BMW North Scottsdale in Phoenix, AZ

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We are the premier new and certified Pre-owned BMW dealer in Arizona.  We have the best selection, the best prices and the best service department bar none.  Backed by the Penske Automotive Group, BMW North Scottsdale wants to not only assist you with a BMW, we want to assist you with all of your future vehicles. wil show you our great selection and allow you to schedule your service appointment online.


Established in 1995.

Established in 1995, BMW North Scottsdale moved to its current location from the Camelback corridor in 2002.  The new and state of the art facility on Scottsdale Road remains Arizona's highest volume BMW store.  The location, the seasoned client advisors, the knowledgable technicians and service advisors coupled make BMW the only place to buy and service you new or pre-owned BMW.  Please visit our virtual showroom at for more information.

BMW North Scottsdale

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(480) 538-3900
Address:18018 N. Scottsdale Road, Phoenix, AZ, 85054
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Reviews on BMW North Scottsdale

Skyler P. | 2015-04-10

This is by far the most unprofessional dealership i have ever done business with dont waste your time ever walking in the doors of bmw north scottdale their customer service sucks and there uper management sucks the GM calls me 14 days after singing paper work and tells me if i dont bring back my new car after putting almost 50k down on it a brand new white bmw m4 that he was going to report it as stolen i told him i was in utah 10 hours away he said well you better start driving and have that car to us in the morning no later then 8am the next morning.even knowing my deal was alredy funded to there dealership the gm still called me at late hours harassing me over 3,000 owed out of 50k this is by far the most unprofessional experience i have ever had in my life if your thinking about buying a bmw look away go anywhere but here they scam you out anything they can they still up to this day have not even paid off my trade in and i am turning them into the bbb and the MVD of Arizona this place has lost all of my business i would not even trust them to service my car ever there service center messes with your car i had my 1200 mile first service within a week of taking it to utah the car broke down and i needed to have it towed after having it towed to a utah bmw dealership they let me know parts on the drive train was loosened and i do believe bmw north Scottsdale service had everything to do with this a new car of its value should not be braking down within the first two weeks of owning it dont trust these guys at all they are out for your money and they take it to the extreme with you and will fight tooth and nail to take advantage of you anyway they can.

Steven J. | 2015-04-09

Took our M3 in for the 3rd oil change. Logan our designated service advisor was professional and cordial. He is precise and experienced and did a great job. They pointed out the rear tires should be replaced....
I asked to see for myself so Logan took me to the car on the lift! He was correct the tires were worn to the wear indicators.
The shop was clean and beautiful!
Great dealership...

John L. | 2015-03-17

My good friend and business partner visited North Scottsdale BMW this afternoon. He's not easy to miss seeing that he's 6'4" and I'm 6'3". He's in the market for a 6 Series BMW and we were totally ignored. Also being an x NFL player he really knows a lot of athletes which could be in the market for a BMW. Maybe not so much now. We're taking our business elsewhere.

Gary G. | 2015-03-10

I meant to write this a review a while ago, but I'm just now getting around to it, because well.. beer.

At any rate, over the years I've owned 3 BMWs.  The last one though, was a X5 and it was totally awesome.  That is, until it died.

One thing I've learned over the course BMW ownership, is to make sure and trade it in before the warranty runs out.  Or, if you can't do that, get one of those extended warranties through the dealer so that you're not charged eleventy billion dollars when the transmission goes tits up, and the drivetrain melts into molten lava and the ECU reprograms itself into a decepticon.  Because this will happen.

This is where I went wrong.

I was coming up on the end of the warranty in my X5, so I took it in for it's last scheduled maintenance.  When I dropped it off, I told the guy "hey my warranty is about to expire, so while you have it can you please check this thing bumper to bumper and make sure it's good to go".

I literally used the words "bumper to bumper".

A few days pass, and they let me know my car is finished.  No problems at all they said.  I verified that they checked over the car bumper to bumper.  "Tip top shape" they said...

2 weeks pass.

I only know this because I was starting a new job.  The new job had me scheduled to be out of town for a month or so.  On my way to the airport, the "check engine" light comes on.  It was so soon after picking it up that I figured they left a sensor unplugged or something.  Whatever, I'll figure it out when I get back.

After returning to Phoenix, I figure I should call BMW of Scottsdale and let them know they jacked something up and they need to fix it.  So I do.  They instruct me to bring it in and they'll have a look.

So I do exactly that.

A couple days later, they call.  I'm expecting a simple "hey sorry about that, it's fixed".

Haha no.  Wrong.

Dude on the phone starts telling me how they found this wrong, and that broken.  Something about the drivetrain, the transmission, the flux capacitor.  I lost count.

What I didn't lose track of was the grand total.  7 grand.  Yep, you read that right.   7 grand.  Not pesos either.  7 thousand American dollars.

I nearly exploded.

I asked why in the actual fuck they apparently missed all of this when they checked it out "bumper to bumper".  The dude told me how some problems don't present themselves, bla bla bla.  Whatever.

After I lost my mind, he offered me a 10% discount on the *labor only*, which brought it down like 200 bucks or something.

Because I'm an indignant asshole, I say no, I'll fix nothing.  They tell me that my car isn't safe to drive, and I need to spend $1200 or they won't let me drive it off the lot.

How in the hell my car goes from "tip top" to "not safe to drive" in a matter of weeks is a puzzle yet to be solved.

What I do know is that I will never buy anything here ever, and neither should you.  This place sucks.  Go anywhere else.

PS- Your email spam system sucks too.  I've unsubscribed a zillion times and I still get my service reminders.  I hate you.  Please leave me alone.

George B. | 2015-02-27

Here's how to ensure you get the best at BMW N. Scottsdale. Come at 11am, 7-10 is like waiting in line at Six Flags for the Superman ride. Pray that Chase, Nic or Eddie are your Valets as they are top notch. Next ask for AJ Byrne, or Ron Davis, those two have helped me a lot. Be cool, and don't be another pompous BWM d-bag owner, there's' thousands of those, and it won't get you anywhere.
Respect, smiles, and genuine thank you's can go a long way. Kayla, Erin, and Michelle are great desk girls. I am in there about once a month getting my car washed or updated. Lastly if you use the coffee machine make a Vanilla/ Chocolate Espresso with a double shot and the strength on 5; you'll have a great day!

Lisa K. | 2015-02-26

Great service, fast and excellent care! Special thanks to Steve Backman for being honorable and honest. Appreciate the help and consistency service department provides, thank you!

Tam P. | 2015-02-21

I bought my audi a4 there. The milage was 116k when i got it but a few days later, a service due light came on. I tried to complain but theyre bot responsible for that. Disappointing

Mike M. | 2015-01-25

Think crappy service and mileage fraud can only happen at shady dealerships?   Welcome to BMW of North Scottsdale.  

When I leased my BMW in October 2014 I signed my odometer statement paperwork stating it had 12,050 miles on it.  Unfortunately, I was unable to verify this as the car wasn't at the dealership yet.  When it finally arrived, the actual mileage to what I signed for was around 500 miles off.  On October 12 I sent an email to my salesperson asking for some type of compensation since this was a lease.  No problem they said, we'll cut you a check for $100 to make up for the lost mileage.

