommended" (scare tactic is more accurate).  One freshly replaced part "...couldn't be found."  (Interesting, in light of the fact that they had just finished it.)  The rest of the parts didn't seem to show enough wear to warrant replacement, in my opinion.  So, I took them around for a couple of other neutral opinions.  Even un-prefaced by explanation, those opinions all concurred with mine.  

I challenged the need for the work performed with Damion, at Camelback Toyota.  And although I didn't press charges in court (but did consider it, just didn't have any extra time to deal with it at the time) - this formerly, quite loyal, customer will surely never return to this "establishment" and now they have a really sour review too.  

However, I have found solace in my car repair needs at 3A Auto Service in Sunnyslope.  At this well established, family owned business, I am not treated as "fresh meat" because I am a woman embarking on an oil change sans a male figure for protection.  To date, they have been honest about the work they have done and have been like a "husband" in that they provide a heads up as to what to expect for repairs or maintenance in the next few months.  This could be a grand, auto, love affair!  Rather than an auto affair that cost me grands!!  I give 3A Auto Service a 5 star rating - girls, you gotta go there!

Marcus S. | 2012-01-28

We just purchased a  2011 Prius from Camelback Toyota and received a great deal!  The sales staff were great especially Craig Rusin. They gave us a thorough review of their facility and the services offered, their new location is beautiful!

BJ & Andrea F.

Ryan K. | 2012-01-23

Awesome service, no haggle, most modern building and service at the dealership. Haven't dealt with their service department, but their internet and in-person sales was awesome. Be careful about which extended warranty you go with - but you already know that!

Charles P. | 2012-01-05

Just avoid! Crooks!!!  Bumper to bumper warranties are not that... BEWARE

Dave N. | 2011-09-07

Time for a review update. I traded in my car, and drove home with a new Toyota Corolla, and then eventually...a Toyota Camry.

A little backstory. My 4Runner was a 2005, with about 130k miles. The car had run its course, and I wanted something smaller, gas efficient, and reliable.

Clearly, I didn't care about the sexy factor, because if I did, I'd be driving a Maxima. In any case, I had a set budget, an ideal selling price for my car, and terms that I did not want to sway from.

I walked into this dealership with all information in hand (credit reports, title for old car, etc.) I had already done my homework.

My first couple sales guys were Elvis and Andrew. They were pretty cool. As soon as the negotiations started, I dealt with Boo. Yes, that's her name. After some back and forth, and bulldog negotiating, we came to terms with a Corolla. Fine. NBD, right?

Well, the next day I got a call from a higher up at the dealership, who said I needed to come in. When I came in, I was told that my payment would go up because of a mixup with the banks and the people running numbers (they were closed on Labor Day). Apparently, the bank wouldnt process the deal.

After some awkward and tense conversations, we came to terms on a Camry (which was still within my budget). I got a better car, than I had originally planned.

Looking back, I'd definitely buy another car from these guys again.

Toyotas (aside from that recall thing that was sensationalism at best) have a history of having reliable cars, with the highest trade-in value. I know this because in my family, we've owned five, prior to this.

The dealership, more specifically Kevin Brown, Andrew, Elvis and Michael--all went out of their way to make sure that I was happy.

Buying a car is never easy or fun. It's full of awkward negotiations. Plenty of back and forth. Everyone at this dealership is true to their word.

If you want to know about the great service department, read my previous review.

Over and out.

John L. | 2011-09-02

These guys just sunk to a new low.  They are now doing automated telemarketing calls to cell phones.  So if you happened to buy a car or service your car with them in the past, you are now officially included in the SUCKER CALL LIST.

Expect this annoying call any minute now!!!!

Michael B. | 2011-09-02

My wife and I just purchased a Prius from Camelback and they've really changed my viewpoint that all car salespeople are shysters. Adam our salesman and Richie the manager went out of their way to make it a smooth deal.

