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At Bell Honda, it's all about you! Centrally located on 7th Avenue and Bell Road, we proudly serve the surrounding communities of Paradise Valley, Tempe, Mesa, Phoenix, Gilbert, Fountain Hills, Chandler, Glendale, Peoria, Scottsdale, Sun City, El Mirage, Surprise, Avondale and Goodyear. In solidifying our strong reputation, the American Honda Association recognizes Bell Honda amongst the top 15% of all American Honda Dealerships, and has received the esteemed President's Award. This top honor means that Bell Honda has surpassed expectations by delivering exceptional customer service, as well as operational excellence.


Established in 1988.

Bell Honda has a long and honored history. Opening its doors in 1988, Bell Honda has served the valley for over 20 years. In 2004, Bell Honda welcomed the public to its newly remodeled state-of-the-art-facility and continues to work daily on providing every customer with the finest customer service experience attainable. We invite you to stop by and take a look at one of our fun-to-drive vehicles that includes the all new redesigned Accord, Civic, CR-V, Fit, Pilot, Odyssey, Ridgeline, Crosstour, and much more!

Bell Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(602) 490-8877
Address:701 W. Bell Road, Phoenix, AZ, 85023
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Bell Honda

Ryan C. | 2015-04-15

I'm driving by Honda to run a sales appointment so I figure I'd stop in for a second because that's interested in the Honda accord with the Apple CarPlay. So I walk and I'm greeted by manager which is all good and he can get me a sales person and a guy comes out and he can barely speak English.
I'm not racist or have any issue with people that can't speak good English but some kind of English at all would be great. The guy Had on so much cologne I couldn't even think about what kind of car I wanted to look at. Then I asked to see the accord in a go to take me outside and ask what's wrong with the one that's right in front of us and the show around so he went to go show me a lower grade car which to me it would seem in sales you want to show somebody the nicest car however I could be wrong with that. Then I asked to see the Apple player whatever and he goes to try to get a key for the car it takes 10 minutes for the key machine to get it some sitting there waiting doing nothing finally once we do once we do get the key he can't figure out the code to unlock the dashboard to be able to see it so I get up and I leave the end

Chris E. | 2015-04-09

Bought a used car from them.  The car was delivered and was nothing but problems.  I've never bought such a horrible car before.  I'll never buy from these junk lot, used car sales flunkies again.

Rachel G. | 2015-04-06

I have an exceptional experience at Bell Honda.  I first dealt with Austin and he was very patient with me and my questions and when I returned I dealt with Robert Jones - what an amazing few hours I spent there.  Robert helped me through every process and even with my issues of being new to the country, asked lots of questions about my home country (New Zealand).  I am very pleased with my lease and will be returning to Bell Honda and recommending them, especially Robert, to anyone who asks.

L. R. | 2015-04-03


We went here to check out a used 2000 Toyota 4Runner on March 29, 2015 since Bell Honda is on USAA's list of preferred car buying services. Online it looked amazing, but in reality they failed to mention that there was extensive rust on the entire frame, as well as other mechanical issues. My boyfriend crawled underneath the vehicle and noticed quite a few things that were wrong, including a broken CV axle.

We spent hours negotiating a fair price with Dave Cook, and then the manager, Morgan. Eventually, we finally all agreed on a price with the sale conditional to fixing the mechanical issues and my boyfriend being able to see the vehicle on a lift to check it out for himself. We talked to their finance guy, Iron, about having him arrange for a backup in case we couldn't get financing through USAA on our own. He tried to sell us some gap insurance and extended warranty, doing shady fast-talking and despite me asking multiple times for the upfront cost of said programs, he just kept saying it was "only" about $10/month extra. He did his fast-talking bullshit enough to make me confused (I was hungry and tired after being there for hours) but fortunately I noticed when he printed out paperwork for my boyfriend to sign that this additional cost was in excess of $3,000! To that, we said no. For a 15 year old car, that's not a wise investment, especially when we had just spent hours negotiating the cost of the car down by that much! This should have been red flag #1.

On March 30th, my boyfriend received a call from Dave, saying they finished the inspection and they found nothing wrong with the vehicle. This was very suspicious, since again, my boyfriend has mechanical experience and inspected the truck as best he could with limited resources. But whatever, we had made an appointment at noon on the 31st to get it on a lift and check it out, as well as see the 100+ point inspection report the service shop was going to do. Red flag #2.

So the 31st comes, we're both pretty excited to check it out and take it home, right? My boyfriend took an hour lunch to see it on the lift at our pre-arranged appointment time. We got approved for financing through USAA with 3.25% financing and brought the check to pay for it. Dave is busy selling a car to someone else, but Morgan will come out and help us.

Morgan comes out, I immediately ask him since there were no repairs, he'll have no problem taking the "minimum of $3,000 built into the price for repairs" off of our price, but of course that was "for when the price was higher" and also, repairs WERE done! So Morgan hops into the 4runner, we pile into the passenger seat and back seat and head to the shop to get it up on a lift. Oh, there's no appointment scheduled for us? There are at least 10 bays free and I asked Morgan why we couldn't just borrow one of those for the 5-10 minutes it'd take for us to check it out but they were all "for lube customers." Like, really? You're expecting all 10 of the lifts to be in use in the next 10 minutes? Fine, whatever. He drives us back and then wanders off without telling us where he was going, which ended up being his signature move. By now it's 12:30, we haven't gotten to check out the truck on a lift. My boyfriend crawled under it again and touched the CV and got grease all over his hand, indicating that they didn't fix it. We ask why they didn't reserve a lift even though we requested it and Morgan went on to throw Dave under the bus, saying the miscommunication was all his fault, not taking any responsibility for anything, despite him being Dave's boss.

Morgan says we can get it on the lift if we come back at 6, and he'll have the service report printed. I want the report right then but for some reason he can't do it. Until we're debating voiding the entire sale since the conditions were not met. Then he can print it, but it takes him like 15 minutes to do whatever and he still didn't get the report printed. My boyfriend has like 10 minutes left of his lunch, nothing was accomplished so we decided to void the sale. I requested it in writing and Morgan arranged that, though that also took longer than it should have.

I wasn't going to even write a review because after we went home, I was fine that we dodged a bullet by voiding the sale. No money exchanged hands and we didn't ever take the car home. I'd gotten over the negativity that I felt while dealing with Bell Honda and had moved on..

Until today, I was looking over our finances and noticed that on our Wells Fargo account, there was a loan taken out for the 4Runner, posted on April 2, 2015. So now we have to deal with that. My boyfriend called Bell Honda, and they said someone will cancel it but we'll see.

Tom G. | 2015-03-30

This was a picture perfect transaction that we experienced with Jake as our sales rep and Matt handling the financial end. Both of these men did a great job listening to our needs and following thru on our request. Thank you for making this a great buying expierence .

Tabetha S. | 2015-03-15

3/15/15 UPDATE:

These people still haven't paid off our car we traded in, and won't return our calls. We've been getting phone calls from where we financed our previous car stating they have not received their check yet paying off the car. You'd think after they told us 2 weeks ago they'd send out the check via fed ex...clearly haven't done that yet. Just not sure what to do anymore. We're at a legit loss. Thank you bell Honda for screwing us financially. If anyone has a suggestion of what to do we'd appreciate it, we're lost.

David L. | 2015-03-10

Service always extraordinary. I leased my first car here and Gordon was the best and made the experience easy and very smooth. He is very knowledgeable and works very hard for you to be comfortable with what you're getting.

Jordan K. | 2015-03-09

If there were zero stars or negative stars, BELL Honda is worthy of that rating. I've never seen such horrible customer service. I mean yeah buying a car is about the car by all means but the customer service is a huge factor in buying a car as well.. Bell Honda has the worst customer service I have ever seen. If you have a problem and go in they say they will try to work with you but really that's a crock of crap. The top guy the GM or assistant GM Scott and the customer relations Jackie to the finance lady.. You guys should get new jobs. Gave us nothing but attitude like they didn't give 2 f's... I had to walk out so I didn't say something I would regret.. I was so frustrated with them!!! I've never felt more like no one could care less. It's about getting you in and out. Once you buy the car they don't give a damn about you anymore. I literally had to walk out on them because I was so disgusted. I will NEVER EVERRRR go back to Bell Honda, Tempe Honda will get my business from now on and I hope the future customers can read this review and find it helpful. DONT SHOP AT BELL or you will find yourself in a position like mine where they won't care about you..

Todd E. | 2015-03-07

If I could leave fewer stars I would.  Purchasing vehicles is bad enough, but having to deal with bait and switch and promises made which once inside they play games on pricing and try to tell you that no agreements were made.... Stay away from this dealership it will just disappoint you and waste your time.

Jared W. | 2015-02-26

The biggest pack of scumbags I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with in my entire life of customer service interactions. Absolutely none of these people deserve to be employed.

I could write a novel based on how bad the experience was, but I don't want to bore you all to tears... so I will summarize the key issue:

DO NOT believe a word they tell you about the price of something. I got a guarantee from a manager that I would pay X amount OUT THE DOOR... and when I got there (after a 1-1/2 hour drive) it was thousands higher and they wouldn't negotiate even close to the original price and I never got to speak to the manager that I was expecting to meet.

I remember when I was shopping around and dealers were bidding for my business, another dealer asked who gave me the best quote. When I told him it was Bell Honda he literally laughed out loud and assured me with certainty that they wouldn't honor it. I thought he was exaggerating, but he was right.

I would rather eat my money than see a single cent go to these people.

Troy C. | 2015-02-08

I went to Bell Honda last Tuesday. I was skeptical because I read bad reviews but a co-worker suggested I go in and see Jason Teel. They sold me a new Honda Accord.  I have no doubt in my mind I made the best choice and paid the best price; I would do it all over again!!

See you next Tuesday!

Walker V. | 2015-02-04

Hello - I went car looking the other day here with no intention of buying or leasing a Honda - just looking around. While looking I was approached by a nice woman named Brenda - it was such a fun experience. She showed me a couple of cars and electric ones too. I told her I'm not sure if I even wanted Honda and then she showed me some used cars and trucks. I didn't buy anything. But I would recommend talking with Brenda if you are looking. There was no sales pressure and it was a good experience. Is leading better than buying? I'm not sure.

Jaspreet K. | 2015-02-02

I have only come here for oil changes for the past two years, and for that they have been great. I usually end up getting a coupon in the mail or through email which offers an oil change for $19.95 or $27.95 so just depends on the coupon I get.

For $20, you really can't get a better job anywhere else. The waiting room is spacious and clean with magazines and TV for past time. They have a small kids play area too. Free wifi, coffee, popcorn and donuts. They open early so you can get maintenance before heading to work/school. Also, they offer a complimentary car wash. Most of the staff is friendly, but you have to be smart about their maintenance suggestions.

The wait bothers me a bit, even after always setting up an appointment I have never got out of here in less than an hour.

Cherie H. | 2015-02-02

I've bought several cars in my lifetime. This was the worst car buying experience ever, times 10.  Called incessantly before I bought the car. Called once after, just to make sure I'd give them a good rating. Not likely!  Run while you can. There are lots of other choices.  The car? It's fine. A Honda is a Honda.  The car buying process was long - 7 hours - and painful. They are an old school dealer with old school sales tricks. Caveat Emptor.

Véronique R. | 2015-01-30

Very bad experience with them. I came in looking to purchase a used car. Was served by Jake, he was very nice and tried to be as helpful as possible. However, he could not locate the car I wanted to purchase and so we agreed I would come back at night. I came back that evening with my husband. Jake was unavailable and we were served by Patrick. We wanted to look at 3 cars. He made us walk across the street to the parking lot, and only located one of the three cars. He did not have the car keys with him and it was pitch black, as such we were not able to drive the car nor really see it. After 30 minutes of being jerked around, as no one had shown us any car yet, my husband and I left. The next morning I received a call from Brandon asking me what I thought about their service. I explained the whole story, he apologized and said he would call me back within minutes. 3 days later I still have not received an phone call from him. Another manager called me 2 days later to ask me about what I thought of their service. He obviously was not aware of the whole situation and as such I had to reexplain the whole story, and what I got was a short apology. I do not recommend this place at all. I came in to purchase a car and left with nothing, not even seeing a car physically or even test driving one. Bad customer service.

Lauren S. | 2015-01-08

Not happy with the service...started a new car deal, didn't have all day, they would call... I never got a call back. And then I got a call asking how my service was. Was not a happy experience. Will not go back.

Andrea M. | 2015-01-03

After being led around by our salesman Gary about what we would and would not get with our car (trunk liner, alarm, splash pads) for hours we finally met with an awesome finance manager named Ken. We signed the papers and were handed ONE key with the promise that if we came back tomorrow we'd get the second (according to Gary he was locked out of the cabinet to access the second key...okay?). Gary calls us this morning to say just kidding! The key hadn't been locked up, but lost, and that he needs to make a new one. On our way to pick up the new key Gary calls to tell us they have zero blank keys in stock, and to pay for a new one out of pocket and they would pay us back eventually. These keys cost $400-$600 to cut. I, a female who put down a lot of money on the car and who Gary had been contacting about this whole fiasco, told him that was unacceptable and that they could cut us a check for a new key. He started to yell at me, the lady who had given him a heavy commission, that he didn't care if I thought it was unacceptable, but wanted to talk to the man of the house. We made a formal complaint to the manager and low and behold, they got the genius idea to ask for a new key from another local dealership. I understand a lost key, absolutely. I don't understand or accept the blatant sexism and disrespect towards some one who has just put thousands of dollars into the pocket of your business. I'll never shop at Bell Honda again.

Kimberly A. | 2014-12-30

Horrific experience. My husband and I had been doing research for months on true car and auto trader for the perfect car. Honda made the list and I was excited they were advertising fair prices. As soon as we actually sat down with someone it was a nightmare. Cars were stickered WAY above advertising and we were treated like trash for trying to negotiate to the ADVERTISED (of course I know dealerships want you to pay for paint protection and other nonsense, I'm referring to the price of the car alone) price. The sales rep even had the audacity to exclaim "what did you want to pay $5k, $6k!?" As though we had no business to give them. Needless to say we bought a brand new Hyundai accent later that day. If your heart is set on buying a Honda drive down to showcase to see Tony, at least you'll be treated like a decent person.

Courtney W. | 2014-12-28

I needed a new car after driving my previous car for 11.5 years (a Honda civic coupe). I could've kept driving the couple, but I knew it was getting older and it was time to get a more reliable car. My coupe was a great car and definitely held up! I'm a teacher so I don't have a large budget and I needed something dependable and affordable. I also wanted a 4 door sedan so I could have more space. My boyfriend and I went around one day to a couple of different places and after test driving the Honda I knew that car was better than the previous car I test drove. I had no idea it would be that much better. Josh is the one who greeted us, showed and explained in detail everything about the car (the other place we went to didn't do this), and offered us the best deal! I was thrilled! So that night I drove home in a brand new civic sedan that has some great technology! Thanks Josh!

Tina B. | 2014-12-22

How long does it take to get one new tire with an appointment? Hours. They even asked if I wanted to skip the car wash to speed things up, I agreed. Didn't matter. Staff in service sit around talking about drinking and being hung over. Also texting on their phones. Will go to discount tire next time. Got 4 tires and new rims on my other car in half the time.

Tammy F. | 2014-12-15

I hear all the nightmares of buying a car and dealing with the finance department. Wow that wasn't the case for me and dealing with Bell's finance department. What should have been a tough experience given my credit score I was pleasantly surprised at how wonderful the staff was and how painless the process was. Not only can I afford my car payments I found the experience to be quick and easy.  Bell Honda you got an A+ in my mind. Thank You.

Crystal V. | 2014-11-29

Amazing!!!! Cannot say enough great things about Gordon, Ramsey and the whole Bell Honda team!!!! Was treated amazing and everybody should come here when buying a car!!!!!!

Leeanne O. | 2014-11-12

Bought my car here got a decent deal I am happy with and I have used their service center ever since. I go regularly for my complementary carwashes and I recently got my oil changed there. Anthony has always taking care of me and does an exceptional job. The only time I have ever had an issue is with my tires. I kept getting nails in them and when I went there they tried to charge me $120 for a new tire. I went elsewhere and they fixed it for $10. This really made me second guess their judgement, but I haven't had any other issues.

