Camelback Ford in Phoenix, AZ

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Camelback Ford in Phoenix, AZ.

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Camelback Ford

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(602) 635-7551
Address:1330 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ, 85014
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Camelback Ford

Tonya M. | 2015-04-22

My lease is up this summer so I thought I'd get a head start on checking out the latest and greatest vehicles on the market. I'm not a Ford girl, never have been and didn't think I ever would be but thought while I was driving by, I'd check out the Ford Escape.
I met with a guy named Tim who let me test drive a couple different Escape's and WOW. I really might have to rethink this anti-Ford thing and sign the paperwork on this car!

If you're looking for a new or used car, Tim Whitman was fantastic.

M K. | 2015-04-21

This dealership listed a car on auto trader for $4500
I went in to check it out and wanted to buy it. They tried to talk me into putting that money as a down payment for a better car. SHOCKER!!! I kindly explained to them that I just want to pay cash for the listed vehicle and be done.
They waisted my time going back and forth to finally tell me the car was taking to an auction because it has a bad transmission (B.S)
Oh well! That is what they do best. No integrity whatsoever.

Hillary C. | 2015-04-10

Avoid this dealership.  There's few things I hate more than being lied to or wasting time, this dealership provides both.

They called me claiming they wanted to buy older Ford models and could trade for a brand new or one year old model.  I told the caller that I would love to trade up, but I do not have the ability to put a down payment.  She insisted that was okay and that a down payment was not necessary.  I insisted that I didn't want to get there and have them tell me otherwise.  She once again ensured I had nothing to worry about, so I set an appointment and was transferred to a salesman who took down my preferences.  I never met or spoke to that salesman again.  When I arrived the front desk seemed pretty disorganized.  A new salesman took down the same information again and then showed and picked out vehicles.  He was the only part of the experience that wasn't awful.  
After picking out a vehicle, and providing all the information I was told to bring, they came back and said I would need a down payment.  I reminded them that first off they were the ones who called me, and second said I didn't need a down payment.  The credit score, trade-in, preferences, everything had not changed since we originally spoke.  They said if they could just get a few hundred, they could make it work.  Oldest trick in the sleazy book to say "oh don't worry...well how much can you afford...let's see if that works...can you do just a tiny bit more?"  With an entire row of car dealerships to choose from, they may want to reconsider the deceitful tactics.

J L. | 2015-04-09

They are so uncaring that you will find new level of lip service !!!! They will keep calling and harassing you.
Best people ever!!!
This place will call you and violate all your rights

Tessa B. | 2015-04-02

Thinking of taking that car to their shop?  READ this first.  

Unbelievably dissatisfied customer.

We brought in a Ford Escape Jan. 1, 2015 and today, 3 months later, we had it towed to another garage.  Still unfixed, unable to solve a code, "Stop safely now" and shutdown problem.  We gave them $950 (of our hard earned, meager teacher earnings) for nothing!  They will lie through their teeth.

 So, they couldn't fix this code issue (after a crapshoot of telling us it was a throttle body, then it was a computer. (Let it be known after I give them $950 and drove away in the vehicle the light comes on minutes later.  Undoubtedly a safety issue, I was heading toward the freeway.  They gave me back my Ford saying it was fixed; meanwhile, putting my life at risk if that vehicle would have shut down on the freeway.   Last resort, (supposedly even after three Ford engineers tried to help) they then decide to pull the motor apart and place blame on the previous mechanic for buffing down the deck with an abrasive, which caused irreparable damage.  This means that a new engine at nearly $6,000 would now be the only solution.  We go to Ford Camelback.  We tell them to show us the damaged deck and show us (what they claim to be) a level reading of .003 of an inch off (1st test, yes, it did show unevenness, I had them move it and do it again, WITHOUT holding the leveler on both sides, sure enough there was no unevenness).  

The car was towed from the shop to a new shop.  The fresh eyes here say the deck is not damaged.  Well, then what about those engraved marks they were so eager to point out to us on the aluminum deck?  We have a strong inclination they PURPOSELY did that to try and prove their lie.  If it worked and we agreed to a new engine- fabulous, for Ford (if it did actually took care of the the initial code light problem), if not, great again, Ford does not have to try and deal with the challenge any longer.    I have never had such a shady experience.  What a nightmare.  

Words of advice, do not believe everything Pete Murrin or the mechanic, Beau has to say.

Joshua M. | 2015-03-24

I bought a used Jeep Cherokee in February. My salesman, Chris, was excellent and really took care of me.  That was the only part of this process that didn't suck.

I went camping the following weekend and my truck had a flat tire.  The jack was broken, so I had to borrow a jack from another camper.  The spare tire was flat, so I ended up having to call a mobile tire service company to drive 20 miles over primitive roads to repair both tires.  As you can imagine, this was quite expensive.

I called Camelback Ford the following Monday, February 23rd.  I spoke to Dennis, he acknowledged that ensuring that the vehicle had a working jack and working spare tire was part of the used car inspection.  He promised to out if they could reimburse me the cost of the repair and replace the jack.  All further calls for Dennis have not been returned

I called back again on March 2nd. I could not get ahold of Dennis, so I spoke to Aaron instead.  He promised to talk to Dennis and get back with me.  I never received a call back

I called back again on March 9th.  Neither Dennis nor Aaron available.  Was routed to Morgan's voicemail.  That call was never returned.

I called back again on March 12th.  I spoke with Courtney in Finance. She was not the right person to speak with, but she promised to track it down for me and she promised to call me back.  She actually did call me back, on March 13th to let me know she was still working it and she would call me the following Tuesday with an update.

No call on Tuesday

I called back on the 18th.  Left VM for Courtney.  She called be back and was amazed that no one had called me.  She promised to track it down.

Here it is, now a full month later, and I still have not received an answer.  At this point, I have zero confidence that this will be resolved.   Not a single person I have talked too has followed through on their word, and it is obvious that a bad review is not a large enough threat to get them to budge. I am disgusted.

Ryan R. | 2015-03-20

Do not buy from this dealership ever!! Buyer beware ... My fiancé tried to buy a car from them and they pulled a typical car trick from the 80's.. They try to bait and switch you!! We tried to buy a car and they let us drive it for two weeks and then of course something was wrong with the financing .. Of course we had to bring it back in and then they tried to up our payment .. I was warned from other dealerships about this place and they were right !! Do not deal with Scott Collins the Internet sales manager and do not deal with Carl in finance .. Very shady and a huge SCAM stay away !!!!

Sarah C. | 2015-03-02

It is really difficult to give this dealership even 1 star.  If yelp let me leave the stars blank, I would have.  The absolute worst customer service in the Sales dept.  They do not respond to emails, and they do not return phone calls.  They sell me an extended warranty that has yet to cover the 4 or 5 issues I have had to pay for in the last year.  The warranty was not cheap either!  SO I roll that into my loan, now I am upside down.  Can't re-fi the loan yet, and the extended warranty has yet to cover anything.  Overall, I am in a horrible position of being stuck with a lemon, paid for an extended warranty that is useless and not only does the dealership not care, they ignore me and the issue entirely.  DO NOT GO TO THIS DEALERSHIP!  There are soo many other options, and since the customer service could not possibly be worse, I would strongly encourage anyone reading this to make another choice.  You will end up worse than when you started if you do business with Camelback Ford.

C.O. M. | 2015-02-28

Update on Camelback Ford in Phoenix review. Since  having the horrible expensive experience at that dealership, I have bought two F250 pickups from Phil Long Ford in Denver! Ray Gerbich, the salesman there, is honest and extremely helpful, as opposed to the sneaky tactics that Peter at Camelback used. I encourage anyone looking for a new Ford to contact Ray! Camelback review- one star only because I can't enter a rating of minus ten stars!

Allie F. | 2015-02-26

IT HAPPENED AGAIN!! I tried calling the manager and he wasn't there, so guess what? At least 6 times in 6 months I've gotten called by your ridiculous, harassing employees who seem to get paid by how mad they can make potential customers. Maybe Rodney and others shouldn't be allowed to just randomly decide to call people if there's not some centralized database that shows how often those people have been called and whether or not they were interested in a trade-in. How does it help your business to call people multiple times a day and month asking them to sell their car, wen they've clearly said no? All you're going to do is infuriate them! It's not like I'm going to sell just to get you to stop calling me! Although, seriously, I am considering changing my number.

Sky P. | 2015-02-22

Great customer service! They really took care of us. Fixed up our car wonderfully for a decent price. Weren't the quickest but they even took us to get breakfast. We will do business with them again.

Waverly H. | 2015-02-09

Wish I had saw all these bad reviews prior to going there myself. Well, one more isn't going to make them care so I'll make it quick. This dealership is full of liars. Orlando my salesman is a liar and the bad part is he's new there. So they're taught from the start to lie to make the sale

Stephen G. | 2015-02-07

still getting called and keep asking them to remove me from lists, never works

every time I tell them about this horrible exp. ask for a manager, he promises to fix, and asks me to come in to give them a chance to MAKE THINGS RIGHT.

