Acura North Scottsdale in Phoenix, AZ

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New and Pre-Owned Acura sales and service.

Acura North Scottsdale

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(480) 538-4600
Address:7007 East Chauncey Ln, Phoenix, AZ, 85054
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Reviews on Acura North Scottsdale

Ryan R. | 2015-04-21

I had made up my mind on my next car purchase, a 2015 Acura TLX with the advance package so I hit the Internet to find the best out the door price. I reached out to all 3 Valley dealers and had responses almost immediately. Bob Cambell responded with a very competitive price. I gave the other dealers the opportunity to beat it but got typical boiler plate responses "they won't honor that price once you get there," "bring it to me in writing and we'll beat it," and my favorite "our dealer add ons are of superior value." Who really needs nitrogen in their tires or wheel locks. Acura of North Scottsdale put there best foot forward on the initial price and nobody else came close.

Nevertheless I proceeded in working exclusively with Bob, asking for a price break down of his quote to ensure there were no surprises. A few emails later I had a price I was comfortable with and all the financing paperwork filled out to expedite the process. I walked in and my TLX was pulled up, washed and ready to go home. The entire process, from the moment I walked in the door was less then 90 minutes and that included an extended test drive and a 30 minute overview of all the features of this car. I'm a technophile but this car has so many features I was even a bit intimidated. Bob covered everything and proved to be extremes knowledgeable.

Much to my delight the price quoted via email was the price I paid. The price offered on my trade in was fair and there were no high pressure tactics for extended warranty type options. All in all I couldn't have imagined a better experience. I never thought I would use the word pleasant to describe buying a new car but that's exactly what it was.

If the TLX lives up to this positive experience Acura of North Scottsdale will have earned my business for years to come.

Cheryl K. | 2015-04-19

Received excellent customer service from Mr. Bob Campbell when purchasing a pre-owned vehicle.  Very professional in following up on it with a phone call.  Also, Ms. Terres Martori expedited our paper work in a speedy way so we were out before you know it enjoying our car.

s s. | 2015-04-15

I didn't realize that I will be disappointed to the point that I will even write an email.
My 2006 TL is 9 years old and we only have 90k miles on it. However, in spite of the relatively low mileage, we started having some problems with the car.  If we didn't start the car for three days, the battery would not have any charge left. I replaced the battery and had the alternator tested but same issue. So, as an engineer, I figure out there is charge leak even when car is not running. But on that Friday, the car would not start even with a jump start. So, I played the old rule and tap the starter with screw driver and it cranked up with out a jumpstart. So I figured the battery is charged but starter is getting bad. It did that again on same day so I called Acura of Scottsdale and told them I am coming and please take care of it. I had to leave out of town. On Monday finally I got call from Acura that the starter was bad and they also figured out why the battery was losing its charge all the time. They said that the hand free link system stayed on even after car is off.