Vlad W. | 2014-11-07

I was over there about 2 months ago when I was in the market for a vehicle. I decided that would like to get a manual accord sport. After test driving we went in to get some numbers. The price on that car was about $24k when they brought me their first set of numbers they tried showing me their selling price of about $31k at 72 month term and $5000 down my payment would  be about $800!!!!!!!!! Are you serious???!!!!  Long story short I went somewhere else and purchased a vehicle.

Barbara K. | 2014-10-30

Went in today in the middle of the day and the place was empty. I just wanted to ask a question about my vehicle. I was completely blown off and given the wrong information on top of that. The guy that approached me was not interested in listening to my concern, he was only interested in having my car appraised. After I left and discovered that he didn't even give me the right information, I was not impressed.

Barb V. | 2014-10-29

I got the package with that includes car washing .. I could actually go in every single day and get my car washed for free... so worth it to me!!!

Jeff E. | 2014-10-28

Simple and to the point: I went in at 3:15pm, and left at just past 9pm with the car I had my eyes on since I first said "I NEED a new car". I could say they did a horrible job with keeping me in there for nearly 6 hours...but keep in mind I am difficult and very picky. Read on, I actually got what I wanted and it was worth my time.

I had set spending limits, and already pre-approved myself for loans through Capital One. I thankfully have been able to reduce debt so significantly that I am now well below the printed dealer APR average (hooray). Angel the Internet Sales Manager quickly greeted me and helped me look over cars. I inquired about the Honda CRV which had been nearly purchased the day before...however it was in my sight! Angel kindly made sure he knew my limits and of course took down my parameters so he could test them later, like any good salesman would. Personable and kind, he helped me look at a few SUV models like a Rav 4 and an Escape. I wanted the CRV.

We took the Rav 4 for a spin and it was nice, and we were actually going to proceed with the buying process, until he and I found out he was way off on pricing. I quickly advised him I was not going to continue, and laid out my rates again....hence the 1 star off. Back in check, Angel looked the CRV over again and realized it was way below the Rav 4 (and is a nicer car, mind you). We proceeded through price quotes and we went above my limit. Thankfully my APR and credit worthiness were able to bring down rates which included a full powertrain warranty for 112 K miles. I came in expecting to pay more for the warranty and hit the projected total. I said yes and rang the bell.

It was already 7, and time flew by. I was not tired, I was too busy being wrapped up in the moment...My first real adult moment in my mind: purchasing a car. No more parents involved. Now it came time for financing. I spoke with Iron, a good looking guy with a quick whip and knowledge for car financing. He apologized for my long wait (I did not realize the time until he mentioned this) and said he would cut me a deal. He sure did. We worked out a few extra months of payments, changed to bi-weekly payments which in turn reduced my principle by thousands. Did I mention this included Gap insurance and the protection against the flimsy warranty Honda provides? Now my engine, brake system, etc. are all covered for many years to come....all while keeping me at the same monthly rate I came into financing with. He did not upsell me on other gadgets, it would have taken an additional hour at least for that. It normally takes about 2.5 hours to finish financing, and we completed it all in about 45 minutes folks. Iron ROCKS!

Overall, its about getting what I wanted. I wanted a 2011 CRV, under 50,000 miles, and at a good rate that I can suck up and pay. I got just that at Bell Honda, I rang the bell, and they were able to deliver. Four stars goes out to the dealer...It could easily be 3 because they made me sit around so long, but thats expected at a dealer honestly, and I knew it coming in. I suggest you go online and look at their rates, then  reach out to Angel to get Fleet pricing. Angel always uses Iron from finance, and the two made the entire process go manager needed.

Chris A. | 2014-10-28

I should have paid attention to the 2 star rating. Brought my 2005 Odyssey in to get a power steering leak fixed and the power sliding doors. After 900 plus dollars I drove the van away and discovered that the leak remained and the doors failed after 2 uses. When I called Chris in the service department I was advised to bring it back. I brought it a 9am and then called at 12pm and 2pm for and update as they did not call me back. When I reached Chris I was told that they although they replaced the power steering pump I still needed a hose which was leaking. Price? $365. Regarding the doors, although they replaced the rear rollers, I should now replace the rear latches. Price? $400 plus per side. The Point here is nothing I paid for is fixed and I would not have spent any money if I knew what the total cost would be. The Van books out at under 4500 dollars. Try another dealer.

Jody K. | 2014-10-27

I had an issue with my back door locks - after doing some googling, found out that it was a common issue with the actuators not working.  Every time my car would hit the 10 mph speed, my doors would auto-lock, except for the 2 back ones - they would grind so loud.  My CR-V is less than 6 years old - I don't think for the amount I paid, and it being a Honda brand, should the locks already be dysfunctional - especially with my 6-YO sitting in the back.  I tried to reach the Honda Customer Service through Twitter, through FB, through my local dealership to no avail.  I finally sent a letter to the corporate headquarters and within 5 days, I received a phone call.  I was asked to bring in my CR-V to my local Honda dealership for them to do a diagnostic test on the car to make sure that it was indeed the actuators.  They ended up fixing my locks for me and I paid only a small tiny chunk.  Should they have paid for all of it?  Probably, but the cost incurred to me, wasn't worth another argument and again, was a very reasonable small price.  All I cared about was that my locks were fixed, that it would stop grinding and that my son was safe sitting in the back.  

Customer service there was great - my contact was Ryan and he was great from beginning to end.  The waiting area has also expanded greatly since the last time I was there.  And the free donuts, coffee and popcorn were an added bonus.

Peter M. | 2014-10-16

I bought a civic from these guys last year. It was a terrible experience. I agreed to a price that was advertised on the Internet with no money down. The sales manager still wanted money down when I got their. I gave him the a check for $500.00. Once I went to finalize the deal the finance guy wanted to sell me even more stuff. I told him that I only needed gap coverage. He was so pushy and rid I couldn't believe it. By the time I was finished I was so upset I couldn't enjoy my new car for weeks.
I love Honda cars but dealerships like this kill it for the auto maker. Stay away from this place!!!! I only put a star because this app will not let me post without it. They don't deserve one star.

Michael W. | 2014-10-01

I called the main line. There is no extension for the office. I chatted with a representative of the Internet Team on their website. She kept giving me the number to the mainline but wouldn't provide me with contact number for the office. She kept asking me why I would want to talk to them? How about, "Nunya."

Todd K. | 2014-09-18

Avoid this dealership like the plague!!

In my entire life I have never been treated with such disrespect and contempt by a car dealer.

My wife and I have purchased three new Honda's in the last four years from Showcase Honda but they were sold out of the model my wife wanted (a base model CR-V, all they had were expensive ones) so I tried the internet sales thing through and Bell Honda came back with the best price.

So far so good, I had the internet price on the CR-V but now I wanted them to appraise my wifes trade-in 2013 Civic. So I called Mike Verville (sp?) in the Internet office and told him I was bringing in the Civic. I was explicit that ALL i wanted was their offer on my trade-in. When I arrive I tell Mike again in no uncertain terms that ALL I want is their appraisers offer. Mike hands me off to a kid named Angel. Nice kid. Pleasant. But seems like he hasn't been selling cars for long.

So after an hour and a quarter the appraisal comes back and it's lower than I am willing to go so I shake Angels hand and tell him I will  come back next year and we can try it again. He asks me to wait. I smile and agree. I know how the game is played and I'm willing to hang out a little longer if they want to negotiate. Sure enough, another guy who claims to be one of the "finance guys" comes over. I wish I had caught his name when he introduced himself but I missed it and didn't think it would matter anyway. But, here is where it all turned to shit.

"Finance guy" lays out some new numbers in front of me. Well, not really new. The same numbers just rearranged with arrows and little drawings all over the sheet. And his attitude and tone pretty much make it clear that he thinks he is dealing with a yokel.

Those numbers are no good I tell him. No hard feelings "finance guy", I'll come back some other time. I stand up to leave. he jumps up and says in a snotty tone, "Wait a minute, let me go run some numbers."   He leaves for 15 minutes, comes back with another worksheet with all new numbers! Well, actually, the same numbers just rearranged again, but with some awesome little excel type diagrams. His attitude has degraded even further. Now he drips contempt and seems irritated by the fact that the idiot he is dealing with doesn't have the good sense to take the shitty deal he is offering, I have tried to  politely leave twice now and I am beginning to get agitated.

"Finance guy" starts talking again. He even got me a 0.9% loan rate. Oh joy! Never mind that if I take their offer I will be paying $26,000 for a $22,000 car.

He keeps talking. He worked in the Scottsdale dealership and sold tons of cars. Neat-o! He used to work with engineers before getting into automotive. Awesome! He's really good with numbers. Really impressive! The whole time pointing to the place on the sheet where I should sign. Too bad though, we won't be making a deal today because they can't meet my price on the trade-in.

I am past agitated, now I'm getting pissed. I stand up, stick my hand out, and with barely polite words tell him again that we won't be making a deal today. Then it hits me; I DIDN'T MAKE ANGEL BRING ME MY KEYS WHEN HE BROUGHT OVER THE APPRAISERS OFFER. Awww crap! I ask for my keys.


Now "finance guy" is no longer making any pretense of being polite or professional. He thinks if he does the hard sell he can close the deal. Ha. Heated words are exchanged.

I tell him we are done and walk out the back door (where they stage the cars under the ramada) telling him to get my keys and bring them to me. I will be in my car waiting.

Suddenly the back door explodes open and he is standing there yelling (YELLING) at me;

Finance Guy, yelling:  "You mean you don't want to take this deal?"

Me: "Get my keys!"

Finance Guy:  "l'm not getting your keys!"

Me, spinning around, about 15 feet away from him: "What are you going to do hold me hostage until I buy a car from you?"

Finance guy: "I'm not getting your keys."

Me; "Get my keys now!"

Finance Guy: "What are you going to do, hit me?"

Me, approaching him; "No, but I will call the cops."

Me, now we are nose to nose; "Get my keys."

Finance guy says it again: "What are you going to do, hit me?"

The insanity of what is happening hits me. The "finance guy" at Bell Honda is trying to goad me into a back alley brawl. I walk away again.

Me: "Bring my keys out here now or I will have you arrested for theft."

I go to my car, get in and wait. After a minute or two my door locks click. Apparently they didn't know I was already in the car and they attempted to lock me out of the vehicle.

Finally, a couple minutes later Mike Verville brings my keys out. What happened he asks? Blood boiling and infuriated to a degree I never thought possible I take my keys from him and leave,

Despicable, low-class, unprofessional scum of the earth does not even begin to describe Bell Honda.

I will also be filing a complaint against Bell Honda with Honda Headquarters

Jessica G. | 2014-08-31

I am a very frustrated and upset customer. However, it doesn't seem like this dealership cares at all! I received a refund check for my title fee I over paid when I purchased my honda in May. This check was received over a month ago. When I tried cashing it, the bank rejected it because Honda (you guys) FORGOT to sign the check. The check requires two signatures and someone in your office decided to send a check to a customer unsigned. Ridiculous! Then, I tried calling several times that week I tried cashing the check. Serveral times and someone always promised to call me back. Did I ever get a call back? Nope. So I physically drove to your dealership to take the check myself. The front desk lady said she would get a manager for me. So she did and the manager made it seem like he really cared and was sorry. He even said once he got the check signed, he would take it to my house himself. Two weeks went by and NOTHING. No check in the mail and no call backs. Nothing. Two weeks pass and I physically go to the dealership again to inquire about my missing/unsigned check. Another manager gives me a sweet talk promising me that he would take care of this Monday morning and that I would receive my check guaranteed in 3 days or else he would take it personally to my house or job. It's now Sunday and no check. I am appalled of how horrible this dealership treats their customers. All words, no action!This is MY money. Money I overpayed for a fee when I purchased my vehicle. And no one cares but me. I cannot believe the management. I get that you have better things to deal with like getting money from pushing into someone to buy a vehicle, just so you can screw them over after they pay too much for a fee and get a crappy check in the mail that they can't even cash!!!!! I'm so dissapointed and I expect my check!!! Who ever is responsible for sending my check back needs to do it. I don't care who I need to contact. If I have to I will contact the news. So honda can finally care about their customers! Do NOT purchase a vehicle from this dealership. Take your money elsewhere!

Katie S. | 2014-08-30

Internet sales manager doesn't listen to customer's wants and needs. Tries to hassle you if you bring in your own pre-approved loan.  Consistently quotes higher prices than what you find on the bell honda website despite working with the internet sales manager. Incessant phone calls are near-harassing.

Also, when my mother disclosed that accessibility is a priority due to her disabilities, the internet sales manager chuckled and said something to the effect of, "oh yeah, mental disabilities?"....real polite...and totally non-discriminatory...jerks!!!

In addition, one of the finance guys (who we didn't even want to talk to since I walked in with pre-approval), Kelly, showed us 2 pieces of paper and when we asked to look at them ourselves without him waiving them in front of our faces, he grabbed one away and said, "well this one doesn't count. This one's hypothetical." Talk about a scam!!! I can see why bell honda gets so many horrible complaints...discriminatory manipulating liars!

I will be going elsewhere with my new car purchase. Bell Honda is non-BBB accredited and has a B- (though they deserve an F), and Right Honda is BBB accredited with an A+....hmmm....might check that one out.  

And Jackie, all negotiations are hypothetical, but you don't rip a paper out of a customer's hands and refuse to let her see it again. That's called shady business practices.

Macy F. | 2014-08-29

Just wanted to update that I received yet another call five minutes ago once again asking me to trade in my car. What harassing business practices. I'm about to lodge a complaint. Do yourself a favor and do not give any information about yourself if you need a quote.

Courtney P. | 2014-08-28

I was in the market for a new car and wanted a honda civic.  I knew I wouldn't qualify for anything new and at reasonable payment as I've never bought a car from a dealership.  This guy refused to show me used and after two days of going back and forth the manager finally stepped in and said he had to stop showing me new.  We go over to the used and there were no civics(which explains why he wasn't bringing me over) and just starts showin me anything and convincing me I should get it. He legitimately seemed insulted when I said no way I was getting a fiat. I asked to leave numerous time and he just kept saying one more let's go for a test drive. It got really awkward when I refused so he finally gave me my key back to my car and didn't even walk me out or anything...rude. But it gets way worse. He called me every day twice would leave one voicemail and one email DAILY, finally on the second week I respond to the email to stop contacting me. He didn't listen and continued for another two weeks to which I finally reported the email as abuse.  I shouldn't have to do that. If someone says stop contacting you should probably listen. I lived close by and you lost a customer. I have also talked multiple people out of coming to this dealership for this reason.