I've been emailing my sales person for 3 months now.  I've stopped by the dealership twice and even dropped off the email thread to the GM with the communication between me and salesperson with absolutely no contact.  

Skip this dealership.  The salespeople and GM obviously don't give a crap about customer service.  Also, if you lease your car, check your ODO Statement for mileage fraud.

Susan W. | 2015-01-06

we were sold an extended warranty by a Mr Berlin. Low and behold the cars 'stop engine' lite came on.  At first we were told it was not covered but the dealership made the repair charge. A.j. Was very nice and professional. I have regained our confidence. In the end the dealership did the right thing...thank you very much.

Michael S. | 2015-01-02

Gary Katzenberger always takes great care to see that both my BMW's needs and mine are well taken care of.

Thank you Gary for another wonderful car experience.


Tim M. | 2014-12-08

While I was waiting for 2 days on their BS salesman to figure out how they could rework financing more to their benefit they sold the car I was interested in. Never again.

Cristina M. | 2014-12-05

I feel like they have gone a long way from what they used to be. Gary is my service advisor and he is awesome. I always have a loaner car available, not always clean however, and can either make an appointment or come right on in, and always feel welcomed. Even if something goes wrong during my service visit, they go out of their way to make sure the customer is satisfied and happy. 10 to 15 years ago I would have it rated them 1 star. Today, a solid 5 stars!

Kaneakua F. | 2014-12-03

Don't let these guys con you.....

I called in its the nearest dealer to me while out in AZ for work and my HEADLIGHTS went out one at a time over 2 weeks.

A nice rep greeted me and transferred me over to someone who would quote me to swap out my headlights. That's when it went bad.

Only knowing make model year and engine size, he tried to tell me without seeing my car I needed not 1 but 2 brand new headlight assemblies which would be $1100.... EACH. I was like are you kidding me and he tried to give me all these reasons why Id have to pay that much.... And I said bc my headlights are out? And told him I'd be in contact.

I looked into it more online and in less than an hour and $25 later. My headlights are fixed and work perfectly fine.

I understand commission based jobs.... I get paid 100% off commission in my job and do not get paid unless sales are made. But I would never make excuses as to up sell someone at all.... It's ridiculous to me to have even had those types of prices even mentioned in having 2 headlights out..... It's a car not a rocketship bro. A BMW not a Ferrari.

Brian H. | 2014-11-20

I went into this dealership and wanted to talk to the parts department about an accessory issue with my new 3 Series.
Both men in parts were so nasty and rude that I would not buy anything from them ever.
I will not go back there for service, a new car, parts or anything else.
Andy in accounting was just as nasty as the parths men.
If a manager reads these reviews, your parts men just cost you a customer for life.

Lawrence K. | 2014-10-25

I ha e bought many new cars over the years.  Without doubt, the entire experience with BMW North Scottsdale has been the very best.  From the lease of the the the follow=up...nothing could have been better.
Tip of the hat to Logan, my service guru.
Many thanks for all the happy miles.

Shane S. | 2014-10-12

I could not be more disappointed with a recent service visit to BMW North Scottsdale.  I drive a 2014 650i Gran Coupe.  I took the car in for an oil change and a tire that had been leaking air.  They took care of the oil change and they also fixed the tire that had a nail in it.  When I left, I had to drive to Sedona and I could feel that the car wasn't driving as smoothly as it did before I took it in for service.  I thought maybe it was the pavement on the highway or possibly that the tire they fixed needed to be balanced again.  I could feel the difference, but it wasn't so bad that I couldn't drive the car.  The next day I left town for 9 days.  When I returned and drove the car, it was still not driving smoothly.  A few days later I was in the area of the dealership so I took it in.  They gave me a loaner and said they would check it out.  Later that day (Friday), Steve from the service department called and said that I had two bent rims that needed to be replaced and it would cost $2400.  I let him know that the car was fine when I brought it in for service.  He basically said that there was nothing he could do since it had been nearly two weeks since my car was in for service.  I explained that I was out of town and there was absolutely no damage on the rims and that I had not hit anything that would cause bent rims.  He basically said that there was nothing he could do but he'd have his manager (Brandon) call me.  When Brandon called me, I explained my frustrations to him.  He was nice enough on the phone but only said this was something I'd have to take responsibility for but he would see what he could do on the price.  I also let him know that I had bought rim insurance when I bought the car.  He kind of laughed and said "Good luck with that."  Implying that the insurance they sold me is a joke and it seldom ever covers anything.  We went down that road and sure enough, the insurance didn't cover the rims.  Brandon then suggested that they have a local company that can straighten out bent rims and they would go ahead and cover that cost.  I agreed and they had this local company look at the rims.  Of course, my rims are too severely bent to be fixed.  So, he said I need the new rims and he'd drop the price to $1300.  I told him that was unacceptable because the car was fine when I brought it in.  He said that there was no more he could do.  I needed to get the car back (at this point they had it for a week) so I paid the $1300.  I drove the car home and it now drives fine again.  When I got home, I did find a few interesting things.  I found a pair of women's sunglasses in the back seat and glitter all over the back seat.  And, about 80 miles had been put on the car.  Makes me wonder who was out partying in my car while it was there for a week?  And, I'm still puzzled how two rims could get bent?  Bottom line, they should have taken care of this.  I'll never buy another BMW from them again and now the whole world gets to read about how poorly they treat their customers.

Atul S. | 2014-09-16

Honestly I went to this dealership with zero expectation. I've had horrible experiences with Chapman BMW so thought every BMW was like them. I was not expecting anything. I met Charlie Scott at the door. He greeted me with a smile which was refreshing. He was very friendly, very knowledgeable, very professional. Working with him was very easy. He was not at all pushy. I ended up getting a fully loaded 528i. I will recommend this dealership in a heartbeat.

Jim C. | 2014-09-09

Beware of promises they make... They promised me a loaner car so I could do my business which was completely unavailable  I recommend going to bummer specialist they were quick cheaper and a lot easier to deal with

V A. | 2014-08-17

Very disappointed in this place, I live .25 (literally a block) miles from NS BMW but I drive all the way down to Chapman for better service. I initially came here to buy my BMW stood outside for 15 min no one bothered to assist me so I went to Chapman Camelback and received an awesome deal. I didn't let the bad sales experience at NS get to me but went to service for maintenance on my vehicle and the service men seem to be always clueless of what's going on, fail to tell you what is really going on under the hood. Additionally, service tried to overprice my tires when they supposedly "price match". Another instance is when I called the manager and never had my call returned. There are 3 more incidents I can complain about  in this review (esp. the time when they had to install a steering pump) but I'd rather not waste any more time being angry. I'm officially done!! Too many chances and all were negative.

The star is for the delicious popcorn machine they have in the service area. :)

Michael R. | 2014-08-05

The best decision I made was to work with Rich Mason at North Scottsdale BMW. He was totally professional and had meticulous attention to detail.

