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Our knowledgeable staff at Camelback Subaru have years of experience serving satisfied customers in the Phoenix area, offering expert advice, affordable payment solutions and quality car repairs for more than 15 years. That's why, for the 15th consecutive year, our Phoenix Subaru dealership has been named the #1 Subaru dealership in the state.
At Camelback Subaru, we hold customer satisfaction as our highest standard, and we embed this philosophy in all of our staff, services and processes. Our 3-day "no hassle" exchange policy sets us apart from other dealers, as well as our vow to always continue improving the way we do business. We are committed to excellence in customer service at all levels not to make sales, but to build longstanding relationships with our customers for years to come.
At our Camelback Subaru dealership, we offer a full selection of Subaru models, including the Subaru Outback, WRX, Impreza, Legacy, Forester, Tribeca and the new Crosstrek. With every Camelback Subaru purchase, you can rest assured knowing you are receiving the utmost in quality and care for your vehicle, including nitrogen-filled tires for safety on the road, Zaktek paint protection, 3M clear door edge guards, and a warranty on all vehicles sold from our Subaru dealership in Phoenix...

Camelback Subaru

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(602) 265-7004
Address:1521 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ, 85014
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Camelback Subaru

Jason R. | 2015-04-11

If I could give 0 stars as a rating I would.  Not only was it impossible to find someone that knew anything about the Subaru vehicle I was interested in, but the staff was horribly rude and made the whole experience of looking for a new car miserable.  Didn't take us seriously and prices were extremely overpriced.  DO NOT GO HERE. Any other Subaru dealership in the state is a thousand and one times better than this one.

Amanda M. | 2015-03-22

I sincerely wish I had read the reviews and done my homework before buying a car here.  

I purchased my Volkswagon Jetta from here almost 2 years ago (I know- buying a Jetta from a Subaru dealer??)  When I walked in I knew what I wanted- a white Subaru Forrester.  I was just out of college and had a good job and some savings that I was ready to put down. First, the sales person directed me to the used car guy on a lot nearby.  (I think they're all related) For the life of me I couldn't figure out why he took me there.  My mom and I were there together and when we walked in to this used car guy he was disgusting- he was using chewing tobacco and wanted to talk about my credit in front of 4-5 other people (employees??) there.  When I told him I wasn't comfortable with how this was going he told me this was how he ran his shop and I could deal with it.  I looked back at the first guy who took us over there (sales person from the original Camelback Volkswagen place) and said I'm not doing this and walked out.  He was sooooo apologetic and wanted to help us so we said fine- but we're doing it on your lot.  

Fast forward 3 hours and I had purchased a 2010 used Volkswagen Jetta.  I didn't even test drive a Forrester.   I know I was swindled but unfortunately I was too dumb at the time to notice it.  Luckily, I freaking love my Jetta so I'm not having buyers remorse, just wished that I had been able to look at the Forrester.  

The reason that I'm prompted to write this review now is because I still get promotional emails from them and it's extremely unnecessary.  I moved out of state and am just not their target market anymore.  First, I unsubscribed using the button on the bottom of the email.  (That was about 3 months ago.)  Then, after getting another email about 2 months ago I called to complain.  I talked to a man in the service department (I have no idea why it went there) and he agreed to take me off the list.  Finally, I got one more promotional email this week and being frustrated that they weren't respecting my right to unsubscribe I looked up the CAN-SPAM laws- and they were indeed breaking the law.  I called and had to leave a voicemail in customer service - when she called me back (and left me a voicemail) she said that she would indeed take me off of the promotional email list.  

I've had a very frustrating experience with them and am not convinced I would return.

Delgato E. | 2015-03-12

Deceptive salesmen. Will promise you anything you want as long as you initial a piece of paper to get the contract printed up. Lies & deceit even from the MANAGERS! Unbelievable that dealers are still legally able to function in this manner. Don't trust a word any of them have to say because your contract will not reflect your agreement. Be sure to read every single line. That is, if you even manage to sift through all the bullshit and get that far. I suggest taking your business elsewhere where honesty, customer business, and retention is actually valued.