I dont want to ever give them another penny

Sia F. | 2015-02-07

Called this morning using the website toll free number. Hit the option for "collision repair" to check on our Ford. They can't find our car in the system. OMG.  I called the toll free number again, and hit the "service" option. Got transferred to Camelback Toyota, and they still could not find the Ford. They said I reached Toyota. No, I called Ford, why am I talking to Toyota? After 20 minutes of being tossed around, I called a different number again. Placing me on hold over and over to try and find this car. Repeating my name, make and model of the car, insurance over and over, and over again. They even wanted the vin number. Its now been 30 minutes.  What type of incompetence is going on over here? We were told that we could pick up our car on Saturday, and that they would be calling us on Saturday morning to confirm. I decided to call instead, since it was already getting late. I was asked if I am sure it was dropped off at Camelback Ford. Are you kidding me? We dropped it off to your people, and have a receipt for it. Seriously?  I talked to Roz, Lynn, Sannie, Micheael. All of them were clueless and said they could not find the car in their system. Finally they found the car. Its now been 60 minutes of my life wasted, and aggravated over this. In a day and age with computer searches, it is unfathomable that this mess could happen. Everyone was passing the buck, and made it sound like I was calling the wrong numbers. Hey... get your telephone phone tree working the way it should, and get the transfer numbers right.

I can't deal with this much hassle. Wont be doing business with them again.

David F. | 2015-01-30

We went to Camelback Ford to purchase a car for our son.  We saw some 2014 Focus models on sale there on the internet so we printed up the flyer and visited them.  We were not greeted on the lot and had to go inside to find someone to help us.  We were introduced to Chris and I'm pretty sure he'd been selling cars for about a week, if that.  I gave him the flyer we had and off we went to go find a car.  On the way out, we met the Sales Manager.  He saw our flyer and said they sell the cars for the price advertised on the flyers...they don't add a bunch of stuff like other dealers.  Those were his words...not mine.  We found a car and Chris had to have another sales manager come over and work the deal.  When it was done, there was a $599 charge for some fabric protection, paint seal, and window tinting.  OK, fabric protection is a can of Scotchgard...maybe $10!  New cars have clear coats and don't need "sealing."  (Check the internet!)  Window tinting...maybe $150!.  I told him we weren't going to pay for that "service" and he said he would have the window tint removed.  HOW STUPID!!!  Pay someone to remove something because you're over-charging for it in the first place???  I told him to leave it and he said he contracts with a business to tint the windows and they guarantee it for life.  I told him we didn't want the guarantee.  When I asked the business name, he said it was "internal." He claims he went and asked the owners of Camelback Ford if he could sell the car without the $599 junk and they refused.  We even told him we would pay cash for the car and it didn't sway him.  So, we left.  Didn't buy the car and will never return to this dealer.  They told us one thing and then went back on it as soon as we were ready to make a deal.  They will not sell the car for the advertised price and claim this $599 charge is for "dealer installed options."  Yeah right!!!

Jake J. | 2015-01-14

These guys are the worst!!!!!! Bad attitudes, lazy, liars, and full of BS. I took my very clean and very upgraded F250 in for a trade on the only Black F350 DRW in Az. So they appraised My truck and low balled the crap out of me, but not only did they try to rip me off they broke the side of my driver seat plastic/molds. The sales Manger BSed me saying they would pay for it. I went back to the manager before I left, and hit the record button on my phone asked him his name again the situation, and asked when they would take care of the seat while I was recording. He admitted it again, apologized (on record) and said they would fix it asap. So they low ball me on my truck with a 19,500 offer knowing the book is 31,000 if sold private 26,000 on trade. My  truck had it all. 705 HP and 1,100lbs of torque everything you could think of. Hated to get rid of it but I needed a DWR. So I went to Sanderson they gave me 29,500 and took 6,000 off the new 2015 DRW F350. So let's get back to the worst dealership in AZ....I  Called the GM of Camelback and she BSed me and made excuses why I was not getting a call back. Lied to me 3 times and still today I haven't gotten a call back (as promised) on the replacement part. Even on tape admitting they broke it and would fix it still nothing. I emailed the Ford Corp about it and gave them the recording along with Sanderson. Only if we could post recordings on here everyone could listen to Camelback's BS. . So the GM at the end of the convo said she would call Sanderson and get it squared away with them, and I even gave her all the contact info for them and who was dealing with me there. I keep tabs on the issue and they still have made no effort what so ever. CAMELBACK FORD IS A DISGRACE AND A JOKE NEVER GO THERE!!! Just a joke how lazy and full of crap people are today. Such a terrible place. 4 "upper" level people at Camelback Ford full of lies. They need an overhaul of their staff because Camelback by far is the worst I have ever had to deal with. ZERO STARS! They are not even worth 1 star people!!

Chris J. | 2015-01-13

Not happy with them today.

Joshua E. | 2015-01-08

I had a wonderful experience. I bought my Infinity G37 coupe from them in November and from the moment I stepped into the dealership to getting my car serviced, it's been Fantastic!! Josh and Pete in service really made a great impression, both were very helpful by getting my checked and shuttled to work. After getting my sunroof fixed, oil changed, detailed my car and even took the service to the next level by delivering my car to my office at the end of the day.  Awesome job guys!!! Thank you very much!

Jared D. | 2015-01-07

Don't go!!!! Sales guy was nice like he should be but was lied to left and right. Came from 5 hours away to buy a truck, did everything over the phone, told me they got the finance worked out just how I wanted. When I get there I'm told hey we got you a warranty too! Wait for a few hours, yes a few hours to see the finance guy and was lied to about my credit score, was told I had to buy a warranty in order for the loan to be approved and sign up for a bi monthly payment program that charges more money. Paper work has the payment $80 more a month than we agreed to over the phone. I called capital one who was funding the loan and they told me everything the finance guy told me was a lie. Capital one offered to not pay the dealership until They redid the paperwork. After getting home I called the finance guy on his lies and he started yelling at me. Told me no way my loan would process with out him because my score was too low( which he lied about and told me it was 40points lower than it really was) then told me the warranty can not be taken off but will give it to me at half price. Fast forward a year and a half the warranty will not cover a problem I have on my truck like they said it would cover any issue I have. Called again and spoke to the Finance manager and he talks to me like I'm an idiot telling me warranty does not cover everything and there is no way his guy told me I had to have the warranty for the loan. I asked if there was anything he could do to help since his guys lied to me and forced me to buy something, 2 months later no call back and had not taken another one of my calls. Glad I don't live close and don't need to use them. Another little thing but when they gave me the truck the gas light was on, even thought I was told it would be clean full of gas and ready to go. Also could not get any records of any pre sale service they might of done so I didn't do anything twice.

Coinneach F. | 2014-12-23

I bought a truck from these fools (so who's the bigger fool?) 3.5 years ago. It was a total piece of crap that hadn't been through any kind of acceptance inspection, and it wasn't even the truck I'd wanted: "Oh, sorry, we *just* sold it," you know, the usual bait-and-switch. Three months later, they started calling me 2-3x weekly to trade it back for something more expensive. I told them to foff and never call me again. They continue to call me AT WORK, most recently this afternoon. I left their sales department a loud, angry voicemail and sent them a note through their website. An hour later, I got the world's most sarcastic email from Michael "Superman" Kildoo asking if I was inquiring about a vehicle. I replied that no, I wanted them to STOP HASSLING ME. Superman then came right back at me saying it's my fault that they're calling me and that all I had to do was ask to be put on their Do Not Call list. WHICH I'VE BEEN DOING FOR THREE MOTHERGRABBING YEARS.

Screw you, Superman, and screw all you idiots at Camelback Ford. You suck.

ETA: 3 hours after I posted this review, they called me AGAIN. That's it, I'm lawyering up. This is beyond incompetence and into blatant harassment.

Michelle S. | 2014-12-08

What has happened to customer service?  I inquired on-line about a car and was told it was still available. I informed the sales person the time that I would be in and that I had just a 30-minute window to look at two cars.  Upon my arrival she shared that the car I was wanting to see was sold that morning.  She then said she had two others I could look at.  One she could not find and the other she could not find the keys for.  

She was able to find me a car and I moved forward with the purchase.  I shared that I was in a hurry but she nor did anyone at the dealership care about that.  They had no respect for my schedule.  I signed my paperwork and paid and said I would be back the next day at 12:00 to pick up the car.

I arrived after 12:00 and the car was not waiting for me.  She went to look for it and stated that one of the sales people was out test driving it with someone who wanted to buy it.  They were driving my car that I had purchased!  

Overall this was not a good service experience for me.  We do love our new car and can't wait to surprise our son with his Christmas present.  This dealership needs to work on some basic customer service skills.

James W. | 2014-12-02

Very bad service! Yesterday I called Camelback Ford looking for a used car they had in their Auto Trader ad. The person I talked to was one of their managers Dennis Segatto. Mr Sagatto lied to me by telling me the car was still in inventory when it was sold two days before. He invited me to come down and see the car, knowing all along the car was sold.
I would have thought the days of having to lie to customers to get them to come to the car lot were over. But not at Camelback Ford and not with Dennis Segatto. When car guys lie to customers in order to get them to come to the lot it only makes the client mad. The chance of their LAME salespeople selling you the car you don't want are slim.

