Bill Luke Chrysler Jeep Dodge & Ram in Phoenix, AZ

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We are a Five Star dealer located conveniently at I-17 and West Camelback Rd in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona. We carry a full line of Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge models - and repair ALL Makes & Models!


Established in 1927.

William "Bill" Luke was the youngest of Ottilia and Frank Luke, Sr.'s nine children. He was always fascinated by machines and in 1927, at the age of 18, jumped at the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a young, growing industry. He was to become the founder of Bill Luke Chrysler-Plymouth and continued as head of the automobile dealership until his passing in 1988. During his years as an automobile dealer, Bill Luke found time to pursue interests in farming, cattle ranching, and was a breeder of thoroughbred horses. At one time he owned a stable of 70 race horses and won the Arizona Breeders Award many times.

Dorothy and Bill Luke had five children. The youngest was named Donald "Don" Luke; and, like his father displayed an early interest in machines. He began working in the family business at the age of 13, progressed up the ladder to General Manager and then to President and CEO of the Bill Luke Dealerships.

Bill Luke Chrysler Jeep Dodge & Ram

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(602) 249-1234
Address:2425 W Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ, 85015
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Reviews on Bill Luke Chrysler Jeep Dodge & Ram

Miranda W. | 2015-04-14

I had autobody work done a month ago and recently found that there was overspray in several spots on my car and compound in my headlight. I didn't have a pleasant experience. However, while one individual (Kenny) provided poor customer service, others stepped up.

When I was escorted to my car by Sergio, he was respectful. When I pointed out areas that still had overspray at pick up, he immediately responded and said he would take it off then and there. Though, they could not get it off the plastic. Sergio and management were kind enough to replace the piece.

Instead of making me drive back a third time, they called the next day with my piece and offered to pick up my vehicle, replace the piece, and bring it back. I very much appreciated that.

I still don't think their autobody work is up to par, but management responds promptly to your concerns.

Tracy J. | 2015-04-07

Please save yourself the trouble and pass this dealership up! Had My truck taken in to be serviced. Spoke to service department representative several times on the phone. Thought we had everything taken care of, including 2 separate recalls. I was even impressed the service rep. pointed these out. After several days, weekend included, I showed up to pick up my vehicle. I requested 2 key f.o.b.s., and 1 key. I asked a door gasket also be replaced, along with the recall repairs pointed out by the dealership. Upon arriving at 5:00 to pick up my finished truck @ time arranged by service dept., 45 minutes later, they actually locate my account, after 3 people had to look into it. My last name on the account wasn't even close. I received 2 keys and 2 key f.o.b.s.. The door gasket was replaced, on the wrong door with a service reminder to replace door gasket on original service order. Of course expensive recalls were included, to run the bill up even more. Post complaint calls to management went un answered. Similar to the argumentative service representatives handling the counter problems upon my trying to get invoice settled, to my vehicle in the wrong name! Lousy customer service focused business!

jordan j. | 2015-04-02

I would give ZERO stars if at all possible.  I saw a vehicle that I liked online, drove out to the dealership and met Jesus the salesman.  I drove the vehicle that I came to see and didn't love it, so I started looking for others. Jesus told me to look at their inventory online to see what I liked, I found another vehicle, we couldn't find it, we drove around the lot for 30 minutes looking for it, couldn't find it. It was then decided that the GM of the dealership had taken the vehicle home as a demo for the night. Jesus asked me if I could come back the next day to see the vehicle, I said yes.

The next day I received a call from Jesus asking if I was a "serious buyer" because the GM would only allow me to look at the vehicle if I was "serious" I was shocked, like it was a privilege to buy a car from them. He then said I could see the car but only between 8-5 (they are open until 9) I told him that didn't work for me that I would find another car.

Just in case the folks over there need some help with what they did wrong:
1 - assume any customer isn't "serious"
2 - not make a vehicle available because a manager is driving it
3 - Tell me when I can come and see a vehicle

They clearly have no regard for their customers and judging by the reviews on this page I see many people have had similar experiences.

Stay away, there are plenty of dealers in the Phoenix area that will treat you as a valued consumer.

Eddie S. | 2015-04-02

Don't take your vehicle here to be serviced. These scoundrels will make you wait forever to get your car back and it'll cost you an arm and a leg. This is one of those stereotypical car dealerships that give mechanics a bad name.

Luay A. | 2015-03-28

The cars are clean title but the had crash so they have a bodyshop in the back you can see it they fix the cars and they lower the price

Britton B. | 2015-03-23

BUYERS BEWARE!!!!! I went to Bill Luke this weekend to buy a Ford Focus and it was by far the worst experience I've ever had at a dealership. We worked with Bud. I came in knowing exactly what I wanted - I was pre-approved for a loan, had done my research and was ready to close the deal. As many of the other reviews have said, this dealership does NOT negotiate. They offered me $800 for my trade-in, when I had already been offered $2000 at 2 other dealerships, and both Edmunds and KBB estimated a fair trade-in value at $2600! Additionally, and most importantly, they basically refused to accept my pre-approved loan for 1.99% !! They scoffed at me and asked why on earth I WOULDN'T finance through the dealership. Well, the answer to that is simple - I don't want to finance through you because you can't beat 1.99%! Are you serious? I told Bud that I wasn't interested in financing through Bill Luke, and had a better deal waiting for me elsewhere. He walked out of the room without even saying goodbye!! This should have been a very easy sell. But because of the service we received, the lowball trade-in price they offered, the way they BULLY you into financing through them, the insulting remarks, and the insanely childish behavior Bud displayed when we finally told him no....  I will NOT return to this dealership and STRONGLY recommend looking elsewhere for a vehicle!

Maria P. | 2015-03-22

If there were ten stars to give Bill Luke, I would do it in a heartbeat! My husband and I had such a wonderful experience. We worked with Terry. Off the bat, he was so great to work with. He was not your typical pushy car salesman trying to just close a deal. He took the time to get to know us and made sure we could walk out with a great deal. You cannot beat the price. And when we worked with Scott in finance, such a breeze. Again, not someone pushing you to add a ton more money to your payments. He was very upfront about our warranties and everything else that had to do with our new car. Everyone at Bill Luke was so friendly. They were not pushy at all whatsoever. We'll definitely be coming back when that time comes again to purchase a new car for the hubby. Thank you, Bill Luke!!

R. C. | 2015-03-13

My experience with Bill Luke had to be one the worst experiences I have ever had in dealing with a dealership in buying a car. I could not understand why they could not  accept our pre-approved loan? The bait and switch and the back forth with them bullying us into getting a loan with Bill Luke was unacceptable. We were there to buy a car with a pre-approved loan which should have been an easy sell. Instead it was one of the worst experiences in buying a car. We had recently bought a Chevy at Courtesy Chevrolet with the exact same situation and it was no fuss no muss. I would never go back to buy car from Bill Luke and would never recommend the dealership to anyone.

Jen R. | 2015-03-11

I don't understand why the finance dept can't take a look at your situation and give you a ballpark estimate of things. I mean, they go through hundreds of people a month; they must know about what interest rate people with X credit score get approved for.  Hell, half my situation was a yes-or-no question.

Nope, just canned "We have several vehicles available. For your convenience (you mean YOUR convenience, lazy saleswoman?), please complete the online credit application."

Nurse K. | 2015-02-28

Honestly, going to car dealerships is a nightmare for me. I usually find a car I like which may or may not be there once I arrive, and then I get sucked in to the sales person vortex and walk out with a car I am not in love with along with a payment higher than I anticipated.

Bill Luke Chrysler was a great experience. I found a car I liked online, spoke with the internet sales manager about my credit app, and was told we were in good shape to come in with the car still in stock.

Dave was my sales guy, he has been there for 27 years, and was very honest without trying to push a higher payment. The payment I wanted was the payment I walked out with. NO, SERIOUSLY. IT IS.

Car was a great deal, significantly lower than anyone else in town. My neighbors are still impressed with the price I ended up paying. I would highly recommend Bill Luke and Dave for a good car buying experience.

Sarah T. | 2015-01-28

I purchased a vehicle in January 2014...have had issues with it ever since.  My vehicle has been in the shop 11 times for the same issues, with mechanics saying they can not duplicate but when I show them it presents the problem.  I purchased the extended warranty with the satisfaction of it including a rental car and provide full repair coverage.  Now I am fighting a battle to get rental car fees reimbursed (to a tune of about $500) because they charged me instead of the warranty, with an excuse of only a certain number of days for coverage...never been charged before and the mechanics are the ones that are not fixing it within the period of time, partial incompetance and partial I ordered the wrong parts scenario.  

The service advisor is wonderful to deal with and has bent over backwards in efforts to help me but you would think that the management or director would reach out to me instead of playing a go between to communicate with me.  Guess once the sale is final the customer isn't so important anymore.  

This experience has left a bad taste.  No wonder the shop is so nice, the less than par vehicles that are sold are in for constant repairs.

John G. | 2015-01-22

I got scheduled to get my car appraised with their online manager - who was (online) very kind and accommodating. Then I go in and the person that meets me says - We dont have someone to do the appraisal so you'll have to come in later ! Say What ?

Anyway, I am not fond of people who cannot respect my time like I respect theirs so zero stars for you, and 4 for the gentleman that was honest and up front and cordial to deal with , so you even out a 2. And that is only because I was generous with the 4 star part.

I should have read the yelp reviews and I normally do but I do not know why i did not read it this time around. Shame on me for ignoring yelp. Bad me ! But shame on the dealership for intentionally scheduling me when they obv do not staff for the purpose you are going in for.

Bottom line, take you money elsewhere if you value your time.

Brad W. | 2015-01-06

Too much of a factory for buying cars. I think there is like ten internet directors and then when they tell you to come in and look at the car another guy will meet you who has no clue what car you were asking about. Not a good business model. Plus this dealership will add 1000 bucks to your cost if you pay with cash - they are greedy and want you to use their financing only. Also how many times can someone ask me if I want a bottle of their cheap purified water?

Jennifer G. | 2014-11-20

Worst car dealership that I have ever been to! For one don't go there wanting to put a big chunk of money down because you will be treated like your worthless. Their negotiations are completely ridiculous. They start out with a low price and by the end they try to add an extra doubt couple thousand. And that's just on the price of the vehicle. Last I knew negotiation was not about starting low moving to a higher price. All you get is the runaround lies lies and more lies. Their staff is utterly unethical. You're told by one staff member one thing and another staff member comes in and you get a completely different story. The business manager Steve that's a different story he likes to waste time, talk down to you and treat you like you're nobody. I do not recommend this dealership to anyone. If you want a good deal and to be treated right run away because that will not happen here. They say that they have the best customer service and have been in the business of 1927 how that happen who knows.

Audra U. | 2014-11-04

Here Yelp, let me rephrase my review since you obviously don't know what it's like for two people to buy a vehicle together and deal with people from the same company telling you each something different. Two people should be able to buy something together, not be attached at the hip, and still get consistent treatment or reliable information. Which we did actually receive elsewhere, so I know it's possible.