There was never any pressure. As long as you understand that they are in business to make money, you will get a very fair deal.

The dealership itself is awesome. When our car was ready for delivery it was already in the new car garage and detailed. Adam was very patient with us as we combed the car for any scratches. When my wife found a tiny scratch they immediately had it buffed out and helped us look for more. Adam then went over a very detailed explanation of the car and reviewed with us all the warranty and owners manuals. In the past, most car dealers couldn't wait to get you off their property with the car. Not this one. Richie the sales manager came over to make sure everything was ok and if the car was delivered as promised. Adam patiently answered all of our questions.

I wouldn't hesitate to buy a Toyota from these guys again. Just remember, they need a fair profit as much as you need a good deal. They will work with you to get what you need.

Wowezow E. | 2011-06-29

I can say that I was extremely happy with the new car buying process here.  They are fast and the sales guy was really pleasant.  
I got a great deal on a new Corolla, the place was clean, the service area is impressive.   After shopping around at Hyundai, Kia, and Nissan, this place was sooooo much better.  I am so happy that we bought our 10th Toyota from here!

Dolores G. | 2011-02-15

Since I have had my Toyota I have taken it to the dealership for regular service (5000k, oil change +). Upon moving to PHX, I hit a critical maintenance point (based on my owners manual), 60K I needed to get a few more things looked at and decided to schedule one of their package services the prices looked relatively reasonable for what they listed as part of that service.
(taken from their web site)
* Replace engine oil (up to 5 quarts)
* Install Genuine Toyota dual-stage oil filter
* Rotate tires
* Balance Tires
* Replace engine air filter
* Replace cabin air filter (if equipped)
* Inspect and service brakes
* Inspect EFI system
* Check for diagnostic trouble code(s)
* Lubricate drive shaft bushing*
* Lubricate propeller shaft
* Replace limited-slip differential fluid, if equipped
* Replace spark plugs**
* Re-torque drive shaft bolt
* Re-torque propeller shaft bolt
INSPECT THE FOLLOWING: Automatic transmission fluid, ball joints and dust covers, drive shaft boots, engine coolant, exhaust pipes and mountings, fuel lines and connections, fuel tank band and vapor vent system hoses, fuel tank cap gasket, manual transmission oil, radiator core and condenser, steering gear box, steering linkage and boots, transfer case oil.
It also included a basic car wash.

The price of the package was $298...when I mentioned the online coupon for $289 they honored that price. They hooked me up with a rental car ($35 which he said he would refund the base cost I would just be responsible for $7ish in taxes.) OK...this all seemed reasonable. I left my vehicle as they said the service and inspections would take a few hours.

In typical Service Department fashion they call about an hour into service and told me that my serpentine was showing cracks (expected this as this was the original belt and I do reside in the dry SW), my battery was failing on load (Ok this is also my original battery, expected) and they were recommending the Fuel Injector cleaning service they offered.

Declining the fuel injector cleaning, I also declined the battery change ( I can do that myself), while I have done the serpentine in the past on my old pre Toyota SUV, I decided to just let them change it out. (WOW an extra $200...$100 for parts and $100 for labor). Maybe I should have done it at home. [When I reviewed my receipt the other services I declined were going to total another $400 extra...WOAH!] Good thing I declined.  I left paying almost $600 breathing a sigh of relief that I decined those other service.

Other than the sticker shock I can say I was pleased with the quality of the service I received.  The service employee (West) who assisted me was very friendly, as was the lady at the rental counter.  They called me when my vehicle was ready and I was quickly able to pay and leave.

While I may just stick to taking my vehicle into the dealer every other oil change,  I am sure I will choose Camelback Toyota in the future for that service.

Stephanie H. | 2011-02-15

Bought our used ford focus here a few months ago and brought it in today for an oil change. Fast, helpful service and they even filled and rotated our tires! We walked over to the biltmore mall while they worked, but I noted the sign that offers their guess the ability to borrow an ipad while they wait. That's pretty cool.