B R. | 2014-11-07

Worst car buying experience of my life. Actually bought two cars a few years ago and they won't stop calling. Sketchy! Sketchy! Sketchy!

Ben T. | 2014-10-28

Just purchased a 2015 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid.  The sales guy Nick was very knowledgeable and overall an excellent salesman.  When we were checking out Nick said "we have changed our policy and will mail you your owners manual and spare key".  It is now 13 days later and nothing.  I've spoken with Nick several times and he perpetuated the lie.  So today I got Kenny on the phone, one of their customer service managers.  He admitted that they lost the key and manual and that "they would have someone in my area next week to build me a key". He also talked over the top of me and would not listen.  And then offered to give me a lunch coupon.  What an insult. My first Lincoln was purchased from Sanderson Lincoln on Bell road in Phoenix and they have WORLD CLASS customer service. Save yourself a nightmare DO NOT BUY FROM CAMELBACK LINCOLN.

Doug F. | 2014-10-26

Our initial purchasing experience was exceptional but, unfortunately, that's where it ended. Before taking our new car home we did a walk around with the delivery person to be sure there were no issues. We found that the drivers door window had scratches. We were told we would be contacted to fix it. That didn't happen. In fact after a few weeks and emails with our sales person we still were never contacted. In his last email excuses were made along with promises to remedy that have yet to be kept. So, I finally just scheduled an appointment with the service department. We'll see how that goes. Throughout our purchase experience they were very concerned with the satisfaction surveys we would be asked to fill out, wanting the highest rating. I would suggest to Them that they might want to be a bit more concert with doing what they say they're going to do and the good survey ratings will follow.

Marc F. | 2014-10-15

This is the worst car buying experience of my life. I bought a brand-new car from them and they played every sleazy car dealer track known to man. Changing paperwork interest rates, forcing dealer upgrades into the deal that I didn't want saying they were already on the car so I had to take them refusing to include the X plan that I was entitled to through my employer (hid I was screwed out of that in the paperwork) changing the deal again saying that I hadn't qualified for the interest rate again they had approved me for. Changed the deal a third time and said I needed a cosigner. Then tried to change the deal of fourth time saying they couldn't get it approved on my credit. When I said I just wanted to bring the car back they threatened to charge me $.45 a mile for every mile I put on the car if I didn't find a cosigner. When I finally got my uncle as a cosigner the deal changed again and they couldn't get it to go through with me on the loan miraculously and it had to go strictly in his name so I couldn't review the documents anymore. The deal finally went through with a bunch of dealer add-ons I didn't approve such as extended warranties that then had to be cancelled. This is because my uncle is in Massachusetts and I am in Arizona so the documents were FedEx back-and-forth with my never being able to review with him because I was nowhere in the deal any longer. In the process of this whole debacle Camelback took out the Arizona registration so I was left with no registration and a vehicle I could not drive, add ons not wanted and that they were specifically told to not include, I was also left with another bill for the AZ registration. During this whole time Camelback was in possession of a release from my uncle to do all the paperwork less signatures with me. They were just hiding everything so they could pack the payment maximize their profit and rip me off. Even once The deal was done I had to go to Ford motor credit to get copies of the contracts because Camelback refused to provide copies of any of the documentation on the loan to my uncle Camelback is the shadiest dealer that I have ever had the displeasure of doing business with they hide everything from the consumer so that you don't have any of the information you need on your vehicle purchase. Do not do business with Camelback unless you want to be ripped off too!

Karen W. | 2014-09-26

Inquired thru Ford in late August and they still have not stopped calling me!! or emailing!!  Please note that the BBB gives them an "F" - they will not rate them as they have over 100 complaints and do not respond to most.  There are many ways to buy a car on line - let's get rid of dealers!!  Try using USAA or other on-line car buying services.  Stop these lying jerks - always have been and always will.  They must hire them right out of prison - hint: they are ALL the dealer "manager" or "manager of internet, and when you call to stop the calls - they want your phone number!!!! Like it's not on the display in front of them and yes, they DO record the calls - the State of AZ makes them!!

Lenore B. | 2014-09-18

You know, I wasn't going to waste my time slamming them (almost) but these people WILL NOT STOP CALLING. I have told them repeatedly to lose my #, but oh hell no.

Back story: I actually bought 2 cars here. First one was new, all was well, treated wonderfully in service by Mike, who sadly is gone.

Second one was used. 1model yr. old which I needed when I wrecked the first. OMG, what a difference. Finance guy screwed me over; of course I am somewhat at fault, but I NEEDED a car, and he kept me for almost 2 hours. Then I bring it in for service, and am told (not by Mike,new creep named Darryl) that I needed brakes and a battery. With 17K miles?? The one I wrecked--same make & model-had over 35K on it and I'd never had to do brakes, or battery. What do they do, strip the good stuff off the cars on the used car line? Maroon tried to sell me tires too-not a chance. Went to Discount; they said I was good for probably 20K miles.

Then they wiped out their entire service dept. and brought in a bunch of kids. Seriously, kids, not experienced service writers. I had a window motor fail suddenly on the freeway, sounded like I had been shot at, and window falls into the door. I was understandably rattled. Chick at "service" could have cared less.

Now the worst. I rented a car from the Enterprise next door for 2 days (window problem happened on Friday nite, they said they'd have the car back to me Monday). When I picked up my repaired car, they said "Oh we work with Enterprise all the time-just leave it here and we'll take it over." Sure. I get a credit card bill for 5 days on the car I had 2 days. NO ONE would take responsibility for the overcharge, NO ONE had a clue what happened to the car................I escalated to the GM, and again, he could have cared less.


damon c. | 2014-09-12

Beware...go to another Ford dealership

Ford called said they could drastically lower my interest rate. Went and checked it out. Seems too good to be true.  Worst case I only save 10k and not 20k in the long run if they could get me 0%.  Settle at 9%, high but almost half what I was paying. Detailers brake car picked out.  Come in next day interest rate went up.  I get upset say give me sally.  Ask for one more day to get better finance. Fine, next day car still broke and I don't want a broken new car.  They have the nerve to say I own it.  Never signed finance papers.  Test me. I say put me in the other one the nicer one for close to the same payment. They end up giving me more for my trade and like 5grand off the one I wanted first (not the GT) I Buy it.  Still saving 10k in interest.  Plus put on a plan to pay it off early.  Saving more. 2014 Mustang Premium with less than 50 miles. And the color I want.

never got any return calls.  

service: Fixed some very minor paint issues took a week not a day as promised.

Financing: Nothing but lies about smartnote and financing.

Text conversation with the original sales man...this is the only contact I have had with ford where I didn't make the call to them first. and only because it effected him did he bother. also...txt...classy. pick up the phone.

Alex camelback ford: I thought we had a deal with the survey.
Alex camelback ford: Hope everything is going better for you. Sorry your experience was so awful.
ME: Oh well sorry you got caught up in the bad survey. But every single other point of contact, promise, event whatever was a disappointment a lie or a let down. I have called several times to the management and to the finance department and recorded no call backs what so ever ....I even got someone promising me that if I come in and buy a car I can get 0% AGAIN the other day
Alex camelback ford: Well I got deducted for your survey. I'll look into what's going on and have someone call you.
Alex camelback ford: I'm sorry about that. To make it up if you do send me someone I'll make a months car payment up to 500 and give you a dull tank of gas just for bringing
someone who takes a test drive.
ME: DMV says you guys got my tags on September 2nd will I bet getting them soon
---3 days later---
ME: Driving on expired plates/tags is awesome. Still no tags/registration. I finally talked to someone there after calling for 3 days. they will fedex them so I have them Monday. At this point I wouldn't tell someone if they were on fire to go there if you guys had the only water in 100 miles.
Alex camelback ford: Ok. Any reason you're letting me know?
Alex camelback ford: I really don't care Damon. I tried being polite and helping and you are just an ass. I even lost money to get you into that car. Just to try and make things better. My kid thanks you too.
ME: You should know what happened so you can make every effort that the next person doesn't have to go thru this. You should also tell the manger what happened. If you truly care about good customer service there
ME: Well thanks for that blocking your number.
Alex camelback ford: go eat a twinkle on the 1-10

I did remove the round and round we went about where he kept asking me about the smart note issue.  the rudest thing I said I didn't remove.  at any rate even if I started calling him names directly he shouldn't have responded.  (which I never did)

in the end happy with car.  ok with loan. will never send anyone there or go there again.

Hugh C. | 2014-09-10

Nice place. Everyone was very attentive. Because of the rain I decided to take advantage of the detail special. I am pretty excited to pick it up.
I worked with Crista. She is awesome.

Kris V. | 2014-09-02

I wish you could add no stars. By far the worst buying experience I have ever had. I actually purchased the car over a week ago and at the time of purchase was told it needed to get detailed. This was just the first lie in a series that has now after a week left me with a car payment and no car. These guys are full of crap and that is an understatement, we should have left after seeing another customer yelling at a sales person, I thought Scott Collins over at the Lincoln side would be ok to do business with. Boy was I wrong. Do not purchase from here if you value both your time and money had this been another state with a right to cancel I would have.