Garrett B. | 2015-01-31

This place is so horrible I don't even know where to begin. They tried to treat me like a retard and give me horrible prices with horrible APRs. They used horrible sales tactics and tried to pressure as hard as they could and get me to shake a hand or sign the back of a piece of paper where the manager would scribble bullshit deals. He came back 4 times with new prices and APRs until he'd cut the price by like 3k and the APR was down from 10% to 4%. I told him every time I'm not comfortable signing that day.

At one point he wanted to check if I needed a consigner and what not. I told him DO NOT do anything with my credit if it involved a hard pull/hard inquiry. I told him this 4 or 5 times. He looked me in the eye and said he wouldn't do that to me. Guess what showed up the next day? Hard pull on my credit report that I believe dropped my score 10 points.

This isn't even it. He brings the director or who sits down like a cocky asshole and says, "Yo what's going on why don't you wanna buy this car? Blah blah I'm doing all this shit for you". I tell him I never planned on signing today, the negotiations have been deceptive, and I'm not interested in any options on the car. He got up and got back down and slammed his hand on the table, other workers quickly looked back to see what was going on. He apologized immediately for slamming his hand unintentionally. Okay... My girlfriend tells him we have some personal shit that's preventing us from signing that day, he rudely asks "what personal stuff? You gettin married?"

I tell him the MSRPs on the cars aren't even right, which I know now is because they had shitty port installed options that he never explained when I told him this price discrepancy. He just pulled up the Subaru site and tried to show me the prices by adding ad ons. I tell him how is that msrp if he's adding ad ons to it, he can't explain how so he freaks out and says "I can't do this" and walks away. I literally talked to him for 5 minutes or less. I forgot to mention many things from the moment he sat down being a total asshole. He said something about "I won't even sell to you if you don't want this deal" when he first sat down.

Everybody else there seemed to not understand what the hell he was doing, I walked off immediately after he threw a fit and other employees seemed apologetic and said to have a nice day. The original salesmen who gave me the test drive tried to call me five minutes later saying they had a new price and apr. lol what a joke.

Alex W. | 2014-12-05

Bought a used Subaru and had all of my services done at this dealership. It was refreshing to go to a dealership and not feel like you're being sold to. So either they are very good at it or they are genuinely helpful, which I feel is the case. I'd highly recommend them for service work. Subaru's are great cars too.

Chris G. | 2014-11-28

Best car dealership I have ever dealt with.  From the time I purchased my car to all my service trips I have been happy with every visit.  I will defiantly purchase another Subaru from them.

The service department is very knowledgable and gets you in and out faster than any other dealership I have dealt with.

S N. | 2014-11-27

Couldn't have had a better experience buying my car. First off I've been to just about every dealership on the Camelback auto mall, which was very intimidating at initial glance, however I was determined to give one of them my time, business, and cash as my 1996 BMW 318i I finally gave up on me (Parasitic drain, overheating, and a couple other tedious issues, I felt my money would be more productive elsewhere)

As a first time car buyer I went through extreme high pressure sales tactics which I could pick up on easily, most of the salesman were showing me cars out of the price range I asked for, and when it came to the negotiation table with the pen and paper, all others were unwilling to negotiate on what I would buy the car itself for, and tried to negotiate based on what the monthly payments would be, and wanted to run my credit before I was completely sold on the vehicles, so therefor no prices were were flexible. Other salesman just pitched whatever without listening to my needs, or calling me in to look at random vehicles which weren't on the list I gave them I was looking for. See my Nissan ABC review for details.