Mariah S. | 2014-08-15

Well, I learned that I need to check Yelp BEFORE I go places! I, like many of you had one God-awful experience and I just bought my car today! I talked to a sales person on the phone (from Tucson, mind you) and I was told that all cars for sale go through an intensive point check before they can be put up for sale and that the used cars they have are, from what I gathered, "gems". I believed him of course, being infatuated with this car, and they went down on the price $1,000 but absolutely no more than that. I drove to Phoenix to test drive it and **crossed my fingers** to buy it. When I arrived they told me the car was going through the shop, and that day was the first day they could actually sell it (meaning it HADENT EVEN BEEN THROUGH THE INSPECTION BEFORE I ARRIVED). I came back later in the day to test drive and loved the drive. I don't know much about cars, but I know Hondas are good and I was trusting that a dealership wouldn't screw me over--I have yet to find out if that is completely true. They rushed me off to sign the check, and to fill out the paperwork. I felt SO OVERWHELMED with everything. No one was answering my questions straight and they were a few people who were being really sketchy which made my decision near regretful. I went away for the night, left the car on the lot because they promised me they would do a full paint detail, and intensive buff and wax--which I am almost CERTAIN they DID NOT DO. The car was parked in the exact spot I left it the previous day and NOTHING looked different about it's exterior or interior. I was near livid after being in phoenix for nearly three days because of all of this. I drove the car off the lot, got gas--because those pleasant, wonderful, sons from the underworld handed me a car with the fuel light on--it's the little things, you know?! After fueling up, it wouldn't start, nothing would turn on. Can you IMAGINE?!!!
I handed them $13,600 and now, THIS?! I called them back, they sent some mechanic "right away", It took him almost 20minutes to get to where I was (5 minutes down the road, Bell & 16th) He messed around with some connecting parts to the battery and it started right away. Well, I was relieved it wasn't a HUGE deal. They took it back, replaced the part, and tightened it while I looked for further help. I talked to three magicians who would otherwise go by the title of a "car sales man". They each told me they would get someone or something (like the promised $25 gas card), and once they left my sight....I never saw them again, hence, the disappearing magicians. Once I finally spoke to the Manager, he was GREAT, he was so kind and so helpful. He got me everything I asked for in a timely fashion, he answered all my questions, he even got down and dirty under the car hood showing me parts, the oil, the new brake pads, etc. I was very pleased with my interaction with him. I drove home in peace, the car was great.
I got home, hung out with my boyfriend, fell asleep on the couch, and woke up at 3am to drive home (less than 1.5 miles away) I turned into my neighborhood (the sketchy side of it) and my car DIED, WHILE I WAS DRIVING IT. I had no cell phone, I was alone, and I was near the sketchy side with no flashlight, You can see why I, a 22 year old female, was shaken up. I RAN home, plugged in my dead phone, and called my boyfriend to help. We got the car started up and drove it back to the house. BUT, OH WHAT A DAY!!! I don't know what they are going to do since I am now in Tucson...they promised me they would certainly pick up the tab for a shop here in Tucson if anything went wrong again, and I SURE hope they are going to keep their word on this. I am to say the least, whole heartedly dissatisfied. I feel like my worst fear is coming true and that this is quite possibly the biggest mistake I ever made.


J W. | 2014-08-05

If I could rate them zero stars I would!! Horrible service!

I took my Honda to Bell Honda to look at a radiator leak that was under warranty.  They said it would take an hour.  After three hours I called them. Andrew, was not able to explain why there was a leak so he gave the phone to Brian, mechanic for Bell Honda.  Brian said the radiator was fine, it was a blown head gasket.  Cost would be $1700. When I said no way, he put me on hold. After 8 minutes on hold, Brian came back and said he could replace the head gasket for $989. (his manager was doing us a favor). We opted out of their repairs for a second opinion.  When we picked up our car, it took Bell Honda 45 minutes to check us out  (they weren't washing it, like they offered to do), and handed us a paper that said they did a courtesy multi point inspection - no mention of a blown head casket.  

Our second opinion resulted in a loose clamp on the radiator hose - $22, and no head gasket issues.  

Seems to me they are running some sort of scam to generate revenue!  

We will never purchase or take our vehicles to Bell Honda, and we are letting family members, co-workers and every one we know the horrible service we received, and the scam they tried to turn.  

Big mistake Bell Honda!

Danielle M. | 2014-07-25

Awesome experience buying a car Joey in sales was very nice as were the financing guys. Did have a few bumps such as the a/c and a check engine light all which was try one thing hope it works, trial and error I completely understand but they took care of me very well. Bryan and Raymond in the service department was always nice all round great experience they will be seeing my business here from now on and I will me recommending all my friends and family to buy cars from them or to use their service department!!! Thank you guys!

Jennifer N. | 2014-07-01

I only wish there was less than 1 star.  I got a lease here  and only 2 years into the lease they were calling and emailing ALL the time not just once a month but 2 to 3 times a week and I would always politely tell them no I'm not interested, then I finally went down because they told me of a great deal on buying the car early and this phenomenal interest rate, I'm down there for over an hour and NONE of what they said was the case.  It was a higher interest rate than even a bank offers.  Just all lies to get me in there.  They will give your name, number, and email to every new salesperson for them to harass you into buying something.  I will Never go through here again!!!

Deadeye D. | 2014-06-02

09/25/2014 - Review update.

Three months ago I was ready and willing to write off this dealership as a mistake. After today, I'm grateful beyond belief and it's been on my mind since leaving the dealership twenty minutes ago to update this review, again.

Today, I scheduled my appointment like a good boy and spoke to the first service person who answered the phone, Anthony. We scheduled my appointment yesterday and I headed in today for my service.

When doing the intake on the car, I asked about a aesthetic issue that was bothering me on the exterior of the car. Since the vehicle is literally only 600 miles out of factory warranty my sincere hope was that they would honor it. Anthony said he would do his best, and I waited it out without complaint.

When finished with the oil change, I was told that they would honor the factory warranty and replace the parts without charge.

I'm not a guy who wants anything for free, unless there are circumstances that warrant it. In this situation I was willing to pay a small amount, but wouldn't have been ecstatic about it. With the help of Anthony and his management I'm sold that this is the place for me.

Still haven't actually bought a car here, but their chances just grew exponentially.

Thank you guys....

I'm updating my rating because after some thought, discussions with others, and a reply from the company I feel that I may have been hasty in my opinion.

Something like an oil change, in my opinion, shouldn't be classified or treated like a valve job though.

I trust Honda dealers, that's why I bought the car, but I don't think it should be necessary to schedule an appointment for an oil change.

Mandy M. | 2014-05-21

I've purchased my last two cars from Bell Honda, but after an experience last year, I won't buy from here again.  I had no intention of trading in my vehicle, but for six weeks, I continuously got calls from sales trying to convince me to trade in my car, they needed hybrids, etc. I explained to the salesperson that I had just refinanced my vehicle for much lower interest rate and that I would only consider a new vehicle if they could get me in at the same monthly payment and terms (I didn't want to add on to the length of my loan).  He assured me that they could definitely work with me. I made it very clear that I was not interested in playing the car buying game, so when we finally decided to give in and go to the dealership, we told them just this, and we have them two hours, tops (it was a holiday).

The salesperson I had been working with was with another customer, so I was given another salesperson who knew nothing about the civic hybrid (I knew more about the car). When we finally got around to the deal, I reiterated what I would pay and the terms. The sales guy went back to his boss, and I told my husband ,"I'll bet you a dollar that his boss returns to convince us to buy". Sure enough, he did, and when my husband told him "you lost me a dollar," he wasn't too happy and proceeded to tell me that they no longer do terms of less than 72 months. What?!?! Why didn't anyone bother to tell me that in the 6 weeks that you tried to get me to buy a car when I specifically told you I wouldn't finance for 72 months.

Charlie D. | 2014-05-06

Welcome to Clownville U.S.A.. These guys are the sleaziest of the sleaze. I used True Car to find the lowest price on a 2014 Accord and these clowns happened to have it. Actually it was their sister dealership, Showcase Honda, another bunch of clowns. Showcase didn't have what I wanted but these guys did. I called the Fleet Manager and told him the price I was willing to pay and they agreed to the price. So I came in and bought the car. We had our own financing. This is a MUST if your buying a car. Never get your financing from the dealership. So they did 2 contracts, one with Honda motor credit at 1.9% and we agreed to bring in the USAA stuff at 2.25%. I wanted to go with USAA because I didn't trust them. So we decided the next day we'd just go with the Honda motor credit. We bought it at night so we could not see that there were a few scuffs and scratches on the car. Not to mention the fact that it was not detailed properly and had water spots everywhere. They agreed to take care of that stuff so we thought no big deal. But then a week after we bought, the finance director called my wife and tried to say he'd submit the financing at 2.29% through Wells Fargo. WTF????? We signed documents that said 1.9% and they still pulled this crap. After cussing and flipping out on the finance director he said he looked at the "tape" and it was 1.9%. Get your own financing through a small bank or credit union. DO NOT GET FINANCING AT THE DEALERSHIP!!!! This is a RECIPE FOR DISASTER!!! NEEDLESS to say we will pay the higher APR because these guys can simply NOT BE TRUSTED! Deal with Caution.

Richard H. | 2014-04-12

I purchased a 2013 Honda Fit in April '13. On the day of my visit, the vehicle I saw on the Internet (a blue '13 Fit Sport) was in stock and available for a test drive. After test driving the vehicle, and returning to the dealership, we negotiated a price of $21,000. After shaking hands, the dealer asked "You don't mind if the car is white do you"? Instinct told me to leave right there, but I said "As long as it's comparably equipped" that color wasn't a deal breaker. He said "Let's go out back, I'll show it to you". So we got back into the Fit I just drove, and went to what appeared to be a storage lot. He then showed me a white '13 Fit base model. Not equipped like the sport model I had driven. I stated I wasn't interested in a base model, and that I wanted the sport. He said "I thought we were talking about a base model, the Sport model is more than $21,000". Again, I should have just left. But we went back in and renegotiated for the blue Fit sport that I test drove. I ended up signing a contract for $28,000. While I didn't mind the price, I minded the treatment. Who negotiates for a car they didn't test drive and haven't even seen? The car I purchased had several items that were dealer added, some I liked (tinted windows in Arizona is a must) and some I didn't. Specifically, the car alarm. It was $800 added to the cost and was only the noise maker kind (purchased anywhere for $99), not the more costly ignition cutoff type. It was overly sensitive and would go off just pumping gas, or washing it. It didn't come with any instructions. Though there was a light that flashed under the dash and a button, I had no idea what the button did or how to use it. I eventually took the car back and had it disabled all together. Also, the dealer added trunk tray was not in the vehicle, and I ended up making a separate trip back to pick it up from the parts department. I also learned the car had been purchased before I bought it, but was returned and never titled. So legally, it could be resold as new. It already had 280 miles on the odometer but the bill of sale said 28. It was damaged (severely scratched) under the front air dam that could not be covered up with touch up paint. I suspect the previous owner hit a parking curb, common with low vehicles. I had to buy a car bra to hide it. The whole "new car experience" was a big let down of regret. I traded the car into a Dodge dealer after only 10 months at a huge loss.

J G. | 2014-04-08

A couple of years ago, I was in the market for a new car. I went to Bell Honda to look at their CRV. They were extremely rude and wanted to charge me 13.9% APR on a 2013 CRV. Almost 2 YEARS later, they are still calling me (I am not in the market for a car). I have repeatedly told them to stop calling, and they are still leaving me voicemails. I would never buy a car from them, or recommend them

Nikki S. | 2014-03-21

Horrible lying dealer. Was told to come here that they had three of the cars I wanted in the color I wanted. Was also promised a gas card.  Came over and they had zero of the cars I wanted in the color I wanted. Sales person drove us around the lot and said how weird.  Got his boss involved and he started puffing up his chest and said he never told us the car was in stock.   The cars were on a list that they would be arriving in three days, not currently on the lot. Biggest a-holes I have ever dealt with. Would never ever buy anything from this dealer, not even a windshield wiper. Horrible service, liars, and a-holes.  Never got a gas card either.

Yumi F. | 2014-02-13

Been going to Bell Honda since 1996 we have a great service manager!"George " always happy, positive and polite

Trista U. | 2014-02-09

I was recently forced to purchase a new car In a short timeframe.  I had no idea what I wanted or where to start.  I went to this dealership and had such a great experience!  Car shopping is stressful, but I felt very comfortable here.  There was no pressure, they encouraged me to take my time and look at everything. They invited me to a tent sale to give me the chance to look at all makes and models, in the end I purchased a new accord which seemed to be out of my price range, but they were very helpful in making it work for me, so that I could get the only car that made me excited.  All in all a great experience, or as good an experience as car shopping can get

M O. | 2014-01-12

I just moved to Arizona and need to have a car for my new job. After looking for cars online, I connected with one of their sales reps Gordon. He was very helpful in giving information over email and the phone. I agreed that it would be worth it to drive from Tucson to Phoenix to work with him.

When I arrived he had gotten caught up in another deal that was taking longer than they thought, which was fine. They found me another person to work with and I figured I could get the information I needed, test drive, ask questions and be out in a few hours. That DID NOT HAPPEN.

My salesperson, Heather, talked only about herself which led to confusion later on in financing and her not finding out what it is I actually wanted. She wasted a lot of time driving me around showing me wrecked cars and spewing information about old models that I cared nothing about. Never have I heard a salesperson use the word "I" so many times. I could not get a word in edgewise. She also made comments that to me came off as racially discriminatory. As someone who has lived abroad in the country of people she was maligning I took offense.

After I finally got to test drive she would not give me an estimate. My mom was checking out another Honda Fit in Minnesota for me that afternoon and we were going to compare. Heather would not give me any information because she "didn't feel comfortable" since I was checking out other options. She also stated she couldn't give me any better of a price on the car I was looking at and laughed when I bluntly told her I didn't want to pay that full amount. I realize they get asked that a lot, but laughing at customers is not a good idea. Her manager finally intervened and eventually gave me a printout of cost estimates, with a lowered price! Not great, but it was something.

Then they started bashing the car in Minnesota I was considering. They were both a broken record on all the bad things about the car and how there's was so much better. To me that is not how you sell a car. Of course I am going to look at my other options. If you want to make a valid argument you look at the pros and cons of both options and see how it balances out combined with cost. I finally had to tell them I didn't care about their arguments. This was very frustrating, pressuring, and I felt as though they thought I was stupid for even considering buying a car from Minnesota. (Even though my mom can confirm it was in great condition).

By this time I had been there for four plus hours and hadn't eaten since early that morning. I got a little over upset and might have cried a little (embarrassing). I told them I needed to get some food since we were waiting on another couple who was looking at the same car I was. After I said this Heather walked over and said she would come with me. NOPE. Being followed, not being allowed peace, and having to listen to her talk about herself for another minute was not going to happen. Thankfully they let me leave.

When I returned Heather suddenly began calling me "Sweety". I am 23 years old and look young, but to me that is inappropriate and unprofessional behavior. I am a professional, licensed social worker and would like to be treated as the young adult I am.

I ended up buying the car but ONLY because I need one for my job. If I had more time I would have walked out much earlier and not given them my business. I love my car but regret buying it from Bell. I won't be back.

Ryan W. | 2014-01-05

Bell Honda Service has the worst customer service and I will never return. The work they did on my car was fine, I have no complaints there. But the sales team and cashiers are in a league of their own. Like any company, it's probably a few rotten apples spoiling the bunch. Unfortunately I keep picking rotten apples. Best of luck to those who do business there, this guy is done.

Rachael C. | 2013-12-18

The worst car wash, every time. They ALWAYS leave water marks (large ones), big streaks, smudged mirrors, they usually omit even cleaning rear view mirrors, and they never clean the interior unless u ask. My grill never gets any attention here and they also pay no attention to the tires or rims. This car wash is equivalent to a 5 year old cleaning my car, actually the child might do better. Maybe this is because the wash is free ;) oh well thanks for the half ass, free car washes Honda.

Denise A. | 2013-12-14

My experience with Bell Honda was great! The price I paid for my vehicle was fair and my monthly payment is exactly where I wanted. No haggling numbers. Financing costs, fees and extras were explained thoroughly and clearly to me. No pressure to purchase anything I wasn't interested in.

Before purchasing my car from Bell Honda, I walked out of another Honda dealership in Central Phoenix because of the "hard sale."

I didn't get that stressed feeling at Bell Honda. The staff was courteous and helpful. All my questions were answered which made me feel at ease with my purchase. From beginning to end I had a very good non-stressful experience. I really wish I would have started with Bell Honda from the beginning.

Nita M. | 2013-11-22

I give this place negative 5 stars. They are awful & dishonest. The Fleet Manager lied through his teeth to get me to come in...and I fell for it. They will lie, lie, lie over the phone to get you to come in and then 5 minutes into of being at the dealership, they will tell you the truth. Don't believe any of the prices they have on their website, they are lies. Save your time and go elsewhere.

Jon H. | 2013-11-12

If you rated higher than one star you've obviously never met their current "new car manager." The term "don't poke an angry bear" was coined from such experiences.

I had pleasure of a conversation with a sales person on the phone a few days ago. My wife had found an ad their website for a $100 / month lease and gave them a ring. I then explained to her that $100 price doesn't reflect the extra fees, taxes, delivery, etc. The true cost is more like $4000 at signing and closer to 150-200 per month; if you've got perfect credit.

A couple days later I got another call, I can't remember his name. I explained to the salesman that I was not interested. I don't want to spend any money out of pocket and don't want to spend more than $100 per month. Knowing full well that would likely never happen, I expected him to leave it at that. His reply "We have all sorts of incentives, I'm sure we can work out some numbers and get close to that price."