Melisa P. | 2014-08-05

I worked with a nice young man named Adam Grimes at the dealership regarding the purchase of an X5. He wasn't pushy and showed me my options in terms of financing and went through, in detail, what everything meant. The problem was that the X5 I wanted didn't exist on the lot and would have taken several weeks to be ordered.

So, we decided to purchase one off the lot ... that didn't have some of the features we were looking but proceeded anyway. Unfortunately, that's where the care of being in the "BMW Family" ended ... not less than 4 weeks after purchasing this brand new vehicle, the back-up camera malfunctions, the driver's side door lock malfunctions and then breaks (receding into the driver's side door!), we can't connect to Bluetooth or BMW online, the tire pressure indicator keeps going off and the floor mats are coming apart!

Completely disheartened with the SUV I called Don Hanson the dealership GM. I left a message with his secretary and by midafternoon I had a return call from Gerald Perea the new car sales manager. I explained the issues to him, shared my disappointment and stated that we wanted to upgrade the vehicle (which we knew would cost us more). Mr. Perea, was initially very nice and seemed understanding and accommodating - he asked that I bring the car in for him to take a look at so he could share the issues with his team (to include the GM). I brought the car in, he took pictures and general information and told me he would have news for me by the end of the day if not the end of the weekend as for what could be done to rectify the situation.

There were a few "update" phone calls that didn't amount to any real information other than being told there were more and more people being made aware of the situation and he's "waiting" to get final numbers. And after the third ... maybe fourth "update," I never heard from Mr. Perea again and my calls and messages have been ignored. AND no contact was ever made by Don Hanson. My problem  is that even if there was nothing they could do to correct the situation - clearly they had no interest in us spending more money at the dealership to get the upgraded vehicle - I feel that I, at the very least, should have been contacted and informed.

Yesterday, I ended up taking the SUV in for service  with a laundry list of issues to be addressed. Needless to say I am not impressed with the level of customer service with this dealership and certainly not impressed with the BMW Family. I received better customer service when I was driving a Volkswagen ... I will NEVER do business with BMW North Scottsdale again and I will tell everyone I know to refrain from doing so also.

Joe T. | 2014-08-04

Like many people I find buying a new car about as pleasant as getting a root canal. A few cars ago I started using the Costco Auto Program and it's worked out for me; you pay $X over invoice for the car which is about as good or better than you'll negotiate.

After telling Costco what I was looking for they put me in contact with this dealership. I met with David Weisbaum and we went over my requirements.  Unfortunately they didn't have a 328i available for a test drive when I went in so I left. David was very good at getting back to me to arrange a meeting.

David was knowledgeable, helpful, and went out of his way to discuss my needs and what BMW offers. We settled on the options and color I wanted but to get that specific car  we were going to have to order it - it took seven weeks to be delivered but well worth it because I didn't have to make any trade-offs. David also clued me into a USAA rebate program and that wound up saving me $1,500. I never would have known about it if it wasn't for David.

When I picked the car up it was sitting in a bay and James Butler gave me the BMW 101 class.  This car is loaded with technology and I added about every available option. James was knowledgeable, patient, and gave me a good start on figuring everything out.
I couldn't be happier with the buying experience I had here. From start to finish I dealt with professionals who clearly wanted to sell me a car but they weren't pushy and they treated me like a customer should be treated.

I'd recommend them, and especially David Weisbaum, to anyone looking for a BMW.

Geoffrey C. | 2014-08-04

Again, went in with high expectations and they came nowhere near being met.  Very cold (uninviting) dealership, not even a courtesy follow up call.

Update...I have updated this listing to a 3 star, they have been in contact and are making an effort to rectify the issues with our previous visit...hopefully I will have further positive updates to follow.

And....back to further contact aside from previous "lip service"!

Don K. | 2014-07-04

Was very excited to go purchase a car. Went in and lots of used car salespeople around but took a while to get a new car salesperson. Finally one comes up. His name is Adam And seems like a nice enough guy. Put a $1000 down payment on a custom X5 because I didn't like the colors and the tons of options that all the ones they had available.

Unfortunately had to cancel the next week due to unforeseen circumstances. Took several calls but finally got a call back from Adam in a couple of days. He said no problem. Well, there is a problem. I have yet to get my refund. I've called and called. Adam never answers the phone. Also went down there in person and spoke to a manager. He said he'd take care of it. Three weeks and nothing.

Why in the world would it take this long to refund my credit card. I'm not asking for the refund in gold bullion. Just reverse it to my card. I guess they have no problems taking your money but don't ever try to get it back. For my next car am not going back there. Very disappointed.

Kevin K. | 2014-07-02

Logan Carter is a great service advisor.  Has always kept me informed, been honest and delivered on time.  I continue to bring my car back to the dealership mainly because with Logan I know he's going to be honest and I'm not going to wonder if I'm being "sold"...

Zafar H. | 2014-06-10

My first visit to this dealership was horrible and I complained to the GM and Internet Sales Manager. I lost the dream car but the dealership made an effort to fix my experience and stayed in touch with me until I found another car. So ......Buying the new BMW at this dealership was fun and quick. The internet manager Don and sales consultant  Marc  were awesome and gave me the best possible deal without the back and forth painful run arounds. Don simply wrote three deals in front of me with variable APRs and monthly payments and asked me to pick the one that best fits my budget.  He was very clear and detailed in his offers and accommodated my special  request as well. This was a great experience and I will definitely get my next BMW from here in two years again.  They have the best prices and collection of cars. I sent two of my friends there for their new cars.

Mike P. | 2014-04-08

First time considering purchasing a BMW. I just called the dealership in Scottsdale and they asked me to go on hold right away. I told them sales and she then transferred me to a voicemail. It's 5:39pm. I have never experienced that service with Lexus. Nissan. Or Toyota. I have purchased more than 13 vehicles in last 2 years for my staff and in just saying getting a vm when you are calling to purchase a $50k+ vehicle should never happen. I was disappointed. Won't call back.

AJ S. | 2014-04-01

We came to look at a Jeep Wrangler. I don't know why they had it in stock. Our Dealer was rude and incompetent. John (something), a guy from New York with a very bad attitude. He wasn't trying to sell the Jeep to us - he was trying to push us in to a sale. I just bought a 2011 Camaro at San Tan Ford a few months ago, and they were so awesome. They actually tried to work with us and make us a good deal. We would've bought from them again if they had a Jeep Wrangler.

So...John goes and get the financing manager ("Jeff or Jim") - and he proceeds to lecture my wife for 30 minutes about how they have to sell at this price and bla bla bla bla. I re-assured them I bought a 2011 Camaro about 2 months ago, I am very familiar with the process.

The last straw was when my wife said to them: "So there is nothing you want to do for us at all that will help us make our decision to buy this Jeep?" (oh and btw, we were putting 3k down and getting 3k for a trade-in as well). Both of them looked at us with cocky grins and said no.

We both got up and walked out immediately.  Worst experience ever.

ps. We ending up buying a Wrangler from Cardinal Way Mazda. Cheaper, newer, had better features and we got more for our trade-in.