This was all changed when I met Thomas at Subaru, I found a vehicles, told him my I wished my sister (A personal banker, and my brother (A mechanic) to look over the car and the deal, and that I wasn't running my credit until I knew it was a deal and that I was buying for a fact. Once negotiating I fell into the monthly payment figures pitch myself, Thomas stopped me and said "Forget those numbers, and directed me back to the price of the car itself (For negotiation purposes) and agreed to the terms of what I originally stated and knew I would need a little time to consult with my family. The next day I had my sister down and brother and worked out the rest of the deal, to my satisfaction and to my siblings it was in fact a good deal, signed the papers, ran my credit, and earned my business. Other salesman could take a lesson from Thomas and his manager Frank, because car buying is stressful, and for my next vehicle I will be going to Thomas for my return business which is more important than a one time car buying experience, in fact has made me look forward to my next car buying experience with them, which will be years down the line, either way for a dealership to make me feel this good about my purchase is phenomenal, and if you stop in talk to Thomas, he will take care of you, he is a person rather than a car sales robot, and you will see that too. Makes me happy to say, I'm a Subaru guy now.

Andrew T. | 2014-11-16

If you want an easy, no-pressure car buying experience with knowledgable, friendly staff, head over to Camelback Subaru/ Mazda/ VW. Top-notch service department and professionals, not that you'll need it much on these cars! Absolutely worth your time when you're considering a purchase!

R G. | 2014-11-15

When I started my car-purchasing process, I absolutely did not think I'd be writing a glowing review for a car dealership, but then I didn't start out at Camelback Subaru.  By the time I found Camelback Subaru, I was a pretty frustrated camper but I had no choice: my old car was going down, and I needed a new one - preferably a car that got great gas mileage and yet could take me and my Great Dane on all of our Arizona travel adventures.  (To me, for my budget, that meant Subaru, mos def.)

A note about shopping. Shopping for a car is a special kind of shopping hell, not unlike going through Dante's Inferno.  I was doing my best to stay positive, but the first dealership I contacted was terrible.  They are slightly closer to my home, which is not a minor issue: I like keeping my tax dollars in my neighborhood and deplore the inconvenience of long drives to deal with car repairs.  But Tempe AutoNation lived *down* to my worst expectations about car shopping and car dealer culture.  I couldn't say goodbye to them fast enough, but I had this nagging fear that the experience would be the same anywhere I went.  So even though I wasn't optimistic that I'd have a better buying and service experience anywhere else, I decided to give another dealership a try before entering a long term relationship with a dealership that was clearly awful.

I pulled up the Cameback Subaru website, found several possibilities of both new and used cars that fit my needs, and called to set up a test drive. To their immense credit, I did not get spammed with phone calls or emails.  I did not get any kind of "upsale" pressure:  George Henderson, who managed all of the sales-related details, was just as excited about showing me the used vehicles as the new ones. Very helpful and no bluster - if he didn't know something, he'd ask one of his colleagues, all of whom were great. There was truly no bull here.  When I settled on the right car for me, I negotiated a very good price and some important extras - the "We Owe" list was small but delivered in a timely manner, with great kindness, and with very little fuss. While there was a tiny bit of confusion when I showed up for my service appointment, Johnny Cuevas handled everything anyway, with no ruffled feathers (and a loaner car, to boot).  George stayed in touch with me throughout this whole process to make sure everything was on track for me, too.  This was a great place to do business.  Highly recommended!

Timothy H. | 2014-10-22

After visiting camelback subaru they wouldn't stop calling me. I told them my pricing requirements and even sent them links to the two cars I was looking at. I said if they could meet their price I would buy from them. (I even said that I understand that through a dealer I would have to pay tax, but the benefit of buying from a dealer was worth it to me to pay a bit more out of pocket).
They said I HAD to come down to be in person to see the deal. When I got there, no deal had been put together. They mad up some numbers no where near where I had been promised they'd be and so I left. I bought one of the cars from Craigslist the next weekend.
I still get calls from the salesmen even though I told them I already bought a car. After a few weeks they finally stopped.

Now, I went onto Camelback Subaru PARTS department website to inquire about the price for a Subaru part. I input my information and requested a PARTS quote. That was 7 days ago. I have not received the parts department quote, but I have been receiving calls from salesmen again.

That will teach me to ever deal with this dealership again. What a pain in the ass!

Johanna L. | 2014-10-12

My attempted car buying experience was not so great. They tried to throw on the Camelback buyer's package (unaffectionately know as the 'Camelback difference' by other dealerships) which depending on the mood of the general manager and how much money they think you're willing to dish out can vary from $400 to $1700.  It includes window tinting, some paint protection junk, some anti door ding junk and nitrogen in the tires which is a completely useless option. Try to negotiate all this stuff out and get the window tint thrown in for free.