We never used that hands free link system. I tried to connect my wife new Samsung s3 phone when it came out new in 2013, but she said she won't use it and I tried to shut off the system but apparently it never did. So my disappointment was I only used this system once and it broke down -  doesn't seems like something a Honda would do. Anyway, Acura of Scottsdale said either I can get it fixed for $400 or shut it off for $140. As my wife was not using it, I asked them to just shut it off.  Then it came to the starter.  They said it will cost $709.00 to fix it. I almost lost my head because my friend recently change his starter on his Mercedes E class from the dealership and it cost him $550.00 including parts and labor. But I was out of town and my wife needed the car, and I didn't want her t drive a car which doesn't start, in Phoenix heat with two kids. So I said go ahead please fix it. Now if I knew my trip won't be long and I will be coming home early I would have not let them work on starter.My work trip finished early and I came to pick up the car today. On invoice I saw the word "REMAN" next to starter. I asked them what does this word stands for. The Acura of Scottsdale AZ first try to dodge the question and then they said we don't know what this is, but when I didn't let it go, finally they spilled the beans that it means this starter is remanufactured. I said you mean I paid $850 including taxes for not even new part. The service representative said, with an attitude, that you know this is an Acura, a new one will cost even twice. The funny thing is, the car is mine, the money is mine, but the decision to put in a refurbished starter was apparently NOT mine.  So, from what I am perceiving, Acura of Scottsdale will take my money but only sell me the things they want to sell me.  They did not even offer me an option to purchase a "new" starter.
The experience really opened up my eyes.  Things do change in life and apparently Acura's promise of quality, affordability and service had changed too. Just for few petty dollars (I didn't want to use word rip off) you lost me and my whole Honda loving family. So I picked up the car, the told the service representative how I felt that the whole experience had deterred me from looking into purchasing the new RLX. He replied that it was my choice.
Last but not least, today, after this Acura fiasco, I went to Sears (as I have their 5 years warranty for wheel alignment). Sear auto told me that same starter (remanufactured) will cost $180 and installed will be $330 including taxes. Also sears offered a 24 month warranty on their parts and labor compared to the Acura warranty of 12 months
or 12000 miles.
Acuras, Toyotas, Mercedes are Bmws are all good cars, but when Jap manufactures start charging like classic luxury like Mercedes then might as well go for Mercedes then the appeal goes very less

Dave L. | 2014-11-17

I recently had the opportunity to purchase a new Acura and was extremely please with my experience at Acura North Scottsdale.  I really appreciated the whole experience.  Mike Schwartz and Travis Bennett were very knowledgeable and professional, we also found their pricing to be very aggressive.  We know we got a great deal.  Terres in finance was also very easy to work with.  She made the finance experience a real pleasure.  I would recommend this dealership without hesitation.

Kyt R. | 2014-10-08

Paul is one of the most unhelpful salesman I have ever met. If you find yourself unfortunate enough to deal with him, do yourself a favor and wait for somebody else.  Some of the sales folks do not really possess that "go-get-um" attitude that makes a buyer think they are interested in selling you a car.  Robert, the internet guy and our salesman, was pretty cool and Charles, the paperwork guy, was really nice.  Overall, I probably would not have purchased a car from them if they didn't give me such a good deal.

Follow up: I received a nice email from one of their reps regarding my review.  However, I have also received several death threats based on my review. I am sure that these are not coming from the dealership. However, it certainly is not helping their case.  Perhaps the person sending these threats may want to think about the damage they could potentially be doing to a sale person's career. My review is harsh, but accurate. Just a warning, If you plan on leaving feedback for this dealership, be ready for a barrage of death threats.  Insane when you think about it. Just absolutely unbelievable!

C.K. L. | 2014-04-29

Been coming here to service my Acura since 2004 as we purchased our second Acura vehicle.  I love everything here.  All the staffs are friendly and you won't feel pressured into anything either buying/selling vehicles and/or having your vehicle service here.  Great place!

Ryan S. | 2014-04-23

After visiting five different car dealers in one day, Acura North Scottsdale is the only one I could stomach returning to. No high pressure sales, no intimidation tactics, nothing but professional, courteous service. We dealt with both Rob Rossi and Venna Wang. They knew their product well and offered legitimate solutions to help meet our criteria for a new car.  When we told them that we wanted to look at more cars, they didn't try to convince us to stay and make a deal, they simply told us to enjoy looking and that they only wanted to sell us a car if we felt it was the right one for us. The scary part is that I felt like they genuinely meant it.

All of the other dealers we went to started circling like sharks when we told them we wanted to look at more cars. One of the dealers even ridiculed us and told us that we were stupid if we didn't buy their car. Does that sales tactic really work? It must, because that is how half of the dealers we talked to seemed to operate.

Rob Rossi and Venna Wang were both so pleasant to deal with that they made our car buying experience what it should be, FUN! Can't wait to trade in our other car and become a two Acura family.