Eric H. | 2014-03-28

This was one of the best dealership experiences I have ever had. It was easy to deal with them and the transaction was faster than any experience I have encountered before. Our sales rep Nicole Baird was perfect. She actually knew her stuff unlike a lot of car sale people. She really helped us get the deal we wanted and we were in and out in about an hour. We will be back for other vehicles and all our future needs.

Elizabeth D. | 2014-02-12

I recently found a beauty of a car here.  I drove at break-neck speed to get to the dealership before they closed.  Went on a nice test drive.... the dealership stayed open late for me.  All positive signs.  Not a low pressure situation, but not a high pressure.  I left indicating that I needed to see 1 more car. I further communicated that I would be rescheduling the appt on the other car, because I was pretty sure I was going to by the car @ BMW N. Scottsdale.  My sales person understood, and said.... I have a feeling I will hear from you first thing tomorrow.

She was right.  I couldn't sleep.... I wanted the car.  I called first thing and said: "I am not even going to look at the other car.  I am buying this one.  I will be in at 4:30 to purchase"

Now.... a normal person would expect to hear the following:
1. the car is yours, its off the lot, no one else will drive it
2. well.... you see, until you are here with cash in hand this car will remain available.... so we could do a phone purchase

What actually happened was this:
1. 3:30 pm i get a voice message that my car sold
2. 4:00 pm call to my sales person ... I indicated that I would have paid a "hold deposit".  Her reply: this is not an option... but you could have purchased over the phone this am.

So why wasn't i given these options? who knows.  But the sales person told me she was pretty sure it wouldn't sell on a Wednesday in 8 thats why she didn't tell me about my options.  Then she told me she was so certain of my purchase, she had already started the if the paperwork was started...why is the car on the lot.

Seething mad.... the next call was to the sales manager.  Here is a recap of the converstion:

1. Per sales manager - I could have held the car with a deposit (interesting)
2. It was my fault the car sold, because I didn't get to the dealership sooner
3. He was aware of the "started paperwork" as he was also aware of my interest the late night test drive
4. He was certain he could find a 1 owner, low mileage, fancy convertible at a stupid low price again.... if i could wait. (and why would i... you would probably sell it out from under me)
5. He could not explain why I wasn't offered the phone sale
6. It was a safe bet to wait until 4 today to purchase in person (hmmmm, contradicts #5 above)

So, as a result of my conversations I surmise:

1. this place has no policy
2. this place cant teach/train/support any sales reps
3. this place is a POS dealership

Keep in mind... even though i was on a budget and wanted a BMW.... I am a cash buyer, no trade in.  Was will to pay and put $$$ down.

Megan C. | 2014-02-03

Not my favorite dealership..... Over priced and up sell everything in the service dept.

Sam D. | 2014-01-22

I bought a car from this location 2 years ago. It was a certified pre-owned. I was told it had a new battery, so to my surprise a little under 2 years my battery died. And to replace it the cost was through the roof....for a new battery? really? then the service rep told me it should last 3-4 years... which is weird because the battery I had was only 2 years old. When I wanted get a second opinion, I wanted to find out what kind of battery it was, the service rep kept evading my request. Overall it was i felt mistreated by the rep, and I refuse to get any service done there.

Chad R. | 2013-09-10

Beautiful facility.  Did not feel pressured at all as I am  just looking and wanted to start gathering information. Sales staff was very accommodating in providing me what I was looking for and if I end up choosing a BMW, I will be back here.

Beth S. | 2013-08-13

Not sure what one has to do to purchase a car at this establishment.

We stopped by tonight to look at a used Audi. We have a pre-approval all ready, but try as we might , we could not get even ONE of the employees that were standing/wandering around to even say hello to us.

In one final attempt, we tried to flag one down outside the entrance. He walked away from us. We called out to him, but clearly he could not be bothered to speak with us.

I guess I'll start looking for other cars?

Jason N. | 2013-06-12

This review is for their Service Department Only.

I made an appointment to have my M vehicle repaired due to a recall. When I arrived at my appointment I patiently waited for my service adviser to finish his donut and come out to greet me. Apparently, the donut was more important as he passed me off to another adviser to handle. This adviser started questioning why I was bringing it in since it had such low miles. Instead of trying to remedy my concerns he belittled me and talked down to me as if I wasn't knowledgeable about my vehicle.

After going back and forth I provided him with a vehicle of the noise and the adviser told me to email it to him so he could show the technician. Clearly, I wasn't being dramatic and my car needed to be repaired.

After I signed off on the repair order I went to the loaner department to pick up my vehicle. This process wasn't extremely inefficient. The girls who work there are airheaded and can't tell the difference between their left and right foot.

I would recommend taking your BMW for service elsewhere.

James H. | 2013-05-18

Randy Boatright in Service is your best bet here. He has incredible customer service, think Apple.. and his knowledge is un-paralleled. To top it all off, he even speaks German!

John B. | 2013-05-06

Don't get mad get even.  Bought a new bmw in 2010.  Got clipped for $199 by the guy in f&i.  Didn't realize it at the time because I didn't read the bill of sale.  Shame on me.
I remember f&i mgr asking if I wanted window tinting.   I told him no.  I had a guy coming to house who would do it for $50.  This came to light last month when I pulled my BMW file as I was getting ready to buy a new one .

There on the contract is  the charge for tinting.  There was a separate form headed "we owe".  The window tinting was on the form.  The form states that the service as to be done within 30 days and that the $199 was non-refundable.  

When I read the bill,of sale I initially thought f&i guy made a mistake.  Was it intentional?   I'll let you decide.

My advice is to have the dealer whoever it is give you a copy of all the forms you will be signing and take them home and review them.

Now the get even part.  Just bought new bmw.... Obviously it was not from Scottsdale BMW.

J D. | 2013-05-02

Was shopping for a car and stopped by here on a Saturday afternoon around 2 pm.  The Better Half and I parked our car and started walking around the lot looking at various models.  

15 minutes later and nobody came out to greet us.....ok, fine.  We then went inside and passed by 5 employees....they looked right at us, didn't even smile or say hi.  We then made our way up the elevator to the 2nd the elevator, an employee was in there with us....not even a hello or eye contact, WTH?!  On the second floor, we then browsed more cars on our own, sat inside, looked interested in them....plenty of employees standing around, but no help!  We were appalled....we went back down the elevator with a different employee....again, not even a hello!  This was the weirdest/rudest experience we've ever had with a dealership.

We spent a total of 30-35 minutes on the property browsing a wide variety of cars, passed at least a dozen employees and in various areas without a single word uttered to us.  

We left amazed and disappointed....and without a car.

Return Factor - 10%

Tonjah W. | 2013-04-08

I've been a customer of BMW North Scottsdale since 2006.  My sales experience both times were absolutely wonderful.  I leased my first 330i from this location.  I'm on my second lease, a 2012 BMW 335is, which I absolutely love.  Stuart Stettner is AWESOME.  Stuart delivered the best, most friendly and efficient sales experience on both occasions.  Stuart is AWESOME.  If you are looking for a new car,  contact Stuart.  I will definitely contact him when I'm ready for my next BMW.

