Bell Road Toyota in Phoenix, AZ

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Bell Road Toyota

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(602) 904-5810
Address:2020 W Bell Rd, Phoenix, AZ, 85023
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Bell Road Toyota

Josh F. | 2015-03-05

I had my vehicle in this dealership for service for the first time yesterday.

I dropped my vehicle off at 8:30 and caught the shuttle to work. This went very smoothly.

When I hadn't heard anything by almost 3pm, I called the dealership. I thought it was odd that it took them this long to look at my vehicle and that I had not received an update. When I asked to speak with my service rep, I was put on hold, and then a few minutes later the person taking the call told me that they couldn't find my service person. Frustrating. I waited for a call back, which I did receive in about 10 minutes.

The service rep told me that they hadn't found anything wrong with my vehicle. To be fair, we drive our own vehicles every day, and so we  probably know more about when something is wrong with them. There are definitely problems with my car.

The rep updated me on one of the three issues with my vehicle. He told me I should leave the car overnight so that they could observe it during a cold start. Before spending money on a rental and being without my car for a day, I wanted to know how bad all of the issues were. I asked what the status of the other two issues was. I received a catty reply from the manager, who indicated that it was most important to check out the functional issue than the less substantial issues (implying he knew better what was good for me than I do). However, I consider all three of the issues to be important, and asked him to check what the technician had found. He told me he'd have to call me back.

I waited until 4:30 to receive a reply. At this point, I had to call the dealership again. I received noncomittal feedback again. The rep wasn't sure if the technician had driven my car again to test it or was currently out in it, but he was sure that there wasn't a problem with it. At this point, I said that I didn't want to leave the car and pay for the rental, as I was not receiving an acceptably high level of service. The rep again gave me a catty reply, telling me that he wasn't going to give me a free rental car for a problem that didn't exist. I thought that this was a pretty adversarial and unnecessary way to speak to a customer.

I asked him to send the shuttle to pick me up, and indicated that I would take the vehicle to another shop. He told me that the shuttle had already stopped running for the day. I told him I had no other way to get to the dealer without taking a taxi. He did eventually find a shuttle driver who hadn't left for the day, and had him pick me up. I got my vehicle and drove away, noticing that the radio was turned on and somewhat loud. Given that the tech was supposed to be listening for noises, if it was him/her who had turned the radio on, I'm sure that there's no way they could have heard the noise.

After leaving the dealer and then again while driving this morning, I am still having the same problems.

Bell Road Toyota: Understand that, given the way I feel right now, neither your dealership nor Toyota will receive money from me again for any goods or services. The decision of what brand to buy for my next vehicle just got a lot easier.

John R. | 2015-02-28

Did a ton of research abs went to multiple dealerships. By far the best salesmen here. Especially the man I worked with, Roger Haddad! He was outgoing personable and straight forwarded. By far the best salesman I have worked with. I recommend Bell Road Toyota to anyone.

Elizabeth S. | 2015-02-20

So an update on my service I got from Bell Road Toyota, The service manager Scott called me back and said I can get a free oil change because of the poor customer service I got. I was called a liar and I was not happy with that at all. I am not a liar.
I wrote my first review before Scott had called me. This morning I got a phone call from Scott, and it was about my review. I was very upset when I wrote my review. and I wrote it before him and I had talked. He asked me if I would change my review. or update it. and I thought about it and I will add to it. Yes he apologize for Davids not go good customer service skills, and being rude, and that is what a manager is suppose to do. But I would like an apologize from David for calling me a liar.
and a sweet deal on a car would be fantastic.... lmao kidding. (thought I would add that in.)

Ivy Y. | 2014-12-10

Don't go unless u don't care about the price. They add a bunch of features u don't need and won't reduce the price for that. They actual price u pay is way higher than the msrp, and u don't even know that until u pay the bill. So prepare getting fooled unless u are a dealer yourself........

Steve S. | 2014-11-15

Not impressed! Paid over $400 to have the plastic debris guard replaced on the undercarriage of my Solara, drove to California and by the time I got there it was destroyed. Called, and sent an e-mail to my service advisor and received no response.

Karen M. | 2014-11-13

Our experience with this dealership was a nightmare (and we are still dealing with them 6 weeks after buying our car). Everyone we have dealt with (and this includes a manager) has been rude and acted like they could care less about our concerns. It appears that once they get your money they are done with you. I will NEVER go back here and I encourage you to take your hard-earned money somewhere else.

Darin Y. | 2014-11-05

I haven't actually purchased a car (yet) but I went to the dealership 3 times and met with salesman Anthony.

My wife and I are not quick at making decisions but Anthony was very patient and informative.  The only reason we haven't purchased is we're not sure if the Highlander is the vehicle we want to invest in at this point.

I would highly recommend giving this dealership a shot and asking for Anthony if he's available.