Doug T. | 2014-03-18

I bought my TL from Acura NS back in 2008. I used the Costco New Car Buying program for this car. So no pricing issues. No buying issues. Anyways, I've been bring my TL in for service ever since I brought the car.

My service advisor is Ray Courtney. He's the best. He cares for you and helps me out in so many ways. The other day I brought my car in for the big one. The 90,000 mile service. I knew it and he knew how much it cost. So we talked and he found out I put new tires on it from Discount Tire. Ray decided to take off the rotate and balance tires from the work order. He saved me $40. He told me to take it back to Discount Tire and they will do this for free. I did this and yep no cost to me. This is what I call great customer service. He's watching out for me and not trying to price gouge me.

I also got a free loaner car for the day.

As long as I have my TL, I will always go to Acura NS and Ray Courtney. Yes dealership maintenance is always expensive but it you are like me and takes your car in to make sure it's running smooth then I totally recommend Acura North Scottsdale and of course use Ray.

As you can see, I'm very happy with their service.

Herbie H. | 2014-02-25

Acura of North Scottsdale, cannot stick on to their pricing. The General Manager himself waivers and is unsure of his mind. Brian Edwards has a attitude problem. This dealership needs to learn Customer Relationship Management. I did buy my Acura, from another dealership and will go all the way out for service too, but stay away from Acura of North Scottsdale.

No O. | 2013-12-27

visiting from CA- had problems with my brakes. Took the car in in the holidays, they got it right fixed and going. The total in/out was maybe 10 minutes, gave me a loaner and the pick up was about 5 minutes.
Great service, although I have not tested the car at speed to say how their works is, but service was very good

Abe F. | 2013-12-23

second car in 2 years from Penske. adding to my collection. Mike a Acura Great Job!!! you got to love it when the sale rep is not pushy!! thanks for the great experience!!

see you soon for another car!

Sarah G. | 2013-12-22

Rob Zullo from internet sales and Charles Watson in finance took care of me. The Jeep was actually very well priced, and they worked with my bad credit to get me reasonably financed. Rob was straight up about the price!

Danijela Q. | 2013-12-17

I stopped by today around 11:30 to take a look at the tsx wagon.  I lingered outside for about 5 minutes.  A salesman who was on the phone, went inside when he saw me.  Another very unhappy salesman passed right by me without even acknowledging me.  I did say 'hello' and i believe the response was very similar to a grunt. Wow!  Do you always treat women with such high respect!?  I even stepped into the showroom to see if it would be possible to get some acknowledgement there and once again, i struck out.  Thank you for leaving a lasting impression!

Amy C. | 2013-11-11

I hadn't purchased a car since 2004, so I was a little nervous about going to a dealership and being pressured and receiving a ton of phone calls afterwards. I spent the entire month of October researching Audi, BMW, and Mercedes, convinced that I wanted to stay with a German car. I saw an Acura ILX on the freeway one morning and decided to check it out.

I went into Acura North Scottsdale and didn't have an appointment. I was greeted within five minutes of arriving and was able to test drive the ILX that I was interested and a TSX that also caught my eye.

Plamen was a great sales advisor and took time to answer my questions and let me be alone to make phone calls and discuss the vehicle pricing privately.

Acura provided the most car for the money and the sales experience was so smooth that I decided it was the car for me. I spent less than 10 minutes in the finance office. Charles didn't pressure me into buying extras after I declined them.

Overall, this was a great experience. I recommend this dealership to anyone who wants. Luxury car without the nickel-and-diming tactics of other brands.

Ask for Plamen!!