Surprised to hear it, I explained to him "I don't want to waste my time coming out". We setup an appointment and I said I was expecting him to work out numbers that meet my request. He said "I understand your time is valuable, you don't need to worry. We will have options for you to choose, we'll even pay you for your time with a $25 gift card."

Today, I arrived expecting to see a new civic, then talk about numbers in the ballpark of their $100 advertised price. I asked the sales person before even looking at the car. "Can you come close to the price? I'm not interested looking at the car otherwise" I don't want to waste his time and mine. He stated "I don't work the numbers, I just want to be sure you know about the car and all its features."

A sales pitch, a test drive, and 1.5 hrs later, the sales rep showed me offers in the 500, 400, 300, and 250 per month with down payments in the 4, 5, and $6000 range. I asked for the keys to my vehicle back, nicely said I was insulted by the offers and upset. It wasn't him, it was the guy who convinced me to come in today. He proceeded to talk more pricing and I retorted by ripping the offer in half and saying I'd like my keys back, this is insulting. He asked if he could try to make the numbers work out, fudged around with his pen which was out of ink for a good 10 minutes. My wife offered find him another pen, "no, I'll make this one work." he said.

I told him I didn't want to run my credit, for the moment lets assume my credit is near 700, if the numbers work, we'll agree to a credit check. He took the offer to management and then the manager came out. The manager sat and said sternly to my wife "which one of you ripped the paper in my salespersons face? Was it you or him?" I exclaimed, I ripped the paper and you can please give me my keys because I am leaving. He responded with, "just a few minutes we can work this out, if you would just let me run your credit..."

I stood up, insisted on my keys, said he was "rude and insulting to me, I would like to just leave." His reply was "you were the one insulting my sales person by ripping the paper." I said again "I would like to leave. This is me being considerate right now by asking for my keys and leaving. Arguing with me is only rude, insulting and pissing me off. Give me my keys, I'm leaving." He still tried to argue that I was unreasonable and should let him run my credit and some other B.S.

At this point someone got my keys, but the manager insisted on getting super defensive over how insulting I was to his sales rep instead of letting me walk out the door peacefully.

The manager proceeded to talk, argue, and insult me further. I sternly insisted he leave me alone and let me leave. He then explained that he needs to escort me off the property, and I told him there was no need, I'm already leaving. I attempted to walk to my car, and he insisted on following, telling me again how rude I was and at one point said "leave my property and never return, we don't want your business." I insisted on talking with his manager, he said "I am the manager".

I'm basically over the top at this point, I really wanted to just cuss the guy out for being such a bleep faced bleep hat, but I kept myself to choice non expletive words. He continued to follow insisting on me leaving the premise (as I was already walking to my car). I really wanted to chew his bleeping head off, but before blowing a fuse, I was able get the heck into my car and GTFO.

Never have I been so insulted, no it wasn't the sales person's fault, it was the dude who got me in under the guise of $100 per month. Guaranteed, I will "leave and never return." Your "new car manager" needs a serious lesson in calm, collected, customer service.

Not that I was perfect, but... Don't tell an upset person to calm down, don't sternly tell a guys wife they insulted you, and don't tell someone to leave and never come back when they're already leaving your flipping property. This argument could have been de-escalated before it even began.

Jordan R. | 2013-11-11

They contact me relentlessly even though I have asked to be taken off their call list several times.

Julie B. | 2013-11-10

Worst Honda service department in the valley. They keep you waiting for hours and almost every time I came in I was given a $1,000 bill for "issues" with my car. Also, never tell them you might be in the market for a new car. They will call you incessantly and are pushy. Save yourself the stress and just go somewhere else.

CA E. | 2013-11-06

I have have owned 3 Hondas and  Bell Honda IS the worst dealership, I have ever dealt with, EVER!!! Buyer beware...stay far away...high pressure tactics!!!!

A Honda Fit basic over $20,000?  Consumer Reports has a Honda Fit starting at $17,000.

I put up with 3 hours of shenanigans, incredulous claims, one of the managers looked like Chris Kattan, but was a sad imitation!  My credit union promised me a deal, not harrassment , Bell HahaHonda!

Really? ??

Then charades, emails, phone  calls, but  no deals...treated me like a piece of garbage...

A bad comedy skit, boys!

Not Funny!

Attila C. | 2013-11-03

Unfortunately my sister was taken for a ride from this place. She was sold a used certified honda. Was charged $750 for an alarm by a company/brand nobody heard of. (LITTLE RESEARCH shows this brand and a handful of other dealers including bell honda are featured on the homepage and NO INFORMATION ON ALARM DEVICE ITSELF was found on their website, HMMM, but ok). Even though the Civic has a basic alarm anyways. Was told ZakTek was included but was charged $399 on invoice. Some service contract for $2,200 and a GAP fee of $400. I DECIDED TO GO IN AND PLAY CUSTOMER to see how things played out. Well, they wanted to charge me $899 for "Honda Certified" vehicle fee even though the sales guy said it was included in the vehicle before it got to the negotiator who QUICKLY puts you in the hot seat and attempts using reverse psychology on you. I think $895 for the same alarm they charged my sister $750. Then splash guards of $189 and window tint at $299. They tried telling me BELL HONDA put it on after they got it from trade-in. SURE YOU DID. It was a 2012 Honda Civic LX with 34k miles. KBB says its $12-13k yet they wanted $18,995 for it. I caved in and told them KBB price and the guy just scoffed saying how unrealistic those prices are. The negotiator is a real piece of work. His name was Will and he was very condescending towards the end, showed a lack of respect towards a "prospective" customer. Even though I was not a real customer, he did not know I was undercover. I never bought a car from a dealer and never will because the games they play. Just find a used car on the internet, carfax it, have a mechanic check it and save all the hassles, troubles, taxes and this supposed $395 DOC FEE Bell Honda wants. Sadly I was out of town when my sister was TOO impatient and wanted the car NOW. Your temporary win BELL HONDA. Just hope your buyer seeks your reviews prior to stepping into your place.

Brian C. | 2013-10-30

Absolutely the worst car buying experience I've ever had hands down. For one, they got the contract wrong 3 times, and they asked me to come in 3 different times to sign a new contract. For 2, the third time I went in there to sign yet another contract, I saw the finance guy I had the appt. with in the hallway when I was walking in. He shook my hand and said "I'll be right with you." 45 MINUTES LATER I finally went & tracked someone down, and was told he left for the day!!! Wow. Absolutely ridiculous. And to top it all off, they promised to remove a personal item off of my trade-in which I never saw again. Really??? Very very nice people pre-contract. Couldn't care less post-contract. Save yourself the grief & go to Arrowhead Honda.

Beth L. | 2013-10-24

Although I absolutely love my Honda, I will NEVER purchase another vehicle from this dealership again. They have been calling me weekly, if not more, for over a year to trade in my car with with guarantee of a brand new, same model car with lower interest rate and the same payments. They claimed they NEEDED my almost new, very few miles car for their used-car sales.

When I went in, they did not check my credit, and offered me almost triple my current interest rate and over $1200 in monthly payment-FOR A CAR! They also offered me $4500 less than Kelley Blue Book on my trade in value.
When they did check my credit, they still came back at more than $50 over my current payment.

Needless to say, I walked out without a new car.

The WORST part, isn't actually the bait and switch and fraudulent guarantee. No, that came later, when they proceeded to call me 4 more times over the next 24 hours.

The first time they called (about 2 hours after I left the dealership) to discuss how everything went. I politely told them that we did not make a deal, despite the verbal guarantee of same payment, lower interest rate from both the sales person and the manager I spoke to before going in.

The second time they called (about 4 hours after I had been in the dealership) it was a salesperson asking me if I wanted to come in and try to work a deal to trade in my car for a newer model, again with the guarantee that I could get brand new, same model car with lower interest-at the same payments. This time I asked to speak to the manager. I told this manager NOT to call me anymore, and that I was extremely disappointed that they can't keep accurate enough records to know that they were calling someone that was in that SAME day and left without a car. I told this manager to NEVER call me again, as I would NEVER be buying a car from them again.
Bell Honda proceeded to call me 2 more times, despite my telling them not to call.

I plan on filing a complaint with the BBB and corporate Honda in the next few days.
I will also file with the FCC if they continue to call me.
DO NOT use this dealership, they are nothing but slime.

David W. | 2013-10-21

Bell Honda was a complete waste of time. Unfriendly and insincere sales department. Total bait and switch tactics. The only reason im giving this den of thieves 2 stars is that they have one or two decent pieces of feminine eye candy on the lot. If you do get suckered into going there make sure of 2 things...make sure you dont give anyone the keys to your current vehicle. Its obvious thats how they keep people on their lot. And do not give them a valid telephone number. They must have called me no less than 5 times over a period of 3 weeks. Also its obvious that anyone giving this place anything more than 2 stars is being paid to do so.

Chris S. | 2013-10-12

The service department needs to brush up on customer service. When you pull up they should come to you, the customer shouldn't have to track someone down to get help. Maybe they should take a few lessons from the sales people.

Brett B. | 2013-09-30

Very disappointing service department. Brought my 2012 Civic in last May for an initial service and oil change/tire rotation. They forgot to return my wheel lock for the lugs. Oops. Went back - lost apparently. Oops. They also forgot to wash the car.

2nd incident - I Had my 20K service done there just 3 weeks ago - but this time they forgot to reset my automatic service notification - which started going off a few days ago.

This honestly just feels like a slip-slop operation. Nice facility, but they are pricy and their service reps seem like amateurs - and the service people are absent minded.

There are far better Honda repair facilities out there - from now on we will stick with Hon-Man in Tempe even though it is a drive for us.

We have owned many Hondas over the years - but I would avoid this repair dept.

Tracy M. | 2013-09-06

I had a great experience at Bell Honda! Tim Carrasco was my salesman and with his help and the other great reps at the dealership I found the best car for me! I would recommend them for others too :)

Pearl A. | 2013-08-15

This place gets no stars. They suck. Called me constantly.  Had me go in, telling me lies,  then told me I got approved for a car loan.  The next day,  they tell me I don't get what they agreed a pond.  And there's nothing they can do.  Wasted 5hrs of my time and waited for me to go in to tell me, I should let me car get repossed, so they can stick me in another piece of shit.  Jackie Stevens was no help.  Scott partner of the GM, was no help. Telling me there's nothing he can do abs he was sorry.  I feel sorry for his wife.  If he can talk to me so rude,  wonder how she gets it.  Feel sorry for Jackie,  to have a customer relations job.  And not know how to handle customers. Fuck Jose, Jackie and Scott.

Wes E. | 2013-08-14

They will lie to you about what they have. I called about a used vehicle, they said they had it and would pull it up front for me when I got there. I got there and spoke to a "manager" and he told me, one of the sales guys was pulling the vehicle up front. I waited for 30 minutes, thinking the car was in their "back lot". After waiting for 30 minutes I looked for a manager to see what was going on. The manager told me that car was wholesaled the day before. What a waist of time. They will lie strait to your face.

Joel B. | 2013-08-01

I came in because I was hit and it totaled my Scion XB and after seeing the carnage I was not going to put my 2mo old in that tin can , if they sold a tank I would have bought that but no tanks so bought a used Cr-v.  I put 5 stars because I can't do 4 1/2. Really great service! I worked with Tyler and his manager Scott. They said I got the best rate I could but still not sure of that that's why the 1/2 star.  Over all the car was super clean and after the run around I got from the insurance I didn't need that from a dealer, I feel I got a great deal. The best part I was in and out really fast!

H N. | 2013-07-27

I purchased a used 2011 car here last September.  It happened to be at a tent event at the Peoria Sports Complex.  No complaints about the sales lady, she was friendly and low pressure.  The price was good.

My complaints are about various other aspects.  The car itself had large stains on the back seat and front seat.  Don't they detail used cars before putting them on the lot?  They told us we could come back another day and they would clean it, so a few weeks later we drove out from east Mesa, but a machine to clean it wasn't working and even if it had been working it would've needed to be left over night.  Also, during the sale, we inquired about getting the free car washes they offer with the purchase at one of their other many related Honda dealers across the valley closer to us, and they implied this shouldn't be a problem but when we asked again a couple weeks later they said we couldn't.  I was looking forward to those washes, however driving an hour for them isn't feasible.

The largest problem however, was something that happened when I was getting the car detailed (because of the interior stain that they had not removed).  While the owner of the detailing shop himself was hand washing the car a sizable chunk of paint came off above the wheel well. The detailer said that there had been a beautiful paint match done, but that whoever had done it had not applied any primer and thus my paint continues to chip off at every car wash I go through.  This leaves me to wonder if Bell Honda did this paint repair to throw it on the lot acceptable?  I am not even sure if I can use the Zak-Tec paint protection they made me buy because of this paint issue that will cost me a decent amount of money to fix properly now.

Sarah S. | 2013-07-21

Don't go here! I repeat DO NOT GO HERE!!! The have an F on BBS and many more bad reviews throughout. They are manipulators and never help lower the cost on the actual vehicle. The finance advisors are the same! (Especially you JAIMIE or Jaimey) RUN!!!! Go to another HONDA. I can go on...

Tanisha F. | 2013-07-17

If I could give them a negative star, I would! This Dealership is filled with nothing but rude, lying scums! My husband and I purchased a car from them november of 2011. We took it home, and 2 days later we got a call saying THEY screwed up. They said that oops, I guess we should of checked to see if you qualified! They found another car for me, but it got even worse! I asked multiple times if the car had ever been in an accident, and 3 people assured me it hadn't been, but I found out about 3 months ago, that it had! Since it was in an accident, the value went down, and now we are stuck with a car that is depreciating at a fairly high speed. After we found all of this out we told them to NEVER contact us again. They totally ignored what we said and they call either myself or my husband 2-3 times a week! I am quite honestly feeling very harassed.

PLEASE don't go to them for a car, they will screw you!

Sandra C. | 2013-07-14

Took my 2011 element for oil change  told that both rear struts were leaking, the air filter and carbon filters were very dirty and need to be changed.  The price quoted for the struts was $600 not counting the filters.  WTF?  The car is under  36,000 miles and still under warranty!  Took it to arrowhead, Only 1strut was leaking and the filters did not need to be replaced yet.  It was covered under warranty and didn't cost me.  I did buy a car at Bell Honda  in 2004 which was a nightmare .  Will never go back there for anything again.  Can't understand how they stay in business, maybe it's from ripping people off.  Always get another opinion.

Jeff G. | 2013-07-09

No stars! Terrible service, opitimy of used car salesman. They try and rope you in with a deal you're looking for and then switch salesman on you and pretend they don't know what's going on, especially Ramsey. His desk is right up front on the left with all his awards. Yeah awards of scams. Believe everything people write on here, it's truth!!!

Megan L. | 2013-06-21

I try to go out of my way not to come here. If I can get an oil change at the Scottsdale Honda, I would definitely prefer to do that. Why can't I give zero stars on some things . . .

I'm not talking about just the service department when I write this review, I'm also talking about the sales team. When I was buying my car, I had a VERY terrible experience with the sales team, and I had to take it up to Honda corporate. BUT this review is not about that.

For right now I will simply grade the service team. As far as a simple oil change, be prepared to wait. I'm talking wait when you get there for someone to greet you (can be up to 10 min if you don't flag someone down first), then at least an hour wait for the oil change, then they are going to come tell you all the things you need to do while the car is there. Kind of like negotiating a new car, and they are too pushy.

I recently had an experience where an issue with my car had started when I bought the car two years ago. I'd taken it here at least 3 times for the issue, but they couldn't do anything about it. Finally, once my car is off warranty, they can recreate the issue, and then tell me that they shouldn't fix my issue, because the car is not 500 miles off warranty, but, because they are kind folk, they will warranty it. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? You're customer service sucks so much, and you're trying to tell me that you are being kind? I was beside myself. I wanted nothing more than to yank my keys out of the guys hand and drive off dramatically.

So, even though this is the closest Honda, I will remain to try to go to the other Honda.

