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ABC Nissan

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(602) 682-4468
Address:1300 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ, 85014
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on ABC Nissan

Nazar J. | 2015-04-15

Elijah is Sales Consultant at ABC Nissan who helped me to make my purchase as simple as possible.  His knowledge,  outstanding customer service and professionalism made me very comfortable to deal with this gentleman.  I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for all what he was able to do.


Yenifer G. | 2015-04-03

You should avoid this dealer.... Is the worst dealer ever !!! It's a long story but I can say for sure that customer service is horrible I would not go to this dealership ever !!!

I went to peoria nissan found the exact car that I wanted and Great costumer service I can promise that for sure !!!! Just go to peoria you will see the difference !!!!

Brian S. | 2015-03-28

This place is an absolute joke! I received an email from ABC Nissan about a special on 2015 Nissan Altima and the listing price was $16,888. When I went in for my appointment with Hayden I had told him about the email I had received and the pricing that I had been told in the email. He proceeded to show me cars that did not fall under that description or price range. While he seemed like a nice enough guy, it was just a little bit shady after I told him about the email that I had received and that was why I was coming in, and that was the pricing I was looking for In the email. Next, in order to get me to buy, a manager approached me and broke down how the financing and price was going to work. They were quoting me 4-5000 less on my trade-in than Kelly bluebook had the trade in value at. Also, they try to tell me that the sunroof on my Ford edge had been broken. This was either an absolute lie, or the person who tested it didn't know what the heck he was doing. I guess two buttons was too confusing. Finally, I told him that enough was enough and asked for my set of keys back so I can go about my Saturday. Just an absolute joke that somebody would quote me 40 to 50% less on a trade in Kelly bluebook, or any other car value site, is saying and that they would tell me parts of my car were broke to lower the trade-in value when it wasn't broken it all. Buying a new car is annoying enough, especially when the place is trying to rake you across the coals.

Beth A. | 2015-03-12

A kid backed into me last fall. My insurance company and the Camelback Subaru Dealership where I usually get repairs done recommended ABC Nissan as the place to get my vehicle repaired. I wish that I had looked elsewhere!!

They replaced the entire front end of my car, which was fine. It looked great when I picked it up, but the driver's side bumper kept coming off after the repair was complete. Just over and over and over. I kept taking time out of my day to stop by the ABC Nissan Collision Center to get the bumper put back on. It was so frustrating. The paint job in that area of the car was also poorly done. I could literally see the area that they tried to tape off for the paint job on the driver's side.

I will never go back to this place again. Beware if your insurance company recommends taking your car here!

Robert Z. | 2015-03-10

i am a seasoned car buyer and i can tell you this is by far the worst experience I've ever had buying a car. They should have their license to sell cars revoked. Stay far away from this dealership. I don't have the time to write a long review unfortunately but buyer beware

Jonathan H. | 2015-02-22

Worst dealership I've ever been to!! I have bought 5 cars and this was just horrible. Looking for my next one and have been to 10-12 dealerships in the greater Phoenix area. They were more worried about the car I was maybe trading in then showing me their product. When I did find one they played tons of games by adding significant additions to the total that were never advertised. Management didn't want to listen to a word I had to say about my needs or the cost I was looking at paying. Sat for almost 30 minutes to get a quote which was $6k over what I said I wanted to even pay or advertised.
Sadly that's just while I was in the store!

Ever since they call 2-3 times a day and don't leave messages. If they do it's just minutes of background noise of the office with not voice. Horrible customer service, horrible management, horrible dealership!

Do not go to them to search for a car! You will regret it!

Gilbert B. | 2015-02-20

This is by far the worst car dealership in all of Arizona. Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time. The process takes so long for one, they tell you nothing but lies. They make it seem like everything is so good and perfect and try to get you to buy and once your happy and think you have a car that's not the case. The dealership told I was doing this on my own no co-signer and that they promised me I wouldn't get a call later on asking for a co-signer. Approximately one weeks later and a day of having my new car I get a text saying sorry no deal you need a cosigner.

The services this dealership providers is the worse customer services ever! McDonald has way better customer services then the management of this company. They do nothing but harass you once you purchase the vehicle, they lie to you and don't stick to anything they tell you at the time of the purchase.

This past Tuesday the director of finances called me in to bring in "paper work" to seal my deal with the bank. He made it sound like with these documents I would be good. I get to the dealership and mind you before I had been there once before after purchasing my vehicle and everyone right away was nice and happy and helped me right away. This time I go everyone is just passing by me acting like they have no idea why I'm there, made me sit in the lobby for 10mins, the guy who called me never came out. The sales managers comes to me and doesn't look at one document. Just asks me for the key to the car to check it and says I should call for a ride. Real professional right? Comes back and says we're taking the car back because of there mistake. Real class. I ended up being stranded at the dealership until my ride could get me on the other side of town for about 35mins. They could of simple told me to be prepared because they had this all planned out.

Safe yourself the time and hassle and don't go to ABC NISSAN. It's not worth it.

The worse dealership in all of ARIZONA.

Nastassja N. | 2015-01-31

Never again. We came to the dealership on Labor Day for a new car. We are new in town. Ended up getting a Nissan Altima for $460 a month!  No joke! Not to mention that we spent an entire day there. A long and  painful day until 11 pm doing paperwork. We both have PTSD from this experience. Went to Nissan in Peoria today. Got a Nissan Rogue for $445 and were done by lunch. Such a difference!!!!

Troy P. | 2015-01-18

Quite possibly the slimiest attempted buying experience ever. Been buying cars for years including here in '2000. My wife and I went there over the weekend to look at an Altima. Laughable pressure non stop and simply, liars. Said we wanted a white or Java colored one, can't even remember con man's name, he takes us out and finds a white one, opens the doors then goes and looks for a java one. I look in the car and it has 102 miles on it, no way my wife and I say. He comes back and takes us to the java one, it has 7 miles on it. We tell him there is no way we're gonna take a car with that many miles already...his bs excuse, that's why "they're" on sale, plus many people have test driven it, my wife says "must not like it then." plus 102miles ! please. When he was inside my wife noticed a Snyders pretzel bag in the console and I saw Dominos Pizza napkins in the trunk. Liars were using this for personal transport me thinks. Anyway, they were more than willing to sell the 7miles java one for the same price as the 102 mile white you can see, liars. The guy still had the car washed and brought up for us to test drive.We had to tell him yet again WE ARE NOT TAKING THIS.  Suddenly he was able to find another one with only 20 miles on it.

They also play that infamous bs game where if you have a trade they keep your keys forever until you practically have to threaten them to get them back, do yourself a favor 1. don't go there 2. if you have to, go with the so-called appraiser and never give your keys away.  Say no to any credit checks also until you have a deal.

Of course their deal was an insult and we had to go through the obligatory  manager after manager garbage. Funny on his first trip to management Oz, salesman leaves us with a darling little photo  expose of his dreary sad life that was sure to break us down and make us buy an overpriced car from this pathetic dealer.  We held out, guess he'll have to add another picture.

Also noted several people around us were going through the same thing, having their time thoroughly wasted.

Nissan, you should be utterly ashamed to have people like this dealing with your cars.  I will also say Avondale Nissan had our car appraised and keys given back to us in less than thirty minutes and a deal in the same amount of time and you could leave there with out without feeling like you needed to take a bath.

David P. | 2015-01-08

Thought I would update my review. I came in to this place and the manager acknowledged the mistake that the rep made over charging me $200. The mistake was that when they gave me my estimated they "mistakenly included the wrong part in the estimated". The manager said that even though it was his mistake that he was sorry but he was not going to refund me the $200 that I was overcharged by.

Thankfully I used a credit card to pay for this purchase and I ended up disputing it with my credit card company and won the dispute. Don't do business with these people they are not honest and will not stand by their products and services.

Chelsea A. | 2014-12-19

I was overly pleased with the experience I got with ABC Nissan. Where I got the best customer service from Daniel Scara, where he went above and beyond my expectations. He got me exactly what I was looking for at the price I wanted, I would definitely recommend Daniel to everyone I know who is car shopping.

Liz F. | 2014-12-18

Where to begin?  We went to ABC Nissan to look at a specific car we saw on the USAA car buying website.  Our salesperson was pleasant but talked in 'sales speak'.... Not sure he knows how to carry on a normal conversation.   Why don't dealerships teach their sales people customers don't want to be sold... They want to be educated about their purchase and treated respectfully? Anyway, we bought the vehicle because it fit our needs and we were in a time crunch. And after going to 5 other dealerships only to be told the vehicle wasn't available- well, we were ready to get it over with!  We had to strongly negotiate to get a fair amount for our trade-in and the whole process was excruciatingly long.  After taking delivery, a few issues came up. I know, what a surprise, right?!  So we take our vehicle back in and have to fight to get the repairs done.  And I mean, fight.  Really?!! Why can't dealerships fix cars before they sell them? It's the right thing to do!!!!!! They made most of the repairs....but not all.  Said some weren't 'necessary'... Apparently not a safety issue, so not their responsibility.  I would recommend going elsewhere!

Francisco C. | 2014-12-05

HORRIBLE experience ABC Nissan!!! I've purchased many cars over the past 10 years at different dealerships and I've never had such a horrible experience like I did at this dealership. I should have checked their yelp rating before dealing with them. If you're considering buying a car, think twice about coming to this place. AVOID like the plague.