Over the years of visiting this location, I have NOT had one bad experience with the service department or sales. My service has always been scheduled as requested and completed as promised.  I have worked with Steve Bachman from day one and will continue to work with him.  He's honest and always keeps you informed on what's going on with your vehicle. I love the fact that they open the service department at 7am.  It's very convenient and on my way to work.  They always provide a nice loaner vehicle when requested.

All of my experiences at this location have been very positive. Highly recommended!

Bravo F. | 2013-03-28

"Brian Iverson was AWESOME!! He really took service and excellence to the next level!"

Scott M. | 2013-01-20

I've dealt with BMW North Scottsdale for several years - and they are certainly a unique dealer.  

They have a beautiful showroom with lots of great cars.  They seems to always have better stock than any other BMW dealer I've dealt with - across several states.   Very clean, professional operation.  I have had no issues with the service team.

They overcharge for their cars, and were terrible to work with while attempting to lease a new M3.   If you want it NOW - and they have the one you want, perhaps the costs are worth it to you.  If you are looking for a "fair" price, I can't recommend them.   The exact quote from their sales department was "We do price our M3s at MSRP plus any extra after market options we added and some even a bit higher".  He wasn't kidding - they refused to budge on their OVER MSRP price - even when EVERY other BMW dealer I talked to sells under MSRP.  Please note, I'm not talking a special edition car - I'm talking a standard 2013 M3, a car basically unchanged since it's release in 2008 and widely discounted.   Ultimately, I tried to deal with North Scottsdale since they are close to me and had a very nice one in stock.  I missed another perfectly configured M3 at the other local dealer by a few days (it had sold).  I was not even looking for a "great/incredible" deal, merely fair.

I was frustrated not only by their lack of willingness to offer a fair-market price -- but also by their unwillingness to give me the actual numbers they were using to calculate the lease prices they were quoting me.  Even after DIRECTLY asking my sales rep John S. repeatedly for the money factor and selling price he did/would not tell me.  I ultimately was never told anything beyond drive off cost and monthly fee. Unacceptable - especially at the nearly $80,000 price point.

Not divulging actual pricing information was ultimately the reason I decided I could not work with them further.  

I decided to use the Internet and reached out to several other dealers within an easy day-trip drive and found several other perfectly configured M3s.  I made a deal with the Burbank (Hollywood), CA BMW dealer - and had a no-fuss deal in no time flat.  It took little to no effort and they offered to ship the car to my driveway or let me drive it home.  That experience was what I had hoped to have at North Scottdale.  I had come from the Internet, knew the car, the market and everything up-front.  It could have been a 10 minute quick sale for them with quite a bit of profit for them.

In the end I decided to give North Scottsdale 3-stars because their facility and stock of cars really is incredible.  The Internet staff I worked with were, however, terrible and inspired no confidence whatsoever.  I sincerely hope the management reviews their communication policies and makes big changes.

Aimee K. | 2013-01-19

It is a LONG ass drive from Chandler to this place!  However, it's one of the few dealerships in the Phoenix area that sell BMWs with manual transmission.  The only way I drive 'em.  I bought my 335i here back in 2010.  

Jerry was great!  He was very professional, thorough, knew the product, friendly yet no pressure.  We had a few good conversations on the phone.  It was kind of funny because at first we couldn't find the car I wanted to look at.  We finally found it in the service department getting its software updated which meant I couldn't drive it (which I didn't need to - I knew I wanted it!) and it gave me a night to sleep on it.  When I came back the car was outside waiting for me.  Jerry insisted on a test drive.  I loved it, still do.

The financial bit takes a loooong time.  Got a decent price for a CPO with low miles, manual, the color I wanted and with all the goodies I was looking for.  The only  thing  that would have made it better is if it were an M3.  ;-)  Jerry was sure to follow up and make sure I was happy once I had the car a few days.  Very good experience!  I'm sorry I'm not in the Phoenix area anymore.  I always had the best advisers and sales folk out there.

Patrick E. | 2012-12-27

They handled my emergency without an appointment that same day! I was in Phoenix over Christmas visiting family and my X5 crank shaft valve assembly broke, leaving my car basically un-drivable. I brought it in on the 26th the day after x-mas at 7:30 AM and they got the car down same day! They found a few other things that needed to be replaced or repaired that was also covered by my extended warranty (nail in my tire, faulty hood springs, worn belt). I didn't even know about them but since they were covered by the warranty - they took care of them! I love car companies that don't run you around in circles or waste your time or money. They knew I was in a hurry to get back to San Diego so they took care of what they needed to do in a hurry and sent me safely on my way home. Thanks BMW North Scottsdale!

Josh F. | 2012-10-09

BMW North Scottsdale now has many BMW rentals when you get your car serviced.  As long as you arrive when they open, you have a good chance of getting a ncie rental while you wait for service.  My car has received it's yearly check up for the past three years there and they ALWAYS greet me with professional service, communication, and cleanliness.  The experience makes you proud to be a BMW owner.

Jennifer N. | 2012-09-03

Yet another less than stellar experience at BMW North Scottsdale- apparently the norm for this BMW branded Penske dealership. Which is even more disappointing since I purchased a BMW here and you would think they'd at least try to retain their purchase business.

Over a year ago I had routine maintenance performed on my 2007 328i in which during the inspection the service technician noted that I should consider replacing the brakes. His recommendation was hardly a consideration as his exact words were, "it's almost illegal for me to allow you to drive off this lot with your brakes the way they are."

This might hinder a normal person, but having no signs or other indications that my brakes were nearing the end of their useful life I drove the car off the lot and took the vehicle to a Firestone Auto Shop for a second opinion. To my great surprise they said, "You have at least a year--if not longer left if you're driving 15k miles per year."

Okay--strike one. Tell someone they need something that costs more than $800 when it isn't true. 2nd strike... Firestone could complete the work for less than $500 (and the service tech said even they overcharge). Great.

Over a year later, I am preparing to transport myself to work early in the morning and upon starting the car I hear the caution noise and see two things out of the ordinary on the display.

Since I am usually level headed, I consult the owner's manual for advice and guidance as if it's my financial advisor. It maintains that the illuminated lights are the roadworthiness light as well as the parking brake light.

As I back the car out of the garage to drive, it feels as though the car has the emergency brake still engaged (likely the result of me seeing the dash display a light I associate with the parking brake being engaged) and I take the necessary step of contacting BMW North Scottsdale to see if they understand the warning messages.

The advisor says--without confidence and after putting me on hold to check, "It's fine to drive- you need brakes." Don't worry.

Don't worry?

Just about every light on the dash is illuminated and the car feels like I'm going to stop dead while hurtling down the 51 towards downtown Phoenix and YOU didn't sound very sure on the phone. Plus, one of the illuminated lights says, "Roadworthiness" which wasn't there before. Doesn't that mean the car probably shouldn't be driven? I had visions of my estate receiving millions from the liability that BMW would incur after my untimely demise and elected to leave the car in the garage.