Katie S. | 2014-09-28

After going to a few dealerships and test driving several vehicles before being so frustrated I had to leave without making a purchase, Subaru was an extremely refreshing change of pace. James the salesman was incredibly friendly, professional, and helpful.  He did not once make me feel pressured into purchasing a vehicle.  I ended up leaving with a 2012 subaru impreza.  Regina was fantastic and did not give me any issues for wanting to finance through my own bank, Wells Fargo. In and out in a relatively short time, great customer service--honest and friendly. I am so excited for my new (used) car!!

Martin R. | 2014-09-25

I was searching for cars near near nevada and I stumbled upon this place online. I spoke to George over the phone and he made the whole transaction easy. When I arrived in pheonix, George picked me up form the bus station and immediately we started chatting it up as though we were long time friends. I didn't get the salesman vibe, which is nice, but we still got stuff done. His service was definitely great, I highly recommend him as your sales man.

Be careful with the subaru manager, Richie (?), before I arrived I was told X amount for the car and it's yours, when I arrived the manager was pushing higher numbers, his customer service was a joke, and it made the whole trip down there a drag.

Besides the manager, everything else was great.

Amanda J. | 2014-07-03

First time buying a car. Let's be honest buying a car seems "fun" but it is NEVER fun. We shopped around for a whole at a few different dealers on Camelback. It was horrible. What I loved about my experience with Subaru is that I was not hassled once so ever. I am not sure if it's just Charles Nunez but he was fantastic!
He simply just have us information about buying the car and our different options. He didn't pressure is to ever buy that day and went out of his way to accommodate us.

Kennedy S. | 2014-06-28

Our family have been going here for any parts or service for our subaru for awhile now and we haven't been disappointed yet, their customers service are good and willing to help you find anything you need, want or simply if have any questions.. but the sales deportments are not the same, promise you the world and always run short at the end.

The family wanted a new forester and we been looking around the valley and couldn't find a white one, so we came here to see if there was a white one around... we look around the lots and couldn't find a white one, so we ask and they said they do not have a white forester in the lot.. but trying to force us to look at a impreza which was on sale...

We said we wanted a forester not a impreza but they keep trying to show and tell us why a impreza would be a better choice, well i mean thats fine, but keep pushing it again and again. The next day they got a white forester which they told us they will not be getting and sold it to someone else.. Overall is a nice dealer but not that big. We will continue to come here for service and parts but for buying a car I think not..

Brandon C. | 2014-06-24

I am brutally honest when it comes to auto dealers and my purchasing experience so take this for what you will. I have purchased a number of cars in my life and I always judge a dealership by the people, the experience, and the deal. I purchased an STI here last week.

The People: The sales people are nicer than your average dealership and the pressure is probably low to average. I never felt uncomfortable or like I was anything other than a car buyer (though more on that later). Employees passing by would even stop and chat. The only person I wasn't all that thrilled with was the manager (I think he was the manager) who was brought in to talk me into being ok with all the add ons. NY/NJ accent. He was nice enough but it was the typical sales pitches and likely embellishments ("it costs me this much and it's really for your protection...") to get me to sign. B+ on the people.

The Experience: Overall pretty typical. I actually went here by mistake. I was supposed to go AutoNation Subaru but I mixed up the addresses. As most car buyers do, I went in knowing what I wanted and got talked up into taking something else. I'm not terribly disappointed as I love the car but there's always that lingering spite of buying something you don't think was worth it. More on that in the deal section. We had to go back and forth a number of times on price because I had a dam good quote in writing from AutoNation. I was about to leave twice and of course they kept making me offers. Some insulting, others more reasonable. After the deal was said and done, the rest of the finance process was not bad.