Lauren D. | 2014-08-22

My last experience with a service staff member had me ready to ask for a manager. He was rude to me and made me feel undervalued as a customer. On top of being treated like human garbage, the wait was really long for an oil change and tire rotation, upwards of 2 hours despite being quoted one hour.

I don't know how they stay so busy given the quality of their service. I guess we all got sucked into those 7-year warantees!

For the record, the first time I went there the service team member was really great to me and very respectful. But this last experience totally undid her great work. And that time it also took 2 hours for a routine check even though the place was empty, which is just unreasonable.

Steven R. | 2014-08-20

STAY AWAY FROM THIS ZOO THAT THEY CALL A DEALERSHIP!!!!!!!! I have been buying cars for many years and THIS was the worst experience to date. DON'T make the $4800 mistake that I did! STAY AWAY - There are far too many honest dealerships that are happy to create a relationship with you! STAY AWAY from Camelback Ford! Problem after problem has presented itself and no one is ever available to talk. They messed my tags up for my vehicle and I had to drive on expired temporary plate for almost a week! I had to run back and forth from dealership to Arizona Association of Auto Dealers finally to demand that I get my tabs or know where they physically are. They still owe me $508.64 fro my trade in and extra that they added to my new loan. Call after call and visit after visit has got me no where. Just do yourself a huge favor and stay away from this dealership full of unethical people.

Mike C. | 2014-07-22

I bought a Fusion from Camelback Ford in 2010.  Fairly pleasant experience.  No real problems.  I would periodically get calls from them saying they have a new Fusion I might be interested in.  No shock there.  They're trying to drum up business.  No harm, no foul.  
3 years ago, I moved to the Chicago area.  I got a call from Camelback Ford, again saying they have a new car I might be interested in.  I told them no and also that I moved to Chicago, so, I thought, that's that.  OH, NO!  They said I could still buy from them and they'd ship it to me.
Are they out of their freaking mind????  I was going to give this place 3 or 4 stars, but, I just got YET ANOTHER CALL FROM THEM.  I mean, that's just stupid!!

Harsh B. | 2014-07-03

I was looking for the 2014 Ford Mustang V6 in manual transmission. There is limited inventory left in AZ for manual transmission, so I went to Camelback Ford because I was interested in a particular one I had checked up. In spite of having read the negative reviews about the customer service, I headed there to try my luck. I was wrong.

I go there with an OTD price quote that I had already received from Stephanie, their internet sales manager. I work for Intel which makes me eligible in the X-Plan discount program (little discount over the regular price). I test drove the Mustang that I was interested in and then sat for the price quote. Firstly, I got tired waiting there at each of their move - getting the car up for test drive, getting in the quote, re-quote after telling them this is not the price I got in the email, waiting for the internet manager to actually show up after having had fixed an appointment with her.

I then tried negotiating the price for any 4th July specials. Negotiation is a part of any car purchase deal. Who doesn't try to negotiate the price? The internet manager, Stephanie, told me they cannot negotiate on the X-Plan pricing and was adamant on that. I was still trying my luck for a few minutes. Then out of the blue, she threatens me with, "Give me your X-Plan PIN, I'll complain that Intel employees (a friend was with me) are trying to negotiate X-Plan price and they'll take some action". I pulled out the X-Plan terms and no where was it mentioned anything that you cannot negotiate. We asked her show us where it is written. To which she said I have not read it, and added, "I said I might complain, and not I will complain". Bullshit! Clearly she had threatened us and was trying to step back from what she had said.

If you cannot bring down the price stick to that and I'll take the deal or reject it. Do not bloody threaten me. That is not how you talk to customers. We walked off from there. I cannot deal from here if you cannot talk properly to customers. Keep your cars!

I will be reporting this matter to their manager.

STACY B. | 2014-06-20

Camelback Ford. This dealership is worthless. A little over a year ago I was going through a BK. They contacted me to finance  car. I thought sure see what they got. Made the appt to drive from Tucson to Mesa. I had spoken with  man there a few times on the phone bout our situation. When we got there we got turned over to some other sales person. Fine.. this person did not have our credit information.  Did not have ANY cars ready for us to look at within our guidelines. Had us walking all over the lot looking for cars that would qualify. This should have been done BEFORE we got there. Tried putting us in a car we did not like or want. Needless to say we were there for over 5 hours with no car yet. We tried to leave and were in our car when they approach us in our car to try another car. We did find another car that was within our limits. Needless to say it was a circus day and it took us over 8 hours! I swore I would never buy from them again. It was the WORST car buying experience ever. So since then I had gotten a few solicitation calls from them and had told them to stop calling! The other day I had gotten another call from them stating a special finance offer on 2014 FORD for certain credit scores and I surely had was above that realm. He explained that Camelback was under "NEW MANAGEMENT" so I thought I would give them a 2nd try. Needless to say after a few days of calls I was told I did  to qualify for some BS reason I had never heard of. Called the next day to speak with a sales Manager who said h would look into it and call me back. Never got the call back. I just didnt understand when I was qualified under the guidelines the sales person had given me and the advertisement on their website. So I called another sales manager who apologized and stated he would call me back in 10 minutes. 4 hours o by and no phone call. hmmmmm... yeah.. good service. I called him back who stated he was working on my info trying to get me financed. Never heard from him again.
So if you want service, attention and follow up from a dealership this is NOT the place.
I am sure there are other dealership and sales people who are willing to earn your business.

Michael M. | 2014-06-14

Terrible in every way. Constantly calling me, sometimes several times a week trying to get me to buy a new car. Service department is slow. Purchase process took all day and the "finance guy" wouldn't take no for an answer trying to sell me a service package when I bought my car. I'd buy a used car on craigslist before I ever dealt with a dealership like this again.

Sophie E. | 2014-06-04

This service department contradicts everything I have previously experienced of American customer service. We bought our car from them and are mostly very happy with the car, but every time it needs to be brought in for any kind of service or minor issue, the booking is forgotten or they won't fix the issue if it doesn't happen right on the forecourt. The staff turnover is seemingly extremely high and just as I have found someone who seems to be genuinely helpful and aware of my history with the dealership, they leave and we start again from zero. Whenever I am transferred to a voicemail, I have NEVER received the callback requested. Instead I have to call repeatedly to get any kind of response. The staff are surly and disinterested. It is a shame as I love my car and like to invest in American businesses, but I would never deal with this dealership again out of choice.

Kathleen S. | 2014-05-14

I have been forced to use Camelback Ford service department because I drive a fleet vehicle owned by Ford. In my fifteen years of driving a company car I have never experienced such poor customer service. The service department has NO sense of urgency. I need to make repeated trips to repair what should have been caught the first time. The service reps brush it off and make comments like " i have no explanation for this problem or this should not have happened"

Take my advice and do not use this service department. The mechanics are  unqualified and the service reps do not care how long it takes to repair your car. One trip, two trips and even three times and they will finally repair your vehicle. Not cool Ford.

Animal F. | 2014-02-11

Did not get what I  paid for today. I paid for The "works fuel saver package" from the service department at Camelback for my 2004 Lincoln Town Car. I have had my car serviced here and only here since it was purchased in 2004. Included in this service was to be a tire rotation. I became aware upon returning home that the right front tire had not been rotated. It is the only tire with a small gash at the whitewall and was noticed when Carlos measured the tread depth. I cannot trust that any of the other services were even completed as promised. I did speak with someone who offered to "appease me" ( his words) by having the work performed upon my returning. I declined Matthew's invite, instead I chose to not drive 20 miles round trip to a business I no longer could trust.

Antoinette A. | 2014-02-03

Instead of taking my trade in they wanted me to purchase a new car and wanted me to give my pervious car back to the bank. Even after telling them I was not interested they had other guys come up and tell me it was the best move for me. It just didn't make sense. And I drive a 2013 car. Oh and they took my $100 down payment and said it was for putting 10 miles on the car and restock fee. I didn't care I just wanted out of there.

Alex M. | 2014-01-25

I do not know what you guys did to address my issue? I never received a call or email regarding anything. Camelback Ford took my information down when I was there.

Sheryl L. | 2014-01-11

We went here to look for a car. This is where we made our first mistake. As with any dealership we were attacked the moment we got out of our car. After we found the person with whom we had the appointment we proceeded to walk all over the lot looking for the "right" car. Once we found a car we wanted to drive it took the sales person 15 minutes or longer to find the keys. When we finally got out of the parking lot and onto our test drive, we ran out of gas!!! We waited another 15 minutes for the sale man to walk a block to the dealership to have someone come over with some gas. In my opinion this was completely unprofessional. I will NOT go back there to purchase a car.

Brett P. | 2013-12-30

This place sucks!! Don't come here for service if you have anywhere to be.  If they tell you 1 hour, they mean 3.   Came in for a battery change, that's it, been sitting here for 2 hours!   If it wasn't required that I come here because it is a company vehicle is have done it myself in 10 minutes!  Garbage!

David E. | 2013-11-22

11/21/2013 Dealer telephones and has new contract waiting. All contracts are eliminated as requested and bank has agreed to fund the loan with only the $1250.00 trade, which we decide to pay in cash and take the vehicle back to sell outright. It's too bad we had to go through so much hassle to achieve the same results. I am also told that the new owners have "scolded" those involved, so it is our hope that future customers at this establishment are treated in a fair and honest manner. Kudos to the new owners! Best of luck.