After my mother felt ignored by this dealership after visiting on Tuesday I made a phone call to them.
The same night she'd been to the dealership we both talked to a manager named Rick on the phone. I sat on the phone with him while he directed me to a truck on their site which was listed for about $9,000 that was so new on the lot it still needed to be inspected. The phone was handed back and forth multiple times. In the end they made an appointment to meet Wednesday since that wasn't my earliest available time, but it was for her and we wanted to act as quickly as possible. I heard him tell her he would be there waiting for her.
He wasn't, and she was informed the truck had been sold. I convinced her to call again Thursday morning and was told by Brianna (sp?) that the truck hadn't been sold, just sent to auction after not passing inspection. There was no information about why it didn't pass or where it had been sent. We were done.
Friday morning I had someone call my contact information that we'd given them and apologize that the truck had been sold and offer another appointment to possibly keep shopping around with them. No, thank you.
The right hand doesn't know what the left is doing. A sales rep, let alone a manager, should NOT be talking to customers about a vehicle that hasn't even been inspected. Why did he even bother telling me about that truck? He could have shown me something else online.

Scott T. | 2014-10-06

Called the Service Dept to make an appointment for Service.
I had an appointment for Monday @8 am. You even sent me via e-mail a reminder of my appointment. I get there by 8 am and no one knows anything. You can't find my appointment, and no one wants to take care of me. The first service person passes me off to a second service person and he (Toby Way) reluctantly writes things up. I ask for three things. 1) Oil Change, 2) Replace my right front driving light bulb. It has burned out. 3) Please put my antenna back on because I can't reach it. They forgot to replace it at the car wash. That's it . Three small things

I wait....after an hour and a half cashier calls my name. I look at my invoice and I can't find where you fixed or replaced my light. I ask how much was the bulb and the cashier says "what bulb". They or should I say Toby Way forgot to write it up. And I know he was aware of it because when I tried to tell him which bulb it was he replied "Oh they check them all anyway". Now my Jeep has to go back for the bulb. Oh, and now we have a third service person (Heather Gaetke) who some how has to write another ticket for the bulb. It's almost 12 noon and finally. Oh wait......YOU NEVER PUT MY ANTENNA BACK ON. After this point I figure it was a lost chose. Yes, my antenna is still not on. Thank you.

NOTE:   My brother has a Dodge truck, lives in the Encanto area but drives all the way up to I-17 and Bell Road for service. I have always questioned why he does that when Bill Luke is so much closer. He said he likes the way they always treat him, and he doesn't get treated nice at Bill Luke. For him, he said it's worth the drive. For the first time I can see my brothers point, and relate to that.

C C. | 2014-10-04



TERRIBLE.  If you value your car or the quality of repairs, DO NOT TAKE IT HERE. You WILL regret it.  You've been warned.  

I was working through insurance to get repairs done on my Subaru WRX (brand new, 2011 15k miles).  This was my first mistake, taking an AWD import to a domestic dealership.  They couldn't troubleshoot their way out of a cardboard box.  I ended up taking in there because they stated they would only handle body repairs and contact the parts/installation out to the nearby Subaru dealership.  

Long story short (if you can consider this short..):  

-They delivered my car with 2 under inflated tires (the side with the damage).  40psi left and 30 psi on the right sides.  Overfilled my left side tires and didn't bother to check the right sides (underinflated)

-They repeatedly ignored my complaints about the car pulling (I complained multiple times within the 1st week of delivery).  I find that Subaru has proof that they delivered my car back to this place IN SPEC.  When I later paid out of pocket, the alignment was OUT OF SPEC.  Clearly related to Bill Luke Dodge.

-They sent me on a wild goose chase to blame the Subaru when this rep knew damn well the liability was on them since Subaru delivered my car back IN SPEC.  I had to find this out after I wasted several vacation days/had several appointments with the Subaru dealership.  

-They disregarded the extra repairs Subaru mentioned (I had to find these out later as well).  Subaru deemed my wheel unsafe and recommended replacement.   They also mentioned they would usually check the hub/bearing due to the proximity of the wheel damage/impact.

-They went joyriding in my car prior to delivering it to Subaru for alignment/tie rod (the Subaru tech who took the delivery noted that I might have engine problems because my car was reeking of clutch from the transmission; they did this for liability purposes so they wouldn't get blamed for this body shops idiocy).  My car was sitting on the Bill Luke Dodge lot for 3-4 days at this point and should NOT have been driven.

-The entire time, they NEVER offered to take my car back in for a follow up.. just kept telling me pulling is normal (my car immediately turns right if I'm not holding the steering wheel left of center).

This entire time they put the blame on me.. stating nonsensical accusations that I've been driving my car for weeks so its my fault (despite complaining from week 1 without any effort on their part to take my car back in).  

-I finally got fed up and paid almost $600 out of pocket because my car was not fixed, insurance reimbursed me as a supplemental add on.  They found a bent hub/bearing assembly was rubbing and had to re do the alignment (some of my wheels were out of spec by almost 3 degrees).  

I have no recourse for the joyriding. I do not get any type of reimbursement for the multiple vacation days I had to take to get my car repaired AFTER these idiots delivered my car as "repaired."

I have yet to see a reimbursement for an alignment, despite this place saying they would send me a check a number of times (insurance also contacted them to pay up).

As many similar reviews state:



*****TAKES 0 RESPONSIBILITY FOR SHODDY REPAIRS**** (and I mean NONE.  I did not 1 single time hear anything close to an apology or willing mention of reimbursement for extra repairs).   Not 1 single time did they offer to take my car back in for an inspection.

I understand him denying me repairs/inspection saying its "normal" initially.  But to continue to deny any wrongdoing/responsibility after I've paid out of pocket to prove my point is nothing short of childlike behavior.  

This reflects on the dealership as a whole.  If these dealerships had any common sense, they would consider these reviews in terms of what happened and get the scumbags out that are ruining the business name.

Alan G. | 2014-10-02

Listen, did they drop the price for me any? No. Did they add anything to sweeten the deal? No. But you dont have to when you're selling a certified 40k mile 2013 chrysler 200 for 10,273 + tax and all that jazz. Let me explain something to you, I was on several lots, ALL OVER THE METROPOLITAN AREA. Im talking glendale, peoria, scottsdale, tempe, phoenix. I test drove 5 different brands of cars.

Not one place had this good a car at that price. If you're buying a $10,000 car, you'll realize very quickly one of 4 things: Its older than you'd like it to be. It has more miles than you'd like, its a base model of the right size car, or its too small a car but upgraded version. That didnt happen here. I got a touring class 200 that should have easily sold at 13-15k. I got it for a little over 10k.  When(rather if) I sell this car in 5 years. I will STILL get 8k back as a trade in, more in a total loss scenario with how little I drive...

I mean this car was clean, runs smooth, great suspension. They obviously do their work to make sure the cars they sell run right. Anyways, needless to say, Im happy with the car. But what about the people? Well I had Randy as my sales person. I gotta say, he never pressured anything. Understood I hadnt bought a car in 4+ years, was really helpful. With a reasonable down payment, and little longer deal than I want, I got the payments I can afford. For the right car, anything can be dealt with. Rather know the car is secure and safe to drive than be ruined by some unforseen malfunction. Im literally spending 6 dollars more a month than my last car.

They sell the most used cars in the city for a reason. No one's saying they're perfect, they just happened to be a lot better than the rest of the places Id been to(selection wise at least). I will say this though. I dont care if a car is new or used. A disabled vet should get that discount no matter what! 500 dollars on a 20k dollar car doesnt really mean much, its just a nice gesture. It would mean the world to any veteran on a limited income because of their service to this country who's trying to buy a 10k dollar car. Something to think about for the future. Its not that you cant, its that you wont...

Fernando S. | 2014-09-22

I visited Bill Luke today around 11 Am I wanted to buy this 2007 Chrysler 300 base for 7000 they had advertised on there website ( and still is) so I get there wait about 20min until someone was available to help me, I explained to the guy what i saw on there website and would like to buy it and he said ok lets go find it. So we go to the car on the golf cart and he immediately said he cant sell me this car because there was something wrong with it and was to expensive to fix. So i told ok you have 2 others advertised online for about the same prices we go to the other 2 cars and the same thing apparently happened to the other 2 Chryslers as well (very fishy) then  he takes me to a 2012 Chrysler 300 with 100k miles told he this would be my best option i said ok ( he didnt give me a price on it or mileage right away) so i go into his office he gives me 3 papers to sign to check my credit i told him it was my first time at the dealer and to explain to me what i was signing he said it was just to check my credit i said ok. He then gives me another paper did not tell me what it was just tells me to sign it too so i stop here and looked at it closely and told him it says i have to buy a car today and then he says no it just states IF i agree to the terms and conditions i will buy a car so i start reading it and he stops me and says Look im not screwing you and so i do sign it. so he starts telling me the payments are going to be 300$ and a 2000$ down payment to get the car and tells me to sign at the bottom and i stop here again and i asked him for how many months he says 60 months! so the total would be 18000$ it would take me 5 years to pay it off. do you think a 100k mile car is going to last 5 years?? no way i felt insulted because i told him what i could pay and the cars i was interested he just wanted to get me out of his way or rip me off. I will never come back to this place if your a new time buyer like me do not come here the advertised online cars are flakes to get you in!

Carlesha O. | 2014-09-18

Damian in the service department was very honest! I don't feel like I was being lied to about the service I needed to have done on my jeep. I completely trusted his judgment.

Kevin S. | 2014-09-17

The dealership is clean and what you would expect from a large dealership, but the sales experience leaves something to be desired. They lowball trade in offers and don't even come close to Kelly blue book. I tried to trade in a 2014 Toyota 4runner limited with only 11,000 miles on it. That kbb says a fair trade in range was 35,500-37,500. Bill Luke would only offer 30,000 and then gave me a big speech about them having to take the risk blah blah. I made a full price offer on a 2014 dodge ram 2500 but they still wouldn't work on the trade in to at least make it close to fair. Your loss Bill Luke. I shall buy somewhere else.

I even did the trade-in evaluator on the Bill Luke website before I came down there, and it said my trade should be worth 35,369-36,748.  Maybe you shouldn't have a trade in evaluator if you don't even try to come CLOSE to what it says.

Edit and response to business - No, your appraisers low-balled me. It was a mint condition 4runner without a scratch on it.

Danielle R. | 2014-09-16

We ended up at Bill Luke after finding a used car online at an unbeatable price about a month ago. Due to the flooding, we found ourselves in the market for another vehicle recently and immediately went right back. Dwight is the man you NEED to speak with. He cuts out all the BS salesman crap and gives it to you straight. He has now sold us 2 vehicles and with his help and the help of the finance department, we don't have that buyers remorse or any doubt that we got a great deal and great cars!

Brent A. | 2014-08-28

I recently was in the market for a new car, and a friend of mine referred me to the Bill Luke website for some great deals on a used car. I knew I wanted a relatively new Ford Focus, and the website had a great deal which prompted me to drive out from he East Valley.

Upon arriving, I worked with Orlando who was fantastic. I told him I wanted to see the Focus, and unlike at other dealerships, all he did was show me the Focus rather than trying to get me into a car I didn't want. It was a refreshing experience from the start.