Having remembered my prior Firestone experience, I called them again for direction. Unfortunately there wasn't anyone there that could diagnose a BMW and that they said the best bet was to take the vehicle to the dealership.

The vehicle is towed and BMW is kind enough to provide a loaner car while they diagnose the situation.

It comes as no surprise that when the service advisor calls back with their typical snotty attitude that I need brakes and the cost will be exorbitant.

I call Firestone and say, "they've already determined the problem- can you fix this and what would the cost be?"

Yes and significantly less were the answers. So I visit BMW to retrieve my car and thank them for their hard work diagnosing (ie. using a computer to run codes) my problem. "That'll be $70, please."

Fine- significantly less than BMW plus $70 still equals significantly less than BMW.

Days later, I receive a survey in my email asking me about my experience. In which I provided honest feedback about my level of trust and the price gouging that I have previously and continue to experience here. I submit the survey and move along.

A week later, somewhat to my surprise, I receive an email from Mark Kaiser the Fixed Operations Director at BMW North Scottsdale.

He begins, "I am a little perplexed because I am not sure what more we could have done..."

Really? You're perplexed? I don't know- not charge $70 for someone to read a computer screen and provide advice that supports an initially questionable recommendation?

He continues, "...the symbol you were describing indicated you car needed brakes. It was apparent that you didn't trust their opinions and didn't feel comfortable to drive your car because you felt the emergency brake was stuck on."

You. Your. Typo- it's okay, we all make mistakes and yes, your description was correct.

Now for the economics lesson, "we had to pay our technician to inspect it and he verified it needed brakes and you declined to have them serviced. This is the reason for the charge to you. It is also my understanding that we provided you with a BMW loaner car for the weekend and washed your vehicle during your service visit."

Thank you for washing my car... Danny's charges $14.99 without a coupon. That's your economics lesson. END PART 1.

Lance S. | 2012-07-18

I originally purchased my car at Chapman in Chandler.  The first service was a disaster.  My friend suggested N. Scottsdale and I never looked back.  Debi is fantastic.  The overall service culture is excellent.  My next purchase will be from N. Scottsdale.  Everyone from the lead mechanic to the loaner car desk are friendly and warm.  They have won my business.

Jill S. | 2012-07-07

I'm really surprised at the negative reviews, because my experiences have always been top notch at BMW North!

I bought my second BMW from this dealership, and the sales process was easy and drama-free.  I have been getting my cars serviced here for 7 years.  I always get a very fair deal, a SA who takes the time to explain what's going on with my car, and a BMW loaner.  What's not to like?  I would say most times I take my car in for service or a repair, it is done far quicker than is estimated.  I love the free wash I get, too.  :)

I get postcards informing me of any required service appointments, and I like the new online appointment reminder/booking system.  Who has time to phone anymore.  lol

To those reviewers who are complaining about the price of repairs, erm, you bought a BMW.  They are not cheap cars to build, nor are they inexpensive to repair.  Can you get your car repaired cheaper elsewhere?  Perhaps, but in my opinion, I would never trust a car like this to an average Joe mechanic (apologies to average Joe) as the computers and how the car is designed is far different than most cars average Joe is used to.   If you bristle at the cost of fixing the car, then perhaps you should drive an Escort.

Overall, I always feel like my business is appreciated and valued, and they have me as a customer for life.

Fern P. | 2012-06-26

I have always received top notch service at this dealership.  Never have to wait for an appointment, always get it scheduled on the date I am requesting.  Ron Davis, my service advisor, is the best!  Ron keeps me in the know as  to what's going on and calls to let me know when the car is ready for pick up.  All in all I have had nothing but excellent service at BMW North Scottsdale.  If you are in the market to purchase or lease a car, I  highly recommend Scott Bilgo in sales.   I promise you will have nothing but an excellent experience!

Tarek S. | 2012-03-05

Once again BMW North Scottsdale Comes through! EXCELLENT SERVICE, took my 7-Series in, and Mike Sarantidis my service advisor did a great job, kept me well informed, provided me with a loaner..i couldn't be happier, Mike, thanks so much, this is what SERVICE should be like! Excellent!

Adam T. | 2012-02-06

Well, it sure does seem like a lot of people have had bad experiences here, and that is a shame.  I have always been treated extremely well.   We first starting purchasing cars from them back in 1998 when they were Camelback BMW.  Back then we worked with a great sales guy, Dirk.  Since he left we did have some challenges finding another good rep. I have bought/leased multiple cars from BMW NS and Scott Bilgo has been great to work with.  In fact, he is one of the few sales guys that we have done multiple deals with and actually referred friends to talk with when they are looking for a BMW.

As for service, Gary Katzenberger has been my adviser since 2003 and I wouldn't trade him for anything.  All of my questions were answered quickly and accurately and Gary is a true professional.  I have never felt that services were being pushed on me or that they were trying to upsell anything.

Michael A. | 2012-01-22

I have always had great service and felt like my advisor and his assistants valued my business.  They went out of their way to get me a loaner car most of the time and did their best to get my car back to me in a timely manner.  Many times sooner than expected.

Pamela N. | 2011-10-11

My husband and I recently purchased a car from this dealership and couldn't be happier. The car was for me and both my husband and I had spent time researching what extras I wanted on it and what we wanted to spend.

We ended up going through consumer reports online car buying service who decides how much a car should cost then sends that estimate and the buyers' info to local dealers. North Scottsdale BMW called within 5 minutes of receiving our info and we had an appointment set up for the following afternoon.

They had the car I wanted  (of course there are always going to be extras on the cars that are already on the lot, the car had what I wanted and a little more). There was absolutely no haggling on the price that consumer reports had sent them, figuring in the extras. Our salesman, Don, was great. We never felt pressured, he's really friendly and easy to work with.  He was showing us how the car worked WELL after the dealer had closed.

I have since gone back to buy an accessory and Dean in the parts dept. He was extremely helpful. When it turned out that the first one I got did not work, Dean handed me a replacement with no questions asked.

I have had excellent service there and I love my car!

Jennifer W. | 2011-05-13

I brought my car in for an inspection because I was experiencing jerky accelerations coming out of a stop. After asking a few different people for assistance and waiting around for half an hour (there were barely any other customers in at that time), a service advisor finally came around to help me. Without even test driving the car, he told me what I was experiencing was perfectly normal. He even came up with a lengthy elaborate explanation as to why it was doing it ("fancy" brakes that lock so the car doesn't roll.." HUH???). I insisted that a technician check it and test drive it but he refused and sent me on my way.

I went home furious and jumped online to do some research. I found out there was a recall on faulty fuel pumps for my model and what I was experiencing was a major symptom of the failure! I took it down to Chapman BMW in Chandler a few days later and the SA quickly told me about the recall (before I even let on that I knew).

I'm very loyal to the BMW brand (I'm on my second) and when it's time to buy my next one, it definitely won't be at this North Scottsdale location. Even though I live in the area, I will gladly drive to Chapman on Camelback and know that I will get the respect and service that I deserve.