Sebashtzen R. | 2014-10-29

We went to Bell Road Toyota to trade in my Mercedes. I wanted a car that would be good.
We worked with Gilbert. Awesome guy!  
We first looked at cars for my other half, nothing was found that was of wanting. Then we went for my car. I went in for a Toyota Camry. I found one that I liked and we went forward with it. The first set of numbers that gave me was to  buy. I wanted to lease and the lease  was not doable due to negative equity. Buy was their best way. We did not want to buy. So we left to think about it. In the mean while they called and came down on price.  For me, when it was finally time to do it....I could not. I thought I could do a car...but I cant. I need my SUV. I use it all the time.
So we tried a Rav4.... No way, was I paying that much. We went back to Camry. They even got lower.... Over a week goes by and I am still thinking I cant do a sedan. Bell Toyota has trained everyone to say " What can I do to help you get this car?" So we told Gilbert a low number that could not do...number we gave means they would lose money on the deal. But I figured it would be a way to give myself time to think with no pressure from them. They called back.....Got $18.00 away from the number I gave. I was really impressed. But it did not get me in to buy it.
In fact, I waited so long they sold the car I wanted. Which was kinda good, cause I really did not want a sedan..
Would I use them . Yes! I would and have recommended them. Though I did not buy a car with them. They were easy to talk with and work with.
My only big complaint is this.. They can apply a lot of pressure. I got upset a few times cause I would be thinking about what I want to do and they call and call.
When you tell them, I will call you and let you know by the end of the day.... Let me call, dont call me again and again..  I feel I almost bought the car just to stop the pressure.  
I am glad though that Gilbert was so good about it all. He did not call me unless he had too.  
Still have not got a new car yet.

Luci P. | 2014-10-24

bought a used Prius from them and they gave out my home number to a bunch of telemarketers.
Their own sales force won't stop calling us to buy a new or another car, that will not ever happen.

Mishelle G. | 2014-10-20

I had a horrible experience here. I purchased a vehicle them in cash. It was a used vehicle, so i arranged a 90 day warranty with them as well. The first week that I got me car, the radiator failed. They had to replace it. That took a couple of days, but I was happy that I haggled with the to get that warranty or I would have been out a lot of money. I worked with MICHAEL and JOE. They were high pressure and really pushed the sale on me. I wanted the car, so I just did it. A month later, my started jamming. I called them to complain and they offered no help whatsoever. When I went to go get my car checked a couple months later, I found out that they didnt fill my radiator with coolant, they filled it with WATER. water. That is extremely dangerous to do, especially in the hot state that we live in.

Luay A. | 2014-09-20

They were trying showing me they were helping me but they didn't
They called me over the phone on prius 5 2014 for 28000 when I got there they told me 33000

Pearsey P. | 2014-09-17

I have been here twice for service.  They are really rude and always in a bad mood.  As soon as I got my car back from the last visit, I noticed a large scrape on my back bumper, and my fuel gauge had gone down quite a bit.  There are also black fingerprints and footprints on the upholstery, which I hope I can clean off.  I have noticed my fuel efficiency declining steadily since I started taking my Prius to this dealership.  I don't think I'll go back here next time.

CJ C. | 2014-09-03

I had been shopping for a new vehicle for quite a while and was blown away by the no hassle approach and stellar customer service. Roger Haddad went above and beyond in helping me find the perfect Tacoma. They offered solutions to a few snags I am dealing with where all the other dealerships were Jackwagons. I would recommend this dealership to anyone and will return to buy for my kids vehicles when it their turn.

Megan M. | 2014-09-02

I am writing this review of the body shop/repair service area of Bell Road Toyota. A few weeks ago, we were rear-ended and felt we trusted Toyota alone to repair our car. After having the car for about a week, we stopped by to drop off the check from the other driver's insurance. We informed the team that we were leaving the country and would like the car back the day before we left. We were told it likely would be ready in the days after we left, but they would hold it and have it ready for us for when we got back. We informed Dave Bagley (not sure if he is the manager but he was our main contact) that we were returning on Saturday and would need our car on Sunday. He did NOT tell us that cars could only be picked up Mon-Fri, and not on holidays. He asked that we email him when we were heading home so he could have 24 hours to get it ready. He told us he gets email on his phone and will respond as soon as he sees it.

We emailed him the day of our return, letting him know we would like to pick it up the next day as previously discussed (Sunday). We drove by on Sunday to find the office closed. We emailed again Sunday asking that the car be ready on Monday. No response. We called on Monday and were told they were closed for Labor Day and Dave would be back on Tuesday. We called Tuesday morning at 730am (as soon as they opened) and asked that the car be ready, as we needed our second car. Dave told us "I'm just going to have my guy pull it out and rinse it and I will call you back within an hour." At 1230pm, we got tired of waiting and headed down there.

As we waited in the lobby for Dave, the secretary Laura was listening in to our conversation about something completely unrelated to our Toyota experience. When Dave came in to the office, she stated we "had some concerns", to which we both looked at her with confusion and some frustration. She replied "Oh I heard you talking". We were very put off by her eavesdropping on a conversation she had no reason to listen to and then relaying something inaccurate to her staff.