S N. | 2014-11-27

This place lost my business, and money. I was shopping dealerships for two months as my BMW 1996 318i was on its last legs, went into look at cars and met Xavier, good salesman and down to earth, good person. He showed me the car I would eventually buy weeks later (Impreza or Legacy). I needed more time to decide and didn't hassle me too much. As my BMW now had completely broke down Xavier called me in just to look at more options, fine, but he was not there when I showed up on time, patiently waiting another salesman took me for a test drive in the Altima and some other vehicles, as he took me to the negotiation table to talk price, they (Salesman, Manger, and the financial guy) were unwilling to negotiate based on me not willing to run my credit; to get me the best deal and tried clouding the deal with the monthly payments, not the value of the vehicle, I got the impression they thought I was young and dumb, but I did a lot of research and tips when dealing with these salesman. The day after my bad encounter I came across the Subaru dealership, met a sale man who didn't want to talk about running credit, monthly payments, etc, but only working the price of the vehicle, for now, and agreed not today because I had a sister (who's a banker, and a brother, a mechanic) who I wanted to look at the deal, Nissan tried to have me avoid that option at all cost ("Sometimes you just need to make your own decisions, take the chance") they said, therefor wanted me to call my sister that night and talk to her, and pressured me to have the coversation in front of them, which i was uneasy doing, her response too was less than happy. as other reviews have said, sleazy, lying, and want to avoid deals at all cost. Subaru on the other hand listened to my wants, needs, and desires hassle free in a low pressure environement, gave me the time to run it by my family, enough to my satisfaction I made an appointment the next day and got my siblings (My personal banker and mechanic) to look at the beautiful dark blue Subaru Legacy and the deal, and we were all satisfied. Nissan now lost business forever from me, and now I'm a Subaru guy.

Tara C. | 2014-11-09

I highly recommend ABC Nissan. Betty found me the perfect car! It was BRAND NEW, cute AND within my budget. She was also very knowledgeable and helpful. The process was a lot quicker than I thought it would be. I was in and out within 3 hrs!

David Z. | 2014-10-28

my brand new nissan altima is pretty much falling to pieces and feels very cheap, I spoke to a parts manager who shook my hand and promised me to change one of the parts that was defective and falling off, he said don't worry we will take care of it. a few days later he calls me and says i thought about it and decided I can't do it. Now thats some crappy business. save your money and buy on second hand because when new its the same crap.

Justin L. | 2014-10-09

Stereotypical sleazy car dealership.  Low-level manager Jonathon lied to us multiple times and opened his fat mouth a little too much to help us see their/his sleaziness.  Here's the trick- they will price a few cars very low online to get you in the door and then try to push a different car on you.  They have no intention of actually selling the car at the advertised price from the internet.  Once we were serious about getting the car at the price advertised, then came the lies and added features.  Certain things that poor Jonathon just had no power over like paint protection.  Once he noticed that we qualified for 0% financing, he tried to add $500 to the car saying that we don't qualify for that rebate.  I told him that was fine, because the advertised price online (and I showed him his own website on my phone) didn't include the $500 rebate he was referring to.  There was a different rebate from the factory which was on top of the 0% financing, not an either/or.  Every other Nissan dealership in town was advertising this as well.  So it took little Jonathon 15 minutes in the secret back room to concoct his story.  He came back with a generic printout and amazingly now we were going to miss out on $1500 off the car.  He initially told me it was $500, then I proved him wrong, so he lied again and bumped it up to $1500.  He had no intention of selling the car for the advertised price.  It became clear that their advertised price was to lure you in (which he told us) and then add-on more and more until the price is more than anywhere else.  When we thanked him for wasting our time, he responded like a true professional "Thank you for wasting my time", was his response.  REALLY?  You are the dishonest, sleazy, little punk that just sat and lied to us for an hour and got paid for it.  I will never walk into ABC Nissan again and will discourage any of our family and friends from going as well.  

This terrible experience was remedied by another car dealership just down the road.  We were able to get a great deal and spent our thousands of dollars with more honest people.  I will spend my time and money elsewhere, never in this shady and immoral atmosphere.

Janed B. | 2014-09-15

My experience with the Service Dept has always been great. I take advantage of their coupons that save on oil changes and repairs. I have found the service advisors to be super courteous and helpful.

ABC technicians do an excellent inspection so you get informed about the repairs needing attention. One visit uncovered a number of expensive repairs that ended up costing me zero due to being under warranty. Appreciated my service advisors help with that.

In my experience ABC Nissans service dept is way superior to other dealers.

Alex L. | 2014-09-03

Alfonso was great! He was very helpful and always had an answer to every question. I highly recommend this place if you are serious about cars. Ask for Alfonso!

Mike L. | 2014-08-25

STOP!! DO NOT ENTER THIS ESTABLISHMENT!! I use the word "establishment" loosely here.  If you still feel you want to buy a car from them,  DO NOT PURCHASE THE EXTENDED WARRANTY PLAN!! They do not tell you that the only place you can use it at NO COST is at ABC Nissan.  DO NOT PURCHASE the extended warranty on the Zaptek coating.  It is a one time NON REFUNDABLE premium not subject to prorating if you sell your vehicle before the 5 years of coverage is over.

Will S. | 2014-08-24

I purchased a truck here yesterday and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with the purchasing experience. Yes there was your typical car dealer back and forth negotiating that took hours upon hours to complete but Alfonso in sales really stepped it up and made sure I had an enjoyable experience and after it was all said and done made sure I got the truck that I wanted at a great price and got way more for my trade than I should have. The only part that was negative was talking with the finance man, his numbers where about $400 off from what I had agreed with the sales floor and he kinda made a little fit when he was taking it off. I don't know if this was an honest mistake or the dealer trying to pull a fast one but with the rest of my positive experience I'll assume it was a clerical error.

Nicole F. | 2014-08-09

Never ever even attempt to purchase a vehicle here. I made the mistake of buying my car alone. The salesman was great but I had to push hard for what I wanted. They try to bring in the sales manager to close the deal and they tell you a bunch of bs to make you feel confident about the purchase. The finance is very very shady and does horrible business. I was completely lied to about my financing. The finance person actually came to my work to have me sign for a lower interest rate when actually it was a whole different finance company and lied to me about it. They actually crossed out the name in the original contact I had signed after I had signed it just to get the sale!! I tried to return my car and they told me they owned my trade in and they are "cashing" out my original contract even though it was illegal what they did. They were very rude and didn't care that I was lied to. Please if you are smart never ever walk into this dealership. I am filing a complaint with the attorney general.

Johnny G. | 2014-08-04

Consistently great service by our service manager  Kraig Angel and his staff and the mechanics.
We came here two years ago after a seriously poor experience with Power Nissan in Tempe (we had been their customer for six years).
Kraig has always been available, has made time for us when an unexpected mechanical occurred (like today) and works hard to get a good price for the work done and often his mechanics get the work completed in less time than estimated.  All very much appreciated.

He is the service guy you want.

Thank you Kraig.

Jeff M. | 2014-08-04

Just bought a used Frontier here last week. All-in-all, I'm pretty happy with the process. The sales person, Victor, was nice and tried really hard, but I'm kind of a hard-headed customer. Anyway, I got a price I was happy with. Only thing that bothered me was that the truck wasn't cleaned very well before delivery. I took care of that myself. Also, there were a few items that were promised that weren't handled (cosmetics). Anyway, Victor is awesome. The finance guy is kind of a prick and totally tries to upsell you on garbage, and the car was rather dirty. Eh, whatever.

Bill L. | 2014-07-31

After responding to an advertisement from ABC Nissan, my wife spoke with a member of their "Internet Sales" Department.  After several emails and telephone calls she was led to believe that we were pre-approved.  They went so far as to have her speak to a "Finance manager."  My wife was extremely forthright while dealing with them given our credit history and inequity in our trade-in.  All we wanted from the and the ONLY thing was that they be equally honest and not waste our time.  The Pre-approval process was important to us because we have a considerable drive just to get to the dealership.  My wife was told that the last thing we needed to do for the purchase of the vehicle she had selected was to bring in our car so a proper appraisal could be made, which is completely understandable.  We had an appointment and upon arrival at the dealership found that our point of contact was "Busy with another customer."  (It was at this point our run around began) We were introduced to a saleswoman who treated us as if we had just blindly walked in from the street.  She gave ZERO consideration to the fact we had an existing file with them and our credit and information was already in their possession.  She from the beginning disregarded anything my wife had told her about the vehicle we were interested in and the circumstances that had been discussed with the Internet sales manager.  She did finally take us on a test drive of OUR OWN VEHICLE for this so called appraisal and took some of the information.  She then vented to us about her own personal situation and the fact she is looking forward to Christmas because ABC Nissan gives COSTCO Cards as bonuses blah, blah, blah.   After redirecting her back to the car deal she began asking basic questions about information that should have been on file already.  When we brought this to her attention she informed us "I didn't read your file." We pointed out that we were "pre-approved" pending the appraisal and she stated "I am not qualified to do appraisals." (Can I ask why the heck then she needed to drive my car around the block then?)  My wife informed her multiple times we were interested in a Rogue, she at one point stated something about how dangerous they are... And proceeded to tell us we need to buy a Pathfinder which is A LOT more than what we wanted to spend.  Given that it was now abundantly clear she had ZERO interest in us or our situation with the pre-approval, I asked to speak to the original person we had the appointment with.  We again were given the run around, and had to speak to ANOTHER manager, who said that he was again busy.  It became very clear to us that we had been lied to and now they were playing games.  I even had to get forceful with them just to get the key to my own vehicle back.  I can tell you that there were two other people that were there having difficulties while dealing with their staff based on their tone and the clear amount of frustration they displayed with their body language.  One lady told us point blank that ABC Nissan was terrible and don't trust them."  I can now testify that this organization is terrible, the people who we had contact with were not honest with us and had zero interest in doing anything more than wasting our time.