The Deal: So here's the thing. Camelback Subaru...and I'm guessing a lot of other dealers put a bunch of dealer add ons and stuff that is WAY over priced and generally not worth it. Tint? Fine, that was only about $50 more than aftermarket but $600 for paint protection that I have no choice in rejecting? Door and handle guards for another $600? You can find them on Amazon for under $10!!! ZakTek? You can get 3 years of applications/coverage for $180 ($30/application every 6mo). Here's the thing, you want to sell all this overpriced stuff to people, give them a choice and let them know they have a choice! Hiding the truth is just as bad as lying to make a buck. As far as the price of the car...typical markup I guess. Well over what Subaru advertises online and in media. Just know that you can easily get them down by walking out. Never go look at cars thinking you are going to walk out the door with one. Always go in with the idea that you will buy one next week. Don't let the draw of driving away NOW cost you a few thousand. Do research and have quotes ready. Hard numbers for the base price of the cars you want, the car you are trading in, and if possible, an offer from another dealer.

Some tips: Talk your way out of paying for any of the extra stuff they put on the car without asking you first. You don't want it and don't need it. The tint in AZ is probably the only exception. The paint protection...hell no. You can get that cheaper aftermarket...and it's probably only a warranty they are selling you. You have no proof that they even put anything on the car. The door guards are 99% marked up. The ZakTek is about a 400% markup. Don't even bother. As far as the second round of negotiating (in the finance office) reject everything. The only possible thing you might want is the extended warranty but first, check your insurance company. Geico offers mechanical breakdown insurance on new cars for a whole lot cheaper. It costs me $16 every 6mo with a $250 deductible each time I use it. Way cheaper on a new vehicle than the $2000 plan the dealer wants you to buy (and finance so you are paying interest on it). It's also an exclusionary policy so it covers almost everything.

Overall, if you can get them to keep their overpriced add ons, this is as good of a dealership as you will find. Car buying, sadly, is of the few purchase experiences that hasn't changed at all in decades. Everything is stacked against you. Know that going in and also know that 90% of what you hear in a dealership is a half truth at best.

So a customer relations manager contacted me regarding my purchase and I explained all my concerns with the dealer package that I was forced to by. I explained that I was not happy at the value of the package and that I wanted at least a partial refund on the ZakTek and door guards. I was told that they would not work with me and that I was basically out of luck. Please do not purchase a vehicle from these people. Like all dealerships I have worked with, they rip you off with a nod and smile.

Steven L. | 2014-03-22

Great experience with Adam (salesman), Jeff (manager), and Scott (finance manager). I purchased a Certified Subaru Outback. Negotiated a great price over the phone (I live in CA) without high pressure, tricks/games, or endless negotiating rounds.
  Arrived at the dealership and found the car was just as expected from their website photos and drove great. It was immaculately cleaned (except the rear sink drink holder which they took care of immediately). The paperwork was ready and all the costs were exactly what I expected.
  Scott arranged excellent financing rates and even knocked a little off our already agreed-to price. He went over the extended warranty programs but wasn't super-pushy selling them (I ended up declining them).
  Even though I live in CA, I'll keep Camelback in mind for my next car.

Meg S. | 2014-03-19

While searching for a new Subaru my husband and I considered buying through this dealership because it was closest to our house in Scottsdale.  However after awful internet and phone communication, persistent pushing of used fleet vehicles on us when we wanted to buy new, rude sales associates when visiting, and unreasonable and inconsistent price quotes it was a no-brainer to go with a different dealership.  Even if this dealership had the best deal on what we were looking for (they didn't) I would have gone to a different dealership simply to avoid the poor service.  As another yelper pointed out, this dealership seems to forget that they are selling cars to actual people, not just selling cars. I felt like I was actively trying to buy a car but no one was that interested in making the actual sale.  We found the type of dealership and sales associates we were looking for at Chandler Subaru Superstore where I was given a competitive out the door price quote through email and it was honored with no gimmicks or add ons when we arrived at the dealership.

Sarah L. | 2013-11-25

Can't get rid of robocalls from the Service Department

I bought my Subaru in 2010 and was reasonably satisfied with the transaction, though it took 3 days to get the car I wanted. Everyone was polite, which I attribute to the fact that I was buying through Costco. They sent me coupons for the first couple of maintenance intervals, which I appreciated. Then, instead of a coupon, I started getting automated phone calls reminding me that it was time to get the car serviced.