Orlando was top notch and insisted I take a test spin. The price on the car was much higher than what was quoted online, but without a breath of doubt, Orlando assured me it'd work out.

To Orlando's credit, he immediately honored the price when we sat down in his office, and it was a pleasant experience from there. I was around for a few hours which seemed like a drag, but I guess that's just part of the process.

Definitely check out this dealership for car buying needs... And be sure to check online first cuz they're offers beat everyone else!!

Justice A. | 2014-08-27

Tried to buy a car but really got bait-and-switched for $1200 which we paid for a car that they couldn't sell us. Supposed to be refunded our $1200 but still have not received a refund. Not at all pleased with the run around for nothing. I feel like I gave someone a $1200 short term loan to jerk me around.

Kelsey P. | 2014-08-18

I was extremely unhappy with this Jeep dealership.  The sales guy barely spoke to me, didn't listen to what I wanted on my new Jeep Cherokee, and even went as far as telling me that the only way we could price out a custom order was to actually go ahead and order it.  I'm sorry, but no person in their right mind would give the 'ok' on ordering a brand new car without talking $$$.  He wouldn't even look to see if there was a Jeep that matched my criteria in another dealership.  He basically didn't want to give me time of day unless I was buying a car that was already on the lot.  I will never go back to this dealership.

Nicole Q. | 2014-08-14

I have never wished more for a ZERO STAR option. This place is by far the biggest scam in AZ. These people are pro's at the "bait & switch", wasting your time and literally nothing else.  I had to endure this beyond hellish process with someone close to me. Here's the story:

He called about the ONLY car on the lot he was interested in and they lured him in by telling him he was approved for it (they ran THREE hard credit checks!!!!!!!!!!). Then they had him test drive, fill out paperwork, trade-in his car (which they gave him a HORRID deal for) and submit his down payment. After all that was said and done, he took the car home. Two days later the salesman then called him and asked him if he liked the car. Nice gesture, right? WRONG! My friend then responded by saying "yes" and the salesman then said "well it looks like the loan didn't go through." He then proceeded to try to force other cars on him over the phone, to which he responded that he was not interested and would like to have his trade-in back and a full refund. So we had to drive all the way back out to Glendale (40 minutes if we didn't hit any traffic) to return the car. When we got there, clearly upset about the ordeal, they didn't even place us in a "room" or anything, they left us to sit in the middle of the lobby (they are lucky we aren't the type to cause a major scene). After waiting about 20 minutes, the salesman finally came out and the very first thing he did was try to sell him on other cars. After REPEATEDLY telling him he wasn't interested and would just like his keys and refund, the salesman only let up after my friend told him he was going to go outside to get his attorney on the phone. The salesman's response: "F***!" Yep, he dropped he F bomb. Right in front of myself and another lady with us. Super professional, right? So while my friend was outside on the phone, we walked to the receptionist and asked to speak with a manager. She then told us the manager wasn't there any more and after asking her multiple times to get someone of any authority, she told us she would have the sales director talk to us (duh, girrrrl). He came up to us, shook our hands and said he would be right back to go figure something out. We never saw him again and he literally did nothing to solve any issues. REAL professional. Finally the finance lady came out, in clear high heels....ick. She tried endlessly to sell him other cars as well. I half expect that from the salesman, but the finance lady, c'mon man!!! After being there for an hour and a half at least, we finally got his car. What about the refund, you ask? Oh yeah, so he paid in cash. They told us that he had 2 options. 1: We could come back the next day, so another 40+ minute drive both ways, and pick the check up. Or 2: They could mail it and he would receive it in 7 business days. We ended up driving there AGAIN to get his refund.

Had this been my first experience at a car dealership, I would be fixing up the car I have now until I die, to avoid a situation like this. Not only was this emotionally unnerving, but it was also a huge waste of our time and gas. Thanks a lot Bill Luke's for ruining an entire week of our lives.

Word of advice to anyone looking for a car: If you want a quality vehicle at a reasonable price and a pleasant experience DO NOT GO TO BILL LUKE'S!!!!

Jade C. | 2014-08-05

I am so thankful for the service team at this Jeep. I was being treated so poorly at the other locations and I called them in hope of getting helped, being respected and getting my car problem fixed. They not only got me in right way and and out right away. But thy managed to get the other jeep dealership to pay for the work because they screwed up on it. So pleased. So happy. So relieved. So impressed. I will never go to another jeep dealership other than them.

John P. | 2014-07-31

Just like to add my experience

At their suggestion we ran the Autotrader valuation on their site, received a phone call that  these are often conservative values and they could likely do better.

Am I that naive? After all maybe this time it would be different ? Nah they  made an offer 2200 less than the one we'd  gotten from the Internet dept guy  (he wasn't around and didn't return call the day after) When I recommended them off the offer they started giving me the, but the car you are buying is so cheap we can't give you that.. Anyway I left when they wouldn't do the deal, the bit that annoyed me is that I didn't care, all I wanted is, nah that's not going to work,  thanks for coming in but no, they can't possibly do such a thing. I'm going to give our sales guy Ricky the benefit of the doubt, e.g, Maybe he is the victim of the guys behind the glass but if so is being badly supported, though he was great to go on test drives with and we parted without animosity.

I called the internet guy the next day to find out why he was so wildly out on his optimistic price. I didn't receive a call back.

The best part was they called back at night to say, yes they'd go ahead on the deal, just after I'd bought a new car from Airpark Dodge who  didn't blink at the trade in offer, their car was the same make .model, sub model and we were in and out in less time than it took Bill Luke to run me through their dog and pony show.

Dilli B. | 2014-07-29

I help 3 friends to buy car from this dealer.finally we made it.i help one of my neighbor to buy car 2013 whit e corolla.we made a deal with salesman Keith. After two days spending in dealer he bought the car and Keith was willing to give me something as a referreral 200$.He told me I will get it within a week.after two weeks I went to dealer.he never show up to me.i call him many time never pick up the was not a big thing to me....but has no honesty..we bought two cars from him.we made huge down payment for both cars.actually if we finance through bill luke thete was a discount of 1000$.Both cars we finance through dealer but he didn't gave us discount.i know that he just cheat on us 1000$ on each car.(BE CAREFUL with this salesman.He only wants to eat huge commision.but the salesman just forgot his name.he was from Iraq. We made 2013 camry deal with him.but he gave us 1000$*financing through bill luke) discount on it and he gave me 200 as a referral. Very good salesman. In future I will make deal with him.

Andre E. | 2014-07-14

Just wanted to add this note. I received a HAND WRITTEN......that's right and actual HAND WRITTEN Thank you note from my salesman Adam McCarron thanking me for my business. That people is absolute class and I greatly appreciated it.

Jacob C. | 2014-07-13

So they advertised a vw for 6000 dollars. I went to check it out, test drove it, and had my credit checked to purchase it. I come back the next day with my wife to purchase the car and was told they can't sell it because of mechanical issues. Then the sales associate immediately tried to sell me on a car that was 12,000 dollars. When I asked why the $6000 was listed if it's not for sale an he would not give me a strait answer. Nothing but a giant hassle and a bunch of lies. Beware of this dealer, they are even more deceptive than most. Left with no car and an unnecessary inquiry on my credit.

Thomas S. | 2014-07-04

Horrible shop to take your car to. Kevin is the probably the worst guy to deal with, he gives 50% effort on everything while only ever addressing 50% of the issues. If you can do basic math, your car will only have 25% of the issues addressed and there will probably be more issues on top of the ones that you had initially brought your vehicle in for. I don't know if everyone is trained to do this but this is how it is with him. He's not very high up on the food chain, he's a pawn, the first line of defense to the body shops infrastructure. Ask for him, he's not available, ask for Kevin's superior and Kevin somehow becomes available. He should take his act to Vegas and magically appear and disappear in front of a live audience, the money will be better for him and the work would be far more easy.

Finally, after many frustrating visits, I was put into contact with a Mr. Kim Carter. He is the head of the whole operation for the body shop and he's the guy that assured me that with his direct involvement my issues would be corrected after four trips with less than satisfactory results. News flash, this is not the case. This guy is harder to meet with than the president. I had the opportunity to finally walk around my car and point out everything that still needed to be addressed with him while also showing him errors caused by his staff.

I was promised that everything was being taken care of and told that I would be very pleased with the results. After my fifth visit, there are still issues that were caused by them that have not been addressed along with a few minor new ones. Mr. Carter has now become very careless and points the finger at the customer while the customer is simply asking for him to help correct flaws that his body shop created. Mr. Carter likes to stand on the shoulders of customers and call himself "tall." His employees screw something up and he'll blame the customer for being "too picky" or "a perfectionist" or describe you as someone with "unrealistic expectations."

"700 years of combined experience...." When shops like these make outlandish promises, I expect delivery. - an unrealistic expectation

Mr. Carter was rude, condescending, uncooperative, arrogant, and used phrases such as "well, whatever" when you tell him that you aren't happy with the quality of work you received. If this guy is really as high up in the company as everyone has told me, I expect a far higher level of respect and maturity especially when faced with a customer that has been constantly let down by his staff of misfits.

I never once used an inappropriate tone towards the man, never spoke down to him, I called him Mr. Carter as sign of respect, said things like yes sir and thank you sir, I asked him politely to simply "help me" and he spit in my face. He'll pay 50%, he says, if I want to bring it in again or somewhere else. If he's willing to pay anything, I'm considering that as him taking fault for what has occurred under his shop's care and admitting some form of guilt. Why would I be expected to pay for anything they caused to go wrong? If they hadn't tried to cut so many corners, my car would have been completed the first time. I'm sure he's irritated, imagine how your customer feels.

People, think twice before doing any business with this shop or any Chrysler dealers. This will be your shop if your Chrysler, dodge, jeep, or fiat has an issue. Inspect any and everything when you drop your vehicle off and when you pick it up. I've never felt so insulted and so belittled by such a high up member of a company that I was such a loyal customer to. This isn't over yet.

Jason S. | 2014-06-04

I saw a car on autotrader I was looking for at a great price. I contacted the internet sales rep Ellie. I got the credit paper work done and filled out the autotrader trade assessment. I called the operator and was told I could come in for a quick assessment on my trade. I had to get back to work. She said that would be fine that Ellie would have everything ready. I drive 35 minutes to get there and sure enough Ellie is in a "meeting" and I'm getting cornered by a salesmen. He does not believe me when I tell him I have to get to work . He says c'mon how much time do you really have? I never even saw the car I wanted I doubt it was even there. I ran out of there. I emailed Ellie twice and never got a response. This place is a joke!

Eric H. | 2014-05-28

Don't believe the fake posts on here from employees or managers........