Hannes R. | 2013-06-16

I bought a used car from them and it was a horrible experience. It was my first real car purchase and I may have been nervous about it but that's no reason to treat a customer the way I was treated.  What a bunch of shady liars... during the test drive I was told that it uses regular gas, it turned out to be premium. Then they said it came with a NAV system, and they're right, when you start the car it shows the VW logo so I didn't think much of it. Turns out it's a cheap Chinese radio with bad Engrish that has horrible Bluetooth quality, and not even half the stuff works, not even the navigation.. I only found out after I bought the car... Thing is, I used the nav system as an argument for price negotiations and they wouldn't even mention to me that it's a cheap after-market piece of crap. I liked the car however and after test driving their other used cars this is the car I decided to buy.

Negotiating a price with these people is painful. Fake business asshole #1 comes by and explains to me that the ridiculously inflated sticker price of $21995 can come down to the Internet price of $17995. I explain to him that this trick doesn't work on me, that (just like grocery stores) they inflate the price to a ridiculous level to give you the illusion that you're getting a good deal, when actually it's not a good deal at all, and they need to come down more. He then gets fake business asshole #2 to come shake my hand and he hands me this bizarre piece of paper with the cost breakdown showing that at $17995 they only make $60 off of the sale. LOL WHAT? $60?! Did these people really think I would believe they would only make $60 off of a car at the "Internet price"?  How insulting... They just wouldn't cooperate and I kept pushing... That guy then had to go to the"big boss" to get them to "sell it at a loss". After an hour or so I finally got them to bring the price down a bit (but not by much) and then came the financing BS. I didn't know anything about extended warranty and they sold me a silver level (which is one level above power train) for $3500. I just didn't know what the price was on these things so I'll blame this PARTLY on myself because I should have done my research, but they still completely fucked me over on that.  Gap insurance was also inflated to $750. I wanted the car so I bought it, I got excited too quickly... Don't make the same mistake, shop around! Ask friends and family for help.

My roommate apparently has a friend who works at VW as a finance guy and this is when it becomes interesting. Apparently the car isn't worth $17995 at all. The wholesale value is more around $13500, and retail isn't higher than $15500. So I don't know where they got that bogus $60 profit number at a $17995 sales price. When I told him my extended warranty was $3500 I thought well it's good to be protected, but he says this doesn't protect me at all... He says a silver can be sold for around $1800 so almost half of what I paid. They royally screwed me over he says...

A few days after I bought the car it breaks down, on my birthday no less. I was going to go to Vegas and celebrate with friends but instead I got to stay in Phoenix to have my car fixed. The only star I want to give them is because they fixed it for free considering I had just bought the car, but other than that these people have to be the shadiest, most untrustworthy people I've ever met.

And then something good happened, or so I thought. They called me later to tell me I "need to sign more papers", which my roommate's VW friend later explains is dealership speak for "we don't have a cashable contract". They basically charged way too much money for that car and not a single bank would agree to that contract. My friend says this is my way out, so we go in together... They HATE this guy because him joining me means they can't play their dirty tricks on me... They wouldn't even look him in the eye.  They said "good news! We were able to bring down the cost a bit more", which my VW guy said is what they will predictably tell me word for word just so I would sign the new contract.  They lowered my extended warranty price and then RAISED my interest rate (I have excellent credit), so they didn't lower the price at all, they just moved money around to keep the same price. LOL!  These people are BOLD.  When I threatened to give the car back they ran several other banks (thanks for the hard pulls on my credit report!) and finally some bank in Ohio called 5th 3d bank gave me the loan and I could no longer get rid of the car... I ended up canceling my extended warranty..  

If you consider coming here, remember they will use every sleazy nasty trick possible on you (asking what monthly price you want instead of what your total cost is, screwing you over on the extended warranty and gap by 200%, lying/concealing specs etc.) and I am never setting foot in this rotten car mill ever again.

Barnabas L. | 2013-06-14

3 stars because I don't know what to compare it to. Definitely wasn't as "intimate" of going to my normal mechanic. People were nice, got what i came there for. No complaints.

Sorry lame review, but its a corporation, what do you expect?

Garrett M. | 2013-04-15

So, in browsing Yelp, I see Bell Honda come up...and I'm here to tell everybody: I've had dealings with them on 4 occasions...and three have all been absolutely horrible, miserable experiences. I won't write a novel, but I'll try to give enough details to make sure you understand that these weren't isolated instances.

In 2006, I went in to shop for a minivan. I was shown several vans on the lot, then taken to Bell Acura by the salesperson, as both locations are owned by the same person; at the Acura dealership, I found the perfect van. I was brought back to Bell Honda and told the van would be coming soon. In the meantime, we started the paperwork and when they tried to sell the extended warranty, I was told that the Odyssey wasn't covered under the Honda Certified Used Cars warranty, because it wasn't being sold by a Honda dealership. Now, I'm not going to get into the ridiculousness of that statement, as there are so many problems with that statement...but, in the end, I had to pay $500 to get the van "certified".

Later, I was in the market for a Ridgeline and went into Bell Honda to shop around. Had a good experience with a salesperson, but unfortunately, the numbers weren't right for me to buy at that time; the salesperson took my info and told me if another Ridgeline came in that fit my criteria, he'd call me.

About 2 months later, I got a call from a different salesperson there, telling me they had a Ridgeline that fit my criteria. Bear in mind, my criteria were VERY specific, on both $ down and $ per month. I went in and was taken to the brand new Ridgelines...that I knew I couldn't afford. Dealt with the usual sales pitches as I'm asking the salesperson, repeatedly, "Are you sure you can get this to me within the guidelines I set?" Repeated answer: "Yes". In the end, they brought me in for signing paperwork both aspects, it was going to cost twice as much as what I laid out. From that point forward, it became a comedy of errors as the sales manager asked me, point blank, why I was wasting their time, and why did I come in if I knew I couldn't afford the car. It was the most ridiculous experience in my life...especially when they lost MY car and left me stranded in their showroom for an hour.

About a year ago, I received a letter from Honda, notifying me of a problem with the power steering on these Odysseys; it wasn't a recall, per se, but we were told that they were extending the warranty on them and that we should go into our closest Honda dealership for replacement. We'd been having the issue with the power steering, so it made total sense to have it replaced, and I had my wife take the van in to our closest dealership...Bell Honda. She got there, showed the letter, told them about the power steering problem (low RPMs, the wheel was really hard to turn), and left. They called her later and told her to come on in, it was all done, and when she arrived (dropped off by a friend), she was told that the problem wasn't covered by warranty, as it was caused by a leaky power steering pump, and that she had to pay almost $500 in order to get the van back. This is a summer day...with two small children...she gave them a credit card and got the van back. From there, I got involved, and had the same Bell Honda experience I've learned is their standard operating procedure. I went in and was told that she brought the van in complaining about a leaky power steering pump (because, of course, everybody brings in a service bulletin letter when they want something repaired completely unrelated to it) and after I got REALLY pushy, I was told to bring in the van that Saturday and the service writer and his manager would take a look, determine if the power steering pump should be covered (of course, their "fix" didn't do anything about the low RPM issues), and they would discuss reimbursing us. I came in on Saturday and...the service writer wasn't there, and the manager had no idea what I was talking about. It took me almost an entire year of dealing with Honda customer service to get reimbursed our $500 and get the power steering replaced under warranty (at Arrowhead Honda, who've been pretty good to us).

Word of warning: fear Bell Honda. They will do anything, ANYTHING to make an extra buck.

Josh K. | 2013-04-12

I don't use Yelp unless the business in question has earned five stars, and Bell Honda has done that for me.  I'm pretty picky!  But I saw a few of the bad reviews on here, and I am just not sure where these came from.  I wanted to share a little about my experience to help my neighbors who might be trying to choose between Honda lots in the valley.  I have bought two Hondas from Bell, and this past experience was top notch.  They have definitely fine-tuned the operations and approach at this location.    

The customer service at this place is stellar ... from the minute you walk on the lot until you are driving off in the car you wanted.  My salesman was Joey and he is excellent at what he does.  He was young and hip, yet still so professional, experienced, and knowledgeable about the product.  I did not feel like I was talking to a slimeball ... not the stereotypical car salesman, more like a college buddy or friendly neighbor.  I felt very comfortable negotiating with him, and in the end I felt like we all got a pretty fair deal, and we were all smiling.  I do want to note that during the process I had several members of management come up and offer assistance, answer questions, etc.  

The real magic happened in finance; even though it was a Saturday, they were able to seal the deal and get me some excellent final numbers.  I signed papers with Jamie, and he is also a great representative of the brand.  I think he said he gets paperwork (the dreaded part) done in record time so you don't feel like your whole Saturday is wasted just picking up a new car.  I was actually done before the car was finished being detailed, and they got me an interest rate and payment that was significantly lower than I had before.  If you get this far in the process, ask about getting "tier-bumped" (which means they bump your credit up to the next tier based on car payment history) and ask about smart-note financing (where they split the payment for you and a larger amount goes to principal).

Needless to say, I will be back to this location next time I am looking for a change, and I will also be referring friends and family anytime I hear someone is looking.  If you have any questions on this post, please feel free to send me a message.  I am happy to pay it forward.

Andrew H. | 2013-03-31

There are plenty of good Honda dealers - especially Tempe Honda where I bought my Accord. When I needed a second car, however, I found what I needed at Bell Honda unfortunately.

Not only did the sales guy - who was more of a grunting ape than a salesperson - dance around the Carfax and accident history, he tried to give me a one-page black-and-white receipt that the dealership subscribed to Carfax. Like that would assuage me. Turns out the car had an accident that had to be repaired.

Of course, in my couple visits to the dealership, I was treated to a private viewing of the car in a dark back alley, as well as being passed from one ghetto salesperson to the next. I know this is kind of on the west side, but still.

I'll hold back on my true emotions for these guys, but suffice it to say you can do better. I have had several excellent car buying experiences in the last couple years - even at mid-level dealerships - and it really improved my opinion of the industry. If you're looking for a Honda, there is zero, zero, zero reason to go here. They are difficult on price and it's all the old stereotypical car dealer tactics and skeevy guys in leather jackets. Buy your Honda somewhere else! If they happen to have some used car that no one else does, proceed with caution.

Marcus Y. | 2013-03-29

Oil change takes FOREVER! my wife and I spent 2hours there for an oil change.

I also bought a car there, and the sales person called me to complaint about the review that I have him. He got 87 out of 100 and called to complain about the score. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL

Tammy O. | 2013-03-25

I was treated VERY BADLY, twice!  I spoke to an AfricanAmerican gentleman (not that that matters) in "Fleet" sales and after 1 hour of haggling, I told him I could find the Civic for cheaper.  I did buy it elsewhere for $2K cheaper.  2 days later he goes out of his way to call me and haggle me some more.  He then became angry and called me a liar about the price on the car I bought elsewhere!  Its like they don't want my business at all!
Several years later, shopping for a car, I walked in to look @ a car that I was seriously contemplating on buying.  But it had unmatched tires that were very worn with a higher-than-nearby price.   After not even bothering to work with me on the price or answer detailed questions, I was willing to pay what the dealer offered (I really liked the car).   But the Manager wouldn't even replace/exchange the terrible tires and was very short and angry I even asked!
It seems they are NOT VERY INVITING OR NICE people to deal with.  They TREAT YOU AS IF YOU ARE A BURDEN.  Their prices are slightly higher than most Honda dealers and THEY WILL NOT BARGAIN!  The cars seem poorly kept sometimes as well.

Scott H. | 2013-02-27

Based on a recommendation I contacted Joey Branum in the parts department to order some parts for my Mitsubishi (yes they can get parts for all cars). After placing my order I mentioned that I was also looking to buy some aftermarket suspension components. Although they did not sell them there (obviously) he gave me the contact information for a local place that did. Great customer service!
I will also note that the service department bays at Bell Honda are very clean. Too often a service department looks more like a dark grease pit than a laboratory. I prefer them to look like the latter when working on my expensive engines.

Reshieka F. | 2013-02-19

I live in phoenix AZ and purchased my 2012 Honda from Bell Honda. My brother who lives in TX was visiting me here in Phoenix. My brother needed a new car so we stopped by Bell Honda. Big Mistake! From the beginning we told them the car was for my brother who lives in TX ,so the car would go back to TX with him. The salesman  named Jeremy kept doing disappearing acts the whole time we were up there. Every time he disappeared some one different came over to talk to us. Finally we get back to finance and have to deal with a man named Jamie who lied to us. Two days after leaving the dealership, we are called by Corrine who is Jamie's Supervisor stating we have to come back up there to resign the paperwork because they made a mistake. By this time my brother has gone back to TX. Once we get the paper wok issue resolved we are called by Jamie stating Honda Finance needs AZ proof of residency for my brother who lives in TX and is now back in TX with the vehicle. This issue gets  resolved. When we went to Bell Honda for my brother's car,  I was told I would receive $100.00 for referring my brother to Bell Honda. After waiting  quite a while and not receiving the $100.00  I called up to Bell Honda to speak with Jeremy. I was told Jeremy was no longer with the company. I ended up speaking with both Jamie and Corrine in financing who kept telling me they would get the check issued. Needless to say, I still did not get the check. Finally, after waiting another week with no check, I decided to call Jamie and Corrine again, I had to call up there daily for a week before I finally received the check in the mail. Now my brother is having trouble getting the vehicle registered in TX because of the way the Bell Honda titled the vehicle. I went up to Bell Honda to have them correct the title so the vehicle could be registered in TX. After speaking with Rick, Jamie, and some other guy, I was told they can't help us. Then Jamie lied stating he told my brother and I three times that this deal was no good. I told Jamie he was a three time lie because he never told us that. I also called and left a message for Robert, the General Manager to call me back and of course I have not received a call back. No wonder they have fliers posted stating help on yelp. They need all the help they can get. Having honest staff is a good start.  Bell Honda is five minutes from my home but I refuse to purchase another vehicle from them. I love my Honda and I will go to another Honda Dealership out of my way  to purchase a Honda from now on.

Allison C. | 2013-02-17

This place is a joke.  No one sells cars like this anymore.  Richard started off offering me $2,000 for my car as a trade in, and a payment of almost $600 a month for a used Honda Crossover. After many trips back and forth to "the manager" he ended up offering me $6,500 for my car and payments of $300. a month.  

Maybe this is the way it's done - this back and forth and haggling, but it made me very uncomfortable and I told the salesman right at the start that I didn't want to play that game, to come at me with his best offer right away.  The experience honestly left me very amused - it was like a Saturday Night Live classically bad.

If you go to this place, don't give them your car keys!

I had to ask for mine four times before they would give them back.   They will hold that sucker hostage and you'll be stuck inside with an overly aggressive salesman (or two) that want nothing more than to rip you off.  Makes me wonder how many unfortunate customers took the first, or even second "deal" they were offered and left paying way too much for their cars.  

Ugh.  And Richard et al.   Stop calling me.

Shayna M. | 2013-02-12

If I could give this place no stars, or negative stars, it would better reflect how I feel after dealing with this place.

I went in to purchase a used car that I had found online. Like many of the other reviewers, I dealt with them trying to jack up the price many times for lots of nonsense reasons. I had talked them down to a decent price, then they come out with a list of repairs the car needs - which they expected ME to pay for.  Some of them are safety issues, so I give the okay to fix only those. I "buy" the car (which I am putting in quotes because I never got it) go through financing, give them checks for my down payment and 3 days go by without a word about the repairs. After about 5 phone calls made to them, I finally hear that when they removed the manifold, they found the block was cracked, and that they can't sell me the car. I'm pretty bummed at this point because I was really into this particular car. They try to sell me another car, but I let them know I am not interested. A week later - And they had deposited my down payment for the car that I NEVER TOOK OFF THEIR LOT.

I know dealerships have a reputation for being shady, but this place is on another level. Not only was this situation very unprofessional and unorganized, but my sales person was super creepy. The car I was checking out had dark tint - he told me that I could do all kinds of naughty things in there. GROSS! I left this place feeling dirty. I highly recommend that no one does business here.

Zyrion L. | 2013-02-08

Needed a couple of parts to fix up my girlfriend's mom's SUV, but Joey B. said they weren't in stock at the time. He was able to order them and have them in my hand within 24 hours at a cost that was UNBELIEVABLY lower than even sites like Rock Auto! Definitely my first stop for parts and service from now on...