Dave went to pull our car out, and immediately went to have a conversation with a claims adjustor in the claims adjustor's car when the secretary told him that we needed him to go over the car with us. We had just seen him walk another customer through the repairs that were done and were expecting the same treatment. Instead, while continuing to have a conversation with the adjustor, Dave handed us the keys over his shoulder and told us to "have a nice day". No walk-through, no discussion. As we examined the car ourselves, Dave proceeded to go back into the lobby, but we stopped him as soon as we saw some unexpected defects. He came back over to look and said "See, this is why I told you to give me 24 hours." I attempted to explain to him that we a) gave him our expected pickup date over two weeks ago and he knew to expect us, b) we emailed him ahead of time assuming, based on the information that he gave us, that he accesses his email regularly and the car would be ready, and c) he told us at 730a that all he had to do was have it rinsed and we would receive a call within the hour, which did not happen.

We left with our car unprepared to be taken off the lot, with pockmarks in the paint, with visibly mismatched paint, and feeling very frustrated and angry at the treatment we received. We intend to bring the car back next week when we have availability so that the paint issues can be resolved, and we will never (NEVER) bring another issue to Bell Road Toyota. We will go to Avondale Toyota who has ALWAYS treated us promptly, kindly, and without trouble.

Jay A. | 2014-07-25

I just purchased a new Toyota Camry Hybrid from Joe Macke at Bell Road Toyota.  To make a long story short, I was able to negotiate a very aggressive price with Joe.  Having said that, AFTER buying the car, I received e-mails from the GM, Sales Manager AND Joe asking if I was still interested in buying a car.  When I responded to Joe asking if he forgot me, he said no, but that he had been out sick for a few days.  When I went by to pick up some business cards from Joe to share with others in the market for a car, I don't think he recognized me.  When I was buying the car, I was told "keep me in your phone book, I don't forget my customers ... let me get you a Dash Mat or window screen for your new car".  Today, I wound up buying my own windshield sun shade instead.

Bottom line - you CAN negotiate hard for a good price here, but the sales people are VERY typical of what you find in most car dealerships - once the deal is done, you are forgotten and a new prospect is their new best friend.  I found the folks at Right Toyota more transparent, but they didn't have the car I wanted in inventory.

Sandra K. | 2014-07-17

I currently own a 2012 Prius which was bought at Bell Rd. Toyota. The battery failed five times and although they gave me a new battery, it still fails. It refused to start twice in 10 days. Every time I bring it in they say there is nothing wrong with itl

I tried to change my 2012 Prius that I leased from them in a 2014 Prius  The salesman walked me through the parking lot in 106 degree heat about two city blocks looking for a certain Prius.  I nearly passed out.  I spoke to the head of customer service  about that. I suggested a golf cart.  He was not encouraging. Treating clients like that is inhumane.

I dealt with this salesman and a rude, condescending Sales Manager who actually said not to take the deal his salesman made which would almost double my lease payment.

When I called a day later after 5p.m when my Prius didn't start again, I got the most amazingly unhelpful and (again) condescending salesperson who kept calling me by a nickname that I don't use.  

Ladies, please do not even THINK of going to this dealership. The attitude of the staff is off=putting If I could give less than one star I would.

Ayoob E. | 2014-06-17

This place is a total rip off! The finance department people are very shady and try to push all the "extras" into the contract. I paid for the Platinum coverage of the Toyota Extra Care Service, but the handout I received from Toyota Financial Services showed that my coverage level was Gold (lower coverage level)! I went back to the dealer and canceled the agreement but didn't get the money back. I contacted Toyota after 5 weeks and I was told that they never got the cancellation request! Plus, I found out that my credit score was more than what the finance person told me so that they can increase the interest rate. They gave me a %9.9 APR and convinced me that this is the best deal I can get. A week later, I went to the bank and got approved for the same loan amount at %5.2 APR! Credit unions are offering even better rates of %3.4 APR. I thought I can trust these people. I hope this will help you save some bucks.

John H. | 2014-05-19

The dealer not the issue it's their financing. Wells Fargo dealer services suck ! They repo'd my car because of lack of insurance?? I just renewed my tabs with the state of Arizona last month. They increased my payment from $ 289 to $409 to add their insurance. When I failed to pay the $409 over the last two months they took my car back ! You need to know what your getting into with Wells Fargo dealer services. Going to Gary Harper and 3 on your side, my payments were need late. Also they NEVER called me or notified my by email or letter, of any repo process. I went to work and their driver rudely called me and said I have you car Christian sucker!

M C. | 2014-04-01

I visited Bell Toyota Saturday fully intending to leave in a new car. They asked how my credit was. It is excellent as was verified by a previous credit check somewhere else. They came back with my credit report and it had a discrepancy that lowered my score. I told them it was inaccurate and they said they only pull one report and maybe the other report was from a different credit bureau than the one they use. They wanted to give me the worst rate due to this inaccurate score which would have doubled my monthly payment from what I had budgeted, so I left.

I pay for an Identity Theft Protection service so I logged into my account and low and behind it shows Bell Toyota pulled my report from ALL 3 bureaus and CHOSE to usd the one with the lowest score rather than the one which does in fact show I have great credit.

I am currently purchasing my TOYOTA through my credit union at a great price & rate at the payment I wanted. All I have to do is show up at the bank tomorrow and pick it up.

Thanks for reminding me why I should never deal directly with a dealership again.