Todd S. | 2014-07-27

Employees fall into 2 categories: Incompetent or dishonest. I have filed a complaint with the Attorney Generals office. That's how bad they are.  Doesn't matter how much further you have to drive....find another dealership.

Pablo C. | 2014-07-15

This place is so unorganized and no communication between staff I returned my rogue cuz of payment issue and they would not except it and had one of their employees follow me home to leave it I WILL NEVER STEP FOOT in that place again and never refer anyone not even my wors enemy to that awful unprofessional business

Bethany C. | 2014-07-10

My experience was in 2010...Looking back.... there were warnings. .. I saw a titan on their website that was in my budget and color was what I a looking for. Went in and was told it had already been sold. *bait and switch* I say this because after we found a titan we liked we sat down to negotiate and I left 10 minutes in to go to the bathroom walking by another customer saying they saw a altima on their website and immediately was told that it had sold.... we ended up buying a titan and it's been wonderful... except I am harassed by them and have been since I bought the truck with phone calls to buy a new one and "keep me at the same payment". It's always a different number too I've reported them, screamed at them, told them this wasn't who they were looking for. They still call makes me never want another Nissan peroid.... talking to a manager does nothing as well. You just won't get a call for maybe 3-5 months but then they start again.

Emina L. | 2014-07-07

SALES REVIEW - I was at another Nissan dealership earlier the day before I came to ABC Nissan, but, they couldn't give me what I wanted. I called ABC Nissan the same day & scheduled an appointment w/ Cary. I am in the market for a new 2014 Rouge. I'm very specific, I was dark exterior & dark interior. I arrived there & he said let's go to the table, um, NO! How about we look at cars before I sit down w/ you! We went to look at cars, they didn't have what I wanted. I showed him a Rouge I found on the Internet (Internet price) & gave him a vin number & he said he will go check to see where it's at. He comes back & informed me it's been sold out. He wanted me to test drive a Rouge just to get a feel for it. I refused, they didn't have my color & am not going to waste my time driving another color car I am not interested in. I told him black on black. He said he will have to check his other lot on Indian School, & it would be half an hour. FINE! Just get me the car I want! I was ready to buy THAT night! Anyways, he said he will do that & leaves & comes back w/ a car that I saw on the Internet that supposedly was sold out. WTF! And, it took him 5 minutes. What happened to my half an hour wait for the car color I want. Anyways, the car had cream interior which I did not want. He kept pushing me to test drive it & I kept refusing. He said it was their policy & I informed him I'm not going to test drive a car I was not interested in. Anyways, he said for us to go inside & he will find me the color I was interested in, FINE! I went & sat down & he walked away. HALF AN HOUR LATER I have no clue where he is at. I took my stuff & walked out. As am walking out him & his manager were coming after me. The manager told me he was working on numbers & needs 5 more minutes. WORKING ON NUMBERS????? For what car!!!!!! I don't even know what car we are going to be working on numbers for!!!!! I ended up leaving, of course. How sad that they decided to act like this when I bought my Sentra from there 8 years ago. BOO!!!! I ended up buying the next day an awesome car at a dealership that I was beyond satisfied with.

Chase P. | 2014-06-27

I leased a vehicle in 2011 and my lease ends in October 2014. Since April 2014, I have received at least 6 calls from various employees like Allen (twice) and the most recent from Harold, who refused to give me his last name, like he doesn't trust what I'll do with that info, but I should trust him as a salesman. I told Allen in April that I do not want any more sales calls from their dealership until he has a specific model vehicle on the floor ready for me to come look at. Since then, my request has been ignored and I continue to receive calls from rookie salesmen who have no clue that I've not only already spoken with a rep, but made a formal request with Allen to not be contacted anymore until the vehicle is ready.

As of today, I will be filing a formal FTC and BBB complaint based on the continuing calls. I also spoke to Jonathan Robertson today who identified himself as a manager and I asked him to permanently remove me from their call lists and if he can help me with getting that done. I couldn't believe it when the first thing out of his mouth was to ask me what model of car I was interested in, rather than acknowledging my complaint. He didn't address it in any way. I've been in sales myself for 15 years, but they are incompetent. ABC Nissan knows how to sell you a car, but not much else.

Tanya R. | 2014-06-26

I purchased my car from ABC Nissan in February 2012.  Since then I have been systematically harassed to trade in my car, and I have asked them to the point of anger continuously not to call anymore.  Yet it continues.  Several months ago I've even left a voicemail for the general manager of the location to have his people stop harassing me as I have zero interest to do business with them ever again.  Yet they still persist to this day.  Today I have had enough and decided to place a review.

Andrea W. | 2014-06-15

Despite my terrible experience buying a used car from them last week-- since they lied to me and added extra charges to my invoice that I stated I didn't want, and lied about not being able to give me 2 keys or a manual for my "certifed" vehicle...but they ended up rewinding the deal.  I must credit them for that.  But what happened after was unforgivable. After promising me my deposit check would not be deposited, it was. And the sales manager lied again. He said he told the accounting dept. not to deposit it. I spoke to the "accounting department" (comprised of 2 women), and they said that he didn't say anything!  But even worse was the finance guy!  As he forced me through the signing of the documents, he kept saying, "Don't worry about it, it's included in the price of the car," when it wasn't!  The charges were added on.  Run away before they lie to you!  P.S. If you're buying a used car, don't let anyone add the $5 tire tax on. That charge is for NEW CARS ONLY. Everyone...not just these guys...adds it on your invoice.  Buyer beware!

Chad H. | 2014-05-20

This is the biggest joke of a car dealership that i have ever been to, these people want to show me everything that i dont want to see, they dont listen, all they want is your data.  The sales people are retards, how is it possible they are still in business. How embarassing the owner must feel, or he must be enjoying the write off from all of his losses!  Nissan should pull their franchise from these idiots, they are killing Nissans Brand...  I am going to call Nissan and let them know what an Fing joke these people are! DONT EVER GO TO THIS DEALERSHIP UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET RAPED MENTALLY AND FINANCIALLY. RUN FOREST RUN!

Jillian T. | 2014-05-19

Beware! THis dealership listed all over the internet for an Xterra with only 23,000 miles, but after we test drove it and were ready to make a deal we just happend to look at the mileage and it was more like 53,000 miles. We found this out after driving out from San Diego to Arizona to buy this car because it was such a good deal. We even talked to several different people at abc to verify that all the information was correct before we drove out considering what a great deal it was. I can not begin to tell you how frustrated we were, they completely wasted our time and resources to come out to Arizona and did not even offer to help make us a good offer on another used xterra. My husband and I were so disappointed that a big certified Nissan dealership could make such a  huge mistake or such a huge lie on listed milage, they lack professionalism and communication skills. The only nice thing about the experience was the the sales man that tried to help us, bless his heart, he needs to move on to Pennicle Nisan down the road and work for real professionals. They were great and we found an even better deal ... 2010- 18,000miles - $17,800 ... they were professional and not sleezy typical salesman.

Patricia C. | 2014-05-12

I bought a brand new car here and was generally satisfied - nothing to complain about. I was called back over a year later to see if I wanted to upgrade my car. I was at a point where I considered it so I went into the dealership again and came out with another new car.

This experience was a little more painful than the first time and I felt duped. But, I took it as a lesson - all dealerships must be this way. After I got the car, I tried opening the hatch and the hydraulic springs didn't work so the hatch didn't stay open at all.

Luckily I noticed this before I drove off the lot and they gave me a return for service form for them to complete the repairs at no cost to me. I took my car in for service, they told me what was happening, and that they needed to order the parts. Two weeks pass and I hadn't heard anything so I call to check in. I'm told that the manufacturer isn't releasing the parts. I wait a total of two to three months to hear anything about these parts. I know the service tech had to know how frustrated I was with this. He never apologized, just said "there was nothing he could do" and everything was "out of his control" at least four times every conversation. So I took to twitter and contacted Nissan Customer Service to tell them what was happening. Surprise surprise, less than a week after this I get a call to say the parts are in.

I was very, very unsatisfied with the entire process and remain completely convinced that if I were paying for the parts/service perhaps it would have progressed quicker. After the service was complete I was emailed a satisfaction survey so I filled it out truthfully saying the same things I've said here.

The service technician who I was in contact with (Ben M.) then EMAILED ME DIRECTLY asking for an explanation on why I gave him a poor score for something "out of his control".

If you've read this far, thank you. Please heed my advice and never go to ABC Nissan. The salesmen and service technicians are a bunch of frauds. I would give this place 0 stars if I could.

Matthew F. | 2014-05-09

Bait & Switch!! Drove across town in heavy traffic to see a 2009 Honda civic. Surprise!! One manager told me they sent it to auction yesterday because of transmission problems. A salesman then told me it was sold 30 minutes before I arrived but he wanted to show me a 2005 accord with 125000 miles!! Here's a copy of the text between myself and another manger.
2009 Honda civic... Matt
5pm, my number is 602xxxxxxx. Please confirm the car is still available. Please text only as I will not be availabe to take calls until after 430 pm. If I don't recieve a txt by 430pm, I will assume the car is no longer available. Thanks

Manager: Yes it's available.
I'll go ahead and put you in for 5. See you then

Me: Excellent thank you  see you at 5 o'clock!  

So I get there at 502pm only to be told the car is gone. Before I leave I text the manager.

Me:You Really shouldn't lie to people

No reply......

Me: even if your boss tells you to

No reply...

Janet C. | 2014-04-29

They really go the extra mile to ensure you are happy. They exchanged a car for me that I didn't like and got a better one as soon as they knew I was unhappy. Thank you Sean, Alfonso and Cameron
1/30/15 We were talked into buying the extra warranty and "everything inside the car would be covered, oil changes etc." Now attempting to use this warranty and we are told we have to pay for fuel injector cleaning and battery terminal cleaning. This is still inside the car so it should be covered but no. Looks like Nissan is going to nickel and dime us all they can. Thanks for nothing. Will be so glad to trade this car off.  Will never buy Nissan again brand new. This was my only brand new car I have ever bought and Nissan has worked very hard to ruin the experience.