John A. | 2013-11-15

What a giant waste of my time...add said 12k in incentives for a 2013 f150...they never gave me more than 5k, then delivered a 60 month term at 980 per month payment. The sells rep was nice, but I gave them all this info before I came in then he walked me out the door and said he couldn't do anything due to my trade...yeah thanks for wasting my 3 hours and gas on a "new" truck that already had 978 miles on it and not giving me half of the advertised incentives.

Shuo W. | 2013-11-15

Avoid this dealership at all cost..
WORST I have ever been.
They will use all the tricks to take advantage from you.

Jacqueline L. | 2013-10-31

I bought a car in June 2013- long story short. Yes, I did go and buy a car solo.. And boy were they pushy! They called me back the next week because I needed to finalize the paper work.. Which was surprising because I thought it was finalized? When I got there they changed the terms of my contract. Basically they floated the loan.. Which I have been advised is a standard practice.. My apr was originally 3%... When I went back 9% and deal done 5%. These dudes really tried to take advantage of me. Had my "boyfriend" (not really my boyfriend) go with me and all of a sudden there was a rebate available to me? ($2000.00). I got such a damn good deal (after talking to 5 different people) I had to take the car! True Hustlers at this place.  Never again will I shop with them. Avoid these guys!!!

David L. | 2013-08-24

This is a review of the service department only.

I would go back to this dealer for service simply because they did not call and try to sell me a bunch of overpriced work. I generally do most of the work on my 2005 F150 but at times there are things that you need to take it to a shop for. When those items come up I will most likely be returning here for service.

It was done later than I was told but this is what happens at most all shops. They will most always tell you they can get it done in a reasonable time just to get you car in the shop. If they told you the real time it would take you would just leave and get it done somewhere else.

Jessica O. | 2013-07-31

This place has the worst customer service imaginable! We bought a used 2012 Malibu in 2012 from them. Now not even a year later the paint is chipping off of the entire front end. We took it in to have it fixed because it is still under the 36,000 mile warranty. Well apparently the car had been in an accident and all of the panels had been replaced and we were not informed of this when we bought it, therefore the warranty for the paint is exempt. They won't even comp the paint on the front end as an apology to not disclosing the info. They just continue to be completely rude to us and tell us if they did favors for everyone who walked in the door they wouldn't be in business. This is dishonest and they shouldn't be allowed to have a business. This is the worst service I've ever gotten at any dealership ever. A bunch of snakes.

Mike S. | 2013-06-28

HAHAHAHA What a joke of a place!!!  I don't even have enough time to write all of the BS.   I wish I would have come here first........ DO NOT............ DO NOT .................... DO NOT .............. DO NOT BUY FROM HERE if you have an expectation of professionalism and customer service.  .................  (Don't get me wrong there are a couple of guys who have helped, JOE!!!)  If you want specifics, contact me I have no problem telling you what you are getting into.  I should have listened to my friend when he said, Camelback Ford....GET OUT OF THERE!!!"

Rogelio M. | 2013-06-05

Awful, awful service! We purchased a Ford Escape from another dealer for my 17-year-old daughter. About a year after we bought it, she had the same problem with the throttle cable sticking that killed the girl in Northern Arizona. We took it to Pep Boys, who immediately recognized that it was a recall item and suggested we take it to Ford instead. I checked with Ford on recall status. Other Escapes were subject to recall, but not our Escape.

After being told by Ford Motor Company that it was not a recall item, we took it to Camelback Ford for service. We needed to make certain the cable didn't stick again. They charged us $600, and then upsold my wife on a needless transmission fluid flush. Within a month or two of paying for the repair out of our own pocket, we received a notice from Ford that our car was now, indeed, part of the recall. Since there were some problems with the instructions on the original recall, they had to check the work again. We took it back to Camelback.

When we took it back, my wife asked to be reimbursed for the repairs that we had already paid for on the same issue. She was told that authorization had to come from Ford, and they would check. My wife emailed and called Camelback several times over a period of a week or two, finally getting a response that Ford had said "no." That annoyed me, but what can you do?

And then the sales calls started coming, "Hey, this is Larry at Camelback Ford, do you still have that Ford Escape?" The first call I got, I thought they were calling to tell me they had more info from Ford and our repairs were being reimbursed. Wrong. "We always need good used cars on the lot. What would it take to get you out of that car and into a new 2012." At this point I was being polite and told him I wasn't interested.

And the sales calls kept coming every couple of months. It's like the Jerky Boys are calling me, just to hear how pissed off I would get. Or, I can imagine a couple of veteran sales guys telling the new guy, "hey this is a good lead," and then laughing as I go off on the new guy. The last call I got I was angry, and I used the Eff Word at one of the guys, who then threatened to hang up on me if I didn't stop cursing. "Hang up! You called ME! That's not a threat, that's an outcome much to be desired." When I called back and asked to speak to the manager they would hang up on me. I called back again and asked to speak to the general manager of the entire dealership. I want off of the calling list. All I get are voicemail, hang-ups, and just the high-hat in general, I never get to speak with a manager.

So I did what any decent American would do: within an hour of the most recent call, I had a small claims lawsuit drafted, took it down to the Maricopa County Courthouse and sued Ford Motor Company. Camelback, in teeny-tiny one-point type on the service estimate, prints a binding arbitration clause. I didn't want this ending up before some arbitrator who is predisposed to finding in the dealership's favor. I had no contractual relationship with Ford, however, and since Camelback told me Ford Motor Company was responsible for the reimbursement decision, I sued them instead. They have offered to settle and I'm getting my $600 back. Why does it take a lawsuit to get the most fundamental level of customer service anymore? Rhetorical question.

Hopefully, Ford will take a look at their practices and set Camelback Ford straight, but I believe monkeys will fly out my butt before that happens.

Their service receipt says "if you aren't 100% happy with your experience today, let us know." Trying to let them know is like a TV in an empty room---nobody's listening.

When I'm driving east, I take Indian School or Bethany Home, just so I don't have to drive past this place. Truly an awful dealership.

Charles H. | 2013-05-03

This has to be the slowest service department every.  Okay, maybe not ever but they are EXTREMELY SLOW!  However, they have a few very helpful service department members to help make the experience less painful.  

So when you book your appointment go check out some of the local eateries in the neighborhood or get a massage from massage envy.  Smh just make sure you prepare yourself to be WAITING.

J D. | 2013-02-07

Consider yourself warned.....

5 weeks ago, I was shopping for a car and saw a used car on their website that I was interested in.  However, it didn't have a picture of the car, so I called the dealership to inquire about it.  The guy asked for my name and then told me about the car.  I told him I'd stop by the dealership later in the week so I could see it in person.

Over the next 5 days, I received a daily phone call from this sales guy asking me to make an appointment.  I asked him how he got my number.  He said it was because we had a phone conversation the other day and that I gave it to I didn't!  He took it off the caller ID.  This goes on for 5 days, then finally the Sales "Manager"....who really knows....calls me and says that he has a note that says I want to schedule an appointment to come see the car.....what-the-F&*^?!  I never said that!  I told him to take me off the friggin' call list and to stop harassing me.  The calls stopped......for a while.

2 weeks later, guess what...?!  Yes, another call from this dealership!  This time, it's a different guy....they must pass your number around.  I told him, sorry but I purchased a car (lie) and I'm no longer in the market to purchase.  I thought my problems with this dealership was over....

Just this week, I received a call from another sales guy asking me if I am in the market to buy a this point I was so furious that I wanted to drive to this dealership and give the general manager an earful.  However, I didn't want to give them the pleasure of wasting my time.  Instead, I told him to stop calling me because I found a car (lied again).  Hopefully, that resolves said issue.

After all of this nonsense, I will never-ever-in-my-life buy a car from this dealership or ownership.

Return Factor - 00000%

Todd B. | 2013-01-01

Wow - shocked at the poor customer service of this dealership.  Most of all shocked by the fact the neither Nick the sales manager nor Brinton (sp?) the general manager think returning my call to resolve the problem is a priority.

Long story short, we bought a new vehicle at the end of the month. It had to be brought from another dealer and we made the mistake of trusting the salesman with regards to the condition of the vehicle. It was supposed to be "new" with a particular options. In the end, when we went to pick it up it had 500 miles on it and didn't have the promised options.  The finance manager was awesome!  He discounted the vehicle, wrote up an IOU for the missing item, and sent us on our way.  Unfortunately the first time the piece came in, it was incomplete. They did reorder and we waited over a month (assuming they'd hang on to our part). Instead they sold it. No big deal, service said they'd order another. I was fine waiting as I was the one who hadn't rushed in to pick it up.

That's when the mediocre service went off a cliff.  The service department called me back to let me know that Nick decided they did not owe me the part (a roof rack). He must really think his employees are stupid. Why would two different employees work so hard to get us the part for a few months if they didn't have the obligation?  I feel bad for them that their boss left them out to dry.

I chose not to shoot the messenger and asked for Nick the sales manager to call to remind him they owed me the rack and that I had proof. He chose not to return my calls.