I took Dodge SRT 8 here after I was rear ended - that's where the nightmare began.
I was called to pick up my car, and the black out tail lights weren't on the car, my window visors were missing, my back window tint was scratched up....all minor compared to missing an entire exhaust pipe for one side of the car........

they begged and pleaded me and apologized profusely - and promised if given another chance they would "make it right"......

so dummy me brought the car back a month later because I wanted a new front bumper, dent in hood replaced, a warning light checked and oil change - ALL IN WRITING VIA EMAIL.

of course when I went to pick it up the bumber was complete and the dent was fixed but the warning light was still on and the oil hadn't been changed - so after about 15 minutes asking for supervisors and bosses - they changed the oil for free and tested the warning light........

it doesn't end yet......   they mailed me paperwork on the oil, and of course they put inj the very cheap 5W-40 not the expensive 0W-40 my owners manual call for, even though it was written in the email which type and there is a sticker on the oil cap stating use 0W-40.......
one more thing warning light came back on in less than 24 hours.......

the dealership now wants me to PAY for another diagnostic for the warning light and any addition work needed on the car ...and offered to replace oil for free......  

and after multiple requests - the general manager hasn't even returned my calls....  

my email is if you want to hear more details of what a poor dealership this is.....  
If I could have rated this ZERO starts I would have

Ruth H. | 2014-05-21

We went to Phoenix last weekend to attend the Dodgers/D-Backs game.  When we went to depart Sunday Morning our Dodge Charger wouldn't start.  We called AAA and were taken to Bill Luke.  The dealership service was closed on Sunday, but Monday morning they took care of us an had us back on the road by 1PM.  They were very courteous and just awesome with our dilemma.  Damien G. was our service guy.  We were really impressed with the quick and courteous service we received.  Thanks again Bill Luke Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram!!

Joanne S. | 2014-05-19

I've used Bill Luke's service for a few years now whenever I have an issue that I feel I or my regular mechanic might be out of depth on.

This past time I decided to try a different dealer, since I drive a Mercury Sable now.  BIIIIIG mistake.  I can't explain the difference in competence, attitude, and service.

I will summarize.  For a "chassis electrical diagnostic" and replacing one battery cable - dealer X charged me over $270.  And it did NOT fix a single electrical issue.  I actually discovered more issues, as the day I brought it home and started it to drive at night - the lights no longer worked!

Took it to Bill Luke.  Turns out my alternator (part of the "chassis electric") was fubar.  Total for diagnostic, parts, and repair which necessitates lifting the engine on this model?  $535.  That's right, for a repair including 3 hours of labor and a $150 part, I'm paying less than double the cost to repair a BATTERY CABLE and not fix a damn thing.  AND it's a Chrysler dealer repairing a FORD car!!!  You'd have thought the Ford dealer would have the edge!!!

That's the LAST time I go to another place thinking maybe same brand will give an edge.  These guys are fantastic.  They explain everything.  They don't treat even females like they're morons.  They give detailed service summaries, and will explain exactly what was checked in their diagnostic.  They do their best to remain cheerful and make the sometimes painful process of modern car repair as pleasant as possible.  And their prices are unbeatable for a dealer repair shop.

Who could ask for more?

Jennifer M. | 2014-05-07

I didn't have a bad experience buying my car from them, but after that they could care less. I've been taking my car here for four years for service because they have a package deal on oil changes. Every time I come the service people are rude and could care less. I think that if you hate you job that much, go find another one. I see why they only have 2 1/2 stars.

Chris B. | 2014-04-30

I purchased a certified used vehicle from Bill Luke Chrysler earlier this year.  I can now say with confidence that this sales team is untrustworthy and will not stand by any claims they make in trying to get you to buy a car.  They misrepresented my ability to register and plate the car in another state.  They also made false claims about a free year of satellite radio.  I admit these are both issues that I could have investigated on my own, and in retrospect, that is exactly what I should have done.  Instead, I trusted the sales team and later found both claims to be false.

The vehicle I purchased has been fine, but if you intend to buy a car at Bill Luke, don't expect the dealership to stand behind any claims made by the sales team.  This was clearly an example of them telling the customer whatever they needed to in order to make a sale.  I will certainly not be doing any future business with Bill Luke and strongly discourage others from doing so as well.

shelina m. | 2014-04-28

Wow... never in my life have I been treated so poorly! Salesman Chris was rude and condescending. When we told him we didn't appreciate his rudeness and that we would like to speak with another salesman he went to his supervisor whom we asked to speak with. Supervisor didn't come out to speak with us until after Chris(the rudest sales man) came and yelled at me from 20 feet and said to get off his lot. When we went to speak to the manager he didn't care a bit. Bill Luke, Chris and his manager care nothing about customer service!

I wish I read the Yelp reviews before so I didnt waste my time! I found a better deal and was treated like a wanted customer at Airpark and got a better deal!!!!

Hannah F. | 2014-04-15

Rarely do I get angry enough to post negative reviews, but if I am blatantly lied to and being taken by crooks, then I will.  My husband's Prius was rear-ended.  The other driver's policy (Geico) covered the bumper and sent us to Bill Luke's Body Shop.  They painted the bumper and removed the dents, reusing the old bumper with charges of ~$500.  They never replaced the clips though so our bumper kept popping out of place.  We went back twice and each time they blamed us for the issue. The final time, they said that they fixed it.  They glued it, without my permission, but they told my husband that I said for them to do so.  Ridiculous and unacceptable! I'm disappointed with Geico for using these crooks and am angry about the needless hours wasted on a bumper.  Think twice before having your car's bodywork completed there. The building may look pretty, but they are cutting corners to pay the bill.

Abby H. | 2014-04-10

Have fun trying to schedule a service appointment with these clowns. What should be a very simple task was unnecessarily difficult and frustrating. First, it seems the service department receptionist is only capable of transferring you to a service advisor to schedule an appointment. Good luck if you don't know who your service advisor is (or if you've never had one). Chances are you will be transferred to someone's voicemail, and leaving a message (as I did on multiple occasions) will turn out to be a waste of time as well. I had to call back several times over the course of a week to finally get a hold of someone to get an appointment scheduled. The day of the appointment wasn't much better. We delivered the car on time and stood next to the vehicle in the drop-off bay for at least 10 minutes before someone acknowledged us. Then, we were told that the service (for a recall) would take no more than 2-3 hours. After not hearing from anyone after nearly eight hours, we called the service department to find that our vehicle had been completed sometime earlier. Ridiculous. Just this week we attempted to schedule another appointment with Bill Luke Chrysler's service department. Just as before, this turned out to be a fruitless exercise in frustration. We ended up leaving a message for the service advisor on Saturday, April 5th and still have not heard back (as of Thursday, April 10th). Needless to say, we are very disappointed with Bill Luke's service department and do not plan on returning for service, or anything else for that matter.

Tim M. | 2014-03-24

Purchased my car last summer from here and had a pretty good experience. I'm in today for my 2nd oil change and thought I would write a review. I like that they have a small diner that actually serves pretty decent food. It makes the wait much more tolerable. Their actual waiting area is also  nice and comfortable. I haven't had any major work done yet and hopefully won't for a long time (new car) but so far I would feel comfortable coming back.

Teresa B. | 2014-03-05

Sorry, customer service lacks here. Everyone is too busy for the customer and if you don't have an appointment then you become chopped liver.
When I finally got someone to help me, he tells me he is sorry I am having a bad day???? Not so much, I'm annoyed due to the lack of help that I received.

Tony F. | 2014-03-05

I came in to buy a used car and after seeing an ad online I found one I liked.  I came in for a test drive and went home to sleep on the choices.   The next day I went in to purchase the vehicle, after speaking to the sales man on the phone who said "come on in" (remember I am driving over 30 minutes one way). The car was sold already.  

Now I should have called it quits after that but I was dumb and didnt.  I was in a bind as my other car sold and I was in need of a car.  I found another one I liked and they told me I couldnt put it up on the lift and they didnt allow me to drive it to a mechanic (this should have been a huge red flag).   Again I went home to sleep on it.  To get me to come back in I was told a "best price" and that did in fact get me to come in.  

When I did get in the price jacked back up.  They claimed they were thinking of a different vehicle...  sure!  

Fast forward a few months and I finally got this car up on a hoist.... I can certainly see why they didnt want me to put it up before buying it. This car has been in a collision and there is evidence of that.  I have thought about calling but based on previous interactions with this dealership I have a very strong feeling they will tell me "tough luck".  

Cliffs notes: Sold car from under me, told me price over phone on different car to lure me in, changed price once I arrived, didnt allow me to completely look over the car, I find out car has been in an accident unreported to carfax.

Stay far away from this dealership....

Melodie C. | 2014-02-13

Nobody likes getting their car worked on. It's just one of those things you have to do as a getting a root canal.

What I like about Bill Luke is that they know how miserable the experience can be and do their best to make your time their as pleasant as possible. All the peeps who work there are super nice, first of all. They offer wifi -- ask the receptionist for the code. So bring your laptop, desktop, tablet or whatever, and get caught up on old emails or paying bills.

They have a bottomless coffee machine -- black coffee is free, lattes are $0.50 I think. Donuts are provided if you're there in the mornings. Or you can hit up their cafe for lunch. If need be, they do have a car rental service, heaven forbid your baby has to stay overnight.

Every service also comes with a car wash! Two birds/one stone.

My Jeep approves, as do I.

Ben G. | 2014-02-06

Used autotrader to see what my car was worth selling to a dealership...I checked KBB trade-in value so figured if it was close then I would do the deal. Sent them the estimate autotrader gave and I was contacted by a guy from the dealership. Took the car in and because it was too late in the evening for the service dept to check it out I had to leave it there... (It was about 2:30) so the guy gave me a ride back to my place and said he would call me first thing in the morning...I was given the amount after a little back and forth and it was a number I could live with. The next day he called around 1:00 saying there were several things wrong with my car and they wouldn't be able to purchase my car...allegedly it needed $3800 in maintenance...funny since this belonged to my dad and when he passed away it was given to me through probate court...the court had the vehicle inspected and appraised and there were no major issues who is lying??? Oh and it was recently taken into Sun Devil for an oil change and no leaks of any kind were noted by them except front two tires needed replacing soon... But now the cv joints are bad, oil gasket is leaking bad, and other items as well...funny since I've never seen any oil drops where the car has been parked the last 5 months and you know a car repair shop will try and find anything wrong to get you back into their shop...

Oh so now it's worth $3800 less than the quote they gave me and as the guy said too bad because they had a buyer lined up for it...oh and to make matters worse now since there won't be a deal they act like I don't exist..poor customer service and they are snakes... Typical car sales BS... They are what gives car dealers their bad reputation... Stay away unless you like getting bent over!!!

Who ever owns this car lot should be ashamed of how they treat people...

H. B. | 2014-02-01

I wish we would have thought to check the Yelp reviews before making the drive to this place. What an enormous waste of time.

My husband and I had an appointment to meet with a woman named Sparkle to check out a van we'd seen on their website. We fully intended on purchasing it, just wanted to test drive it first (obviously). When we got there, we were met by a guy named "Bud" who told us that Sparkle was at lunch but that she'd told him to go ahead and help us. Ok, cool.

We test drove the van. Fine and dandy. Went into one of the little cubicles to start the negotiation process. Maybe we've just been spoiled in the past, but usually you show up, negotiate a final price for the vehicle, and then discuss how you'll pay for it (trade-in valuation, financing options, etc). So, I was a little baffled when Bud started trying to discuss all of that up front before even telling us what they wanted for the van. And that's when it began. The obnoxious "well, let me go talk to my manager... I'll see what kind of deal I can get you... hey if you let us appraise your trade-in, it'll give me more leverage to work a deal.... blah blah blah".