Jacob P. | 2014-04-17

We spoke with Jonathan. I felt like I was being treated rather poorly. Basically, second rate. My wife and I were in there together and Jonathan basically wouldn't even talk to us about any vehicle we wanted or previously looked at. It was always a different cheaper car they wanted to get us into yet after all their taxes and fees it came out to close to the same price as the original vehicle we were there for. Bait and switch was all we really received. If this how all ANC Nissan's salesman were to treat me then they don't ever deserve more than one star. Really didn't want it to be a difficult day but that's what happened.

Richard O. | 2014-04-12

Bought a new nissan rogue today from this dealership. Our sales associate Alfonso was great and knowledgeable.

The sales process was pretty much what you expect from any dealership, but my wife and I were very pleased with the end result and deal we were offered.

We used true car to research this vehicle and dealership beforehand, and the dealership was very accurate in terms of the information we were given before coming down.

We also used a car lease/loan payment calculator app to check the numbers we were given. Usually the dealerships are so much higher than what the calculators say it should be and try to negotiate down, but the numbers here were very close to the calculators which was VERY nice to not have to deal with that game.

Michael H. | 2014-04-07

I was hit by a state farm insured driver, and then state farm directed me to this repair shop.  Since the repair work has been done, state farm now tells me that this is NOT a preferred repair shop.  But the biggest problem is that they stole things from my car.

I dropped it off to have a bumper repaired.  When i came to pick it up a week later, my phone charger, sync cable and pocket knife from the center console were all missing.  After several calls to Matt, who avoided and deflected for about three days, i finally called and left a message for a manager.  Instead of a manager, i received a call back from a rude guy named Jason who insisted that because i had signed a waiver they weren't responsible for their employees STEALING STUFF FROM MY CAR!  Then he told me that someone probably jumped the fence, magically broke into my brand new car without even scratching it, and then stole the missing items.  Maybe i'm being unreasonable, his story is entertaining, but not the best lie i've heard today.  So state farm won't do anything since this isn't a preferred shop, and ABC nissan chooses to hide behind their waiver instead of doing the right thing, or at least discontinuing their practice of employing criminals.  Either way, I will never be doing business with ABC Nissan again.

There are tons of repair shops and dealerships in this city, don't waste time on this one.  You can do better almost anywhere else.

Kirsten Z. | 2014-04-06

This is a decent dealership that doesn't try to hassle you too much to have extras done when you are just there for an oil change. I've been here three times and twice it was great, they have free waters in the lounge and coffee that's gross but free as well and you can watch tv while you wait.

One time they to me I had to have some part replaced and just did it and didn't explain anything to me and handed me the bill. I think it was the particular service provider and they called me and talked about what happened and were very reasonable. They did try to make sure that I didn't complete the dealership survey negatively, but that was all.

All in all as far as car dealerships go, this one's not the worst.

Glen S. | 2014-03-26

Deceptive and Untrustworthy. Bait & Switch. Lame.

I went to the dealership with an 'internet price' off their website, and talked to one of their salesmanagers. It turns out that to qualify for their' internet price', you have to be

A) Active duty military.
B) A recent college Graduate.
C) Peviously enrolled in the "Nissan Loyalty Program".

If any or all of these 'rebate' qualifiers don't apply to you, you don't qualify for internet pricing!

I don't have a problem with any dealership having qualifiers for rebates, what I do have a problem with is this particular type of deceptive advertising tactic: It is not apparent from their website that you have to meet these specific qualifications to get their advertised price - you have to come in to find out!

ABC Nissan is one of those dealerships that gives other dealerships a bad name.

Maggie S. | 2014-03-24

If I could give this place 0 stars it would be too many. They sold me a new car and had me sign documents stating it had Bluetooth, which I find out 12 hours later it does not have. The front desk had to transfer me to 5 different phones before anyone actually answered, and even then they couldn't help me. When I spoke to my sales rep she just said "oh, it doesn't have Bluetooth?" And then I had to get transferred to 4 other people before anyone tried to help. The process isn't even over and I wish I could just return the car. I will NEVER go back to this dealership.

Jessica V. | 2014-03-22

I would highly recommend heading elsewhere for your car buying experience. I bought my current car from them used. A 2009 Nissan Altima and it was the worst car buying experience I have had. The finance manager was so unpleasant that at one point I had to let him know that the way he was speaking to me was making me uncomfortable and then my boyfriend next to me got up and told him that he couldn't be talking to people the way he was and that we were leaving. We got up and left and went down the street to grab a bite and regroup. While we were eating, the fleet manager called us back apologizing and asking us to please come back in and we could work with him instead so we did. The entire experience was very unpleasant and I regret getting this car from them. Not to mention, for their certified used car I am on my 3rd transmission. A bit of a drive but I would check out Coulter Nissan.

Cathy N. | 2014-03-18

Despite my honesty aboutmy financial situation over the phone and dealership I was shuffled around for 6 hours, on top of that despite 7 attempts of trying to negotiate "a deal" they held my debit card in a effort to try and get a bigger down payment. After several attempts to return the managers phone call I gave up. The second most aggravating experience ever.

Jennifer O. | 2014-03-11


This was the worst experience I have had trying to buy a car. The husband has been looking for a car. He currently rides a motorcycle, but wanted a car to use when it was cold or raining. I had heard the add on the radio that ABC Nissan had Versas for 10k. Sounds like a great deal, right? I should have known better. Called the dealership to make sure they had these cars in stock and talked with Roz. Went to the dealership. Sat with a different saleswoman because Roz had to go pick up a car or something. Answered her questions including what we could afford monthly (around 200$) and what we were looking for. Went to see the car. This lady kept showing us all kinds of things on the car, taking forever, wasting our time. Oh , look, we tint all of our windows! We use special paint! blah blah. When she was driving the car she definitely hit a curb hard, but still wanted to sell that car...nice. So then we (finally) got down to business. Went back inside to the desk, when she proceeds to put on a video for us and disappear for about 20 minutes with no explanation as to where she was going. When she finally came back, she said their printer had broken, but then they fixed it... thanks lady. Meanwhile, while she was gone I overheard the people next to us getting screwed over by some guy and started to become very suspicious. I could hear them saying
' I came in for an affordable car and thought I could get this instead of a used car.' Oh boy. So she then shows us the tiniest print on the printout of the car that says that the discounts were at the dealer's discretion or something and kept saying 'At least our dealership discloses this! We disclosed it online!' She then shows us payments of 400$ a month. Really? Why is this? Oh well you need to be a recent graduate and active military and on AARP and French royalty with 3 arms and one eye or something to have gotten the car for 10k. Also, all those dumb features that she was explaining earlier... oh ya, they cost an extra 1000 dollars and aren't optional. So the 10k car they knew we wanted was now 16k. I was so mad. I told her that she was dishonest and she hid behind their 'disclosure.' I told her we were leaving, that she had wasted our time, and that she knew what her company was doing... because clearly she did. She said 'All dealerships do this.' That's a joke. They asked about our payments first thing, why not just tell us that wasn't going to happen from the beginning. We weren't magically going to come up with an extra 200$ a month. Anyway, she asked us to wait to talk to her manager and left again, but we decided to leave. You couldn't pay me to buy a car from these DISHONEST DISGUSTING people. I suggest you don't either.

PS later on Roz called us to see why we walked out, after explaining what happened to her and saying we were looking for payments of around 200$ a month, she laughed and condescendingly said good luck. Guess what  Roz, we got a brand new Fiat that is way nicer than anything you could have shown us and our payments are... gasp... 200$ a month. Thanks for the great customer service....not.

Nikki H. | 2014-02-13

Received a disgusting voicemail from a 'salesman.' Apparently he didn't hang up the phone and I hear people cussing and calling customers certain names in the background before they realize the phone wasn't hung up and all of that was left on my voicemail. Called back and voiced my disgust and was assured I would get a call from a manager, 1 week later still waiting on that call. According to a woman I spoke with, the manager hasn't forgot just busy with more important things - her exact words. This place is pathetic.

Nash K. | 2014-01-04

Bunch of idiots. After taking my new car to them three times and spending over seven hours there they still couldn't figure out why the car is making the noise and he kept saying this is the last time it's going to make the noise and they think they fixed it.

What a waste of my time. Terrible

Stellz L. | 2013-12-31

I have a Nissan under warranty.  On Saturday at 1:15pm I experienced problems with my car going into 2nd gear.  I called and spoke to DANNY in service.  He told me to come in.  He greeted me as soon as I pulled up, and had me in a loaner car driving away by 1:32pm.  On a Saturday.  I will always come back to ABC for any repairs or maintenance with my Altima.  This is not the dealership I bought from and I'm still treated like an old customer.  GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! :)

Akilah S. | 2013-12-30

I was a little skeptical of coming here due to the reviews, but low and behold i had the best experience with this car dealership than the many others that I visited. I worked with Cary Andrews who was very helpful, knowledgable about the product and an added bonus, fun to work with. He made the experience very comfortable for me and worked really hard in getting me into my new 2014 Nissan versa. I am very pleased with my experience at ABC Nissan and I would def recommend them to anyone.

Jocabed H. | 2013-12-04

Saw a used car online for $10k. Went to check it out with my husband. I was very thrilled since it was the year, make, and model I was looking for. When I got there they told me that the car was in their lot. The salesman took us back and while he went to get the keys we looked at it.  The car was trashed inside and you could tell it was a repo since there were many items on the floors including pictures. The salesman tried to convince us to buy it. I was totally turned off. I just wanted to leave. They kept calling at odd numbers even after asking them to remove me from the list.

