Auto Action AZ in Phoenix, AZ

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We are a family owned and operated business with several locations to serve you. We have the largest pre-owned inventory available, with the most innovative financing options; we pride ourselves in our superb customer service that our finance specialist provides our clients.

Auto Action AZ is on of Arizona's premier source of quality used vehicles.  We can also assist in getting financing for you vehicle regardless of your credit!  Serving the greater Phoenix area.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(602) 345-8098
Address:2201 West Van Buren, Phoenix, AZ, 85009

Reviews on Auto Action AZ

Rocio G. | 2015-02-15

so i bought my first car from them back in sept of 2013. well the day after i picked it up the battery died, a week later i had to replace the tires and later i had to fix my brakes! well my husband noticed that the transmission was bad and that give or take it would only last me a year, well sure enough it only lasted me a year and a couple of months. i took it to the shop so they can fix it and the guy wanted first 900$ then 950$ to have the car's transmission fixed. well he said it would only be a 3 day work, a week at most. well its been 2 weeks!! i received several calls stating that it my my transmission that needed work, then it wasn't my transmission but a faulty wire, and now am being told that the computer or the car is burned! (which it wasn't since my car still turned on) so now they want me to buy a new computer or have my husband pick it up and fix it himself!! really it took 2 weeks to find that out?! and now they said if i want to terminate the contract, they will auction out my car and i would be responsible to pay the difference or if i want to trade it in with them i would pay $1000!

Eddie N. | 2014-12-23

I would stay as far away from this place as possible. I bought a 2007 Cobalt from these rip off artists and it had 80K miles on it so it should have last more than four years. The car died this week and I had nothing but problems with it from the time I drove it off the lot.

Cassandra L. | 2014-04-30

If I can give this location a negative rating I would. I was young and naive and they took full advantage of that. I went in looking for a car and the staff there was more than willing to help me. I told him what my price range was and he showed me which cars would fit my needs. I went for the 2005 Mitsubishi Galant and told the guy I would come back when I received my check. When I did come back all of a sudden the amount previously agreed upon was changed and so were the payments but I needed a care ASAP so I agreed and paid. I was told they would put gas in the car then the day of I realized there was no gas in the car. The car didn't have a stereo and when I mentioned this they gave me one that didn't match what was suppose to be in the car. My car broke down MULTIPLE TIMES ON THE FREEWAY. All 4 tires blew out on the freeway as well which was later discovered that they put retreaded tires on the car. They somehow "lost" a payment and when I spoke to the manager he said he would waive the next payment WELL THAT WAS A LIE. When I went back up there they told me I was 2 payments behind (because of the so called lost payment and the lie the manager fed me to get me out the damn place). Luckily I had proof the "lost" payment was actually given to them since I had my receipts in the car for EVERY PAYMENT that was provided from them. I was so fed up I ended up basically sitting in the dealership with my family refusing to leave telling everyone that came in what they were really all about... literally every person turned around and did not make a purchase and obviously they kicked us out so I called the police on them (which apparently is a normal thing at this location according to the police officer). He made sure I didn't have to pay the next payment but after dealing with them for months and having constant problems with the staff and the car I just let them repossess the car... The cost to fix it would've been more than the actual value of the car. Never go here they will lie and manipulate the situation at any cost.

Maria G. | 2013-09-17

Do not purchase a car from them! Any Auto Action, specially Van Buren and 19th ave! It's a waste of time. Just bought a car and they had me driving back and forth like an idiot just to pick it up. They demand their money but they take their sweet as time to do things and they are not honest with one as they should be. Now that I finally have the car, the headlights don't work. Go figure! That's when you know they don't care about the conditions the car is in. They're a total scam! It has been a horrible experience and a terrible nightmare the very first and last time I ever deal with them

Monica P. | 2013-08-26

Ignore the billboards - no one at their locations really wants to sell you a car.  We went to several locations looking for a 4-wheel drive vehicle and no one would even come out to speak to us. When we went looking for staff, they showed no,interest in helping us or in the cars on their lots. I'm not sure why this business exists, but I'm pretty sure it's for some purpose other than selling cars. Buyers beware & go elsewhere.