Then I figured it made sense to go higher, so I called Brinton (sp?) the general manager. I've left 3 messages over the last week (yes, he's was in the dealership, just available when I called).  He too has chosen not to return my call.

Bottom line - there are other Ford dealerships in town and I'm sure that at least one of them believes in customer service.  Do you self a favor and go elsewhere.

Tom D. | 2012-10-11

I just leased a Ford Edge from Camelback Ford and it was actually done by the sales manager.  Stay away from them.  They promise the world and then when it comes time for the financing, they are a very HARD SELL and try to manipulate the dollar amount with sneaky ways to add in fees and charges.  Be careful if you go there.  If you are getting a residual from a car you are trading in and getting a check back.  It will take 5 to 7 business days.  That was not brought to my attention until i was told the following Monday because the car was purchased on a Saturday.  Now I have to wait 10 days to get my money back.  The place is a mess and there is now where to park your car.  Good luck getting a parking place and hopefully your car wont get hit on the way in or out.  The staff there is very nice and then the management comes in with the hard sell and wont return your keys until a sale is made.  (stupid me I should have left the first time i asked them).

Chaneque C. | 2012-09-17

Don't EVER buy a car from CAMELBACK FORD. They are the definition of a bad used car dealership. We purchased 2 cars from them on Saturday 9/1 and one of them had to be painted. They told us it would be ready the following Tuesday 9/5. We called them Wednesday 9/6 and no return call. My husband went down there on 9/7 and they told them they had to order the paint and it would be ready 9/13, so he asked if he could drive the truck until the paint was in, he said he would find out and call him right back, no call back. My husband went down there on 9/13 and the car was still not done, he asked for a loaner car and they gave him one. He asked them to call him when his truck was ready, no one ever called.  So he again and no call back again. So he called them up and told him he wrecked their loaner car. Guess what? They called him back... and his truck was ready and had been ready since Thursday 9/13. My husband told them, okay good that's what I was trying to find out, I didn't really wreck your car, I just needed someone to return my phone call. The GM called back and told my husband to bring back the loaner car right away or he was calling the cops. My husband told him to go ahead... we're out for the night and I'll bring it in the morning and we can switch cars then. So my husband goes in the next morning and they switch cars/trucks, okay all is good. He's driving down the street and tries to roll up the window and the window is gone. It had a window when we purchased it and we have a picture of him standing in front of the truck with a window. So he goes back to the dealership and tells them that the window needs to be replaced because it had one 2 weeks ago when we purchased the truck. They told him yes they would replace it but can't do it until Monday. He asked them to put it in writing and then the guy comes back out and says never mind they aren't going to replace it. So basically, they were just telling him yes so that the 3 days would pass and we would be stuck with the truck without a window. My husband and the Sales Manager were going back and forth for a while, not getting anywhere and then the GM of the Used Sales comes out and tells my husband no he's not doing anything about it. He said maybe he wrecked it like he did the loaner car. Basically, the GM was still pissed about what happened the night before to get them to finally give us a call back. The window was just missing out of the truck and there was no glass or anything around it. So we think they took it out on purpose. Anyhow, long story long, my husband had to go over to the New Car Department and talk to the GM over there and the window will be replaced, we have it in writing. The run around this place gave us was ridiculous. And judging by all the other ratings here on Yelp, everyone has had the same experience with them. Apparently, they just lie to your face and tell you what you want to hear at the time. But, they don't have any intention in following through on what they said and/or ever calling anyone back. Worst experience ever.

Jay C. | 2012-09-16

-5 Stars DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM USED CARS. They give used car salesman a bad name.

Bought 2 cars on 9/1/12, one of the vehicles needed to be painted, should be 3 days, I called 4 days later with no return call, on the 9/7 I went there to find out where my car was salesman told me they had to order paint and it would be ready 9/13 so I asked if I could drive it until the paint was in he said he would find out and call me right back, I received no call. I went in on 9/13 and my car still was not done, so I asked for a loaner and they gave me one. I asked the sales manager for a call when the car was ready, no call the next day, I called on 9/15 and no body returned my call,so that evening I called and told them I wrecked their car. Guess what they called back, my truck was ready. The GM told me to bring the loaner in right away or he would call the police, go ahead I will see you in the AM. No issues when I picked up my car, but after about an hour of driving around I tried to roll up the drivers side window and there was no window, it had been broken. When I went back they said bring it in on Monday for repair, so I asked for it in writing, then thats where it got worse. The GM told me he would not fix it the car was as is, and I had to keep it or leave it. My trade in had already been sold. Then he told me he was calling the police and left. I had to go to the GM of new car sales and he did resolve the problem, but the used car GM was rude and unhelpful.

Crystal L. | 2012-09-04

THIS PLACE WILL HARRASS YOU!!!!  DO NOT BUY HERE!!!!  My husband made a call to inquire about a used car.  Since then, they have called his number 4-5 times a day.  It's been non-stop.  We have asked to speak to supervisors, told them we already purchased another car, asked them each time to remove them from their number list and sure enough, we keep getting more calls.  This is harrassment and just a plain way to run a business.   Do not---do not--- do not go here.  Do not even let them get ahold of your phone number!  These people have no shame and if this is how they treat "potential" customers... I'd hate to see how they treat you after you buy a car from them.  ZERO STARS!!!!!

Michael F. | 2012-07-11

I'm lowering my rating to 1 star  for poor service. It's been over a month since I've purchased my car, and I still have not receive my license plates. I have called them 5 times, and no one returned my calls. I left 3 messages last week, and got no response. The next day I spoke to a manager, and she  told me she would talk to whoever is in charge of the titles. Did I get a courtesy call back? No.
A week later, and still no sign of my license plates. I called again, and left a message.
The person in charge of the title didn't return my call, so I called again and again. I finally was able to get a hold of this person. I asked her what happened to my license plates.
Her response " Oh, I don't know? ".
Really ? Can you think of a more intelligent response?  How about a courtesy return phone call or an apology for the delay?  My temporary tag is about to expire, and I still haven't receive my license plates!  
I am so ready to contact their corporate office. It's a total shame.  It drives me nuts that businesses do not have the common courtesy to return calls, and it's even worse when they don't acknowledge their mistakes and not offer an apology.  I actually recommended this place, and had one of my friends buy a car here last week. Yes. He bought a Ford Focus last week because I recommended Ford Lincoln!  Never again.
I was going to have my sister buy a car here, but after this experience. I would never recommend this place.
The bottom line is this: It is simply rude to not return someone's call. It's poor service when you do not do your job, and it's not that hard to apologize when there is a delay.  It is not complicated, and there really is no excuse.

UPDATE:  (7/17/2012) I called DMV today and  they told me that  Ford Dealership still hasn't submitted the paperwork.  No record of the VIN number being submitted for registration. My temporary tag is expiring in 2 days, and they haven't done a thing.  So far I have called them 8 times and no one has returned my phone calls.  It's very unprofessional and totally unacceptable.

UPDATE (7/17/2012)  I showed up at the dealership, and finally received some answers. Apparently someone misplaced my paperwork, so my license plates were never processed.
It was very frustrating  hounding this dealership for updates, and never getting an explanation from their managers.
However, after talking to the person in charge of the title, I finally received an apology.  She informed me that my new temporary tag will be processed today, and be fed-ex tomorrow. Finally some progress!
But I still can't bring  myself to change my rating. Somebody needs to be accountable for their mistakes, and that needs to start with management.

UPDATE (11/08/2012)  My license plates never showed up in the mail, so I ended up going to the DMV to get license plates.

Living Raw B. | 2012-07-11

DO NOT GO HERE!!!! I would have given this review ZERO stars, if I could.  Our experience was horrible, and it seems that it wasn't unusual.

HORRIBLE customer service: Lying, mismanaging, empty promises, NO integrity. We had a different salesman, financier, customer service representative every single time we stopped by or called and no one would return our phone calls.  When we went to pick up our truck - they made us wait for FOUR hours in a building with no air conditioning, with our children, while they brought it from the back lot.

After we brought our truck home, we found that not only had they NOT done the repairs, but it wasn't safe to drive and we had to put in an additional $3K into it.  We are still trying to get compensated for all of that.  I don't expect them to lift a finger.


Frederick J. | 2012-07-11

I recently bought a car from Camelback Ford about a month ago; there were a couple things that were wrong with it that you agreed to fix once the car was financed.  These were aesthetic fixes but important because it was with the back seat trunk release valves with the car.  There was no "WE PAY" agreement that was written up because everyone from ELI, JOHN PHAN, JORDAN (the used sales manager) told me that it would be taken care of once the car was financed.  The car was financed about two weeks ago, and I recently had come in to get my car fix which was promised to me when signing my original papers covered in my warranty that I had purchased through your financing department, that Christ Agnos and Mohammad Hamideh on two separate occasions, had promised that would happen once the car was financed.  I am very disappointed that you would not uphold your agreement for such a small fix.  I just want to enjoy the car that I had purchased through your dealership to its fullest, but since I have been in your dealership 5 times over the past 8 weeks with nothing but excuses on why you haven't fixed my simple fix I have no choice to say this:  IF YOU SHOP AT CAMELBACK FORD THEY WILL DO WHATEVER TO GET YOUR MONEY.  THEY WILL PROMISE YOU WHATEVER YOU WANT TO HEAR BUT NEVER COMMIT TO FIXING ANYTHING.  IT DOES NOT MATTER WHO YOU ARE BECAUSE THEY WILL MAKE VERBAL AGREEMENTS AND TRY TO PASS YOU OFF, EVEN IF YOU TRY TO MAKE A SCENE THEY WILL TELL YOU THAT IT IS JUST A CUSTOMER WITH BAD CREDIT (WHICH SHOULDN'T MATTER BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT A BANK!)  DO NOT SHOP IN THE USED CAR LOT BECAUSE UNLESS YOU ARE A LAWYER IN BUSINESS LAW BECAUSE THEY WILL SCREW YOU OVER!!!!!!