Tatiana D. | 2013-11-13

We've been looking for a new car to for my husband and I saw their "internet price" for a Nissan Altima on KBB - $15,682. It looked like a good deal so I called to negotiate over the phone. The salesman named Steel told me he could put me in a new Altima for 19,900 today. LMAO. I told him I wanted the internet price and I had a trade-in. He said he couldn't tell me if we qualified for all the discounts and said you had to have a good credit to get that price. I said it wouldn't be an issue since we both have great credit.

So we get there, spend about an hour and a half talking about the car, testing driving it blah blah blah and then start talking about the price. Of course, he brings out this bs print out about how much it costs them, how much they'll lose on a sale (yeah, right) and how much all the extras are on the car so the total is $21 thousand something. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? First of all, the extras were like nitrogen tires, tinted windows and something else that we didn't even ask for, we asked for a basic model, and then if you gonna do that maybe you should start charging people separately for each cylinder in the engine? WTF? Listing tires as an add on?

And to qualify for all their discounts you pretty much have to be a one legged pirate they are so unrealistic. To sum things up we told them that they were full of it and advertised something they had no intention delivering and they said everybody did it. (!) So we turned around and left never to come back. We'll take our business somewhere else.

Kenji S. | 2013-11-10

I was at this Nissan dealership for several hours on a Saturday afternoon.  I was inquiring about 3 vehicles in my price range.  When i got there i soon realized they pulled the "Bait n' Switch", telling me they sold the car"earlier that day".  After walking around some more i test drove a 2007 Honda civic with tons of body damage, owned by an smoker, 81,000 miles and had missing parts in the interior (seat lever, rear view mirror adjuster and more)  It was by no means in "great condition" as they had claimed.  Never the less, i had liked the car and how it drove and told them I'd come back after i had looked around some more.  

    In the hour i was gone, they had called me at least 10 times crossing the line of harassment, but was finally able to talk them down to a reasonable price ($8500 for a stinky, no warranty, cosmetically ugly car that i'd have to put money and elbow grease to make it presentable).  They agreed to take the 8500 for the car, off the lot as-is, and asked me to come back in.  When i did we talked some, had us sit on inside and wait for the paperwork for about 45 minutes before Allen, came back out and told me that "they had made a mistake" and "cant sell it for that price" and had then resumed trying to talk me up from my offer.  

      I was pretty upset they would be that sleezy, and i can tell you that he was a lying sack of potatoes.  They wanted another $1,500 more than what they had agreed on.  I told them no, $8,500 cash out the door, or no deal.  They tried to keep me there and bargain me up and i told them no and walked out.

      All in all, i had spent a majority of the day on the phone, in the lot, or talking to a bunch of sharks.  They went back on a deal, pulled the bait and switch, lied to me about several other things about the car, and wasted a grand total of 6 of my hours on a Saturday.  I hate this dealership, even if they kept up to their deal at a later point, they will never see a dime from me.  D


Jill F. | 2013-10-24

Will never refer any business to this dealership. The salesmen are annoying and call me several times a week. (They have been calling me since I bought my car in 2010!) I have told them to put me on the Do not call list - but of course they still call. They've even called me as late as 9:30 at night!! Really?! For the millionth time, STOP CALLING ME!! I wish I had never stepped foot in that dealership. It's sad that I may have to change my number just because they refuse to stop calling me.
I hate you, ABC Nissan! ZERO STARS Across the board.

Sergio V. | 2013-10-18

If you come here expect to speak to every Supervisor and Maneger at there dealership..Giving you the run around trying to get the biggest cash down they can get from you.. This dealer is sad small selection on cars too!Nothing much to look at ..  Ive been to mostly all the dealerships in AZ and never experience service like this..

Xochitl R. | 2013-10-13

Worst experiance ever i wasnt going to write a review but i got a call today and it reminded me of the horrible experiance... i made an appt. for Saturday everything went as planed i got there didnt have to wait but everything else was down hill i was going to do a trade in they valued my car at such a low ball figure just embarrassing then they tried to explain to me why they were valuing at that amount then they tried selling me a car i wanted nothing to do with it was like they werent listening, not very friendly i walked in with a blank check i thought it would fasilitate things ... walked out dissapointed thankfull i went to Bill luke on camelback what a difference right away i felt welcomed relaxed i got my new truck a great deal n I GOT TO KEEP MY CAR... just happy theres good dealers out there unlike abc nissan which i truly dont get what there doing CUSTOMER SERVICE IS EVERYTHING

Jakki P. | 2013-10-04

We had gone to one of their TENT EVENT sales to find a reliable family car. On the phone,k they said they would work with people who had less than perfect credit.  After 4 long hours of back and forths, we finally got into a 2012 Nissan Versa and took it home. 2 weeks later we get a phone call saying our loan had not been funded and we need to bring the car back. I asked them why it took them 2 weeks to figure this out when I was out on the road with their car???  I also told them this was our ONLY car and I had no way of getting back to Mesa. Finance Manager James Donovan said he would give the financing til Monday and that if it came down to bringing it back he would have someone take me home. Sure enough Monday came around and they wanted their car back. I had given them EVERY shred of paper they asked for. Fine. I drove to the dealership to give the car back. Sat in the lobby for 20 minutes and then was told my check was ready. CHECK???  Jamed told me I was getting my CASH back. I told them I was supposed to be getting cash. A bald headed guy comes whipping around the corner and gets right up in my face and screams, "Take your damn check, Bitch!" (Sorry about the cussing here...)  I was shocked.....embarassed...mortified. I asked where my ride home was so I could leave only to be told I was no longer their "problem". As I left the lot, I had 2 other salsepeople antagonizing me by yelling horrible things at me about my situation.  I ended up walking 18 miles home in the AZ heat. I, too, was told at the tent event that if they could not get me financed I would get $500 cash and was also promised gas cards that have never come.

The check they gave me was for DEPOSIT ONLY and not cashable.

EMPTY PROMISES and TOTAL REGRET. Never again will I go here, even if I have all the cash in the world.

I have never been able to find someone who will listen to the crap that happened. No one will return calls. My only consolation is that smart people read Yelp....

Stephanie F. | 2013-09-28

France - from the Finance Dept is SUPER awesome and helpful!! I recommend her as the only employee who goes above and beyond what her job is to make you feel comforted and secure! Thanks again France!

As for the actual sales team - awful. I don't ever recommend anyone buying a car from there. Go to a dealership like Tempe Toyota. Toyota always has consistent remarkable customer service and actually cares about you, as a customer and person, and not just another sale.

If you are ready to be ignored, have people be rude and unhelpful, and ready to be scammed/looked upon as just another sale, go for ABC Nissan. Recommended #1 time-wasters and only the best in low-grade customer service!

Maria V. | 2013-09-19

I will never buy another Nissan again. Not only is the service department rude and sexist. They make cars that need items replaced and have an attitude when they have to fix it for free! They are always trying to sell you or trying to get you to pay for things that don't need to be fixed! You are unethical and your company should be ashamed how they treat others. Very disappointing company! How do you sleep at night. If I could, i would give you 0 stars..

Matt M. | 2013-09-18

I no longer trust this dealership. Basically, I was told I needed a repair and if I did not get it fixed it could overheat my engine and possibly start a fire. I won't mention the service consultant's name who said this, but I later found out that it was a lie. I am glad I did not try to get it fixed through ABC. After this experience, I decided to get my car serviced elsewhere.

C.K. L. | 2013-08-25

The only reason I'm giving this dealership a 3-star was because I only took my 1997 Maxima there for the $10 oil change last year.  I'm done owning anymore Nissan vehicles.  Had 1995 Altima before the Maxima and all the maintenances are so expensive.  Not really worth the dimes.  If you really want a low cost maintenance vehicles, try either Honda or Acura.

Rebecca N. | 2013-08-09

The only reason why I took my 03 Wrx here was because my insurance suggested it.

I wish I had done my own research and took it to any other shop in town than this one.

The gentleman that takes care of all of the American Family Insurance cases was almost impossible to get a hold of.  He'd make promises to either call me for an update at a certain time, or notify me when there was a change in the progress and would never come through.  It got to a point where I was leaving several voicemails on his work phone with no call back, sent various emails with no response and finally had to contact my insurance to let them try and get a hold of him.

They had issues with the color of my car, and then the fitment of the trunk.  But of course they tried to get me to pick up the vehicle while the trunk didn't fit.  I had to stop by after being informed that my car was done, inspect it myself and point out flaws to the guy that told me completion was delayed a day for quality inspection.  I took 5 minutes to point out the OBVIOUS flaws, and I don't even get paid to do it!

Not only that, but after going back and forth several times trying to get them to fix the issue and then ending up sending it to a different shop, he initially quoted me a certain amount to do additional work, and then tried to bill me for almost double!

Also during this time, I had gotten so frustrated with him and asked to talk to his manager which he avoided a couple of times by telling me he'd take care of the issues.  When I finally spoke to the manager he nonchalantly asked me what the problem was.  To which I responded that he should know what my issue was seeing how that is not only his job but I've requested to talk to him SEVERAL times.  He then threw back at me that he knew EXACTLY what was going on and the issue wasn't 'their shop's" fault and actually the previous shop that worked on it 6 years ago.  Not only was the manager rude to me, he then SCOLDED me for trying to have him talk to my boyfriend because I was completely frustrated and overwhelmed by the aggressive attacks by not only the manager but the guy that was dealing with my claim.