We did our homework, knew EXACTLY what the trade-in value of our vehicle was. He came back twenty minutes later and offered us a "very generous" amount- which was over $6,000 UNDER the KBB trade-in value. Really? I understand that they'll never give you the FULL value, but we would have been INSANE to agree to that. After more waiting and back-and-forth, it became very clear that he wasn't going to stop jerking us around.

So, my husband politely told him that we weren't interested and asked for the keys back to our vehicle so we could leave. Boy did THAT strike a nerve. It wasn't until my husband asked a THIRD time for our keys back that Bud finally finished insulting us and threw the keys back across the table at us. He then got up and stormed out of the cubicle, leaving us both sitting there, completely dumbfounded.

We then realized that our car was not where we'd parked it (funny, we didn't give them permission to move it)... so my husband asked Bud where our car was parked. He waved his hand toward the door and told us "out there somewhere."

Honestly, I have NEVER seen such a childish, unprofessional display in my life. He was a perfectly nice guy until we told him we the terms he proposed wouldn't work for us. We're not unreasonable people, had he told us "I'm sorry this deal isn't going to work out, but I hope we can do business in the future" or something like that, we probably would have given the place a second chance. But now, there's no way in hell we'll ever step foot on that lot again.

Jesse H. | 2014-01-29

My beautiful truck was totaled a few weeks ago, so I was on the hunt for another FORD truck. I am a USAA member and they have this great auto buying service that shows me all the Ford trucks in the area.  Everyone that has used it says you can not beat the prices.  Well Bill Luke is not on there but my girl friend had bought her used Ford there and it is right down the street from my work, so I stopped buy there one day to see what they had. I went to see Dave Sonnenberg because he had taken care of us when we got our other car.  Dave takes me around to look at the used F-150s that they had and I test drive a few.  Being the savvy shopper I am, I decided to go shop around. 29 test drives and 4 days later later I am back at Bill Luke talking to Dave to buy the first truck I test drove.  

Why did I go back?

Simple!  The best customer service out of all 15 dealerships that I worked with and the beat the price of all the USAA dealers hands down ( so much for the best price).  Dave Sonnenberg is hands down the best person to buy a vehicle from.  No hassle and not BS.  He gives you the best price from the start!  Like he even said when I came walking back in " I knew you would be back.  You wanted to shop around, everyone wants to shop around but they all come back cause no one beats our price."  And he is right, but even if they did not beat the price the service that I received would make it worth spending more.

Bill Luke almost makes me like Dodge and that is saying a lot from a FORD lover.

Bill O. | 2014-01-23

Don't walk...... run from this dealership! My sales guy was Ben but he was not there so his mentor Rick took care of me. (yeah right) I took 2 vehicles in for a trade and was told I could get a used Ford truck  The Truck I wanted was painted in huge numbers on the windshield $27,000.00 but I would need to pay 1500.00 in addition to my trade. So I would need to buy it at $28,500.00. I later that evening and luckily got on the Internet , I found the on the Bill Luke website listed  the truck for $22,000. 00 The sales guy Rick said he didn't know. Obviously a liar.Then his trainee Ben said it was a mistake and claimed I had to pay sales tax also. You don't pay tax on a trade so he also lied to me. I see the training is paying off.These guys are crooks. I said give me what you promised on my trade and we can do the deal. 27k - 22k + 5 k refund. They never called back. Don't trust them with your business they are thieves. I am sure they will make excuses if you ask them about this review. I will be contacting the ways and means committee of Arizona This is out right fraud that they are committing by having 2 different prices at the same time. One for the sucker walk in customer and one for the sucker Internet customer. They are both suckers if they deal with Bill Luke. Don't Do it !!!! They don't deserve even one star but it is only by default of the program on yelp.

This is why the reputation of car dealers is so bad.  I needed a shower after walking away from this slimy deal.

Zero Stars for Bill Luke shame on you !!!!

Adrianne W. | 2014-01-21

Best place in the valley to by a new vehicle. Really competitive volume pricing, low pressure salespeople and quick process without all of the hard upsells once you make a deal. Used vehicles are a little pricey.

Surprisingly, the dealership seems to make their money off of the service department and it has much to be desired. While the facilities are nice and it seems that they do good work, wait times are way too long (an hour and a half for an oil change?), the arrival/check in process is way to chaotic and the service advisors are far from friendly or helpful. With an appointment it is tough to have them give you the time of day or talk about issues with your vehicle. Stop by without an appointment and they roll their eyes leaving you feeling like you really inconvenienced them.

When paying a premium to have your new vehicle serviced at the dealer with OEM parts, I would expect a much better experience - especially when driving across the valley to keep the business with the nice folks you bought the truck from.

Joshua S. | 2014-01-21

I bought a brand new 2013 dodge dart from broke down THE VERY NEXT DAY...they gave me a rental car, but stopped returning my phone calls...they told me the car would need a new engine and that I had to come down and pick out another car...I picked out another car and they wanted another $2300 down for another dodge dart...REALLY?

Naz E. | 2014-01-09

Run! I went to this dealership to for a 14' Jeep. I picked the jeep i wanted, the finance mgr told me because I had a loan in my name already that I would need to  trade in that vehicle to be appproved. I said ok. That meant we would have to purchase two vehicles as the other vehicles was my husbands. The finance mgr played games with us for over 2 hours saying our cars were going for a very little amount in the auction when Carmax offers thousands more. So then they make you sign a blank piece of paper to agree that you are comfortable with that payment amount that you are comfortable with, the finance manager says ok you are approved for this payment amount and 10 minutes later he comes back and says unfortunately the bank won't accept that amount. Then I told them I am leaving. I tried to leave and the guy tells me now after 3 hours that they will work on it since they were closing and I would here from them tomorrow. So I go back the next day and the finance mgr told me he was STILL working on the deal. After waiting four hours and watching him play on his cell phone and my sales guy going back and forth giving us the run around we finally have an answer. My salesman tells me that magically we no longer needed to trade my car and I was approved for only one loan, but why in the world would they make me bring my 2nd car in and waste my time picking out a 2nd veh? So they can make a sale of course. Then after my loan is accepted he tells me that my payment would be $80 more than what I agreed to. I said no thanks, and tried to leave again. He went to talk to finance While the finance manager is playing on his cell phone he says no that he can't lower my payment. I told my salesman I can't pay that much and he goes to talk to finance again. Comes back and says hurry up and sign this, he made a mistake (finance mgr) and wrote down the lower amount $80 less and now my loan is approved. So I felt totally uncomfortable bc I am told to hurry up and sign as he made a mistake? I then get to the finance office and work with Wendy. She tells me that the bank won't give me a loan unless I get the 3000 car warranty. I said no thanks my insurance company offers a similar warranty for $65 every six months, she says that Geico plan is garbage and proceeds to pull up webpages of peoples blogs that are over 5 years old that say they had issues with the warranty. I could not believe her behavior. She then said she will play with the computer to see if she could lower the price. Then again she magically changed the price to $1300 bc I am a costco member. I still didn't want it but she said I had to or my lender would deny the loan. She also misinformed me that my vehicle did not come with an alarm. She laughed and said these cars don't come with an alarm when the manufacturer has a passive alarm system installed. All of this just take make $400 off their aftermarket alarm that she tried to sell you.  This all occurred 4 weeks ago. Today I get a call from her and she says my loan hasn't even been approved yet. It has been 28 days since I "THOUGHT" my deal was finalized. It took them 3 days to even give me the car as they said my loan took longer than usual but was complete when I went home with it.  I cannot believe the shady practices of this dealership. If I could do it over I would run as fast as I can away from this place. I previously purchased from many other dealerships including CARMAX and have had wonderful experiences with them. Don't go here!

Fred K. | 2014-01-04

BUYER BEWARE.   Most unethical and dishonest car dealer I have ever dealt with in 40 years of buying cars.
Spent 2 hours Friday and half the day Saturday negotiating a deal for a car.
First we negotiated the price of the vehicle, and came to an agreement. Then we negotiated the price of my trade in, and came to an agreement. Then we negotiated the finance terms and reached an agreement. Salesman Orlando had us sign the offer to accept , left the office, and came back a couple minutes later , SHOOK MY HAND, and said we have a deal.  Now, where I come from , you shake my hand and say we have a deal, I take that as your WORD !
So, my wife and I go out to our trade in, take off the plates, clear our personal belongings out and go in to finish business.
Then ..... The sales manager comes into the office, and tells us there has been a mistake made, and the price is going to be another $5000.00 !!!
REALLY ?  Do I look like I am 12 years old?
You just discovered your mistake after 5 hours of negotiation??
Needless to say, we refused.
They made ZERO effort to do anything to satisfy us after the "mistake".
I had read the other negative reviews for this dealership and really wished I would have avoided them. This is a warning for you to do the same if you are considering buying a car from them. Like I first said ..BUYER BEWARE.
I would have given ZERO stars if yelp would let me.

Irene V. | 2013-12-16

When you make a hole in your car, you need it fixed. STAT.

When you tell your neighbors, that yes YOU impaled Bear (your beloved Ford Escape) they smirk.

They bust a gut when you wave at the bright YELLOW fire hydrant. Outside your complex. That YOU hit in the middle of the afternoon. Moving 3-5mph.

Har, har. Everyone.

It's a good thing it doesn't rain in Phoenix, otherwise the inside of my car would have collected water. The hole was THAT big. Alright, I'll stop with the shouty caps. The hole was big, ya' know? Driver side door. Girls that ride the NYC subway get a little excited when these things happen.

Anyhoo, driving up to Bill Luke's I was a wee bit worked up. My car needed some love. Geico had put me in contact and there I was. They had an opening the next day. It was super easy to find the service area at the dealership, with plenty of signs directing me around back. I was surprised to find a designated Geico lane. NEAT. (Ok, I'll try and stop.)

I had barely rolled to a stop before a clip board person was there. I was directed to a special Geico office, where my information was collected. We walked out to my car, I looked at my shoes, nodded as the extent of the repairs were explained and handed the keys over.

Over the phone they hadn't quite explained how close the Enterprise car rental was. Something like TWENTY feet. (OOps, sorry kids!) My paperwork was ready to sign, I forked over a card for a deposit and was walked out to my car. Those guys were super nice too! ZIP!

My car was ready *before* the estimated fix date.  I returned the rental without a fuss, picked up my car and was whisked around in a golf cart.

My car was cleaner than when purchased. Woot!

I was prepared for this whole car thing-a-ma-jig to be an ordeal. Cars are "man" things. I know, that's a horrible stereo type. (All the men in my life have taken care of automobiles for me, whaaat?) Anyway, every step of the process was easy peasy.

This is a GREAT place.

p.s. My only gripe is that I had to return the rental. Oh! I never got to sample the diner food. The place looked adorable.

Lyndsay M. | 2013-11-20

If you have a collision or repair being done through this "GEICO Approved" Body Shop, BE WARNED and TAKE YOUR VEHICLE SOMEWHERE ELSE. If I could give ZERO stars for this dealership and the way they dealt with the body repair on my Jeep and everything that went along with it, I would. That being said, one star is being extremely gracious, since they are so unprofessional, unorganized, and most importantly, attempted THIEVES.