Al S. | 2012-07-09

Absolutely the worst dealership ever" I'm disgusted with them that I don't even have a word to say besides giving them ZERO stars if I could

Silvana M. | 2012-06-10

Worse place ever. Run as fast as they can. Got a car there, the door handles don't work but the told me they would fix them if I got the car. Closed the deal, they got their money, I went to get my door handles fixed and they told me they would only fix them if the Cost of the work wouldn't exceed $200. That us not what they told me and I have in writing all the things they needed to fix and nowhere it says about not exceeding $200.

In addition, the woman @ the front desk doesn't do anything more than answer the phone and been on Facebook. I asked to get me a person in finance service and she kept transfer me to a voice mail. I don't expect much from a person that probably didn't even graduate high school, let's be honest y don't need to be smart to do her job, but couldn't she get up of her chair, close her Facebook window and get me real person???

This place has been nothing but a nightmare and I will never be back!

Shayla M. | 2012-03-19

WORST EXPERIENCE EVER...bought a car in cash and four months later still no title. Each time we call, we get the run around. POORLY RAN. I WOULD GO ANYWHERE BUT HERE. If you buy a car here, expect a huge headache. Apparently, they sell cars without the title. I have already reported them to the attorney generals office. I can't believe they are in business. DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jaime L. | 2012-02-07

Not a good experience. Purchased a used Ford Focus. I did not realize until I got home that the window did not roll down, but I thought it would be ok, i bought the warranty and all...but no. They refuse to provide me with basic service. They had a chance to win my loyalty, now I will never go there again. So, so disapointed.

Jessica K. | 2011-12-14

If it were possible to give this dealership 0 stars, I would.  DO NOT GO TO THIS DEALERSHIP.

As a family member of a Ford employee, I have been driving and purchasing Fords my entire life.  I recently purchased a 2012 Ford Focus, which I love.  I would recommend this car to anyone, as long as they did NOT purchase it at Camelback Ford.

Let's start with the purchase itself.  I repeatedly told the dealership I was on the A-plan because I have a Ford employee in my family.  Despite this, they still incorrectly prepared the paperwork.  It had to be redone while I waited.  A small hiccup - I was excited about the car, so willing to deal with it.

Then, I suddenly stopped hearing from the dealership regarding the status of my vehicle.  I started e-mailing and calling my salesman.  I received no response.

Finally, I called the dealership and asked to speak to a manager.  I left a voicemail.  I did not receive a call back.

I called the dealership again.  They patched me through to a manager.  It went to voicemail AGAIN.  I hung up and called back and asked them to page the manager since presumably he wasn't receiving voicemails.  I get on the phone with a manager.

"Hi, Scott.  I've been trying to reach you for over two weeks now.  You told me my car would arrive LAST week.  Where is it?"

"It's on a train right now.  From now on, I'll be the person you work with because the sales manager you previously dealt with is no longer with us.  I'm sorry about the inconvenience.  I'll call you personally when your vehicle arrives."

Scott does, in fact, call me the day my vehicle arrives.  Perhaps things are turning around?

However, when I arrive to pick it up, Scott is not there to help me, as promised.  Instead, my former sales manager, Juan, has magically started working there again.  He walks through the paperwork with me, then sends me over to Zoe in Finance to work out my payments.

Zoe spends a lot of time talking to me about the time he missed from work as a result of injuries he had in a car accident, his father's football career, and his uncle's football career.  He's doing a great job building rapport to encourage me to spend additional money to buy a special warranty plan for my car.

What he's not doing a great job at, apparently, is recording my information.  He enrolls me in an automatic payment plan even though I tell him the payments are not going to come from my account and need to be sent to a special address.  I find this out a week or so after I leave the dealership with my new car.  After leaving TWO messages for Zoe, whose voicemail is also, presumably, not working, I'm connected to Susan, a woman who is extremely responsive via email, but wholly unhelpful as she can do nothing more than unenroll me from the plan and advise me to contact my lender to use my free time to correct Camelback Ford's mistake.  

Unfortunately, Zoe not only was incapable of setting my payments up correctly, he was also incapable of writing down my address correctly.  So I never receive a statement from Ford.  I contact Susan again, via email.  She promptly sends me my lender's contact information so that I can take more time to correct Camelback Ford's mistakes (now plural).

Before I can contact them, however, they start calling me from collections because - surprise! - the payments you never received because we have the wrong address on file for you, are now late.  

After this horrendous experience, I attempted to leave a comment on Camelback Ford's web site but the comment section does not work.  Coincidence...?  I doubt it.

Brian T. | 2011-11-21

So I was going to trade in my 09 Lincoln (which I leased from this dealership) and called up to find out my options. The guy I talked to (Matt W) gave me a website for all of their pre-owned vehicles and told me to take a look while he talked to the finance manager about buying back my car. I find a few vehicles I was interested in and waited for the guy to call me. So he calls the next day and said that they figured out how to buy my vehicle and to come in. I ask about both of the vehicles I saw on teh website he sent me and he says they're both there. I, again, double checked that both cars were on the lot so I could come in and see them , and he tells me again "yes, they're right here on my lot right now". I tell him I'll see him in 15 minutes and head on over. I get to the dealership and am greeted by a salesman. I tell the guy who I had been working with and to let him know I had arrived. After about 10 minutes, they send some other guy out and he basically asks me how he can help me. I tell him that I had already been working with somebody and to go get with him about the details. He tells me that the guy I was talking to is "just the internet guy, he just schedules our appointments". Then the guy tells me that not only are neither of the vehicles that I was interested in on the lot, one is owned by the Honda dealership across the street that they don't trade cars with. I leave and call back the original guy that I had spoke with to find out what's going on. The receptionist puts me through to him and once I tell him who it is, he tells me that I must have dialed the wrong number, that this was Pizza Hut! I mean it's enough of an insult to be lied to but then to deal with that? I called and talked to somebody there today and they assured me they'd look into it, but never took my name or info so I don't know how they're planned on doing that. What a crappy experience and a shady dealership. I wouldn't so much as buy a soda for the vending machine in the lobby.

HEAVY D. | 2011-09-07

stay away.  they lured my wife and i into their dealership only to find days later that the vehicle that they ordered for us mysteriously was no longer available.  found out from other that if they know they cannot do a deal they play games with customers

Andrew S. | 2011-08-21

I'm a 26 year old that moved from Chicago and needed a vehicle.  I spent a lot of time in that Camelback Auto-park and spoke with many dealers.

Being a sales professional myself, I was very eager to negotiate the terms of my purchase.  Upon rejecting the first 3 offers (as everyone should), I sat down with the manager (Brian).

This was by far the best experience I've had in negotiations.  He was professional enough to hear out my financial goals and then proceeded to explain his profit margins and what needed to happen for our deal to work.  

His candor, no bull sh** approach, and transparency with the business model will keep me coming back.  If every dealership was willing to show behind the curtain perhaps they'd get better reputations.

Becca K. | 2011-06-01

Their service department is great. My old Escape hit 30K and I needed to get it serviced. They performed everything that needed to be done, and replaced my battery for free because it was starting to leak. Darn those AZ summers!

However, the sales area is another story. I decided I wanted to trade in for a 2012 Escape. The exact one I wanted was already enroute (dealer ordered), so I just had to wait a few days. Unfortunately, mother nature had another plan, and the car arrived with hail and wind damage. Back to the factory it went. This is where I got mad. They said they had the exact same car (different color interior and exterior) and that it was in a storage lot in a suburb less than 30 miles away. However, they couldn't figure out how to get it from the storage area to the dealership in 3 days. I wanted to drive it up to Sedona that weekend for the Memorial Day. Ugh! They didn't respond to my emails or phone calls. Finally, the day of delivery arrived, but no car... I decided to check out another dealer online who had the car I wanted on the lot! I went over after work (on a Friday), signed everything, and drove it home. I contacted Camelback to cancel the sale of the car I didn't want in the first place.

Apparently, not only do they not communicate with customers, they don't communicate with each other either. My original sales person never responded to me acknowledging the cancelled sale. THEN on Sunday, he sent me an email telling me cars weren't being delivered during the holiday weekend. Duh, I know that. So, I responded to his email saying, again, I wanted to cancel the sale. On Monday, another salesperson called me, completely unaware of my desire to cancel, upping the ante if I was willing to wait ANOTHER week (at minimum) to take delivery. I told him the same thing I told the original sales guy, "no thanks, please cancel the sale." On Wednesday, the finance guy called me asking for proof of insurance so that he could put through all the paperwork for the sale. SERIOUSLY?! No one told him to cancel the sale either?! He said he'd have the sales manager call me to get it straightened out. I told him, I don't want the sales manager to call me. Shred the paperwork. He thought I had the car in my possession already. Absolutely not, I'm not crazy.