In the end, after the HORRENDOUS customer service, lack of communication and rude behavior from the staff and manager I ended up with a unfinished product, and paying full price for it.  The manager could barely apologize for the experience (obviously thought he was above it) and my car isn't what it should be.

Oh but they did give me a rental...for a day.  The car was in their shop for over a month.  Yeah thanks?  Not really.

What a sad excuse for a business.  If I could give them 0 stars I would.

Nathan P. | 2013-06-21

Went here with my friend to help him find a car. Worst car dealership I have ever been to in my life. Experience was horrible. Staff mediocre. Sales manager is terrible. Looked at 2 year old Infinity here and when we asked to have the car washed (was very dirty) so we could tell what was dirt, sand, scratches and possible rust. Something about the car wasn't right. They threw a huge stink about washing the car and kept trying to tell us "we wouldn't ruin our 20year reputation by selling a car that isn't 100%". if you want to be repeatedly asked if you're going to buy a car or not, this is the dealership for you!! Carfax appeared ok, but section with 2 services and car wasn't driven for 2 months, they couldn't tell me why, even though the service was done at THEIR DEALERSHIP. It's almost as if ABC has no intention of selling cars how rude they are and incompetent. Would never recommend anyone shop at this dealership.

Drake L. | 2013-06-17

Wow. This car dealership has the worst sales team and sales management out there! So we go to look at a car we saw on the internet. Upon inspection of the trunk it was full of sand. You would think this would be cleaned out when it went for sale. The car was filthy outside so I asked for the car to run through the (on site) wash really quick so I could determine what was dirt, rust, scratches, etc. Something a sales person could do right? Wrong. The sales manager had to come out and walk around the car then ask why it needed to be washed. He was very rude. When I told him the car was very dirty (it was white) and needed to be cleaned he puffed and rolled his eyes. When ask why there was enough sand in the truck that I could get a handful his reply was "Have you lived in Arizona your whole life? We have sand here".... really?! . Why did this car get 7500 miles on it in the first year then not driven once(per car fax) till it's next service? Kinda makes that rental car review on here look to be true...  Tuck your tails and run. This is the worst of the worst.

Janelle D. | 2013-05-27

My initial experience with ABC Nissan on May 2nd was mostly positive and at that time I would have given it 4 stars. However, it has now been 3 weeks since we drove our used 2011 Jeep Wrangler home, and we have had nothing but issues. Nothing is wrong with the car, all our issues stem from the dealership. First, when I bought the car, the sales manager said he would honor the cash price of $20,700 without any extra fees (other than tax, title, and license, of course). Then the finance guy said that he couldn't lower the price any. Isn't that up to the sales team? Lies. Anyway, I really wanted the car so we moved forward. Then, the finance guy, Mike Liola, straight up lied to me and said that I would not get financing without a $2200 Service Option and $750 Gap protection so he added another $3000 to the price. Lies. It was late at night so I signed the papers and left with my Jeep and the promise of gas cards (because the Jeep was given to us with literally an empty tank).

There was a broken seal on the right panel of the hardtop, so we had it written into the contract that ABC Nissan owed us service and new part. Mike said to wait to get service for 10 business days to ensure that the loan was funded. He said he'd call us if for some reason the funding didn't go through. 2 weeks later I took a day off of work and took the car in to Mark at their service department. After waiting around for 3 hours, Mark said it was done and fixed. Lies. I went on a road trip and 2 days later took my top off in Utah to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Not only was the seal still not fixed, you could clearly tell that they hadn't even attempted a repair. Yet I was supposed to get a brand new seal, not just a repair.

Later that night, I received a call from someone with broken English asking my to come in and sign new financing papers. Assuming my funding had come through 2 weeks ago, I was shocked. Since I was trying to leave for vacation, I went in (Again) the next day because I was told to hurry and that someone would help me immediately. 2 hours later, someone finally at least talked to me, 30 minutes later the finance person that could actually help me finally got me in the office to sign papers. He also lied about needing the service package and gap protection as a demand from the creditor. More on that in a bit...

Thinking everything was okay, I left for a week vacation. When I came home, I received a later from Compass bank (the 2nd finance company) saying I was denied credit (I already have one car under my name, trying to put a second on, so we were running into income issues). I tried calling Nissan and they said no one could help me, but to come in...again! I live in Tempe, so driving to the Central Valley isn't really just a quick jump, hop, and skip down the road. But I went in, waited for over an hour, of course, and finally someone was able to help me. This guy showed me proof that my loan was funded. I had talked to an attorney friend of mine and he told me that Nissan couldn't force me to get the service option and Gap protection because creditors will never look at those two things as a way of decisioning credit applications. Despite his hesitation, I gave him no option but to cancel those services and give me my money back.

While in the lobby, people asked to help us multiple times, and a sales manager named Carlos showed some interest. Wow, manager? He turned out to have no clue what customer service was. He was condescending and rude.

I left a Facebook message with ABC Nissan hoping to get someone competent to at least apologize for my horrible experience (no one had said "Sorry" for anything yet). Melissa, the customer service manager responded. She said, "we addressed all your concerns, so I don't understand what your problem is." Really?! Nope, no "sorry" or concern from her either.

As you can see, if you go to ABC Nissan, all you will get is headaches and lies. Oh yeah, I still have never received any gas cards.

Adrian L. | 2013-05-21

Hi I'm Adrian, the newest member of the sales team here at ABC Nissan. Please feel free to stop in and ask for me if you would like a truly exceptional, hassle and pressure free car buying experience!!!

Susan S. | 2013-05-05

My 2009 Nissan Versa with 15,000 miles locked up in a parking lot about 1 mile from Abc Nissan. They have been servicing this car for a couple of years. I am 71 yrs old and the temp that day was 100.  I called the Abc service department, explained the problem and asked if they could suggest anything I could do.  The service dept person said "we are closing in 5 minutes, there is nothing I can tell you" and hung up. I waited 2 hours for AAA.  The tow truck driver fixed the problem in 2 minutes and told me what to do if it ever happens again.  I will never return to ABC Nissan and will never buy another Nissan because of the service dept.

Kam A. | 2013-04-09

Simple:  Don't go to this dealer.  Your life will be ever so much better for not attempting to buy a car here.  The advertised car we wanted to see was being "test driven" by another customer, so we waited and waited and waited.  Meanwhile, the salesman did everything he could to try to get us to another car.  The "test driven" car never did return.  Funny thing...the next day, it was advertised again, but guess what?  It still wasn't around anywhere.  Finally, someone told us that they have to advertise cars just to be competitive, and it doesn't always mean that particular car is around.

Isabella H. | 2013-03-16

My boyfriend and I went to ABC Nissan to look at some used cars, we got two sales men to show us some cars. We test drove 2 different cars, and the main sales person kept asking if we are going to buy a car today. I REPEATEDLY told him no, we are just test driving and we are still looking at other cars. I wanted to get the numbers on both cars to compare and he would only look up 1 car. He said what one to you like better, and I kept telling him I want to see the numbers on both (still only showed me the numbers for one car). Oh also they kept asking do you want WATER and POP CORN, every freaking second, LIKE no I don't want your ghetto ass food.

So then they show us the numbers and they were trying to sell us a used car for $24,000! I don't know cars a whole lot but I can get a brand new car for that much! And the sales men would draw a X and a line saying sign here so I know you are interested in buying, and I kept telling him I am not signing anything cause I am not interested!

We were there for about 4 hours! I was so exhausted and pissed off! I understand sales people are pushy that is their job BUT there is a line! I will NEVER go back to that location, and I will make sure no one in my family goes there.

Gary B. | 2013-02-09

After my experience buying a car there, I will never buy another new car ever. These people are sharks that will stop at nothing to make bigger profits. Including lies, half truths and plenty of deception. I was lied to at least 5 times, by three different people. Gary was the worst, he's a sales manager. Once he heard I was unhappy, he vanished, when I finally got a hold of him, more lies. I never heard from them again. Most Nissan vehicles in the Valley are sold by the same company, so I'd rec. buying a different kind of car. Save yourself  the embarrassment.

Bobby Q. | 2013-02-05


took my jeep in a few months ago for the free oil change and tire rotation.  they had no clue how to rotate tires on a vehicle with a full size spare.

today, just over a year after they lied to me about my jeep being "1 OWNER", they just called to see how everything is going.  I mentioned the issues, he claimed that it occurred under previous ownership, wasn't surprised that they don't know how to rotate tires and then he claimed rental cars are actually better than pre-owned cars.  when i said "come'on, you and i both know how rental cars are driven" he started talking sh*t about how i drive.

spend your hard earned money elsewhere.

Melissa G. | 2012-11-12

These people are HORRIBLE. the only thing worse than their customer service is their skill and efficiency.
Took my Murano in to get a rattle checked out. One new transmission later, the rattle wasn't fixed. Fortunately that was covered by warranty. Got four new tires on another visit, the next morning the car was shaking, so I brought it back. They said that one tire had a bubble, but they wouldn't replace. That was 18 hours after I made the purchase. Third visit, went in for a diagnostic test. They quoted me $2400 for repairs, I got it fixed elsewhere for $800, including parts and labor. They still charged me a diagnostic fee of $125 which is standard, but also charged two BS fees totaling $45 that they could not provide a logical explanation for.
This place is horrible. Go elsewhere. Find a AAA certified shop and go there.

Scott F. | 2012-09-25

Holy Dealer Add-ons!!

I go through a car every two years, so I am pretty experienced when it comes to purchasing new and used cars.  This review is for the NEW dealer part of ABC Nissan.  I do not recommend going to them at all.  When we negotiated the price they were reluctant to give me the bottom line on what I was paying.  They strictly went off of our monthly payment, not the bottom final out the door price.... Why is this you say??
Well because even though the car was being sold a couple hundred below invoice they had over 2k in add-ons.  They tried to charge me $125 for wheel locks, the same wheel locks are on Nissan's website for MSRP of $41.