PS it's BS that this dealership would charge $10/day for a loaner. Chapman offers it for FREE.

Bonnie B. | 2011-03-11

I know what people say about dealership services... Usually not nice. Well I have nice things to say about Scottsdale BMW.
First: I wish there was a BMW dealership in Peoria area. I travel over 30 miles to get to this one. But they are great. Bought the BMW Z4 here as well

Anyway. Driving on freeway when tire light goes on. Sure, they self inflate but I worry. Thankfully I was heading to Scottsdale so pulled in at 4pm. Quick check... Nail in tire. 45 minutes to replace with new. Thing is... They were nice, professional, and had free wifi!  Basically...I trust this place. I trust their mechanics and I trust my car adviser.

James K. | 2011-03-03

I have a 7 series BMW.  I'm a reasonable person, trusting and fair minded.  However, my tolerance has been stretched repeatedly over 2 years by the North Scottsdale BMW service department.  The service department at North Scottsdale is very aggressive.  They consistently find multiple service issues when I schedule an appointment for a single problem.  They consistently keep my car for too long.  I schedule a morning appointment and they always report early afternoon that I have multiple service issues without having done the work for which the car was brought in, and then the work often pushes into the following day because they couldn't finish it that day, all because they spent the morning trying to find problems I don't have.  Their motive is clearly to gouge the customer and they do this well by finding multiple issues on every visit.  This coupled with an hourly labor rate twice that of independent shops makes for a steep estimate.  I only go to North Scottsdale for extended warranty issues or recall items.  Oil changes/brakes and other maintenance are half price at an independent BMW service shop.  Avoid these guys!  Why can't I rank them as zero stars?  They deserve a zero!

Cassandra O. | 2010-12-06

When my husband & I purchased our 745i this summer we also purchased an extended Penske warranty (on top of the certified pre-owned warranty the car came with) from this BMW North Scottsdale location. The first time I took it in because an engine light came on they charged me $10 for a loaner car. I told them I didn't think that was fair and I was under the impression a loaner car was provided at no charge, but apparently that was not the case and they were adamant about the charge.

The service person we were working with called me a couple days later to say that such and such part needed to be fixed for $350. I explained I had an extended warranty on top of the pre owned, gave him the name of the gentleman in the Finance Dept. of that same office I purchased it from. He called me back saying he had verified and it was NOT covered. I tried calling my warranty contact directly but he was out of the office for the next couple days. I obviously wanted my car back as soon as possible so I gave the go ahead to just move further and do the repair anyways. I was not feeling good about the situation at this point and had an overwhelming sense that I was not being taken seriously or treated fairly by the men in this office.

So my husband got involved for me, contacting them repeatedly explaining the situation and was again assured our warranty did not include this certain problem.

I picked up the car paying the $50 warranty deductible (because some portion of the service was covered?) AND the 350$ portion that wasn't covered.

After the transaction my husband made a last VERY HEATED phone call STILL trying to get to the bottom of the warranty issue and was AGAIN guaranteed there was no way we could have avoided the charge.

About two weeks later lone behold my husband received a call saying there was a mistake and our warranty DID cover the repair and we would receive a refund check in the mail. wow.

A mere 5 days after the first time I took my car in ANOTHER light went on indicating something wrong with the gas tank. I found this to be ridiculous because you would think if something was wrong they should have noticed when they supposedly checked out my entire vehicle less than a week prior. This time I flat out refused to pay the $10 loaner car fee and the charge was waived- which still was not even near enough compensation for the 25+ miles I have to drive to North Scottsdale and the time inconvenience.

Just a couple weeks ago another light came on indicating necessary service on the parking park - I was obviously dreading taking it back here. I did though and a few days later I received a call saying the parking brake needed x,y,&z and it WAS covered by my warranty BUT on top of that the car was leaking oil, etc. and part abc was broken and need to be replaced. The total charge was $900+. WHAT!? There was no way I was going to agree to that after my experience with them so I picked up my car to do some more research on my own.

I took it to the Chandler BMW location but also to my insanely reliable, trusted, favorite mechanic in the entire world (see my review of Highland Auto) for a second opinion. BOTH said there was absolutely nothing wrong with the car, oil, or the part they identified for me  !!!!

So, not only did North Scottsdale try to take me for $350 initially but now over $900!!?? If I had trusted these guys I would be out of pocket over $1200 right now for absolutely nothing. For that reason alone I will never go back- on top of their attitude towards women and clear incompetence.  ALSO, turns out Chandler BMW does NOT charge anything for a loaner car either. I could say much more but this review is already way too long :)

Jim D. | 2010-10-04

I have bought and had BMW's serviced in Illinois, Iowa and Washington, and I have always been extremely satisfied.  This dealership has the worst service department that I have ever done seen.  You cannot walk in and make a service appointment, rather it must be by phone.  There is an ocean of white-shirted employees standing around talking, looking at computer screens, primping and dishing out attitude that it makes me never want to go to this dealership to buy a new BMW, so now that I am shopping I will go elsewhere with my business.

karen o. | 2010-09-20

I'd give ZERO stars if Yelp had the option.  Their service dept was  incapable of diagnosing problems. They apparently know nothing about older BMW's (633 CSI, 1983) so they had me paying to replace, replace, replace. I replaced the fuel filter and pump (plus 2 hoses) for $1,400! (Part costs $225 and takes 30 minutes to install.)

Once the car was towed back to them THREE times, and spent the entire summer in their lot,  they told me it needed new fuel injectors. They stated they didn't "have a crystal ball"  so how could they know  the bad fuel (they say) that ruined the pump and filter would have any bearing on the injectors? (If you know about cars, you're laughing right now.)

Here is my letter send to them, to which I got NO RESPONSE. If you're buying a BMW,  please read this so you know what you may be getting into... then try Chapman BMW!


Thank you for your offer of replacing my fuel injectors for about $700, but this is not an option. The car should never have gotten to this point from the onset.. Ms Abbott even said, during our first conversation, " You can't just throw good money after bad."  She was correct.

I don't think you understand the agreement  under which I had my car diagnosed by your dealership.

Recently, I decided to sell my 28-year old 633 csi. The car is only worth maximum between $500 to $1,000, in today's market. (an undesirable automatic, with blistering paint, broken speedometer, not running.)

Having just stored it for about 2 years, I got a new battery, and tried to crank it up. It wanted to start, and revved again and again, but never fired up. I was hoping it was something simple like a relay switch, hose, vacuum problem... One thing I did not want to do is start replacing everything to find the problem.

I stopped by your dealership twice and spoke at length to Ron before towing my car in.  It was imperative that I had the car diagnosed and find the problems before I threw money into a car worth $500 to $1,000.

I towed the car in and days later got the bad news: it was $1,000 as it needed a new fuel pump and filter. I considered having it towed home then, but instead I called back and said I would pay the $1,000. (He called me later to say I needed two hoses replaced, for $100, and the car would be fine, "good to go."  This $1,100 mysteriously morphed into $1,400 when I showed up to pay the bill.)