Stephen c. | 2011-02-10

Poor Experience! Lots of loud music to distract you. A million different Managers[no knows what is going on]. After Three hours of trying to purchase a Prius, I gave up,and left. They originally said they had  a 2010 Prius, They really didn't  have any !

Becky M. | 2011-01-30

Camelback Toyota offers great service with super new facilities to keep their customers busy while they wait. I'm grateful for the free wi-fi and cafe. I haven't used the service yet, but they also allow you to check out an iPad while you wait. Neat-o!

Renzo V. | 2011-01-20

After deciding to give a dealership another chance to change my mind about dealerships again I was disappointed.  I went in for an oil change and car wash and was told I need over $2000 of repairs on my Prius.  Yes you have a nice waiting room, however after being told that it would only be about an hour and a half, and waiting 3 hours, I was not too impressed.  As far as the car wash, I had a better one from Saguaro High's football team!  I'll stick with Brake Masters for my oil changes!

John P. | 2010-12-07

My Land Cruiser makes a trip to Toyota Camelback and I always appreciate that no one tries to sell me anything because its pretty rare that it needs anything.

The waiting room at the new facility is awesome and there's never a long wait.

Book your appointment online and it should be a great experience for you too.


Anthony L. | 2010-12-01

Went to Camelback Toyota for brake work- and left with a $1,600 + bill.

After putting my car up on the rack, I'm told that I need some work done where they take apart my entire engine and put it back together again. Supposedly some piece of rubber is "drying out" and my car will be in - I'm paraphrasing here - "big trouble" if I don't get this part replaced. Righhhhht - here's why I don't believe that was actually a real problem that needed immediate - or perhaps any - fixing.

Later that day, I saw that the same individual who was in charge of my car repairs had a woman in his office in tears - literally crying her eyes out because of, presumably, a huge repair bill. I suspect she was being taken advantage of as well.

What's more, this Toyota offers fewer discounts than the Toyota in Avondale. After I went home, I called Avondale Toyota and discovered that they would have not only charged me a smaller price for my brakes, but also would have offered an additional special discount.

Ohhh, here's the best part for last: on my repair bill, the mechanic or repair manager listed "car is from Northeast" in an attempt to justify the need for more expensive brake work.

You can come to Camelback Toyota for repairs, but I guarantee you'll be dealing with crooks.

Cameron R. | 2010-10-20

After reading some of the horror stories of when they were located at the old address, it seems that they've really stepped up their customer service in the new location!

Today, I am a proud owner of a new Prius and I was very pleased with the staff at Camelback Toyota!  My sales rep was Adam and he was friendly, helpful, considerate and not pushy in any way. Everyone was very nice and they even bought me lunch from Chipotle since there were no vegan options in their cafe. They were extremely helpful and I was quite impressed.

The only reason I gave four stars is because of the wait to get into financing. I'm not sure of the exact reason for the hold up (something to do with additional information about my trade-in vehicle that they needed), however, once I got in there, we were done within 18 minutes - yep!). No high pressure to purchase additional warranties either - I politely declined and he quickly moved on.

This location is much less intimidating because the managers sit out in the middle of the showroom floor and interact with the customers.

Once in delivery, the Customer Service Manager came out and introduced herself (along with providing her contact information) should I need anything. Adam also provided his cell number should I have any questions about the car (as most new hybrid car owners do).

All in all, the best car buying experience I've had yet! I shall post again after my first service appointment ... thanks!

Joanna L. | 2010-08-04

I recently bought a certified pre-owned Tacoma from Camelback.  
Aside from the usual used car tactics, their support staff needs improvement.
When I got the truck it was late at night, so my husband brought it back later in the week for it to get "detailed." He waited for two hours and when he went to ask how it was coming, they didn't know they had the car.
Then I came back a week after we first took home the car. I was dropping of the check from my bank. I was trying to give them money for a car I already took from them. It took 45 minutes for someone to collect the check, when it took less than a minute to look at it and say everything was good.
I understand that we've already "completed" our business, but Camelback Toyota needs to work on their follow up.