Corinne C. | 2014-03-28

It is not the dealership, it is Roger Haddad, I am touting.

He is reasonable in his comments about vehicles.
He is a gentleman in his behavior toward everyone, co-workers and clients alike.
I've never met him before, so I feel entirely objective.

If dealerships would hire more individuals with this level of polish and unabashed clarity, their reputations would benefit, as there would be few, if any complaints about car buying.

Lee H. | 2014-02-06

Absolutely frustrating experience trying to buy a 2013 used car from this dealership.  I'll keep this as short and sweet as possible:

Saw a car on Craigslist.  Asked a couple of questions through the ad.  Got an immediate response from Kylor.  Asked a couple of more question.  Got no response this time.  Sent another e-mail to Kylor with no response.  Grrr.  Gave up on Kylor and called the dealership. Talked to Cheryl.  Three days later,  after I talked to Cheryl,  Kylor finally responded.  Too late.

Cheryl said the car was still available.  Told her I couldn't make it across town for a couple of days.  She called me a little before lunch on Friday to tell me the car was still there.  Left a little while later and drove 45 minutes to the lot.  Before I left, I called and left a message on Cheryl's cell telling her I was on my way from Ahwatukee.  When I got there, Cheryl was busy so I was helped by another guy who told me the car had sold earlier that morning!  THIS morning?  But Cheryl said it was available around lunch time!  

Yeah, I know... big dealer.  Sells a lot of cars.  Can't keep up with every car and every buyer.  Still wasted my time.  Was the salesman I dealt with apologetic?  Not really.  More condescending... like I was an idiot for expecting the car they'd had for two weeks to still be there when I was told it was on the lot an hour or so earlier.  Did Cheryl call me back to apologize for wasting my time?  Nope.

The good news?  Ended up buying a brand new version of the same car from a dealership down the street from Bell Rd. Toyota.  Funny thing was, it cost just a tiny bit more than the used 2013 that I was trying to buy from them!

I guess it wasn't a complete waste of my time as I got the car I wanted at a very reasonable price.  I won't be in the market for another car for a while, but will certainly remember how I was treated by this dealership for many years to come.

Natalie L. | 2013-12-23

BEWARE WOMEN SHOPPERS!!! Our first salesman was nice enough to deal with, but his manager (tall, bald) was another story all together. Very rude and condescending.  They didn't have the truck I wanted (Tacoma long bed 4 door), and I've got family in town for the holidays, so I didn't want to wait around to test drive. The manager was arrogant and cold, and stormed off when I didn't want to test drive a different truck.  Unprofessional, extremely poor customer service. I can't help thinking he would have behaved differently if a man had been present. We won't be going back.

Jessica G. | 2013-11-27

Don't buy your car here! I bought a 2010 toyota corolla here and they left me with like a quarter tank and told me theyll fill it up when I brought back my actual trade in car. PS I was completely honest about my car. Next, they told me they'll email me to do a review on the dealer, they didn't email me. They put the wrong email on file personally!!! I never told them my email was such and such @hotmail! How do you get yahoo mixed up with that, let alone a different name? On top of that, I noticed the certified car was missing the floor mats!!! They tried to say that wasn't part of the deal! I told them this is petty to argue about and that I had 5 days to return the car if I didn't like it, so that convinced them to give me the floor mats. On top of that, they dented my old license plate to put on my new car. I went and got my car serviced and they ordered a new radio, because the one in my certified car was acting funky. Then, I called back to have them change my phone number on file because I got a new one and I knew I couldn't depend on them to email if they didn't fix my email a long time ago and the person on the phone said Oh I have a line waiting, what is your number. then 2 weeks later no call about my radio and I had talked to the parts department and they said my radio was almsot here. So today I call and ask about my radio and they said "oh it's here, then another guy said oh we shipped it off because you didn't come for it!" Really???? I never was notified. If they fixed my email I would have got information or if they put my number on file!!!!!

I am 22 YO Female, Hispanic. Idk if they are just bad with their customer service or they discriminate. I am going to look into Cambelback Toyota, I hear they're good. AS for this Bellroad, they are terrible!!! Do not buy a car from them. They were horrible to me too many times! I tried to give them a chance, but you see where that has gotten me.

Rosie H. | 2013-11-21

The sales guys Terry and Joe were so nice. Gave me a great deal on my new FR-S and the service department has always been amazing with my older vehicles. I'm sure I'll return to purchase my next car from here too!

Marten H. | 2013-09-30

I have bought 3 new cars from dealers in the past twelve years. I would say I am a veteran of the sales process. Make sure you know exactly what make year and model you want to get the best price possible. I dont write many reviews I am too busy so this is the exception for me.
I was referred to Bell Rd Toyota
by a friend. I was referred directly to a salesperson by the name of Doreen.
I gave her my Prius specs and within ten minutes I had a quote that beat any of the other Valley dealers I had
visited - Larry Miller and Avondale by $1500 "out the door".
Doreen gave me the out the door price before I rolled in, kept me and my wife and kids busy (she gave them some free animals and water bottles) while she got us taken care of, honored her price and had us out in under two hours.
I did observe other customers with other salespersons and let me tell you no one holds a candle to Doreen. Doreen has been with Toyota for 14 years and I think normally sells fleet vehicles so you cant just walk in on her.
Long story short ask for Doreen. dfischer@bellroadtoyota.…

Manny S. | 2013-09-03

What a nightmare.
OK, the sales guys here are hard core and they'll lowball you on your trade-in and they don't want to budge on the MSRP for the new car. I get that, it's part of the game. It's a tired old game, but I get it.