Grant C. | 2012-12-04

I bought a car from them in 2008, I have been called weekly by their sales team.  I have asked repeatedly to have them remove me from their list, they say yes, and call me a few days later.  I am fed up!

I will never buy a car from them again.

Brock L. | 2012-11-27

This review is based strictly on the sales side as I have no experience with the service department.

Made the inquiry to get a deal formed for my mother on a brand new CR-V.  Called their "Internet Department." to make things simple.

The "Internet Department" at ANY other auto dealer is a very simple and clean process to purchase a car....definitely NOT the case with Bell Honda.

They had one 2012 left with the options my mother wanted and so I called.  Their "Internet Price" on the car was stated on their website and it was about what we actually wanted to pay.  

Their website has a link to "get your best internet price" and so I clicked it.  They called me and told me they wouldn't give a price over the phone.  WTF?!?!?  That's the fucking PURPOSE of the goddamn Internet Department!  

They also had a HUGE banner ad on their website claiming that "This weekend they will give you $1,500 over fair-trade-in value for your trade-in." and the salesman on the phone acted all eager to get my mom's BWM in their inventory for their "big parking lot sale" they were supposedly having the following weekend...

So, I fall for their rouse and head down there with my mother.  They bring out the CR-V and we go for a test drive; Mom's loves it.  The Internet Price they had listed was less than MSRP and about what we figured we would end up paying.  However, I notice (but don't say anything) that this vehicle, which matched the stock number of the internet ad, has over $5k in flag......

So....she has a trade-in.....a 2006 Perfectly Clean BMW 325i with 69,000 miles that she has had since new.  They come out with their awesome "Let's Make A Deal" game of paper and markers that low-class dealers play and I am starting to get upset as I went through the internet department so my mom wouldn't have to deal with all of the normal BS that non-luxury auto dealers tend to play....

Fair trade-in value on my mom's BMW was $10,200, by the way.

They wrote down a price for the CR-V that was FOUR-THOUSAND DOLLARS MORE THAN THE FUCKING INTERNET PRICE and.....are you ready for this....???

$8100 trade-in for my mom's BMW.....

Uh.....WTF happened to the $1,500 over fair trade-in value you suckered me into believing over the phone so that I would come down to your dealership???

I look at them and I tell them, "NO." That isn't going to work.  They tell me that their website clearly states that the advertised Internet Price is JUST FOR THE CAR--not any of the ridiculous options they tack on to make more money.....ABSOLUTE LIE!!!  I check their website on my phone....guess what....there is nothing in the fine print about that.  I am very agitated at this point and mention the $1,500 over trade-in deal they are offering....the salesman tells me that the fine print tells me that it says 'Minus any costs for excess mileage and reconditioning costs."  ANd it DID say that......BUT MY MOM'S CAR HAD LESS THAN AVERAGE MILES ON IT AND WAS IN PERFECT CONDITION INCLUDING THE TIRES!!!!!!

They then play their goddamn "make the customer wait" games and bring out like 4 different salesmen/managers/ an hour and half goes by....and we still don't have a deal.

I tell my mom where the numbers need to be $11.5k for her trade-in and $28k for the CR-V because I have to go see a client.

Well, she ended up getting the CR-V and within $1k of those above numbers because they made her pay for some stupid alarm they installed and said they couldn't "uninstall."

I would have walked.  DO NOT BELIEVE THEIR "INTERNET PRICES" and that buying from their Internet Department will be a clean transaction.

I bought a new Lexus in 2010 and it took less than 60 minutes for me to complete a deal and sign the papers.

In the past five years I have purchased that Lexus, a Ferrari, a BMW, and a Honda from dealers.......never have I had to deal with the typical bullshit of non-luxury car dealers when going through their Internet Departments.

I wish I could give them Zero Stars.  I will talk anyone I know who is looking to buy a Honda to go anywhere but Bell Honda to purchase their car.

Again, this does not reflect their service department as I don't have any experience with them directly.

Cristin D. | 2012-11-23

It's been so nice to read all the terrible reviews that are here because they actually make me feel better - after today's shocking experience.
So I see a Honda Civic on their website with an internet price of $10k. We drive all the way out there to be met by a new, inexperienced, unfriendly salesman who can't answer any questions, can't communicate with us and has no business working with the public. Firstly, he tells me the car is on lot 5 and he expects me to know what that means. Apparently it means that because it's not on their main lot, he doesn't know anything about it. Eventually, he gets us in a brand new Civic to drive us to lot 5 (the whole while trying to convince us to buy a new Civic and lease it, which I made clear that we were not going to do). We had our six year old daughter with us too, by the way. Anyway, he can't find the car in lot 5. He approaches a blue 2009 Civic and says 'here it is.'. I told him that the one we're here to see is gray and it's a 2008. He wants us to drive back to the main showroom but I suggest that since we're in lot 5, why doesn't he call the main showroom and ask them where the car is (duh?!). We find the 2008 Civic in lot 5 eventually and go for a test drive. The middle console cover kept popping up and we asked if they would fix that for us. He condescendingly said, 'it's a used car.' when it kept popping up, he said, "oooh, deal breaker'. ugh. I asked him about the inspection and he said it goes through an 88 point inspection. I'll now fast forward half an hour when we're asking him more questions and he has to get his manager to help him answer. The manager shockingly tells us that that car has issues. I was confused. I said we've just driven it and this gentleman told me it went through an 88 point inspection at which point that guy said, "I didn't tell you it passed." Oh my goodness, seriously?! Then the manager said that it did pass the 88 point inspection (safety and emissions). So the first guy clearly doesn't know what the heck he's talking about. Then the manager says it has tranny issues (I can only assume he means transmission issues). He then goes into some long, long, bizarre explanation of why it was for sale on the internet but that it wasn't really for sale and do I really want to buy a car like that for $10k when it has 'tranny' issues? This went on for a while. I gave him a piece of my mind and asked for his name. He told me his first name. I asked for his last name and he wouldn't tell me! When I told him I was going to Yelp this, he then wanted me to take his business card because "now you're going to go online and tell everyone how I wouldn't give you my last name." You're right, Buddy. That's what I've done. Shop here at your peril...

Stopher J. | 2012-11-08

I wanted to drop in really quick to see if they had a used Civic, I knew exactly the year, mileage and price ranges I wanted and told them right up front.  They said sure, they have a few like that.  As I'm giving them my info some dude with a neck tatoo comes in and starts the Mr. Salesguy routine.  He takes me around showing me a bunch of other makes and models I didn't ask about or want before finally getting to a couple used Civics with sticker prices that were a tiny bit less than what I could buy a new one for.  It was clear they had just wasted my time and had nothing close to what I was looking for.  I test drive one, not because I wanted it but just to confirm to myself there really is no difference (or at least a $10k difference) between an 2006 and 2010.  Halfway through the test drive Mr. Salesguy hijacks the test drive to take us through the back lot to show me more cars that don't remotely fit the description of what I asked for.  We get back to the dealership and I give them a sort of "thanks but no thank, gimme a call if you get something" response and they haul me over to a table (mind you they have my cars keys hostage as they were evaluating the trade-in) and start talking numbers, financing and all that other crap despite me telling them clear as day I wasn't buying a car today.  I had to fight them off like a date-rapey desperate teen after prom night just to get my keys back.  They did proceed to call me 2-3 times a day afterward, of course not saying if they had what I was looking for, just "wanted to talk about a few things".  DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR NUMBER.

robert c. | 2012-11-01


I bought a used car in 2010. Great car but the experience was horrible!!! - That is another complaint all in its self... since then I have traded my car in for a new honda civic at earnheart honda where I was treated wonderfully!

Bell honda has since not stopped calling me. I get two to three calls a day. I have told them both politely and  not so politely to stop and remove me off the list.

I have warned them many times that I will take further action. This review is one step towards that along with a bbb review, a call to my DA office, and a nice email to the GM of bell honda

Andrew N. | 2012-10-13

I should have avoided this situation all together. Sounded like a problem from the first conversation I had.

I was contacted via email by this dealership after they advertised that if I submitted my email, I would be able to view the entire inventory of their tent sale that weekend. BOGUS. Took me to their site and listed their pre-owned vehicles

After my initial exchange, I realized I wasn't going to be able to make a deal. A week or two later, I was contacted again about their assurance they could get a deal done. I explained to the sales manager, who was now emailing me, that I had recently gone to another dealership and that the quote they gave me for a vehicle of a similar cost was far outside of my budget and that it wasn't going to work. He kept persisting they were 'fairly certain' they could get a deal done.

After a couple more email exchanges, I personally pulled my credit report and vehicle payoff amount and called the sales manager. I covered all basis of the deal and told him I was not going to come down unless he thought there was a good possibility of a deal. He transferred me to his assistant to take my info to verify the credit score I JUST PULLED MYSELF 5 MINUTES PRIOR to try and put something together.

I ended up calling back twice and getting jerked around and transferred because the sales manager was 'on a call' for three hours and no one had any answers for me regarding the deal he was supposedly putting together. I ended emailing him about four hours later, and he responded within 30 minutes about how he was busy and the deal he told me he could do was 150 dollars more a month than what he originally said he could do.


Melissa J. | 2012-09-30

I should have known better than to come here. My sister bought her car here and it just seemed sketchy.

However I really want a Mini Cooper S so we've been looking around and they happened to have one. It was listed at $13,788, so in we go.

We show up, tell them what car we want to look at. They ask a bunch of questions, such as whether we wanted to finance it or buy it outright. We clearly said buy it outright.

We test drive it, it's pretty awesome. How couldn't it be? It's a Mini Cooper.

So we go inside to talk about it, the sales guy comes back and says he knows we don't want to finance it but here's three financing options they came up with. Seriously? To make it even more ridiculous, they've got the car costing around $16,000 and basically wanted us to finance it at about $20,000 after who knows what fees.

We pointed out the internet price, I don't even remember the strange response, it was something about how that was for people like us who they want to come up from Tucson and buy cars. Like we were doing? Who knows. So we make an offer which was basically the internet price after taxes and fees (instead of before).

They pretend to go over it for awhile. Then the sales manager (I think that's who it was, different person) comes back with  a bunch of random numbers written with magic marker on a piece of paper explaining I have no idea what. Something about business, his profit, what it costs to list that car on the internet (supposedly $500), more seemingly not connected phrases.

Magic marker? Real professional. If you don't want to accept our offer fine. Say that, don't insult us by writing down strange numbers on odd scraps of paper in the hopes that it looks like you're negotiating. And seriously, listen to what people are saying to you when they show up.

Chukki S. | 2012-08-31

This place is horrible.  I went through the Costco auto program.  So first the salesman calls me and is real cocky about how Honda is better than all other car makers.  He says there is no way I won't think Honda is the best after a test drive.  So I get there and the cocky guy is busy so he gives me the old burnt out fat/bald sales guy.  Halfway through the test drive the sales guy takes a call on his cell phone and starts arguing with someone back at Honda.  Awkward.  Then we get back and the saleman takes my keys and leaves for a half hour.  Finally I demanded my keys back and got the heII out of there.

Norm R. | 2012-08-28

I've had 1-star experiences with other establishments before, but I dislike writing about my bad experiences.  However, this establishment's automotive service has finally infuriated me enough to compel me to finally write my first-ever 1-star review after all these years with yelp. I've had it with being given a laundry list of extremely expensive repairs that are supposedly needed for my car, every time I come for simple scheduled maintenance, even for those that involve basically an oil change. I really should have paid attention to the other yelp reviews, as well as to the BBB rating for this establishment. I've finally decided to take my car elsewhere for service, and fortunately I've found a good one that does repairs only when necessary and lets me keep my arm and leg.

Cindy L. | 2012-08-23

This was the worst experience I have ever had looking for a vehicle.  My daughter had found a 2009 Honda Civic on Bell Honda's website.  Of course when we got there our salesman knew nothing about that vehicle.  We let him know upfront that we were looking for a used vehicle in the $12,000 price range.  Our salesman took us out to see vehicles that were way over the price range we had stated.  We spent a good hour looking at vehicles that were not going to work for us.  We were about to leave and he came back and told us there was a beige 2007 Honda Civic that would be in the price range we were looking for.   We got back in a car with our salesman and looked for this vehicle for about 30 minutes.  He found it in detail being cleaned up.  We looked at it and my daughter test drove it.  We were guaranteed it was in her price range.  We sat down to start negotiating and found out another salesman had a customer looking at this vehicle.  These two salesmen were in the lobby fighting over the keys to this car. It was the most unprofessional thing I've ever witnessed.  I went straight up to the both of them and expressed my unhappiness with the way this was being handled.  That we were not going to get caught up in a battle over this vehicle.  A Senior Salesman came out and spoke to me.  He promised me that they were not going to start a bidding war over this vehicle and we would get first chance at purchasing it.  We sat back down and soon our salesman brought over there offer.  They wanted almost $18,000.   $1500.00 of that was for an alarm and paint sealant.  The vehicle has a factory alarm and it's a 2007 with numerous scratches why would we pay $700 to seal the paint.  That offer included her trade in for which they offered her $500.00 for.  What a joke! This was the only dealership that we had been to that tried to cheat us this bad.  We sent back our offer. We would pay $14,500 for the vehicle period.  Our salesman had my daughter sign it and took it back to his bosses.  He came back with a credit application and said we needed to fill it out before we could go any further.  We said no, we would fill it out when they accepted our offer.  He went back to his bosses and came back a few minutes later stating they would accept our offer.  At his point I could tell he was hurrying us along.  We wanted to take another look at the vehicle and then we sat down to fill out the credit application.  Our salesman was starting to really rush us at this point.  I knew then they were doing what they said they wouldn't do.  They were bidding us against each other to see who would pay the most for the car.  A few minutes later this other girl was standing at the bell they ring when a vehicle is purchased.  I couldn't believe we had been lied to like that.  I again went right into the office where the senior salesman are and called them out on what they had just done.  I also told everyone in that dealership at the time how we had just been lied to and taken advantage of.  My daughter wanted to credit application she had just filled out because she didn't trust them. They refused. I took it and left.  My daughter was in tears.  She works at a restaurant and goes to nursing school.  She couldn't believe that there were people out there that were this dishonest and would treat people like that.  Keep in mind before this she had visited 3 dealerships on her own looking for a car.  I have never been treated so poorly.

Daren C. | 2012-08-17

I had been looking at all types of vehicles but found myself coming back to Bell Honda. The funny thing is I didn't buy a Honda. I came back because my sales guy was great. Preston pressure, even called me when something he thought i would like cam ein.

After the initial sale I have also been in contact with several finance and service advisors. I have been 100% happy.

The best part of buying a car from them is the free car washes. You bring the car in with a mirror dangler and go eat a donut or have some coffee....everyday if you want. I have owned the car for 3 weeks and have had it washed 4 times. Sweet!

Jake D. | 2012-07-16

I had come here to get my oil changed when I first moved to the area 4 years ago, and couldn't remember why I've avoided it since.  It is far closer to my work and home  than any other Honda dealer.  From what I could remember it just took a bit longer than the others.  So I dropped it off during my lunch at work and had a coworker drive me back so waiting wouldn't be an issue.  Then more and more reasons not to return came to the surface.

I came in with a $20 oil change coupon, and from the moment I pulled up they were trying to squeeze whatever money they could out of me.  I got the pleasure of an unprovoked tour of every ding, scratch, dent I had on my car.  I am aware of these, and 7 years in I have come to terms with them.  I was sent on my way and told I would get a call in a couple hours with a "hopeful" clean bill of health.  It was at that moment I was cringing at what barrage of "needed repairs" I would receive.  It was worse than imagined...

2 hours later I get the call, and there was quite the laundry list of repairs to the tune of roughly $1500.  I told them that wasn't in my budget at this time, and they so kindly offered to finance the costliest repair.  I again declined.  As I was on my way to pick up my car, I had a bad feeling I would get in and coincidentally my car would fall to pieces once I pulled away.  Once I turned the key and drove away safely I was pleasantly surprised.