Next time I'm going to Avondale Toyota.

Ben K. | 2010-07-19

I've been going to Camelback Toyota since the end of 2009 when I began my search for a TRD Off Road Tacoma.  

I had a VERY specific vehicle that I was looking for, with almost no room for variance.  Black, manual, V6, TRD Offroad package (factory rear locker), access cab; my only "wiggle room" was the year/mileage.  My dealings with the sales department were as you would expect with any traditional car dealership.  Miscellaneous chit chat about the weather and my profession and where I might travel to in the upcoming months, etc.  I did not need to bother with all of that.  I knew what the trucks are worth, and EXACTLY what I was looking for.  I was willing to wait, and to pay for this specific truck.  First, they could not source the vehicle, but somehow I could.  If they had spent an extra 10 minutes once in a while to do some searching online, they could have transferred the vehicle from the dealership in Iowa and closed a sale.  Instead, I just went and got it myself.  I made about 5 physical visits to the dealership and had about 15 phone conversations.  They tried many times to sell me something they had in inventory (which I get) but you'd think that after I turned down 4 other trucks I was pretty set on what I wanted.  That ended my dealings with the sales department.

Since taking delivery of my Tacoma, I have been patronizing their service department with numerous let-downs along the way.  There have been two that might have sealed the deal for me never to return for service.  First, there was a leaf spring TSB (service bulletin) which I requested to have performed on the truck.  The truck was ONE MONTH out of warranty and it was denied.  I spent about a week of back and forth with Toyota of North America to negotiate the repair.  The service department did not advocate on my behalf at all.  I was left high and dry.  In the end, I bypassed the entire Toyota Motor Corporation and repaired the leaf springs myself.  $150 to add an extra leaf.  $1500+ for the factory repair, negotiated down to $500.  In addition, I brought the issue up to the service adviser MONTHS before the truck surpassed the warranty period.  It was always stated that everything was "within factory specifications" until the truck was out of warranty.

Today, I had another experience which will probably end my relationship and patronage of their service department.  There has been a VERY loud clunk/pop sound coming from my front suspension for a few weeks now.  I brought the truck in and reproduced the noise.  It is VERY apparent that it is the suspension.  I received a call later in the day that the tech has chased the noise down and says it's due to the fact that I have non-oem brake pads in the truck.  Now, I can change brake pads in my driveway with very little difficulty, but I am willing to pay the almost $300 as long as my service adviser will guarantee this will solve my clunking issue.  He reluctantly does.  20 minutes later I get another call.  Now he starts talking in circles about non-oem brake pads and non-oem suspension and how essentially the MINOR modifications I've done to the truck are causing the issue.  I say, "don't bother washing it... I'm coming to get it now".

I get back to the truck and not only am I out a day's worth of a rental car, but my dog barrier has been completely knocked out of place, the dog mat has been pushed to the rear of the truck and the seats are moved all the way back.  Okay, doesn't sound like a big deal, but it takes about 15 minutes to line everything back up on the dog barrier.  It's 115 degrees in Phoenix.

In the end, the noise was caused by nothing more than a not-quite torqued lower control arm nut (could have rattled loose from my last alignment).  It was one of the things I asked them to check in the first place.  I wouldn't have cared if they had charged me for 1/2 hour labor to tighten the one nut since my hand is recovering from a break and I can't do it myself.  It took a local garage 10 minutes to diagnose and fix the problem.  They said it was so simple and easy it wasn't even worth charging me.  I am not kidding.  $0.00.  Desert Rat Off Road in Tempe, AZ.