But, after finally agreeing on a trade-in value and the price on the new car you have to face the dreaded "finance guy".  He threw out more crap than the guys who work at Danny's Car Wash. I just kept saying "NO!".

So what does he do? He prints the final purchase contract out and it's got a $295 charge for some security something or other. I ask what that is and he tells me, "oh, all of our customers get that". To which I reply, "well, you'll never be able to say that again - remove it".  And he says, "but I'll have to print everything all over again".  Ummm, yea?

After a very long time I drive off in a new car.  Fast forward one week.  The left rear tire blows.  The next day I take it the car to Discount Tire and they tell me that the sidewall blew. They also tell me that the air pressure in the other tires is 55psi and should be 32.  The Discount Tire guy tells me that the manufacturer jacks up the pressure for transport but the dealer is supposed to lower it.  Apparently that didn't happen.  On the plus side, after calling Bell Road Toyota about it they agreed to reimburse me for the tire. But - it shouldn't have happened in the first place.

Fast forward another month or so. The temporary tags expired and I went to the MVD site to get a status only to be told "No Record Found" for my vehicle. Sooooo I contact Bell Road Toyota and they tell me that they haven't processed the paperwork yet. Really? After six weeks?  What exactly was that "doc prep fee" for? I raise hell and they tell me they'll expedite it.  Gee, thanks for the favor guys.

To summarize:

sleazy sales process.
even sleazier finance guy.
didn't prep the vehicle properly.
didn't process the paperwork.

I don't know that the other Toyota dealers are like in the valley, but they can't possibly be worse.

Maci K. | 2013-08-11

I always get coupons in the mail for discounted oil changes at this location but never got around to actually using them until last week.  Finally called up and made an appointment so that I could pencil it into my schedule and make the time to check it out.  It's only about 5 minutes from my house so the location is very convenient, I just hate doing anything related to mechanical stuff on my car because I feel like everyone's going to try and take advantage of me because I'm a woman.

So I pull up on the day of my appointment, right about on time and someone is waiting right there for me.  I liked that, some places you have to basically play hide and seek to get someone to help you.  However, when I gave him my name he couldn't find me on the list of appointments for the day.  He even showed me the list and sure enough I wasn't on there.  That was annoying.  They were still able to help me though and got me in right away.  The service guy who helped me was nice and didn't try to pressure me into doing anything else to my car.

The customer lounge is a nice area.  There's tons of seating, a computer room with internet access, and a TV so it kept me comfortable and occupied while I was waiting.  I decided while I was there I was going to ask for a quote to get my squeaky brakes fixed, not something I wanted to do that day but just get an idea of how much it would be when I decided to take care of it.  They came back and gave me the quote for that and also said there were some other things that needed to be replaced and gave me quotes for that as well.  He of course tried to see if I wanted to do it that day but he didn't try to pressure me like most places do so I was happy with that.  

All in all it was a pretty average experience.  The guys were nice and polite but not especially friendly.  It annoys me that I called to make an appointment and was told it was set up but then when I arrive they have no record of that. But they did do a good job, especially washing the car so that combined with the convenient location will bring me back in the future.

Jeff P. | 2013-08-11

They were very sleazy IMHO. They employed the "hide the keys" tactic. During negotiations, they asked to test drive my car to assess it's value. When negotiations broke down, we tried to leave. They "couldn't find our salesman" who had our keys.  The ruse was on. Everyone including a sales manager said "Just hold on, well try to track down your salesman to get you your keys"  We waited an additional 40 minutes for them to do something as simple as tracking a sales person. If you read car buying guides, this is a well publicized antic that shady car dealers employ to delay and frustrate you into signing a deal.  They were giving me below black book value for my trade in and was giving me an inflated price on a 4Runner. In addition, the sales person made an off-color and inappropriate joke involving race which I found offensive. When I came back the next day to show them printed evidence of values and competitors values to see if they would match their price, the salesman just waved his hand and walked the other way without saying anything. I felt they were completely unprofessional.  I ulitmately bought a 4Runner at Tempe Toyota and received wonderful service. I will never buy a vehicle from this dealership.

Courtney G. | 2013-07-12

I called to schedule an oil change and spent about 30 minutes on the phone getting hung up on and transferred back and forth between the receptionist and service department.  By the time I spoke with someone they were very rude.  Not sure if they service cars well- but I'm not putting in any more effort to find out.

Thanou T. | 2013-07-02

The team at Bell Road Toyota has showed be consistently helpful over the years.  My in-laws have been going here for years and have always gotten their Toyota's serviced here.  We have seen the same tech's for years as well, the team has low turnovers, which says good management.  The guys and gals there have always been personable and honest, the waiting area is clean and spacious.  If you have any issues, it's always good to speak with the service director or managers, they are never too busy to hear you out, they'll make anything right and will go the extra mile to have you leave confident about the service you just received.  Great facility and great team.