This was especially bad after the 30,000 mile service, because it's an expensive one. I got it done for $400 at Gab's (all genuine Subaru parts) instead of $600 at Camelback Subaru. I told them it had been done and asked them to have me taken off the robocall list. They didn't.

It's not every day but it's often enough to be annoying.  Starts to feel like harassment after awhile.

Arizona G. | 2013-09-05

It's so hard to find good service for my Subaru.  I was in because my radiator blew.  It was under warranty, so they replaced it, but left a big mess of green coolant all over my engine, which was clean before the radiator blew.  They didn't bother to hose it off before they gave it back to me.  They also failed to replace an engine bolt when putting the engine parts back together.  I've been driving around for nearly 2 months without the bolt that holds the engine cover in place.  So I learned to always check the car myself before driving away.

Marna L. | 2013-08-31

stopped in to check out the  Subaru Impreza's and spoke to Kyle C. who was knowledgeable, professional and took time the time to answer all my questions. He was not pushy and understood I was not purchasing today but have a feeling I will buy from him in the future. Customer service is a rare commodity these days. He explained all the services that the dealership provides and I even met Ian in the service department who was also wonderful.
Thank you Kyle, your manners are recognized and appreciated.

Sally S. | 2013-06-25

Camelback Subaru Service department is the best.  Robert Frank is outstanding and always takes care of me well beyond just "satisfaction."  I am always pleased and I love my Subaru Forester!  Sally S.

D S. | 2013-05-29

Got a good price on a new Outback on Memorial day weekend. Been thinking about the purchase a long time. Used Consumer Reports to secure a good price and Camelback Subaru followed through and made it even better than that price.

I first drove one of these a while back and then the calls started coming. I asked the salesman, Lenny, to limit the number of emails and phone calls made to me, and he did. A good thing.

Reliability is one of the biggest things Subaru has over other brands.
More important than extended warrantees, which they want to sell you, too. All the car dealers do.

Art T. | 2013-03-13

This review is for the service department for Camelback Subaru.

First of all I decided to switch to Camelback Subaru for the Servicing of my vehicle after suffering through bad service and attitudes with certain advisors etc. at the Subaru Superstore in Gilbert.

Camelback Subaru is a good drive for me from my home in the East Valley and after having a chance to have my vehicle serviced in the Subaru side of the business I am very pleased with the experience and outcome.

Camelback Subaru Service Department did a number of things right:
1. VERY courteous service advisor (KS) who explained options for servicing at Camelback Subaru when i called to check services after the bad experience with the service department at Subaru Superstore
2. Received a call from service scheduling 1 day prior to my appt to confirm my scheduled appt AND to confirm that loaner car was available per my request!!! (If the Subaru Superstore would learn to handle a small detail like this they would be able to hold onto customers)
3. Very courteous and efficient drop off of my vehicle and pick up of loaner. My Service advisor KS was really cool and was able to get all my info from Subaru Superstore and my warranty info input into Camelback system quickly.
4. Received status update next morning from KS on service and was given option of waiting for a part for my vehicle and or keeping loaner and returning when part and vehicle were available and installed.
5. It took a few days for the part to arrive due to having to be ordered from Subaru but KS gave me 2 more calls during this time to keep me abreast of status
6. When vehicle was ready, KS spent some time reviewing repairs, reviewing what my warranty covered (it covered all repairs which was cool!) and reviewing other inspection results from vehicle. A review of inspection results only occurred once (out of 4 or 5 service appts) during time I was at other dealer.

Courtesy and appreciation of me as a customer was very evident during the entire process for my vehicle servicing and was night and day different from Subaru SuperStore. Subaru after all only has 2.7 percent market share (vs 7.9% for Nissan/Infiniti or 14.4% for Toyota/Lexus) in the US thus you would think that all Subaru service departments would value their customers since there are so few of us...well some do..some dont....