I drove this car to a friend's house to have him use it as a daily driver.  Unfortunately he had the car towed back to your shop three times in the next month and a half, and my car spent most of the summer in your lot.

The last time it was towed there, Ron called me to tell me that since the car had bad fuel in the tank, that was "like varnish" when it FIRST came in, that the fuel injectors would have to be replaced.

I said  "Are you sure? The car was left with no fuel in the engine, and I had just put a new tank of fresh gas in when I first tried the car."  He assured me that fuel goes bad quickly and it was like varnish when it came in.

Bottom line, if I was given the details, from the beginning, that the fuel was LIKE VARNISH - there is no way I would have spent double the the value of the car on repairs.   This is unnecessary, and to be told that you "don't have a crystal ball" and could not known,  Is plain ridiculous.
(letter shortened to fit Yelp standards)


Jon K. | 2010-09-08

They helped me to find a manual transmission (way harder than it should have been), they helped me to finance (way harder than it should have been) and they're always awesome in service.  Highly recommended.

Michael J. | 2010-08-19

Michelle in service is amazing! Makes every (unfortunate) trip to service a pleasure!

Tracy L. | 2010-07-12

LOCATION: On a street of different dealerships next to the Porsche
dealership. Nothing much else there.
ATMOSPHERE: Smaller dealership than Chandler BMW on Orchid Rd (they also have a satellite location on Camelback). I felt the atmosphere wasn't as professional.... Maybe because it wasn't so impressive coming from the Chandler BMW dealership. All the cars were stored in a big parking lot in the back EXPOSED to the sun at all times... No covered parking lot or decks that I saw. The cars we viewed were all out in the open although in a gated secured area.
SERVICE: We were greeted promptly and were connected with someone...  Didn't seem confident in knowing what they were talking about... I could have done without the verbal interaction because it was useless over what I can do by myself online. The only useful thing was seeing the cars in person.  We weren't even offered a test drive like we were offered at Chapman BMW and we were SERIOUS buyers.
A month later I called them again to get a couple of quotes. They take a
LOOOONG time to get back to you unlike Chandler BMW who are very prompt. It's like they really don't want your business or something.
CONCLUSION: I felt less comfortable doing business with these guys because I couldn't help get the sense that they didn't appreciate my inquiries and that they wouldn't give me the best deal. There was definitely a lack of trust. There may be other salespeople at this location that foster a different relationship with the consumer. NOT doing business with them.

Jan S. | 2009-12-22

Do not take your car in for service here!  They will not only rob you but they will smile while doing it.  Decided to include my experiences after I saw the incredulous overall 4 star rating for this place. (Yes a car salesman will do whatever it takes to make a sale regardless or where you're at ,ie, there is no difference between a salesman at a BMW dealership or one at a subprime used car lot like drivetime.  They are not your buddy and let's face it they are not "caring individuals" as another reviewer commented.  why would they care?)

First incident: they gave me the hard sell on an extended warranty contract as I was told that my brakes were very close to needing replacement.  worried about the notoriety of problems on older vehicles i bought one.  a bargain at $3500+ especially when replacing brakes would easily be more than that right?  well after naively buying the "contract" for my used car i checked back awhile later on the status of my brakes and of course they looked fine. huh? didn't you tell me that the brakes were at 70% or so?

so i sat down with them and asked them to look at all of my history and in fact, there was no record from my previous visits that they needed to be replaced.  wow.  very shady. no record. no recourse. and as i am walking out you mention that you would appreciate a 5 star service rating?  (btw, my brakes lasted another 1.5-2 yrs since then)

Incident #2:  made appointment for something else and apparently they weren't aware that it was supposed to be covered. go figure. had to go thru the hassle of pulling out and reading thru the fine print.  and again they smile and say that i'll be receiving a survey and they would appreciate a perfect rating? finally, upon checking out and receiving the receipt and work records saw that 1 of the receptionists actually had the stupidity to type in her feelings in the comment section. excerpts included  'customer said that ....was covered. don't think so. whatever.'  and that's why you are sitting in that chair and will probably be doing so for the rest of your life.

Overall, aside from the ridiculous labor charges (hourly equivalent to attorneys) the whole place needs to get a lesson in conscious business and social responsibility. Had the final straw after my last service visit here and they will never see another penny from me nor will they ever get any referrals from me. Oh and do you think i'll buy a car there? whatever

btw, have never been offered limo service nor never seen a massage therapist as 2 reviewers have mentioned. you won't even get a bmw loaner but they'll drive you to a rental car shop and if they're feeling generous bump you up from economy up 1 level at no charge.

Michael B. | 2009-11-15

Three words describe BMW North Scottsdale and my Pre-Owned Sales Advisor John Sarno, professional, knowledgeable and friendly.

I'd been shopping around for a new (used) X5 for about 2 or 3 months and never purchased a BMW in the Arizona market. I visited Chapman, but was disappointed with their selection and the helpfulness of their staff so I headed up north to BMW North Scottsdale. Wow, what  a difference. Their used car selection is indoors so don't have to sweat in the Arizona heat and their sales staff was super-friendly. In addition, this is a no hassle sales environment. If you want help, go ask them as they don't want you to feel like they are a hawk looking for its prey.

My advice, ask for John Sarno. He is a super nice and helpful guy who makes the sales process easy.

Wes H. | 2009-11-11

Got my first car here. Excellent service, great dealers, a fantastic facility, (obviously) and caring individuals.


Kimberly M. | 2009-11-03

Clean, helpful, informative.. alot of sales bring good incentives.. JUST not the model or year on my newest ride.. BUT having used the service department, know that you will be treated in 'bimmer' style.. MUCH better than the peeps at

Elizabeth A. | 2009-11-02

If it were possible to rate this dealership with zero stars, I would. What a terrible buying experience I had with BMW North Scottsdale over the weekend.

Without too many details (please contact me if you would like further information), I was within seconds of leasing a 2009 128i coupe. I had a verbal agreement from the Sales Agent to honor a National BMW America special provided all qualifications were met, but when I went into sign the documents, everything changed.

The most egregious part of the deal was that the car has 1247 miles on it since it has been used a demo car. In the financing details, the dealership was penalizing me by increasing my monthly payment for the miles that THEY drove! (Not kidding...when the miles went to 0, my payment went down, when it reflected the 1247 that THEY drove, my payment went UP!!!) Plus, let's not forget that a car with 1247 miles is a used car!!

If you ever find yourself about to buy/lease a BMW where Steven is your Finance Manager...RUN! RUN like the wind! And if the Sales Manager Rick comes in, you won't even have to run because he'll ask you to leave, just like he did to me yesterday!

This dealership is completely unethical and needless to say, I will not be purchasing anything from BMW North Scottsdale.

Patrick O. | 2009-01-10

Um what.

Um, what.

Holy crap, have you guys SEEN this place????

I took my car in for service and not only did they throw me keys to an X6 for the morning (yeah, they had it done THAT fast) but they have a damn massage therapist on property???

Dude, I didn't even get this kind of treatment in SoCal! Nice work Penske Auto Group!!