Ashley C. | 2013-06-25

I had a great experience here purchasing my used 2003 Toyota Corolla.

The sales staff was helpful and personable, and very patient with the fact that we had to haul our 8 year old and toddler along for the ride.  I am pleased with the final negotiated price of the car, and was treated with respect when trying to negotiate what was obviously a rather small sale, comparatively.

I have never purchased from a dealership before, always choosing private party until now.  I was happy with the experience, and would come here again.

Willie H. | 2013-05-06

Nice facility but not much more.  Service department anything but world class.  Poor communication, work is average, and reluntant to stand by their work.

Anthony P. | 2013-05-01

NOTICE to Yelp staff: This is my third time posting this review, it is a FACTUAL and FIRSTHAND account of my experience at this dealership. The original review was current when it was posted so this is not an update. Please STOP removing it.

Watch your back at this place, they will try to steal your trade-in! One of the sleaziest dealerships I've ever been to.
I accompanied my girlfriend here in 2012 to look at a Tacoma. They offered her $1500 for her car that was worth $3500 easy, said they couldn't do better since they were "going to wholesale it since they wouldn't sell THAT car" on their lot.
In fact we got $3200 as a first offer from the next dealership we went to.
They also wouldn't budge on an inflated price on the Tacoma which was easily $3000 over its KBB value. (They VERY visibly didn't like the fact that I was sitting next to her on my phone checking the numbers out on online, very mean looks)

We were not treated with respect here, they insulted her and her car by referring to it very condescendingly with phrases like "oh... it's domestic", and told her that a Tacoma is "too much truck for you" (yeah, a Tacoma). This place is a joke of a dealership and the staff needs to learn some manners. You DO NOT earn business by insulting customers and their cars with sexist and condescending remarks.

Liz S. | 2013-04-25

Really Bell Road Toyota? Really?
The finance department is a joke here, the receptionists is the only one with an ounce of customer service in her, and her trying to help usually ends with the buffoons in the glass cage yelling at her.
Not cool.
I can get absolutely nothing done when I am here. Once you purchase the vehicle you no longer exist.  
Even while purchasing these guys are complete jerks.  My husband is by no means an easy guy to deal with when it comes to dollars and cents, but their behavior is truly horrifying.  When a deal was finally reached for my husbands new car I went to get something out of his old one, I dropped some change and the finance guy that had worked our deal looked at me and said "want me to get you husband to come pick that up, it's clear he needs every cent he can get."
I should have told them to call off the deal then.  My mistake. I tried to write it off as one guy having a bad day, but turns out this is model behavior for their finance guys.

Ted B. | 2013-03-05

Hugh and Kris did a great job with my Prius lease.  They were very courteous, respectful of time, and transparent during the process.  Would repeat anytime.  Thanks guys!

A T. | 2013-02-15

Service prices here are more than Camelback Toyota!  FYI-Coolent flush is $10 less at CBk.  Toyota "red" coolent on flush invoice is $34/gal - but OTC retail is $30/gal ($27 w/coupon..they dont tell you about..).!  SEEMS ple paying for the "flush service" shld get coolent at a lower price. Penalty should be on those who jst buy the coolent and do not purchase the service. Would it be best to buy the red coolent at $27(w/coupn) & pay labor 45 min ($126/hr)?  Not impressed with a sales guy's subtle sarcasm or the service mgr' who barley spoke. SOmething is OFF!

Phoenix N. | 2013-02-07

Well first of all, I'm still trying to catch my breath after reading all the bad reviews on here. I guess different folks have different experiences. I bought a car from BRT approximately (7) days ago and first let me say that I love my car! I actually went to BRT after "Mr. Ed" out in the east valley quoted me a high monthly payment, refused to find the Corolla I wanted in the color I wanted, and essentially acted like they were doing me a favor selling me a vehicle.   Uh...I don't think so.  I was immediately put at ease by Kyleor (sorry if I misspelled his name) whom I had already contacted the day before via the Internet, who not only had the car I wanted, but the color too. I walked out of there with a cheaper monthly payment than what "Mr. Ed" quoted me and I didn't have to drive to B.F.E. to get the car. Everyone was very nice, personable, and attentive. Would I have liked to have received a lot more for my trade? Yes. But who wouldn't? They're in business to make money and so am I. It's the American way.  I believe I got a good deal and a fair shake with the price. And I was treated very nicely. In this day and age of places who act like they're doing you a favor selling you something, it was a breath of fresh air to walk out of there feeling like it mattered that I bought a car from them. I plan to do business with them again in the future.

Mark T. | 2013-01-16

My review is based on a 2004 experience in purchasing a new 4Runner with a BMW tradein.  Hopefully they've improved their selling service since then.

-Test Drive:  Prior to going on a test drive, they asked me to sign an insurance "waiver".  I was suspicious as the text was 1 pt font.  Upon closer inspection, it was a credit check release form.  They wanted to know my credit/income history prior to negotiating.  I was furious.