I'm waiting for the sales manager to call me so I can now tell a 4th employee that I don't want the car. The sad part is that I really liked the service people. But now that I bought my Focus from another Ford dealer, who threw in two years of oil changes and maintenance at no cost to me, I won't be going back to Camelback Ford. Although, I don't think that's a bad thing at this point.

Christina B. | 2011-02-25

I requested a quote online from for a very specific car with very specific features. About an hour later a guy who said he was the sales manager Troy called me. He did not even know my name, but it was on everything I filled out online. Then, he wouldn't give me the price and told me they did not have the car I was looking for but would sell me something else... Not what I wanted :-( Then the next day Brian called me and I let him know that my other half would not allow me to buy a car as we are trying to get out of debt not get more..... and he said, and I quote "no problem sweety, I understand. When your husband allows you to spend your money call us and we can help". RUDE SO DEGRADING just because I am a women does not mean that he should speak like that to me.... RUDE RUDE RUDE I WILL NEVER EVER CONSIDER GETTING A CAR FROM THEM EVER!!!!!!

Nathan M. | 2011-01-19

Had my vehicle serviced twice here. Since it was under warranty I didn't have to pay anything. But I did pay for an oil change which was priced at $33. The first time I was helped by Mike and the second time by Krista. Since the problem with my car had to do with a high pitched noise, the first time they couldn't duplicate it, but when I brought in video of the noise exhibiting itself, they fixed it promptly. I like how they gave me estimates on how long it would take to get my car fixed. I was always updated and informed on the progress on my car. I think by them giving estimated wait times, it helps the gauge customer expectations. When I received my vehicle everything was fixed to my satisfaction and I haven't had any problems with it since.

This dealership doesn't have a shuttle car. At Volkswagen dealership they had car loaners. But then again every time I went to get my VW fixed, it would end up costing at least $300. It would be nice if Ford Lincoln Mercury at least had a shuttle car. Enterprise car rental is very close by. If you decide on renting a car from them it will cost around $50/day after taxes.

It looks like they are doing some work on their service center, since they moved to a different building. I don't know how much money the service center brings in revenue for the dealership, but it might be worth it to update the waiting area.

They should really have a different yelp page for the service center as most of these reviews on here are for the car buying experience.

I would get my car serviced at Ford Lincoln Mercury again. All the service center people are friendly and they don't try to sell you service work you don't need. I hated going to Camelback Volkswagen because they would always try and sell me on some maintenance work that didn't need to be done and the smallest thing would end up costing $300, pretty shady. I think overall that Camelback Honda has the best experience for a service center. I like the experience of getting my car fixed at Ford Lincoln Mercury better than at Camelback Volkswagen. Good job guys.

Sean S. | 2010-09-05

would give it a negative 1 if I could. Wife and I spent 2 hours being run around, put through the ringer, lied to repeatedly, and just SLIMED! Needed wine (lots) and a shower (with acid) to get the goo off. they played many games, jerked us around , wanted to raise the advertised price, tried to make us commit to ridiculous items, and flat out lied to us over and over playing games pushing us from one person to another. ABSOLUTELY NEVER GO TO THIS PLACE!!!!

Erika R. | 2010-07-01

We went to test drive and purchase a Lincoln Navigator. We were met by a nice gentleman in the parking lot who turned out to be a trainee salesperson. A "floor manager" came over and without asking sat down with us and the trainee. He began to agressively fire questions at us and after exchanged looks of confusion we said WAIT A MINUTE! We told him his attitude and tone were not gonna work. He apoligized, so although in retrospect we should have walked out then, we stayed. He did a tour of the vehicle, the trainee took us for a test drive. When we got back he explained the exact vehicle we wanted was not availble unless we special ordered it, and that would be more money and we would have to wait 2 months to get it. He then got very aggressive and used inappropriate tones, implied that we might not have the credit rating to atttain the crappy interest rate he was providing, and just kept talking in circles. End result we got up and left!

Two days later I called Sanderson Ford, Lincoln Mercury to find they had the exact vehicle on their lot that we were looking for. Their salesperson was super helpful and the same day we drove home in our new vehicle! (For less money than Camelback was offering for a car that did not meet our wants)


Heather C. | 2009-09-27

Finally!  Government bailout money that benefits selfish me...Cash for Clunkers.  Maybe I didn't really need the cash as much as I needed to convince my husband it really was time to euthanize his clunker.  Unfortunately, we could only agree on 2 vehicles that fit our criteria.  I wanted the Ford, he the VW.  But VW got stingy with their incentives, so I won.  Well, I thought I did.  Until we dealt with the scheisters of Camelback Ford.

On the plus side, our sales person was easy to deal with and very low-pressure.  On the minus side, she seemed to know little about the vehicle and was not confident in her response to any question.  She also misinformed us about the current incentives.

On the plus side, this dealer had a decent inventory.  In fact, they were the only area dealer that had the vehicle we wanted.  On the minus side, they probably had a decent inventory because they suck in every other way, and no one in their right mind would willingly buy from them.  Apparently, I'm not in my right mind.

First off, expect to get ripped off before you even consider making an offer.  EVERY vehicle on their lot comes equipped with some "desert package" crap that consists of two tinted windows (unnecessary given the factory installed privacy glass), a shot of nitrogen in the tires (maybe, who knows?), and some saran wrap around the front of the hood and door panels.  Plastic that is either improperly installed or buckling under the heat as the vehicle sits on the lot.  And for this, you get to pay an extra $975.  They will tell you the plastic is an essential for preventing pits in the paint.  Really?  Funny how I have the same model purchased in 2002 and this is a minimal problem after 8 years!  The sales manager outright told me you cannot buy a vehicle from them without this package.  So expect to have most of your negotiating room used up in just getting this scam taken off.

Second, it's been customary in my experience to make an offer to the sales person who will take it back to the mysterious sales manager for rejection.  Here, the sales person will take the offer to the manager, who then comes out to argue with you, only to have to take the offer to yet another secret manager.  More likely, he went out back for a beer and a good laugh.  Obviously, nothing more than a tactic to keep you in the office longer.  Certainly not an attempt to double-team you since our "sales" person sat quietly through the entire process.

Third, expect to hear the same old routine of how they are not making any money, because you are assumed to be too stupid to do the math and not realize the first grand you get off is the pure profit "desert package."  You are not expected to have any inkling that things such as dealer incentives and holdbacks exist.  Of course in my case, "lady the holdback is gone."  Gone?  Where did it go?  Must have hitched a ride on the "desert package" train to Emerald City.  

Third, I can't say all the sales managers are dishonest, but the one we dealt with flat out lied and thought I wouldn't notice.  I notice EVERYTHING.  As he had told me earlier that he had already "had his ass handed to him" several times that week for completing the Clunkers paperwork improperly, I specifically asked if they were going to ask me to sign some BS paper stating I had to pay them back the Clunkers money if the deal did not go through.  His answer was "no."  Yet once we agreed on a price and were completing the Clunkers paperwork, there was the document I asked about.  His response when I called it to his attention was initially "it's not our paperwork, the Program requires it."  I offered to show him on the CARS website where it states a buyer is NOT required to sign such an agreement.  He declined, then changing the story that it's only to certify we did not lie about previous insurance/registration.  That's funny, there was a separate page to sign which certified that.  They actually refused to sell the car without it nor alter the wording, but when I advised I would alter it myself to state I would either pay the money or return the vehicle, he informed me "do whatever you want," and walked out.  Of course, this further enhanced the customer experience.

Financing?  Well you know that story already.  "Hi my name is Rip U. Off.  Your payment is $640, but with all the crap I'm going to try to sell you, it's only $1200."

Am I sorry we bought the vehicle?  No.  We had one day to find a car, and with the Clunkers money, the cash back, 0% financing, and what little I negotiated off the real sticker, we got a good deal.  Will I ever buy from them again?  Only if free money is involved, and even then, my answer might still be no.  You may be wondering where my husband was during this fiasco.  It was his Clunker after all.  Playing with his iPhone.  No good cop, bad cop.  More like bad cop and cop eating a donut.

Glenn D. | 2009-08-18

In trying to find the Escape Hybrid we thought we'd also look at the Mercury Mariner Hybrid (which is the same car).  They had a few at Camelback Ford so we stopped by to check them out.  We walked around the lot for a while before anyone approached us (which is the way I like it).  The guy who finally came around was very chatty and very helpful.  We went inside and he searched all over the Southwest for the car we wanted and then decided that maybe we would be interested in a used hybrid escape.  We went out on a test drive through the Biltmore neighborhood (which was crazy since I'd never been there after living here for almost 20 years).  After we finished up, the salesman even offered to get us a quote on getting the car painted from their body shop.  Pretty helpful.
After considering the reviews of their body shop and how little we wanted a repainted car, we decided to look elsewhere.  They were helpful and great, but they just didn't have what we wanted.