I was willing to give them a 2nd star for this courtesy, but what I saw near the checkout counter left a bad taste in my mouth as well.  Standing in line there was a sweepstakes looking box labeled "we need help on Yelp", with a prize offered if your review was "pulled".  Yet this was nowhere near a computer, just a stack of paper slips near the box.  So my only assumption is they are creating accounts for each slip, and I can only imagine they are including ALL reviews, good and bad when they do this. This has to violate one or two of Yelp's terms and conditions, but I see the filter must have taken care of a handful of these (evidenced by 60-some reviews removed).

So yes, I can agree you need "help on Yelp".  But a better start would be to ditch the sleezy money fleecing tactics and create honest, trusting relationships with your customers.

Ashley S. | 2012-07-12

BLATANTLY MISLEADING, RUDE, FALSE ADVERTISING. After receiving a flyer in the mail that I had won one of four prizes, my husband and I stopped into Bell Honda (where we had purchased a certified used Honda two years prior) to claim the prize promised in writing. The flyer said that attending a sales presentation was not required to receive the prize, and that one only had to present the flyer before 9 pm. We were entered into the computer for the promotion at 8 pm and told that we would learn what we had won and be able to try to win other prizes in "a little while."

Amicably, we allowed a sales representative to talk with us and show us a Ridgeline, eventually agreeing to a test drive. We were open to the idea of refinancing our vehicle or purchasing another vehicle should it meet our needs and allow us to lower our outrageous monthly payment. We let the sales representative know this from go.

To make a long story short, at 10:30 pm we were told that they didn't have a car on the lot they could offer to us with our credit and stipulations (Note: our credit hasn't changed since purchasing a vehicle from this dealership two years prior, when we were told to "come on back in in 6 months to get a better interest rate." More lies - we should have learned our lesson then.) I was OK with this - I understand that although they advertise differently, it isn't always possible to get the customer the price and interest rate they want. But then I was told that in order to receive the prize I had won (according to the flyer), we would have to return tomorrow. And although I had successfully completed my end of the deal (registering before nine, bringing in the flyer and ID, even taking a test drive with the promise of throwing beanbags for a chance to win more prizes) Honda sent me out the door empty handed.

I received several phone calls during the days following this incident and assumed it was Honda trying to remedy the situation. Surely the way I was treated was an oversight and something they would be ashamed of, not to mention that I was an existing customer who had already given much more money and time to their business than any prize offered on that flyer would have been worth...

Duped again! When I returned the call, instead of an apology, the sales manager, Brandon, asked why I hadn't bought a car from them on Saturday. I couldn't believe it! When I told him what had happened, infuriated that they would dare call me to waste more of my time when 1) they had misled me and wasted my Saturday evening with lies and false advertising, and 2) I was sent away told they couldn't sell me a single car on the lot, he then blamed me for the situation and said, "well, you could have come back on Sunday to get the prize!"

So apparently, this is the way Bell Honda treats their existing clients - misleading them both verbally and through the use of false advertising, then being rude and accusatory, just to let us know how important our time, hard earned money, and business is to them. My husband and I regret purchasing from Bell Honda and hope others will head our warning and avoid a similarly DISGUSTING EXPERIENCE.

B B. | 2012-07-05

I orginally bought my Civic from Right Honda. Since I bought it I have been in tears two times! Both times Bell Honda has been more then helpful!

They offered a shuttle service to and from my house. Fixed my car in a timely manner.

Then recently my tire went flat. Since they didnt sell the tires the two service guys who were helping me helped me locate my tire and even gave me the hint to ask for coverage on the other tires! They actually did it!

I cant even begin to explain how wonderful Bell Honda as has been to my family and I. Thank you Bell Honda!

Todd H. | 2012-06-28

My family has bought 7 cars here over the years. Very friendly, and good deals, too!

I am updating my review because of my families' recent buying experience with the staff at Bell Honda, again. I would rate them ANOTHER 5 stars.

I take my membership in the Yelp community seriously, so I'm not willing to say anything that is false for any reason, either here or anywhere else.

We got 3 more cars overall, great prices for the cars, and stellar financing options. Each car we got came with all the features requested, and everything works perfectly. The finance department's Chris Quintana and Ramses Marguay worked their Disneyland magic over the numbers, Scott Swytko put all the car deals together, Camille Volcy was our sales person, everyone was fantastic to put everything together on Saturday night.

But wait, there's more. I decide at 10 pm Saturday night that I want a different Odyssey than the one I just got. I call in at 9 am Sunday morning, and at 1 pm the new van is in front of my house. Camille worked on his day off to make sure I would have what I needed for Monday. That is great service.

All my families' hondas have been serviced here, never a problem.

I see a lot of negative complaints, but i have never had any of those experiences here, and I and my family have bought many cars here, and we will again. please read the reviews, and then call them and allow your own experience to be your guide.

Vladimir P. | 2012-06-27

When I bought my used Accord with 36K miles, sales guy and I agreed on 60 months $345 per month price. The gentleman that came to close deal that evening after the sales person who sold the car pulled a contract that shows 66 months $345 which would include a extended warranty. I was offered extended warranty for 6 more $345 months on the loan.

I said that I'm not interested and then another sales guy came in that offered 61 months $345 a month for the extended warranty. Deal seemed solid since it's not a bad idea to have extended warranty on used car. Here comes the shocker....

I agreed on 61 month $345 for my Accord Ex-L V6 used.  He printed a new page that showed 61 months and I signed. Then he said he needs me to sign other pages and not to worry about it showing 66 months since first page covers the change to 61 months. We closed the deal and I asked for copies of the contract. He said he will have it ready when I pick up the car next day. The following day I came to pick up my beautiful Honda Accord EX-L V6 and the paperwork copies were still not there. I was told the gentleman that closed the loan was out of office and to give him a call (business card was provided).

After two months and numerous calls I get my paperwork. To my surprise the loan that was filed was 66 months with Wells Fargo. The warranty that was supposed to be $345 more was $2000. The first page that showed 61 month $345 was nowhere to be found. I called Wells Fargo and they show 66 months no sign of that page with 61 months.

I'm deeply concerned about about this and want to share my story. This is unlawful and unethical behavior that Bell Honda should be ashamed of.

Mike M. | 2012-06-06

my salewoman was courteous and helpful.  they would discuss the price of the car in dollar figures other than the monthly payment until in the finance room.  the manager told me it would be around 11% then i get in the finance room its 21%. i argue that i wont sign the paper for 45 minutes then they switch it to 11%.  i sign the paper. take the car and a day later the bank wants more financing documentation. they tell me that my documentation isnt good enough.  therefore the bank will ok it at 16% but i still wont be able to prove my income. so i give them the car back and the lady says that they will get me a ride home.  which ended up not happening so i paid for a taxi home.  the financing department lies frequently in many areas.  if they would have just said hey we cant get you a ride home i wouldve been fine without waiting the 20 minutes i waited as they passed responsibility from person to person. id consider it the typical car dealer as the financing department couldnt tell you anything with a straight face.  they also tell you that the bank isnt on board...but honda was financing the car so its not the bank...its their own financing company...just another trick to try and get more money out of i paid for my 45$ taxi home and called it a day.

Larah P. | 2012-05-21

My experience with Bell Honda was hands-down, the worst I have ever encountered. I went in on Friday after doing some research on a used vehicle that was posted on the internet by Bell Honda. Earlier in the day, I had been emailing an employee and asked very specific questions about the vehicle. When I arrived at the dealership, I was met by two other employees (one a manager and the other sales) and was told that despite my appointment, the employee I was to meet with was sick in the back and I'd be taken care of by the other guy. Instantly, I was nervous. I expressed my concerns with being upsold, taken advantage of or lied to, as I had read these experiences all over the internet by other potential buyers. I was assured that this would not be my case. We went to the back lot, where the vehicle was parked. It was dirty and had no license plate, so I could only try it out in the parking lot. Nevertheless, I loved the car and was ready to buy it right then. I was told that it would be a couple of days for the car to go through and pass inspection and would I mind that? Not at all, I said. I was also told that they would put an order in for the inspection to happen sooner, rather than later. Saturday, in fact. The end of Saturday nears and I call the dealership to find out the status of the inspection. The gentleman I was transferred to didn't even ask me the make or model of the vehicle I was calling about and instead, tried to sell me other cars that I hadn't even seen! Over the telephone. He sounded rather bored as he took my number and told me he'd call me back in a few moments when he found the status. That call never call. I had the exact same experience the following day. This morning, I call the now three people that have helped me with this car, only to find out that all three of them are off today. I get connected with a manager who says he'll check on the status and takes my number. No return phone call. I call again in the early afternoon and was told that the vehicle is now in the shop and someone would call me when it passed inspection and that it would be about an hour. Well, that hour came and went. So, I called again. Somehow, I got connected with a woman in the sales department who finally tells me that that particular vehicle had been SOLD the week prior! BEFORE I even drove it!! Really? I ask then to be connected to a manager who is talking to someone else the whole beginning part of my story and then rudely puts me on hold for a few moments. When he comes back, he gives me some story about the owner of the car not being able to get financing and he was given the car back...why then, did the woman say it was sold, I ask? I'm not sure, he says. I am instantly angry and floored by the lack of customer service, communication or empathy from these people. Not only was there no follow up, there were just flat out lies. All things I was assured would not happen to me. I am truly disgusted and will never, ever give business to this dealership.

Hitesh R. | 2012-04-30

2012 Honda Odyssey
Honestly, my experience at Bell Honda was the most painful vehicle purchasing experience to date. The way the entire transaction was handled makes me not want to buy a Honda ever again. Apologies for taking so long to write the review.

Here's how the story unfolded:
Saturday, 10/22:
Visited the dealership, met with Corey (Internet Sales Manager), we drove to the adjacent lot to verify the Honda Odyssey I was specifically looking for was on the lot. We confirmed the car was on the lot. I told Corey ill be back the next day if I'm ready to the deal for the car. He said the car has an additional "$1100 of options", but we'll see what we can do.
At this point, I had seen the msrp sticker ($44,250) and the dealer added options attached to the vehicle specified for the deal.  Dealer Add ons included:
o Cantek Protection   $399
o Window Tint   $299
o Protection Package  $449
o Alarm (Remote Start) $895
o Appearance Package $195
TOTAL    $2237

Sunday 10/23, Returned Sunday around noon, greeted by Shane, the only person that I would care to work with again, told him I was ready to do a deal if they could beat the $41,500 quoted by Concord, for the specific car.  
3. Corey came back with the counteroffer to match $41,500.
4. I agreed and we proceeded to finalize the deal. To prevent any misunderstanding, I reconfirmed the dealer options that I expected with the car. At that point, Corey mentioned that the Cantek Protection, Window Tint, Protection Package were NOT included.  This was a surprise to me, but Corey seeming to think it was ok. For the $1146 in options, he reduced my payment by $4.50 a month. That left only the alarm and appearance package to come with the car.
5. Corey verbally mentioned that the document fee was $395. As we reviewed the prelim contract, the document fee specified in the contract was $295. Rather than honor the written amount, he crossed it off and changed the fee. This was the next example of subpar customer service. 99% of dealerships would acknowledge the mistake and give the customer the benefit. Not in this case.
6. Once the prelim paper work was complete, we headed to the finance office
a. Firstly, we went through the details of the add ons. The first accessory was Cantek Protection, I said it was actually not included. The finance rep, said it WAS included.  I can't believe the miscommunication between the front and back end. Then came the discussion about the alarm.  The finance manager said the alarm was NOT included. I couldn't believe it. The one item that was making the deal marginally beneficial was excluded? I said no way, call Corey....Corey came back to the office and said that it was not included, and I misunderstood. Since the deal was put together differently, this was overlooked. Ridiculous. At this point, I had invested 5 hours of my vacation to finalize the deal, and i wasn't going to leave empty handed, in hindsight maybe I should have. So I conceded on the alarm, making the deal at Concord Honda in Northern California a better overall deal.
b. After all the back and forth with Corey about the monthly payment amount, I couldn't believe that I was told that another $35/month was required for maintenance. No mention was made during the initial negotiation. I tried multiple times to exclude the service contract from my lease deal, but it pushed as required. I basically gave up.
c. Then I noticed the contract specified .15 mile excess in one place and .20 in another place. The finance rep told us the excess mileage penalty was based on the msrp of the car. I said OK, please fix it. He went to his superior, came back with a different explanation. Again, not acceptable. If you know the answer great, if you don't, say that you don't know and get back to us.
So after all was said and done, Shane gave us a very detailed walk through of the features. We're happy with the car, yet the experience has left a bad taste.


Neva S. | 2012-04-27

Awesome car buying experience! I was very skeptical about finally buying a car through a dealership, but Bell Honda was great! Everyone from the receptionist, to the salesmen, to the finance people were so nice. They answered all one million of my questions and were not pushy whatsoever. I would buy another car here if I could afford two ; )

Brookelynn B. | 2012-04-23

I had a horrible experience with the Sales People and More horrible with Finance. The Sales guys gave the price of 2k more than what the car was priced at when i walked in. The finance guy totally schooled me told me that all this added on items were part of the extended warranty. Which they were not. He told me that the Sales people do not tell you that they do not let a car leave with out the Zac tac a paint protector, that is what the extra 2k was, which is BS and he would not change it. I will never buy a car from here again. They kept giving me the run around.

Cassandra B. | 2012-04-21

After my horrible experience with purchasing my Civic (which I love), I never thought I would be back. My driver's side visor has broken several times (I am told this is common), so every time I need to go back to get it fixed, I am not generally in a good mood.
Last week, Allen, a new salesman, called me and begged me to come down. I told him I needed to go down anyway to get my visor fixed so he tried to sweeten the deal. I asked for and was promised a free oil change, though he told me I would have to get a certificate and come back for it. He also told me that he wasn't sure what time the service people worked until to get the visor fixed. I tentatively made an appt to go down the next day.
He asked me about the kind of car I wanted on the phone earlier in the week and I had told him it had a be a V6, and that I was considering a little SUV like a Rav4. He said at first that Rav4's didn't even COME in V6, which should have been a red flag since I know that they do. I had told him that I was and am happy with my 2010 Civic and the payments, so I doubt that they could be in my ballpark for a new car since I thought I owed more than my car is worth. I told him, "I have 1.9% financing and a monthly payment of $320/mo. I really can't afford more than that." I told him it was a waste of time for us to talk if he couldn't stay in that ballpark.
Still, he convinced me that it was worth my while to come down - stressing that they would go above and beyond for the Buy Back program since they desperately wanted used Civics to sell in this economy of record prices per gallon of gas.
The morning of the appt, a manager called to confirm my appointment. I told him I was only going to come down if my visor was going to get fixed, and he promised me that a service dept rep was there until 7pm, so my 5pm appt would not be a problem. We made a deal and I confirmed that I would be there to hear a sales pitch while I waited.
At 5pm, I showed up and handed my keys immediately to Allen so that he would take them to get my visor fixed and the car appraised for trade in value. He did not rush to pick them up, but it did not occur to me at the time to ask why.
He asked if I would consider a v6 Accord, so I asked how much it cost. He told me he didn't know. I said, that means we are probably wasting our time because I knew it was a lot more than m Civic. He then told me they started at $22k, so I decided we may be able to get in the same ballpark money wise. He took my keys and then brought a car around.
He convinced me to test drive a 2012 Accord EX (6 cyl, Sun roof etc), and I liked it though the car was very dirty inside and out. He asked if I was interested and I said I told him what my hard numbers were - what I was currently paying. He said he wasn't the numbers guy but that I wouldn't be wasting my time.
Allen brought back the "numbers guy" and he said he wouldn't BS me since he knew I had had a bad experience previously. A short time later, the "numbers guy" was asking me to initial a paper showing a price of around $35k (I think it was more like $38k, but I don't remember for sure). I stopped them right there and said that I knew that there was no way that they could get a car that was twice the price of my Civic to a payment close to my current payment.
The mousy finance guy wrote down $350-$380 and said if he could get the payment in that area for 5 years, would I take it home today? I told him that either way, I needed to talk to my husband tonight and would not make a decision today. He then asked if he could get the payment to $320 a month and a down payment of $640, would I take it home today? I again told him that I needed to talk to my husband but that if we could really get the same payment price, I wouldn't think he would object.
A little while later, he came back with a piece of paper that said Accord LX and $450/month. I said that was way higher than the ballpark and did he write down the trim wrong since I had test driven an EX? He started to backpedal about how that car was way outside of my ballpark so this 4cyl version was about the same. I told him, as I had told Allen, I am not interested in a 4cyl. If I was, I would stay with my Civic. He then tried to convince me through scribbles of numbers and ludicrous equations that I really was going to pay a similar price even though this car was twice the price of my Civic. I told him I was done with the BS and would like my car keys back.
Numbers guy walks away while Allen is silent. I said, "Come on, man. You promised this wouldn't happen." The manager shows up and babbles about how he doesn't want me to leave unsatisfied and he could hit $320 with a 4cyl or with Leasing. I asked for my oil change and was given a gas card and left. After 2 hours, I got in my car to leave and wouldn't you know it, but they NEVER fixed the visor! Allen babbled on about how it wasn't his fault, but I was PISSED.