-Price quote:  I asked them for the tradein value of my BMW (quoted elsewhere at 20k and confirmed with trade-in value on KBB.)  I also asked them for their best sell price on the 4Runner.  They came back with a monthly payment plan.  I asked them for the math behind it and they gave me a blank stare.

I reversed their math in front of them and showed them they were giving me 1/4 the tradein value of my BMW and a high APR.  

I walked out and purchased a Pilot from Honda down the street.  They were much better to work with.  

Days later I received a customer experience call from Toyota corporate.  They were speechless.

Gogo G. | 2013-01-11

So I come for an oil change and a recall. I was told an hour and a half to an hour and forty-five. Been here for two and a half hours. My car has been sitting in the finished area for 15 minutes now with no contact from the service rep. Will never come back here.

Kurt S. | 2012-12-10

Bought a Tacoma at full sticker and these a$$ clowns even tacked on an extra $50 and thought I wouldn't notice. Pfft! I'm guessing that was for the "FREE" second tank of gas they offered me after waiting to go in to finance for over 3 hours.
Plus, on the sticker, they charged $500 for dealer installed tint. WTF? It's factory tint on all but the front 2 windows and Danny's will do every window (all 7 windows and they will match instead of being a different color) for $200. Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time here.

PS. I got the extended care and these crooks keep thinking I'll bring it back for the next 2 years for my "FREE" maintenance... HA!!!! Hope they choked on ripping me off.

*******ALSO- Pay extra attention to the 125+ reviews below being filtered, as this Stealership isn't even worthy of 2 stars. And finally, all of you new yelpers out there that think your 1 star review will not be filtered, think again. You need to have several reviews and maybe a few friends, along with posting at least a pic or 2, or your review will end up in the filtered Yelp Neverland below. You've been warned.*********

German S. | 2012-09-02

Filthy and careless! We took our new Prius in for its first scheduled service and got it back filthy with grease all over the leather seats, door panels and dashboard. When my wife pointed it out to the service manager, they did a quickie clean-up but it was far from thorough. I spent nearly an hour at home with a leather cleaner to remove the grease from the seat and door panel. It had even dug into the stitching in the seats and was tough to remove. A car should never be allowed to get this way, and should certainly never be returned to the owner this way!

Frankly, if they don't have the common sense to put a simple cover on a leather seat (or any seat) before the mechanic gets in, then I can't believe they have the sense and skill to properly maintain the car. We were going to replace our Honda van with a Toyota, but at this point, if we do (and that's now in doubt), it certainly won't be from this dealership!

I don't like to write a negative review and I think people deserve the benefit of the doubt, but not only was the dealership careless in its work and post-work inspection (if any) but then they failed to properly address it when it was pointed out to them. That's why I'm taking the time to let others know.

Vanessa R. | 2012-01-26

If the dealers at Bell Road Toyota tell you that their customers rate them as excellent it's because when they do their phone surveys the first question they ask is, "Would you rate your dealership experience excellent across the board?", if you say no they hang up. The unhappy opinion doesn't count.

Our dealership experience was horrible!

We were cheated on our trade, lied about prices and were guilted into purchasing a car by our "Best Friend" Ruben. These are all things we never thought we'd fall for but did.

We spent 4 1/2 hours at the dealership because no matter how many times we tried to leave, explaining to them that we are a military family and couldn't afford what they were offering, we were repeatedly told to wait while they worked out our "Amazing" deal ($3,000 down, $410 a month for 84 months not including gap, not such a great deal especially when we refinanced for $412 for 72 months including gap with our bank). The day after we signed for the car we realized that we'd been had, no one explained anything of the financial stuff to us and when it was time to sign we were so tired we didn't pay close attention to the deal. We called te dealership less than 24 hours later and were avoided for 4 days and everyone, including their customer service rep Tom said was nothing anyone could do, we'd have to talk to GM Bob. After days of leaving messages and being told Bob would call and receiving nothing we finally got ahold of him and he told (yelled, actually yelled!) at my husband that the deal was done, we signed, Arizona law said it was ours... Gist of it, we we're S.O.L.

Every person we dealt with after we signed was rude, a lot of cutting you off when you're talking because after the deal is done the Customer is always wrong.

I wouldn't recommend this dealership to anyone. Ever.

Melissa D. | 2011-12-27

I would give this NO STARS~!This would be the 2nd time I brought my 2010 Prius that is covered under warranty for service and 2nd TIME THEY DIDN"T DO THEIR JOB! All I needed was the 5K tire rotation and it wasn't done TWICE! First time they said sorry...has service manager come out and say so sorry and here is a Free car wash for anytime. Well ok I'll give you a second chance. Today left my car there for it's 15000 tire called 2 hours later telling me all done. Got there and looked at my tires ( since I had this happen to me at this dealer before I marked the tires...ha ha) NOT DONE. Called over service manager and said we'll sent it back and just said sorry! IF YOU CAN"T TRUST A DEALER TO EVEN CHANGE TIRES WHY GO THERE! Service is NOT GOOD HERE! SALES EVEN SUCKS HERE....I leased my Prius at another dealership that was farther from my house....I went here first to only see if I can get a better lease deal....NO WAY they racked up price and I have excellent credit.