Diana D. | 2013-03-10

The service guys at Camelback Subaru are great! Kyle and Robert are the best! Always helpful and honest and I never feel like I'm being ripped off.

Eli H. | 2012-02-21

Great service department, I brought my vehicle here and even checked out some Subaru's while waiting.  I did not know they built such a great car, I may have to pick one up soon.

Nicole P. | 2011-10-28

This review is a long time coming and eventually will be much longer, but it's still so frustrating that I just don't have the energy for it right now.

Long story short, I bought a used Subaru this summer which I had to bring back into servicing multiple times (despite it being worked on by *certified Subaru* techs -- their emphasis, not mine) before I could finally take it home weeks later. Throw breaking down in 118-degree weather, being lied to, being talked down to, being ignored, and playing word games into the mix... a horrible car-buying experience overall.

If for some reason you decide to buy a used vehicle from this dealership, I would suggest dealing ONLY with the new manager, Chris.

Aaron V. | 2011-09-01

We just got a survey from these guys, here was my reply:

"It seemed like we were putting the service guy out by just showing up. I came in after working a 12-hour overnight shift. There were other places we would have rather been ourselves, but my car was broken.

The first service guy seemed bothered that we started to sit in front of his desk. He sent us over to Subaru man, who was bothered that he had to clean off his desk in order to help us out. Then he seemed hesitant to honor the coupons that we got off of your website. Really?

Here's a little hint to keep repeat customers: throw them a bone. Most families in the this country nowadays are unable to absorb a $1,000 emergency. My wife's Jeep dealer does a complete check on everything, even fixes tires for free when she goes in for an oil change. They offer her specials that transfer to other dealerships all over the country. Even our Firestone guy goes online to find a way to reduce our costs.

Wincing when we pull out a coupon? If that's gonna be the case, then don't put the stuff out there. It's bad enough to go in there tired, but then to be treated as if we were trying to pull a fast one on you guys...

So yeah... never again. Are your service staff merely sales people or did they start out turning wrenches first? Hopefully it's the latter, but you'd never know it by walking into that place.

Don't call us. Good luck."

I have experienced no benefits for paying extra at this dealer. I have a high-mileage Subaru with a brand new engine. They called me after my first oil change and asked me if I wanted to replace it. And then they called again... and again. Stay away. Stay far away.

Joe M. | 2009-11-14

I bought a new car at the dealership and did not notice that on the paperwork that I signed, there was a tiny box that had a check on used.  So they sold me a used car (that was definitely new....plastic still on carpet and only 250 miles) and so I cannot get the tax rebate that I had planned to get.  I called the salesman that I dealt with several times to talk about this and he expressed that he did now know how this could have happened and that it was certainly new.  Every time he said he would call back the next day and did not.  I try to believe the best in people but it certainly seemed as though I was being avoided and was scammed.  Of course Subaru will not do anything for me since I did sign on this paperwork.  I highly recommend that you DO NOT go here.

Michael L. | 2008-08-26

So we go out to buy a car and visit a bunch of places. It came down to this place and an Exterra or something like that.

Subaru won out by coming in at the price out the door including tax and license that we were willing to pay.

I do not fart around with the back and forth nonsense one usually gets at auto dealerships. I state what I will pay and if they can do it fine, if not, I am out of there. To this point it was going as I wanted.

I wrote a check for the car and off we drive. Two days later they call and say they lost our check, can we give them another. I tell them no, find it. They call again and this time I tell them if I write another check I expect another car. Finally I am in the area so I drop off a check, I just like messing with them. Two more days pass and the sales man who sold us our vehicle calls to ask if we have decided if we want to buy or not. I reminded him that we already bought a car from him. His response is, huh, um, huh, OK and hangs up. A week passes and he again calls to see if we are ready to buy. So once again a reminder is in order. in the week after we got about five letters to remind us they are still there when we decide we are ready to purchase a new car. Not once did they ever say thanks for buying a vehicle, thanks for bringing us another check.

Oh and if we show up for a service appointment they never know who we are. So I wonder if we had just driven the car off of the lot without paying for it, would they have noticed?