Affordable Used Cars in Anchorage, AK

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Affordable Used Cars in Anchorage, AK.

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Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(907) 274-2277
Address:929 E 8th Ave, Anchorage, AK, 99501

Reviews on Affordable Used Cars

Hallie B. | 2015-03-01

Bought a car in November form Affordable Used Cars, by February the muffler had fallen off, it needed a new battery, and top it all off now the entire engine needs to be replaced. This costs more than the car is worth. I've been calling for weeks and nobody even bothers to return my calls. DO NOT BUY A VEHICLE FROM THESE JERKS

Danny C. | 2014-10-22

THIS IS NOT YOUR TYPICAL DEALERSHIP!!!  Some of these negative reviews are laughable.  Look, if you want your ass kissed and hounded by an annoying car salesman the moment you walk into the lot do not go this dealership.  This is a no pressure casual dealership.  They do not greet you when you arrive.  They will not come out to pester you when you arrive.  You can walk around the lot forever and no one will come out to help you.  When you have determined what vehicle you're interested in you can take your happy ass inside and let a salesperson know.  From there they will ask if you want to take a look inside or go for a test drive.  Either way they will hand you the keys and AGAIN THEY WILL NOT FOLLOW YOU TO THE VEHICLE NOR WILL THEY ACCOMPANY YOU ON THE TEST DRIVE!  This is normal.  When you are ready to talk numbers you initiate the process, NOT THEM.  My experience was perfect.  I knew what I wanted, I was not hounded or pressured into the sale, and the best part is they gave me the best trade in value for my vehicle in town.  I was in and out of the place in approximately 45 mins with my almost brand new Mercedes.  Seriously if you want a casual no pressure experience when you purchase a car check this place out.  Ryan is the man btw.

Russ N. | 2014-10-01

I came in here to look a toyota. I was looking around for about 15 minutes without being helped thinking that it was actually nice to have a sales person hound you. So I went up to the office to see if I can check out the car and so Joe just hands me the keys. So I thought okay that is cool I can check it out by my self. So I come back the next day and I enter the office. Right when I enter, I get this blank stare from the young lady who was working the desk, who was just watching tv, who does not say anything until I tell her that I'm looking for Joe. I mean am I supposed to be the greater? So I think it's not that big of a deal. So I tell joe I want to check it out again and so he hands me the keys again. Okay, this time I'm expecting him to actually go with me to check it out but he doesent. He seemed to have no knowledge about cars except that "Toyotas hold their value." I mean Cmon everyone says that.

Can't you even just show the car before you sell it? So then we were talking about the pricing which I had a price point that I would like but he would not go down. (it is now listed cheaper online then what they were asking at first) It seemed like maybe since I was young he could get a quick sale but I didn't think any of this was right so I didn't pull through with the sale. He also says that it was detailed. Detailed?! There were wrappers in between cushions. Marks everywhere that could easily be cleaned off that were not from other people looking at the car. He then says it has been three months. You mean in the last three months people put wrappers and marks in the car? No way. Joe was just a lazy person who seemed to just want an easy sale. I am glad I did not buy from them nor will I ever refer them to another friend. Another thing that did not feel right was that Joe only put his first name in the purchase agreement. Maybe I'm crazy but that is weird to me. I've been to three other dealerships and they always leave their full name.

Stephen R. | 2014-08-24

This was the first time looking at vehicles here.  I went on the lot and was waiting for the salesmen to jump me.  I was surprised that I had to go inside to find one.  I test drove a few trucks by myself, found one I really liked, and made an offer.  The salesman Matt worked with me a bit on the price and made it work.  This is how car buying should be.  Pick what you want and buy it without being hassled.  Quick, easy, and good prices. I will be back when I'm ready for a new one.

Cristobal C. | 2014-06-23

Done business with them twice in the past.  They are no hassle and the sales people do t stock you around the lot as you browse.  Never had to haggle, always walked away feeling that we made good deals.  The process was smooth and quick.  In and out.

Jessica G. | 2014-04-24

Sold me a car that broke down days after I bought it and literally laughed in my face when I contacted them about it. That was over 10 years ago. I'm sure they're as evil as ever.

K W. | 2013-10-12

Terrible customer service.

Drove a car we were interested in and when returning the keys asked the sales guy what the wiggle-room on the price was (considering the price was $4,500 above Edmunds FMV). The sales guy looked at us and said that the sticker price was the best he could do, then to add insult added, "There aren't many 4wd vehicles in your price range in Alaska, that is the best we can do".

I'm sorry, there aren't many 4wd Explorers in the $15,000 price range in Alaska? Every lot in town has a few.

We will take our business elsewhere, thanks.

Emily M. | 2013-06-04

This review is based on my experience selling my vehicle to Affordable Used Cars. I called ahead to see if I needed an appointment, etc. The receptionist was friendly and knowledgable. I drove to the lot about 30 minutes later. The receptionist remembered my vehicle and got the company's buyer to look at it within minutes of my arrival. We did a quick test drive. The buyer made me a very fair offer (when compared to my own research). Five minutes later I left with a check. In all the staff was friendly, knew how to help me, and didn't make me wait.

Tasha L. | 2012-01-09

Went in here yesterday to look at a 2008 Ford Focus.  Yes, it was snowing heavily and, yes, there was a lot of snow piled up on the vehicles.  We asked the person working if they wouldn't mind clearing the car off so we could look at it and possibly take it for a test drive.  The guy just gave my husband a blank stare and said "well, it's pretty bad weather for a test drive."  Uh-huh.  We get that.  We've heard that the salespeople at Affordable are hourly employees, but you'd think they might TRY to make a sale.  We've been here before and got the same lackadaisical attitude--to the point where they would not even negotiate for a sale.  As much as I hate car dealers, I hate bad customer service.  This place has both.

John P. | 2011-03-22

In as much as I hate to go looking for a car, I have to admit that Affordable Used Cars does not suck.  When you walk onto the lot you are not hammered and surrounded by hyper, fast talking, money seeking lunatics like at other car lots.  As a matter of fact they leave you alone until you approach them, I'd you find what you are looking for in a vehicle. Not to mention, if they do not have it, they don't try to pressure you into something else.  They will take your name and number and call you if your model comes nice. But I am still looking....:)


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