When I balked at this obscene overcharge for tint, zak tek paint, etc.... they said EVERY DEALER does this.  Not So ABC Nissan, I recommend you go to a family owned Nissan dealer like Coulter or even Avondale where there are no add-ons.  I recommend switching to vodka if you are going to drink at work, whiskey is very noticeable.

I hope your service department proves to be better.

M S. | 2012-09-04

After contacting their sales department and ensuring they had the car and color we wanted we drove an hour to see the car the salesman set aside for us. Once arrived the car we were looking for "just sold" an hour before. Of course the salesman tried to steer us into another one. When confronted the salesman tried to play dumb and even called back three days later to try and sell us another car. Don't waste your time going here. Limited selection and dishonest salespeople.

Noah C. | 2012-07-28

There are few words that can describe the misery, ignorance and downright incompetence of almost every individual employed by this dealership. The level of deception and manipulation were astounding and we experienced this even after we let them know we were not there to play games. The most tragic realization while at this place was that most buyers there were being taken for one terrible and ugly ride. So, be warned and be prepared should you decide to step into this location. Spend your time, energy and money elsewhere. There are greedy, deceptive and dishonest salesmen at work at work here and they and Nissan should be ashamed...terribly ashamed!

Stephanie C. | 2012-07-08

Stalked by so many salesmen, they refused to give me debit card and keys would not let me leave sent ass after asshat to try and sell me a crappy car at crappy price!  after several attempts to escape as we COULD NOT agree got out just under four hours and still was chased to car and while driving away like zombies were after us! NEVER go there!  Pure hell!  Got car at Coulter Nissan nicest place on EARTH!

Mike C. | 2012-06-29

I want to give this place 0 stars. I went in for a routine oil change and left with a quote for 3k. R u kidding me. The service department is a joke. He included all kinds of stuff wrong with my 350z including stuff that clearly were not in need of replacement. Like tail light broken.they wanted to charge me 2 k for tires 4. I waited for over an hour and half and most if it my car was waiting outside finished but wad told paperwork was still being done so I couldent pay. This took 20 plus min. What a joke. I will never ever go back... I just bought this 350z in December. Hello and now u say it needs 3 k of work. Please stay far away from this place!!!

John N. | 2012-05-09

Great place to buy when you know what to expect from every car dealership.  Yes, they are all the same when it comes to financing.  The difference here is the great service that can be found when dealing with experienced professionals.  Ed Edmonds is just that.  I showed up early one weekday morning after working the night shift, told him what I wanted, went home.  Went back that evening to sign papers and was done.  Very simple process.

Dan G. | 2012-04-11

I have never returned to ABC Nissan for anything and I dropped Liberty Mutual as my insurance carrier several months ago.

Alex R. | 2012-02-19

We went here to look at a used Nissan and it was like walking into a bad stereotype of a used car dealership.

Woman handwrote a "contract" ("I will sign and drive now for a lower interest rate.") and asked my fiance to sign it saying it wasn't really a contract but it was just to make sure he was "serious." My fiance is a lawyer and luckily knew better. This was within 10 minutes of talking to the woman about the car we looked at. What did she plan to do with that? Use it against us if we didn't want the car? Dirty.

Then when my fiance said the price was too high he said "ohh its actually 5k less than this" when referring to the down payment. We were like "no sir, the down payment is our money too." It's like they thought we were stupid.

They finally admitted after doing the routine of having three different people talking to us that the hand-written "not a contract" is indeed a contract. In other words, it was an insidious attempt at strong arming us later in the negotiations.

Disgusting. Will not be back ever.

Honest Reviewer A. | 2012-01-13

The people who work at ABC Nissan are a bunch of scam-artists. Upon purchasing my vehicle, They offered me roughly 18,000 for a used 2010 Mazda out the door. When I said I would pay half and finance they said that was fine and check my credit which was 780. The manager then said that my interest rate would be 14.5%! When he walked away I looked at a paper from Citibank only to see that they were offering me an interest rate of 4.2%. Can you believe that? They were actually trying to make a 10.3% interest on me. However, i then told them I would pay cash. They said that was fine and I came back he following day with the cash. THEN they told me that the price they gave me initially was only for financing. Let me tell you, the problems went on and on after I bought my car. For every oil change there was an issue. They even lied and said they did the paint protection on my vehicle when I sat there watching it sit in the lot. The last time I was there, the new service manager Jared, said he would have everything done PERFECTLY to my car, I would have follow up call at 3pm and have a shuttle to my work no later than 4:45pm. The shuttle did not show up until 5:30pm, I never received a follow-up phone call and when I showed up there was a SCRATCH on the back of my bumber in which he said they could apply touch up paint. I CAN NOT believe their lack of professionalism. The only good that came out of this was a wonderful man named John whom picked me up in "shuttle" and took me to the bank because I had surgery the next day and due to being late, the banks were about to close. I would never send anyone here. I plan on calling the VP assistant, Dana, next week once I recover from surgery. TERRIBLE SERVICE!! BEWARE!!

Lorna W. | 2011-12-29

An absolute nightmare from start to finish. We responded to an internet ad for a minivan priced at $5474. We drove a comparable van first and noticed white smoke from the tail as the salesman, Darren, drove it up to us. We took it around the block and it drove poorly. The engine heat rose rapidly. We returned to the dealership and popped the hood. White smoke was under the hood, also. My husband stated that it appeared to be a head gasket issue. The salesman claimed ignorance. He then turned to us and asked if we liked it!

We returned to the original van that we came to look at and took it around the block. It drove well. We asked the price and I showed Darren the ad I had printed from their website. He said the "internet price" is what we would pay. We sat to discuss finances. A preliminary contract was written and we were told that the "recon" fee would add $1800 to the price. Darren could not explain what had been done to the van to justify that amount of work. We would require a breakdown before agreeing to purchase the van. We were handed the CarFax report showing that the van had been bought at auction a few months before.

We went to the Finance department and spoke to "Jimmy". He sold us a warranty and tire package. It seemed worth the price to ensure the van would be maintenance free for three years. It already had 74K on it. We signed the papers.

We were encouraged to take the van home. We filled out the paperwork and agreed to return the next day with the required information for the bank. When we returned, our salesman, Darren, dodged us and hung in the back of the building, hovering by the children he didn't know were ours. Jimmy from Finance was busy. He told us that Stephanie would help us. We waited 30 minutes for Stephanie who did not show. We went to the front desk and attempted to leave our paperwork for her so that we could go home. Having stayed three hours the night before shortened our tolerance.

The front desk paged Stephanie who quickly arrived and claimed that Jimmy never told her we were waiting. Darren arrived at that very moment. We asked about the breakdown of the $1800 "recon" fee. He claimed that he had just gotten in and didn't have a chance to ask about it.

Again and again over the next week we endured deception after deception. Every person that we spoke to, from the salesman to the Jason, supposedly the garage manager, to the finance people, LIED.

When Jason called to explain the $1800 "recon" fee, he claimed that the van had, at first seemed a "cream puff" trade in and he had to put all this work into the suspension. Yet their own CarFax report showed that it had been purchased at auction!

The left turn signal jammed. The a/c fan control didn't work, the transmission sputtered and the check engine light came on the night we drove it off the lot. Jason said he didn't want to put any more money into the van and that the warranty should cover those things.

Finally, today, we arrived to sign the final papers and were shocked that they raised the interest rate, required a higher deposit, and conveniently left the warranties off of the contract to show that we would be paying less with this new bank.

We are returning the van. This is a dishonest dealership. As we waited for Darren to return with the faulty finance papers, we witnessed a young couple pleading with an employee that their vehicle had not been damaged by neglect and they had photos and paperwork to prove their case. The employee loudly proclaimed that he would "love" to help them but that the owner of the company would have to determine if it was in the company's best interest to help them out. It was a revolting conversation.

Sam Y. | 2011-12-20

Recently my sister was at ABC Nissan to get a quote on fixing her navigation system on her 2009 Nissan Murano.  She spoke with Mark Wille who stated that "something probably spilled in the system" and that they were going to have to take apart the console to fix the problem.  She was quoted $150 to diagnose the problem and an additional $1,800 to fix the problem, I still have the paperwork.  Unfortunately what Mark did not know is that I have some experience with cars and knew as soon as she brought the quote home that he was trying to "prey" on a woman who looked as if she did not know any better.  The real problem was that it was a blown fuse that only takes minutes to fix and any "service advisor" or auto technician would know that.  This is blatant misleading the customer and equivalent to stealing.  ABC Nissan has an employee in Mark who is a criminal and should be fired for what he is doing to your customers.   This is a major reason why car sales businesses are not trustworthy.

Ilona P. | 2011-12-12

dear 2005 Nissan Altima...after 155,000 miles i think it's time we parted ways ; ) HUGE thanks to Ed Edmonds at ABC Nissan for ALL his help! He was AWESOME! HELLO 2012 Nissan VERSA! i  my new car and will only get service from Anthony at Nissan service like I have for the last 10 years! @ABC Nissan ROCKS! I pass 100 auto mechanics on my way but only trust them to BUY and get service for my car!!!

Marty F. | 2011-11-01

I took my vehicle in here to have a broken seat belt fixed.  Of course after talking to others about it, people could not believe why I would take this to a dealership to have it fixed.  But I did..  I went in and spoke to Kraig Angel who helped me and answered any questions I had.  After paying the $112 diagnostics fee, they told me what it would take to fix it.  He quoted me around $330 for the repair.  I asked if the diagnostics fee would be included, he said yes.  