I can only say that I feel horribly sorry for anyone who might take their vehicle into the service department without a pretty good knowledge of their vehicle.  I understand that yes, there are some simple non-oem parts on my truck but Camelback Toyota actually refers people to have spacer lifts installed on their vehicles through the dealership.  A spacer lift changes the geometry of the suspension in a way that the vehicle can no longer be aligned to factory specs.

I'm giving Camelback Toyota 2 stars because their Cashier, Parts and Rental departments are FANTASTIC.  It's such a dichotomy between the two sides, it's ridiculous.  The service advisers are all good guys and try and provide good customer service but there's a breakdown between the techs in the back and what happens on the customer's end.

Shanna K. | 2010-03-24

Our salesguy, once we got him, was pretty awesome; I liked Michael, and although a little bit TOO chatty, he was full of knowledge on the car, which I appreciated.  Also, he wasn't too pushy, which is exactly what we were looking for, as we weren't planning on driving that day, but were just testing.

However, getting to him was an adventure.  We had one guy greet us in the lot, take us inside, and put as at a high, hard to get into chair/table set.  And we waited. And waited. There was a cooler on the table, which we assumed was water bottles (most of the dealers we saw gave us water), so we opened it. Not water. In fact, someone's incredibly rancid smelling lunch.  Great way to greet guests.

After waiting quite a while, we got switched to Michael. I don't know if it was because first salesman didn't want to deal with a couple of dykes, or what, but we liked Michael better anyway.

The other problem was the car. We test drove a Prius (2008), and it looked/smelled much older than that. There were some epic stains on the visors, and the whole car smelled of dog. As someone who is allergic to dogs, this is a problem.  It was like the car had yet to go through detailing...which is no way to try and sell someone a car.

We won't be back for their used cars, although we might check out their new cars at some point in the distant future.

Kor C. | 2009-10-16

I would like to describe to you the worse car buying experience I have ever had. On sunday, 10/11/2009, I called Camelback Toyota's Fleet Sales Department and spoke to Dennis, a Fleet Sales Manager. I described to Dennis the Model of vehicle I was searching for and he informed me that there were two vehicles on the lot that matched my description.  After neogotiating price I told Dennis that I would be at the dealership within 3 hours; since I was coming from Tucson, AZ and the dealership is in Phoenix, AZ, which is nearly 120 miles. (I didn't go to a tucson dealership since they were all closed on Sunday and I was only in Tucson for the day to co-sign a car with my sister.)  

After I arrived at the dealership I was greeted by another Fleet manager named, Mohammed. Mohammed said he was going to help me since Dennis was busy helping another customer on the phone.  When I was taken out to the lot, Mohammed takes me to the a group of Toyota Sienna's (This was the type of car I was in search for), but none were a match to the vehicle that I negotiated over the phone.  Even though I wasn't shown the vehicle I intended to see, Mohammed was very persistent at having me test drive one of the cars that was shown to me. I informed Mohammed that there would be no point of test driving a different vehicle than the one I negotiated. After stating that I wasn't interested in another vehicle, Mohammed leaves for a moment and comes back informing me that the car actually sold the day before and the reason for the misinformation was due to a delay in the inventory system.  I was shocked and surprised that this sort of thing could happen. But the worse part of this ordeal was when my brother, whom was with me at the time stated one comment indicating his disgruntleness, Mohammed then has the nerve to stop the conversion, say that he wasnt paid enough to deal with this type of situtation and then proceeded to walk away.

Along with my family, I was extremely upset at this point. We wasted 5 hours of our lives, driving back and forth to get tricked and dupped. The excuse proved by Mohammed doesnt even sound valid. If the reason was true, wouldn't it be known by all the sales people, in which a sales person would then go check the lot if a deal was being made.  In fact, It seems that lying is common trait within all the sales people at Camelback Toyota since after Mohammed left another Fleet Manager named Robert came out and attempted to do Damage control by lying as well. Robert attempted to tweak his words to make it seem that Dennis and Mohammed did not lie by saying that even though the car was sold the day before they can find the car somewhere. Dennis lied by saying the car was there to just bring us to the dealership. What a bunch of bullshit.