First day I drop it off: I tell them I am leaving town and give them my cell number to contact me to communicate what was being done to my Jeep. 3 days later I get a call from a guy at the body shop letting me know whats going on and how I would like to proceed. I tell him to just go ahead and fix the body work, but that I have a bumper at home so they do not need to reorder the aftermarket bumper that the insurance covered. Next day I get a call from someone completely different, asking me how I would like to proceed. I tell him the same thing I told the previous caller; leave the bumper and KC lights alone, just fix the body work. OK. I kid you not, I get ANOTHER phone call about 2 days later asking me AGAIN how I would like to proceed, and that he checked out my battery AND alternator and told me they were both bad. I asked how much it would cost and he quoted me at about 600 dollars. "Never mind" I tell them, for THE THIRD time. "Leave my Jeep alone, just fix the dents, no KC lights, no bumper. Just cut me a check for the difference, and I will bring my own battery in to install it and drive it out myself." IS THERE NO SERVICE ADVISER AT THIS PLACE? WHY am I being contacted THREE different times and having to interrupt my vacation to repeat myself? Obviously there is a lack of communication in the body shop and no one in particular is assigned to my service contract. No problem, go about my day assuming that the work is being done that I asked.

Day five, and I'm getting a call from YET ANOTHER different person about how someone would "like to buy my jeep, damage and all". Oh, great. Now I'm being solicited to sell her for WAY less then what she is worth. I decline and tell them that she is NOT for sale.

Naturally, as a woman in a body shop in America, I am used to being treated as if I know nothing about cars. Now, I may not know how to flush a transmission or rotate my own tires, but as a Jeep owner and daughter of a father who has worked in the car business his whole life, I know what usually needs to be done to take care of my vehicle without unnecessary spending. So when they called me and told me I needed a brand new battery and had a bad alternator and it would be 600 DOLLARS to replace, I decided to just purchase my own battery and then get the alternator tested at Auto Zone as a MUCH cheaper option.

Once back from my vacation, I arrive at the service counter to retrieve my Jeep, battery in hand. The lady at the counter, who I could barely hear, asks me if I'm needing a tow out. "no", I reply, yet again. "I  brought my own battery and I will be driving her out today." "Ok." she replies. Then, as I'm filling out my paperwork, some guy from the back yells over at me, "HEY! You have the Yellow Jeep, right?! You know that has a bad alternator, don't you?!" No, dude. I had no clue, your whole entire staff didn't call me every day last week to inform me of my alternator's demise. "YES I AM AWARE, NO WE WON'T BE NEEDING AN ALTERNATOR" I reply.

Next, comes the issue with cutting me the check. First, they can't cut it while I am there, they insist that they must mail it. Ok, no problem. I give them my address. They also inform me that the check will be made out to my EX BOYFRIEND, the old policy holder. When I tell them that that cannot happen, this is not his Jeep, and I am also a name on the policy, they argue and tell me I cannot have the check made out to me. I insist I can not have the check made out to him; not only have I not spoken to him in two years, I also have a restraining order on him. It takes them an extra 30 minutes to figure out if I can have the check written out to me. They finally figure it out, and wow! What do you know? Because I'm on the policy too, the check CAN be made out in my name. What a surprise!

After another 30 minutes in the waiting room, I am finally allowed to pick up my Jeep. My boyfriend and I install the new battery (it takes five minutes and cost us $110 dollars for the battery at AutoZone) and the Jeep starts up just fine.

Next stop, Autozone to test the "bad" alternator, which turned out to be FINE. POOF. Once quoted as a 600 DOLLAR PROBLEM magically transformed into a 110 DOLLAR PROBLEM. What a bunch of LIARS!!!!!!!!!

Never do business with these crooks! I am so sorry I did. Next time I will take it to a mom and pop shop and not give these thieves a dime of my money, insurance or otherwise. GEICO should be ashamed for partnering with incompetent thieves.

J F. | 2013-11-13

Honestly, I got the car I wanted and it was a good price, but it took a lot of patience to get there. When I first parked and walked toward the entrance, nobody even looked at me or gave me the time of day. There were at least 4 salesman standing out front chatting with eachother, when I got the attention of one, he looked at me and said someone will come out in a minute. Finally a salesman came out and he took me to see the Dodge Challengers I had been looking at on their website. I test drove the one I wanted and throughout the test drive the salesman kept talking about my age (I'm 22), as if he was doubting my buying ability. We get back and he doesn't even invite me inside to talk about making a deal, when I mentioned I would be trading in my car, he got upset and said "Are you just trying to find out the value of your car from us??" And he repeatedly said "are you even going to buy a car?". Before this I kept a calm demeanor throughout his rude and condescending tone, but I couldn't help myself and said "do you even want my business?", which surprised him. When he took me to his desk, he told me that the internet deals are their best deals and they will not go any cheaper and said that the managers will say "have a great day" if I asked them to go lower than the internet price. He took my car keys to have the service guys look at my car and he gave me an initial offer of 3 grand... I made 4 counter offers and finally got them to get to 7000 which was $500 less than its appraised trade in value. Everytime he went to ask he would huff and puff and say "they won't accept this". When they finally got to a reasonable offer, he said "they are gonna call an auction and if they take the 7000 bid, we will take it". Of course he came back and said they took it and then proceeded to say the dealership would be keeping it because it was in such good condition.Through out this he kept asking me to sign his paper with his notes and numbers, meaning that I would promise to buy the car and I kept saying no. When he ran my credit he made me sign two things for the credit check and another privacy sheet, which was understandable, but then pulled out a third sheet and said real fast "And this is promising you will buy a car today" to which I said "I am not signing that till we have everything worked out". After 6 grueling hours, we finally came to terms. The salesman was so pressuring that it made me feel super uncomfortable, I wish I had asked for a different salesman or walked out. If you are a young adult, be prepared to be rudely spoken to, not given any attention, doubted, and pressured.

Irma C. | 2013-09-14

After searching for a week or so for a new vehicle that would fit our whole family, we found couple minivans at this dealership. We fell in love with a red caravan but because it was Sunday and we had a cranky toddler we filled out the paperwork and left without test driving it. We got a call today (Monday) that we had been APPROVED for financing and we could come in after work to finish the paperwork. As soon as we got that call I went back to the dealership to test drive it without my soon to be husband. After driving it I had legitimate concerns if be would be comfortable for him (6'9) because it was tight for me and I'm 6 feet tall. That was at 3:30pm. I told Ladd that ill pick up my fiancée from work at 5pm and we'll sign the paperwork pending that he actually fits comfortably in the car. At 4pm we got a call that they sold the car to someone else. Very unethical move. It left me with such a bad taste in my mouth that ill make sure to tell every last person I know NOT to use them. Their reputation just took a very bad hit.

Inga M. | 2013-08-28

If you need a car, go to Dave Sonnenberg there.  He was very professional with us from start to finish and we drove away with a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee.  He made sure the car was detailed and SPOTLESS when we drove it off the lot. This car was for my SO.......thinking it's my turn now....

For all the negative posters out there, do your research on what car you want to see and drive.  Know your credit and be prepared with what you are prepared to pay.  walking in to a dealership unprepared is what makes most customers upset when they feel they are being "taken".

A car salesman is exactly that, a salesman.  If you can learn that they are just the middleman, and the people really in charge you will never meet, you can use your salesman to your advantage if you come well prepared.

Buying a car is never a pleasant experience, but if you come well prepared, it makes it easier on everyone.  

Be prepared for high pressure sales, because it is WHAT they do for a living.  It's OK to say no.  Don't get mad, it's all part of the game people!!!

By the way, their selection of cars was OUTSTANDING compared to the other Jeep dealers that we saw in the Phoenix valley.

I've got new car fever now, and have just left Dave a voice mail so I can get down there this weekend!!  :)

Kristina K. | 2013-08-23

WEASELS AND SNAKES! Do NOT go to Bill Luke! They are dishonest and disrespectful. I drove all the way to the other side of town to look at a SPECIFIC car that I had been emailing one of the sales people about, and made an appointment to look at the car and test drive it at 6pm last night. When I got there at 5:45pm, that sales person was gone for the evening, the car was nowhere in sight and another sales person (Robert Stirrup) had to help me instead. After waiting 10+ minutes from him to bring the car around, we went on a test drive then came back to discuss "numbers". He spent a good 10 minutes rambling about nonesense, half hitting on me, and even asking me if I wanted to switch careers and be a sales person at Bill Luke because I "have great looks and personality". What the hell????
After sitting through all that wasted time, he came back to me with THE most ridiculous and insulting offer for my trade-in (2008 Dodge Charger in super clean condition) - they offered me a "great deal" on my Charger which was close to $3,000 LESS than what it's worth AND they quoted me at $450/month in payments on a Dart!!?!? And this is when I spelled out to both him and the prior sales person I needed to keep my payments below $250/month. I guess they don't understand plain, simple English? He tried coaching me on how to get my credit further up, etc, etc, etc and I finally just asked for the keys to my car so I could leave. He rudely handed them over, didn't make eye contact and didn't even attempt to shake my hand goodbye or apologize for wasting close to 3 hours of my time. How quickly Mr. happy salesman changed?! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AT BILL LUKE!!!!!!!!!

Kyle H. | 2013-08-22

I am a very 'seasoned' purchasing & contracts professional, and I have purchased many new cars over the decades, so I know what I am talking about... While I had no issues with my salesperson, I take exception to the unscrupulous sales tactics by their finance department.  BEWARE, as they flat-out LIED to me twice, in an unsuccessful effort to 'fear' me into buying an extended warranty on a brand NEW vehicle, that I absolutely did NOT need...Stating that full-coverage warranties do not cover all defective repairs. Bullsh*t!  Additionally, they intentionally used very confusing numbers and dollar amounts to hide the actual cost of the extended warranty. And, lastly, he tried to convince me that if I didn't buy the extended warranty, that they would need to remove parts of the vehicle's alarm system, and lied about what was installed by the factory.  I basically told them to piss-off.  I'm filing a formal complaint with the BBB - Better Business Bureau.

Jason B. | 2013-08-07

From sales to service this place is a royal clusterfuk.

Jennifer D. | 2013-07-20

My experience with this place was horrible. I would never recommend them! Terrible customer service.

D L. | 2013-07-18

I was directed to take my car there after an accident in 2012.  I should have known there would be problems to come when on the day i picked up my car I didn't even leave the premises before I noticed they never paid attention to the inside of the vehicle, and the impact on it from the accident.  They left the wires exposed under the steering wheel!!  Then I brought it back to them months later because the suspension was proving to be problematic and they tell me THEY DONT KNOW WHAT IS WRONG.  They have not been helpful AT ALL nor very proactive in solving this issue!!!!

Howard L. | 2013-06-22

It's a ghetto dele airship with all crappy cars . All the sales people are old man.  Stay away from this place. .  Most cars that they try to sell its not ready and you have to wait a week before you can take it home.

Christian G. | 2013-06-18

I hate to start with a cliche, but if I could give them less than one star I would!