I brought my vehicle in on Monday and later that day I received a call with the remaining balance and went in to pick up my vehicle.  While many people told me about how cheap the parts were and that I could have anyone install it.. i still opted for ABC.  

I appreciated what Kraig did for me in regards to the service here and for that he gets 5 stars.   I give 3 stars to ABC Nissan because it's still very expensive to have anything done to a vehicle.  I was given a report for basic repairs for my truck and it totaled upwards of $2,000.  

A bit too much.

if you need to meet with anyone, please see Kraig Angel.  Excellent business ethics.

Christina T. | 2011-10-23

The cars listed on their website always seem at such a great price....until you are seated and going over the price of the car. That internet price is full of rebates that actually you do not qualify for. Then you are confronted with those hidden costs, "well, we did this to the car and that to the car" which drives the price up. ABC Nissan is just looking to get people through the door with their prices.

Adrian F. | 2011-09-30

I can't figure out what everyone's problem with the service center is! We took my wife's Cube here for its first oil change last week and our service tech Kraig got us in and out, and was very professional! He even scraped the "Pinnacle Nissan" sticker off the back of her car when I inquired about how to take it off! Thanks ABC, and thank you Kraig!

Sonja D. | 2011-08-03

I bought a 2004 Mazda Rx-8 from these guys about 8 months ago. Since I have had the car I have had nothing but problems with it, even though I was assured they did a thorough inspection on it as they do all of their used cars... apparently they aren't even allowed to sell them if they have problems. I even tried taking it into their service department to have work done on it and after 8 hours of having my car and ignoring me, they added some coolant... that's all. I have put hundreds of dollars into this car and now I find out that it needs a new radiator or it's gonna blow... fabulous! This place is a joke and they are crooks.

TERRY Z. | 2011-06-14

After a ins company towed my car into the collision center,  for the car cutting out while running. The advisor sent it to another dealership after 20 days in the shop the car still cuts out and to make matters worse the windows were stuck down. Thank god the dealership next door Camelback Ford took time to figure out it was a master fuse. Camelback Ford is also giving me a real diagnose on why the car stops while driving. I've been in the car biz for over 16 years and have never experienced such horrible service.
Thank god for real people that really care about there customers like Camelback Ford.
As for ABC Nissan, they need to get back to customer service..

Justin H. | 2011-03-13

The previous reviewer stated,

"None of the salesmen seem to know how much cars cost -- they make you wait and then they have to go and ask their manager and then they come back with a price."

This is exactly what happened to us, but thankfully we had a blackberry to check out the prices online.

Thing that helped us:
1) Knowing the Kelly Blue Book value of your trade-in
2) Knowing your future car's trim MSRP
3) Knowing which car you want to buy
4) Stick to your desired, and fixed, interest rate that you're willing to pay
5) Bring one or two people
6) Have a strong credit rating

When we pulled up we were met with "Louis," who was the NICEST salesman I have ever come across. Not only was he friendly, but he was...wait for it...honest as well! Due to the line of work my girlfriend are in, we're pretty quick in terms of gauging people. Louis was genuine, which says a lot. Interacting with him was nothing less than positive.

I won't say we played hard ball, but we made sure we defined our limits. If our limits weren't met, we made it clear we'd walk out. It's our money, and remembering this throughout the transaction was rather empowering.

Essentially, we were able to purchase a new car that was well under MSRP with an even lower interest rate. Sure, we went back and forth a couple of times with a couple of managers, but once they realized we were serious and weren't about to budge on our limits...things began to play out to our favor. Even during this time, we were still treated with respect and were never pressured. They simply crunched the numbers harder.

Four stars for not having prices on the car. Otherwise a great experience.

Ashur K. | 2011-01-13

Seems to me that dealerships in AZ are doing something illegal or unethical.  I came here, along with other Nissan dealerships, trying to help my sister find a car.  I have a lot experiencing car shopping and buying in CA and it's a lot better than in AZ.

Firstly, they try to take an ATM card or your drivers license and hold on to it to keep you there.  Then, none of the salesmen seem to know how much cars cost -- they make you wait and then they have to go and ask their manager and then they come back with a price.  I heard this at every dealership and on every car we inquired about: "we put a lot of money into it".

After wasting our time with a car that was out of my sisters price range and making us wait for "the best price", the salesman tried to give us a stack of business cards to hand out.  Why should I help you do your marketing when you weren't able to help us get a good deal?  Or at least be honest and we'd be happy to help.

I guess there is something wrong in AZ with dealerships, that's why everyone that tried to help us was "new here".

Christina P. | 2011-01-06

After rolling down my window and asking an employee walking through the lot if the driveway right behind me was, in fact, the service department, I pulled in only to be greeted by... no one.

So, I got out of my car and began to try to decipher what door was the one to enter to make my service request. The tinting makes it difficult to tell what's behind the door.

I enter one. Some guy casually greets me and I clarify, "Is this the service department?" The guy confirmed it and asked what I needed. I told him I just needed air (Nitrogen, technically) in my tires.

He took my keys, informed me there were at least 2 cars ahead of me waiting for air and vanished.

No one ever got my name or gave me theirs.

20 minutes later, thank goodness, he returned with my keys and let me know my car was out front.

It was a bizzare encounter.

I won't return to ABC for service. Sticking with Midway. It's much easier to navigate and the service people are much more customer oriented.

Amanda B. | 2010-09-23

I stopped at the repair center at ABC Nissan to have them run the VIN on a car I bought used.  The car is notorious for transmission problems, and I didn't know if mine had been replaced under warranty.  They found that there was one recall service that had not been completed, and offered to take care of it.  Over the length of this experience, the people working there were "nice"... but...

Problem 1:  My glove compartment, which is located behind the passenger seat in my car, had been slammed shut with the seatbelt caught in the compartment door.  I seldom use the glove box due to its location, but I did use it about 2-3 days after the service had been completed.  Not only did I know right away that someone had been going through my glove compartment, but also the door was slightly bent and the compartment STILL smells like a hot light bulb, months later.  Hmm... fire hazard?  Battery strain?

Problem 2: When I brought the car in, it ran fine.  When I left, I had a horrible rattle coming from my aftermarket exhaust, which they had removed to complete the service.  When I brought it back, they informed me that my muffler had a loose piece inside of it and that it clearly must've been loose when I brought it in (nope) because they were very gentle in removing it (likely story).

As if this wasn't enough to lose my trust... I spoke to a salesman about the 370Z, and he didn't know what a diff is.  Oh, and he stalled the car twice in the lot.  Come on, people.  

Moral of the story:  if you're going to get your modded Z repaired, bring it to people who actually know Zs and Z mods, not a stealership.

Glenn D. | 2009-08-18

Generally a good experience. Carlos worked hard to show us all of the available cars in our category range and really spent some time showing us the Nissan Cube.  He knew his stuff and did a good job not trying to over-sell.  They never called me or bugged me so I can't really complain.  The dealership, however, seems pretty low rent.  All the salesmen stand out front and smoke and it's pretty gross.  I don't want you in my new car!

Bri D. | 2009-08-12

We rolled up to this place at like 8:30 one night thinking it would be closed and that we would just take a quick look at their inventory and maybe check out the Cube.  All the advertisements for them on Yelp have intrigued me.  Lucky for us they weren't closed and Carlos came out to help us.  He was a friendly guy, a little bit awkward, but he had an average to above average knowledge of the product.  He showed us the cars they had available and became more enthusiastic as time went by.  We had a nice experience here and would come back if we decided to purchase.

Cher T. | 2008-03-14

I am very grateful to these guys!

I was running late one day and accidentily rear ended a car that had little to NO damage to her car... but my poor baby was SCREWED!!

The hood wouldn't open. Both headlights were busted. Paint off the front end just scraped off. it was NOT cute!! It looked like the front end of the car was pushed into the engine. Ugh, I wanted to cry.

My insurance company recommended ABC Nissan for the autobody work. We went and they tried to get me to trade my car in! I stood firm and had my baby fixed. (her name is Kawai'i - which is Japanese for "Cute" btw!) It took quite some time, over two weeks, but it was fixed!

We only paid our $500 deductable on over $3,000 worth of damages and picked up the car today! She was BEAUTIFUL!! You can't even tell she was in an accident! They replaced the front end. the hood and the radiator. They also painted the new parts to match! I was thrilled when she came home! I'm so thankful to ABC Nissan for making a bad accident right.

Kyle D. | 2007-10-04

This review is for the body shop, not the sales staff (who I have no experience with).

Quite honestly the most ridiculous experience I have ever had. We had some simple front end work that needed to be done on my wife's VW Jetta (replace lower part of front trim/grill). As Camelback VW does not have a body shop, they recommended ABC Nissan. We got a quote, and dropped off the car before we went on vacation. We were told that it would be done by the following Friday (5 business days later).

I called the following Friday to schedule a pickup and was told that they had doubled my insurance claim ($1450 from $800), ordered more parts, and had done no work. All of this without the courtesy of a phone call. I was told that the car would be ready by Wednesday of the following week.

Having not heard otherwise, I called to check the following Wednesday. NO WORK HAD BEEN DONE. They told me it would be done by the following week. At this point, I told them to forget it, and have my car ready for pickup at the end of the day. When we showed up at 5pm to get the car, it was parked in, and had the front end removed and laying on the ground of the parking lot. We were told that it would take them 3 hours to put it back together. He said he would call us at noon the next day and we could pick up the car. Three days later and they still have not gotten the car put back together.

I am very patient when it comes to this kind of thing. In this case however, I am ready to start decapitating people. It went from bad to worse, to funny its so bad, and then to angering levels of stupid.