I'm writing this review so you will shop around!

Shaq D. | 2011-08-24

Brutally awful, bait-and-switch, sleazy dealership.  Test drove a Camry and left with a verbal price quote from the salesman's manager/closer.  Came back 5 days later and a different "manager" said that the previous quote was not authorized, and that the best he could do was about $2,000 more than the price quoted.  All models on the lot included $400 - $800 in dealer add-ons (window tint, paint sealant) that were NOT shown on their car detail on the website inventory.  Don't waste your time.

Justin L. | 2011-02-02

I don't really expect super customer service when I have to get an oil change, but some kind of personality would be good. It's so close to me I can drop my car off and walk home in five min, but I genuinely hate going there.

Someone will walk up to you to see what you want, and if your appointment isn't with them, they will just point you where to go, instead of walking you over there. Then I go in front of this little glass office, and I'm not sure if it's prop per etiquette to just walk in or knock or what?

Anyways, I just bought my car, and I have two years free service so I will keep going until it runs out and then probably take it over to Right Toyota or something. I haven't really experienced better but something about this place is just uncomfortable.

Warren K. | 2010-12-05

Originally I wrote this about Camelback Toyota. My better half informs me that I made a mistake. First time ever, but so it goes. Seems it was Bell Road Toyota that pulled this one on us. Shame on me for confusing the two. Mea culpa.

"My experience with [Bell Road Toyota], limited as it is, reinforces all that has ever been said of sleazy car dealers.  

My wife and I were shopping for a car for her a few years ago and went to [Bell Road Toyota] once more.  This time came the really sleazy crap. We had rushed down for an advertised internet special on a particular car. The price was to die for. We walked in ready to buy. The salesman stalled us. Then, while we were in his office a woman and kids walked in, and bought it out from under us while our sales guy tried to sell us something else. We thought at the time and still think they had underpriced the car and brought in some employee's wife and kids as shills for the express purpose of shafting us on the deal.

Caveat emptor with these people. The merchandise is OK, but the staff shouldn't be trusted."

Marshal M. | 2010-10-10

I could not believe this place. Before I went, I called and spoke with the manager to check and see if I would qualify for a lease. He said they couldn't do that sort of thing over the phone because they needed a signature. Naturally, that got me in the door.

The salesperson was fine. He did what he was supposed to do- build rapport, sell us on the car...blah blah blah. Before they ran my credit information, they realized that I had not actually signed the paper. They brought it back and I signed it.

THEN...they had the manager come in, presumable to close the deal. He started with some outrageous figure based on if I put 25% down on the vehicle! Of course, this was far from the lease deal we viewed online. The guy was clearly giving us the roof and attempting to scrape us down.

Anyway, I obviously turned down the ridiculous number and said I wanted the lease deal. He said he would go to check it out.  He returns, and before he even bothers to give me an actual reasonable number, he says that they ran my wife's credit along with mine- WITHOUT HER SIGNATURE!  He then tells my wife that she needs to "do the right thing" and sign the paperwork. I was appalled! My wife told him she wouldn't, and he said no deal, that was that.

I feel badly for the salesperson because we were ready to walk with a car that day. If it weren't for the manhandling, we would have. In fact, we drove to the Honda dealership a block away and leased a vehicle.  We were a little flexible and ended up with a payment higher than we had come in for. We we're willing to reasonably deal. Toyota would have figured that out had they treated us with an ounce of respect at the negotiating table.

Jessica P. | 2010-05-28

I think they broke the time record for all dealerships... walked in at 130pm, and was out the door with all paperwork signed at 330pm.

I originally intended to bring my Scion in to have the tire gauge checked... made the mistake of glancing over at the used cars (I REFUSE to buy new) from the service area, saw the car I've wanted for years, walked over just to look... and left the dealership with a new car. hahaha

I've been wanting a new car for a couple weeks now, but I was shocked that it happened that fast.

The people were friendly and very easy to deal with for me.  

I also go in knowing that it's going to be stressful due to the amount of money we are talking... but it's no use going in to be mean to people.

Because of that... they practically GAVE me my new car.  I saved $6k. :-)

Being nice but firm works!

Penny Lane X. | 2009-11-02

Bought a car here...forget about dealing with the hoards of Salesmen waiting to pounce on your car as you pull up...make an appointment with the Fleet Dept (yes, the Fleet Dept) your homework before you show up and know the price, so they don't dicker around with you and waste your whole day.

The process was great...until I started to deal with the Finance guy....who was a condescending JERK, because I didn't want to sign up for warranties and add'l unnecessary crap. Why do these CREEPS think that ANY women is an unsuspecting target to sell EVERYTHING to? I think the Finance guy was on commission.

Well, when I threatened to get up & walk away to go someplace else to buy a car, he changed his tune (and they gave me floor mats). Next time, I'll ask for LUNCH too...

I'm not very impressed with the Service Dept, so I take my car elsewhere. They seem friendly, but not helpful in resolving my car repair issues.