Now what kind of dealership does that? We drove 120 miles because we thought we had a deal with a reputable company but was sadly mistaken to find that this was a bait and switch ploy. And on top of that the dealership gets the nerve to get mad at us for being mad at this situation?  Like I said, I was only in tucson for one day, I actually live in southern california going to Tucson with the sole intention to make this deal and this happens.  This was a total waste of time and money.  Be rested assured that I will make it my best effort to get the word out that this dealership is a sham(I will blog, leave comments on review sites and any other outlet that i can find)  and also be assured that atleast no one I know personally will ever go to Camelback Toyota.

Tyrone B. | 2009-10-06

My friend and I both traded in vehicles and bought brand new Scion tC's from Camelback Toyota/Scion, and working with our salesman (who is no longer employed there) was an absolutely positive experience. However, once we settled on our deal, the finance manager was a total jerk, overly pushy with up-sells for extended warranties and other unnecessary crap. Despite that, I tried to remain loyal because of how helpful and friendly our salesman had been. When it came time for my first major service, I brought my car in and was upsold on over $500 of services that my personal mechanic later confirmed were 100% unnecessary, despite the pressure that the Camelback service writer had put on their "importance" to the proper upkeep of my vehicle. Even my salesman was disgusted with their behavior when I told him about it after the fact, which was one of the contributing factors for his decision to leave. I really hope that extra $500 you scammed me out of made it worthwhile to not only lose a good customer, but the several referrals I gave others to shop elsewhere. Stereotypical "stealership" b.s., and yet people in the automotive industry scratch their heads and wonder why they have such a piss poor reputation...

Marga F. | 2009-09-20

My husband and I went to Camelback Toyota to accompany my mother who wanted to purchase a car. Major KUDOS to Mr. MOHAMED NOUR. My mom had recently moved and did not need to be pushed, pressured etc.  He took EXCELLENT care of her: no pressure whatsoever, pleasant, was honest (true!), quick, efficient. He even called her several times to figure out when she'd be there. We thought : pressure! but the reason why he did it was to rev up the AC for her! Once she found the car, he walked her through how all the inside works (I've never had anyone do this w/ me). If you go you must see him. 602.200.5520.

Valerie M. | 2009-06-06

I had a pleasant experience purchasing my vehicle from Camelback Toyota. I get all my services done here and the service advisors never try to rip me off. I also had to take my car into the body shop for some repair and it was taken care of very quickly. I would recommend this dealership to anyone looking to buy a Toyota or Scion.

Emily J. | 2008-03-08

Take it from someone who has shopped for cars an inordinate amount of time for her mere 21 years, the folks at Camelback Toyota are good guys. The dealer I worked with Samir was really friendly and knowledgeble, and the way he actually tried to kiiiind of talk me out of some extra features he didn't think I really needed they way I insisted (ie. moon roof, sports package, etc.) reminded me of a dad. The staff as a whole wasn't pushy and let me take my time in deciding over a couple days without stalking me over the phone. When I finally did decide, I felt they gave me a really fair price for my trade in and the rest of the process was fairly quick & painless. While we were waiting for all the paperwork to be drawn up, Samir gave me some great tips for backpacking through Europe, an interest we found we shared.  When I went back a few weeks later to schedule a time to get my windows tinted the sales manager I worked with remembered me by name which I also thought was cool. All in all a really good experience as far as car dealers go.

ps. Mr. Showcase Honda, obviously I took your advice and bought a Toyota.

Daniel R. | 2008-03-06

I went in here recently to look at a Prius.

Was a good experience, even though I couldnt get the car because I am to upside down on my van.

Sales staff was knowledgeable and friendly, and afterwards, when they knew I couldnt seal the deal, they didn't treat me like crap.  No high pressure garbage.

I walked away knowing I would have a hybrid one of these days.  Right after I get out from being upside down on my van.