Geico originally had me take my car here after my bumper was damaged.  They took the car in a got it out pretty quickly, so I was very happy with the results... at first! A few weeks later I noticed my fog lights and blinkers were malfunctioning.  Since I had a lifetime warranty on the work done, I took it back to the dealership to get looked at.  I was immediately told that none of the lights worked when I brought the car in originally.  Eventually, after some discussion, they took the car back, but I later found they did a supplement to my original insurance claim rather than treating it as a mistake THEY made when installing the bumper and new lights.  I FINALLY got my car back and was very happy to have that headache behind me.... until I leave the dealership and my car turns COMPLETELY OFF while driving 50mph, no power steering, no power brakes, no hazards NO ELECTRICITY AT ALL!  As you can imagine, this is pretty dangerous when driving in rush hour traffic.  I took the car back again and they popped the hood out front and started tinkering with it.  The technician working on it was exceptionally nice.  However, it turns out the wiring harness wasn't completely reattached and that was causing the power to cut out.  While the tech was great and got me out quickly, I never heard boo from a manager or supervisor about what a terrible experience I was having with their sub par work.  But that's not all folks.... when I got my car back the THIRD time, I discovered on my way back from the dealership that the horn no longer worked!  (as someone experienced in their post) I took the car back AGAIN and everyone thought it was a big joke and not a big deal.  He even made comments about how that issue was separate from their earlier crappy work and behaved as if he was doing me a favor.  Not having blinkers, electricity or a horn are all big deals, and whats worse is that none of these components EVER malfunctioned until I brought my vehicle here.  To add insult to injury, they didn't even wash my car before I came to pick it up the 4th time!  This dealership service department quite literally put my life, safety and car in danger and I will urge everyone (including geico when i call to complain) not to bring a car here for any kind of service whatsoever!

Xyn H. | 2013-05-02

I would not recommend looking here for a car.
If Yelp gave the option of a negative star. You bet this is what I would have given.
If you read other reviews for this dealership, you'll see many unhappy customers. Not just from my experience.


First I started searching on the internet and decided to make a phone call to the dealership before my arrival to make sure the car was available. I was told by a salesperson that the car I saw online was available. I made a drive across the valley and upon arrival was introduced to another salesperson other than the one I had spoken to on the phone because they were "away at lunch" supposedly.
I was shown the car I had seen online and when the salesman attempted to start the vehicle it would not start. Normally if a vehicle at a dealership does not start the salesperson would attempt to jump start the vehicle. This was not the case. The salesman just decided on his own that the car was not worth selling and started talking to me about other vehicles on the lot.
Dealerships would not sell a vehicle if it does not pass inspection. For some reason this vehicle I attempted to buy was posted online for sale and was called to verify it was for sale but had not passed inspection yet.

When I asked about the first person I had spoken with on the phone the receptionist told me she returned from lunch (this is about 1 hour later).
Instead the sales manager approached me and tells me GUESS WHAT she is on Lunch. At this point I was pissed off.
The sales manager gave me the same run around the first salesperson did. I asked the sales manager why a car that had not passed inspection and was not on sale was posted online as a sale, he blamed the internet team of the dealership for doing that. Unprofessional. Especially coming from a manager.

Allen J. | 2013-04-20

crapy horrible dishonest service manager! drove my diesel truck in for service they jumped it backward and burned the vehicle main computer on it, they they told me it was a fuel transfer pump problem $1350! i took it to a impact diesel and that's when wrote a report on what went wrong. manager completely denied it and did nothing to help & hung up on me! it's sad that a name brand like that is been dragged to the ground by such dishonest employees!!

Robert S. | 2013-03-06

Typical frustrating car experience with salesmen/women who play the game.  NO details of any interest rate or how much the car actually is but just how much you want to spend per month.  Do not waste your time here, go to a dealership that actually cares about the customer and does not want a quick sale.

Ruby D. | 2013-03-04

Took my Grand Cherokee to Bill Luke for a service and was pleased with their service.  The price was decent and the people were friendly and professional.  They even finished early!  Love places that give good service.  I will be back.

Tom S. | 2013-03-03

First let me say I went to bill luke with every intention of buying a car. the online prices were the best I seen. So in preparation i replaced the windshield in my truck and got it detailed from top to bottom so i could get the best possible price for my trade in. As well as getting my own financing and getting a dealer approved trade in price through auto trader. I arrive at the dealership ask to speak with the sales man i was talking to on the phone she is not here today (no big deal) i start to work with another salesman. I tell him what cars im looking for he shows me the first one (im not to impressed) so i ask to see another car (that was just listed that morning)   it took him 20min to located it. but cant find the keys to open it or test drive it. he tells me lets go talk numbers. i tell him i would like to at least see in the car first. he says well if we cant get the numbers right first then it doesn't matter you wont buy the car anyways. i reluctantly agree.  we go in the sales guy asks all my info. i tell him he does not need to run my credit because i have my own financing but if you can beat my rate i would use you instead but first lets talk about my trade. auto trader guarantees me that bill luke and any other dealer will give me a min of 16200 for my trade in and that was for fair condition (my truck was in excellent condition) so i should receive around 18500 for it. but after the car buyer looked at if they came back with an offer of 15000 for it well under the guaranteed price of 16200 so i asked why? i was told i had a cracked windshield (remember i replaced it two days before this) i needed two new tires (all five tires were replace 3 mo. ago) and it needed a full detail. all things i knew to be BS. so i called him out on it. at that point i was made to sit in his office for about 45min until i was passed to another salesman who tried to start the process all over again.   i told him that the other salesman had all my info. he tells me that they shread everything after they are done with the customer . i tell him he put it in the computer how can you shread  that so he leaves? now im given another salesman 45 min later who comes back with a better offer on my truck of 17000 when i tell him i have a offer from another dealership of 18500. the salesman leaves and leaves  me in my prison with my keys held hostage for another 30 min. just to tell me that we don't have a deal and practically kicks me out of the dealership saying if i don't take what they have offered i was going to get taken at another dealership and mumbling something about getting charged 2300 for under coatings. over all i had a really bad experience with bill luke and will probably never return.

Liz V. | 2013-02-24

I have purchase 2 vehichles from Bill Luke. I absolutley LOVE this dealership. I'm a 27 year old woman who has had horrible experiences with other dealerships trying to intimidate me or take advantage of me. The Salesman (Randy) I work with is a straight shooter and I love working with him. I have refered friends and would refer anyone who wants to purchase a vehichle. The finance manager (Thayer) that I've had the luxury or working with is also amazing and very straight forward. He makes me feel like he's providing me with options instead of trying to "upsell" me. Walking into the showroom I feel comfortable and people are polite, I don't feel like I have vultures staring at me like a dying animal. I have my heart set on a wrangler in my near future. I won't be going anywhere but Bill Luke for this purchase.

Jazmine G. | 2013-02-20

Don't go there for service. I had to deal with Chris (which another yelper complained about) &he was just awful. Not helpful what so ever! I ended up having to walk to the main offices &even then, their secretary admitted he was lazy &doesn't ever do anything.

The only thing that kept me from giving it a 1 star, is that all the other workers seemed helpful.. but there will always be one negative nancy.

Arlene A. | 2013-02-11

Not a good sign or start!

...we've been here an hour and they tell us that they don't have the time to work a deal because its too late & to come back tomorrow and the bummer is we set an appointment

In sales, you make it possible and do what you need to in order get the deal-it would have been nice to see them go out of their way.

Now I know why people hate the "car buying" and "car lot" experience.

I wouldn't recommend this dealership - especially if you're ready to leave with a new car!

Lisa A. | 2013-01-19

Because I can't post this unless I give a rating, I gave it  1 star- but I really feel  the service dept deserves a BIG ZERO as far as the star ratings go.
VERY - VERY- VERY POOR service & an even lower grade for attitude. The service rep was curt, rude & dismissive .  I ended up having to have my vehicle towed to a better dealership. I believe these people were looking for an easy buck and claimed to be more wrong with my car then what was wrong.  After I secured a tow company to pick up the car,  I called and spoke to rude, curt, dismissive service rep and while I tried speaking to him to get any instructions to pass on to the tow company, he again dismissed me and said it would be ready...AND HUNG UP ON ME. . Tow company waiting to  pick up car, tow man calls me and I give him instructions that rude, curt dismissive rep (named Chris) gave me.  Tow man had to leave without my car because, they couldn't find the keys or paperwork for my car ( Even though rude,service rep said it was ready)....They conveniently closed and I couldn't get any info until the next day. After I complained to the  service manager, he reluctantly refunded the money paid  for (as the rude, curt, dismissive rep stated) , the "diagnostic test that took a long time". Bill Luke has been in the valley for a long time, something should be said about that, but they need to seriously take a look at the caliber of employees they have representing their good name. I will never go there, never  purchase   a     car from there and hope people never have to go through what I did.

Ian B. | 2012-11-27

This is a two part review. One for the service department, which I now give 1 star, and one for the sales side of the business, which I give 2 stars. If you average those, its 1.5 stars, but I am not given the option to do half stars. I don't round up, and I don't feel Bill Luke deserves me rounding up in this instance.

1. Return to the repair shop for the horn...
My lady's jeep's horn shit the bed again. This really is a problem here in Phoenix, because let me tell you cousin, y'all can't drive to save your lives here. As such, its getting to be as necessary here to have a horn as it is in downtown Manhattan.

Ended up being the relays in the steering wheel for the horn. Here's the interesting part, the horn still worked when she'd arm the alarm, much like it did the last time we brought the Jeep in, which then according to the department needed a new horn. But yet the horn worked if you armed the alarm, just like the second time it went out.

So what can we deduce from this? That they missed or didn't check the relays the first time, which is a MUCH MORE likely part to fail. We ended up having to pay for both repairs, which is bullshit in my opinion.

2. The Sales Department
I really loathe high pressure sales predicated on the idea that I am less intelligent than the car sales department. For some reason the new car sales side of Bill Luke Jeep assumed that I am some sort of rube fresh in off the truck. I might have been born at night, just not last night.

I went in to look at one of those fiesta/creamsicle orange Rubicons they had on the lot. I knew what the price should be, thanks to , and they were about $4900 over where they should have been on a 2012 Rubicon.

I pointed this out to them, and the sales guy and the manager looked at me like they caught me anally violating grandma while pouring sugar in the family minivan and kicking the dog while teaching little Billy about the works of Satan.

Yea, that bad.

This was also after the original sales guy didn't show up for our appointment. I knew it was a shill move, and I should have walked then and there, but I had a couple of hours to kill while waiting the first time for my special lady's Jeep to get repaired.

All and all, I didn't buy a car here and I won't be dealing with them ever again.

Charles W. | 2012-10-22

Just bought a Dodge Avenger on Saturday 10/20/12.  