Brian O. | 2013-11-01

I ended up back at Acura of North Scottsdale due to a distasteful experience with the internet sales manager of Acura of Tempe.  I picked out a used vehicle I was interested in set up a time and arrived at the dealership.  It was a 2013, and a bit used.  After test driving it, and seeing no issues since I was a previous Acura owner, I said I was ready to buy, well this is where I became excited.  Sales showed be that I could be in a new vehicle for only $1300 more than what I was getting the used and a lower interest rate using Acura Financial.  I was in a rental due to a collision on my previous TSX and they even assisted me with having Enterprise of Scottsdale pick it up from the dealership.  They made sure to give me informed choices.  I drove away two hours after arriving in a brand new 2013 cherry red special edition TSX.  Very Happy.

Rob D. | 2013-10-16

I arrived at Acura North Scottsdale at 1150 am. After I walked in circles around the 4 cars in the center of the lobby until 1215P pm I was finally greeted by a gentleman who said his job was just to run paperwork but he would find me a salesman. At this point I imposed and asked who were the four individuals sitting in the office (with a large window) that I had walked by multiple times during my 25 minute wait. It turns out they were all managers, from the GM down. I guess they couldn't pull themselves away from their obviously important jobs to help a mere customer.

I gently interrupted the managers and asked if they really wanted my business... Yes, they did find me someone to help me: The Internet Sales Manager. Brian was actually very personable and knowledgeable, but after a quick test drive he explained he had to get back to answering emails (has to reply within 30 minutes or else!). So I was shuffled of to Kelly. Kelly really didn't know much beyond her favorite features of the car. Her follow up email of today was another example of her professionalism:

"Our team at Acura North Scottsdale would like to thank you for your interest in the  . We are committed to providing you the best sales experience possible"

Yes, I am apparently interested in a period(.).

On top of it all they didn't even have brochures in stock for the model I am considering purchasing.

Really? Twenty five minutes and not so much as a greeting? Maybe try having someone staff the reception desk that I was doing laps around. I get it, sales staff can all be busy, but 4 managers sitting in a meeting ignoring customers?

True, the Internet guy was great, but he had more important things to do than take care of flesh and blood customers. So I was left to a sales person who only new what she liked about the car, and said I could be the one to look up the info on the internet since they didn't have a brochure. She had a copy and would copy it for me but...

If you want to provide quality customer service, try to greet your customers, have the sales material on hand to give to your customers, and train your staff to know their product, and then allow them to take care of customers. If they are so afraid of getting into trouble for not answering an email in 30 minutes, then you are obviously putting excessive constraints on their performance.

Susan G. | 2013-06-11

We love this dealership, have bought a couple of cars there and always have great service an don't feel pressured at all. This time we were looking for an RDX, trading in our TL ( sob), and Caelen , our Sale rep was fantastic to work with. I am sure we were pretty easy, we already knew what we wanted but to be able to get in and out with our new rig in an hour or so was remarkable.
We have looked at other Acura dealers in the area and this is BY FAR the right dealer to go to when you want an Acura. We have worked with Tempe, Peoria and both were terrible experiences, but Scottsdale was wonderful.

Brittney T. | 2013-06-05

This review is strictly for their service department. I had a 2006 TSX and had it serviced there since I got it when it had 10,000 miles on it. I actually dreaded going in each time. I have used all of the different service advisors and I haven't had a good experience with any of them. Every time I would bring my car in I was treated unprofessionally and like I was a burden to them. The first time, I thought maybe it was just the advisor having a bad day, but it happened the next time and the next time, and so on. The final time that I came in, I was given such attitude and disrespect I couldn't believe it was actually happening and knew I was never going back.

I was looking to trade in my TSX in March and I wanted to look at the new TSX since a lot has changed since the 2006 model. I've never had a problem mechanically with my '06 so I figured I could just upgrade to the new model, but looking back on the service I had received over the years, there was no way I was spending my money at Acura North Scottsdale. In the end, I purchased a 2013 Audi A4 from Audi North Scottsdale and couldn't be happier. Audi knows how to treat their customers!