Matt C. | 2012-02-22

Buyer beware.  This really applies to most sales organizations and certainly to auto dealers.  I specifically went through the Costco buying program to attempt to reduce the hassles when dealing with those that work hard to separate you from your money regardless of the benefits to you.  The Costco buying program forces the dealer to reveal the dealer invoice.  For the car I wanted: Invoice = 19k and change, dealer sticker price 25k and change.  Thousands of dollars  in dealer adds, $900 for a "security system", $274 for dealer installed tinting, $400 for a "paint protection", hundreds more for a beauty package (I was totally tuned out by this point), and more.  I was in no hurry so I indicated that I was going to order a car to spec to avoid all this needless crap.  So they dropped all the adds except the tint (which I liked) and the paint protection (worthless).  They left part of the beauty package (mud flaps and a plastic trunk lining) and "disabled" the security system.  I essentially paid $500 over invoice as the Costco program starts at $100 under invoice.  We qualified for 1.9% financing via Honda.  The next stage was the paperwork and the manufacturers warranty explanation (this is a tactic to prepare you for the extended warranty sales pitch).  I specified that I would not buy the extended warranty and that I did not want to hear the pitch.  Then a personnel switch took place and a new slicker salesman entered.  Allowing a minute for the new crap to spew forth for the extended warranty, I declined yet again.  New tactics were brought forth (a reduction in financing charges??..either we qualified for the best rate or not...) to which I said, "MY DECISION STANDS!"  Yet another attempt came at me and I threatened to walk from the prepared to do so as I was.  I was buying a Honda that includes a price premium above the American manufacturers due to Honda's perceived better build quality.  I was prepared to "self insure" future repairs on the car and stated as such to the slimy sales pitch.  Be prepared to be worn down.  Make your decisions prior to working with any auto dealer and stick to your guns.  Make sure that you don't need the car that day and be willing to wait if need be.  Bell Honda is like any other auto dealership and thus I cannot recommend them.  Do your work in advance, stick to your goals and be prepared to walk.  Perhaps some day a dealership with the interest of people before profits might become reality.  Bell Honda has a lot of work to do.  Ultimately, I should have worked harder for a better deal and to call them out for their slimy tactics but even I began to feel fatigued.  It's nature of the business....very sad.

Tony N. | 2012-02-19

2.5 years out from my Bell Honda visit, Timing belt & CV joints still good.

Darrell C. | 2012-01-13

Service related. Josh S was very helpful and courteous. I contact Bell Honda by email almost two weeks before I wanted service. I also contacted four other Honda dealers including one in Avondale near where I work. Two didn't respond to my requests. Of the two that did, pricing was nearly identical but I got a better feeling out of Bell. Josh's description of the work was spot on. I had already done research and knew what needed to be done so any BS tossed my way would've been obvious. The end result is a happy Honda customer. Job complete, pricing dead on, and they helped solve a small brake problem that was lingering. Thanks guys, we will go back.

Michael O. | 2011-12-09

Bell Honda is the closest dealership to my house and I always go out of my way to avoid this dealership. The service department has the WORST customer service and the couple of times I interacted with the service department I became furious and irritable and choose to do business elsewhere

Gerald H. | 2011-09-10

I bought my 2010 Honda Accord through American Automobile Association's Car  Buyer's Program which selected another dealer to buy the car through.   At about one year and 5 months we were informed that the rear brakes needed replacing, not the rotors but the brakes at a cost of $230.00.  When I QUESTIONED THIS saying in my 40 years of owning a car the FRONT BRAKES went first, I was told that it depended on driving habits.

On the next service call things went as normal or so I thought.  At the cash register a person who I had never seen said that we really should get the tires rotated.  I took note of this and went about my busy day.  Then after getting home and reviewing the documents handed to me it said I had declined to get the tires rotated and highlighted the word CAUTION.

I find this dealer to be unethical.

Lindsay D. | 2011-09-09

I bought my 08' Honda Civic here and I have been returning to their service Department to do oil changes. No one there even has a personality or greets you. Like Hello How are you? It's more like what ya need? I have not one time been satisfied with their service. They will tell you it will be an hour and it turns out to be 3 or 4. They are supposed to wash your car after any service, but if they can squeeze out of it. They will. I usually have to mention it and then they will. They leave crap in your car ie. empty cups etc. I don't recommend anyone going here. I'm pretty sure you will feel like I do. Maybe new management would help! In the meantime I am going to look for another Honda dealer to take my car to.

Jason R. | 2011-08-31

I wish the sales department and service departments could be separated for review purposes.  I'd give sales a 2 star and Service a 4 star.

I will begin by saying that I am very pleased with the service advisors in the service department here.  Jimi and Justin are willing to explain everything and make me feel comfortable during my visit for a key replacement and window problem.  Now on to the main event:

Here's a quote from the Honda website: "So when you choose a Honda Certified Used Vehicle, rest easy knowing it passes more than just a 150-point inspection. It passes our strict standards as well."

Just bought a Honda Certified used vehicle from Bell Honda with 67,500 miles on it.  There were some problems reported by my private mechanic when I had a full inspection done after purchase.   Rear brake calipers missing bolts on both sides.  Brakes lift up and rub on rim when pressed.  Radiator is leaking.  Left drivers side axle seal leaking out of transmission.
I also noticed 2 unrepaired cracks in windshield.  Tires unbalanced. Front tires had low pressure.  Coolant below low line.  No owners manual.  Only one key fob and a valet key.  Missing floor mats.  Cabin air filter dirty and old.  Had to redo the detailing inside to get the stains off the ceiling and carpet which were overlooked as well as remove the crumbs and trash from inside the armrest.    Not sure how so much was overlooked on a Certified vehicle, but it happened.  So much for the 150 point inspection.   I understand that a used vehicle will not be perfect, but these items should have been noticed.  I am currently working with this dealer to resolve the issues.  I will update this review to let you know if the repairs were satisfactory.
UPDATE 9/2/2011.
Window cracks repaired.  Rear brake calipers repaired.  Tires balanced.  Was told by Robert, the transmission leak was more of a "seeping out" and not dripping, therefore "not a problem and part of buying a used vehicle", so NOT repaired.  And they could not find the leak in the radiator.  I inspected the radiator and found the leak within minutes. So there is a leak and they will not fix it.  I will be bringing it to another Honda dealer to be repaired under the Certified warranty since Bell is obviously not concerned with repeat business.  This dealer just doesn't want to spend money on a vehicle they got from an auction that had some overlooked problems.
Photos of the transmission leak are attached.  See for yourself.
UPDATE 9/10/2011:
Took the car to Tempe honda and they repaired the axle seal and installed a new radiator (under warranty).  They agree both issues should have been fixed by Bell Honda.  I am STILL waiting on the other key and the owners manual that Bell promised.  Their service department states it takes only an hour to make the key.
UPDATE 9/20/2011:  I called the sales department again to ask about the missing key and Dave said to just bring it by and we will take care of it.  So I'm left wondering why nobody in sales that I had dealt with perviously (Stacy, Ray, Robert) had called me to say "just stop by".  I had been waiting since August 28th and called many times to find these guys were still "taking care of it" but not doing anything.
UPDATE 11/14/2011:  STILL waiting for the owners manual they are supposed to mail me.  I keep calling and each time they say they will mail it.  Have not received it after many calls and double checking of the address they are sending it to.

Ryan B. | 2011-08-31

Please run as far as you can from this dealership!!! I would Never go back to bell Honda ever again.  In June 2011 I called to verify a car was there, the salesman said "yes" after I gave him the stock number . 15 minutes later I pulled up asking to see the car and was told that they had sold the car last weekend. After expressing my frustration to the manager he laughed like it was some kind of joke and said "well you know there is other Honda dealerships". When Leaving the dealership I made it very clear to never call me. Bell Honda called me on 6-18-2011, 6-19-11, 07-11-2011, and 08-31-11 trying sell a me car,  I asked to be put on there do not call list every time. On the 08-31-2011 Call, I asked for the manager. After expressing my frustration to Robbie (the manager) he laughed telling me he would make sure Bell Honda would KEEP calling me.

m f. | 2011-08-15

Where do I even begin?

We were in a bind and had to get a car after ours broke down in Flagstaff. After giving them our budget, the salesman took us onto the back lot to show us a nice Honda Civic, only to stall us out for 45 minutes under the guise of "not being able to find the keys" Eventually they admitted that they couldn't even sell the car yet because they didn't have the pink slip. Whatever. We should have left at this point, but were in a bind, and they stalled us long enough to pull up a nice used low mileage car. We worked out pricing/trade value, and I thought we would be out the door within an hour and a half. Boy was I wrong.

After waiting in the office for 2 hours, Heather finally found the time to talk to us, and gave us the 1.5 hour pitch on all the unneeded upgrades, wasting even more of our time, and would not take no for an answer, from either myself or my girlfriend. Once my girlfriend said no and explained why many times over, she had the nerve to ask "My I ask why?" CAUSE WE SAID SO!!!

She also had a personal sob story for every one of the upgrades. I would suggest that Bell Honda should consider hiring smarter, more stable people that actually listen to their customers. After I got a bit heated, I left to cool off, and Heather brought in a male sales guy to double team my girlfriend on signing up for the upgrades. At this point, I lost it, and the sales guy had the nerve to ask "If my name is on the documents" I retorted "Is your name on the documents?" and let my girlfriend finish the deal. Heated, we left, glad it was over (or so we thought).

When our car broke down, we were traveling cross country to take my girlfriend to school. The timing could not have been worse, and we explained this IN FULL DETAIL. We also told her that we would mail the pink slip back when we got to our final location. Days later, she was calling us and asking for the pink slip, and today, two weeks later, she is calling to tell us that the loan did not go through because my girlfriend is not currently employed, and we would potentially have to give the car back.

We told this all to Heather, she did not listen, and thought she could bull her way through the loan and signing us up for a bunch of unneeded upgrades. It is amateur hour at Bell Honda, not sure what Heather learned at her little certification program she was bragging about, but it sure wasn't honesty or listening skills.

Karin R. | 2011-07-09

After buying a used 2004 CRV from private party we needed additional keys. After Bell's review they saw a aftermarket ignition had been installed with no way to get the code to cut the keys. Solution was $1000 for new ignition, keys, and coordinating compatible door locks. Reasonable for all they'd have to do. Shuttle took me home and 1 hr later I got a call that they decided they had to make this work for me at lower cost. The staff and technicians worked making a dummy key until they got the important key points to laser new keys to match. Done and out the door $225 plus $14 for the CRV Owners Manual I requested.   Staff was very kind, understanding, explained things clearly, and were open to as many questions as I had. I left with 3 keys. I recommend them for any problems / service / assistance. They are very customer centered which is nice to see.

Karla H. | 2010-09-05

All I have to say is that I had the worst experience at this honda dealer.  They were really pushing the extra warranty for my new honda civic 2010. They made me feel I had to buy it because "honda cars are not made well anymore"  BE CAREFUL!! I left with a sickening feeling.

Patty S. | 2010-06-28

Bought a 2010 Honda Civic here a couple weeks ago. Have to say that overall, it was one of the easiest, most pleasant car buying experiences I've ever had.

The salesman was knowledgeable about the car I wanted and I didn't have to do the back and forth "let me talk to my manager" routine. He made the whole experience so easy and actually, a lot of fun!

Very  happy with my new car, and I would definitely go back there when I am ready for a new car....but not for a long time!

J L. | 2010-06-23

I don't typically write reviews, but this was the worst experience I have ever had and want to WARN everyone so no one has to go through what I went through.

I will NEVER return to this dealership to purchase a car or get my car serviced!!

I went to speak to them about buying a car and after 2 horrific hours of talking to the sales person, I had to get up and leave. The sales person called me numerous times after I left to see if I was still looking for a car. I asked him if I were to return would he give me the same deal he offered on my first visit, and he said yes. When I returned to purchase the car I found out that I had been lied to! The sales person LIED to me, and was completely DISHONEST!


Stefan Y. | 2010-01-19

I have had the opportunity to visit Bell Honda twice for service on my 2003 Accord. On both occasions the Service Advisor was polite, concerned and very knowledgeable. He (Steve) was very assuring and confident his technicians could resolve my issues.
Not only did they expertly resolve my issues, they did it in a very prompt way with a genuine sense of urgency and a desire to fix the problems correctly the first time. One of the problems I had was very complex and my original choice to fix the car failed to correctly diagnose the problem on 5 straight visits. Bell Honda nailed it right away. I happily recommend them.

Ryan C. | 2009-09-30

experience #1

early 90's...a long haired and scruffy faced hippy looking dude in ripped jeans walks onto lot looking to buy *today*....asshole salesman refuse to show me new model i ask to see and very firmly "suggest" going out back to the used car lot to see what i might find....head down the street and buy new nissan sentra that same day

experience #2

early Two Thousand-ands.....casual dressed but clean cut older me walks onto lot looking to buy *soon* with very specific model and budget parameters clearly laid out within first couple minutes of conversation with salesmen.  multiple dudes in a team effort try to talk me out of my clearly defined parameters (other vehicles, leasing not buying, way higher monthly payments)  

Disgusting display of blatant NOT-listening to the customer, over and over again.

I still get spam emails after countless remove requests.

Kyle H. | 2009-03-30

I drove over to Bell Honda to check out the new Honda Insight because I was already in the area. The salesmen were a little pushy, but that's understandable considering the economic climate. What was not understandable was the extra charge Bell Honda placed on the Insights based on the fact that they are "new, popular models". It was $3,000 over the $20,000 retail price of the car... for a total of $23,000.



That's a 15% price increase for no good reason! Should Apple charge $100 over their retail price every time they release a new iPhone because it's new and popular? Should a restaurant charge extra for a dish because it was just added to the menu? Should Disneyland double the price of admission whenever they add a new attraction?

I know Bell Honda isn't alone in this practice, but I've dealt with dealers that don't add an extra charge to popular cars. Toyota Carlsbad in California did not tack on an extra charge when Priuses were popular. Bottom line: don't deal with scummy dealerships that overcharge for their cars!

Amy D. | 2009-03-24

I have an '07 Civic.  Bought it from these guys in May.  Extended warranties, the works.  My A/C hasn't been working so I took it in this morning.
They said it would be a few hours.  I said "Great, just give me the loaner car and I'll be back later."  Uh....their idea of a "loaner car" is to drive you to Enterprise where you have to give them a major credit card or $150 deposit.  EXCUSE ME?????????  I have under 30K miles on this car and I have to go to a car rental place??? I don't think so.
Went BACK to Honda and told them I'd sit and wait, but that I had to be out of there by 11am to get ready for an appointment I have this afternoon.  Kevin, the guy in service said "Fine, we'll get it back to you by then, whether it's fixed or not."  Mind you, I was there by 8am.  Three hours to change the filters on my A/C isn't gonna fly with me.  They wanted $89.99 to change the filter.  Hmmmm...
I told them I wanted my car back immediately.  I can get the filter for $29.99 at Autozone and have one of my boys change it for me.  $29.99 and buy the guy a six-pack.

Brian P. | 2009-02-11

Travis Holt, General Manager at Bell Honda, really went out of his on my last visit to Phoenix to help me when my car broke down.  The dealership service staff was excellent.