As a first time buyer I can honestly say car shopping is very frustrating. At first I was looking for a Dodge Charger as my first car. After looking and visiting Bill Luke's Dealership twice I realized that it would not be realistic given my budget. The first 2 times I visited Bill Luke's I would with Steve. Steve was a great salesman who kept it 100% with we by telling me that i could not afford a Charger with the money that I have. So on the third visit I planned on just looking at different cars in my price range and I didn't really plan on buying a car that day. When I arrive Steve was busy so I ended up being helped by Richard. After 5 minutes I could tell Richard knew a lot about cars and that he was a seasoned veteran. The best part when working with Richard came when it was time for test drives. He had his own little course/test track. This included flooring it and stomping on the brakes to test the braking system, doing donuts to test the steering (not while burning out more of a 5mph donut), driving through the service center while learning about it, hitting the speed bumps on each side of the car to test the suspensions, and hitting the free way to test the power. The best test drive course I have ever been on. After testing couple of cars I really liked the Dodge Avenger. Not because the Avenger is kind of similar to the Charger but because after testing everything on the drive test course it was clear which vehicle was superior to the others. The interior and exterior were maintained very well and it was a 2011. So this was the car for me. After 7 hours at the dealership we finally came to a deal that was great and the best deal that most likely couldn't be matched anywhere else. The reason I kept coming to Bill Luke was because the customer service was excellent. If I am still in Arizona when I am ready to get another car I will definitely go back to Bill Luke to get a Dodge Charger SRT or Chrysler 300 SRT. Hopefully.  

So special thanks to Steve, Richard and also Jaime who helped me through the whole process of getting my 2011 Dodge Avenger.  

Honestly I seen the negative reviews before I first visited but I went to experience it for myself and it was great.

Amy B. | 2012-09-22

So, I was in the market for a new car since the lease on my Nissan was up and I couldn't seem to get out of that car fast enough.  I'd been searching for a few different cars and hadn't made up my mind quite yet as to what I was getting.  I've dealt with Bill Luke before, as they fixed my Grand Cherokee back in 2005 right after I moved to Arizona after I was in a hit and run on the I-17.  The body shop was awesome, and I thought I would give the sales department a try, so off I went.

Now, mind you, I had been shopping around. I had checked with a few other dealerships, so I was in the market for a Dodge or Jeep.  The other dealership that I had found on the west side of town only sold Dodges, and since I was torn between the Jeep Liberty and the Dodge Journey, I figured I'd give Bill Luke a try. I was in and out of the dealership probably 3 times by the time I had settled on what I had wanted.

Mack was the salesman that helped me throughout the process.  I started shopping in July, and he met me on the lot on a hot July afternoon.  I was standing there, staring at a Liberty and up he rolled in his golf cart on a very hot Saturday afternoon.  He showed me what he had on the lot, we talked some numbers and I left.

I will say, on my first visit, I noticed that even though they have a large selection of vehicles, within that they seem to carry some of the more expensive cars, and not all styles and models.  For example, when we drove through the Dodge Ram section, they had something like 95 different Rams on the lot to choose from. So, whats the problem?  ALL but 2 of them were V8 Hemi's with quad cabs. EXPENSIVE. I asked where the V6 Rams were with extended cabs, and we only found one, and it was a stripped down work truck.  They didn't have any mid grade trucks.  FAIL!  Gas is expensive, and they NEED to have smaller engine Rams on the lot. I would drive a Ram, but NOT a V8 Hemi...horrible gas mileage and it would kill me.  This is just an example.  To me, I think you should have more V6's with different cab sizes, and they did not.

Second visit went better.  We toured the used section along with the Liberty's. More high end Liberty's like the Jet edition, and other ones with leather. I wanted a lower end model and even though they had a few, nothing was in my price range.

Finally I went back last Saturday the 15th and stuff got serious real quick.  I wanted a Journey, but found one that I liked at Larry Miller in Peoria. I printed out the internet information from Larry Millers website and said that if he could match the car and the price I would buy. I wanted a Journey in red, and off we went looking.  Sadly, the red ones were all 2013 models and I really wanted the 2012 since they had more incentives available.  Mack also told me that they would help me get out of my Nissan since I still had 3 payments left.

Anyways, after a bunch of haggling, test driving 2 different cars and walking the lot like 10 times, I decided to get a 2012 blue Dodge Journey for $300 a month for 5 years.  The down side is that when I got to finance, they told me that they couldn't take my Nissan back for me and I had to handle it myself! OMG I ALMOST LOST IT.  I was so upset! They said that if they took the Nissan back it would raise my payments. I should have walked out, but whats waiting another month going to do? nothing.  So, I went with the deal, and signed the paperwork. I blame the floor manager for not honoring the deal because they could have done it, but would not.  Mack was awesome, but I had to return the Nissan myself and that was as stressful as getting the new car!

My finance guy was awesome, but he tried to hard sell me on the extended warranty, which I passed on.  I get the 5 year/100,000 power train warranty, and the standard 3 year 36,000 mile coverage. I would recommend Bill Luke to anyone, as I am satisfied overall with the deal and service I received. It was a lot easier then when I leased my Nissan (which was a scary experience during the automotive bailout and 9 months after the banks failing in October of 2008. Yea, try getting a car deal during THAT nightmare!)

I also called and complained about how they wouldn't take my Nissan back and the sales manager said he would correct it, which he did.  (I'm leaving out those details, but they helped me out...didn't necessarily involve $$, but they listened to my complaint and took care of me.)

Overall, a positive experience.   I would recommend them to people, and don't be afraid to shop around. They will do their best to meet your needs sales wise, and won't treat you like a bag of crap like other dealerships have.  Will update as time goes on, but I love my new car!!!!

Jess W. | 2012-09-21

Wish I could give 0 stars.

This is the worst service from a dealership I have ever received. They were happy to take my money when I bought my Jeep here and they convinced me to buy an extended warranty. Guess what? Any time I have a service issue, it isn't covered under the extended warranty.

My most recent trip a few weeks ago sealed the deal, I will never be back. Here's the breakdown: A few Saturdays ago my Jeep wouldn't start. I called their service department and Ken, my normal service writer, wasn't available so I had to speak with Toby. He told me to get it towed and they'd look at it and get back to me. Finally, when I hadn't heard anything by 3:30 I called, only to find out that they close at 2 p.m. on Saturday!! Not only did my Jeep sit untouched all weekend, but I had to scramble and find a rental car company open at 3:30 on Saturday (not easy to do), make arrangements to get there without any transportation and pay for the rental car out-of-pocket. Mind you, I was told my extended warranty would cover a rental car if my Jeep went in for service. Also, my phone number hasn't changed in 10 years and I bought my Jeep from this dealership and have been getting it serviced here for 3 years. Pretty sure they should have my phone number on file. So come Monday morning, I call and speak with Ken - because I refuse to deal with Toby at this point. Ken tells me a story that Toby tried to call me (at several different phones number I've never had and that have never been associated with my file) and that all that is wrong is my battery. Because that is all that is wrong, my tow, parts, service and rental car won't be covered under the warranty.

So $310 later ($120 battery, $40 labor, $80 tow, $70 rental car) I have a new battery. Outrageous, right?

Well, the story doesn't end there. The next Saturday I go out to start my Jeep and it won't start. I called in and Ken wasn't available, so I demanded to speak with a manager. I explained the situation and asked how they were going to resolve it and the long and short of it is - they wouldn't resolve it. If I wanted to get it towed there again, they would look at it and let me know what's wrong but I would be responsible to pay for this additional tow and service. Are you kidding me? I just did that last week! I got nowhere with him and decided that even though I feel like they should have covered it, that I had to seek service elsewhere - which is exactly what I did.

Maybe it's because I'm a single, blonde lady? Maybe they are just jerks and provide terrible service? Either way, I will never be back and will tell everyone I know about the horrible service I received.

Tony S. | 2012-07-01

Brought my vehicle in for service and dealt with Earl in the service department.  Earl listened, took notes, and was great to worth.  He took the time to explain the challenge with my vehicle, and was communicative and accurate on his quote for repairs.  Bottom line, I think I have a new favorite service department!  

Incidentally, Bill Like Chrysler was able to put my SRT8 on the alignment rack when Larry Miller Dodge could not.  (my vehicle has factory ride height and ground effects, so not sure why Larry Miller could not handle my car.)

Thanks Bill Luke!

Also, pretty cool waiting room as far as those go.  Free wifi!

Aaron V. | 2012-05-22

I just slammed a Jeep dealer in Washington, so I'll give credit to the good people. My wife took her Jeep here while we lived in Phoenix (up until September 2011). We only dealt with the service people, but they were great. The full inspection on your car for 20 bucks (or free with a coupon). Go in for an oil change and they'd fix a tire for free. Always cleaned out the car and drove my wife to it when she came to pick it up. Always offering more than they need to. Always ask you before making repairs. After a suck job in our new state (see our review for the Jeep joint in Bellevue, WA), it's even more apparent that Bill Luke is a great place for car service.


Mathew L. | 2011-12-26

I purchased a Grand Cherokee from Bill Luke over the Christmas break and I definitely chose the right dealership. The service and price I received were above and beyond what any other dealership was offering to me. I don't feel like I got any run-around or bogus offers from the sales crew. This place is really top-notch and I recommend them to anyone interested in a new vehicle.

James C. | 2011-09-18

i have not purchased a car here but i usually go here for car repairs they are pretty cool communication is bad but that's something i hope they have tweaked by now

Finnegan M. | 2011-05-25

My Dad had to take our Honda CRV here after a lady backed into it when we were moving to the Phoenix area. Interestingly enough, we arrived here just a week after the massive hail storm that hit the Phoenix area, damaging over 40,000 cars in the area. The Bill Luke Body Shop, though backed up with work for months, was thrilled to have a "just a minor bumper replacement" job to fill in with their other work. Did an excellent job and even did a complete wash job before we picked it up.

Jane A. | 2008-11-29

After reading the previous comment, I just had to chime in.  When I was searching for a jeep to lease, I spent about 45 minutes haggling over a price.  The price was finally agreed upon.  I gave them all of my information for credit checks, etc.. After everything looked good, I went to financing to sign our papers, and the guy there said "I can't do this."  You're not paying enough, we'll lose money.  I freaked out, since everything else had been taken care of.  I explained that the sales guy had given me a price in writing, shaken my hand (doesn't that mean something?) and the financing guy said - sorry.  But you can pay this...(about 30 more a month)...I left, angry!  I bought my car at Airpark Jeep and they were great, I still go there for service, and they are totally professional.

Roberto C. | 2008-10-17

I love Bill Luke.......Great service..... i took my car for oil change and after 20 minutes was ready and CLEAN.....

Mark D. | 2008-10-07

So I'm in love with this dealership. I've been taking my Jeep to the Earnhardt on Baseline for service for years until this summer when they moved in with Darner way the hell out in Mesa - I tried them once at their new location and was not impressed. So when my Jeep started acting up last week I wasn't sure where to go. I tried the Firestone down the street first and while the staff was incredibly friendly, they couldn't figure out what the problem was. So I thought I might have better luck over at Bill Luke, and I did - truly a perfect 5 star experience.

Every employee I encountered was super friendly, opening doors for me, greeting me with smiles and hellos - I thought I might have accidentally stepped into the sales department or something, but no - I was in service.

They figured out what the problem was super quick, called when they said they'd call, finished the work ahead of schedule and gave it back to me washed and everything. I also took advantage of their courtesy shuttle to take me back home as well as pick me back up to retrieve my vehicle, both trips requiring short wait times and friendly drivers.

Highly recommended.