Shar B. | 2013-03-15

THE MOST AMAZING CAR BUYING EXPERIENCE...EVER.  We went in quite skeptical about the Acura, with our hearts set on a BMW.  We were greated by Plamen who was very happy and enthusiastic about Acura and helping us in general, which was a nice change, albeit alarming.  We test drove a showroom TL again, skeptical as there was no way it would compare to the BMW we had our hearts set on.  An hour later we were owners. Not exaggerating.  Out the door, keys in hand in an hour.  The whole team was completely amazing the nicest, best experience ever and have made us lovers of Acura.

William C. | 2012-10-12

Courteous and friendly service.
You can schedule appointments online.
Jason Brown was my contact/service advisor.

Justin M. | 2011-09-09

In the age of the Internet, speed is everything.

Rocko and his team were fast, effective and won my business while the kids at Tempe Acura were trying to figure out their auto-responder.

I inquired about the exact car I wanted one day, spent 30 minutes in the dealership the next day and drove away.

Thanks guys, it was a pleasure.

Let your execs know that at least one person in this world (me) just doesn't have time or energy to play the old-fashioned car buying game -- the Internet has made it possible to enjoy the experience.


Ed G. | 2011-02-23

So it was that time for me again...time to get a new car. My last 3 cars were Infiniti's, but I was very displeased with the way they treated me last time. I thought I might get some consideration for being a repeat customer, but I was wrong.  I had always liked Acuras, so I figured it was time to switch.

I visited the dealer on several occassions and was very pleased with my experience.  I worked with Kelsey and Matt, both of whom where straight-forward and didn't try to lay down any BS.  It was a much better experience than anything I had with Infiniti, and I really like the car too.  I will definitely be back.

Incidentally, I was hit by an illegal alien without a licnese or insurance 3 days after driving my new car off the lot.  Is there somehwere I can review that deal on Yelp? It's pretty awesome that I have to cover my deductible and rental car because they were doing so many things illegally.

D R. | 2011-01-24

The service department has always put on the great customer service face.  They are accommodating and and easy to communicate with.

The only problem is that the actually technicians do not care about your car.  I have had several experiences where the technicians will break items within my car internally and try to cover it up (and sometimes not).

Worse then that, when I had mechanical trouble with the clutch, one of the technicians told me there was nothing wrong with the car despite the fact that he couldn't even get the car in gear.  It was a blown master cylinder  which was covered under warranty, but I shouldn't have had to fight with the guy when there was an obvious problem.

Turns out that he ended up putting the wrong fluid into the transmission after he completed the work which then cause a string of other problems.  

The devil in the details, and the problem really is that the details aren't being paid attention to.

Cali Z. | 2011-01-07

I can't believe I'm writing a great review of an auto dealership, but - they have earned it.  I used to use Acrua in the Bay Area - Pleasanton - and they were 'ok' for both sales and service.  But they were expensive for service, and often could not loan me a car, and when they did loan me one, it was sometimes a generic rental, not an Acura car. In Scottsdale, they always give me a nice loaner.  Their prices seem to be much lower than in CA, and they seem to be very honest. I took it in recently for a nasty noise; I was fully expecting an expensive repair, but they said it was a worn clip or similar, so they fixed it for free, and gave me a loaner for the evening/morning.  I thought maybe I was just lucky with the one service advisor I had, but recently I've worked with others and they seem similarly effective.

It's a crying shame that the current Acura lineup is so darned ugly, and so sport-oriented - I want comfort, and all the current Acuras are favoring performance - which translates to noise, bumpy ride, etc. I'll probably buy a Lexus next time!

A B. | 2009-07-11

I have been taking my car to Acura North Scottsdale since 2004. The service has always proved to be excellent.

Particularly, I have dealt with Randy -- who always seems to look after the customer. Whether the issue is warranty service, major maintenance, or a simple oil change -- I can count on Acura North Scottsdale to perform an acceptable job.

Certainly, the better of the Acura dealerships in the valley.

Just whatever you do, avoid Acura of Tempe! See my review of Acura of Tempe for more information.